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Sit down, y’all. I’ve been cranking out a hell of a lot of fics these weeks.

Lumiere discovers something new, post-curse: Matches

Plumette/Lumiere, pre-curse. Plumette growing up and Lumiere growing close. Lit By The Sun

Plumette/Lumiere, immediately after being cursed. It’s so angsty and I’m gonna rewrite it eventually, but here it is for now: Fire and Feathers

Lumiere meets the prince for the first time, the prince is a little kid and Lumiere is an overdramatic theatre kid: A Showman Through and Through

Plumette/Lumiere as college kids who have never resolved their sexual tension and it’s kinda wistful and weird: Modern AU that is not super great but eh i tried

“Can you do a fanfiction of young Lumiere and Plumette falling in love? Or just the first time they kissed?”: it’s right here for now (at least until I edit it and make it better)

“ok but i kind of want to know about the time travel/Scotland vacations”: haven’t had time to go into time travel yet, but it’s post-curse and here’s Scotland

“imagine also, like a maid that has a crush on Lumiere faking being Plumette and trying to seduce him”: hahaha this one still makes me laugh

Somebody on AO3 asked for a “Plumette is kidnapped and Lumiere will not rest until he finds her” fic. We’re three chapters in and it’s just getting sillier—here

"Can you write about Lumiere finding out that Plumette is pregnant?” Here.

“could we have a follow up story where Lumiere sees the baby for the first time? Please?” Here. Aww.

“a one shot in which plumette and lumiere go on a romantic tryst about the castle in the days following their wedding 💕”:  poor cogsworth

“i wish you would write a fic ; where lumiere ISN’T the sexiest sandwich in the palace.” For context, I claimed that Lumiere knows himself to be “the sexiest sandwich in the palace,” and then I got committed to this inexplicable slang term, and. uh. all you really need to know about it is that Plumette & Company get really, really drunk. Here.

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iheartbethers  asked:

Could you do a continuation of Cheeky Bird or a kind of saucy imagine with Fionn? (Boy gets me goin 👅🔥) sorry if this was confusing!

Cheeky Bird pt. II: waiting games
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Word count: 2655
You could feel it, his gaze on you, You could feel it slowly trailing down your body, over your skin, leaving a trail of heat and goose bumps in its wake. You could feel his eyes slowly undressing you, but there was something about them, something dominate, cocky. He’d been doing it ever since Harry had arrived with the Brussel sprouts, just staring but with that look that you’d never seen on him before.

“Hey love, ya wanna go ahead and start getting ready, between me and Harry we can finish in here”.
He was acting completely innocent in front of Harry, like he wasn’t no more than 5 seconds ago staring you down with a hunger in his eyes.

“Between you and Harry you’ll have eaten all the food and burned down the kitchen”.

Harry had a look of hurt on his face as Fionn laughed.

“Y/N darling I would never ruin all your hard work, you can trust me”. Harry playfully winked at you while Fionn laughed.

You headed to your room to take a shower, get dressed, and do your makeup. You had already picked out a dress for the dinner tonight, a lovely, classy little red piece. But when reaching into your closet for the dress another catches your eye, it’s a navy blue, short little thing that hugged you in all the right places. What made it even better was that it was Fionns favorite, it drove him insane and it usually ended up on the floor by the end of the night, or at least until Fionn couldnt contain himself any longer. After pondering for a bit you decide to wear the navy dress, you didn’t want the game to be over yet, you wanted to continue to tease him until there was a winner, seeing as how Fionn must think he won after telling you you were to be punished. You walked into the kitchen, Harry and Fionn both doing a wonderful job at cleaning up and getting everything ready.

“Y/N!! W-what are you wearing love? I-I mean that’s not the dress that you said you were wearing”.

Fionn was flustered and you could tell your plan was working.

“Mmmm I know but I thought I would wear your favorite for you big night”.
You dipped your finger in a bowl of left over icing that you had for the cake, sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking it off while making perfect eye contact with Fionn, removing your finger from your mouth with an evil little grin on your lips.

“Eh mate I can see why it’s your favorite”.
Fionn lightly elbowed Harry for his comment.

“Ok well I suppose I’ll go ahead and start getting ready. Harry, make yourself at home, Y/N, I need your opinion on something so meet me in the bedroom”.

You said a small excuse me to Harry and headed to the bedroom. As soon as you walked into the bedroom Fionn immediately closed the door behind you and pushed you against the wall. With one hand rested by your head and the other lightly wrapped around your throat, he gives you an intense kiss, his tongue lightly running over your bottom lip and entering your mouth. Fionn breaks the kiss leaving you both breathless.

