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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Doctor Cho

Words: 1045

Warning: none i think

Tag: @vashanatasha

Request: Requested by Anonymous:

“4 and 17 with barnes 😍😍”

Note: I tried to do both prompts in this one but I just didn’t like the result so I decided to write them separately. But could you please, send me another request so I don’t forget to make the 17? Please? Just in case haha

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You and Bucky had been together for a year now and you were happy and proud to say that you were the person who knew Bucky the best. Steve was the only exception, of course. You knew everything about each other and every single day he still managed to surprise you somehow.

He, indeed, was the fiery super soldier everyone knew but on the inside he was just a boy from Brooklyn. He was caring, happy, funny, he loved staying in bed on Sundays while cuddling with you. He loved having you play with his hair or massage his back, he loved holding your hand in public and he loved extra cheese on pizza and pasta. You also knew he wasn’t afraid of many things but he didn’t really like spiders, he was afraid of the dark because it used to bring nightmares and he didn’t like the cold since it reminded him of the time when he was frozen. But, after a year together, you found out about a fear you never thought he would have.

“Needles? You’re afraid of needles?” You asked him.

Every time someone joined the team he was forced to go through a medical test to check that everything was ok. Usually, it would take place during the first week after joining the team, but the made an exception with Bucky. The doctors decided it would be better if everything went back to normal in his head and then they would check his body. And now that he was almost over his “Hydra phase”, Tony and Steve decided it was time for him to go to the doctor who told him she would need some blood samples to run some tests.

“It’s not that I’m afraid, I just don’t like the idea of…them?” He said. You tried to hold your laugh but it was impossible. Who would have thought that the Winter Soldier was afraid of needles?

“You’re adorable”, you said shaking your head as you stroked his hair slowly.

“I said I’m not scared” he frowned.

“It’s ok. Everyone’s afraid of something, Bucks” you winked at him. “But now we have to go to the nursery. Doctor Cho is waiting and have been waiting for 15 minutes now”

“But why does she need my blood anyway? It’s mine and if it is inside my body it is for a reason. Blood is not supposed to be taken out of me”, he said crossing his arms. He really looked like a 5-years-old boy now which made you laugh even more.

“It’s the only one to know that everything is alright. I already explained it”, you said.

“But what about ultrasounds, x-ray and all that stuff?” He asked.

“Those stuff can’t know what is in your blood”, you replied.

“But I’m fine!” He whined. Sighing you took his face in your hands and kiss him softly. “I don’t want to…” he mumbled.

“For me? Please?” You asked him pouting, knowing he couldn’t resist you when you did that. “I’ll be there with you, I promise”, you added.

“You’re being mean…” he mumbled.

“But, please…”

With a sigh he looked away for a few moments and then nodded. You smiled a hugged him tight before kissing him softly.

“I love you”, you said.

“And I love you too”, he smiled before pecking your lips.

“C’mon, Dr Cho is waiting”, you repeated as you pulled his hand.

With a sigh, he got up from the couch and followed you through the headquarters to the nursery. But just when he walked in and he saw the needles the doctor would be using he turned around again.

“Bucky! Come back!” You exclaimed but he just didn’t listen. “James, come back here or I swear you will be sleeping on your own for the next two weeks”

That made him stop on his tracks. Slowly, he turned and looked at you wide eyed.

“You wouldn’t do that”, he said.

“Try me”, you replied crossing your arms against your chest.

He looked at you first and then at the doctor who was leaned against the table smiling widely. Seeing you two together was always adorable but also so funny, especially when you were the one bossing around. After a minute he mumbled something under his breath and walked back into the nursery. With a smile, you took his hand and leaded him to the stretcher where he sat down.

“Have you seen those?” Bucky asked with panic as he looked at the needles.

“Hey, don’t look at them. Focus on me. Just me”, you said taking his face so he set his eyes on you. “You won’t even notice, I promise. And then we will go to the city and I will buy you your favourite ice cream”, you smirked.

“Are you mocking me?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Impossible not to”, you winked before pecking his lips.

Meanwhile, Dr Cho had wrapped a long elastic band around Bucky’s upper arm.

“Close your fist, Bucky”, the doctor told him. He did so.

You observed what the doctor was doing while you felt Bucky’s eyes on you the whole time. You looked at him when you saw that she was about to place the IV.

“Ok, now you need to look at me. Tell me anything, tell me which movie we’re watching tonight”, you said.

“Well, I want to watch this new one… Nerve I think-fuck!” He looked at his arm just when the doctor had attached the tube and the blood started to come out as soon as she removed the elastic band. “What the…?”

“Bucky, look at me! Forget about it!” You exclaimed taking his face again but now his pupils were already dilated and you knew he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. “C’mon…breathe in…now out…it’s ok. It’s almost over”

“Done, press against the cotton for a while, Mr Barnes”, the doctor said. You looked down and saw that she has removed the tube and the IV and was now holding a ball of cotton against his arm.

“You did great, babe”, you smiled at him.

“I didn’t like it…” he mumbled. “And I want my ice cream…” he added.

“Of course”, you said smiling and hugging him. Who could have ever imagined?


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So I actually don't think Bonnie and Kai are going to interact with each other - in fact, in the extended promo, Bonnie's being attacked mentally by Cade (giving me Sybil/Enzo flashbacks) and then it looks like she's joining hands - the hands are black, so I'm thinking her and Cade team up for a moment? At the beginning of 8x11 she didn't know who Cade was, so I can see her being surprised as she put the pieces together when Cade visits her.

Yes, correct. Watching a stream often makes it hard to pick up details but after watching the HQ promo on youtube you are right, it was just edited that way in the first promo, and not in the extended one. 

“giving me Sybil/Enzo flashbacks” 😢 - I hope not it’s not to that extreme, that was so hard to watch.

Ah, perhaps Cade tries to show her her potential, or expands on her ancestry which could link up with his own? Bring on the Bonnie heavy episode!

so like, this ‘lil YJ TxBB comic I posted along with some doodles, I was gonna just color it but then I thought it could make a good animation….eh.

So like, this takes place a little after the team takes Terra in and she and Gar are on one of the “rooftops” of the new cave HQ to hang out. Gar tries to sneak a look but almost gets caught.

Gar, Gar, Gar *shakes head* now you’re getting to your awkward years.