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For Asexual Awareness Week 2017 (and for Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge 2017) I decided to make a graphic masterpost of characters I headcanon in the asexual spectrum. These aren’t my only ace headcanons, but they’re some of the most important ones, since I couldn’t fit all of them in a single graphic.

Click on the pictures to show the name of the characters and the series/videogame/whatever they come from.


Part 1

I guess if you watch too much of something and then play too much of the other you end up wanting to do a Mash-up/cross-over so here’s My Hero Academia UA’s Class 1-A students as Pokemon.

I tried to fit them all based as closely to there quirk and if i couldn’t find similarities i just searched for similarities (shoto is half/half so i made him both types of vulpix). and i know i don’t have all of class 1-A, i do plan on making them later but i didn’t make them because i a having problems finding a perfect mach for them.

Ps: if you would like to see more of this please send me a note, also if you think some of them should be a different Pokemon also send me a note with the reason why, and lastly re-blog with your favorite mine was Tsuyu as Frogadier

Part 2

"Anything that Japril get to do together, I’m for it. So whether they are romantically involved,whether they are just living together, where they’re fighting, where they’re working together or loving each other, like she’s terrific to work with. We’ve invested years and years and years into this story and our character traits and expectations and disappointments and that’s when you really get to have fun, when there are stakes, when it really means something.“

~~Jesse Williams on Japril
with Access Hollywood Paleyfest2017

yaknow I really wonder if what eventually became The Emoji Movie was in development before movies like Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie came out, or maybe an animator at Sony saw WIR and thought “Man this is so inspiring, I’d love to make a film sort of like this. What kind of story could I tell about the characters that might live inside some more modern technology?”

optimistic about this idea they pitch it to their bosses, after all the studio’s been hitting it out of the park with Genndy Tartakovsky and his Hotel Transylvania movies lately. it gets the greenlight and starts development when suddenly The Lego Movie comes out and their bosses demand they make their lead female character like Wyldestyle. our animator friend tries to make a slightly similar character but each time it gets sent in for review the higher ups keep insisting to make her more and more similar, to the point where she becomes a little too similar, and there’s no arguing with orders from the top.

oh well, our animator friend thinks, maybe it won’t turn out so bad. after all the executives here are finally letting us make Smurfs: The Lost Village instead of those live action atrocities. they’ve definitely realized by now copying and trying to cash in on other popular movies like the live action Alvin and the Chipmunks is a bad idea right?

and then Inside Out comes out

and some corporate goon struts into our animator friend’s office and proudly proclaims “good news, buddy! your movie is now about emojis!” “um… emojis, sir?” “yes, emojis! yaknow those little face things when you send texts? I shouldn’t have to explain it to you you’re a millennial.” “I’m 32.” “right, right. anyway we got a lot of sponsorship tied up in this thing now… candy crush, facebook, dropbox… gotta say, great idea setting a film inside a smartphone! incredibly marketable!” “actually I wanted it to be inside a computer, kind of like this TV show I grew up with called ReBoot but modernized and–” “phone, computer, same thing these days right? they’ve all got apps and more importantly, in-app purchases! anyway you’ll have plenty of time to work on it now that we canceled Popeye!” “you WHAT?”

and so our poor dear animator friend resigned to their fate, dreading the day the critics’ screenings began, seeing their worst fears inevitably realized when the film just narrowly escaped 0% on rotten tomatoes. should this tragic tale indeed be true, let us hope with all our hearts that this animator eventually finds their way to pixar, disney or dreamworks instead, so they can take The Emoji Movie off their resume and put what must have been a traumatic and miserable time in their life behind them

Inktober Day 02 - Divided

Artemis and Apollo

Twin Gods but they eternally chase each other across the sky without ever reaching. 
I especially enjoyed this one as I love both these gods dearly and the fact that they both also stand for archery is just the best thing. I might color this digitally once I have more time on my hands but I hope until then you can enjoy this version!!

Opposites attract- Jughead x Reader

Request: “Could you maybe do an imagine where Jughead falls for a really positive, popular, smart girl and because of theirs contrasting personalities they run into conflict before realizing they actually compliment each other perfectly? Thanks so much and I love what you’ve written so far!!”