“Did you think that was cute back there? Wearing this dress that you know drives me crazy and teasing me? Huh?”

“Fionn, I don’t know what your talking about”.

“Really? With the sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking the icing off, just like you did to me earlier with the dough”.
You can tell you got to Fionn by the look on his face and his heavy breathing.

“So listen here, your gonna be a good girl and help me with this problem you caused and Harry’s in the next room so we have to be quiet”.

“Problem? What problem?”
Fionn pointed down with the hand that was by your head seconds ago, looking down you could see a huge bulge in his pants. Laughing uncontrollably you look at the pained boy in front of you,

“Wow Fionn we have guests arriving, Harry’s in the house try to control yourself”.
“Look I really need your help please Y/N”.

Fionns lips start inching closer to your neck, he’s now leaving hot wet kisses down it while mumbling out a “please it hurts”.

Breathlessly getting lost in the attention that Fionn is giving your neck you ask, “ why don’t you just take care of it yourself?”

“No, I tried already I need you, has to be you, you’re the only one who can make it better” Fionn whined as he moved his lips down to your exposed collar bone.

“Fine, Fionn but you hav'ta tell me what you want, do you want my mouth, my hand, just for me to grind you, what do you want?”

“I don’t bloody care just something”.
You drop to your knees, unbuttoning the boys tight pants and pulling them down, looking up at Fionn with innocent eyes you tease his hard length through his boxers with your hot mouth".

“Eh no teasin love please, I don’t think I can take it”.

You do as Fionn asks and pull his length from his boxers, spitting on the head and spreading it down his shaft stroking it a few times before you put just the head in your mouth. You continued to stroke him at a slow teasing pace while you lightly sucked on his tip while flicking your tongue over the slit. Fionns head was thrown back, eyes closed, and brows furrowed.

“Please baby girl, don’t tease me, please just put all of me in your mouth, please”.

You slide your mouth all the way down his length, slowly bobbing your head up and down while holding him at his base. You slide your mouth all the way down him, burying your nose in his dark pubes and choking. You know it seemed weird but you loved his pubes, dark they are but with Little specks of gold in them, you always told him and he always got shy about it.
“Shit baby girl, that feels so good, you make me feel so good”. Fionn was breathless and on the edge of cumming, little whimpers, grunts, and moans leaving his lips, teeth biting down on his bottom lip.

“Ay, Fionn mate Cillian, Tom, Tom, Barry, and Nolan just arrived hurry up”.

The two of you could hear Harry through the door, Fionn let out a disappointed whimper.
“Fuck! Baby you’ve got to hurry, I can’t go out there this hard, this sensitive”.
You worked you mouth at a quick pace, sucking him, flicking your tongue over his tip. You took your free hand and started playing with his balls lightly squeezing and pulling.
“Your mouth, it’s so warm, so wet, you’re gonna make me cum baby girl, s-shit you’re gonna make me cum”.

You could feel his cock twitch as he spurt his hot ropes of cum in your mouth. You loved the way he tasted and you Always let him know, you loved how sweet he was but also tangy with the bit of salty that was always left on your tongue. You pop your mouth off of him showing him that you swallowed every bit of cum he left in your mouth. You stand up “You wanna taste yourself baby?” Fionns breathless and still sensitive, still whimpering. “Uh huh”. You place your lips on Fionns letting his tongue explore the flavor of him in your mouth. Breaking the kiss there is a string of spit connecting you two, “You’re so good you always make me feel so good baby girl”. You smile at Fionn “Go get ready pretty boy”. Fionn runs off to get dressed while you clean the smudged lipstick off of your face and reapplying it.

“Ready baby girl?”
“Yes Mr. Whitehead I believe I am”. You both head out to the party to meet your guests.
“Y/N darling don’t you look exquisite”.

“Yes she does…”

You give Cillian a hug and can feel Tom GC eyeing you.
“Thank you dear you look quite handsome yourself”.

“Ay mate quit eyeing my girl”.
Fionn lightly elbows Tom while they both laugh.

After everyone’s arrived you all head into the dining room for dinner.
“Now Fionn, Y/N I know this is your home but would the two of my mind if I did a toast?”
Fionn gave Mr. Nolan the go ahead, but you couldn’t pay attention because his hand was slowly moving up your thigh and under your dress. His hand immediately makes its way to your center, moving to your clit making circles on it with his skilled fingers. Your instantly hit with the amazing pleasure he’s giving you while also trying to keep composed and not moan out during Nolans toast. You grab Fionns hand making him stop,
“Fionn, what. Are. You. Doing?”
“You’ve been teasing me all day love, just thought I’d return the favor, and mmmm you’re not wearing any panties”.

