i tried to make her look comic ish

NadiaThis is an original character by my requester and I was told to do my own spin on her original costuming and such.  I tried to keep her very contemporary, so there’s a lot of XO Yonce up in there.  Too much?  Never enough?  You tell me.  Hopefully, my requester is happy with the changes.

Doctor StrangeMr. Steven here is decked out in his original costume as well, with small tweaks here and there.  I don’t know if any of you have picked up, but I definitely favor a side parted cape opposed to the more traditional middle part.  I think it’s a subtle way to switch up the cape game - there, I said it.  I originally wanted to go more epic with the background, but then I realized there just wasn’t the time.  Everyone keeps asking why he looks so worried or sad.  And my answer is…why not?

Wonder Woman & The Mad HatterThis was a really fun request and other than wanting WW and Hatter, there were no parameters.  Oh, well, she wanted traditional looking WW.  The concept was basically that this would be a piece to bridge two collections/interests between the requester and her better half.  I decided it would be cute to have them sipping tea together.  Spilling the T, if you will.  I tried to make WW look more tanned and Grecian and I should have gone more olive in her complexion.  But I’m really happy with her hair, which I think reads more wild, Amazonian goddess.  Oh, and her gold came out nicely and I don’t know how that happened.  For the Hatter, I had difficulty staying away from the Depp version so I did all I could do avoid his color schemes and such.  I kinda like his Asian-ish face.