i tried to make a pretty

it’s fun ‘cause i’m pretty butch now and have always always wanted to have short hair and all i wore when i was a young closeted-to-myself teen were hoodies and jeans which my mom was surprisingly okay with? she never tried to make me girly; she herself was much more comfortable when she wasn’t trying to be feminine, too. and then we both turned out to be lesbians

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ok but this: hanaoi, flirty barista au. (i prefer makki as the flirty barista. like he constantly flirts w people but he flirts more and tries to woo oikawa, who is a frequent customer)

kinda just paired this with a college au and ran with it lmao

  • at first for hanamaki its just like his usual flirting with customers making them feel good and making those tips
  • oikawa is there to study in the afternoon since thats when its quietest
  • he just appears so well put together like his hair, his outfits, Amazingly Pretty
  • oikawa also orders really pretentious drinks that hanamaki didnt even know they offered
  • so in true hanamaki fashion hes like hmm hes cute but Sounds Fake 
  • oikawa then starts going to the coffee shop in the morning and Oh Boy
  • his hair is still cute but in a slightly messy just rolled out of bed way rather than I Took Three Hours To Style This and i Look Hot
  • his outfits are significantly more casual and,,, he wears his glasses (hes probably on his way to class so makes sense)
  • hanamaki is weak okay
  • naturally thats when bad puns written on his cup start
  • im talking like i think your a cu-tea
  • i like you a latte
  • youre teariffic etc etc
  • oikawa doesnt notice at first though bc hes still more than half asleep before his morning coffee
  • by this point hanamaki is Pining and hes like you know what fuck it
  • writes his number across the cup in the largest way possible 
  • “wait are you flirting with me?”
  • “have been for the past 2 months thanks for noticing”
  • cue flus t e r e d  o i k a w a
  • they eventually go on many dates and iwaizumi/matsukawa make fun of oikawa for how long he didnt notice since hes usually observent

(I tried posting once and it didn’t happen so I hope it posts this time) I was tagged by @jaeminmyheart to do a bias selfie tag, and since I look pretty bad right now and I’m too lazy to make myself look decent I’m just gonna use this old selfie where I look somewhat okay (it’s not even a good selfie let’s be honest here)

So I’m gonna tag (and you of course don’t have to do this, tho it is always wonderful to see your beautiful faces 💖): @renhyucks , @shinehaechan , @savagehyuckie , @softlyqentle , @doyouta , @johnnys-hair , @rosehyuck , @jaehyunisugly , @seaside-lion , @lovyuta , @haechannie , @royaljeno , @1cure , @angelicjeno

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can u do a soulmate au with mr ryan haywood?? maybe something like a tattoo of the soulmate's signature?? idk just make it super sweet!! love ya <3

A/N: So I promise there’s some fluff in there. I just took a sharp turn into some angst for a minute. I’m sorry! I hope you still like it.

Word Count: 1,411

“Look at this bullshit,” you held out your wrist to Jon one day after he asked you about your soulmate.

“Oh, wow. That is pretty bad,” he tried to hide a smile.

You shoved his shoulder, giggling yourself, “Don’t laugh. Since I was born I’ve had to deal with a scribble. This asshole better be a doctor with a signature like this. Seriously.” Jon laughed even harder and you started to have trouble speaking between giggles. “Are these even letters?!”

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Hii I asked a few other simblrs on how they created eyeshadow and I wanted to see if they are gonna recommend a good tutorial on how too. You make really nice eyeshadows so I wanted to ask you also. I checked on the s4s and it gave me a tutorial but the pictures have that update your 3rd party thing over them and it's kind of hard to see what their clicking/doing. So yeah I was jw if u had any tutorials. Thank you

hellu!! the only one i know of is this one (pretty accurate of how i recolor eyeshadows myself). and yea i know, i tried to follow that tutorial once too and i did not understand anything lol. i learned by testing out things, and having basic knowledge about alphas and stuff.

anyways, if you’re gonna make an eyeshadow. try playing around with the composition method in the warehouse tab. highest nr is 4, lowest is 0. the lower the number the more opaque the eyeshadow will be!! 

painting the alpha is really trial and error, you can start out by smudging and stuff!! you’ll learn!! only do one eye, then mirror half of it. i’m too tired to explain rn but i’ll make a tutorial later today and post it!! (here it is)

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I can't sleep properly anymore bc my sleep schedule is messed up too much. It's currently 1am and i have to wake up for school in 5 hours and i'm not tired and this is a regular thing for me. No matter how much i fix my sleep schedule i always end up falling right back into staying up this late (and later!!). Would it be appropriate to take sleep meds to make myself fall asleep at the right time, or would that mess me up and make me dependent on them?

That could screw you up, but I’m not sure. I do know that I’ve done exactly what you describe a lot in the past.

Have you tried this method to reset your sleep schedule? I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks pretty good.