“Fionn j-just stop not here not now, just stop and I’ll let you do anything you want once everyone’s gone”.
“Anything? Promise?”
Fionn pulls hand from your now wet center, makes like he slipped his hand in his food, and sticks his finger in his mouth, sucking your juices from them, savoring the taste, he lets out a small moan around his fingers removing them from his mouth.

After saying your last good byes to everyone and thanking them for coming Fionn shuts the door to your apartment.

“Bed. Now”.
You do as you’re told and immediately head to your room, Fionn right behind you.
Fionn grabs you by your head, kissing you passionately, teeth smashing together, and his tongue winning dominance over yours. Fionn unzips your dress letting it fall to the ground while you work on undoing his pants. Fionn pulls his shirt over his head leaving him in only his boxers and you in nothing. Placing his lips on yours again, Fionn crawls on top of your body, hovering over you on the bed, making his way down your body with his wet kisses leaving a trail, his tongue flicking over your nipples while suckling on each of them.
“Spread you legs love, I want a real taste of what I had earlier”.
You spread you legs for him as he kisses and nips at your inner thighs. You can feel his breath on your already wet center as he inhales your scent.
“Mmm baby girl you smell so good, bet you taste even better”.

Fionn inches closer to your wet folds, you can feel his nose nudge your clit and you slightly jump from the sensation. The teasing boy places his wet warm mouth on you clit lightly suckling and flicking his tongue over it. You grab Fionn by his hair and start to moan from the pleasure he’s giving you, you can already feel yourself about to cum.
“Fionn, you gonna make me cum”.
Your breathing is now starting to get heavy and you’re whimpering from the pleasure of his warm tongue on you. He looks up at you with his beautiful eyes and releases your clit from his lips.
“W-what why’d you stop? I was so close”.
“Well you teased me so much earlier so I thought I’d repay the favor”.
Fionn immediately attacks your folds again, this time you being more sensitive from the almost orgasm that he denied you. Sucking harder, faster this time.
“Mmmm baby girl you taste so good so sweet, I could eat you out all night long”.
Fionn mumbles as he inserts one finger into your entrance, pumping in and out of you at a quick pace.
“F-fuck Fionn please don’t stop I wanna cum ,you’re gonna make me cum so hard”.
Your head is now thrown back, eyes closed, and legs shaking around Fionns head. Your vision is filled with white spots as Fionn licks you to the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Your body is overcome with the intense pleasure as your orgasm courses through you. You’re now moaning out Fionns name with a string of curse word as you come down from your high. Fionn looks up at you with his beautiful eyes, you’re now a whimpering mess from how sensitive you are. You can see that Fionns chin is glistening in your juices as he crawls up to you, lips almost touching yours.
“Wanna taste yourself baby girl?”

You whimper out a yes and shake your head as Fionn captures your lips with his and you can taste yourself on his tongue, similar to his taste but sweeter.
“Love, please I need to be in you”.
You can see the pained look on Fionns face and you look down, the poor boy is hard as rock as you try to pull his boxers down, the hard length making it difficult. Once his cock is free from its restraint Fionn reaches over to the bedside table to get a condom from the drawer. You reach over and stop him,
“No baby, I want you bare tonight, please?”
Fionn looks at you for a good long second.
“Are you sure love?”
Fionn doesn’t waste anytime, he starts to disappear in between your legs, slowly pushing himself inside you, hissing at the new sensation of being bare mixed with how much warmer and wetter you feel this way. He gives you both a moment to adjust before he starts moving his hips at a slow pace.
“Shit Fionn you feel so good like this, it’s like I can feel every inch of you, every ridge”. Fionn starts pushing deeper, harder into you,

“F-fuck baby girl you’re so tight, god I can feel how wet you are, you feel warmer”.

He’s now grunting in your ear, you moaning uncontrollably as he moves at a faster harder pace.

Fionns now a mumbling mess, whimpering, moaning, grunting, the occasional growl leaving his throat as he thrusts into you.
“You feel so good, too good, nothing should feel this good, it’s like you’re a drug, like your heroin but better, there’s no way that feels better than this, nothing can.

You’re now on the edge of your orgasm and you can tell Fionn is too by the way he’s mumbling.
“Cum for me baby girl please, I’m so close but I need you to cum, I can feel you hugging me so tight”.

