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Klance Recs #1

Homesick at Space Camp by K0bot (PG, 54k, WIP)
Summary: Lance’s insistence on maintaining his rivalry with Keith is hurting his performance, and Shiro’s had enough. Keith and Lance are forced to talk it out, and Lance becomes certain of one thing:

He’s gonna be the best friend Keith’s ever had in his LIFE.

Naturally, he’s in for much more than he bargained for. [Fake Marriage, WIP]

time out of mind by aknightley (PG, 27k)
Summary: Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

He lays there a moment, processing the faint throbbing in his head, a strange bitter taste like lemons in his mouth. When he opens his eyes, the room spins wildly into a kaleidoscope of colors, so he closes them again, breathing in and out until he feels less like he might throw up. He suddenly registers a warm weight over his waist, and lifts his head to see a brown arm thrown over him. It looks startlingly familiar, but different, bigger than he remembers, more toned.

Keith turns all the way around and comes face to face with Lance sleepily blinking his own eyes open.
[Time Travel, Fake Marriage]

Heatwaves on Autopilot by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot (NC-17, 56k)
Summary: Keith and Lance unknowingly inhale an alien aphrodisiac during a simple resource retrieval mission. But unlike the common aphrodisiac, this particular one reactivates under certain unknown conditions, later leaving them craving in situations that don’t necessarily present them with many options. Keith tries to work through it, concerned with the sudden lack of control of his body, until he realizes the same thing is happening to Lance. So…great. How are they supposed to deal with this, keep it a secret, AND tend to the thousands of other responsibilities that come with defending the universe? (Together, of course.) [Heat Cycles/Sex Pollen]

Today, anew by MemeKonVLD (MemeKonYA) (R, 5.9k)
Summary: “Lance.

Lance’s eyebrows furrow in concern for a second before his whole face goes gentle and open.

“Hey buddy, everything okay?”

Keith nods. Then shakes his head, then opens his mouth to let out a noisy sob before he’s hugging the air out of Lance, grip vise tight.

Lance hugs him back. That’s one of the great things about him— he doesn’t— he doesn’t need explanations for things like this. He doesn’t make Keith jump through hoops, the way other people might— he’s just— he just knows what Keith needs in times like this. No façades, no posturing.

(Or: the one where Keith is trapped in a time loop. A time loop from hell.) [Time Loop, Temporary Character Death]

A Commutual Contract 
by SKayLanphear (R, 24k, WIP)
 After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive.

And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling. It doesn’t MEAN anything. Or, at least, that’s what Lance keeps telling himself. [Bed Sharing, WIP]

How To Train Your Galra by magisterpavus (NC-17, 68k, Series)
“Shiro, I fucked up,” Keith blurted, wringing his hands.

Shiro paused mid-punch, shooting him a quizzical look. “What? What happened?”

“I think,” Keith whispered, “I think I accidentally roofied Lance. With my dick.” [Galra!Keith, A/B/O Dynamics]

Fake It Til You Make It by nikkiRA (R, 26k)
Summary: “No, it’s not that –” Keith tries to backtrack. “We just – we –” he isn’t sure what he’s going to say, he just knows he has to say something before he and Lance are forced to have sex with some weird alien species, while also keeping the weird alien king happy enough to create an alliance with them.

But not for the first time and not for the last, Lance pulls through.

Of course, this time pulling through almost gives Keith a heart attack, because Lance slips his fingers through Keith’s so that they’re holding hands.

“What Keith here means to say,” Lance says, and although his voice is steady, he is gripping Keith’s fingers so tightly it’s painful. “Is that we can’t mate with your people, although we, um, appreciate the offer, because, well. We already are. M-mated, I mean. With, you know. Each other.” [Fake Marriage]

Nightmares by Trashness (PG, 14k)
Summary: Lance’s nightmares are getting out of control. It’s effecting his and the team’s performance, but he’s at a loss for how to fix this.

Apparently sleeping next to a warm body helps. [Bed Sharing, Mutual Pining]

Accidental Bonding by Newbiemans2015 (NR, 2.9k)
Summary: Whilst trapped on an alien planet Keith and Lance accidentally get married, and now how to deal with the consequences. [Accidental Marriage]

All things infinite by MemeKonVLD (MemeKonYA) (R, 7k)
Summary: “I didn’t know Lance was…”

“Bi?” Hunk supplied.

“Ready to jump anyone sentient and willing?” Pidge offered.

“Yeah, let’s go with bi,” Hunk says.

(Or: the one where Lance is a Bisexual Intergalactic Flirt, and Keith discovers he has feelings about this.) [Pining!Keith]

like honey by manamune (NC-17, 4.3k)
Summary: Keith wants to lose control.

Lance has always liked helping people. [BDSM]

Fireside by molsat (NC-17, 4.9k)
Summary: It’s not the compliments that make Lance’s palms sweaty, his heart thunder wildly against his ribcage, and his face swell with impossible heat: it’s the way Keith has to be such a giant dick about it. [Praise Kink]

Making the Most of the Night by saezutte (NC-17, 15k)
Summary:  Having sex with Keith in order to secure an alliance with an alien species wasn’t how Lance expected to lose his virginity, but it wasn’t the worst way for it to go.

