i tried to make it meaningful but failed

My Heart’s Flora - Lindir

Based off of “Imagine finding out that Lindir has never been kissed” from @imagine-all-the-elves

A/N: I know I said that I would have this up like three nights ago, but I had two projects for school that needed my immediate attention so. BUT IM BACK NOW! (Hopefully).

Warnings: None

Words: 2000 (its worth it, I promise).

It had been a long day preparing for the feast that was to take place this evening and I was quite worn and had no enthusiasm left for the activities that were to take place. I was in charge of the decor, which would seem easy enough to some, but when one had to take into consideration all color schemes and preferences of the Lord Elrond’s council, decisions became debates that I had no wish to take part in. My only pinprick of light that had shone through the void of chaoticness was Lindir, my dear friend who had accompanied me in my decisions by request of the Lord of Imladris himself. It had been as if he had known.

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Oh Ms Believer - Part 1

a/n : thank you all so much for supporting me. i was very close to giving up writing but i didn’t and i hope you all like this imagine. thanks for giving me time to deal with other things :,)

word count : 1193

warning : insecurity, implied depression?



Oh, Ms. Believer, my pretty sleeper

Your twisted mind is like snow on the road


You were only comfortable when you were sleeping. It was the only place you could escape your thoughts. Rather, it was the only place you felt stability and were assured that you couldn’t get hurt. Unlike most people dealing with demons, you weren’t plagued with nightmares. You had never had nightmares, or so you thought. You were never sure if you had them as a kid, but you couldn’t remember, so you just told people you didn’t.

Every night these days had the same pattern, it seemed. Corbyn got home from work late because of traffic, you assumed he was cheating, you both fought, you ran away to bed and fell asleep, feeling unfortunately more comfortable than you did when you were with your boyfriend. It wasn’t necessarily that either of you were toxic. You had always been this way. You had grown up insecure due to people at school. They didn’t bully you, but they were always prettier, smarter, and more popular which usually left you feeling inferior. Because you always felt inadequate, you had this lingering fear that your partner would eventually leave you for a more attractive person. To you, you just weren’t pretty. And it showed, your poisonous mind taking a toll on your body.


Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder

Inside your head than the winter of dead


You had been through difficult things. And Corbyn knew that, so he couldn’t understand why you thought you were so weak when you were the strongest person he had ever met. So when your hometown was struck with the biggest car crash they had ever seen, you held your head high, paid your apologies and respects, and moved on as though you didn’t care. And he admired that, but you actually didn’t care. And that wasn’t you. The real you would have cried for days over the loss of friends of friends and of people you used to know. But you weren’t the real you anymore. Your mind cried for you, and you only. You only felt sad for yourself and your infected words. The only melodies that ever seemed to leave your lips anymore were depressing, and the harmonies from Corbyn clashed with your song and created something that would have once been beautiful. But you didn’t remember to take a breath to carry you to the next note, and you were drowning in your melancholic melody, the only thing you ever heard anymore. And perhaps your mind was more tragic than the accident, but that didn’t make you beautiful. It just made you pitiful.


I will tell you I love you

But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears


“I love you and only you, please do your best to remember that.”

Corbyn always tried to remind you that you were the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen, or the most meaningful poem he had ever heard. He loved you, but he wasn’t sure which one of you he loved. The lively one who embraced her insecurities and danced like no one was watching? Or the one who failed to fight the monsters in her mind, but was strong enough to live like there was no tomorrow? Nevertheless, he felt obligated to be louder than the voices in your head. To shout that you were enchanting when the nagging that you were pathetic was merely a whisper. He knew you weren’t perfect. God, you had a long ways to go, you were far from perfect. But he made the best of it, choosing to believe that you fearing he was unfaithful was just you loving him so much that you were scared to lose him. And so he started and ended each day, each night, each adventure, with an ‘I love you.’

But you never heard it. It was as though your head blocked out any compliment from your lover. Not choosing to believe anything good could be thought or said about you, because how? Look at you, you were pathetic. You were ugly, selfish, narrow-minded, weak and many other terrible, terrible things. So when Corbyn said he loved you, he loved the idea of you. Because no one could love you. But he thought very differently. To him, and your family, and your friends; you didn’t have the best and most amazing qualities, but you were loving, caring, not afraid to show affection, strong-headed, and smart. And you didn’t see that, and didn’t feel like you ever would,


My nose and feet are running as we start

To travel through snow

Together we go


Whenever you woke up, the first thing that crossed your mind was that maybe, just maybe, Corbyn did love you. And perhaps he was faithful to you. Maybe you were the only one for him? These briefly filled your brain, but just as quickly as they would come, they would leave. But this time was different. Last night was not the biggest fight per say, but it was definitely intense. Corbyn didn’t usually tell you whet he was feeling in fear of hurting you, but last night he got the guts to tell you that he even though he loved you to the moon and back, he was worried about you and your unhealthy habits. And that was what you woke up thinking about. That maybe you should at least try and get better. Truth be told, you didn’t like living in fear that someone could replace you at any moment. And unlike routine, this thought stuck with you for the whole morning, and clung to you into late evening when Corbyn walked into your home.

“Do you honest to god love me?”

Slightly taken aback, his face displayed shock at your straight-forwardness and hurt that you would even question his undeniable love for you. Setting his stuff down, he went upstairs to clean up a little after his day with the band. You sat there in silence until he stomped down the steps and plopped his body next to you on the floor. You had swaddled yourself in a large blanket, and unrolled it so that he could cuddle into your warmth.

“I honest to god love you, truly y/n, I do.”

You smiled ever so lightly, because this was the first time in a long time that his words reassured you. And your smile, though small, was bright like the sun shining through in a cold and rainy winter. Corbyn may have been physically warmed by your body heat ad the blanket embracing you two, but he hadn’t felt the emotional warmth that was your smile in what felt like years. You were indoors, and it was dark outside, but it was like all the lights had been turned on, and life was brighter and more beautiful than it had been. With the love that you hadn’t spoken, but showed, he hugged you tight as if he was scared you would leave.

“I believe you, Corbyn. I love you too.”


Together we go



If Zelena wants to be the first villain to NOT cockblock Captain Swan then I'm all for her arranging a TLK.

Let’s be real - the only reason Hook and Emma aren’t together yet is they’ve been too busy fighting villains for the fun to begin. The Savior doesn’t get a day off. 

True Love is something couples have or don’t have.  The concept of True Love’s Kiss, as one that breaks a spell/curse cast by a villain, is a way for the audience to know what the characters themselves already know - that they love each other. And it’s become something the fandom uses to declare their ship canon. But not every fairy tale couple has to have such a kiss to be considered True Love - look at Cinderella. So there’s no need to get hung up on the specifics of where, when or why a couple’s TLK happens.  

It would be boring if Emma did it just to wake Hook up from a sleeping curse - that’s been done already.  THREE TIMES ACTUALLY.  If, instead, Emma willingly gives up her powers to save her son it’s indirectly a True Love’s Kiss.  Kissing Hook, her other True Love, to make it happen would make it a double True Love’s Kiss.  I think that’s incredibly beautiful.

And remember, as far as Hook and Emma are concerned TLK failed when Hook tried it in NY.  So if Zelena forces a kiss to take Emma’s powers neither she or Hook are going to expect it will break any curses.  So it would still be a very meaningful, and possibly surprising, way for them to have their True Love status confirmed for them and for the audience.

I’m confident that whatever way the writers deliver a CS TLK will be wonderful.  Everything so far has been great.  Why are people even arguing or worrying about this???