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The daughter's burden

Batfam X reader
Description: reader is Bruce’s actual daughter and doesn’t know about the “night jobs” that the family has. Requested.
A/n: this can end 2 ways. Really bad or really good. We’ll see. Sorry it’s long

Y/n L/n, the true daughter of Bruce Wayne. The media was having a field day when they realized that he actually had another kid. Your mom had recently died of cancer and you had never known your father. You had found a letter from her explaining your parentage and when you showed it to the woman in charge of your foster home, she had insisted on a DNA test. The results were positive.

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Tech Yes, Juliet

*EDIT: I’ve written a sequel!

summary: dan’s never been good at talking to his crushes, so he has to find another way to communicate with him


in which dan’s a tech major and phil’s an english major at the college they both attend, but those majors are in a school-wide “feud”, so the star crossed lover computer nerd dan makes a website to talk to phil

word count: 5.1k

genre: fluff 

warnings: none

a/n: HOLY SHIT OKAY first of all I’m so damn proud of the title, ya know? check yes juliet? a+ pun there. second of all it has been approximately 7 years since i last uploaded and I’m so sorry but i am really proud of this so maybe it makes up for it? pls lmk what u think, & thank u!!!

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Road Trip AU

No but can you imagine 

  • Matthias drives the van (yes, they all go in one van because there’s no way in hell Kaz allows anyone to drive his car)
  • he’s the one who’s in charge of checking their luggage and belongings because he doesn’t trust anyone else to be responsible enough
  • Nina recommends all the diners and when they drive past a pancake/waffle house the rest of them have to restrain her from jumping out the window
  • also she’s the person who sings horribly along with the radio and bangs on the dashboard
  • Inej joins her occasionally and she’s always constantly on the lookout for interesting sites and unique places
  • she’s also the person that takes photographs of the crew because why not
  • some of them include: Nina with her head dangling out the window, her hair blowing back in the wind, Wylan holding back a smirk as Jesper lays his chin on Wylan’s shoulder, Kaz looking indignant when Matthias suggests they see how well he might survive diner work  
  • Wylan holds all the maps and tells Matthias which ways to go
  • ‘tells’
  • “You just missed the exit! I said LEFT!”
  • “This way’s faster.”
  • “Ghezen-”
  • Jesper sidles up next to Wylan and whispers horrible jokes into his ear that make him break out into giggles even though he tries to swat Jesper away with his maps 
  • and sometimes Wylan’s too tired so he dozes off and rests his head against Jesper’s shoulder 
  • Jesper’s not red, nope, stop smiling Inej
  • Kuwei just reads with his headphones in to block out the chatter
  • sketching the other five
  • Inej gives him a reference photo of all of them and he makes a fantastic caricature of all of them squished into a tiny van 
  • (Kaz has it framed)
  • plus when Jesper flirts with everyone in the van along with Nina, he’s one of the only people that responds with equal fire
  • “Drawing me again, Kuwei? Good to know your tastes are high quality.”
  • “You offering a commission to model? I’d gladly have you in my apartment.”
  • Wylan throws a bag of chips in Kuwei’s face in revenge
  • Kaz is forbidden to ride shotgun because there’s always the possibility of Matthias punching him in the face 
  • honestly with all the snarky commentary Kaz makes on the trip he’s lucky to even be squashed in the passenger seats at all 
  • and this boy just takes up three seats by stretching out on his back
  • Inej solves this by sitting on his legs and he just falls to the car floor facefirst 
  • ok someone better write this or I’m just going to make this into a full fledged fic
Give It A Chance

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request:  @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl : Hey I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do ReaderxWinter Solider where the reader is Sharon Carter’s friend or cousin or something and Steve and Sharon try to get them together but the reader has had her heart broken before so her walls are high and Bucky doesn’t think he deserves for anybody to care about him

Author’s Note: I am SO SORRY for writing so less lately. I just have really less time. I’ll be regular from now on. I have used gender neutral pronouns for the reader’s lover. The reader is Sharon’s best friend and works for S.H.I.E.L.D.i have also used a prompt i read somewhere(just thought might mention it) hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and mentions of heart break.