Your orgasm hits you as your vision is filled with white spots again, legs shaking around Fionn and moaning out curse words. You can feel Fionn Cumming as he growls your name in your ear, hot, thick, ropes of his cum shooting inside of you. Your now both whimpering messes as you come down from your highs. Fionn places a gentle kiss to your lips.
“God baby girl that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had , you make me feel so good”.
Fionn pulls himself from your entrance.
“Fuck baby that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen”.
You both watch as your mixed cum spills out of you. Fionn bends down and swipes his tongue over your entrance as you jerk away.

Fionn runs his fingers through your cum, holding his hand up to your mouth.
“Wanna see how amazing we taste?”
You take his fingers into your mouth and suck the sweet but tangy juices from them. You close your eyes and let out a little moan.
“Mmm Fionn we taste so good”. Fionn smiled at you as he laid down, you resting your head on his bare chest.
“You’re beautiful and I love you, you know that?”
“You’re beautiful too Fionn,and I love you as well”.
Fionn places a kiss on the top of your head as you both fall asleep, exhausted from the best, most intimate sex you’ve ever had.

rakazijn  asked:

53 and/or 64 for angst/fluff prompt, please! From Souma's POV if possible :)

Of course! These are from Akai Ito universe and hope you like it!

53. “Who cares about what they think?”

Nakiri Erina came home that night, slamming the door of their penthouse with an expression as if she had a sour patch in her mouth.

“What now? Did a waiter break your crystal glass again?” Sōma, who got home an hour earlier, got a chance to sloth around on the couch with TV remote on his hand.

“Worse.” She threw her purse this time, “Apparently some low class commoner who does not understand good food gave Exposé a bad review in this website called Help.”

“You mean Yelp?”

“Ugh, whatever that is.”

He chuckled and sat up, took an interest to what could be an unpopular opinion, “Well, what did the guy said?”

Erina pulled out her phone, “It says “If you’re going to Exposé 2.0, do not order the Pates au Fruits de Mer as it is where hope goes to die. Nakiri Erina comes to expedite every service, and her beauty can’t even mend how objectively terrible that is.””

When Sōma saw her features turn positively crimson, he knew she could throw that new iPhone X anytime she wanted, so while approaching her slowly, he attempted on comforting, “Uh… okay. At least that guy thought you were cute?”

And he was on point- it almost flew out if he wasn’t there to grip her wrist, “Is that what you want in a restaurant? Where people eat because the owner slash head chef is cute?!”

“It is known as  a bonus point when you dine at Exposé, eh?”

At the same time she managed to escape his hold, she groaned as she fled away, “Ugh, you just can’t seem to read an unlaughable situation, can you?!”

Damn, why did she decide to work out.

“Aight, aight, hey!” Sōma caught up to her and took a hold of her hand. “Y’know you can’t be mad at me. I didn’t write that review.”

“That is true but could you just go on one damned second not to make infuriating jokes and be your infuriating self and–”

At this state, where her lips seemed to move faster than words that came out of her mouth with her eyes widened, face burning, and hands on her hair, he knew better than to keep being his unserious, teasing self.

So he cupped her face and forced their eyes to meet, “Oi, oi, Nakiri. Look at me.”

Her face was tensed, but when he gestured her to take a deep breath, her breathing finally mimicked his steady ones a few seconds later.

And that was where he pulled her into his embrace. She didn’t fight back to Sōma’s favor, so when he felt her resting her head on his chest, he continuously strokes her honey blonde hair.

“Feelin’ better already?”


He knew she lied, but he also knew that thing was still floating on her thoughts. “Look, that site is where people can freely express their opinions on something. Besides, everyone’s palette is different. Some like it softer, some like it harder, some like it saltier, some like it sweeter. Y’know the drill.”

She stood still, hands still clutched on Sōma’s black t-shirt.

“And let’s be real, how can you compare one bad review from a random dude on Yelp with Michelin’s restaurant of the year title, eh? Who would give a shit about what a guy think compared to that?”

Erina finally pulled away. Hair still disheveled, though no longer frantic. She tried to wipe her face and Sōma helped her tuck her strands of blonde hair behind her ear.

“So I can actually make you feel better, right?” He said smugly.

But when all Erina gestured is a simple shrug, he raised an eyebrow before suddenly lift her off the floor and carry her on his shoulder.

“H-Hey! What the hell are you doing, Yukihira?!” She yells as he made their way towards the master bedroom.

“Since words never work out, guess I’d have to physically make you feel better.”


“What? You’re saying no?”

He smirked when she doesn’t remark. Hopefully they wouldn’t be late for work tomorrow.

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Left is about one year old, right was made yesterday.

Someone recently liked my original posting of the first one and I was inspired to make a better version of it. Both are rough sketches, i.e. took less than three hours and have no refined lines.