(Until afterwards, of course, when it all goes wrong and Keith won’t speak to him. Not that Lance has any idea why. Or why it bothers him so much.)

hot singles in your area by rire (NC-17, 15k, WIP)
Summary: “So she gave you a fake number?”
“And it turned out to be the number of a sex line?”
“And then you decided jerking off was the best solution for your heartbreak?”
“I guess you could put it that way.”
“… And now you’re in love with a phone sex operator.” [College AU, WIP]

Rivals-With-Benefits by lissa_molloy (NC-17, 26k, WIP)
Summary: Lance and Keith have been sneaking around for a while now, not yet to the point where they can get over their rivalry but well beyond acknowledging how attracted they are to one another. A collection of vaguely-related oneshots in a fuckbuddies AU for Klance. I’ll add tags as I go. [Friends/Rivals with Benefits]

Blueprints by UnderTheSilentStars (R, 39k, WIP)
Summary: “While soulmarks themselves were common, it was rare for someone to have anything other than the name of their other half…and Lance had a red paw print." [Soulmate AU]

so why don’t we fall by aknightley (NC-17, 4k)
Summary: Five times Lance used a pet name for Keith, and one time Keith used one for Lance.

Keith has no basis for having a relationship with someone, so he’s trying to follow Lance’s lead. 

Down the Rabbit Hole by TheQueen (PG, 41k, WIP)
Summary: It starts when he wakes up. Breathing hard and scrambling against the soft bedding and heavy comforter until he falls flat against the wood floor hard enough to take his breath away.

Time travel might not be the worst thing Lance has ever dealt with. But it sure does feel like it. [Time Travel, Canon Divergence, WIP]

30 Rules to Marriage by delictor (R, 38k, WIP)
Summary: Lance was only trying to argue with Keith, not marry him. And even if the marriage only really counted on the one planet, he couldn’t help but let it take over his every thought slowly. Especially with him constantly thinking of the 30 rules of marriage his parents had taught him as a kid and trying to apply them to him and Keith. His logic? The 30 rules could apply to even just a friendship…

Or: Lance and Keith accidentally get married and it’s not actually as bad as they thought it would be. [Accidental Marriage, WIP]

Diplomatic Difficulties by TemenCMoth (PG, 10k, WIP)
Summary: Allura sat with her head in her hands. Coran balked. Hunk was frozen, new goo concoction slowly leveling out on the floor. Shiro looked stricken, hand in a white-knuckle grip on the back of a chair. The only sound in the room was the little clack-clack of Pidge’s keyboard.

The room was filled with tension thick enough to be cut with a bayard, a silence so loud none of them noticed Rover hovering behind Keith.

They sure noticed when he started playing the Wedding March. [Accidental Marriage]

heat of your skin by sodappend (NC-17, 2k)
Summary: Keith is in heat and Lance is the last person he wants to see. So of course it’s Lance that walks through his door. [A/B/O Dynamics]

Skin by MemeKonVLD (MemeKonYA) (R, 3.2k)
Summary: He’s aware of Lance talking to him, but he’s still too asleep to try to decipher whatever it is he’s blabbering about. He only starts paying attention when one of Lance’s hands goes to the drawstring of his pajama pants.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” He asks, slapping Lance’s hand away, cheeks warm.

“You,” Lance starts, pointing at him (and Keith notices that for all he’s made fun of him for the last forever for them, he’s wearing his fingerless gloves), “are not screwing up my skin care routine, man.”

(AKA: the one where Keith and Lance switch bodies.) [Body Swap]

I’ll be your… whatever it’s called by MoonStar1220 (NC-17, 3.7k)
Summary: After a particularly rough and frightening fight with enemy Galra Lance decides he’s had enough of Keith’s behavior and vows to fix it. [Galra!Keith, A/B/O Dynamics]

Alpha-nd a way to you by opalfire (NC-17, 3k)
Summary: Lance honestly had no clue what was going on anymore.

He had scented Keith, as though he were his mate. Lance flushed. The other alpha must think he was insane by now.

“I-I’m sorry - fuck - I mean,” Lance stuttered.

Keith just stared at him, the flush on his face getting redder.

“I know we’re both alphas, shit I’m so-“Lance started.

“We’re both what now?” Keith’s eyes widened before narrowing as he stared at Lance. “Oh my god, you don’t know.”

otherwise known as Lance gets possessive and scents Keith without knowing he’s an omega till he hits heat [Omegaverse, A/B/O Dynamics]

Alive With the Glory of Love by lemoninagin (NC-17, 4.8k)
Summary: “Hurry,” Lance urges with a gasp, clutching harder at the stands with both hands poised on them for support now, palms slick with sweat, “They’re going to find us like this if we don’t hurry, oh my God.”

A deep chuckle tickles over his ear, almost rivaling the pounding of blood in them.

Let them.” [Public Sex]

On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 

ASTRO 붙잡았어야 해 (Again) Choreography Appreciation

The choreography for 붙잡았어야 해 is really good and let me take you through step by step why it’s so good. (On top of that, when it’s in GIF form and you can’t hear any music, it’s easier to spot where they aren’t in sync. Or in ASTRO’s case, appreciate just how in sync they are.)

One thing I really appreciate about ASTRO choreographies is that they switch the focused member so easily. Here, MJ and Moonbin spin back to back. Moonbin sings first, and MJ sings second. This transition ONLY works because MJ is so much shorter than Moonbin - Bin can completely hide MJ behind him, and so when MJ spins out it’s like !!! he’s here !! In general it is very in sync.  

They have to do this spinning transition often when switching center members because of their six person group. In order to keep it symmetrical, there’s one center and two on each side, leaving one left over. This spinning transition lets them keep the symmetry without leaving anyone out for too long. 

The best part of this is how Moonbin’s hand turns, and it turns in time with their heads turning, especially Jinjin and Rocky., as if he’s the one turning their heads. Also that move where both hands are in is really good with the music, it fits really well and I love it alot. 

This move is actually really hard to do (trust me I’ve tried). I really love how it starts out lowkey with them doing the little feet straight forward and then it’s like BAM dynamic shape with the arm. 

