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It seems I shall be the bearer of bad news today. =( Thought once more seemed more suitable on this account of mine. I noticed this on the HQ facebook page…


I had a bad feeling when Nick Foster said: “Plenty more of it to come later in the year ….” I tried to ignore it, but… I had a feeling.

It seems we could be in for a longer haul. Ugh. Hopefully that’ll make the gap to season 3 (actual S3, not Amazon’s S3, mind ;) ) not as long? =(a Hopefully also when they say tell us a date soon, they mean actually soon. lol

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Congrats with uni :D hope you are finding more freedom in it than high school, I know I did. So on to the ask... Could I please get some HCs for Tendo Satori going to university.

Awe thank you! 

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  • Wasn’t nervous about starting college, in fact, he was hella excited.
  • Couldn’t wait to go to the football games.
  • Has a hard time in algebra and biology.
  • Tries his best to make as many friends as possible.
  • Joins the volleyball team and freaks when he finds out they have twice as many cheerleaders at college then he did at Shiratorizawa.
  • Joins study groups just to meet new people.
  • Frequently calls his old teammates to see how they’re doing. Tells Goshiki how his bangs are still balling over FaceTime. 
  • Studies like crazy when he’s alone in his dorm.
  • Gets a super shy roommate but becomes the greatest of friends.
  • Plays video games with a lot of the guys on his dorm floor.
  • Goes to the local library every weekend and asks if they have manga, to which the librarian repeatedly tells him that they only have books for real studying.
  • Tries to be the class clown in the class but usually ends up with him being kicked out of the classroom. 
  • During Thanksgiving/Christmas break, Tendou visits his old teammates and plans a party for all of them to catch up.
  • Visits Semi a lot since Semi goes to a college that’s only forty-five minutes away. 
  • Wishes Wakatoshi would stop butt dialing him and actually call because he misses him lol.
  • Joins a ton of clubs but doesn’t realize how busy he gets, so he tries to juggle all of them but ultimately fails.
  • Overall enjoys college and is super stoked that he gets to still be a part of his teammates lives.

Thanks for requesting!

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Eren uses his good looks to get his way, constantly. He doesn't do it around the Levi Squad, but they've seen him do it enough times. A flutter of his eyelashes and a flirty smile and everyone does whatever he wants. Levi gets so jealous that he starts deliberately denying Eren things just so Eren will try and beg, and it actually works.

Who`d have thought, under that dopey, clumsy facade hid a fucking minx. 

This was in reference to a certain Eren Jaeger who Squad Levi had brought along to the market because they certainly couldn`t leave him alone. That wasn`t unusual, what was unusual was the fact that everything was insanely expensive because people swore they had money out the ass and were charging an arm and leg for a fucking apple. Levi had expected to shell out far more than he was willing, but he`d not expected Eren to talk the price down for them, and definitely not like this.

“Oh, but a big handsome guy like you, can`t you spare just a bit for a hungry soldier?” Eren purred to the greedy merchant, tip toeing his tan fingers up the man`s chest, causing him to gulp.

“W-well, you know I tend to be a generous man, haha.” The guy bluffed, puffing out his chest, Eren giggled and fluttered his lashes coyly.

“Does your kindness extend to us too, sir?”

The poor idiot of a man didn`t think twice.

“Of course! In fact, half off for a pretty thing like you!” He promised, Eren forced a blush to show on his cheeks.

“Aren`t you just the sweetest thing, thank you so much.”

Eld`s mouth hung open as he watched the newbie get 2 lbs for almost nothing, just from having a nice face, when they had been paying double for years. Petra applauded him, Oluo was busy trying to talk down on his skills, Gunther was silently impressed and a little uncomfortable because he really didn`t want to find Eren attractive and Levi.

He didn`t like this at all.

That`s not to say he didn`t like Eren flaunting what he had, not if he could watch, he didn`t like the fact that Eren was using his charms on others. The kid had never tried to woo him when he wanted something, in his defense he probably didn`t have a death wish, but was he just not good enough to waste his affections on? Or maybe he said yes too easily, Eren did get practically whatever he asked for anyway, why lay it on thick right?