I tried pretty hard to find a good picture of “sadomadi” written in Khura’inese for reference, but I only found one that showed ¾ of it. Eh, I think it looks good enough.

youandmeunthinkable  asked:

quakerider please <3

Of course! <3 ;)

1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?

Well, neither Daisy nor Robbie would spend almost all their money on the other, because they both recognize how important it is to be fiscally responsible. They both have struggled with not having enough money in the past, and neither wants to seem like a charity case to the other. Still, every once in a while, they both like to treat the other, especially Daisy.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Daisy. She often finds herself curled up against Robbie, because he is just so freaking warm! That warmth eventually leads to sleepiness. Robbie, of course, never complains. He knows she struggles to get sleep sometimes, so any chance she has to get some rest, he’ll allow it. Plus, he thinks she looks so cute when she sleeps.

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

On her days off, Daisy will often just lounge around the Reyes house in her underwear and a big shirt or hoodie. Robbie always yells at her to put on more clothes in case Gabe or anyone else shows up. Daisy proceeds to flip him off, grab a bunch of food, and slink off into a room alone with her laptop.

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

They both do, but more often than not Daisy tells Robbie not to stay up all night when he says he has to go do Ghost Rider work. She worries how him constantly flipping between doing the night job and his job at Canelo’s with barely any rest will affect his health. He stays out all night sometimes anyway, which has led to too many arguments between the two when he comes back in the morning. Robbie usually lets her win, because he knows she is only mad and yelling at him because she cares about him a lot.

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident, and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

I headcanon them both to be terrible cooks, honestly, but Robbie is just a little bit better than Daisy. Daisy tries to make one of his favorite family recipes that she got from Gabe for him as a surprise, but she quickly becomes overwhelmed and burns it. Robbie thinks her intentions are sweet and tries to make them cookies instead. When those burn, they give up and go out for tacos and ice cream.

6: Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

Daisy is more into the Internet than Robbie. She’d be the one to find the prompts that she thinks applies to them, but when she shows them to Robbie, he kindly but nonchalantly disagrees.

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

Daisy. She often takes his shirts and hoodies, but there honestly isn’t an article of clothing of his that she hasn’t or wouldn’t wear, except maybe his shoes.

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

Robbie doesn’t mind running errands because that means he gets to spend more time driving his beloved Charger, Lucy. Still, after he’s made sure to get everything on his list, he still manages to come home to Daisy asking if he remembered to get the one thing she thought of that morning and he certainly did forget.

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

Robbie. Robbie drives the car. No questions. Ever since Daisy drove Lucy in pursuit of Mack and scratched up her side, he hasn’t let her anywhere close to the driver’s seat of his baby, despite Daisy’s never-ending complaints and whines.

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

Daisy wanted to get better at drawing forensic sketches in case she ever needed the skill for a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. She forces Robbie to be her model while she practices which eventually leads to her sketching him doing silly, unnecessary poses.

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

Honestly, it could be either way for both. Daisy and Robbie can both be so extra™ sometimes while the other just casually deadpans the other’s ridiculousness. Although Daisy definitely seems like the type to be eating chips during a mission.

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

Robbie doesn’t drink that much mostly because he drives his precious Charger a lot, and, even if he can’t get hurt, he recognizes that driving under the influence is a big no-no. Daisy manages to drink fairly moderately, but sometimes she overdoes it a bit, especially during parties or after a bad mission. Robbie often carries a drunk Daisy to bed and stays with her all night to make sure she’s okay.

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

They both do, whether it’s a silly keychain for Robbie’s keyring, or a bag of Daisy’s favorite snacks.

14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Daisy. Too many times she’s caught herself saying “Reyes” as her last name which is swiftly followed by teasing from whoever is around. Daisy claims her accidentally using Robbie’s last name is just because she’s changed her name so many times she forgets and it’s the first name that pops up. It is certainly not because she has played around with the idea of “Daisy Reyes” in her head. (sure, Daisy)

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

Daisy would honestly quake that spider into oblivion, but Robbie is used to taking care of the spiders in his household ever since it was just Gabe and him. He tells her to calm down then he captures the spider and releases it outside.

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?

Robbie, obviously. Daisy is the only person he allows to borrow his signature leather jacket (mostly because he thinks she looks so good wearing it).

17: Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

Both. The whole S.H.I.E.L.D. team is very protective of Daisy, so when she and Robbie reveal they are now dating, each member makes sure to let Robbie know how much trouble he’ll be in if he hurts her. Eventually, they begin to trust Robbie more and let up on the threats. Gabe still threatens Daisy about treating his brother right. Even though he gets to know Daisy more and he likes her, every once in a while he will still send warning daggers in her direction to not break his heart.