A/N: I loved this idea! I tried not to make it too similar to what happened with Jughead and Betty but it ended up kinda similar, I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Jughead and reader are complete opposites which puts strain on their relationship when she invites him to a pep rally.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1'857


Y/N Y/L/N. The golden girl of Riverdale. A straight A student, Rivervixen and friend to all. These were titles you had become accustomed to. You were popular, but not because people feared you like they did Cheryl, or because they idolised you like Veronica. You were popular because you were kind and funny and caring, and because nobody had a bad word to say about you. It was because of this that you were the sweetheart of Riverdale high. Many called you the perfect ‘Girl next door’ which you hated, but unfortunately were used to hearing.

Jughead Jones. The damaged, loner, outsider from the wrong side of the track. An introvert and writer for the Blue and Gold, somewhat obsessed with the murder of the late Jason Blossom, who sat tirelessly in Pop’s diner until the early hours of the morning, working on his novel. And of course, never seen without his signature grey beanie.

Jughead and you were polar opposites, yet there was something about you that drew him in, like a moth to a flame. He admired your goodness and innocence, despite all the secrets and lies Riverdale and everyone in it seemed to hold. He loved the way that you were always able to see the good in anyone and anything, which was something he had never been good at. Never had two people been more unalike, but this didn’t stop him falling for you, hard and fast. You and Jughead had met through mutual friends, and ever since he had been absolutely head over heels for you, and soon found out that you felt exactly the same way. As you had expected, people were absolutely flabbergasted when they found out about your’s and Jughead’s relationship, but you couldn’t care less. You were happy and that was all that mattered.

It was sometimes difficult for you and Jughead to find time to spend with one another. It was always either you tied up with cheerleading practice or school responsibilities, or him working on his novel or investigating Jason Blossom’s murder case. The two of you knew it would be tricky from the very start, but Jughead didn’t realise just how tricky it would be.

“Pop’s tonight?” Jughead asked, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind as you grabbed some books from your locker. “I can’t tonight Juggie I have the pep rally remember. I’m really sorry.” You said, turning around to face him. “Oh yeah, of course.” He replied, sounding somewhat disheartened. “Hey why don’t you come? I’m performing with the Rivervixens, I would love you to watch!” You suggested, giving him a huge grin. Jughead’s face contorted slightly, to show his distaste towards the idea. “I don’t know Y/N, a pep rally isn’t really my scene.” He admitted. You frowned slightly, although you knew school activities were something Jughead wasn’t overly comfortable with, you still wanted him to come and support you. “Please Juggie” you whined “Kevin is watching too, you can go with him, and then we could go to Pop’s afterwards?” A long sigh escaped Jughead’s mouth as he rolled his eyes before allowing a small smirk to creep onto his lips. “Okay fine” he said in defeat “as long as you’re treating.” You smiled that bright smile that Jughead could never resist. “Yay! Thank you Thank you Thank you!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms around Jughead’s neck and peppering his face with kisses, making him giggle. “Damn it, why can I never say no to you?” He joked.

Kevin and Jughead sat in the bleachers, the rain soaking through their clothes. Jughead appeared very uncomfortable and had to remind himself that he was here for the sake of his girlfriend, as Kevin Keller talked his ear off about how 'dreamy’ Moose looked in his football uniform. You caught sight of Jughead in the crowd as you walked out in your Rivervixen outfit, ready to perform the routine you’d been rehearsing for months now. You flashed him a grin and waved with your pom-pom. He smiled back awkwardly making you chuckle, before you assumed your position to begin. The routine went swimmingly and once it ended you looked over to where you had previously seen your boyfriend. You couldn’t seem to spot him through the crowd, as the Rivervixens had once again evoked a standing ovation. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion as your eyes scanned the bleachers for him whilst trying to blink the rain drops from your long lashes. Nope. 'Maybe he’s just gone to the toilet or something’ you thought, but your thoughts were interrupted by your friends; Betty and Veronica. “Well done Y/N you killed it girl, as per usual!” Veronica stated, embracing you tightly. “Thanks V, you too.” You told her, and you were ushered over to sit on the front seat of the bleachers beside her and Betty and the rest of the Vixens.