Look at how smoothly MJ comes around to the front. Like the way they do the same back to back turn where Rocky turns inwards and MJ moves on the outside of him is what makes it look so smooth. On top of that watch MJ’s feet too. Also appreciate how they purposefully put the three shortest in the front to avoid off balancing the formation too much also appreciate how good rocky looks

This move is just sick. Like the way Sanha walks forward through the middle and like “hits” the others’ hands away and they open up the path for him is really cool. I’m still a big fan of how they are keeping similar heights on both sides. Also watch the way that the triangle of binusan moves from the focus of eunwoo in front to eunwoo sliding over to put sanha in the middle. 

Now this is one of my favorite parts of the choreography: the part right before the chorus where they all form the one line is the same point in the song where the electric guitar like slides out and the melody comes back thats a horrible way to describe it but still. Like when they are walking into the line it’s kind of just all over the place, but then when they slide out it’s so symmetrical. 

Alright this next move needs to be split up into parts for proper appreciation:

 I know it’s kind of hard to see at first but it’s not a random movement. The line kind of folds out ? Moonbin is stepping back just as Jinjin comes forward, and MJ’s moving forward in time with Jinjin coming forward. The important part is that Jinjin is moving from right to left, and everyone else is moving in a line behind where Moonbin is. This transition keeps your focus on the two who are currently singing, Moonbin and then Jinjin. 

This going to be called diagonal line #1. First of all I’m a sucker for this diagonal line formation, but I’m even more impressed by how Jinjin moves with the line. Jinjin’s little hop in the middle of it happens at the same time as the line does their first jump back. Also how the line moves from side to side is really smooth too. Probably the best part of this line though is Jinjin’s footwork that takes him backwards honestly all of the footwork in this choreography is spot on

Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. 

YO HERE IT IS THE WHOLE REASON I MADE THIS CHOREOGRAPHY APPRECIATION OKAY: This is one of the most beautiful transitions I’ve seen from ASTRO ever. The way the focus shifts from rocky to Jinjin, like how Jinjin just easily slots right into place for being part of Rocky’s rap squad is so smooth. Its just really beautiful and I want it to be appreciated. On top of that, the way that they keep this symmetry going - MJ and Jinjin the shorter members on the outside, followed by Moonbin and Sanha on Rocky’s sides. 

I call this the Rocky Rap Squad formation. It’s used a lot in their other choreographies - when rocky is in the center rapping and the other members go behind him diagonally on each side. The way Rocky’s moves are the main focus and the rest of ASTRO’s moves reflect the best parts of it just. There’s so much I appreciate about the way they move as a unit and how Rocky embellishes that. 

Also note: They still have this symmetry of small on the outside, then tall, then center. 

1) The way this formation transitions from Rocky as the focus to Sanha as the focus, everyone moves in a circular motion. Yet, they still keep the symmetry. This is because the formation goes tall short tall short tall short in the circle. So when Sanha slides to the front to become center, Rocky and Jinjin are the shorts next to him and Moonbin and Eunwoo are the talls on the end. 

2) The move where they cover their face and then switch is one of the coolest moves they’ve done so far for sure. 

Now this is one of those move/formations that is just beautiful because it’s a unit. The way Sanha as the center brings his hand up the first time in line with Rocky and Jinjin moving out, and then brings both arms down and up which kind of like “pushes” moonbin and eunwoo out and up. It looks really beautiful. And then he pulls them down and all of them drop. It’s mesmerizing. 

i just love this back and forth movement with the footwork. I think the footwork here just needsd to be appreciated. The parts where they are hitting their chests and sliding their feet together - look bud I’ve tried to learn that and let me tell you getting the coordination on that is not easy. But like the way they start initially only in line with two other members and then suddenly all of them are standing all the way straight up. Good stuff. 

No comment here is really needed, just an appreciation of how they’ve kept the back and forth two line formation is really smooth. (though this is the part of the dance where they are most out of sync, they aren’t bringing their hand down at the same speed or in the same way. 

Man these transitions are just so nice. The way that your attention is focused on Sanha who is so close to the camera, and how he completely blocks MJ in the middle who suddenly appears and is the main focus of the chorus. And then how Sanha just casually moves to the back of the formation. Also the sliding kinda reminds me of ice skating which is fitting. 

Remember when I talked about diagonal line #1? “Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. “

This diagonal line #2 goes the opposite direction: right side foward, left side back. Now instead of Jinjin moving from the front to the back, they “push” their arms and sanha takes the momentum of their arms and “pops” out of the formation, moving along the line from the back to the front. A stunning reflection of the early diagnoal line. Like imagine if those two lines happened back to back. 

I love this big circular motion they do with their hands. Of all the moves they have done so far in the choreography, all of them doing this arm circular is by far the biggest move they do in terms of how much space they take up. Like it’s a grand move for the dance so far. Their leg placement is also past shoulder width apart making the move look even bigger. And the way Bin like spins his hand in time with ASTRO spinning, and Bin moving from his legs apart to behind him, the footwork is so in sync with their spinning too. 

Okay this is really cool. This is the point in the music where the lyrics and melody are the chorus, but there’s more instrumental in the background. And their dancing reflects moves from the chorus choreography but instead of facing sideways they all face forward. And watch the way Bins arms move. All of ASTRO turn around at the same time that Bin turns to the front after turning away. 

This first box formation is two vocals in the center and the rest of them surrounding them. This was really smart that before this they had Rocky and Moonbin in the back spinning in sync because they were the best at that turn, and then they slid to the side so that Rocky, the main dancer, and Eunwoo, the visual, ended up in front. 

Also note how Rocky reaches up to “grab” something at the end, and “brings” it inside the formation. 

And then here they have another box formation, except for this time the two in the center are the rappers instead of the vocals. 

Watch the way MJ grabs up and raises his arm down, and then Moonbin raises his arm up as MJ’s comes down. (Also how they are on opposite sides of the square so the movements aren’t off balance.)

