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If you're doing requests, is it too much to ask for Alistair and Zevran?

Thank you for following me, @duchessofmania !!! This is for you! ^.^  “Alistair and Zevran at Camp”

(I hope you don’t mind I used your warden Tess’s name in the following convo.)

Zevran: Might I offer you a bit more advice, Alistair?

Alistair: If it’s anything like the previous advice you tried to give me, I emphatically decline!!!

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So, I saw @red-paladins deaf/hoh Keith au, so I did a thing.

“He’s such an asshole,” Lance mumbled, staring at the boy from across the room. “He’s my rival, yet he won’t even acknowledge when I talk to him,” his eyes narrowed at Keith, watching as he sat down at his deck, reading something off of a paper. 

Lance turned to Hunk, keeping his voice just about a whisper so no one else would hear. “That guy’s such a tool,” Lance said, shooting his eyes from Hunk to the kid across the room.

Hunk raised an eyebrow, trying to follow Lance’s eyes. “Which one?”

“Mullet man.”

Hunk nodded, his mouth forming an ‘o’. “Well, maybe he’s not as bad as you think. Have you actually talked to him?”

“Oh, I’ve tried. But he just doesn’t respond, that bitch.” he sunk back in his seat, glaring daggers at the oblivious boy across the room.

“Huh…” Hunk returned to his textbook, “That’s kind of a crappy thing to do.”

“I’m gonna fight him.”

“Lance, no.”

“Lance yes. I’m gonna do it. I’ll wipe that smug ass look right off his gross face,” he crinkled his nose and looked back at his notebook, furiously scribbling down notes.

Time passed, and the class bell rang, causing everyone to pack up and get out as quickly as possible. Lance, excited for the fight, shoved his textbook in his bag, not bothering to close it or note the page, wrinkling and tearing some of the pages. He slid his arm across the desk towards him, scooping his pencil and notepad into his bag as well, slinging it over his shoulder and rushing after Keith.

“Hey, wait right there!” he shouted, even though he didn’t really expect him to stop. Unsurprisingly, Keith continued walking down the hall, which only infuriated Lance further. He ran after him, grabbing his shoulder and spinning him around. Keith looked shocked and pretty annoyed. And honestly, who wouldn’t be?

“What the hell dude? I’ve been trying to talk to you, why are you being such a dick?” Lance ranted, only to be met with a confused stare. “Do you think you’re too good to talk to me, Mr. Top of the Class?”

Keith said nothing, just stared at Lance with the same bewildered look on his face. Lance rolled his eyes, letting go of Keith’s arm and throwing his in the air.

“Whatever. Come on, fight me. Right here, right now. Come on, dude. Put ‘em up.” Lance held his hands in fists near his face, bouncing from one leg to the other. However, Keith did something Lance didn’t expect. He didn’t get ready to fight at all.

He laughed.

Well, more accurately, it was kind of a giggle. A light one that made Lance pause and butterflies to fly up his stomach and into his throat.

Keith pointed at Lance, then brought two of his fingers to the tip of his own nose, tapping it twice. Lance raised an eyebrow, putting his fists down and tilting his head to the side.

Keith raised an eyebrow, pressing the tips of his fingers against his head, quickly pulling them away, pointing once again towards Lance. Keith paused again, then gently tapped on his own head with his fist.

Realization hit Lance like a freight train.

Keith was deaf.

Lance mentally slapped himself. He was about to beat up a deaf kid for not being able to hear him. He felt like an asshole.

Lance apologized quickly, even though Keith couldn’t hear. He awkwardly patted his shoulder before running off to his dorm room, slamming the door shut and sinking to the ground. He looked up to Hunk, his roommate.

“So, how’d the fight go?”

“There was no fight. Turns out, I’m the asshole. The dude’s deaf.” Lance picked himself up off the floor, flopping onto his bed.

“AND he’s hot!”

Wow writing sign language is harder than I expected. I tried to describe (in American sign language). 

Keith says: “You’re funny”, then, “You didn’t know? Stupid.”

Lmao I’m highkey here for Elide completely ignoring Lorcan but like passive aggressively/indirectly roasting him in ToG6.

Like she’ll say to Rowan “Tell Mr. Brooding Douche Nugget over there that he can take the first watch”, while Lorcan is like glaring at her from literally like 3 feet away.