Word Count: 2300

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

You lied awake in your bed, just staring at the ceiling. It was weird how sometimes your gaze gets fixed at a point and you can’t do anything but, stare, stare and do nothing but breathe. The few moments of nothingness were comforting but the thoughts would follow soon after. The ceiling would become a screen and play all those memories, all those painful memories that would make your heart ache again. You didn’t feel hurt anymore all that filled you up was anger. You didn’t want to waste any more time mourning over a lover who didn’t deserve you. it was them who lost someone who loved them, not you. as the storm started to rise in your brain, you sat up and sighed.

The monotonous beeping of your alarm clock soon followed and you shut it off with a slam. You ran a hand through your hair and got out of your bed.

You walked out of the bathroom after getting ready. Your eyes were fixed at a file as you walked in your bedroom.

‘took you long enough.’ You heard someone and held your arms in front of you in defence. ‘it’s just me (y/n).’ Sharon smiled at you and you rolled your eyes.

‘just refresh my memory, why did I give you the keys to my apartment again?’ you asked putting the file in your backpack.

‘well,’ she stood up from your bed. ‘I’m your best friend and colleague. And you have a habit of putting your life in danger and often get injured so..’

‘yeah, yeah. Why are you here?’ you asked.

‘I thought we could go to the facility together and maybe go somewhere after that.’ She said and you gave her a suspicious look. ‘what?’

‘I am trained to detect a lie, Sharon. You don’t exactly “spend time” with me after you and Steve got together. Damn, is he that good? I thought he wasn’t even a good kisser.’ You smirked as you saw her cheeks burn a bright shade of red. You walked into your kitchen and started to make your coffee.

‘hey, that’s not true!’ she said walking behind you. ‘he’s-‘

‘I don’t care! I was kidding, I would love to spend time with you.’ you smiled and sipped at your coffee.

‘good.’ She smiled. ‘then you won’t mind if Bucky and Steve join us.’ she took a seat and you choked on your coffee.

‘fucking again?!’ you coughed and she handed you a tissue. ‘I told you how I feel about this whole setting up thing.’ You crossed your arms over your chest.

‘yeah, but you two are perfect for each other. Give it a chance! Steve and everyone else thinks so too!’ she said and your eyes grew wide.

‘the hell do you mean by everyone?’ your eyes grew wide.

‘oh, not like everyone, just all the avengers.’ She tried to explain.

‘that makes me feel so good.’ You smiled sarcastically and she sighed.

‘come on, (y/n). please, he likes you, you like him. you both deny it, you both got issues, you both are professional killers- ‘she stopped abruptly. ‘sorry, but just think about it please?’

‘nope, I don’t wanna ruin it and I need a break after… you know, them.’ you looked down. ‘I will go with you though. You haven’t spent time with me in so long.’

‘okay.’ She smiled.

You both were sitting in your favourite coffee shop after spending the day together. It felt nice to distract yourself and be with people who cared. It was so comforting. The aroma of the coffee and the spirals of vapour were certainly comforting. You looked around and smiled. your smile soon faded and a certain heat rose to face as you saw two very familiar faces.

‘what the-‘ you breathed. ‘I thought they weren’t going to be here.’ You kicked Sharon from under the table

‘ow!’ she rubbed her leg and looked back. ‘hey! It’s not my fault! I can’t stop them from going anywhere!’ she whisper-shouted.

‘I know you both planned this!’ you whisper shouted back.

‘hey Sharon!’ Steve smiled brightly as he spotted you both and made his way towards your table. Bucky followed him with a small smile. It wasn’t like you didn’t like Bucky. He was amazing and everything you could ask for in a man but, you couldn’t pull yourself together and let someone in just yet.

‘hey sweetheart.’ Sharon got up and hugged him and you stood up as well. ‘what are you doing here?’

‘hi (y/n),’ he shook hands with you and sat beside Sharon. ‘we were just walking around and saw this place. It seemed nice so we just thought of stopping by.’ He said. ‘sit down already, buck.’ He said to Bucky who stood awkwardly by the table.

‘yeah, come here’ you scooted away and patted the seat beside you. he muttered a ‘thanks’ before sitting beside you.

‘you look great. I’ve never seen you wear something so… feminine.’ He said and you chuckled.