And then the way Rocky and Jinjin turn around each other to change the focus of the center. 

in conclusion: astro’s formations and transitions have me in love

quasar02 replied to your post “Probably a TAD late as I just got home from work not long ago and only…”

I gotta say, I am absolutely in love with the concept of traditional “monsters” protecting abused and hurting children and this makes me very happy

It started with me going toward the more celtic side of mythology for the werewolves, which were the myths I was raised with. It was strange to me growing up when the popular media that had werewolves in it always showed them as violent and unpredictable, because werewolf myths in Scotland were more…kind. They fed starving families, they were the guardians of lost and orphaned children. 

They were still part wolf and could rip you apart when necessary, but they were first and primarily guardians. 

So while I was writing Nathan and his cultural sense of identity and personality and I started on Vlad, I knew I had an idea for what I wanted him to be. I wanted him to be the archetype vampire, really attractive and smooth on the surface, but I also didn’t want to make him a monster underneath it with uncontrollable urges because ugh, ugh, no. So instead I tried to think about what I’d do if I had eternity yawning out in front of me, and well…lets just say it’s a good thing eternity does not yawn out in front of me. But I also tried to take into consideration the history I had given him, and the family dynamic he has, and when I thought about that, it really just made sense for someone like Vlad to look at the suffering in the world and go “No” and try to fix it in small ways, ways which no one else ever seems to consider. 

He’s not brave like Nathan (he thinks) he’s not a soldier, he doesn’t fight, and he’s not got the sheer raw power Ursula has or her resilience, but he can make a difference, he can make subtle changes that make the lives of those around them—however brief—a little bit better. He pushes for social reform, he throws himself into research, he takes an active interest in medicine, and when someone says “but that’ll take decades!” he just smiles and says “I’ve got the time.”

Dating Sara Lance would include...

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  • space pirate gfs that protect the universe
  • seriously at first you kinda couldn’t deal with the whole time travel thing but now you were a total pro…kinda
  • you still got nauseous
  • you and sara kinda just happened 
  • one moment you were in 2017 the next you were waking up on a time travel ship
  • you kinda just ended up joining the team because sara became attached to you quickly and you really did make the place like a home
  • while out on the field when historical ladies flirted with sara you would get jealous but to protect the timeline you didn’t say anything…..
  • until you got sara alone
  • “i know you like repress your feelings in the Victorian age but come on clearly we were together”
  • “you’re not really jealous are you?”
  • *shrug* “i mean she does have a better figure than i do”
  • sara laughs and take you to your room to show you that you have nothing to worry about
  • she’s constantly finding moments when she can escape her duties and just be with you
  • you ground her and remind her there’s a reason beyond saving the day to come back and stay alive
  • she loves that when she told you about her past you never saw her as a monster
  • you have a really steady dynamic with each other and people think you’ve been together way longer than you actually have because you flow so well with each other
  • sara is really a lowkey no drama girl but for your anniversary she goes all out
  • sara isn’t always the most expressive with her feelings when she’s got a job to do but she always finds time to give you a quick kiss or a quick i love you
  • when the team tries to tease her about it she just shrugs it off because she makes it look good
  • you end up being a really integral part of the team and slowly you learn martial arts from everyone 
  • you’re really the heart and soul of the whole team and they can’t picture how they ever did it without you
  • sara wonders the same thing as she watches you sleep one night
  • sometimes she feels like she doesn’t deserve you but she knows you wouldn’t want her thinking like that
  • when being leader gets to be overwhelming you help sara unwind and relax….by any means necessary ;)

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wouldnt it be nice but playing from another room slam dunked this image into my head and i had to paint it

this isnt technically a scene from the fic, but fortunate son is why this song makes me think reaper76, and i would link you to it but then none of you would see this so you wouldnt know to look it up and anyways my point: go look up fortunate son on ao3 by smallerluke you will not regret it i have cried like four times. real actual tears from my face

@ luke ily nd thank you

Introverted Alphas/Extroverted Omegas Headcanons

-An extroverted Omega that loves going to parties and being social, but always low-key getting annoyed when their introverted Alpha never wants to go anywhere with them but is also too possessive and stubborn to let them go alone and it always ends up in some kind of argument in which the very ‘convincing’ Omega usually gets their way somehow

-A quiet and introverted Alpha being dragged out to drink with friends by their loud and extroverted Omega, quickly regretting going along with it once their very affectionate mate gets drunk and starts clinging to people and even though the Alpha despises drawing attention to themselves they don’t hesitate to pry the Omega off of whoever they are currently stuck to and take them home where they proceed to try and scold them for their behaviour while also enjoying what a cuddly drunk they are

-A very social Omega being grumpy about being cooped up in the house when they are in pre-heat because their Alpha says its too dangerous to go out. Despite their mate’s sour attitude, the Alpha enjoys the time spent at home without the Omega pestering them to go somewhere

-An introverted Alpha in high school that has a very loud and insistent Omega flirting with them constantly and almost always in front of a large group of people and eventually the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date just to avoid the attention, not realizing how smug the Omega is afterwards because that had been their plan the whole time

-An unusual relationship in which the Omega does all the talking for their quiet and shy Alpha when in large groups of friends and everyone thinks it’s kind of odd but nobody points it out because the Alpha is obviously content to let the Omega do it

-An Alpha that is very introverted and private and likes to keep personal things to themselves and as they are walking down the hall one day they overhear their much more talkative and outspoken mate on the phone with another Omega like, “Yeah my heat just ended a couple days ago and I’m just now able to properly walk around again…yeah my Alpha loves being all rough with me and it’s fantastic but I’ve been sore as hell…yeah no he’s huge…oh my god really? Maybe I’ll ask him if we can try that next time…” and the Alpha is just dumbstruck as they stand out in the hall with a bright red face before slowly walking away to avoid hearing anything else…they constantly wonder after that just how many of their mate’s friends know all the details of their sex life

