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“Those who would walk the path of the white mage are healers without peer, possessed of the power to deliver comrades from the direst of afflictions—even the icy grip of death itself.

There’s the girl that I like.
Now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies.
It makes my stomach queasy every time she walks by.
I know I can be cool if I try.

i actually draw the bg okay, i tried, but i failed drawing those pine trees im not satisfied with the one i made :((( ill try to draw it again next time

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  A Dream Come True

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 3500

Warnings- a few swears, reader talks sex, nothing else in this part.

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 This was all new. A convention wasn’t anything I had ever experienced , especially one specifically for The Walking Dead, one of my all time favorite television shows. I always thought those conventions were for hardcore, borderline crazy, fans. Yet here I am, packing for my flight to Atlanta.

 I went all out, purchasing the most expensive “platinum” weekend tickets, I even booked the hotel that I had heard the celebrity guests were staying at. Only place I “skimped” on was buying only photo ops and autographs for my two guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

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Imagine face masks and pillow talk with Chris.

You rested your head on Chris’ chest, which rose and fell steadily as he kissed your hair with a satisfied smile dancing on his lips. It had been another predictable night in, in the beautiful Los Angeles home that you shared with your boyfriend. Let’s just say the two of you were making full use of the time you had left together before you both left for your respective trips; his being a work trip, and yours being a holiday that minimized your time without him.

You’d learned over the years that a holiday was always good to take your mind off missing your boyfriend, so every time he left the state- you did too, choosing a new city or country to explore for as long as your visitor’s visa would allow before returning home to deal with the lonely repercussions of long distance. The first few weeks were always the hardest, even with Dodger’s company- you hated being in that house without Chris, so Japan it was.

It was pretty obvious that neither of you were ready to leave the other, in fact- there hadn’t been a single discussion about the upcoming trips you were both about to take because that wasn’t a conversation that could be had without tears. What made things worst this time was that Chris was going to be gone for nine months instead of six, he wasn’t even gone yet and you could already feel how long and hard those nine months were going to be. You could visit him, yes, but you both knew what it was like after the visits- that couldn’t last more than a week tops- ended.

“Your hands are so short and stubby,” you giggled softly as you entwined your fingers with Chris’; you heard him chuckle softly because this wasn’t the first time he’d heard you tell him that. “They’re like mine,” you looked up and him and grinned, “we’re hand twins.”

“Your hands are nothing like mine.” He laughed, pulling your entwined hands up to take a closer look though he already had every inch of your body memorized like his favorite song. “They’re so long and straight and soft, like a baby’s butt.” He teased and you giggled, pulling your hand out of his to make little chomping movements.

“Yeah, they’re also like little chubby baby hands.” You used your hand to chomp his nose and he laughed, wiggling his nose. “Chomp chomp chomp,” you said then giggled to yourself. “Do you remember Deadpool’s baby hand in the movie? It was so weird, chomp chomp.”

“You’re so weird,” he chuckled, taking your hand in his and locking his fingers with yours. “And your hands are perfect, like everything else about you.” He kissed your fingers and you smiled, which falter when you heard him heave a sigh. “I’m going to miss you,” he mumbled into your hair.

You said nothing in response, you just played with his fingers because you didn’t want to start that conversation just yet. You had until Friday at the airport to say your goodbyes, until then- it was going to be sunshine, rainbows, and weird conversations that made you giggle.

“What time’s your flight?” He asked as you simultaneously tried to change the subject with, “do you want to do a face mask with me?” He narrowed his eyes at you before darting his gaze to the clock hanging on the bedroom wall, “are you- it’s like three in the morning, Y/N. Why on earth would we do a face mask now?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t we?” You pulled your hand away and sat up, grinning. “C'mon, it’ll be fun.” You heard him sigh as you hopped off the bed and disappeared into the ensuite with the dim light of your bedside lamp guiding you.

Of course, Chris knew what you were doing; you always did things like these when he brought up anything involving your respective departures. But seeing as he didn’t want to upset you, he went along with whatever form of distraction your mind came up with. The other night when he’d tried to talk about scheduling FaceTime sessions, you’d changed the subject with ‘Cookies & Cream’ ice-cream and ‘Aladdin’; two things you knew he couldn’t say no to, and so- that conversation was successfully postponed.

