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Mafia Kings

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Note: Due to recent events and the rampant uprising of plagiarism on this site and others I am stating once and once only that this is my ORIGINAL work. If I find out that you have stolen/taken any part of my work I will handle you and the situation the way I see fit

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Length: 1,418

Genre: Honestly idk what genre this first chapter is lol

Summary: Jay never meant to meet her. In fact, he wish he never did. She was just a beautiful stranger who was nearly mugged and taken advantage of. Jihye never asked for this life. Now because of one night she landed head first into one of the most deadliest rivalries in South Korea.

A/N: I posted this on here before but I deleted it because I also had it on wattpad and didn’t want my work in other places. I’m posting on here for good since I deleted my wattpad stories. Hope you all enjoy!

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Clowning Around

anon request: Hii!! Idk if requests are open but I have ideas for 2 stories - if you could maybe write them sometime. 1. So I saw Matthew posting cute puppy pics on insta and I could imagine that maybe he’s getting the puppy for his girlfriend. 2. He also posted pics of a clown motel, maybe there could be a romantic kinda smutty scene in the middle of a road trip.

I already wrote the puppy one (x) and now, here’s the smutty clown motel.  yeah, sorry, i could not resist naming this fic what it is

i haven’t written smut in like two years so if this sucks i am so soRRY

Pairing: MGG x Reader



Going on road trips was one of your favorite things in the world, as well as Matthew’s.  It was just something about being in a car, traveling around aimlessly with the man you love and the radio up that got you going.  The best part was your boyfriend loved it just as much as you did.

Matthew had a thing for just driving down the interstate then randomly selecting an exit when he felt like it.  So today, you two somehow ended up in Central Nevada.  Little did you know, this was the one time he purposefully took a wrong turn.

Matthew has one hand on the wheel and the other holding yours.  “Have I ever mentioned my love of clowns?” he asks out of the blue.

“Only every other day,” you reply.  “And every time you do, I threaten to break up with you,” you tease.  He laughs, taking your hand up to his mouth and kisses it.  “You wouldn’t dare,” he smiles.

Then you realize what’s about to happen.  “Matthew Gray Gubler, if you are taking me to that damn clown motel-“

“It’ll be fun!” he interrupts, “You’ll love it!  I promise.  Have you ever not had fun with me?”  

You glare at your boyfriend.  “Three words: Cinco de Mayo.”

Matthew starts laughing pretty hard, recalling the memory.  “Hey, I had no idea that guy would do that.”  You begin to laugh too, but still mad at the memory.  “It was a terrible day,” you say trying to be serious.  

“It made a great memory,” he tries to reason. “Depends on your definition of great,” you reply, biting back a laugh.

About forty-five minutes and the entire Beetlejuice soundtrack later, you arrived at the infamous clown motel of Central Nevada.  Matthew legitimately looks like a child on Christmas morning, he’s that excited to be here.  You begin to get your things out of the car and follow your boyfriend inside.  

You already hate it.  You were going to give it a chance, but you can’t.  You don’t do dirty, you don’t do motels, and you most definitely don’t do clowns.  Matthew knew all of this and suspected you’d hate it, and it was all confirmed when he took one look at your face.  “You hate it,” he says, a bit disappointed.

“No,” you lie.  “I like it.”  But Matthew knows better.  He just stares at you until you cave.  “Fine, I hate it.  But we are not leaving,” you say.  “This is your favorite place ever and I wanna make good memories here.  Or at least replace the Cinco de Mayo ones for less terrible memories,” you joke.

Matthew laughs, setting his suitcase down and walks towards you.  “I knew you’d hate it,” he admits.  “Thank you for giving it a try.  Hey, once we get out of here, I’ll take you to a real hotel in Vegas, how about that?”

You giggle.  “You don’t have to make deals with me.  Honestly as long as I’m with you, I’m happy.”  Matthew smiles and pulls you into a kiss.  “Thanks, baby,” he says.  You step out of his arms and smirk.  “Now.  Tell me more about these Vegas hotels.”

Soon enough, the two of you are settled into your creepy motel room.  You actually are starting to warm up to the place.  Granted, that’s mainly because you love how happy this place makes Matthew, but it’s also kind of growing on you.  You make sure Matthew knows it, too.  You hate disappointing him.  

You’re laying on the motel bed scrolling through instagram on your phone.  You smile at the one Matthew posted of him in the motel’s gift shop.  He’s such an adorable nerd.  Matthew’s laying next to you on the bed and catches you smiling.  “What are you smiling at?”

“You and your clowns,” you laugh.  “I was looking at your last instagram post.”  He smiles back at you, reaching over you to take your phone out of your hands.  He tosses it on the ground and you start to protest.  “No phones,” he says.  “Just you and me and clowns.”

You giggle.  “Yeah?  And how do you plan on spending the rest of the night, Gubler?”  He smirks, climbing on top of you and begins to kiss your neck.  “Like this.”

He starts trailing kisses down your neck, and you let a little moan escape your lips.  His hands are wandering all over your body as your fingers get lost in his curly hair.  He sits up to take off your shirt, pleased to see you weren’t wearing a bra.  He takes off his shirt then leans back down to finish the trail of kisses down your neck to your exposed breasts.

