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My Heart’s Flora - Lindir

Based off of “Imagine finding out that Lindir has never been kissed” from @imagine-all-the-elves

A/N: I know I said that I would have this up like three nights ago, but I had two projects for school that needed my immediate attention so. BUT IM BACK NOW! (Hopefully).

Warnings: None

Words: 2000 (its worth it, I promise).

It had been a long day preparing for the feast that was to take place this evening and I was quite worn and had no enthusiasm left for the activities that were to take place. I was in charge of the decor, which would seem easy enough to some, but when one had to take into consideration all color schemes and preferences of the Lord Elrond’s council, decisions became debates that I had no wish to take part in. My only pinprick of light that had shone through the void of chaoticness was Lindir, my dear friend who had accompanied me in my decisions by request of the Lord of Imladris himself. It had been as if he had known.

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If Zelena wants to be the first villain to NOT cockblock Captain Swan then I'm all for her arranging a TLK.

Let’s be real - the only reason Hook and Emma aren’t together yet is they’ve been too busy fighting villains for the fun to begin. The Savior doesn’t get a day off. 

True Love is something couples have or don’t have.  The concept of True Love’s Kiss, as one that breaks a spell/curse cast by a villain, is a way for the audience to know what the characters themselves already know - that they love each other. And it’s become something the fandom uses to declare their ship canon. But not every fairy tale couple has to have such a kiss to be considered True Love - look at Cinderella. So there’s no need to get hung up on the specifics of where, when or why a couple’s TLK happens.  

It would be boring if Emma did it just to wake Hook up from a sleeping curse - that’s been done already.  THREE TIMES ACTUALLY.  If, instead, Emma willingly gives up her powers to save her son it’s indirectly a True Love’s Kiss.  Kissing Hook, her other True Love, to make it happen would make it a double True Love’s Kiss.  I think that’s incredibly beautiful.

And remember, as far as Hook and Emma are concerned TLK failed when Hook tried it in NY.  So if Zelena forces a kiss to take Emma’s powers neither she or Hook are going to expect it will break any curses.  So it would still be a very meaningful, and possibly surprising, way for them to have their True Love status confirmed for them and for the audience.

I’m confident that whatever way the writers deliver a CS TLK will be wonderful.  Everything so far has been great.  Why are people even arguing or worrying about this???