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all i did for grad week was hang out with my best friend and go to starbucks. and i tried mcdonalds for the first time, it was pretty lit tbh

have not been in a very good mental state ever since school ended. probably because i have more time to just sit around and think, i guess?

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“You’re a good guy.” You whispered into the darkness. Dean lay on his own bed, just a few feet to your right. Sam’s snoring filled the silence while you waited for Dean to respond.

“You always say that.” He whispered back, his voice was raspy and aching for a good night’s sleep that you knew neither of you would receive tonight.

You pulled the blanket up higher up over your chest. The sheets scratched against your ass; once again you forgot to pack sweat pants.

“I always mean it.”

“Huh.” He muttered in response. You heard him flip sides. Was he facing you? You couldn’t see.

Regardless, you turned from your back onto your side, to face him.

“Dean?” You asked.


“Do you ever…feel lonely?” You asked. After two in the morning, you found that more often than not, your filter seemed to leave.

After a beat of silence he responded, “Most of the time.”

“What about the other times? What helps you get through them?” You hadn’t realized that your grip around the blanket tightened.

His breathing was even. Dean always breathed deeply, you noticed.

“You.” The word slipped out from between his lips so quietly you almost misheard, until he repeated, “You do.”

After hearing that, you weren’t sure if you allowed seconds to tick by, or minutes. Years worth of tension just released itself between these shitty motel walls. You kicked the blanket down to your ankles before quietly stepping out from your bed.

“Move over.” You gripped his shoulder beneath your fingers. He did as he was told and you crawled under his sheets. He didn’t touch you until you pressed your forehead against his chest. His t-shirt smelled like him, and you nuzzled yourself even closer.

“Do you love me?” You asked suddenly, and Dean lifted his leg over your own. In his own way, that was an answer. Laying there intertwined, you allowed yourself to savor the moment of feeling completely whole in his arms until repeating your question.

It felt as if nothing before this moment had ever existed, even though you had never even been this physically close to him.

Hugs, of course.

Kisses on the forehead, always.

But something was different now; suddenly you became more than just his best friend.

“Yes.” He answered, his lips ghosting over your head. “So fucking much.” His voice was shaking as he said it. You raised your hand to plant it firmly on his jaw. You traced circles over his temple and down to his ear.

“Why have you never told me?” You asked.

He gripped your head in his hand. “I never knew what you thought of me.”

“What I think of you?” You said more to yourself than to him, “You’re honest. Strong. Brave. Caring. Hilarious.” You began listing his qualities, “And that smile of yours, it can light up a room.”

He tucked your hair behind your ear as you spoke. When you dragged your fingers to his cheeks, you realized they were wet.

“You’re selfless, Dean.” You added, “And most of all you’re good. The kind of good that makes the best of men yearn to be like you.”

Right there, you realized you had only seen him cry one other time.

“I love you.” He whispered again and tried to pull you closer. There wasn’t any more space but damn did he try.

“Dean?” You whispered his name as if you hadn’t heard him speak just a second ago, “You’re also the guy I love. I don’t know if that fits in with the rest of the list, but I do. So fucking much.”

He was squeezing you so tight now, you nearly began to sweat.

“It’s the only part of the list that matters.” He said as his hands gripped your back.

– – – – 

I haven’t written for this blog in a while. Partly due to exams, and partly to writer’s block. Let me know if you like this/send feedback! I’d love to know how you all feel about this type of imagine. 


96 / 365 days of my sunshine (feat. Hobi)

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If it's okay with you, and I will absolutely understand if you delete the request, but how do you think the RFA + Saeran would react if MC confessed to them that she never liked herself? ~~it's fine if you don't want to, and thank you ❤️~~

Sure! We hope you enjoy this one:) 


  • You were so confident and bright
  • But he also appeared that way on the outside
  • He had some suspicions in the way your confidence faltered when you thought no one was looking
  • He approaches you about it when you spend a little too much time frowning in the mirror
  • You try to brush it off and say sometimes you don’t feel like a somebody next to someone like him
  • He shuts you down right there and tells you not to compare yourself to anyone
  • It’s enough to make you open up and confess that you never liked yourself ever
  • He gives you a little pep talk, but nothing too deep
  • He knows from experience that talking doesn’t always heal those insecurities
  • But, he compliments you every day on little things
  • If you’re doing your hair, he’ll say how cute it looks, or if you’re cooking a meal, he’ll praise you on how capable you are
  • After a few months of this, you come back to him with a smile, “You know…I think I’m beginning to think I’m okay.”
  • It would still be a little longer until you truly liked yourself, but he was so happy at the progress


  • You had this bad tendency of beating yourself up 
  • Usually it was small comments here and there, but Yoosung noticed
  • He asked why you always tore yourself down and it came tumbling out that you really couldn’t stand yourself
  • You’ve never seen him look so hurt
  • He starts spitting out compliment after compliment
  • Somewhere in the middle, you found the air being squeezed out of your lungs as he hugs you
  • He apologizes that he didn’t realize it was so serious
  • He starts this little tradition every day where he makes you name one thing about yourself that you like
  • If you name a body part, he’ll kiss it
  • “I like that part of you, too!” he would say. “But I love every part of you.”


