i tried to like this really i did

Bf!Tom and Spiders
  • Inspired by the massive spider in my room. Btw here did you go while I was making dinner??When I came back you were gone!



  • Tom and spiders
  • What a beautiful story
  • Okay let’s be real
  • He’s so afraid of the
  • Like how adorable is that
  • Okay so imagine you’re in your apartment
  • Under the shower actually
  • You had a long and kind of stressful day
  • You didn’t turn on many lights cause they would wake you up
  • So you were just having some time for yourself


  • Until you heard the loudest scream ever
  • Like e v e r
  • turning off the water,you stood there waiting 
  • What a drama queen
  • But you took your time
  • “I AM DYINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!111!1!1”
  • You made your way downstairs
  • And the sight was kind of very amusing
  • Tom stood on top of the table
  • Having nothing but pure panic on his face
  • You still thought he was overreacting
  • Turns out he wasn’t
  • Cause girl


  • You climbed on to the table next to Tom
  • “I think we won’t survive this and I just want to let you know, I love you. I really do with all of my heart.”
  • Awwww
  • That’s so cute
  • My heart can’t take this
  • “I love you more Holland.”
  • As kind of an response he leaned in and pressed his lips on your
  • Wow
  • Can you imagine kissing him
  • That’d be so amazing
  • Like he would so gentle ahhhh
  • But at the same time there was some eager
  • And he always had one hand on your waist and the other on cupped your cheek
  • Oiiii
  • And your hands would be either in his hair or his aRmS
  • I want this now


  • After some time it got pretty heated
  • Aka meaning you and Tom laying on the kitchen table
  • You wouldn’t have a shirt on anymore
  • And loverboy didn’t either
  • You’d be so lost that kind of forget about the
  • “Spider!”
  • You saw it while you were kissing him
  • It was on his upper back
  • Just laying there
  • You quickly moved away
  • “Okay love don’t panic.Just stay still.”
  • “Why do I feel something on my back?”
  • “Breathe.”
  • “Y/n what’s on my back!?!??”
  • He was only whisper shouting now
  • But you stayed silent
  • “God damn it what’s on my back right now!!!?”
  • After some time you mumbled a word that sounded like
  • “shwiner…”
  • “What? Love stop fucking around.”
  • “A spider okay! The spider is on you right now.“


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Loki Imagine - Tortured

Your P.O.V.

A task as simple as breathing felt nearly impossible. My lips were open and I tried to breathe in, but barely any air entered my lungs. My throat was sore and I could taste the irony, disgusting flavor of blood on my tongue. 

It couldn’t end like this..

Desperately, I tried to crawl away from this dark place, who knows what it was. All I knew was that it was cold, so cold I couldn’t feel my bare feet anymore. It was also really dark but a light was somewhere there, far away. The ground beneath me was hard and it felt rough, like stones. 

I grabbed onto the ground, leaving bloody fingerprints after me as I did my best at getting myself out of this nightmare. My legs weren’t much help at all as I tried to kick myself further away. Everything hurt. I couldn’t name a spot on my body that felt fine.

‘‘No..’‘ I whimpered sadly, tears running down along my face. By now, my entire body was trembling. I was afraid I would die after that awful torturing. What if I’d never see Loki again?

‘‘L-Loki..’‘ I whispered my boyfriend’s name. It caused my heart to swell and a sob to escape my lips. It hurt. Oh, it hurt so much. As I used my last energy to move, I screamed. My fingertips started tingling and a little light appeared, highlighting only a few things around me. 

Yes, Loki had taught me a few little magic tricks but I wasn’t as near as good as him. As I was held captive, my hands had been inside some metal balls so I couldn’t use my powers. It was frightening. The things they did to me were even worse.

I tried to brush it off my mind, hoping I could focus on my escape. I shut my eyes and it was so tempting to just sleep. Yes, I wanted to push my boundaries, light up my path and get away from here but I couldn’t. I was exhausted. All this pain got the best of me.