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

Robbie. He tries not to tell Daisy his growing feelings for her due to a variety of reasons, but especially because he knows she is still pretty hung-up on Lincoln so she probably won’t reciprocate. Finally, one day, he tells her in the hopes that if she turns him down, these feelings will start to go away and he can move on in life. He is shocked when she kisses him and reveals she feels the same way.

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

While the two might struggle with parenting due to their important world-saving duties, Daisy and Robbie would still be great parents. Robbie practically raised his brother after their parents died, and Daisy has always been fantastic with kids. Daisy would probably the more “fun parent,” and Robbie would be the more “serious parent,” but they both have their moments where they switch roles.

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

Neither would do that, but one time Daisy typed with numbers as letters while she was in a hurry and Robbie has still not stopped teasing her ever since.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

Both. Daisy and Robbie are always ready to step in and help aid or protect the other, but Robbie is certainly the more overprotective one.

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

Both, but Daisy does it more often. Robbie only started to pun in retaliation of her pun jukes at his Ghost Rider abilities, and now punning is a daily competition for them and a loving sign of affection. Still doesn’t stop the pained smiles, groans, and eye rolls, though.

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

Robbie comes home from Canelo’s to find the house a mess and a half-dirty, half-sudsy energetic brown poodle tackling into his arms. A wet and disheveled Daisy and Gabe quickly appear after it. Gabe tells Daisy he knew Robbie wouldn’t be happy coming home to see this. Daisy tells him to shut up then explains to Robbie that she found Tremors on the side of the road and she knew she had to help. Robbie knows that after she’s named it, the puppy staying is inevitable. Immediately, Robbie becomes the puppy’s favorite person much to his smug satisfaction and Daisy’s jealous disappointment.

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Robbie always used to give Gabe piggyback rides growing up, so when he sees a tired Daisy tripping over her feet, he immediately bends down and tells her to hop on.

25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?

Daisy is such an overzealous cheerer, both out of love and wanting to embarrass Robbie terribly.

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

Daisy. Not because she wanted a funny photo to embarrass him with later, but because Robbie looked so cute and peaceful sleeping on her shoulder that she wanted to capture the moment forever.

27: Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked?

Daisy. She often complains that all Robbie ever wears is the same outfit in different colors and shades. It wouldn’t be a complete makeover, just a few different clothing styles to give him some variety.

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

Does Gabe count? Kidding! But, probably neither. Even thought both don’t own pets, they are both pretty great with animals.

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Robbie, just because he’s taller. He would give Daisy the entire umbrella, though, since the rain doesn’t bother him.

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

The two rarely get vacations, but they’d probably love to relax for a few days on a beach in Mexico, the Caribbean, or any place tropical really. Nothing but the sun and surf and each other’s company. Daisy would take the pictures.

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when caroline was murdered abandoded and transitioned and became monster and killed a man and was crying all with his blood covered her all she could think of at first was how bonnie hated her and when bonnie found out she punished damon even though she was mad at care she knew she couldnt her self and damon was one of the main reasons her friend was hurting. baroline was always better than barolena and bamon i hate they ignored them later

Oh. Eh. The problem with TVD friendships is that I only feel like they’re “friends” when one of them is in trouble. Like Elena tries to die for Bonnie in season 2 and she tries to make the hybrids stop torturing Caroline in season 4 by telling them to take her instead and Caroline kills 13 people for Bonnie but for me, it’s the in between stuff that makes them really feel like friends.

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Xander and Willow take out their lunches and automatically trade their snacks or they take a sip out of each other’s drinks, Buffy and Willow go have iced coffee just ‘cause, Willow automatically knows when Buffy slept with Angel and is very protective of her during that time, Xander and Willow walk around eating ice cream playing games like naming the line from a movie and guessing which movie it is and those things work so that when Buffy is going through some shit which leads to Willow being kidnapped and Xander says “If they hurt Willow I’ll kill you” you can tell it comes from a very strong sense of friendship because we saw that in the details, it feels real. With the girls especially in TVD I’m like … I guess.

“I would like a nice, frilly dress. And if it’s not haute couture, I’ll make YOU wear it!”

Today is the birthday of my favorite female character from Awakening- the beautiful sassy bitch that is Maribelle.

What style! What beauty! What grace! Maribelle seriously kicks ass, I love her.

I tried a kinda new art style on this one. I think the coloring is some of the best I’ve done, I absolutely suck at digital painting but I think this looks quite decent. I’m pleased. The drawing itself though… eh. Could be better, the eyes are definitely a bit too bug-ish. Oh well, win some lose some.