-An extroverted Omega that adores family gatherings and pulling their much less enthusiastic Alpha around by the hand to greet everyone and exchange small talk and the Alpha honestly just wants to go home but their Omega is just so happy so the Alpha just sticks close by and let’s their mate have fun because Alphas are most content when their Omega is happy

-An extroverted Omega being grateful that their introverted Alpha always goes wherever they want so they show their appreciation by simply spending the day at home, just the two of them, and the Alpha loves it and demands cuddles and kisses all day, requests that the Omega happily grants every time

-An Alpha that loves their very outgoing Omega but hates to watch them go around and give all their attention to other people. The Omega noticing all the long looks and the subtle possessive scent and gladly making it up to the Alpha when they finally get home later, being sure to give their Alpha all the 'attention’ they need

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hey guera, your art is honestly one of my biggest inspirations and i was wondering how you draw translate irl people into a more cartoony style? like what aspects of a real persons face do you know to convert to a more cartoonish style? im really struggling with this and have found absolutely no advice on it... im worried ill never manage to get it right

Ahh!! Thank you so much anon ;o; you are so sweet and kind that i have decided to make a quick little tutorial for you! Its basically just how I personally  go about stylizing people when turning them into characters! Hopefully this can help you out a bit c: This tutorial can apply to more stylized work as well as more realistic styles! It all depends on how much or how little you exaggerate your shapes!

I’ll put it under the cut for you since it got kinda long lol 

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Magnetic Chapter 10: Awkward

Dean Winchester x Reader:

1500 Words

Chapter Summary: After you initiated the kiss, you waited for Dean’s reaction, hoping you hadn’t messed up your entire relationship. 

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up here: Masterpost

Dean’s lips were everything you imagined they would be, even though you shouldn’t have been thinking about them. They were plump, and soft, and he knew how to move them with precision. At first his lips were frozen against yours, and you were worried he would pull away in disgust. But then, his arms wrapped around you, pulling you tighter to his chest. Angling  his head, he deepened the kiss, a growl sounding low in his throat.

Your hands wrapped around his neck, and you took the opportunity to pull his full lower lip between your teeth, gently nibbling on it. It drove him crazy, and you could feel his tongue sweeping across your lip, silently asking for entrance.

“Hey, where is everyone?” Sam yelled from the front of the hotel room, and you and Dean broke apart, breathing hard. Staring hard at you for a moment, he turned on his heels, heading out to Sam, leaving you alone in the bathroom, a finger on your lips. Wondering what had just happened, and how it would change things. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, before moving back out into the main room to be with Sam and Dean. Sam was surveying the broken bathroom door, turning to Dean with a raised eyebrow.

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hey! :) you must really like mh's interactions with jh (and i don't blame you lol) but what do you think about mh's relationship with the other members? thanksss!

ahhh! yes i love minhyuk+jooheon and even though they’re my favorite i really love minhyuk’s interactions with everyone so much!! im not sure exactly how much you wanted me to say but im really about to take this as an opportunity to talk about minhyuk+everyone and why they have a special place in my heart but you can also look HERE because i really tried to make this series highlight the dynamics between everyone :^)

i’m putting this under a read more because it ended up insanely long (over 1600 words…) but! if anyone wants to talk to me about any of this or!! wants to discuss any pairing!! please please please send me more messages :’) i really love all of them so much and idk this is just my take on everything and i’d love to hear your opinions whether they’re different or the same!!! i love love and monsta x all loves each other :-) under the cut is my feelings about each individual minhyuk pairing!

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A Lone Wolf Part 21

Summary: After the storm, a wave of calm hits, but there are still a few things that need to be said.

Length: 2233

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Breaking the kiss, Mark cupped your face and looked deep into your eyes. You saw his eyes start to glisten. “I’ve missed you so much,” Mark whispered, pressing his forehead against yours. “I thought I was going to lose you in so many different ways, and I was so scared.”

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What We Want

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Request: Could you do an Alpha!Dean, omega!reader, beta!sam fic where she’s a lot younger than dean (Like 10 year difference) and he finds it kinda weird so he rejects her as his omega. She locks herself in her room but one day her heat comes and it’s so painful she blacks out a few times and has terrible pains from rejection. Sam tries comforting her but nothing helps. Cas finally snaps dean out of it and Dean mates her (please include knotting, dirty talk?) very very fluffy ending?

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader

Word Count: 3,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: First time writing ABO but I had so much fun playing around with this…

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PALKIA, deity of space and representative of the liquid state of matter (he’s water type, dialga is steel [solids] and tina is ghost [gas])

genderless, any pronouns. As Giratina’s sassier sibling, his demeanor is kind of a pain to deal with. he’s very vocal with his confidence. he gets passive aggressive when slighted and doesn’t hold back when it comes to throwing shade. But for all his loudness he takes his position as royalty seriously and looks out for the denizens of water and dragon castle as appropriate. 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask how you do your gifs? I've tried but mine aren't as great as your own.

here’s the tutorial I made on animating in PS.

some tips:

  • vary your animation sizes.

this will help the piece feel more animated than it is. Notice that the animations aren’t all the same. you have the slowly fading lights at the top and the flashing of the DS, this makes it dynamic to look at.

  • vary the lengths of each animated piece.

this part is tricky because you need to do a little math & adjusting, but make it so different things go at different rates. the gif’s loop will seem less obvious and more natural.