The game finally came to an end, the Bulldogs taking the lead at the last minute, thanks to none other than your friend; Archie Andrews. Everyone shot out of their seats to congratulate him and the rest of the team on their big win. You on the other hand were still curious to where your boyfriend Jughead could have disappeared to. You tried your hardest to find him, but the now pounding rain and excited crowd made it almost impossible. You spotted a mop of ginger hair in the crowd and made your way over. “Congrats Arch!” You said, throwing your arm around the proud Bulldog. “You haven’t seen Jughead, have you?” You asked, Archie began to shake his head slowly. “Nope, don’t think so, sorry Y/N.” You congratulated him once more before searching the crowd again, looking for Jughead but instead bumping into Kevin. “Y/N you were amazing!” He mused enthusiastically. “Thanks Kev, erm, do you know where Jughead is?” Kevin’s face dropped from his usual smile to a much more serious face, making your heart drop into the bottom of your sneakers. “Just before you finished your routine he just got up and left, without a word. I’m sorry Y/N I tried to stop him!” Kevin told you. A frown found it’s way onto your face, making you feel somewhat hurt that you boyfriend had somewhere more important to be. “Oh ok” you said, your eyes finding the ground. “Well I suppose I better go find him, I’ll see you later Kev.” You said, giving him a half hearted smile and turning to run in the direction of the one place you knew Jughead would be.

You stepped through the heavy metal door, surrounded by bright lights, into the familiar warmth of Pop’s diner. The place had a familiar smell in which you found comfort, and the soft music that played from some invisible speaker was always relaxing. You spotted Pop at the desk and stepped over to him. “Hey Pop, has Jughead been by tonight?” You questioned. He pointed his pen to Jughead’s usual table in the corner where you could just make out a figure leaning against the window. “He’s been here for the last couple of hours. Hasn’t even been writing tonight, just sitting.” You thanked Pop and walked over slowly to see clear as day, Jughead Jones sitting at the table, his beanie-less head resting against the window, a small cup of black coffee on the table in front of him. He must have sensed your presence, or seen you out of the corner of his eye as he turned his head to see you, before turning back to fix his gaze to his coffee cup. You sighed, the concern inside you growing even more. “Jug what’s going on?” You asked him gently, sliding into the booth beside him. He stayed silent for a few seconds and you thought maybe he was giving you the silent treatment, before he mumbled. “I’m sorry Y/N.” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Sorry? Sorry for what?” This made him raise his head finally, to look at you again. “Sorry I left” his voice was somewhat raised this time which you had not expected. “I watched you out there and it just made me realise how different we really are. It’s not going to work out and we both know it!” He told you, causing your breath to catch in your throat. “W-what?” You muttered. “Come on Y/N. Why are we even trying? You’re the golden girl who everybody loves, who dances at pep rallies and gets straight A’s. I’m the loner with a dead beat dad who came from the wrong side of the track. Who are we trying to kid here? How long can this really last?” You weren’t sure where this outburst came from, but it sounded like something that Jughead had been thinking about for a very long time. “Has it ever occurred to you just how different we really are?” He said, lowering his voice this time, in fear of attracting attention to you both. His words hurt, and you couldn’t pretend otherwise. A single tear slipped down your cheek, and Jughead realised this was the first time he’d ever seen you cry. You’d always been so positive, so happy, and he hated that he’d been the one to hurt you.

You were almost speechless, but managed a small “But I love you Jug.” Your voice sounded so small and so weak as you imagined a life without Jughead in it. The thought was almost unbearable to you. “I don’t care about any of that, I love you.” You said again, and this time your hands made their way to either side of Jughead’s face. His eyes closed and you could see that he too was trying to hold back tears. His hand found its way up to yours, and he let out a shaky breath. “I can’t wake up every morning wondering why you’re with me, or worrying that you’ll leave me one day for a member of the football team. Someone who watches your pep rallies, and takes you to school dances.” He admitted. Your heart suddenly shattered as this boy revealed to you his insecurities and fears. You realised that he hadn’t been saying all this to upset you, but because he was scared of losing you.