Boueibu Puzzle game Ryuu Hot Spring Ending

Oh this one was so worth it (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

So for the Hot Spring ones, you guys go to a resort (Not Kurotama)

Ryuu looks so great in a yukata but really I love these new backgrounds!

Of course guys and girls have to separate (Even if you both don’t want to)

Normally they have the kanji for man and woman to tell you which one to go in, but apparently you better hope you chose the right colour xD

GAME ROOM!!! He will go easy on you =P has to prove his masculinity as usual!

The bath backgrounds are so beautiful I had to post them as well! (It makes me miss Japan ;n;)

Ahh omg we both ended up in the same outdoor bath! (Didn’t notice there was a mixed one eh?)

So cute when he’s embarrassed, even if he tries he can’t hide it >////<


Wait for it…

The most beautiful thing a Ryuu lover can see… Prepare yourselves in




(灬♥ω♥灬) You are welcome!!!!

and to the game artists… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


“You are the one who sees the joy through the pain, you’re my light through the rain.”

Thank you to @fragileicicle for the colored Bleach scans! :)

“Hannah and I broke up,” Louis says out of the blue, while they’re playing FIFA in their room.

It takes a few moments for his words to register in Harry’s mind.

“What, why?” He asks, immediately pausing the game. He turns so that he’s facing Louis on the couch, giving him his full attention. Louis just broke up with his girlfriend. He must be in crisis.

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this idea originally came from seeing the oikawa/seijou defense squad! since a lot of people have been hurting our precious sunshine cinnamon roll lately, I thought I’d make this!! it’s very needed trust me. the graphic is eh b ut I tried. (I made this in like five minutes I did not try at all)


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  • friendships!! what’s better than making friends? nothing (except hinata himself)
  • honestly no one will ever be able to hurt hinata again okay that’s pretty great, right?
  • squealing with friends over hinata shouyou and his unlimited cuteness
Puppy Love

Title: Puppy Love

Request: Yes ;  Can you do a teen wolf imagine with either Stiles or Liam with numbers #24, #53, #199, #208.?

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF


Lydia is sitting on my bed, playing on her phone while I try on outfits from my closet. “Okay what do you think of this one?” I ask Lydia before turning around completely. I wasn’t sure what to wear to school tomorrow. This is probably the 6th outfit I’ve tried on today. I’m literally basically a mini version of Lydia. “Y/n all of them looked amazing just pick one.” She says and I roll my eyes. I pick one of the previously modeled outfits and plop beside her on my bed. “You better be right Lydia.” I say laughing and she rolls her eyes playfully. “eh” She mutters. “I’m not too worried.” Lydia and I are best friends. Not just because we’re in the same pack but we’ve known each other for just about ever. She’s the reason I’m as smart as I am now which makes me useful, which is why Scott wanted me in the pack. Scott treats me like the younger sister he never had.

Next Day

I’m at locker talking to Lydia, Scott, Stiles and Kira. “Lydia I feel like I should’ve chose the other one.” I say looking down at my outfit and closing my locker. We begin to walk out the school and soon we’re in the parking lot. We all have a debate about my outfit and soon enough, Liam finds us and stands next to me. “What are we talking about exactly?” He asks confused. “My outfit.” I answer leaning against Lydia’s car car. Liam trails his eyes down my body, then back up before tilting his head to the side a little. “It looks good on you.“ He compliments before widening his eyes and clearing his throat. Stiles snorts. “Uh…I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He says hurriedly and rushes away to Mason. I blush a little bit as his words repeat in my mind. I look up to see Scott’s, Kira’s and Lydia’s knowing looks. “What?” I ask feigning oblivion but they see right through it. “Aw. So cute. Puppy love.” Lydia teases and I roll my eyes. “Shut up Lyds.” She laughs and Scott nudges me. “Come on. We’ll coach you.” Scott says, tossing his bag through the window of Stiles’s jeep. “What?” I ask but he ignores the questions. “Okay, first, put your hand around my hip.” Scott orders and I raise my eyebrow. “Uh? What?” “Y/n, just wrap it around my waist” He says rolling his eyes and I hesitantly do so. He then places his arm around my shoulder and Lydia claps. After 15 more minutes of awkward physical contact, Scott declares that we’re done. “What was the point of all of that exactly?” I ask. “Well you and Liam are obviously gonna date sometime soon so we were coaching you.” Kira explains happily. I raise an eyebrow and shake my head. “Oh also when you kiss,” Lydia says before grabbing my wrist. “Put your hand riiiiiight” she moves my hand downward and I quickly pull my hand away. “Put my hand where?!” She laughs at my prude-ness. “Just put it here” She says before placing my hand on her. “O-okay…but I don’t really understand the point of this. Liam and I don’t even like each other.” They all look at me silently before bursting out in laughter. “Y/n shut up. We all know you like him.” Lydia says. “And trust us, he DEFINITELY likes you. Whenever he’s not talking about you, he tries to find ways to bring you up.” Scott complains playfully. I roll my eyes and open the passenger door to Lydia’s car. “Yeah, yeah. Lydia can we go now?” Lydia gets in the driver’s seat and we go to her house. “You know, he really does like you.” She says while fixing her hair after our ‘lit’ dance session from the radio. “Ehh.”