As they made their way back to HQ, arms full of food Eren had outright swindled from unsuspecting vendors, Levi decided he wasn`t going to be so easy, he`d make Eren work for it, or rather, flirt for it.

“So Captain, I was wondering if I could go out with my friends? Just for tonight?” Eren requested, immediately Levi opened his mouth to say yes, honestly hadn`t even heard the request, he could`ve been asking to murder someone and he`d have said so without question. But he stopped himself, not this time, Levi Ackerman wasn`t going to let him go that easily.


By the walls, the way Eren`s eyes went wide and his lips parted in shock, you`d think he`d never heard the word `no` in his damn life, but, he was flabbergasted at the fact Levi had denied him. Levi never said no, he always gave Eren what he wanted and Eren had become downright spoiled to it.

“I- b-but… Why?” Eren really tried not to whine like the brat he was, but he didn`t quite succeed. Levi held back the burning urge to fix the pouty frown by hurriedly giving in, but he stood his ground.

“Because, you`ve went out with them enough times this week alone, life isn`t a party for you to have Eren.” Levi sniffed.

Eren resisted letting fat tears fall down his face, fuck he was spoiled rotten and somewhat ashamed of it, but he had wanted to go. Everyone else was going and he was going to be the only one left behind! And because Eren had no clue how to deal with the idea that Levi wasn`t giving him what he asked, he turned to his only other tactic, which could very well get him killed.

Eren bit his lip and made sure to  look real pouty and sad and whined,

“Please Captain, I really wanted to go.”

Levi fought down the smirk that tried to form on his lips, at the act of Eren exaggeratedly, but purposefully sensually, whining in complaint.

“Is that so?” Don`t turn him off completely or he`ll leave, but don`t say yes just yet, gotta milk this for all it`s worth.

Eren leaned over his desk, jutted his ass out behind him and lips quivering in mock hurt. He gave him some shining puppy dog eyes as he laid his head on the desk to blink prettily up at him.

“Mmhm.” Eren mumbled in agreement.

How was he supposed to say no to that? Levi ran his hand though Eren`s hair, which had splayed itself across his desk in soft brown waves, causing him to tense and blush for real, “Y`know, you`re awful cute Eren.”

Eren was skilled, he considered himself a seductress and a master of wit, so why was he sputtering now that he was getting complimented? He was far more aware of his good looks than anyone else, but as Levi held his face in one hand he was malting into the contact. He`d met his match.

Still, Eren could still make it, he could still get what he wanted after all this.

“S-so, can I go?” Damn him for stuttering, voice coming out as a shy whisper rather than a sultry one. Levi hummed in thought.


Eren was about to cry, like actually cry, all this and still nothing? Why in hell-

“Because you`re staying with me tonight.


“All night.”


For once, Eren didn`t complain.


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Who else should we turn into meremaids? The list could be long or short. Who could be sailors or victims of the mermaids? (Ushijima as sailour could be fun. Like oikawa tries to lure him in the deep ocean but "that sailour is denser than tobio"- rambels oikawa while he lies on tobes butt) I am sorry tell me to stop!!! Or make a save word loke mandarin kid or ah.... can in your oppinion meremaids cry? And if so what doas come out? (As child i thoght that they cry perls)

My fave candidate other than Kage and Oikawa is Semi actually.

I also like imagining Shirabu as one, angsting over Semi being dense af while he’s highkey jelly that Oikawa and Kageyama got together while his own dumbass crush is just floating in the water obliviously and let me tell you. he.is.pissed.

I can add Sakusa as their extremely salty clan leader or second in line or something and lowkey form a love triangle bc world needs more sakukage

I actually can see Daichi being their leader (if they have one) but not much of the rest of karasuno tbh. I tried to picture tsuki as a merman and it gave me a headache lol he’s just surprisingly unsuitable for it??somehow??idek why?