“Jughead why can’t you see that none of that matters to me. You’re my boyfriend and I want to be with you!” You told him, and you noticed the smallest smile creep onto his face. You pulled his face closer to yours and pressed your lips to his for a chaste kiss, before placing your forehead against his. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m just scared of losing you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I just got scared you know.” He admitted. You have him a sympathetic look. “I love you Jughead Jones, no difference between us is going to change that.” You buried your head into his shoulder, your hands intertwined beneath the table. “I love you too Y/N, and you know what that say, opposites attract.”

A/N: Don’t forget to send me your requests guys!!

it-goes-round-and-round  asked:

Hello there! My friend showed me this blog and I really like it, you're very good at writing! :D Could you please do headcanons for Bakugou and Todoroki, like, what would they do if their female s/o got gravely injured after fighting a villain and was in critical condition in the hospital?

// Hello to you too. Thank you for the ask, it’s about time we added these beautiful boys, and I’m glad you like my writing :) //

Katsuki Bakugou

- The second he hears the news he’s sprinting to the hospital.

- He doesn’t even watch for anything or anyone in his path, he’s just gunning it.

- Run Katsuki, run to your girl.  

- If you’re still in critical condition and he can’t see you, he can be found pacing in the waiting room, making little dents in the floor and muttering “dammit” every once in a while.

- Once the nurse comes along and gives him the ‘all clear’ what do ya know he’s gunning it again.

- “Stop running in the halls,” the nurse calls out to him, but Katsuki doesn’t listen, he listens to no one.

- He kicks the hospital door down with rigorous force and makes a beeline straight for you.

- The first thing he says to you would be something along the lines of:
“Why the hell would you go off and fight a villain by yourself? Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?”

- Yeah, he’s not very happy with you.

- But deep down, he’s angrier at himself for not being there to protect you.

- But that’s hidden under many hate-filled layers.

- He’ll be with you during your time of recovery, he’ll either be angry or silent. He’ll also swear revenge on the villain who did this to you. That villain better look out, cause Lord Explosion Murder is coming for their ass.  

- When you do get out of the hospital, he’s not gonna leave your side for a few weeks. He’s not gonna let you get yourself hurt again.

Shoto Todoroki

- He’ll lose all sense of self-control when he hears you were in the hospital.

- The first thing he wants to do is track down whoever did this to you and give them the old ‘half cold, half hot’ treatment.

- But first, he has to know if you’re okay.

- He’s biting his nails and tapping his feet in the waiting area. If he doesn’t stop soon his fingers will turn to dust.

- The second the nurse turns to him he’s already on his feet.

- He quite literally falls at your feet.

- This poor boy breaks at the sight of your injured form.

- He’s not afraid of crying in front of you, so he’ll let it all out.                                    “I should’ve been with you, y/n. I’d rather me in this condition than you.”

- He blames himself, please assure him that it wasn’t his fault.

- He may not be there with you the whole time, so to compensate for that, you get sent little presents like flowers and ‘get well’ cards.

- Meanwhile, Shoto is hunting down the villain.

