i tried to keep this simple but i really think things are confusing

So if want me to explain our thing with Two Face. It’s kinda simple. We love superheroes and all that jazz, anyways one show we liked to watch was Batman: The Animated Series. This was back before we knew what DID was.

Back than we were really confused about our identity and like I just knew about Gabriella, I had forgotten about Static. We split so early, around 6, that we weren’t exactly sure who came first anyways. We kinda thought we were born that way because this was around the same time that we noticed that our parents were abusive to us.

Beyond the point, so since I’m a more extreme(?) person than Gabby is, I liked to think myself as sorta big bad Harv and Gabby liked acting like Harvey. It was a game. We even tried to solve arguments with a coin flip, but eventually we found out it was better to talk things out and compromise than do that. Plus we keeped on losing the coin tons and when TC came, it didn’t work anymore.