‘well, I wouldn’t have if Sharon didn’t make me. You look good too, seems like you’re finally trying new stuff.’ You said and he smiled.

‘all thanks to Barbie over here, who keeps nagging me to do stuff I don’t like.’ He pointed at Steve and he rolled his eyes.

‘Barbie?’ you grinned. ‘damn, I wish I had thought of that one.’ both of you engaged in a deep conversation.

‘look at them.’ Sharon whispered to Steve as you two were lost in your own world. ‘they are just so perfect for each other but no one has the guts to tell the other. It just drives me crazy.’

‘I know, I mean look he’s smiling! He never smiles or looks at anyone like that.’ He replied. ‘you can’t really blame him, with his past he thinks he doesn’t deserve her.’

‘and she won’t make a move until he lets her know he wouldn’t break her heart like her previous lover.’ She sighed. ‘I wish I could just- I have an idea!’ she turned to him.

‘what?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘we can- ‘she leaned closer to him.

‘ew, don’t do that in public. What happened to PDA, Rogers? Has my friend been a bad influence?’ you said and Bucky grinned. Sharon shot you a glare and you smirked.

‘no, we were just, um, talking.’ He stuttered as a pink smudge appeared on his cheeks.

‘pretty intimate talking.’ Bucky teased him.

‘well, none of your business.’ Steve shot him a glare. ‘hey (y/n), we have some work we would like your help with.’

‘are you sure I am needed?’ you asked and Sharon kicked you under the table. ‘god, I didn’t mean it that way. Get your head out of the damn gutter.’ You rubbed your leg. ‘what do I have to do anyway?’ you asked.

‘oh, um, we have this person who needs to be interrogated, and since you and Bucky are both you know..’ Steve tried to find some better words.

  ‘scary professional killers?’ you suggested and Steve nodded hesitantly.

 ‘yeah, so can you go to the other facility and do the work?’ Steve asked and you nodded. ‘great, Bucky will pick you up.’ he looked at Bucky. He shot Steve a glare before smiling at you and nodding.

‘someone’s getting better at lying.’ Sharon whispered to Steve.

‘you have no idea.’ He smiled at her and she chuckled.

You looked in the mirror and fixed your uniform. You brushed your hair and reached for your tinted lip balm before you retrieved your hand. What were you doing? It wasn’t a date, it was a job. Were you trying to look good for Bucky? But you thought you weren’t ready yet. You took a deep breath and cleared your mind.

‘it’s nothing.’ You said to yourself. ‘just relax.’

The bell rang, you slung your bag on your shoulder and opened the door.

‘ready?’ Bucky gave you a small smile. it wasn’t an uncomfortable one. It was a sweet warm one. Something he saved for a few. You were so glad you were one of those few.

‘you bet.’ You smiled brightly at him.

The drive to the place was quiet, but it was a nice silence. A one filled with comfort, not the awkward one. There were a few jokes and some little conversations. It was nice. It made you feel happy. Being with Bucky seemed to give you a sense of healing. He felt the same with you.

But, no matter how hard he tried he could never think that he deserved you. he just couldn’t believe that he deserved happiness. No matter how much they told him it wasn’t him who did all that, there still was this part of him, deep down, that believed that he did those horrible things.

You walked out of the interrogation room with a smug smile plastered on your face.

‘so…?’ he asked.

‘so, there never was a plan B, it was just a lie to distract us.’ you stood next to him.

‘you are good at this, what’s your secret?’ he asked.

‘that’s for me to know and you to find out.’ You grinned. ‘let’s sit in the conference room, we can wait for the others there.’ You said and he nodded.

‘I seriously wanna know how you made him talk, the guy wouldn’t budge when I questioned him.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at you.

‘it’s just my technique. I just exhaust them, annoy them and get in their brain.’ You shrugged.

‘you make it sound so easy.’ He said.

‘hey, so what were you and Steve doing there the other day?’ you asked.

‘punk said I needed clothes and dragged me out of the facility.’ He said.

‘he wasn’t wrong to do so.’ You smiled. ‘you seeing someone?’ you asked trying to be as casual as ever.