  • They say people inexplicably open up to each other after midnight
  • Well, you and Jaehee were sipping tea together past midnight, and you just slipped
  • “Do you ever feel like you don’t like yourself? Because…I do all the time.”
  • Jaehee falters for a moment, but she’s very calm
  • She asks you what you don’t like about yourself
  • You start stating some traits
  • For each one, she asks the same thing: Why don’t you like that about yourself?
  • This little back and forth goes all night until the sun comes up and you’ve gotten to the root of some things
  • You resolve to at least attempt to love yourself more
  • And Jaehee promises to do her best to help you see what she sees


  • You were always so strong, so he always assumed you were confident
  • But then one day, he bought a floor length mirror for the house and you did not look thrilled
  • “I thought you might like something to see your full self in,” he says when you rush out of the room
  • You reply that you don’t really like looking at yourself in the mirror
  • The more you look, the more flaws you see and you already despise yourself enough
  • The confession just keeps tumbling out of your mouth, and soon you’re admitting that you feel you don’t deserve the gifts he gives you because you probably don’t look the best in the dresses, and jewelry and the rest of the things he showers you with
  • Jumin’s chest just ached…He hurt so bad because he could see that you were hurting
  • He takes your hands, “Have I ever lied to you?”
  • “No…”
  • “Then believe me when I say you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You have so many great qualities, that it would be a shame if you couldn’t see them yourself.”
  • He makes a vow to help you love yourself, and for once you try to put in the effort


  • “Saeyoung, do you know how we promised we were going to be honest about our feelings?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “Well…I don’t like myself.”
  • He was surprisingly calm about it
  • He had been there himself, and freaking out would not help
  • He sets everything aside and has you talk about it
  • It takes some digging, but he tries to find the root of the problem
  • When you’re done, you’re a mess of tears
  • You admit that you want to love yourself, but you really can’t see any good qualities
  • This is where he steps in and starts listing your qualities one by one until you’re even worse of a mess
  • He knows it’s a process, so he tries to remind you daily of reasons to love yourself
  • He makes you list one you like about yourself in return
  • He also programs the robot cat to spit out compliments when he’s not around
  • You can’t shut it off unless you say a nice thing about yourself


  • It slipped out as a morbid joke actually
  • You were doing something, and you messed up so you chuckled
  • “Ah, I hate myself.”
  • Saeran’s attention snapped to you right away and he asked you to repeat that, since he wasn’t sure he heard right
  • When you say it again, he gets really upset
  • He went through years of actual self-loathing and he doesn’t like that you’re making a joke about it
  • It’s at this point you confess that it was a joke, but with a lot of truth behind it
  • You admit that you never really liked yourself
  • For some reason, the confession causes your emotions to burst and now you’re crying
  • He apologizes immediately, because he felt he was a little harsh before
  • It gets quiet except for your crying, and then he murmurs, “You’re worth a lot to me, and you should love yourself too.”
  • You were so touched by a simple sentence
  • From that point on, you tried to see yourself in a better light, and he tried to help you do so

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Rating: PG

When we were younger, Luke and I would hide from our parents in the tree house that was in my backyard.

We would sneak off after filling our plates with food climb up the wooden ladder to the top. We would always get in trouble because we knew we had to eat at the table. That would result in luke getting sent home but we would do it again the next day.

That was also the same tree house luke fell out of when we were 8 while racing to the top. I was the first person to sign his cast when he got home from the hospital.

Luke and I have been best friends practically since birth. It was weird being grown up and living on our own. Luke was going to a university close to his apartment while I just finished my program for the art.

Calum, Ashton and Michael who Luke and I met in secondary school were another one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. They knew how to have a good time, we were constantly getting into trouble. It was the kind of trouble that made you feel like you were really living.

None that really got us in trouble. Except for the time we all snuck into the aquarium and quickly set off the alarm. Michael took the fall for that one, he got arrested while all of us had already ran blocks away.

“Hello?” Someone waves their hand in front of my face.

I snaps me out of my thoughts and back into reality, which was Ashton’s basement with the boys.

And Arzaylea. Who was standing in front of me.

“Do you have any mascara with you?” She asks me.

I can hear Michael chuckle and I look at the other boys.

“No. Sorry.” I say shortly.