Scott’s POV

I walk over to Liam for Lacrosse practice alongside Kira. Liam soon pops out of nowhere in front of us, making Kira jump. “I heard you walk in haha sorry Kira. You smell like Y/n, Scott. Were you with her? Did she ask about me? I can’t believe I said that to her oh my God.” I cut his rambling off with the raise of my hand. “Hey we’re all going to a movie on Friday. You’re coming right? Be there at 7.” I announce before walking to the locker room to get change. Kira stops me about halfway there. “Movie?” I just smirk and keep walking.


I take a seat in the front of the theater. It’s pretty empty…Where’s everyone else? After a few inutes, Liam walks in, spots me and takes a seat next to me. “Where’s everyone else?” I shrug a little bit. After like a billion previews, the movie finally starts and I come to the conclusion that everyone else isn’t coming. Liam turns around to look at the door once more and I roll my eyes. “Liam, they’re not coming.” I say laughing a little bit. “Well then why would they tell us to come here?” He asks oblivious. “Liam…I think they’re trying to set us up.” I explain and he turns to me. “What…like a date?” “Yes, a date.” He says nothing and just turns back to the screen. Laughing at a certain part, I notice Liam’s gaze on me. “Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask giggling a little bit. He shrugs while turning back to the screen, a small smile playing on his lips. “You’re just beautiful.” I feel my cheeks heat up and I know he noticed because my heart rate began to speed up. He smirks a little bit before turning to me. He leans in and presses his lips to mine. His hands find my waist and I remember what Lydia told me to do and do that. He grips my waist tighter and pulls away. “Remind me to thank Scott on Monday.” He smirks before turning back to the movie, lacing his fingers with mine.


If ya know anything about me it’s that I’m not a huge fan/very picky of human!bill. I personally think more often than not he lacks something when drawn as one o us that made him so very Bill-y. I tried my hand at it though, using frontman for Mindless Self Indulgence Jimmy Urine as model. Still kinda eh about it so I did a bit of mabill to make me feel better.

Cast Iron: Part 6

(Typing part six gave me Albi the Racist Dragon flashbacks)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Astrid’s house isn’t at all what Hiccup expected, robin’s egg blue and cosier than should fit with all those rules, but it makes an odd sort of sense.  She’s at home in the small, clean kitchen, chopping with that same set of knives she had when filming, and he watches a second too long through the front door’s window. 

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Ruby and Yang are a hybrid of Eastern and Western dragons, so they’re a little noodley but have wings. Yang’s wings connect to her front legs like a bat’s, so I guess she’s more of a “wyvern” than a dragon. Ruby is long but has wings on her back, which makes her better at moving on the ground than Yang, who has that awkward/creepy bat crawl but can fly really well. Ruby also has horns with lots of prongs, and Yang’s curl.

My take on Xekstrin’s designs for Yang and Ruby’s dragon forms for the Dragon AU with a bit added in. As I did with Nora before, the other wing is cut out to show the body… In Yang’s case it’s one of her legs.

I tried to make the both of them look similar yet different at the same time. Eh.

Well 250+ new followers and 17,000 notes later… can’t say I was expecting that! I was only expecting a few hundred notes and just amongst us bronies. But now #SafeSearchWrapUp has become multifandom with support from all sorts of fandoms as well and their respective source material. A nice little bit of community service, eh? Google better be prepared to get lots of reports! I’ll try to get through all the Asks I got.

On a side note I have a post serving as the about page. Everyone should feel welcome to the fandom. While this will be addressing stuff related to the cartoon horse fandom, most can also likely apply to other ones as well. I might make mistakes, but hey, I’ll learn from it! I might throw things out there that don’t stick, oh well, at least I can say I tried! Now most of the articles I write will be co-written or reviewed with other people who may have experience on a particular subject.

Anyway, thanks for following and/or checking the blog out, I’ll try not to disappoint!