The light vanished from my hands, fading into thin air with a few sparkles. I looked at them until it was completely dark, cold and quiet. My weak body was just left here to die, all alone. I thought of Loki, hoping he could be my last thought, although it broke my heart and soul to think about. 

  Just as I gave up hope, I heard footsteps. Fear crawled back to me as I opened my eyes. Were they here again to torture me? Would they take me back to that cold hellhole? 

I grunted in pain as I lifted my head and looked towards the light. I was lightheaded and my head was pounding terribly. Then I saw some people in front of the light. At first I thought there was just two people there but then a third one got ahead of them. For me, it was just a shadow because my vision was so blurry.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ A voice yelled but at first, I didn’t hear it quite well.My head hit the ground again because I was too weak to keep myself up. ‘‘Y/N!’‘ The person repeated themselves, sounding awfully familiar. The man had a raspy, deep voice. It filled me up with hope.

All of a sudden, I felt someone dragging me on their lap. My head rested against their shoulder and strong arms held onto me tightly. I forced myself to open my eyes and look at who it was, although I had my doubts. Immediately, I saw a pair of forest green eyes looking into mine. Then I saw his dark, long hair, his parted, pink lips. It was all confirmed in my mind then. It was Loki.

‘‘No, no,no…Y/N..how did this..happen..’‘ Loki muttered words underneath his breath as he examined me. He looked sad, which was awful to see. His eyes were glossy and honestly, Loki was shocked. So was I. But at the moment, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Loki looked at my barely clothed body, a look of disgust and anger appearing on his face. My entire body was bruised and I had deep wounds here and there. Dry blood had stained my skin and some wounds were still bleeding. Loki probably noticed the dark blue bruises, resembling fingerprints. He shook his head no as he let this all sink in.

Seeing Loki like that made me feel sorrowful and even guilty. My eyes felt heavy and I couldn’t fight it anymore. My heavy eyelids just slid down and I dosed off, a little more eased because I was in Loki’s arms.


It had been five days since Loki and his guards had found me. They had taken me to the castle and given me the help I needed. A maid had told me that Loki had used his magic to keep me alive. Although I woke up only a few minutes ago, I barely remembered how I woke up. Everything had been warm and comfortable. It’s like I was in my own little cloud.

But then maids had rushed to me and another one ran outside, probably to inform Loki. The warm feeling vanished and it was replaced my pain. I held my breath as I sat more comfortably on the bed I was on. As I looked around, I recognized that I was in Loki’s room. How strange. Where did he sleep if I was in a coma in his bed?

The maid beside me was telling me all kinds of things but after a while, I couldn’t pay attention anymore. I felt wistful. All I wanted was Loki. ‘’Miss Y/N, what’s wrong?’’ One of the maids asked me. I turned to look at her slowly. ‘’Where’s Loki?’’ I asked her quietly, my throat incredibly dry so it was hard to speak. 

‘‘He’s..’‘ She began but didn’t continue. Instead, she looked at a guard who stood by the door. It was confusing and I grew a little nervous. The guard nodded and the maid sighed, turning back to me. ‘‘Loki left four days ago. He and a few soldiers, also Thor went searching for whoever did this to you. We’re not sure when he’ll be back’‘ She let me know with her soft voice. It filled me with a dozen emotions. 

Tears stung my eyes once again. A shiver ran down my spine as I nodded and looked at my wounded hands. It all came back to me. The world around my closed and I could feel myself being in the cold room, chained to the wall as the monsters hurt me. It was so dark that I couldn’t see if they were Asgardian or out of this realm. 

‘‘Miss Y/N’‘ Another maid spoke, snapping me out of my flashback. I flinched as I looked at the blonde in front of me. ‘‘Loki will return soon. You must relax and heal’‘ She smiled at me. I knew her intentions were good but they kind of pissed me off as well. I just nodded politely and then leaned against the green and black pillows. They smelled like Loki, which made me feel a little bit better.