I wasn’t the type of girl who wore make up. I could never get it right and I just didn’t see the need for it. It’s not like I didn’t keep up on my looks. I plucked my eyebrows obsessively and always make sure to do my hair but that’s about as much effort as you’re getting from me.

She clicks her tongue, frowning slightly before take a seat next to Luke. They have been dating for almost two months now. We were friendly with each other because she is dating my best friend and Luke wouldn’t let her be any other way. But her and I have never really connected.

I slightly feel like it’s that was with all the boys as well but Luke. If Luke ever leaves the room, even for just a second it’s very awkward when she is in here.

“Can I borrow some lipstick.” Calum leans over to me, using his high pitched voice to mock Arzaylea.

I laugh quietly before smack his arm. Michael and Ashton are playing FIFA while calum and I make conversation trying not to pay much attention to Arzaylea and Luke who are bickering about going out to dinner tonight.

“I’ve got a big test tomorrow. I can’t be out late tonight.” Luke says annoyed.

“Yeah, why would I even think we would do something nice like that. Whenever we hang out it’s always with your friends. When are we going to have spend some time together. You know? As a couple!?” She says back to him.

I can’t help myself from listening in to their conversation. Luke and I never really talk about her. They haven’t been really getting along lately but none of us really mind because she isn’t the best to be around.

“We will. Just not tomorrow.” Luke looks like he’s paying more attention to the game then her which would make me upset too.

“Whatever. I’m going home.” She gets up and Luke sighs. He looks like he’s about to stop her but we make eye contact and I shake my head. “Bye guys.” She says to all of us before walking upstairs.

“God Luke! I just feel like, you don’t even like me anymore!” Calum uses the same voice to mock her again.

Saying it just loud enough so I can hear. I try to stifle my laugh but like notices and glances at me. My face turns red as he raises his eyebrows in confusion and I shrug.

The boys and I hang out until it gets dark. Calum and Michael end up staying the night while Luke and I head home. I offer to give him a ride back and he gratefully accept.

“So you’re coming to my first art Debut right?” I ask him as I drive the winds back to his apartment.

“Of course.” He smiles at me. His blue eyes taking my mind off the road until I feel the shaking of the divider under my wheels. I redirect my car back into my lane and he laughs.

I apologize embarrassed but he just blows it off. We learned to drive together, I think we have both seen the most embarrassing moments we’ve had.

A few short minutes later I pull up to his green apartment building that catty corners an old market we use to spend all of our money on candy at.

“Do you have time to come in?” He asks and I look at the time. It’s not even dinner time yet and I love spending time with Luke.

Lately we haven’t really gotten best friend time because of the other boys and Arzaylea. I nod and pull into a parking spot.

His apartment is just as I remember it. The living room and kitchen were very neat, almost untouched. As soon as you stepped foot in his bedroom it’s like a bomb had gone off, dishes and clothes everywhere.

I smile and pick up a picture of us from graduation. His arm is hooked over my shoulder and our smiles are real. His blond hair is peaking out from his cap while I complained that day about how I looked bald. He has just gotten his lip pierced and loved how it looked.

We went together to the shop, I got my nose pierced while he got his lip.

Things seemed the same but they were also much different. Luke changed a lot after he met Arzaylea, he took out his lip piercing and was a lot quieter. I almost feel like he is unhappy but then I’ll see him and her together and he will look like he is enjoying himself.

I set the frame down and Luke shoves a controller in my hand. I smile at him, “Why even try Hemmings? I kick your butt every time.” I smile before jumping on the couch and taking a seat. He puts in the FIFA soccer game that he can never quite seem to beat me at.

“Let’s just say I’ve got a good feeling about this.” He sits next to me.

After while of playing I have to stand to me feet because the restriction of standing is too much with the pressure.

“No. No!” I yell as he gets a penalty shoot-out which will win him the game. He makes it and jumps up in joy, I fall to my knees.

He laughs while standing over me, I glare at him playfully before trying to kick him. He grabs my foot and I try to wiggle it free. He just watched in amusement as I flop like a fish out of water.

I finally give up, my hair sprawled all over my face. He still holds onto my leg, a last attempt to make sure I don’t kick him. I just lay there, attempting to smooth out my unruly hair.

I start to feel a bit uncomfortable when Luke’s eyes are locked on me. He seemed to be in his own little world but his gaze was fixed on me.

I wiggle my leg, “Can I have this back?” I smile.

He seems to return to present day before letting go of my leg.

“For now.” He smiles, almost flirting with me.

I shake that idea out of my head. He doesn’t see me that way. He told me he really likes Arzaylea. We haven’t talked about her in a couple weeks but he sees me as his best friend. Nothing more.