“Here you go, it’s cucumber and melon.” You tossed the packet at him and sat back down on the bed, tearing the foil packaging open. “It’s not one of those painful peel off ones,” you chuckled when you saw him studying the back of the packet. “I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Good,” he chuckled, ripping his packet open. “Because bearded me would not appreciate that at all, nor would he find it relaxing. Okay, um-” he pulled the white cloth mask out of the packet with narrowed eyes. “How am I meant to do this again? Does this-” he tried to put it on upside down, making you laugh. “That doesn’t seem right, there’s two holes for the mouth?”

“Don’t pretend like this is the first time you’ve used one of these, Mr. fancy-actor-man,” you teased him and he chuckled. “If you want me to do it for you, just ask,” you put your packet aside and took his mask out of his hands. “Lie down and close your eyes.” You instructed and he did as you asked. “Just gotta line it up with your eyes, nose, and mouth before I smooth it out. There,” you gently patted it down then smiled at him when he opened his eyes.

“Do I look beautiful yet?” He quizzed, striking a finger gun gesture under his chin.

“You know you’re always beautiful, baby,” you answered and chuckled when he did. “Now I just gotta get mine on,” you laid down as he sat up, taking your packet from your hands. “I thought you didn’t know how to do it?” You teased him as he helped you with yours.

“Mr. fancy-actor-man just wanted his pretty girlfriend’s perfect hands on his face,” he managed a wink despite his facial movements being restricted by the face mask; you laughed. “Stop laughing,” he chuckled. “I can’t put this on you if you don’t stop.” You pressed your lips together and closed your eyes, trying not to smile at how gentle he was being. “Done and done.” He booped your nose as you opened your eyes, making you giggle.

“Do I look beautiful yet?” You quizzed, striking the same finger gun gesture under your chin.

“Maybe in half an hour,” he answered and laughed when you scoffed, slapping his arm. “I’m kidding,” he chuckled. “You know you’re always beautiful, baby.” He winked again, causing his face mask to slip slightly. “It’s like my face is melting off,” he laughed and readjusted it before laying back down; you both closed your eyes. “I don’t understand how people find this relaxing, it’s like a wet cloth over my face.”

“It smells really nice though,” you said and heard him hum in agreement.

“Hey, baby?” You felt him slip his hand into yours and you entwined your fingers with his, humming to prompt a continuation from him. “We’re going to have to talk about it eventually, you know that right?” You heaved an overly dramatic sigh and he chuckled softly. “We don’t have to talk about it now, but eventually. You’re leaving on Friday-”

“We can talk about it then,” you cut him off. “We’re relaxing now, Chris.”

“What are you so afraid of, Y/N?” He asked, propping himself up on an elbow as he looked over at you; you opened your eyes when you felt his gaze burn into your skin. “It’s not like this is our first time experiencing long distance, we’ve been dating for years- we survived the previous Marvel movies fine, so why are you being so weird about this one?”

“Because you’re going away for nine months this time, Chris,” you said then peeled off your mask and sat up. He sighed and did the same; he grabbed a tissue for you and himself to wipe of the remaining residue. “Nine months is a long time, I’m just worried that we won’t make it this time.”

“Are you serious?” His eyes narrowed but there was a smile on his lips; you nodded and he chuckled. “Y/N-” he took your hands in his. “I love you, you know that right?” You sighed and nodded. “No, I don’t think you do if you’re legitimately concern about this.”

“I do, I just-”

“I see the rest of my life with you,” he cut you off, smiling. “You are everything to me, there is no future without you. Do you understand that? When I close my eyes, you are all I see.” You felt your lips quirk into a smile. “And I’ll bet you anything that nine months isn’t going to change that- in fact, I’ll bet you my entire net worth.”

“What if it does?”

“I fly over, write you a check, and win you back while I’m at it.” He smiled when you chuckled, realizing how ridiculous you were being for worrying about any of it. “I promise you, I’m not going anywhere.” He cupped your face in his hands and pecked your lips. “And I’m not letting you go anywhere either.”

“I love you, Chris,” you smiled.

“I love you too, worry wart,” he smiled.