- After you recover, he’ll encourage you to accompany him on his daily training, so both you and himself can get stronger so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Wonho As Your Boyfriend
  • texts you aLL ThE TiMe 
  • sends you a lot of selfies and always lets you know what he’s doing everyday, where he’s going, what the other members are doing, what he’s ate, how long he slept, how many times he’s been to the toilet (like bro ok thanks for sharing??) 
  • but of course, he ALWAYS asks you if you’ve eaten and slept etc
  • is very content with your relationship
  • never worries about cheating, and he never looks at anyone else
  • because he is happy and relaxed with you
  • I feel like you’d both have matching glasses too 
  • and probably similar sweaters 
  • and you both probably have similar fashion tastes 
  • very supportive of whatever you do
  • like if you’re making toast, he’s there to cheer you on
  • v cuddly 
  • your family loves him
  • he never shows off in front of your family, he’s just very respectable and polite 
  • is probably more a fan of evening dates than day dates 
  • takes you to fancy restaurants and never lets you pay
  • is such a sweet gentleman 
  • but he’s also just a gentle-man too, very cuddly and cute and I love wonho 
  • he tries to be sexy around you, but you make him so soft he can’t help but cuddle up to you and smile
  • likes to watch you sleep
  • his lock screen is probably you sleeping
  • is very amazed by your beauty 
  • can never believe he’s actually with such a beautiful human like you
  • puts everything down to destiny because he could never get that lucky on his own
  • 3am ramen and movies 
  • 1pm ramen and blankets in the winter 
  • 11am ramen and park walks in the spring 
  • honestly just having a three way relationship between you, Hoseok and ramen
  • when he asks you where you want to go for the day/for dinner he holds back saying he wants to eat ramen, but you know if you say anything other than ramen, he’ll be sad and pouty for the rest of the day, and probably won’t listen to you if you talk because he’ll be thinking about ramen 
  • dancing to girl groups all night and laughing so much, but Kihyun interrupts and tells you both to go to sleep
  • doesn’t shower you with things like ‘I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ etc, but he makes sure to tell you he loves you, and always compliments you
  • he’s just very comfortable and happy being with you
  • and he’s probably just really scared he’ll pressure you or something, and make you scared, but he really does love you a ton 
  • A LOT of make out sessions 
  • because even though he is soft and cute, he is still naturally very sexy 
  • you sitting in between his legs, one hand cupping your chin, the other lightly on your hips whilst you’re looking up at him
  • loves your eyes
  • stares at you a lot
  • isn’t embarrassed to admit it either, he loves staring at you and admiring you

this is shorter than some of the others I’ve written, but as explained in the previous post, I’m v tired. So I’ll probably be doing shorter posts and doing multiple parts. But anyway, I hope you’re having a good day :) ~~~ :)))) 

recent bf pics under the cut :) 

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lifestyle headcanons ➢ germany & prussia

gilbert lives in a guest house in ludwig’s backyard but spends a good portion of his time on ludwig’s couch playing video games and drinking all of his beer. he complains a lot about roderich visiting way too often.

ludwig’s had the house since the 19th century, but the interior is very modern because minimalist design makes him go weak at the knees. there probably isn’t a single speck of dust in the entire house. every picture frame has been meticulously leveled. the appliances are always brand new, to the point that roderich doesn’t know how to use any of them. no one is sure how ludwig manages to keep dog hair off the furniture and several suspect witchcraft. between ludwig and gilbert, there are so many books that bookshelves fill every spare inch of wall space, and they probably have to regularly comb through them and donate old books to libraries to make room for more.

at some point, ludwig had to build a bigger garage to accommodate his car fetish.

they get routine noise complaints for playing rammstein too loudly.

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What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )

Ong Seongwoo - With You [Part 1]

Genre: Fluff (I think? At least for Part 1)

Parts: [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

Note: After taking a long break from writing, I thought I would start up again with a new blog! Enjoy Part 1 of this Ong Seongwoo story!

“S-seongwoo? What are you doing here at this hour?” you asked, surprised to see your friend so late into the evening. Your eyes studied his features, noticing his slightly swollen eyes, evidence that he had just been crying, and that deep pout on his lips. Instantly you knew what was wrong. It was a look you knew all too well. He had just been dumped.

You moved out of his way as he walked into your apartment, his steps slow and heavy. “I’ll get the ice cream,” you told him as you dashed into your kitchen, rummaging through the drawer for two spoons and plucking the ice cream from the freezer. In record time you left the kitchen and found that Seongwoo was already seated, staring blankly down at your table. You took a seat next to him, opening the carton of ice cream and placing his spoon inside, sliding the carton closer to your quiet friend.

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Cas is dead, Dean falls back into old habits. But they don't feel right, they aren't doing enough. Dean stops making out with the girl of the night and apologizes. He's just not into it. He finds Max is hunting nearby and tries to put the moves on him, in an eerily similar way to the girl. But Max, being similar to Dean, realizes what's going on and rejects his advances. They drink beer and talk the whole night.

Originally posted by weareaprilxandy

Yes. I think @bluestar86 and @grey2510 might enjoy this too :)

Please read it. PLEASE.

The reason why I write this is because I have something to say.
Someone as you know, I am making UNDERTALE AU, “ UNDER POISON ”.
I’m glad many of you liked UNDER POISON.
But some people say UNDER POISON it looks similar to GAS TALE.
I don’t repeat the GAS TALE, nor do I know it.