I wish I could say the same. Since grade 10 I started thinking Luke was attractive. We were each other’s first kiss in grade 6 but that was just to get it over with.

I started really liking him the grade we graduated. I started seeing qualities in him that I wanted in a boyfriend.

He met Arzaylea a couple months after graduation and by the way he looked at her I knew. It got even worse, seeing how good of a boyfriend he could be broke my heart.

So I let it go. Tried to just see him as a friend and not make it obvious. I guess I wasn’t doing as good of a job as I thought be the other boys found out soon after.

He kicks me lightly, still leaning over me. “Get up before I spit on you.” He jokes.

Spit dangles from his mouth and I open my mouth jokingly.

He starts laughing and I move out of the way just on time. The spit hits the floor and i quickly stand to my feet.

“Lucas!” I gasp at how close he actually was to spitting on me.

He doubles over in laughter. His hair, that has gotten quite a bit longer, falls into his eyes. I smile, his laughter is very contagious. I start laughing as well.

“What’s so funny?” I question even my own laughter.

He looks over at me, taking a deep breath of air in before laughing again.

It’s impossible not to laugh with him.

I push him over and he lands on the couch. Soon enough he pulls himself together, swiping a tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Come on. You know my spit has been in your mouth before.” He chuckles again.

“Not on purpose. You do have a habit of spitting when you talk though.” I cross my arms.

“Oh yeah. What about grade 6?” He brings up our first kiss.

I scoff, “Please. That barely counted, it was closed mouthed and lasted like half a second.” I try to play off how much that actually meant to me.

Luke and I kissed, he wanted to kiss me.

He shrugs and stands to his feet, yawning.

“You’ve got a test tomorrow. I’ll let you study and get some good sleep.” I start gathering up my things.

“Agh, I don’t want to study. I want to hang out with you.” His whining makes me smile.

I know I mean a lot to him but I worried when Arzaylea come into his life that another girl would be put in front of me. It sounds selfish but it’s really relieving to know he didn’t want to go out to dinner with his girlfriend but wants me to stay and hang out.

“Goodbye, Luke. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smile, putting my hand on his shoulder before exiting his apartment. The air outside is cool but it’s light and easy to breathe.

I walk out to my car and glance back up to his apartment while unlocking the door. He is standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe.

His eyes are watching me from across the parking lot. He smiles widely and waves at me. I start my car and wave at him while driving away.


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How do you think the cresswell proposal would go down?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this one because y’all know how dear Cresswell is to my heart. And as a result, this thing turned into more of a novel than a headcanon. My apologies, anon! #sorrynotsorry

  • As we all know, location is one of the most vital elements in planning a proposal. Thorne struggled with trying to pick a place that struck the right balance of emotional significance and romantic quality for AGES!
      • “I can’t propose where we first met because it’s a heap of rusty metal in the Sahara.”
      • “I mean, I guess I could propose on the roof where we had our first kiss…but we also almost died there.”
    • In the end, Thorne decides that there’s really only one place that makes sense: the Rampion itself.
      • Every room in that ship is full of good memories for them. The galley, which makes Thorne think of the smudges of flour Cress gets on her face when she tries to bake and the way her nose crinkles when she laughs after he points them out. The cockpit, where Cress always claims the copilot’s seat and gasps over the view whenever they dock in a new city. Etc.
      • Not only does it loom large in their history, but it’s where they’ve built their present lives. And where Thorne hopes they’ll build their future together.
  • And then of course, there’s the business of the ring.
    • Thorne is a very particular shopper under normal circumstances, so you can imagine how picky he was about something as important as a ring for Cress.
      • “Hmm. And how many carats is it, again? Yeah, I’m gonna need something a little bigger.”
      • “No, that isn’t the cut she likes. It HAS to be a rose cut.”
      • Every jeweler he visits is pretty much ready to kick him out by the time he leaves because he’s just. So. PICKY!
    • By the time he does finally settle on a ring, both Wolf and Kai have accused him of stalling, but in the end, it’s worth the wait because Cress absolutely adores the ring he presented her with. It’s gorgeous, but not too gaudy. Elegant, but not plain. 
      • And Thorne bought it with honest money he earned and saved all because of Cress. That makes it all the more meaningful for both of them
  • And once all that was settled, well…Thorne had no excuses left for his stalling (”For the last time, Cinder, I am not ‘stalling’—I’m making sure everything is PERFECT. There’s a difference!”).
    • One warm spring day—because spring is Cress’s favorite—Thorne took Cress on what he announced was going to be the best date they’d ever had.
      • Cress was not terribly impressed by that since he says that before every date they go on, but she giggled all the same.
    • To begin with, they took another hot air balloon ride, like the one on their first real date. Thorne is not a fan of that, but since Cress adores it so much and because that’s what they did for their first date, it seemed appropriate.
      • Cress was impressed by that since she knows how Thorne feels about heights. 
    • Following the balloon ride, they went to a beautiful little outdoor cafe for dinner, where they could watch the sunset and Cress could scoot her chair around the table to cuddle against Thorne if the spring air started to get too chilly once the sun went down.
    • It was not until they started the slow, lazy stroll back to where the Rampion was docked that Thorne began to get really, truly nervous.
      • He had prepared a speech—as he always does for important occasions—but every time he tried to recall the words, all he could think about was the way Cress’s hand felt nestled in his. And what it would feel like if there was a ring on it.
    • They arrived back at the Rampion long before Thorne was ready, but he paused at the end of the gangplank all the same.
      • They often did that at the end of their dates, pausing before they went inside to lean into each other and stare up at the stars swirling overhead. 
    • That’s why Cress didn’t think anything of it, until Thorne made a strangled noise that sounded like he’d swallowed his tongue and then launched into the most nervous, disjointed speech she’d heard from him since that day in Artemisia when he’d asked her to join his crew.
      • And then suddenly, he was sliding down onto one knee and there was a ring in his hand and the words “will you marry me?” came stumbling out of his mouth.
      • Cress let out a resounding “yes!” without even pausing to think about it because she’d known for some time that that was what she was going to say when he worked up the courage to ask.
        • Her heart felt like it was going to burst as Thorne slid the ring onto her finger with shaky hands, and Cress launched herself at him to throw her arms around him.
        • It was a difficult for Thorne to stand back up with his arms full of very happy Cress, but he managed, grinning like an idiot all the while.
    • And once he did, he dipped Cress in the most passionate, swoon-worthy kiss they’d shared since that day on the roof of the New Beijing palace. But this one was even better because neither one of them had ever been so happy as they were right then, kissing under the stars.
Baby Liam| Scott McCall x Reader x Liam Dunbar