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It’s been far too long my darlings. I figured that I would come off hiatus with a bang and finally finish Plague. You’ve been left on tenterhooks too long. It was surprisingly difficult to write this because I wanted to get it right and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully some extra feel-sy music will help - play this during the final scene in Loki’s room to destroy your heart. :D So many people enjoyed this story that I don’t have space to tag them all here so I will do so at the end. In the mean time, enjoy! 

Plague (Part 9)

Part 8

Loki’s eyes fluttered apart and revealed a shadowed ceiling. He didn’t remember falling asleep but his entire memory seemed to have merged. Images of blood and fire stained his eyelids; he daren’t close them again.
“I hope you are feeling rested,” said a warm voice. Shifting slightly, he felt the gentle touch of a sheet covering his body. A pillow comforted his head from beneath, a head that felt irritatingly heavy when he tried to lift it. How long had he been asleep?

“When did I-”
“The journey back.” Thor smiled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so exhausted – your eyes were wavering for most of the flight, though their focus never shifted. You spent the entire flight by her side.”

“How is she?” Loki asked with sudden fervour. He turned to Thor and saw him, really saw him, in the dim bedside light. Thor’s face was hollow and pale, weighted with lines of worry.
“She is stable, for now.” He said, looking solemn, contradictory to the words that filled his brother’s heart with hope. “A lot of blood was lost and that has left her condition critical.”
“But she is alive?”
“Yes, Loki. For now (Y/n) is alive.”

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 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 211
summary : Kai tells Reader about the events happening at Mystic Falls and Reader gets jealous.
 * gif by the-sereinus
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Y/N was sleeping soundly when as if from a distance she heard the sounds of the doorbell ringing over and over again. Slowly her eyes opened and she glanced at the digital clock on her night stand seeing it was 3.35AM.
“This better be live or death.” she mummbled pulling the covers off her. Her feet quickly found their way into her fuzzy slippes and she headed towards the door , the sounds of the doorbell ringing repeating again. Y/N rubbed her eyes and yawned , nearly stumbling over the coffee table in the living room as she walked. “Coming … I’m - I’m coming.” she called out.
A moment later her fingers wrapped around the door knob and she unlocked the apartment door , opening it. Her gaze was on the ground and the moment Y/N looked up , she felt suddenly wide awake. In front of her stood someone she never thought she’d see again. Not unless it was a dream or a hallucination.
“M-Malachai ?!” she asked confused. “Not again.”
Y/N stared at him. Kai was smiling widely at her as if it hadn’t been four years but four minutes since they had last seen each other. He had gotten even hotter and was wearing gray jeans , a blue-ish tshirt and a black jacket. His eyes sparkled just like every time he smiled. She felt her knees about to buckle from all the feelings rushing through her body and sat on the floor next to the door.
“I was expecting a little warmer welcome.” he laughed nervously looking at his girl sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. Kai was no expert but he knew tears was not the proper reaction for seeing your dead boyfriend after four years. “Whats wrong sweetheart?”
“You.” she mumbled. “You are not real which means I am still asleep in my bed and … “ her voice broke and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I will wake up in a few minutes and you’ll be gone again.”
Kai sighed. Part of him had been expecting this reaction from her. Sort of. Damon had mentioned to him Y/N had moved away because everything reminded her of him and she kept hallucinating and dreaming about him coming back. Didn’t seem like being away from Mystic Falls had helped much in that department if she thought he was a dream.
“Let me in and I will prove to you its not a dream.”
“Its a dream I know it …” said Y/N wiping away a few tears from her cheeks. She was afraid to let herself feel. Over the past few years this has been happening a lot. “…but either way I am so beyond happy to see you.”
“Can I -”
“Come in.” she said quietly. Usually that was the point when she woke up. Kai would step inside or attempt to step inside and then he’d get dragged away by an invisible force. Or he’d get to stay a while and then she’d wake up alone , feeling the pain of losing him crush her all over again. Even after all those years it was still only him. It would always be him and no one else.
Kai stepped inside , knelt down next to her and pulled her into a hug a split second later. “I missed you Y/N. I never thought I could miss someone that much. It nearly drove me crazy.”
Her hands wrapped around Kai , tears still streaking down her face. He pulled away and Y/N’s gaze dropped to the ground. It felt too good to be true , being back in Kai’s arms , feeling his breath on her skin , his smile taking her breath away.
“I am real Y/N. I am really here.” said Kai , brushing his fingers through her hair. “And I am never going away. Not without you.”
He took her hands , placing them on his face. Her fingers brushed against his cheeks and he could see things starting to come into focus in her mind. Kai’s lips smashed against hers for the first time in four years , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N felt electricity coursing through her veins waking every fibre in her body. None of the dreams / hallucinations she had had before had ever felt that real. Either that was the most realistic dream ever or he was really there.
“It’s me. It’s really me.”
“Oh my God.” she said smiling , attacking him with kisses until she was sitting on his lap. “H-how ? When ? Why didn’t anyone call to tell me ?”
With a snap of his fingers , Kai closed the door and pulled her even closer to him.
“It’s a really long story sweetheart.” he smiled at her , stroking her cheek with her fingers. “I’ll tell you in the morning. Right now I just want to enjoy having you back in my arms.”
Y/N’s fingertips traced every inch of his face still unable to believe it completely that he is really here. Kai’s eyes were glowing , studying her as if seeing her for the first time. He pulled her into such a tight hug , her breathing stopped for a few seconds before he let go off her.
“No.” she protested. “Don’t let go off me ever again.”
Kai laughed pulling her into a hug again.