‘no, I-I, just don’t think I deserve someone. I don’t want to waste someone’s time. Who would want to be with me anyway?’ he scoffed and you felt the pain behind his smile. how lowly he must have thought of himself that he felt that way.

‘you deserve every ounce of happiness this world can offer, Bucky. You might think I am crazy to say that, but one day you will not. I wish you can be as happy as once wished to be.’ You smiled at him.

‘what’s taking them so long?’ Bucky got up to open the door, only to find it locked. He struggled with it for a while before turning to you. ‘it’s not opening. I think we’re locked.’

  ‘what do you mean?’ you tried to open the door but couldn’t succeed. ‘well, they’ll be here soon. No need to worry. It could’ve been wor-‘you were about to complete your sentence before the light went out. ‘Bucky, did you turn off the lights?’

‘no….’ he said.

‘then we might have a problem.’ You sighed and sat down.

  ‘seems like we’ll be stuck here for a while’ he sat beside you. You both sat in the silence for a while before he decided to break the silence.

‘do you really think someone can actually like me?’ he asked with hesitance.

‘of course, I don’t know much but I do know this one thing, we all have this one person who has the ability to make us believe again. I must be sounding silly but, one day you will find someone, who will help you pick all the pieces. Maybe they won’t be able to heal you properly but they would surely fix you and make you happy. I wish you find them soon.’ You kept your hand on his. Bucky felt a warmth spark inside him when you said those words.

  ‘(y/n)?’ he asked and you hummed in response. ‘I-I have feelings for you.’ he blurted out and your eyes grew wide. ‘I am only able to say this because, well, I can’t see you. you-you make me happy. I had forgotten how to smile when I looked at someone. You gave me a feeling so beautiful back, I don’t wanna lose it. if you think that there’s any chance, even the slightest, that this can work, hold my hand. If it’s a, no, let go. I will understand and I hope it won’t affect our friendship.’ He ran a hand through his hair as his heart started to beat wildly. Every second was like an hour, like something precious was slipping away from him, again. What had he done?

You thought for a while, was it worth it? what if you ended up hurting him? what if he didn’t like you after he came to know you properly? What if it ended like last time? What if he didn’t find you good enough?

Regret it or risk it; a tiny voice inside your head said. You had to decide, you could either be bitter and refuse, or, you could be brave and give him a chance, give something beautiful a chance. You took a deep breath, smiled and intertwined your fingers with his. It took him a moment to realize before he faced you.

‘you-you are…?’ he stuttered and you grinned. You placed a kiss on his cheek and caressed his cheek.

‘you are an amazing person, I’ll be happy to go out with you.’ you said and he took a breath of relief. He pulled you in a tight embrace. ‘you’ll have to be a little patient with me.’

‘anything for you.’ he mumbled in your hair. ‘is it just me or do you think that Steve and Sharon are behind this too?’ he asked as he pulled back.

‘hell yeah. You can get Steve I’ll take care of Sharon.’ You suggested. ‘after a date, sure.’ He kept an arm around you.

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw your post about Tom's animal traits, all of them are so cute! I laughed at the one that said he will sleep on top of a keyboard. Do you think you can do a fic for that?

Of course I can!!! I had a lot of fun making those headcanons! I hope the story is good. I’m so happy you thought that the animals traits were good! Tom is such a cutie I can see him doing all those things!

“Tom, Tom come on.” Marco rolled his eyes when he came into his bedroom. Tom was asleep with his head on the keyboard of his computer. “Tom get up.” Marco urged. Tom mumbled something in his sleep and pulled his hands up to be next to his face. Marco groaned and tried to gently push the demon off the laptop. Tom rolled his head over so he was now on top of Marco’s hand. Marco grumbled and pulled his hand away, electing to let the demon sleep, because there was no way he could get him up.

Marco sat down on his bed and took a book out. He was lounging and reading for about twenty minutes until Tom poked his head under Marco’s arm, so he was in front of the book and under Marco’s arm. “Hey Mar-Mar.” Tom beamed.

“Yes, Tom?” Marco couldn’t help but smile a little bit when Tom wiggled his way into Marco’s embrace, and pushed the book out. He then batted the book off the bad like he was jealous of the attention Marco was giving it, instead of him. Marco laughed a little as Tom sort of forced him to cuddle. “Tom, why don’t you go back to your sleeping on the laptop?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I can’t.” He responded.