Part 4| Series

You felt something falling onto your eye making you jolt awake before realizing it was Scott’s drool. You squinted your eyes, slapping him slightly in his cheek, laughing knowing he can’t do anything about it right now. You were debating if you should get up to get a marker to draw on his face, instantly remembering Liam. The memories of him and you prancing Scott together making you remember of reality.

You jolt forward, making Scott’s resting figure fall against the couch, the impact making him wake up from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes before looking around, only to find you with Liam, a smile on your face as you carried him around pretending that his body was an airplane, the sound effects coming from you and inevitable giggles from Liam. He smiled lazily, but proudly, at his “family”.

His laugh caught your attention, you looked over to him smiling brightly. “He keeps calling me mama.” You boasted. He rolled his eyes, “Well seeing as he was a mama’s boy before this with you, I wouldn’t be surprised to him being so attached to you.” He noted, “A little too attached…” He mumbled, making it your turn to roll your eyes at him. “As much as I love baby Liam, we have to get him back to normal.” You sighed pinching his adorable cheeks.


Scott, Stiles, and you were hunched over reading articles, books, links, on mythology of werewolves, supernatural, and turning them into babies. You groan, making Liam look at you, his head tilting in a confused manner, like a puppy. The action being to adorable for you to be quiet, making you let out “awe’s” and rushing to him to hug him. He tried imitating the sound, only for him to fall short and release yelling sounds. “Maybe you and Scott should go and speak to Deaton. If there’s any way, he’ll know how to be able to help.” Stiles suggested making you look at him scared at what he’s suggesting.

“And whom do you think will take care of Liam?” You sarcastically asked. He smiled evil like, a cheshire smile forming on his lips. “I think it’s time my nephew and I spend some good ol’ quality time together.”


“That’s definitely not something you come across regularly.” Deaton frowned, “I mean we have seen it, but never to an extend of a baby.” He thought out loud. “Well…have you heard anything like this before?” Scott questioned hoping he’ll know how to turn his beta back. Deaton frowned stayed for a couple of seconds, his mind going over his memories because he knew there was something. It was almost as if it was in front of him. He looked up, noticing movement, Y/N standing there, deep in her thoughts, her hands tapping against the table underneath her. He eyes following her fingers to where a bottle payed next to her. Birth control for werewolves. It was in front of him!

Deaton let out a yelp, smiling at scaring the wolves inside his room. “Y/N do you remember the birth control I made especially for werewolves?” Deaton asked grabbing the bottles. You nodded, “uh..yeah…we don’t really need a refill. I mean, we’re kind of busy with the whole Liam turning into a bay that we haven’t gotten the chance t-” You rambled on, not seeming to be able to stop the horrid words from coming out of your mouth. Deaton cut you off, “No, that’s not what I brought it up. But thanks.” He joked smirking at a red Scott. “Do you remember the side effect?” He brought up again to Y/N.