Miya twins = Oikawa’s true enemy and “tobio’s best buddies uwu” (hint: they are not.). Everytime they’re around Kageyama has to physically stop Oikawa from tail-slapping them to deathadfjs. He doesn’t get the problem between them and everyone refrains from explaining it to him (lol). Kageyama bribes him with “If you behave, I will let you sleep on my butt. Just this once. >__> ” “( •⌓• ) YEAY! (๑و•̀ω•́)و” “Shut it (-‸ლ)” (Kageyama is totally lying about the ‘just this once’ lol Oikawa has mastered the puppy eyes long ago, that butt will be slept on either way)


But it would be funny if Ushijima was totally immune to merpeople’s charm LMAO. While everyone acts creepily under effect he would be like “??? Yes, that’s an extraordinary supernatural phenomenon but please refrain from jumping into the water, Tendou. It’s winter, you’ll get sick.” 

Bokuto as a sailor tho. BOKUTO AS A SAILOR THO. Bokuto recklessly jumping from one adventure to another and accidentally meeting Oikawa and Kageyamasfjsdhgdf now this is my aesthetic ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

So a lovely anon asked if I could make a zombie/apocalypse gif hunt so I tried my best! Under the cut you will find 78 hq gifs of a zombie/apocalypse setting, a mix of both faceless and face gifs. To be honest pretty much all the gifs are from the walking dead but there are a few others movies in there. A like or reblog would be appreciated if you found this helpful, enjoy!

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“Damn is he loveable.” -Jensen Ackles 

so like, this ‘lil YJ TxBB comic I posted along with some doodles, I was gonna just color it but then I thought it could make a good animation….eh.

So like, this takes place a little after the team takes Terra in and she and Gar are on one of the “rooftops” of the new cave HQ to hang out. Gar tries to sneak a look but almost gets caught.

Gar, Gar, Gar *shakes head* now you’re getting to your awkward years. 

June is such an odd month for Michael and not just because of his death.

  • He used “Swine Flu” as an excuse to avoid coming to England.
  • He was having treatment done on his chest as he was showing high signs of cancerous cells.
  • He was losing an abnormal amount of weight and his friends feared he was close to being anorexic. 
  • He was also starting to have nightmares of being murdered and followed.
  • He was scammed into 50 shows after signing for 10.
  • He was quoted saying ‘I’m better off dead. I’m done’ a week before his death.

His bodyguards said even for being Michael Jackson he was acting more “Weirdly” than normal.

To me it screams that this man needed help, that he was losing control and needed help. 

When he died everyone said they tried to help him, but really? I don’t think so. It seems like no one did nothing because they were still being paid. AEG didn’t care,Because if he died they would make more money off him than alive thanks to the insurance. 

I find it so hard that everyone just….sat back and watched. How could you have the heart or ignore the guilt that you just watched it happen and did nothing..?

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Hi! Could I ask how you think Hinata, Kags, Noya, Asahi, Suga, Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto (Sorry that's kind of a lot >.<) would react if their s/o was working a maid cafe? Maybe for a school festival or something and they got served by them? Thanks! (Feel free to do it in headcanon or scenario format, whichever is easiest for you~)

Haha you’re fine! I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to do this as a headcannon. Don’t hate mee plsss! I’m going to base this off of a school festival btw!


  • he’d be a stuttering mess
  • you were so cute in your outfit, he could find the words to describe it
  • his eyes would NEVER leave you
  • hinata would even watch if other guys were hitting on you
  • when his visit would be up at your classroom’s activity, he would be a little bitter to leave
  • he wants to see you in the maid outfit more


  • maybe he’d be a stuttering mess more than Hinata
  • Kageyama couldnt even look you in the eyes
  • he’d even be thinking too much trynna find the words to tell you how much he rly thinks youre cute
  • he’d have one pervy thought then try to banish it
  • he’d be super embarrassed about thinking bout you and the maid outfit in a pervy way
  • later, after he’s done visiting you, he’ll be calm enough to tell you how much he really liked the maid outfit on you


  • this boy loooves it
  • he aint afraid to let you know either
  • or the world matter of fact
  • he wont hold back the volume of his voice when he goes on and on about how cute hot sexy gorgeous whatever you are in the outfit
  • he’d keep the pervy thoughts to himself
  • he cant help it, he’s nishinoya