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“I have a proposition for you, (Y/N).” Jungkook followed you breathlessly down the hall.

“What is it, Jungkook? I have no idea why you’re even following me—don’t you have to get to class?” You held the straps of your backpack as you turned around to speak to the boy.

“I can blow off one day of class,” He smirked, “Especially for this occasion.”

“I’m not even going to class, so do you still have to follow me?” You turned on your heels back.

“Great, then we can talk the whole period.” He walked beside you. “How about we make a bet?”

“What kind, what for, and what’s at stake?” You climbed up the stairs, holding onto the railing on the side.

“Aish..” He said under his breath, but cleared his throat. “Uh, homecoming is coming up.”

“Yeah?” You looked behind you to see him looking up your skirt. Not wanting to embarrass him—more yourself—you went quicker.

“Whoever gets a date first wins,” He shook his head, regaining his focus.

“But what are the stakes?” You got to the top of the stairs, opening the old music room.

“The winner gets to order the loser around for an entire month.”

“Anything?” You threw your backpack on the ground, running your fingers through your hair.

“Anything.” He confirmed, closing the door behind him.

“Why would I make a bet with a greasy boy like you, hm?” You sat on the floor.

“The same reason I would make a bet with a slimy, loser girl such as yourself.” He bopped your head, sending it slightly back.

“What do you plan to prove here? That you’re better looking than me?” You raised your eyebrow, “Because I know the answer to that: I’m the better looking one. If it’s to make me do some crazy thing, just tell me now so I have motivation to win.”

“I don’t know what I want you to do right now, but I’ll figure it out when I win. I always win,” He proudly stated, sitting down as he puffed his chest out like an animal. “I’m good at everything.”

“Mm,” You nod with your lips tucked inside your mouth, “Okay.”

“What?” He gave a halfhearted laugh, “You scared?”

“I don’t even like you, Jungkook.” You rolled your eyes, scooting towards the window to look out.

“You talk to me, so that must mean you like something about me.” He sat next to you.

You looked out over the rainy dark day. “You can believe what you want,”

“I’m not that bad.” He watched the rain create ripples in the puddles.


You glared at the boy who treated the project as if it were nothing, “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” He asked, propping his feet on the desk.

“No.” You sharply replied, writing on your notebook to gather information.

“Explains why you do so much work,” He snorted.

“Then I assume you have a girlfriend?” You said emotionlessly.

“No.” He looked at your writing, “Haven’t found a girl yet. What’s the rush?”

“There’s no rush to find girls, but there is a rush to finish this project. It’s half of our grade, Jungkook.” You said the last part slowly, as if he were to miss it at normal speed.

“It seems like you have this under control,”

“Even if I do, you’re not taking credit for my work.”

“Oh, come on.” He put his arm around you, “Please?”