You shook your head, to which Deaton nodded. “Well in some cases, it has affected the man and turned them into babies. Mythology going back to tying with karma of not letting nature take its course, but it’s rare, mostly thought to be myth.” He informed them, “Have you recently lost any pills?” He asked you. You nodded your head explaining you were missing two a while back, the exact day Liam turned.

All of you smiled before researching the myths and the cure. Deaton found out that they needed certain herbs, to which he promise he’ll get, but needed time.

Scott and you made your way back home to find Stiles crawled in a fetal position, rocking back and fourth. Once hearing your arrival, he sprinted to you, hugging and kissing your head. You were surprised by his actions, growing worried. Scott growled behind you, usually not getting jealous over his best friends, Stiles, but due to the lack of intimacy, he was very protective and possessive over you. Stiles rolled his eyes, his sarcastic ways over powering his dramatic act. “What’s wrong?” Scott huffed out. “The kid…he’s no baby, he’s evil.” He whispered scared of being heard from Liam. You looked around hearing giggling, eventually your eyes landing on Liam, a pair of underwear on his head, his hands clapping while he giggled. Your heart melted, while Stiles whispered, “Pure evil.”


Our class started last Monday, and honestly, I was kinda afraid that I might not continue being active on Tumblr because I am already at my senior year, and I actually wanted to focus on my studies given the predicament that I have a line up of kinda terror professors for the semester.

I actually feel anxious of thinking what plans should I have right after college. And I am very much scared on when and how would I start writing my thesis since this is done individually.

I bought some notebooks and stuff for my last year in college, but, I was not excited the way I was last year. Without further ado, I want to share with you some of the stuff I got!

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Hii, could you please do more Fanboy!Tae HCs please???

Yoongi remembers the first time he ever saw Taehyung jealous. It was actually so hilarious and a fun time for him. Yoongi’s usually the only to pout and glare at the boys Taehyung pulls with him to events and for once it’s Taehyung being pouty and grumpy literally Yoongi wants to milk it for all it’s worth because the younger is so fucking cute!!!

It’s during a fan sign in Seoul. Taehyung arrives at the usual location dressed up in his best outfit and carrying his favorite camera to capture any cute poses his boyfriend might do in his direction. It catches him off guard for a moment, though, when he lines up and none of the normal fan masters he interacts with come up to say hello like before. 

His eyebrows scrunch together and he looks around to notice that most of the fan masters are in a circle a little further ahead of the line. 

“Hey, Yoona! What’s going on over there?” 

Taehyung smiles as he spots and talks to one of the Seokjin fan masters he’s gotten close with. She’s a cute girl who always has a Mario plush with her and wants Soekjin to call her baby girl and also one of the few persons that knows of Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s relationship. The girl giggles and covers her mouth before her eyes shut into half moons with her grin and Taehyung himself can’t help but grinning. 

Until she speaks. 

“There’s a new Yoongi fanboy! You remember how wild it was when you first came, they are just excited to see another boy.” 

The grin on his face falls and he wants to say something else but before he can the staff is asking them to line up and of course, of fucking course, the boy lines up right in front of Taehyung. He doesn’t even try to hide his frown. The boy is fucking adorable as fuck. His hair is dyed silver, to match Yoongi’s Taehyung notices, and his almond eyes are lined in sharp dark black liner with light red shadow covering the lids. Really if Taehyung thinks about  it the boy looks similar to himself and that thought only pisses him off more when he sees the boy wearing a shirt that reads “Suga’s boyfriend!” on it.  The boy grins when he sees Taehyung. 

“Hello, I’m Baekhyun! Are you a fanboy too? Ah i bet your girlfriend dragged you here right?” 

Taehyung just points to his camera that hangs around his neck and more specifically the card taped to the camera that reads “Sugas_Sweets.” Baekhyun’s mouth drops open.


Thankfully before Baekhyun can try talking to him more the line begins moving and the fans are aloud to enter the building. Taehyung quickly looks for Yoongi and his mood instantly brightens when he notices Yoongi is already staring at him with a gummy smile on his face. His mood again is dropped when he hears Baekhyun squeal followed by “Holy shit Suga hyung is so handsome!!” 

He’s really not normally the jealous type but something about Baekhyun gets the possessive juices in him flowing. The boy is pretty, fucking gorgeous really, and Yoongi’s type. It makes Taehyung frown.  

“Did you get Hyung a gift? I got him this signed Eminem cd and some of his favorite candies!” 