“And why not?” Marco asked.

“Because nobody is using it right now.” Tom responded. Marco rolled his eyes and flopped down on his pillow. Tom climbed on top of him and looked down at him with an urgent look. “Marco, I can’t use the keyboard for naps unless somebody is trying to use the keyboard.” He explained. Marco reached up and pulled Tom down into a kiss.

“What are you, a cat?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged and tried to give Marco another kiss, but Marco gave him a gentle shove away. “I’m serious! You act like a cat!” He laughed. Tom blushed and tried to make a angry look, but he only came across as flustered.

“I am NOT a cat.” Tom promised. He sat up and crossed his arms, pouting like a child. Marco giggled and reached over to scratch behind his ear. Tom’s demeanor totally fell and he began purring, leaning into Marco touch. “I’m not… a cat…” He tried, becoming lost in the gentle touch. Marco giggled.

“If you aren’t a cat, then what is this behavior classified as?” He asked, listening to Tom’s purring. Tom snapped out of it enough to will himself away from the blissful scratches. He crossed his arms again and scrunched up his face.

“It’s classified as… normal… not-cat behavior.” Tom tried. Marco laughed and gave the demon a tight hug. Tom looked away, but smiled at the contact. “Mar-Mar. Cut it out.” He giggled. Marco shook his head and began covering Tom’s face in kisses.

“My little kitty-cat! I love you so much!” Marco giggled. Tom blushed deeply and shrunk away a little. But Marco just followed him and pulled him in by his horns. Tom giggled as Marco kissed him all over his face and laughed.

“I am not a cat!” Tom defended himself. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Okay then, now that you’re off the laptop, I need to do my homework.” Marco explained. He got up and walked over to the laptop, leaving Tom on the bed to play with some string. Marco smiled fondly at the demon, he was just so cute! Marco finally tore his gaze away from the cute demon and looked at the laptop. Marco worked his homework for a while, but then was interrupted when Tom climbed on his lap and put his head back on the laptop.

“Tom! Come on!” Marco groaned. Tom just brought his arms up to wrap around his head and he closed his eyes, dozing off. “Now that I’m using the computer you want to take a cat nap on it?” He asked. Tom yawned and nodded.

“It’s better like this.” Tom mumbled. He was curled up on Marco’s lap, with his head leaning over on the keyboard. “For some reason whenever you’re using the keyboard, I feel like I have to nap on it.” He told Marco. The human rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help musing at how cute Tom looked leaning against the laptop, purring in his sleep.

“Okay, you can nap here for five more minutes, and then I want the computer back.” Marco told him. Tom nodded and rolled his head around the keyboard. Marco wanted to get up and go back to his book, but he was so happy watching the demon nap peacefully on the computer. Marco reached over and pet Tom’s head and scratched his ears. “You really are a little kitten, aren’t you?” Marco asked. Tom yawned.

“Actually, baby demons are called cubs.” Tom told him. Marco squealed and jumped in his chair.

“A little demon cub! That’s so cute!” He cried. Tom blushed and Marco began kissing him. “When are they considered adult demons?” Marco asked.

“There’s a ceremony we have when we’re sixteen.” Tom explained. Marco grinned.

“So technically, you’re still a cub?” Marco asked. Tom’s eyes popped open and her sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

“Well… I guess if you want to get technical.” He blushed a little. “But I’m not a CUB, per say. Look at me, Marco.” Tom grinned. “I’m taller than you, and you’re considered a young adult in human years, so I must be an adult too.” Tom tried.

“Nope! You’re fifteen!” Marco teased. “That makes you a cub! A little baby demon cub!” He sang. Tom blushed deeper and sunk down.

“Okay, okay! But if any other demon asks, say I’m sixteen! You too! Because you’d be considered a cub in the underworld too.” Tom told him urgently. Marco smiled and pulled Tom in for a kiss.

“Okay then, you’ll just be MY demon cub.” Marco giggled. “You belong to nobody else.” He grinned. Tom mumbled something.

“You know you’re a cub too?” He asked.