I even started a year earlier. I feel very upset when I hear that it looks like something or similar. Rather, I tried hard too, but I sometime blame myself for not being able to get better. So please don’t broach to say the subject from what I am making.

Still sad, so have more glad!

aka Chara and Toriel are nerds and Asriel is a sleepyhead

anonymous asked:

Could you please make a full analysis about NH?

Hi, Anon! Thanks for the ask.

Sorry for the late reply, but I was trying to locate the panels where Naruto and Hinata interacted with each other, so it took me a while. Notice that I used the word “interaction” which means that I’m going to focus primarily on those moments in the manga where Naruto talked to Hinata or vice versa, not on those where they were just standing next to each other on a mission (that’s not a relationship development, sorry).

Beware, if you’re a pro-NH, you probably should stop reading.

So, let’s start with the very beginning.

Since Naruto is the main protagonist of the series and the story is usually presented from his POV, we’re introduced to the rest of the characters with his opinion about them. About Hinata, Naruto believes that she’s a “weird, shy and dark girl”, so we know from the beginning that he doesn’t have a high esteem for her. However, as readers, we can interpret thanks to her blush and the quote “looks away when I look at her”, that the reason why she’s so shy is that she likes him.  But as we see, Naruto doesn’t know and doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

The next interaction between them is in the chuunin exams. By that point the reader is completely sure about Hinata’s feelings for Naruto -if not, this interaction will enlight him-, but we also learn that she was willing to sacrifice her team for him. Remember, in this exam, those who were caught cheating three times were disapproved alongside their teammates. So everyone was trying to get the answers without being caught. Hinata was voluntarily offering Naruto the solutions, without thinking about Shino or Kiba. Maybe I’m being too hard on my judgment of her, after all, she was twelve and had a crush on him, but the fact that we were shown the teamwork of many other teams (Ino-Shika-Chö, Team 10) who were around her age, makes me be a little harsh on her. When a ninja graduates the first thing teachers do is an exam to test their teamwork, so she should have been more considered.

Obviously, Naruto believes that Hinata is trying to trick him, to get him out of the exam. That reaction of him is pretty understandable, after all, they didn’t interact before that and, until then, he thought about her as this “weirdo, shy, dark girl”.

When asked ‘why she was trying to ‘help him’, we can see her internal struggle there, she wanted to say something convincing without making evident her feelings towards him. Because he doesn’t look convinced, she tries to save face by lying, which satisfies him. He rejected her help tho because, unlike her, he does think about her teammates.

“I never knew Hinata was this incredible”

That’s Naruto complimenting Hinata. However, he’s complimenting her bravery to keep fighting against Neji, when her cousin clearly surpassed her, that’s not a romantical development.

I’m going to do a parenting here. Romantic development is not the same as bond development. While I do consider that the second could be happening in the top panels, I do not think the same thing happens with the first point. Why? Two reasons, the first, we are referring to twelve-year-olds, twelve. There is not really -in my opinion- any romantic development between any character at that age, because no one really understands the concept of romance and because, seriously, they are very little. I have never been and will not agree with fans who watch as romantic or erotic situations between two characters under fourteen. On the other hand, there can be a development of the general relationship of two or more characters, as occurs between Naruto and Sasuke primarily.

That being said, this could be a general development. I said could, because it wasn’t really sustained afterwards. But back to the analysis, Sakura tells Naruto that Hinata was always watching him, of what he is surprised, but again, he really doesn’t pay much attention to that fact, which could have been a major modifier in their relationship.

In those panels we see Hinata offering Naruto an ointment for the wounds he received in his fight against Kiba. First of all, they show us -again- how Hinata puts Naruto above her teammates since Kiba is fainted and is being taken to a room to heal his wounds. I’m going to admit that I’m being a little harsh on Hinata, but I have evidence right here to sustain my proclaim. That she is twelve years old and has an infatuation could excuse her, but this type of behavior is repeated without ceasing even in Naruto Shippuden. Anyway, Naruto is skeptical about accepting Hinata’s cream, it’s not until Kurenai tells him to accept that he takes it. He tells Hinata that she’s cool, and then turns to watch the next fight.