Baekhyun is tossing an arm around Taehyung’s shoulder as he talks and Taehyung tries to focus on getting quality pictures of his boyfriend, and some of Namjoon for Kyungsoo, he really just wants to toss his camera because he knows Yoongi is going to fucking love that gift. It’s not a competition but Taehyung wants nothing more than to casually toss out a “I sucked his dick last night that’s a good enough gift.” but he stops himself. Instead he just smiles and shakes his head. 

“I go to every event. Yoongi asked i stop getting him gifts because my love and support is enough for him.” 

It’s their turn to meet the boys at the table and he counts it as a win when he sees Baekhyun look a bit jealous at the way Yoongi lights up when he notices Taehyung is in line. Most fans themselves have just figured Taehyung is Yoongi’s favorite fan site and that’s why the rapper lights up whenever he sees him. Taehyung knows it’s really because his boyfriend is a giant sap that loves when Taehyung shows his fanboy side. Sadly the way the line is set up has Baekhyun going to see Yoongi before Taehyung does. 

He watches with a frown as Baekhyun hands his gifts to Yoongi and Yoongi’s eyes shine when he sees the Eminem cd. Baekhyun raises his hand and Taehyung assumes he’s asking for a high five until he sees Yoongi link their fingers together for a few seconds. It makes his stomach turn unhappily as Baekhyun blushes when he makes eye contact with Yoongi and Yoongi himself laughs at how fucking cute Baekhyun is. 

The staff push him along and Yoongi laughs again when Taehyung sits in front of him with a pout. 

“He’s cute.” 

Yoongi teases his boyfriend and Taehyung huffs. 

“I’m turning into a Namjoon fan site.” 

Of course they both know he’s lying and Yoongi laces their fingers together as he coos. 

“Kyungsoo would kill you if you did.”

They don’t have much time together and Taehyung knows Yoongi has a packed schedule so they won’t get to have any secret dates anytime soon so he tries to smile as he hands over some sticky notes with questions for Yoongi to answer. One of them has a question that reads “Hyung what is your ideal type?” and he winks as he writes down “Pretty boys that pout when they are jealous and have purple hair.” 

Taehyung leaves with a blush on his face as staff ask him to move on. Damn Yoongi can be so smooth sometimes. 

Yoongi laughs the moment he reads the text. He knows, thanks to Taehyung, how much the fans are fearing for his hair now that a new comeback has been announced and although Yoongi already knows he’s keeping his dark hair he decides to tease Taehyung. 

He uploads an old selfie he has on his phone that was never posted onto twitter with his hair a bright orange, from when he was in the middle of bleaching it, before texting Taehyung back. 

“You haven’t checked Twitter?” 

A little bit of worry runs through him when twenty minutes pass and he’s gotten no reply from his boyfriend.  Another ten minutes go by and finally Yoongi texts his Taehyung again. 

“Are you okay?” 

What he receives is a picture of Taehyung in front of the bighit building with the words “BRB fighting Bang PD.” under it. 


It’s hard on them sometimes. Not always sunshine’s and rainbows. Sometimes they fight and it’s so ugly because they care for each other so much. Yoongi has idol friends that are just so fucking rude sometimes and there the ones that know about him dating a fan and they put words into his head that normally he wouldn’t think about. 

“What if he’s only with you because of the fame?” 

“He only likes you because you’re Suga.” 

“Once the excitement of being with an idol wears off he’ll leave you and go to a magazine about your relationship.” 

Yoongi’s so stressed out when Taehyung calls to tell him about how much he loves the new mv and talk about it he just snaps. 

“Can you please just shut up about the music video.” 

Taehyung goes silent for a moment before trying to change the subject to maybe cheer Yoongi on for his next concert. Yoongi knows he’s being a dick but again the stress it there and the lack of sleep and the words from his friends creep up and he just can’t handle it. 

“All you ever want to fucking talk about is concerts and music videos and it’s so fucking annoying can you just stop being such a fucking fan for once! I’m sorry i don’t want to be your idol boyfriend Suga today you can leech from me later.” 

The line clicks as Taehyung hangs up their call before Yoongi can even realize he’s taken out his stress on his boyfriend. Of course the younger doesn’t answer any attempts Yoongi makes to call him back. It just makes everything hurt more when a few days pass and Yoongi doesn’t see Taehyung at the fan event that he knew for sure the younger had tickets to. Yoongi checks twitter and his gut drops when he sees the top tweet. 

Sugas_Sweets: Hello it’s admin of S_S, for the first time ever S_S will be going on hiatus. Thank you for understanding.

He tries one more time to text Taehyung. “Am i really losing my favorite fan site?” and of course he feels like a dick when Taehyung text him back. “Clearly it bothers you that i’m a fan so i’ll stop.” 