  • speaking of which, make a successful loop. carry over actions from the end of the animation to the beginning so that everything doesn’t all stop at one point.
  • avoid a lot of soft shading. I use textured brushes to get around this, but you’ll get a lot of bad diffusion and noise if you try animating a soft painting.
  • if your animating frame by frame, draw your start and end positions first and keep them on a low opacity (or onion skin. if you got that). this way you can stay on track and make a good loop.
  • look up what site you’re posting on. know the boundaries and adjust.
    • for example, tumblr:
      • 2MB limit
      • 540px max on width
      • long, vertical pieces have bad quality. I stick to a 3:4 ratio at most
      • tumblr doesn’t like cyans. idk why.
    • this will affect how you export and how you plan to make it in the first place.
  • export, test, export, test, it’ll be hard but don’t settle for your animation looking bad. yeah you’ll have to learn a lot by making a lot, but focus on trying to get 1 thing successful with a piece
  • slow down your frame rate. I get it’s aesthetic to have a 4 frame loop going at 30 fps, but longer loops will be less urgent or anxious looking. plus people will be more inclined to look longer. slower frame rates (as long as it isn’t like. 4fps.) are worth a try. it depends on your intention
  • observe your environment! find motions that could be looped you could study
  • learn layer masks and clipping masks. thank me later
  • don’t try to animate everything. animate what makes sense or what you plan for.

and that’s about all I can think of right now!! I hope this helped you a bit, good luck!!

Spideypool Rec List

Since I was bored out of my mind today and my fic-hunt turned up nothing, I decided now is as good a time as any to put together a few rec lists of some of my favorite  fics bookmarked over on ao3. So! Let’s get started with a Spideypool list:

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away; by beetle:  

 Peter is massively damaged. But then, so is Deadpool.  This’s mostly free-floating angst and a soupcon of smut. But you should probably assume some vague, incidental spoilers for the MCU/The Amazing Spider-Man. Mentions of suicides. (complete, one chapter, 2000-5000 words)

Why you should read it: The fic that will probably make Those Who Fluff and Those Who Tragic Angst all agree and cry grossly, hand in hand. So fucking worth it.

And When It Comes, It Will Feel Like A Kiss; by Saucery: 

In a world where Omegas far outnumber Alphas, a dowry system is in place, whereby an Omega’s family offers a dowry in order to secure a respectable Alpha match, with the highest dowries netting the “best” Alphas.

Aunt May struggles to secure an Alpha for her Omega nephew’s first heat. All her meager savings can afford is a butt-ugly (by his own admission) Alpha without much experience to speak of.

Peter would rather go unmated than lose his virginity to a guy that can’t go five seconds without making a Monty Python reference. However, it seems Peter has no choice…(WIP, 5 chapters, 10 000-20 000 words)

Why you should read it: Safe, consensual, respecful A/B/O fics matter a lot to me and I make a point to rec the hell out of them. That’s kind of my Thing. But more than that? The writing is excellent. Wade is an adorable softie and he deserves all the hugs.

Baise Moi; by chewysugar:

Peter has been neglecting Wade lately. Wade decides to play a game to remind him how good he has it.(Complete, one chapter, 5000-10 000 words)

Why you should read it: First it’s hilarious, and then it’s hot as hell. 

Bishgada; by CAPSING:

Peter was having the worst day the author could’ve come up with - and that’s even before he accidently killed Deadpool. (Complete, one chapter, 2000-5000 words)

Why you should read it: Because you are a bunch of sadists who love seeing how crap Peter Parker’s life is?

Cold Hands; by StumblingBlock:

In which Deadpool needs an in with the Avengers and Peter needs an alpha to take to his cousin’s wedding, the Greek tragedy.(WIP, 4 chapters, 20 000- 50 000 words)

Why you should read it: So wingfics are not that much of a thing in my other fandoms, but. Spideypool wingfics are surprisingly intense nerdy good. This one is my favorite. Featuring: Repressed idiots. Also counts as an A/B/O dynamics fic, the power balance between Peter (omega) and Wade (alpha) looks pretty promising so far :)

DIY Sutures; by  fizzyfingermotorfuck: 

Peter doesn’t understand Deadpool, and comes to realize that it might be because he never really tried to.(Complete, one chapter, 5000-10 000 words)

Why you should read it: Good characterization. It doesn’t immediately gloss over Wade’s scars and the general awkwardness. Almost makes it a point to linger on the scars, and, well, that’s another Thing for me, I guess. Insta-acceptance is good and all, but this here is more what I want from spideypool fics.

Get Off The Phone (or how to get off over the phone); by darkavengerz (darkavenger):

“Ooo, somebody’s grouchy,” Wade snickers down the phone, voice annoyingly loud, cheery and very much awake. “Fine, fine, I won’t make you get your lazy butt out of bed -”

“- lazy?!” Peter splutters, indignant. Wade ignores him and verbally steamrollers over him as per normal.

“ - we can do this over the phone.”

(Complete, one chapter, 2000-5000 words)

Why you should read it: Important phone-sex fic (in case it wasn’t obvious)

Peter And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good…Very Best Day; by beetle:

Deadpool is impulsive, has a big mouth, and absolutely no tact. And Ellie … well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. See end notes for prompt.(Complete, one chapter, 5000-10 000 words)

Why you should read it: Reason 1, Spidey and Deadpool have been bros for ages, Reason 2, WADE WILSON AND HIS DAUGHTER ELLIE LIVING TOGETHER  ARF?RKLGTL, Reason 3 UNCLE SPIDEY EFRKLGNRLKGN.

….DID I MENTION THE FLIRTING????? This is a capslock required fic, folks.

Pictures; by darkavengerz (darkavenger):

Deadpool has some pictures of him that jeopardise his secret identity. Peter wants them back.(Complete, one chapter, 5000-10 000 words)

Why you should read it:  They’re a mess and it hurts so good.