“That doesn’t work on me.” You shrugged his arm off.

He stood quiet, and even took his feet off of the desk’s smooth surface. The silence was strange, so you turn around to see what he could possibly be doing now. He was in shock—presumably by how fast you turned his ‘charm’ down. “How about I take you out? You’re really cute,” He had another go, moving his chair closer to yours.

“I don’t date.” You slid your belongings farther away from him, along with yourself.

“Don’t think of it as a date then,” He propped his head up on his hand. “Think of it as friend’s meeting at the café.”

“I don’t go out.” You shot his second attempt down.

“What do you do?” He sounded intrigued, as if it were so odd to not go out.

“Work, do homework, do chores—anything that involves helping in anyway I can to my family or myself.” You continued scribbling away in your notebook.

“How about we have lunch together tomorrow? It’s not going out since we’re in school, and it’ll be centered around the project.”

“How about no?”

“I don’t beg, if that’s what you want.” He threw his feet up again, “Girls come to me—not vise versa. I don’t need to go out with you, anyway.”

“Then why ask?” You murmur to yourself.

“To give you an opportunity,”

His arrogance sparked a flare of dislike inside of you, making you resent him by—not only his appearance—his personality.


“Who are you planning on asking?”

“I don’t know.” You thought.

“I don’t even have to worry about who I ask—no girl ever says no to me.”

“Except me.” You felt cunning confidence in stating those two words.

You saw from the corner of your eyes how he tensed at the memory, “You don’t count, (Y/N)-ah.”

“Why not? You asked me out how many times?” You grinned, knowing you caught him. “About ten times—at least. The first day I met you, you told me you weren’t going to beg for me; you chased me. What was that, too? You can have whichever girl you please, then why come back to me? You have the popular girls who practically own the school, and you chase after the girl who prioritizes work.” You flipped your hair over your shoulder, “I guess someone has a soft spot for me.”

“Yah, I don’t.” He crossed his arms.

“Then why are you here? You and I fight everyday, and yet you always come back; not a day of your life is spent away from me. Even the weekends you sought me out,”

“That’s because I have nothing better to do.” He tried covering himself up.

“Nothing else to do?” You scoffed, “Have you not seen those girls who hang on your every word? I’m sure you could find something to do with them,”

“Well, maybe I don’t wanna do anything with them.” He shrugged like a child—quite cute if you may add. “Maybe I would rather spend my time making a girl like me,”

“Is that what this is? What all of everything you’ve even done was? An attempt to make me fall for you?” You turned to him, “Does it excite you or annoy you that there’s only one girl in school who won’t fall in your trap?”

“At first it annoyed me,” He admitted, “Now I’m just interested in you: what kind of guys you like, your personality—what makes you not like me.”

“All you had to do was ask,”

“Okay: Why don’t you like me?”

“You’re an arrogant, greasy, slutty, brat of a little boy who thinks he can get everything he wants because of his looks. Looks die out, Jungkook. Personality is more important for me than anything else, and you proved you’ve got a pretty horrid one for the past year.” You vented everything out.

He looked down while nodding slowly, biting his lip to show understanding of your disliking. “You even think that when I follow you around on our days off?”

“No.” His eyes glisten with hope, “I think you’re a creep then.” And there go the eyes. “You follow me from my house, you stalker.”

“So out of school, I’m a stalker.” He tried to clarify, then you nod after. “I am different out of school, though.”

“You are, I’ll give you that. Although, you playing with children doesn’t interest me as much as you think it does.”

“I play with children because I want to, (Y/N)-ah. It’s not entirely because I want to impress you,”

“So it is an attempt to make me like you?”

“Somewhat.” There was a silence, with the rain’s little taps as the only noise. “Is there anything you like about me?”

“Honestly? Do you really want me to answer that?” You turned to him.


“How do I know it’s not just to boost your ego?”

“Because I’ll answer honestly the things I like about you,” He stared at you contemplating, “Think about it: is it really an ego boost for me to confess the things like about you? If anything, it’s more of a step backwards.”

You sighed, turning your whole body towards him. “I like your hair,” You shrugged, ruffling his floppy black hair. “Your smile isn’t bad, you’re tall, you’re calmer about the whole 'every girl wants me’ characteristic outside of school.”