One of the things that will probably help is figuring out why you’re staying up so late. Is it because you’re getting sucked into other things? Is it because you truly aren’t tired yet? Is it something else? Knowing that can make it easier to make workable adjustments that will last.


((forgot to mention, I do my M!As in a little bit of a different art style - I’m not as picky about anatomy and consistency and what not. its kinda like “quantity over quality”, because if I tried to make them all look their best it’d take too long xD here’s the last M!A I did if you wanna see what I’m talking about))

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question: Which art program are you using atm? i got a new tablet and I cant find any good art programs

I use photoshop which I’ve been using for years now. I used to use Sai which is pretty good if you haven’t tried it. I also got manga studio but I haven’t really drawn much in it and just use it for making comic panels but I’ve known ppl who enjoy it.

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Hi cat! (Can I call you that?) what would you say is your favourite artwork? (Thus far) also how are you? I'm feeling great today

You guys can call me Cats! >wO

(Or ZK which are letters from my actual name, whichever you prefer. My irl friends call me Z (Zie/Zee) which is the short version of my long name lol)

Aaaahhh there’s too many amazing people I can’t choose an absolute favourite at all O_O;; I wanna mention @zhamkadolls though, go check her Undertale dolls out! Her Sans ball-jointed dolls are spectacular and so are the others like Papyrus and Toriel! It also never ceases to amaze me that she’s 3 years younger than me and so talented at this *A*! I tried making my own before her tutorial went up but I used Super Sculpey so it’s pretty heavy and loose and I didn’t manage to sculpt the joints to fit properly because I was still trying to understand BJDs so Sans’ parts are still sitting in my cupboard QwQ I’ll get back to it some time though! I really want my own Sans bjd, but out of my own effort <’3 Bless Zhamka for managing to finish the tutorials for Toriel BJD and the previous Sans wire doll! Much love to her 💖

Her main account is @zhamkazhamka though and I LOVE the art she drew there too ;w; She also liked drawing fanart for the awesome fanfic Never A Lovely So Real, I should catch up with it soon |’D

Also as always @myrobotlandlord / assortedjellies has the best sans + humour in my book, a BIG inspiration for me <’3
(and hey why not check out another person, DOM’s art style!)

I’d put more but there’s way too many to list/remember rn I LOVE A LOT OF THINGS TOO MANY NEED LOVE AAAAAAAA

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OC Questions @ Gardenia: 13) What color do they think they look best in? Do they actually look best in that color? 18) What embarrasses them? 39) How easy is it for them to ignore flaws in other people? 40) How sensitive are they to their own flaws? Question @ you: Did you have trouble figuring out where Gardenia fit in her own story?

13) What color do they think they look best in? Do they actually look best in that color? 

She wears a lot of pink, so I guess pink. I think she looks nice in it!

18) What embarrasses them? 

Making mistakes embarrasses her. She wants to do everything perfectly all the time. She also tries her hardest not to go there, but thinking about her relationship with her ex, Azure, embarrasses her.

39) How easy is it for them to ignore flaws in other people 

She pretty easily ignores flaws in other people to a fault. It’s a good or bad thing she inherited from her mother, Fiona, depending on the situation.

40) How sensitive are they to their own flaws? 

She’s very sensitive to her own flaws and sees a lot more in herself than are really there. It kind of goes back to her embarrassment about making mistakes. She’s too hard on herself.

Did you have trouble figuring out where Gardenia fit in her own story?             

For a little while, yes. I let the previous generation go on way too long, and I decided I needed to do a major time jump and start fresh to kind of reboot things. Gardenia was last seen as a toddler before her generation started. I had ideas for her, but it took me a while to get to know her. Plus, my ideas changed for her, for the better though, thanks to the game. I also had a hard time letting go of my previous generation couple. Now, I am able to focus on Gardenia, and enjoy her character a lot more.

Thank you for asking!

LGBTQ+ GC!! 🌈🏳️‍🌈

Hey everyone! 🌈🌈

Never tried making a group chat before, so here we go!

My name is Serah, I’m 17 and I’m biromantic asexual. I am also from Australia.
I wanted to make an LGBTQ+ group chat on iMessage for people who are in the community!
Requirements are:
• 16-18 years old
• In the LGBT community
• Don’t let it flop pls
… and that’s pretty much it!

If you are interested, message me your name and number on the following:
Tumblr: @drugsncxndy
Instagram: @drugsncxndy

Hope this actually works! 😬😬

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha


<Well, yeah. You…you didn’t know?>

The last chapter of Steal My Heart Away by @blairtrabbit was so good, I had to draw a comic! Spoilers ahead: this probably won’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone who hasn’t read the fic, so I recommend everyone go read it now. An attempt at a summary though? Keith is viewing Lance’s memories, and discovers something he was unaware of.

I’m also happy that I was able to finally draw a couple comic pages again. Thanks for the inspiration Blair!