See From Your Eyes; by TheBlazeCall:

Soulmates can peak into each other’s lives for 5 seconds once a month, which was on it’s own bizar, but for Peter Parker it could mean life or dead. What bothers him most is his soulmates timing and the fact that he wished they would just give up, because he didn’t feel like risking someone else’s life.(Complete, one chapter, 2000-5000 words)

Why you should read it: Okay, so, gonna use a bit of raw honesty here, fact is, If you’re looking for 100% flawless editing? This is not the perfect fic for you. What is outstanding is the pure genius of the soulmate identification method. 

I love soulmates having to work for it and being so effing frustrated yet still hopeful, still yearning for that one stranger in the whole world who completes them. Up there in my top list because of its lovely, poetic imagery.

Self-Fulfilling Prophesy; by rubberbutton:

Wade pisses off a goddess, and Peter has three days to convince him to apologize before she drags him to the Underworld.(Complete, one chapter, 10 000-20 000 words)

Why you should read it: I’m gonna be short and to the point - Spider-Man making Deadpool his responsability through sex. Yeah. 

Surprises And Starts; by Birdie (Robin_Mask):

Peter knew it was impossible. It wasn’t possible for a male to be pregnant, let alone a single male. It wasn’t possible for Wade to be the father, no matter how close their friendship was […]. Spider-Man had a responsibility to the people of the city. Peter had a responsibility to the life inside him …(Complete, 15 chapters, +70 000 words)

Why you should read it: Let’s call this one ‘The angsty mpreg fic’ (The angsty mpreg fic, with a baby that happened without sex, which is a premise for crack if I ever heard one, and yet. And YET.)

 Also a very insighful and appropriate outlook on pregnancy and parenthood. Honestly, this fic is a one of a kind.

That’s What He Said; by CAPSING:  

 Spider-Man comes out of the closet. Peter Parker would give anything to crawl back in.(Complete, one chapter, 2000-5000 words)

Why you should read it: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deadpool is the only good thing in the world and JERKS with a capital J are JERKS. 

Two Teachers, One Classroom; by MysticMoonhigh:

Two teachers, one classroom.
What could possibly go wrong?

(Complete, 9 chapters, 20 000-50 000 words)

Why you should read it: First off, not enough AUs in this fandom. Top-quality characterization for both of them as well as stuck-up!Peter, which is a personal favorite of mine. Lots of fun. The UST kills me.  The lack of powers? Yeah, not a drawback for this one. Don’t take my word for it, go read it.

You Grow Up And You Lose Touch; by scarlett_starlett:

Peter always thought that when he had kids, there would be someone by his side.

Instead, he has a mouthy mercenary acting as a chef every night for him and his newly adopted son and a narcissistic billionaire philanthropist paying child support on the sly. But Peter figures it isn’t all bad, especially when Miles loses that dullness in his eyes whenever Wade slips on the banana peels he ‘strategically’ places all over the apartment for Peter as a joke.(Complete, 3 chapters, 50 000-70 000 words)

Why you should read it:  Good. The fic packs a few excellent one-liners, and the rest is both light-hearted and punctuated with a pinch of angst here and there. Disgustingly domestic in the best way possible. 

And, for those who - like me - care a great deal about that kind of things, both the introduction and the end are interesting and won’t bore you to tears, I promise.

I honestly wish there was no taz graphic novel…
I trust the mcelroys but im sure they dont fully understand the issues that are going to come out of having published designs.

I dont want to point fingers but i don’t see carey as the person to be making the comic if there is one. From what it looks like, she hasn’t tried very hard to understand the issues people have with her portrayals.

The decisions on skin tones for the characters now seem very thrown together and I’m not so sure that the group consulted actual non-white people to ask what might be appropriate.

I guess, overall, I think the story is best left as a podcast.

We can all imagine things in our ideal ways while still having a beautiful and dynamic story and characters.
(i do wish there were more mentions of non-white characters but i appreciate what there is so far)

I feel like the fans have mostly gotten along due to so much being up to interpretation, but this is the gateway for people getting angry about portrayals.

I’ve seen many large and passionate fandoms go down and I dont have a good feeling about what this means for the taz fandom…

All this being said, i have a ton of faith in the mcelroys to be understanding. I hope they can think a bit more about it at least.

side note:

I dont like saying not to make a graphic novel, because artists should make all they can etc, I just dont think TAZ specifically will be suited for it, given how positive the response is to the freedom of interpretation that comes with it!!

It’s already becoming a very beloved series and that open interpretation is a huge element to why it’s so beloved.

anonymous asked:

Do you think ereri will ever become canon ? Or will they like each other

Well, I don’t think that ereri will be romantically canon. My reason is pretty simple.

Shingeki no Kyojin is not about romance. In my opinion will Yumikuri probably the only canon ship in the show. This fandom sometimes cares more about ships that the actual story. Kind of sad.

And will they like each other?

In my opinion that already like each other. Not in a romantic way. It is pretty obvious that they at least care about each other. Their relationship has a incredible development.  I didn’t plan to make a longer answer, but here we go. (Btw this is just my interpretation, don’t take it too serious.)

I will just use references from the manga because I rather use the manga as a source. And this is no going to be too long, I’ve decided not to spoiler too much so I won’t spoiler anything that didn’t happen in the anime (+ acwnr). Oh, and please remember that my English skills are limited.

Let’s look at the first time when they talked to each other. It is very obvious that Levi doesn’t trust Eren the slightest.  He is as sassy and rude as usual.

But then Levi shows something that is quiet uncommon for him. In the last panel he has a shocked, even a little bit fearful, face expression.