“That’s all?”

“Did you want more?”

“Anything is really good for me,” He smiled. “I like that you give me a challenge, you’re focused on what you want, the way your hair looks everyday, your smile, your eyes, your skin-”

“I have a feeling you’re going to list everything.” You cut him off.

“You’re right.” He played with his pant leg, “Not to mention the glow you radiate..”

“Stop messing around, Jungkook.” You pushed him back roughly.

“I’m not..” He smiled sheepishly, “Good luck finding a date, (Y/N)-ah.” He stood up, smoothing some of your hair back. With that, he left the room with his bag.

Was he telling the truth?


You walked towards the doors of school, then Jungkook leaning on a locker with a girl caught your eye. Aish, the bet already started?! Why didn’t he say?! You turned back, pushing against the crowd coming towards you. “(Y/N)!” A voice was surprised as you bumped into a chest. “The day’s over, silly.” Tae smiled his rectangular smile.

“I need your help, Tae.” You held onto his shoulders as he lifted you up, walking in the direction you were going against.

“With?” He set you down.

“Jungkook made this weird bet with me,” You fixed your skirt, “Whoever finds a date for homecoming first gets the order the loser around for a month.”

“What’s wrong with that kid?” He rubbed his temple, “Are you asking me?” He asked girlishly.

“Yes, Tae.” You breathed.

“Well you have to put more effort into it!” He giggled, “Take me out first.”

“Tae!” You whined loudly, “I don’t have that kind of time, I already saw him flirting with some girl.”

“He works quickly,” He frowned, “I’ll go.”


“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“Because you could go with another girl, instead of me who just needs you for a bet.” You explained.

He shrugged, “It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Thank you!” You almost tackled him into a hug.

“Don’t be so happy, (Y/N).” Jungkook sang walking by, “I saw that, and I already have a date—you lost.”

“Aw.” Tae pouted, holding onto you. “She’s cute, Jungkook. Can I still take her?”

Jungkook tensed a little, “Sure, hyung.”

“Alright!” He cheered, “You’re gonna be the cutest girl there!” He hugged you tightly, “I’ll take you to eat and everything!”

“Yah, you don’t have to agree (Y/N).” Jungkook said, “You don’t even have to go if you don’t want—I know how you don’t date or go out.”

“Why not?” You smiled, feeling Tae peck your cheek repeatedly.

His face softened, before reverting back to the 'bad boy’ stern one. “See you there.”


“You really look beautiful,” Tae said, looking you up and down.

“You’ve said that about one hundred times now,” You blushed.

“Let’s go dance.” He held his hand out to you. Reluctantly, you grabbed it. Just as you were about to dance to the current song, a slow one began to play. “Just our luck, huh?” He smiled sweetly. You wrapped your arms behind his neck, his hands on your waist, and your bodies close. You danced, and Tae began talking about something about lions. You couldn’t focus, as he was spewing facts about them left and right. Your eyes wandered around the room, falling on Jungkook sitting alone at a table. His eyes were fixated on how your bodies swayed together, perfectly timed with the music. “Isn’t that funny, (Y/N)?” Tae’s voice came through.

“What?” You tore your gaze away from his, “Oh, yeah.” You laughed nervously.

“You have really pretty eyes..” He said slowly, looking into them.

“Thank you.” You looked back into his. You looked down, feeling a bit shy. His hand immediately made its way to your chin, bringing your head back up to his. He slowly fluttered his eyes closed and leaned in. Tae’s lips were against yours—full and plump. As you broke away, you looked back to where Jungkook was. He was gone, but you turned to the door in the nick of time to see him leaving.

“Should I take you home?” Tae asked, seeing the volunteers beginning to clean up.

“I think.” Your arms left his shoulders.

“I had fun,” He smiled, putting his arm around you as you walked out.

//Next Day//

“Sharpen my pencil, (Y/N).” Jungkook threw his pencil at you.

“Why are you being like this? This is even too far for you,” You snapped. The entire day he’s been acting ruder than usual to you, and since you lost the bet you now have to do everything he says.

“Don’t ask questions: just go.” He did a shooing motion with his hand.