‘‘Is she awake?’‘ A rushed man asked someone, causing me to wake up once again. My eyes got used to the lights in the room quickly, because it wasn’t that bright. By just glancing outside, I could tell it was evening. The door opened, which caught my attention.

Loki walked into the room, making everyone else go out. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him. Loki was dressed in his golden armor with the green suit underneath. He dropped his headpiece on the floor, not caring about it at the moment.

‘‘You’re safe now’‘ Loki was the first one to speak. He tried to smile but it was a fake one. I nodded as my hot tears fell down my eyes. Loki magically made his armor vanish as he walked over to me. He got in the huge bed so he could be as close as possible.

For a moment, I didn’t care about my pain. I had been asleep for five days so I considered that enough rest. So I wrapped my arms around Loki’s waist and held onto him tightly. Loki wasn’t the type of man to fall for anyone or be this sensual nor caring. He spent such a long time of his life being alone and misunderstood that I was surprised he let me in.

It took him a couple seconds to hug me back. It felt good to be in his arms. He pulled me on his lap once again, which he liked to do. That’s when I let myself weep, allowing the tears to escape. Loki held me as I cried my heart out in his arms. But it was good to let out all that pain. I had been terrified and the worst part of it all was that I feared I’d never see Loki again.

‘‘They can’t ever..hurt you again, little one. I took care of them’‘ Loki whispered to me as I started to calm down. Of course, I knew what he meant by that. Loki wouldn’t have been pleased to see them in jail. He had taken matters into his own hands and killed them. Who knows how Thor let him do that, but we could discuss that later.

‘‘Thank you’‘ I whimpered and then looked up to him. I got a good look of him for the first time. He had dark circles underneath his eyes, messy hair and tears gathered in the corners of his pretty eyes. I cupped his face and then took a deep breath.

‘‘I thought I lost you’‘ Loki admitted quietly, almost like he didn’t want me to hear it. Hearing such words leaving his mouth was hard. It made my heart ache. ‘‘And I thought I’d never see you again’‘ I replied as quietly, now unnoticingly playing with his black, messy hair. I still loved the way he looked. 

I just had to understand that I was safe with him again.


NU'EST W’s 2nd ever win!!

They were just as shocked as yesterday, JR and the rest are really so used to losing for the past 5 years, it seems they dont believe it when they actually win. They all were holding back tears, Aron was biting his lip so hard trying to keep in the emotions. They all did very deep bows, even to juniors! I tried not to cry but seeing like this… i cant hold it in😭 I hope one day loves have given you so many wins you dont have to be in shock like this ever again! Always, forever, we will love and protect you. After 6 years of all the pain, and your OWN hard work and refusal to give up, you are finally standing on stage proudly. It wasnt luck, because few groups are as special as NU'EST- who stayed together for so long despite no success, who are closer than family and some of the most real, talented people in this industry. You’ll get wins from now on always, we’ll make sure of it! #NUESTW2ndWin

So this is a really really bad drawing, I admit this, but I haven’t drawn anything in about +4ish years and I was NEVER good at art at my best, most practiced.

This is my first attempt ever at drawing fanart and it’s for @swpromptsandasks and her vampire!Obi-Wan fics (especially the one with Werewolf!Anakin, that one’s adorable).

So yeah…hope you like it Moddy!


Thurday, 19 October. Bullet journal spreads of this month (yet).

Of course i had to make it fall themed. This month i spend more time doodling, which i think turned out pretty well. I also used more black and i really like it! Gives me vibes of the cold and dark months. Moreover, i didnt do a graphic mood tracker but did one inspired by Amanda Rach Lee. I actually like this waaay better than the graph tbh. The page next to my “words of wisdom” page (which is already half way full whoeee , i hope i can get it full this month !!) is going to be dedicated to autumn, with i think mostly pictures and maybe some doodles. I tried a new weekly spread the first two weeks of this month, but i absolutely hated it.. so the last weeks are in the style of last month’s. I’ll post a picture of it this week.