That is quiet interesting in my opinion, because it is very rare that Levi shows any fear. Levi is doing an extremely good job in hiding his emotions all the time. But the moment Eren looks at Levi in an intimidating way, Levi has been caught off guard, somehow vulnerable.

Now this scene after the trial is quiet fascinating.

Eren turn to Levi and Levi it successfully trying to intimidate Eren. It seem as if it would be a payback for Erens glance before the trail. It also could be Levis way to keep Eren in line or (what I like to think) he is tests his reactions and behavior. It seems as if Levi is curious about Eren.

That this curiosity is mutual is pretty clear when Eren asks Petra about Levi and his past.

There are many reasons why I love this scene in the manga. Eren just transformed into a Titan and Levis squad is ready to attack/kill him, so he naturally begins to panic. He is sure that Levis “CALM DOWN” is directed towards him but then he realizes that Levi is calming his squad down.

The fact that Levi turns his back to Eren while his entire squad is afraid of Eren, shows that Levi already has a certain amount of trust towards Eren.

Let’s look at Levis face expression when he rescues Eren. In this moment his face is unusual emotional. In my opinion it’s a mix between pain (because of his injured foot), worry and relief.

A few moments before he was certain that Eren already died. At this point their relationship and dynamic begins to change.

Afterwards Levi tries to comfort Eren in his weird ways. He tries to lighten Erens mood with telling him a joke. Weird, am I right? I’ve seen him trying to make someone laugh before.

This is what I meant with their change in relationship. Levi stops viewing Eren as a monster that he has to control and more as a human. Even some kind of comradeship.

And I just realized a similarity of two panels.

Well, if Eren is just as impressing as really seeing the sky for the first time, then I guess it has to be something….

In my opinion they complement each other. And their growing trust and support that goes on and on in the manga could become a good friendship if Hajime Isayama doesn’t kill one of them off :))))


Never knew the color of the blood of a lobster. Never gave an intimating smile to an old man. Old man with old coins. Never tried chirping because my mom defined to me how to talk human. Never knew how to solve dynamic equations because leaving Literature is a tough bet. Never knew why guys look down my neck when I walk down the platform. Never knew how to not write making you guess my sex. Never knew how to put coffee without spilling it. Never knew why toothpaste relieves burns. Never knew how to set a grave. Never knew what cats like eating. Do they like crumbs in milk or just milk in crumbs or nothing like crumbs? Never knew how nymphs look outside paintings. Never gave the correct email address offline. You can’t pen the same thing that you type. You can’t type the same thing you pen. Never wrote with a brown sketch pen on bookmarks. They don’t catch eyes. Just like green sketch pens don’t. Never knew the optics behind the disregard of few colors. Never knew what to look in a person to conclude their perfection. Never wrote a love letter. You must have old school people to send old school things. Never cried in front of a school teacher. Never optimized the possibility of an earthquake. My science says they do not even come back. Never fought the fate. You can’t. What is won is fate again. Ugly. Never found human race boring. Never found hell. Never wanted to be a good person. I know where it is going. Never ate sushi. Never taught a child mathematics. Never recited what it felt. Never wrote a ‘never-done’ list before. Never was I ever able to find good reasons to write one. Until I started losing and faced 'Never Again’.

Favorite Details from [S] Collide.

1. The fucking music.

I want Homestuck to be remembered for how it marries music to visual. In that sense, Collide is a masterpiece. It’s a sort of three act epic. The opening, apparently “Creata” doesn’t get the credit it deserves for setting the huge stage. Almost every piece we’ve ever seen is at play here, and it all has to be quickly reintroduced to the tune of this song, and it’s so… it’s grand, but whimsical, playful, and gives us that sense of incoming awesome.

“Oppa Toby Style” is not just hilariously named (NEVER LET YOUR FRIENDS NAME SHIT FOR YOU, EVER). I’m a huge fan of Toby from his work in Undertale, some of my favorite music ever. But this is Toby when he’s not restrained by his instrumentals. While Undertale had a limited… instrumental palette, here Toby has free reign. Creepy dancy synth, crowds chanting, some of the most peppy and fun guitars, and that constant percussion pumping along to give way to the windy section then SMASHING back into the action.

It’s genuinely fucking great, it’s so perfect for the heat of battle, with drama and humor and the sense of frantic danger that is at the core of Collide.

“Eternity Served Cold” is that bridge that serves as a vitally needed breath of air without dropping the action. In any other flash, it would be the star track, but in Collide it’s just up against a lot of other incredible work.

Like “Heir of Grief,” which I will argue is the best song in Homestuck history. I heard “HoG” before seeing Collide and already thought it was a deeply moving piece. It’s such a slow, thoughtful score and the guitars bursting in like a revelation make me want to actually start crying. I believe now that I have the association of the imagery, it’s going to become my new “Battle With A True Hero” and make me tear up at the sound.

And, look. It’s the Strider-Lalonde theme song. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Moments of pure hesitancy smashing into triumphant motion, an sort of physical quality to it that moves like the family itself does.

And the twinkly noise as Jade tries to quell her beloved dogs will never unlink in my head.

That passage at about 15 minutes into the animation, the Dave segment as I mentally call it, is this last deep inhale before the final storm, and it’s just great.

“Heir of Grief” is dynamic and yet knows when to be restrained. It is in a way tired, as tired as I feel after consuming this comic for three weeks straight, and that final looping…. arpeggio thing, with the guitar, that keeps looping and looping and going because you have to finish it, you can’t take another breath until it’s finally done–


2. This Smug Bitch Over Here

It is really weird to see the creator of a story inside the big emotional frantic climax of the story and feel an intense emotion. But I did. I saw AH peeking out from behind his perch and I started fucking beaming.

I see you villain. I see you lurking there to witness your own creation kick it into the highest of gears. I hope you are as proud as I am, man, because you should be.

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