“No.” You slammed the pencil down in front of him.

“Did I not explain what happens if you don’t do what I say?” He sat up.

“No.” You turned around.

“You run around naked in the halls.” He smiled confidently.

“Jungkook!” You shouted, causing people to turn around in your class. “I can’t do that-”

“You’ll have to or else I’ll make you.” You snagged a piece of your top, tugging on it not caring if the buttons popped.

“What’s wrong with you?” You shoved him away.

“A bet is a bet, (Y/N).”

“I know, but you’re acting so different.” You fixed your top.

He bit his lip as he saw the despair in your eyes. “I’m sorry..” He tried grabbing your arm.

“Stop.” You snatched it away.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He scooted closer to you, “I’m just upset.”

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested.”

“Go out to get some drinks with me—it’s an order now.”

“Ha,” You shook your head, “You treat me worse than a slave, try to rip my top off, and now you want me to out on a date with you?”

“(Y/N),” He grabbed your hand lightly, “Will you go out on a date with me after school?”

A few girls turned around, hearing the words just uttered by the bad boy: a question more than a command of a date. “Jungkook,” You took your hand back, “You’re making people stare.”

“I can make it worse if you don’t say yes,” He stood up, “I—Jeon Jungkook—am begging (Y/L/N) (Y/F/N) to go out with me! That’s right: I’m begging!” He proclaimed loudly.

“Jungkook!” You tugged his sleeve down for him to sit. Thankfully, no one was paying attention since the room was loud enough as it is.

“Is that a yes?” He asked, plopping down in his chair.

“Yes, just never do that again!” You slapped his arm.

He couldn’t contain the smile of his lips, “Meet me at the café after school.”

“Why don’t you just come to my house and walk me?”

“Good idea.” He nodded, “I’ll be there.”

//At Café//

“Do you like Tae?”

“What?” You nearly choked on your hot chocolate.

“You went to homecoming with him—he knew it was a bet—but you still went. You told me you didn’t like going out, and it wasn’t a lie. Why go with him?”

“I just figured since I asked him and he was being so sweet, I would.”

“Well, would you have gone with me?” He looked at you with his big puppy like eyes.

“I’m not sure.” You licked your lips, “Maybe if you were sweet.”

“Am I not?” He smiled, sipping his drink. “I promise I will.”

You giggled at the mustache it left on him, “Why are you being so nice? Is it for earlier?”

“Not exactly..” He wiped his mouth, “I really like you, (Y/N).”

“I know that.” You laughed.

“But I really do,” He sat closer from across the table, “I want to be your boyfriend—not fight. I got jealous last night with you and Tae. I wished I would’ve been dancing with you instead, and I wish it was me who would’ve kissed you. My date stood me up, then when I saw her hanging out with that popular guy I just couldn’t help but feel a little upset. Then I saw you and Tae having a great time and I got even more upset—and sad. I just want you to be mine..”

“I like you too..” You murmured to yourself.

“Really? After all I’ve done? I guess I did get to you then,” He smiled. “So what do you say? Would you like to be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?”

“Okay.” You nodded, feeling a smile creep up on you.

Imagine Cas showing you his wings.

- Requested by @willowing-love (I’m sweating bullets, you know!! I hope you like it, babe!!!)

 You feel his fingers running through your hair as you come back from your slumber. It had been a very tiresome night. Both physically and mentally.

After you had tried saving the woman the ghost was after, your attempts were futile after finding out that the ghost was the woman’s dead husband. He had wanted her to go with him. And go with him, she did. You, Sam and Dean watched with great helplessness as the woman ended her life in order to be with her husband.

Now that was one hell of a case. Something Dean would most certainly say, had it not been for all three of your shocked reactions, along with the awful silence in the Impala as we drove back to the Bunker.

You walked into the Bunker, without a word, all of you dragging your feet toward your respected bedrooms before slamming the door behind you.

The moment you saw your bed, you had flopped down onto it, face first and drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

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[SUMMARY: You being Negans real wife and just finding each other find out about his other wives. He finds out about other men you slept with while thinking he was dead. Angry sex.

Note: the person who requested this wanted this to be a follow up of the Lucy story but I changed her name because I had already been in the middle of a part two for Lucy. ]

Negan and Sara.

