i tried to make the words look like the way it sounds

Food is the language of love

My friend and I used to always talk about how food, making something with your hands is the best gift one can give. I thought it was a theme that fit well with Yuuri and Yuri on Ice!!! 

“Just keep your eyes closed!” Viktor said, hands over Yuuri’s eyes as he guided him to his chair. “Now I know we said we’d have katsudon together if you won, but I thought I’d do something special instead!”

Now Yuuri was concerned. 

“He spent all day in the kitchen, dear,” Yuuri’s mother said in Japanese, the words floating from somewhere near his shoulder.

His mother had a way of saying things in such a way that she sounded pleased but there was that tinge of annoyance that Yuuri understood. Other skaters didn’t like sharing the ice for their performances and such was the same with chefs, he guessed. He was also sure he had never seen Viktor wash a dish. He twisted slightly to look towards the kitchen.

“No peeking!” Viktor said, clapping his hands over Yuuri’s eyes again.

“Why does it look like he murdered someone in the kitchen?”  Yuuri asked, also in Japanese. Now  he was very concerned.

“Kitchen! I recognize that word!” Viktor said cheerily before depositing Yuuri into a chair.


“No,” Yuuri shook his head.

“Tada!” said Viktor with a flourish.

“What is it?” Yuuri asked.


“Boru…” Yuuri trailed off, not understanding.


“Bo-ru-shu-tsu,” Yuuri said carefully and Viktor beamed. 

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Baby Cookies

“Crowley comes homes to find his queen crying. What does he do?” @ravenangel33

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

No warnings

Word Count: 728

A/N: I really liked writing this one. Good topic, Robin!


The moment Crowley landed in your living room, he knew something was terribly wrong as he tried to look around the apartment you shared and all he saw was faint outlines of your furniture through thick clouds of dark grey smoke. The heavy smoke filled his lungs as his frantic eyes searched around the apartment, looking for the source of the smoke but more importantly, his pregnant wife.

“Darling?!” He choked as he started to make his way toward the bedroom but as he turned to move, he heard something coming from the kitchen that faintly sounded like a dying cat. His heart lurched in his chest as he forced himself to move forward and his thoughts went to the worst possible outcome. He rounded the corner to find the smoke even thicker, the black mass billowing more heavily in the small space. “(Y/N)!” He yelled louder and he heard a sob muffled groan from across the kitchen. Realizing you were coherent and possibly unconscious, he snapped his fingers, ridding the room of the intrusive black cloud and his eyes found you immediately. You were sitting in the corner behind a fan sobbing, a towel held over your mouth. When you realized the smoke had cleared in a way that could only mean your husband was home, your eyes shot up from the floor in panic to find him.

“Oh, baby!” You sobbed as you started to try to pull your pregnant frame off the floor but Crowley was kneeling before you in the blink of an eye, wrapping you in his protective arms as you clutched desperately to his suit jacket.

“Darling, what happened?” He asked as he stroked the back of your head. He sat down on the cold tile floor, pulling you into his lap as he did a quick search of your body to insure you weren’t injured.

“I just fell asleep for a minute!” You sobbed nearly incoherently as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “The baby wanted cookies… and I can’t… say no to the baby! So… I made some… and I laid down.. and I fell asleep for only a minute and then… and… and…” You couldn’t continue as you dissolved into incoherent sobs once more. He smiled to himself as the reality of the situation unfolded in his mind and he leaned down to kiss your forehead, trying desperately not to laugh at his over emotional wife.

“Sweetheart, you are safe now. I’m home now.” He said as he gently rocked you back and forth, doing his best to sooth you as you looked at him.

‘There was just so much smoke! I tried to get out but I couldn’t see so I just sat behind my fan so it would blow the smoke away from me and the baby.“ Your eyes went wide in panic and you grabbed his jacket tightly in your hands. "Crowley, I wanted to call you but I needed to protect the baby! Please don’t be mad at me! I just.. I…” You tried as you dissolved into tears once more.

“Oh, my precious girl.” Crowley said, finally giving into the laughter he was trying to contain moments before. “Darling, I am not mad. I am just grateful that you are alright.” He kissed the top of your head, fighting hard to not laugh wholeheartedly at the situation as to not upset you anymore. He held you tight until you cried yourself out and with a smile on his face, he lifted your chin to look in your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes. “How about we go lay down for a nap before I make us something for supper?” He asked as he brushed the hair off your face. You nodded with a small hiccup, letting go of your hold on his jacket to wipe your tears away. With a snap, he moved the two of you to the soft bed, gently shifting you off of his lap to his side on the satin sheets as he snapped himself into something more comfortable to lay down in.

“Crowley?” You asked, looking up at him as he pulled the blankets over both of you before wrapping you in his protective arms once more.

“Yes, darling.” He replied with a kiss to your forehead as you smiled innocently at him.

“The baby still wants cookies.”


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Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! Since I am younger I wanted to be able to draw like the original creators of my favourite shows. As I saw people who were able to draw pictures that looked like screenshots I was so amazed and I noticed that there is a possibility that my dream could become reality! From that point on I tried to learn from those artists. Even though I am sure it still is a long way until “perfection”, your words show me that I reached a certain point on my journey and that makes me really happy ≧(´▽`)≦

The Alphabet: Ⓓuck (Shinya)

Title: The Alphabet

Anime: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: None

Word Count: 133

Genre: Humor

Duck - Shinya Yanagizawa

“Shinya.” You poked said boy’s cheek.

“What, dane?” He slapped your hand away when you attempted to poke him a second time.

“I have a question.” You took his silence as a sign to continue. “Why do you sound like a duck?”

Yuuta’s hand shot to his mouth as he tried to cover his laughter, making him miss the ball that Mizuki had served his way.

Shinya’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Seriously, when I look at you, I think of ducks! But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.” You told him, cocking your head to the side.

He scowled. “I do not look like or sound like a duck, dane!”

“Actually. She’s right.” Atsushi agreed as he walked by.

He scowled deeper and the St. Rudolph team let out a loud roar of laughter.

Imagine having your breakfast together with Sherlock. You are unbelievable nervous because you have to take your finals in three hours. So you sit there, trying to eat a yoghurt, and are terrified. ‘ahem!’, Sherlock goes in the background. “Keep quiet! I need to concentrade on this stuff!”, you clearly mean you thoughts wich turn around the stuff you’ll need. “Yeah..”, he signs. Sounding so disappointed you just need to take a look, and there you see it! Your adorable boyfriend tries to drink a sip of maple syrup! “Bet I can do it!”, he grins. Clearly he only does this to amuse you, so you say: “No way! It’s just too sweet!”, looks as serious as you can. “Challenge accepted!”, and with these words he takes a sip. A huge sip. What a cute faces he makes! Like a cat after drinking sparkling water! You can’t do other than laugh! “See? And with this smile you will go to the university and kill that final thing you do!”. Sherlock gives you a kiss on the forehead and rushes out to get to his murder.

Hark had invited Nolan to the music room having finally gotten up the courage to sing in front of the boy. The desire to do so had been there for awhile now but this was far more important than just singing some random song. This was a song they had crafted with Nolan in mind, going out of their way to get other music students to help make it sound just perfect so that it would mean something more than words sang out loud. Messing with the cord to the microphone, they looked at Nolan before closing their eyes and beginning to sing. Quietly at first, much like their speaking voice, they tried to hide the shaking in their words but by the chorus they were letting everything out and when the second verse started, Harks voice sounded contrastingly different than what anyone would be used to. “Everything I can arrange and every part of me you change. Just hold me together, tell me you’ll always want me to stay.”