That same day he nearly runs to Taehyung’s apartment as soon as he gets the free time. He has no idea what he’s going to say or do but he knows he needs to fix things with his boyfriend. He never really realized how much he looked forward to seeing Taehyung at events and concerts until the younger hadn’t showed up. He sees it coming when he knocks on the door and Kyungsoo answers just to slam the door back shut when he sees who it is. He’s always been protective over Taehyung and Yoongi is ready to fight his way into the house if he has too to get to Taehyung. Thankfully the younger opens the door a few minutes later. 

Yoongi doesn’t say anything before pulling him into a tight hug. 

“I’m sorry i’m a fucking asshole. I love your support and i love that you’re my fan and that you are there to cheer me on and i didn’t mean anything i said i just let some stupid words some people said get to me and i’m sorry.” 

He hates that Taehyung’s eyes are red, probably from crying, and the younger sighs as if he’s given up. 

“You know i’m dating you because you’re Yoongi right? I love Min Yoongi the man that snores too loud and is picky about his ramen. I don’t care if you are Suga of BTS i love Min Yoongi and i only talk about your work so much because i want you to know how proud i am of you.”

Yoongi nods. He does know that he just fucked up and he says so as he holds the love of his life to him. Taehyung finally hugs him back.

“I love you, stupid. If you make me cry again i’ll get Kyungsoo to kick your ass.” 

Yoongi just chuckles.

“I love you, too brat.” 

Preventing Pre-Exam Nerves

hello! as requested, here are a few tips on how to prevent/control nerves before an exam. hope it helps! :)

months and weeks in advance:

  • be prepared- the best way of preventing nerves is to actually study so you are prepared and can feel confident before an exam (obviously you can’t always feel 100% prepared, but having done a decent amount of studying definitely helps!!)
  • breathing exercises - I’ve never personally used these but I have friends who have tried them and have found them really beneficial. a quick google search can give you many different techniques so it’s worth doing your research in advance so you can practice and really master one technique that’s right for you!
  • make last-minute studying easier - making concise and good quality notes throughout the year means you have less work to do in the run up to exams and means you can really focus on quality revision just before exams. being prepared will definitely help reduce stress!
  • know the format - make sure you know everything about your exam; topics, format of questions, how many marks per question, types of questions, if you can choose questions, timings, equipment needed, etc. try asking your teacher to explain it to you and also make sure you complete previous years’ exams as practice!

a few days before and on the day:

  • eat right - try your hardest to eat well!! a quick google search can tell you lots of great foods to boost your brain power so you may want to try that! maybe give yourself encouragement by treating yourself to one of your favourite snacks the night before a big test! you should also definitely avoid skipping meals; you will seriously reduce your chances of success if you don’t eat a balanced and fulfilling breakfast or lunch before an exam!
  • drink water - stay hydrated!!!!! bring water into the exam if you can (but try to avoid drinking it all as this may make you need the bathroom)
  • make sure you have everything you need - pack your bag night before to avoid a last-minute rush before you leave home. double check with your teacher to see what equipment you need for the exam and also don’t forget things like a bottle of water, cereal bar in case you’re hungry, and an exam timetable or form of identification if necessary!! 
  • why be nervous? - i always try to get myself into the mindset of “whatever will happen will happen!!” and being nervous will only make things worse! if you end up doing well then that’s obviously great. if you don’t, however, then it really won’t be the end of the world. even if you think the exam determines your future, trust me it won’t!! you’ll always find a way to work things out, no matter what happens so have a little faith in yourself!
  • give yourself free time - i love going for a run or jog during intense studying before an exam as it gives me time to forget, clear my head, and be free! make sure you make time for yourself to do something you love, even if you feel that you have endless amounts of studying to do as it’s crucial to let your brain have a rest!
  • sleep - please try to make sure you get a good amount of sleep before an exam! being tired will only worse nerves and make you doubt yourself more, not to mention decrease your memory! maybe try meditation if you struggle to fall asleep.

just before the exam:

  • check you have everything - do a double check that you have all necessary equipment and if you don’t, then ask a teacher or invigilator as they will have spares for you to borrow.
  • breathe! - give yourself a minute or two before you enter an exam to just breathe!! try to clear your head and calm yourself down. if you’ve been practicing a technique then now is the time to use it! 
  • tell yourself that you can do it!! also no matter what happens in the exam, you will leave that hall in a few hours and can reward yourself, for example with some television or a nice snack! you just need to get through the next couple of hours and then it’ll be over!

i really hope this is useful and please feel free to add any of your own tips to this, and also message me if you have any questions! check out my resources page for more study tips and inspiration!


Anyway, this was supposed to a animation practice but I liked how it turned out so I took and finishing it. Though I got pretty exhausted when I worked with the bg XD
Also the quality isn’t as good as the original since it’s gif file. I tried to make it in better quality but meh.
Here we have a dromaeosauridae doing…something :V