When Neji defeats Hinata, leaving her almost dead, Naruto jumps in, to challenge him. There’re three reasons for that. One, Naruto can’t understand why Neji, being a Hyuuga, could mistreat both his own family (remember that Naruto grew up with no one, so a family attacking itself should be impossible for him to believe) and someone like Hinata, who does not seem to have mistreated him before. Up to that point, Naruto does not know the past of Neji and his condition of slave, so he does not understand where was born his hatred towards the main branch of his clan. Second, Hinata is a kind girl, she was kind to him sooner in this chapter and Naruto isn’t used to people being good to him, that -even when we could see it as general development- is not shown as an important bond later on, first because -again- is not sustained in the future, and second, because Naruto had already formed similar bonds with other secondary characters (Lee, Konohamaru). Third, Naruto is a cinnamon roll, even when he’s a little unbearable sometimes, he would probably have jumped in by anyone treated in a similar way to how Neji treated Hinata.

On these panels Naruto finds Hinata before his fight with Neji, he was not completely sure he could beat him and asked Hinata if Neji was too strong. Sensing his doubt, Hinata tries to encourage him by telling him the reasons why she considers him (Naruto) strong. In these panels, I interpreted that she was actually making a kind of confession towards Naruto, who clearly did not understand the double meaning of her speech. He thanks her, and tells her that she’s a person that he really likes. There, Naruto is talking about her personality, not about his feelings for her. He had, back then, a crush with Sakura, so he’s just considering Hinata a person who was nice to him. He tells her that he’s going to beat Neji and leaves, leaving a blushed Hinata behind.

Parenthesis: I have read in some NH posts that this moment is considered one of the moments where Hinata saved Naruto. I’m sorry, but encouraging him doesn’t mean saving him. If we talk about encourage Naruto as a form of saving him, then Sasuke telling him to win because he wanted to fight against him on the chuunin exams was saving Naruto too.

Even when there’s no interaction between them, we can see that Naruto understands the deep struggle that Hinata is having. The fact that he understands her struggle doesn’t mean that she understands his struggle too. For good or for worse, Hinata did grow with a family, she was respected by the members of the community, she had some sort of support. Naruto, on the other hand, didn’t. Not only he wasn’t acknowledged by Konoha’s citizens, he was despised by all of them, bullied, attacked, ignored. Their past is not the same, and the only character that could relate to him is Sasuke, a bond that is recognized by many characters in the manga.

Again, there’s no interaction here. Naruto leaves the city for three years and doesn’t stop to say goodbye to her, or by that means, she doesn’t come forward to say goodbye to him. She, looking at him and making a promise to herself, is not development.

Naruto Shippuden starts, and the first time we see Hinata, she’s hiding behind a wall, stalking, once again, Naruto. Because this is a behavior she performed at the age of twelve, the first thing we see is that her character did not have much development, that is, did not “mature” too much. Second, the fact that she continues to spy on Naruto (something that when she was young could be forgiven because a child is not entirely aware of how bad that is) is no longer something “childish” and perhaps -if someone saw it like that- “tender”, to be inadequate, psychotic and inexcusable.

Again, she faints like she did when she had twelve years old, which show us how little she grew up in those three years of Naruto’s absence.

I already made an analysis about this panels, which you can find here. This “interaction” was solely presented as Hinata’s selfish attempt to manipulate Naruto’s feelings to love her by fighting an opponent that she couldn’t win against. She wanted to confess to Naruto and die afterward, which shows us how little she really cares about others and how little she truly cares about anyone but herself and her feelings for Naruto.  Not Naruto’s feelings, but hers.

He transformed into the six tails when he saw Hinata’s “death”, but that doesn’t mean he had romantical feelings for her. He saved more than one person in the whole manga, and that didn’t mean that he loved them. If Ino, Tenten, or any other person for that matter, was in Hinata’s place he would have probably done the same.

Also, Naruto almost died there. The only reason why he didn’t was thanks to Minato.

He thinks about Sasuke right after remembering Pain attacking Hinata, he’s aware of how dangerous it is for him to use that power but he knows that without it he will not be able to beat Sasuke. The fact that Naruto is willing to use a power that can kill him just for Sasuke shows us more romantic development than him becoming the nine tails by the shock of seeing someone die (Hinata) in front of him.