“Nope, because I’m a human. You’re a little cub.” He giggled, just to embarrass the demon. Marco covered him in kisses and then scratched his ears. “My little demon cub.”

the vlog life chose us

by @bellamythology

for anon: “bellarke au where octavia is a youtuber and bellamy and clarke feature in most of her vlogs and as time passes you can watch them falling in love with each other through vlogs”

rated: teen+

[read on AO3]


Posted by octaviablakevlogs 6 years ago

“Today you get to follow us around the mall. By ‘us’ I mean me and” — camera pans from Octavia’s bright grin to Bellamy’s much less bright default scowl — “my big brother! Say hi, Bell!”

“Hi,” he grumbles. “Let’s just get this over with.”


Posted by octaviablakevlogs 4 years ago

“So I’ve been moved in for a few weeks, and my dorm is finally somewhat presentable enough to show you guys, so here we are.”

[offscreen] “Octavia, you busy?”

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my weird idea has grown from one fan art featured in this post, to something so huge and detailed I don’t even know what it is anymore. Wordless fan fiction more like, idk

Story begins with Kizaru and Akainu fighting some of the Supernovas and getting caught in Bonneys ability, which turned them into kids. Now ANYONE considering themselves pirates would use this opportunity to crush those two, and let’s say that was the plan. But I pictured Luffy first laughing hysterically (I mean who wouldn’t), then being all like NOPE, I’m not letting my chance of defeating full-sized Akainu go away like this! Besides, I don’t like those other guys, them not being my new BFF Torao.

I’m not saying it makes much sense since I never tried to write any of this, but the idea of Admirals as kids was just too amusing for me not to drag it any further, so me being me I dragged them aaaall the way to the point where they end up on Sunny, and everyone is like DAMN U SANJI U WERE WITH LUFFY ALL THE TIME HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! And Kizaru would be friends with everyone in no time, him being undeniably adorable and actually enjoying all this, while Akainu would have a fit of a century.

Here’s Kizaru wrapped in a blanket, sleepy and just as stressed as if nothing happened, with Akainu dressed in Nami’s old t-shirt, keeping calm but raging inside, thinking to himself: “Can u not tell, stupid monkey, that ginger one is totally digging u for information? Luckily neither Sengoku nor me ever told u anything important.”

Should I start to worry about my brain or what. It’s actually embarrassing.

Sparks - Sanada Yukimura (Fluff)

For: @mioyaya

A/N: I’m sorry this took me so long, really. The original idea wasn’t like this but after getting the first one deleted thanks to my laptop, I had no motivation with that. Either way, I hope you like it!

Sparks. That’s what he felt when she smiled at him. And when she touched his hand so she could free herself from his grip, his skin felt like burning. She smiled at him once more before going back into the kitchen, and he never took off his gaze from her small figure. 

He was, again, in Kyoto.

Running errands for Lord Shingen wasn’t usually a problem; it was good for him to get fresh air from time to time, and he liked being in Kyoto. It was a different place, good restaurants almost in every corner, lots of stores with lively streets and people always laughing and smiling. It was a good change of scenery, if he had to be honest. He walked a little more before stopping at the restaurant he frequently visited when he was there.

The first time he came in the restaurant was not as big as it was now, but it was decent and the food was extremely good. Even though things had changed a bit now, like the customers and the building, the food was still as good as before. His smile widened as he walked through the door of the restaurant, his nose, filling with the delicious scent of food that his stomach craved.

The place was crowded; people trying to get out, trying to get in, trying to reach their table and the few employers that were taking orders and serving. He examined the whole place with his blue eyes, looking for an empty table anywhere where he could finally sit and relax while they brought his food. However, being as tired as he was from the trip, he walked towards the only empty spot he saw… Not even noticing he had stepped on someone.

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I askd this 2 other users already & got no answer, maybe they thought the question was too stupid. Maybe it is, but I really dont understand: Why did Will in the end say, that Hannibal was supposed to leave? I thought Will hated Hannibal. I mean, Hanni tried to kill will, fed him an ear and ppl, killed so many others, left him ill, etc. When did Wills feelings change so drastically?