  • he’s such a flustered soul
  • Asahi would try not to stare, but he couldnt help it
  • his eyes would always find you
  • he’ll muster enough words to say be careful and stuff
  • but before he leaves he’ll compliment how beautiful you look


  • he’s such a smooth talker, so calm and collected
  • such a gentleman and bold
  • he’s complimenting you
  • watching you with a smile
  • he’s such a supportive boyfriend too, he’ll tell you to be careful or give you any tips if you need any


  • this damn flirt
  • you’re his girlfriend, why does he have to hide how cute you are?
  • he’ll tell everybody how cute you look in the cafe
  • “go look at my gf’s classroom, she’s the cute maid!”
  • “But don’t hit on her, unless you want a volleyball smashed against your face”
  • he’ll kiss you on the cheek before leaving and saying something like “aren’t you going to kiss your master goodbye?”
  • he’s such a tease and a joker blah blah blah


  • he’ll try to be smooth, but he finds you so cute in the damn outfit that all he can say it “How cute”
  • he’ll watch you serve others while he waits for his food with a smile
  • he’s happy knowing he has such a cute girlfriend
  • you won’t have to know how much he likes the maid outfit on you with his words, his eyes following you will tell you that enough
  • when he’s calmed down, he can tell you how he loves the outfit on you
  • before he leaves, I can totally see him whispering in your ear something sexy
  • “I wish I could you in this outfit in bed”
  • makes up for only saying two words when he first sees you


  • he’s amazed at how cute you are in it
  • “Oooooh! ____-san, you look so good in this oufit!”
  • he’s a cheesing mess, no shame in his happiness
  • and why should there be, he loves you
  • he’s so excited having you take his order
  • he tries to play it off that you’re not his girlfriend and just a cute maid
  • he’ll try some cute pick up lines on you
  • and of course they work with his charm
Sore (Sneak Peek)


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“Wait!” You shouted from the other side of the corridor, speeding up as you saw the doors of the elevator closing slowly, sergeant Barnes standing in the middle with a lost look before he heard your voice. Luckily, with the same ability of a ballerina, you jumped in right before the metal gates shut. “Thank you.” You said, even if he did nothing but existing right inside of the elevator at that moment. He nodded, looking at you, hands behind his back as a formalism. He knew people from the HQ were a little bit intimidated by his presence, and he didn’t want you make you feel like that.

However, you cursed internally. Not only you were standing only millimetres apart no matter how spacey the lift was, that you could also feel his heat and smell his scent, mixed with a strong deodorant, the last thing making your nose wrinkle. Your bad habit of lip biting appeared again, containing yourself from doing anything stupid.

“I’m sorry, I know I smell bad, I still have to take a shower and-” He tried to explain the moment he saw you put that face, the thread of his thoughts tangling up as you turned to him, still nipping your mouth, eyes full of light and a welcoming body language.

“No worries, you don’t smell that bad.” You joked, automatically raising your hand and pressing it against his biceps as a laugh escaped from your lips, surprised of its toughness and that it was his fleshy arm and not the bionic one.

It could have been because of the reflexes he had to develop throughout the years from keeping himself in a constant state of alert, but the moment he felt your hand on him, he immediately used his other one to grab your wrist and pin it against the wall, pushing your body as if it was made of feather and reducing your ability to move from the spot he had you secluded.

Your eyes got wide open as you felt your chest against his, screaming internally because of the proximity and the rising heat covering your body gradually, ignoring completely the fact that a trained assassin had you immobilised, suppressing a high pitched whine as you felt him almost grinding on you. He had a harsh look at first, as if he was ready to break your neck the moment his conscience decided you were a threat to him, until he finally saw clearly that you were not an enemy.

“Oh my goodness I am-” He apologised again, starting to move away, letting the cold temperature hit on the spot the sweat and his pressure had already warmed up. But this time, as fast as lightning, brain completely shut down, you grabbed a handful of his cotton clothing, pulling him as close as he was before, finding delight in the way his rock hard torso hit your chest, feeling like your sports bra was a burden you needed to get rid of. Your other palm crawled until it reached the back of his neck, pushing him right down on your lips, which were already drooling at the thought of his taste dripping on your tongue.