i tried to make it meaningful but failed

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It's so hard to find good girl friends. Any tips???

Honestly I’ve struggled with this my whole life. No matter how hard I try to reach out or kindle new friendships with girls it always seems to fail. I find that people are hesitant to put in effort to new friendship nowadays because it seems like work rather then an actual desire. Even the new friendships I have kindled over the last couple months never seem to progress to anything past just another Instagram comment on my photos you know? Like most of the girls commenting on my stuff have never even reached out to me asking to hangout or have a meaningful conversation or anything like that. So I’ve tried to reach out and make an effort to see if maybe they just need to see that I care and want to pursue a friendship. But they either bail, have something better to do and dont even care to extend an invite or it’s just talked about but nothing ever comes of it. My best advice is to always be yourself, even if people shit on you keep trying. At the end of the day you know you’ve always been true to yourself and the best friend and person you could be. Just spread love and be open to friendships and the people who are meant to be in your life will come.

Also, I’m always looking for someone to hang out with. I kind of stopped trying because people always bail or make excuses but if you genuinely reach out to me and want to hang I will reciprocate. I’m the kind of person that if you bail on me or show me you won’t put in the same effort I probably won’t ever try again. But as long as someone is putting forward the same effort I am I will always go above and beyond for a friend. Friendship is a two way street and it won’t work unless it’s treated that way.