Hello, nope, Will certainly doesn’t hate Hannibal. He truly became Hannibal’s friend, he can emphatize with him and his point of view, the beauty in the murders he commited and that everything Hannibal has done was to make Will something better - that though doesn’t mean he didn’t work for Jack towards Hannibal’s incarceration, because he is a serial killer and did fuck up Will’s life pretty badly.   

Bryan summed it up pretty nicely:

Will is not a binary thinker - he kind of wanted Hannibal to get away, because he is Will’s friend, but that doesn’t mean he came to ‘the dark side’. He still betrayed him, lied him about killing Freddie Lounds and was setting him up. And when Hannibal found out and gave him the opportunity to confess and be forgiven at their last dinner, Will didn’t take it. 

I hope that helped at least a little bit :).

Knock, Knock Ch. 17: F is for... well, you know

Picks up right where Ch. 16 left off… the end of the date and then the beginning of the more enjoyable activities. This one is definitely M-rated, as my bestie @blazingbaubles has called it the bangpocalypse

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read this little story that I basically started as a coping mechanism for my own apartment’s super thin walls. I appreciate all the likes, reblogs, comments, asks…. everything. You guys are the best.

Now enjoy some smuff and get ready for some plot coming up in the next chapters!

Read on AO3.

The evening had been beyond magical. The food had been mouthwatering, of course; the flowers had been among the most beautiful organisms she’d ever seen – stock photos and photoshopped calendars included. Killian had snagged a bottle of her favorite wine, a fruity one with hints of raspberry and blackberry – and the aroma of that mixed with the intoxicating scent of the surrounding flowers had been something even Emma’s imagination couldn’t have quite conjured.

The only thing that could have made the whole experience more like a fairy tale was if they’d actually seen the resident swans, but they weren’t quite that lucky.

(Or maybe they were very lucky, as Emma would later find out that swans could be the world’s biggest assholes and were known to attack without warning – and that would have been a massive buzzkill.)

They’d stayed at the Botanical Gardens until they were asked to leave, even the security guy somewhat regretful he had to escort them out – their bliss was positively written on their faces and no, Emma wasn’t the least bit ashamed.

If she’d had to suffer almost three decades of pain and all she got out of it was tonight? Well she honestly wouldn’t mind all that much.

The breeze was fairly gentle as Killian led her back toward the coast. The air smelled like sand and salt and a mixture of sugar and fried food – there was some kind of street fair going on not far from the marina and they were apparently downwind. She might have tried to convince him to veer off the path and grab a funnel cake or a Mexican chocolate sundae (the kitschy name for a sundae with cinnamon on it) if she hadn’t been entirely stuffed

– and also a totally different kind of hungry.

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Happy Birthday

Author: Sarah 

Word Count: 1,163

Requested: hiii… could you do an imagine where harry and y/n share the same birthday pleaseee

I felt Harry’s hand take mine as we walked out into the crisp night air. Smiling I gave it a squeeze as he pulled me closer to his side. My other hand came up to grab onto his bicep. I leaned my head down on his shoulder as we started walking down the empty sidewalk. It was a beautiful February night, not too cold and not too windy. The only noise other than the passing cars was my heels clicking on the sidewalk.

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Bamon is a great ship because bamonators won't IMPOSE they way to think. Bamonators will accept things the way they are, and see the positive.

We are THE MOST PATIENT SHIP. We waited SIX seasons to have what we want. To be acknowledged. We had a  hell of a ride. I’m pretty sure Bonnie Bennett deserves the way Damon is treating her right now. Could imagine just one second ? they hated each other ! Bonnie tried to kill Damon at least once ! And he didn’t try to get revenge ! Damon is such an amazing person with her.He’s like a kid, he’s laughing, he’s light, he doesn’t have any thing with “ I make yooooou bad.” NOPE. He has a relationship exempt of everything really bad. Bonnie Bennett is not a freaking doppelganger. She is strong. HE RESPECT HER. and BONNIE TOO. Damon doesn’t respect Elena. 

I’m sure we will have great bamon scenes. I don’t know if It will be endgame. I don’t know If we are going to have a kiss. But We will have GREAT THINGS. 

And that. Is the soul of bamon. We don’t need any sex scene to make our ship canon. BAM.