I get lost here so many panels on this part could be mixed chronologically.

I don’t remember why Hinata was close to Naruto -and this could be because I mixed up some images-, but the thing is that the Ten-tails attacked him and Hinata tries to protect him, Neji, seeing this, tries to save them both, and gets killed. I won’t upload the speech of Neji to Naruto about how much Hinata loves him and how he played the cupid part because I consider it Kishimoto’s attempt to make us pitty Hinata and no. That won’t happen. This wasn’t necessary, Neji shouldn’t have died to play cupid, he shouldn’t have died so it was “okey” for the Hyuuga to keep turning children into slaves.

This speech is strong, I’m not going to deny it, but the thing is, this type of speech is common currency in the manga. Many characters have said similar things to Naruto (Pain / Nagato, Sakura, Haku, blah blah blah) and yet they are not seen romantically. Is Hinata’s hand on his face seen as something more intimate? Yes, it is an intimate gesture NOT initiated by Naruto, but by Hinata. Naruto did not begin the contact, it is Hinata the only one to initiate that type of actions. By that premise then this:

And this,

Are romantical.

“Is thanks to you that stayed by my side”

First of all, he’s not saying that she always was by his side, but that she was in that moment by his side. Second, I do understand why this could be seen as romantical, but the thing is that we have to take into account the past events to see it as some loving development in their relationship. From the point of view of Naruto, who never showed interest in Hinata-not even when she confessed to him on Pain’s attack- what he says has no romantic intentions, but reaffirmation and gratitude intentions. From the point of view of Hinata, who sees everything as if Naruto had been born for her, there is love development.

“Naruto-Kun’s hand is big and strong and…”

For real? Is this for real?! In the middle of a war? After her cousin’s death?!

This was seriously unnecessary. Kishimoto really didn’t have to draw Neji’s corpse if he really wanted the fans to like NaruHina. And he really didn’t have to make Hinata say “Naruto-kun” in front of her “beloved” cousin. 

Naruto tells her that she is strong, he says it because he is trying to encourage her after the death of her cousin, not because he has romantic intentions. It is true that he recalls the moment when she jumps to fight against Pain but, as we see, what he remembers is her jumping to fight against Pain, not her confession. Again, there are no romantic intentions in his speech.

As I said, the love intentions and the vision of a romantic development between the two are only seen from Hinata’s point of view. Not Naruto’s. In the panel, Hinata says that next time she wants to be “holding his hand, walking with you”. That’s not romantic development, that’s just Hinata’s wish.

So that’s pretty much it. There’s not romantical development, per se, that only happens if we see Hinata’s view of things. Not Naruto’s. Hope that helps, Anon.

A brief history of me trying to pick my favorite male DigiDestined, Digimon Adventure edition
  • 1999: Matt bc angst and ANGST IS GOOD
  • 2000: Yeah, but Izzy tho
  • Late 2000/Early 2001: tAI MAYBE??
  • 2001-2008: TAI TAI TAI TAI DEFINITELY TAI (and Izzy)
  • 2008-2015: Ok well I'm going to keep SAYING Tai, but really I love them all and can't choose
  • Secret feelings simmering for years, finally boiling over immediately after Ketsui: IT'S JOE
  • 2016-Present: Yeah, but TK tho

So I’m rewatching Code Lyoko after years and years of seeing it in my childhood. And yeah, I’m super happy that i can still enjoy the series after all these years in my adulthood as I did when I was a child. The show has become a bit dated but it’s still very enjoyable.

Anyway. I drew Sissi to look a bit older here. Her Lyoko outfit is heavily inspired by her love for cheer leading, though I tried to not make it look directly like a chearleader’s uniform. I pulled her hair up similar to how it is when she wore the red dress from the X.A.N.A. Awakens episode. I also see this as her ‘original base’ outfit. So the outfit she would be put in on her first trip to Lyoko, no Jeremy or X.A.N.A. tron upgrades( I like that the original outfits had more personality than the later ones). I gave her a spear because I can see her spinning it similar to a baton(and being more lethal than a baton too).