October is a very busy and stressful month for me, so i havent and probably will be very active. I hope y'all are doing okay. Stay strong .

anonymous asked:

I know we know that Zendaya was the one to ask Tom out but I seriously think Tom tried/or did ask Zendaya out but she's known to friend zone a lot of guys so I think she accidentally friend zoned him. Then she realized that she really liked him and had to ask him once she realized her mistake. I doubt Tom never tried to ask her out.

Okay, I’m going to answer this based on what I know about Z from her relationship advice, parts 1 through 5 on her App.  I just rewatched all 5 parts.  In part 2, her definition of friendzone is, thank you, but nope.  In part 5, Z says she doesn’t know how to flirt and accidental friendzoning is her way of flirting.  

So we have friendzoning which means nope and accidental friendzoning which is Z’s way of flirting.   

That said, here are some hypothetical scenarios that may have transpired between Z and Tom.  

1.  Z friendzoned Tom, then started liking him and accidentally friendzoned him which sent Tom mixed signals and he stayed in the friendzone until she asked him, look, I like you, are we doing this or are we not?

2.  Z never friendzoned Tom, but accidentally friendzoned him and he stayed in the friendzone until she asked him, look, I like you, are we doing this or are we not?

Take your hypothetical pick.  


lacie: oh look who it is. just the little slut i was looking for

zelda: w-what? hey em..

emily: really? you’re really just gonna say hey to me like you’ve done nothing wrong at all? you’re a joke zelda

zelda: what? i don’t know what you’re talking about emily?

emily: oh so now you’re gonna lie? troy told me what happened at the halloween party zelda

zelda: he.. he did?

emily: yeah. he told me you tried it on with him in the bathroom. like what the fuck is wrong with you? i wondered why you were so against me spending time with him but now it’s pretty clear

zelda: w-wait what??

scarlett: wait no.. that’s not what happened!

emily: were you there?

scarlett: were you!? why would you believe someone you barely know over a friend??

zoey: well i mean rhiannon is proof of how much friendship can mean to a person, huh rhiannon?

rhiannon: wow.. yeah you’re right i am. i stopped a friend from making a huge mistake, and i’d do it again bitch

lacie: i never knew you had it in you zelda. who knew someone could be such a slut, and also boring as hell. nice one. oh and caleb already knows about this. so it’s only a matter of time before he decides to leave your dirty ass. see you later slut

dreaminglostboy  asked:

Hello and thank you! I saw that you are following! ( idk why, because i didnt do anything on my block lmao) but really thank you! I wanted to ask, how did you start your block? Did you just write 'hey thats an rp block' and stuff? Because i tried that many times! And it didnt work ;-; so it would be nice if you could answer/help me! Thanks and have a nice day/night!❤❤

Hey, no problem! ^^ You are very welcome for the follow, you seem like quite the character and I do like your blog. ^^ I’m glad to have followed! And to answer your question, I must ask another question. Uh…what’s an RP block? I haven’t really heard of that yet. I’ve been RPing since I was 12, so…almost 7 years now. So…what is an RP block?


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes


in a heartbeat (2017)


tumblr headers like/reblog if you use or save, please. credits very much appreciated ・゚: *
click for full resolution // for the transparents thanks to (x)


archer with a sword


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A brief comic I did of a plot point I had in mind for the D&D campaign for the Voltron D&D AU. Those who’ve played D&D before and know how healing spells work can probably tell what’s going on right right away, but I won;t spoil what’s going on for those who don’t. 

I had a lot of fun with colors and lighting while working on this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I did a full colored comic, so it was nice to practice with something small and self contained like this.

I may also give an actual backstory for how Matt and Shiro lost that bard in their last campaign one day, too. Just cuz I have a funny scenario for what could’ve happened in my head. Maybe one day…

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so i’ve seen things here and there about other adults as campers and,,,,,, i have no self control

i didn’t do david and jasper for obvious reasons, and daniel bc he’s just a recolor (i did jen bc gwen didn’t have a camper design)