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This particular piece was inspired by something I saw on Tumblr a while back. I just loved it so much that I had to turn it into something. It kind of got away from me though so I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the ending - let me know what you think. Anyway, this request was made by flhuffy who is completely right in saying that Tony doesn’t get enough love. However, for those of you who don’t know, I completely and whole heartedly ship Pony (Pyro x Tony) for reasons I cannot even begin to explain. All I can say is go and read Winter’s Flame by imagine-that-marvel and then it shall all make sense. ANYWAY! Enough rambling, enjoy my darlings!

Prompt: Hey, could I request a one shot with tony stark, it can be anything. There’s just isn’t enough Tony stuff on here. Thanks x

“First Place” (Part 1)

The train was late – again. You stood impatiently, behind the yellow line, obviously, and tried to ignore the feeling of your fingers going numb with the cold morning air. You’d dressed them in an old pair of gloves but to no avail; the violent air had penetrated the wool and slowly turned your fingers into icicles. Work had brought you to America and you couldn’t help but silently scorn the Americans’ weather. Luckily, you noticed that you were not the only person who was suffering.

To your right was a man that you recognised. He was as close to a familiar face as you could get in this country – you hadn’t long moved here but this man was always on your train. Mr This-Shirt-Is-Quite-Clearly-Too-Tight-But-It-Still-Looks-Good-On-Me. His brown hair was surprisingly still in the early winds but the ever-present breeze had clearly not escaped his notice.

Oh, how you longed for the coffee cup he clutched, holding onto the receptacle in an attempt to absorb some of its warmth. Before you could tear your eyes away, he caught you staring and flashed a clearly well-rehearsed grin.
“Chilly, isn’t it?” He muttered, huffing theatrically afterwards. You simply smiled as he approached you.

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Title: Good  for you 

**Niall Horan Imagine** ((Requested))


 You being best friends with Niall was a no brainier to everyone one around you . You couldn’t even imagine you and him not being friends. Sometimes people would think you were a couple because of how close you were. Being in a relationship with Niall was always such an odd thing to think about for you. Of course you thought Niall was extremely attractive but so did millions of other people did too . You also didn’t assume Niall even think of your relationship being more than friends since he had girlfriends , flings, and hook ups the whole time you’ve been friends. You had relationships too but they didn’t last. Being best friends made you feel content. When you started crushing on a new person Niall seemed to be standoffish about it. Usually he’d be all for anyone you like but for this particular person he wasn’t feeling it at all. When you asked him why he seemed different lately he told you not to worry about it. This made you even more concerned about. Niall usually had a happy spirit but when ever you brought up your crush it was like it faded away.

 So, you decided to surprise him with his favorite food at his house tonight. You brought your favorite board games and movies over too. When you came over Niall answered the door still in a gloomy mood. “ surprise! ” you cheered showing him the goodies you brought He gave you a half smile and motioned for you to come inside. Left the stuff on the counter then grabbed his hand and pulled him to the couch after he shut the door. “ Niall I’m your best friend I need you tell me what wrong . I tell you everything and most of the time you tell me everything. ” you sat with your legs crossed like a pretzel across from him He was silent for a while just looking you in the eyes and then he spoke.

 " y/c/n ( your crushes name) isn’t good for. They’re aren’t going to treat you right . I know what type of person they are . I want the best for you. “ he admitted

 ” what do you mean , y/c/n isn’t good for me? “ you were confused

 ” because they aren’t .“ 

 ” is there something you’re not telling me ? You’ve never had an issue before.“ You furrowed your brows

 ” just trust me.“ Niall said you could her the annoyance in his voice 

 ” I do but you’re not making any sense! Why don’t- “ you were cut of mid sentence my Niall’s lips 

 Niall pulled back ” I’m good for you. “

 You were shock , had just admitted his feelings for you . 

 ” I’ve liked you for the time we’ve been friends . I tried to make you jealous with all those other people but you seem to let it pass you . I’m think I’m the one for you. “ 

 You took in everything he said and it started to make sense. ” I think you are too “ you admitted 

 His smile was so big you hated to ruin to with a kiss but you couldn’t help it.