He takes one of your nipples in his mouth and you can’t help but moan at the feeling. He moves away, kissing down your torso and stopping at the waistband of your jeans.  “We need to get rid of these,” he mumbles.  He gets off of you and both of you finish taking off each other’s clothes.  Once the two of you are finally naked, he lays you back down, kissing your lips.  You drag your teeth lightly over his bottom one, earning a low ‘fuck’ from Matthew.  He moves to kiss your collarbone, then the peak of your breast.  “Matthew, please,” you nearly whine.

He trails wet and sloppy kisses down your torso and back where he originally planned on being.  Your hands rushed to his curls once more as you felt his tongue run along your slit.  You moan a string of profanities as his tongue pushes down on your clit, flicking it once, then twice.  Shortly, his tongue is roaming all over your sex, tasting you.  He loves every minute of it - knowing he’s the one who can make you feel like this, knowing only he gets to taste you.  “You’re perfect,” he whispers into you.  He’s taking his time with you, just slow enough to be borderline agonizing, but it’s all pleasure.  “Matthew,” you moan out, “I’m so close.”

You feel his tongue take one last lick up your heat, tasting all of you.  He pulls away, and you don’t even try and hide your disappointment.  He climbs back up your body, kissing your soft lips, allowing you to taste yourself.  There’s nothing hotter than you tasting yourself on his lips, and he knows it.  He lowers himself into you, and he moans in your mouth.  “God,” he moans.  “Fuck, you feel so good baby.”

The kiss turned greedy and sloppy as the two of you are nearing your highs.  He moves to leave kisses down your neck, occasionally biting down, and you knew it’d leave a mark.  Your nails drag on his back as you feel the familiar sensation about to take over.  “Matthew,” you moan.

“I know baby,” he moans in your neck.  “Me too.”  His lips meet yours once more as your hand moves to his curls while the other is wrapped around his neck.  Your climax began to take over your entire body, moaning Matthew’s name and several profanities.  “God, yes,” you breathe.  You feel Matthew release inside of you, his face buried in the crook of your neck.  You feel his hot breath on you and it’s enough to make your orgasm last a bit longer.  

His hips slowly stopped as his lips left light kisses on his girlfriend’s neck.  “You’re too perfect,” he murmurs into you.  “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”  Your lips meet his, and you realize he’s still buried inside you.  You don’t mind.  A few minutes later, he removes himself and rolls over next to you and you instinctively lay your head on his chest as he wraps his arms around your naked body.  “Maybe I like this motel after all,” you tease.

“Better than Cinco de Mayo?”


Svtfoe Friendenemies Thoughts/Recap

{{Please watch the episode when it airs new on Disney XD in your timezone}}

Back at it again with Marco trying to buy some tickets to an 8 hour marathon of his favorite actor’s movies. Disney XD shows sure do always have the sold out concert/ticketed event episode (Svtfoe, phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls), not that I mind, just pointing it out.

Hey Marco~ Can I get your help with something?

Star, baby doll, how did you do that to yourself. Oooo~h I gotcha! Starco Trash Brain says that you were tangling yourself up so Mr. Diaz here could untangle you……I’m done. She probably genuinely got herself tangled in them, but what was she doing with them in the first place? Unlike how I originally thought, it wasn’t decorating, but we never really get any form of explanation.

So, Mackie Hand’s name, punny as it is, is probably a reference to Jackie Chan

However the mention of how he died could be a reference to Brandon Lee, martial artist, actor and son of Bruce Lee, who passed unfortunately do to a tragic failed stunt while filming a movie.

Marco describes Mackie Hand very similarly to how Star worshiped Mina Loveberry

Anyway poor Marco, of course the tickets to a popular event would be sold out on the day OF the event. 

Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s still a chance you could get a ticket.

Good things don’t happen to me.”

*scoffs* Ahem, A LOT of good things happen to you. Is that a challenge, Mr. Diaz because look who came a-fire burning on the dance floor to put a stop to them fighting words. Tom, how are you not melting that ice cream, bro? 

Nice of you to pop in, you don’t even knock? Star knocked. 

Thanks to the recent online promo and synopsis from way back when, we already know Tombone here ain’t back from Daisyland and wanting to hang out with Miss Butterfly. The honor goes to Marco, who was bewildered by the very idea- what, no every time I see you you threaten my life with fire and stuff mentality- until Demon Boy flashed his pearly fangs and tickets to the only thing that will make happy at the moment.

Tom, don’t be flashy

Star starts to chew her way out of her light restraints, while Tom apologizes for every temper tantrum he’s had thus far and promises to be good, Marco detects a whiff of bullpucky and asks Star what his angle is. Star says he’s trying the “Bury the hammer”  [hatchet] and suggests he go with him. Good on you Star, rational thinking. I like it. The final deciding factor is that Tom decided to throw sparkly pixie dust on the tickets to make them extra tempting and Marco falls for it: Hook, line, and sinker. 

I hope they untied Star before they left because that is the last we see of her for the rest of both episodes. Bye Star.

Entering TOMCO Territory, are you ready?

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