Or like she’ll “wonder out loud” and say something like oh boy I wish I had me a man who wouldn’t fuck over my friends like a piece of shit :))))), and she just “happens” to be sitting right next to poor Lorcan.

Or sometimes she’ll just be flat out glaring at him like at 3am in the morning while he’s tryna sleep, and when he tries confronting her abt it she won’t respond but she’ll keep glaring at him in the dark.

All I’m saying is I really pity Lorcan in Book 6 😂😂😂

[Kuro Expressions!]
~Excited Kuro: Sees a new game out that he`s really interested in.
~Embarrassed Kuro: “So… uh do you want me to stay here or…?”
~Naturally Smiling Kuro: *watching Mahiru sleeping*

@canthydefromthelicht Oh man It`s been a while since I tried to color something and I just ended up keeping it low ahahaha xD 
Welp, still, as we`ve said… Kuro needs more expressions. Doesn`t have to be canon tho since we already love him with the current array of expressions he already has! It`s fun drawing him with others tho~  \(≧▽≦)/

introducing the... PITTSBURGH PENGUINNNS ❤️

this is proof that i in fact have no life

lazy & g, are seriously so cute like just watch these gifs. (you can’t even say their not cuties.)

like seriously who even is this gigantic weirdo ?

oh look at that eye contact 

kiss me underneath the mistletoe  🎶

“me and g have a good chemistry going” heard it here first guys

oh hey geno. annddd nealsy’s #18 sweatshirt

sid & g, aka two headed monster 

reason Evgeni Malkin goes out after Sid ? 

“me three years super league" 

g went to cheer the kid on ☺️

"whats 5 on 3 in Russian ?” “5 on 3”

WHIRL magazine gets it. 

he plays better with sid. ❤️


sid and his plane buddy flower 

and thennn last but defiantly not least mr flower and mad max

yaayyy “best friends, best friends till the very end" 

mad max? nonono happy max ❤️

"the banana”

“i tell him everyday” what more do we need?


*INFJ is editing a video and can’t figure out how to add text*

INTP: Google it. Just look up a tutorial.
INFJ: I don’t need one.
*INFJ eventually figures out how to make the text but not how to add it to the video*
INFJ: Ok fine.*looks up tutorial*
INFJ: *impatiently skips through without actually watching*
INTP: I don’t think that’s going to help-
INFJ: Oh they clicked [the options in the corner of the screen]. I haven’t tried that. *closes tutorial*
INTP: Ok but you didn’t even see what they were actually going to do-
INFJ: *clicks around and manages to lose text* I fucked up.
INTP: Well if you had actually watched the tutorial…
INTP: Your stubbornness will be your downfall.

Dimples - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine making fun of Dean and his dimples when he smiles.

You two were watching something on TV that prompted a smile out of Dean.



“Your dimples…”

His smile quickly went away.


“What happened? They were just there! They were right… about… here.”  You tried to poke him on his cheek but he pulled away.


“Awwwww come on. You’ve got DIMPLES. You know you do!”

“I do not!”

“Yes you do!”

“I….” His smile started to come back. “No I don’t.”

“Oh! There they are.”

He couldn’t help it this time. His full smile came back.

“You need to stop that…” He turned away from you and continued watching TV.

You leaned forward and planted a kiss right on his cheek.


I really love the context of the “I wanna eat kastudon with you” request, not only because of how cute it sounds, and it’s seriously adorable, but because of what it really means in context:

katsudon is not only Yuuri’s favorite food, but his victory meal. traditionally, he only eats this after he wins, which is something Yuuri’s mother tells Victor when he first tries it before forbidding Yuuri from having it outside of such situations.  Victor understands what katsudon symbolizes for Yuuri.

so when Victor has Yuuri and Yuri make their “if I win” requests Yuuri doesn’t just say “ I wanna have a nice meal with you and continue to do so”  …what he says is “I want to win this and celebrate with you.  I want to win this and celebrate and then keep celebrating every win that we will earn together after this. Because if I win this, it’ll only be the first of many more.”

and Victor knows it.

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Sometimes I tried to maybe read something that was PWP or nsfw and I always ended up not finishing it. Just not my thing, and the fact is that I can read/watch sex only if I know and like the story behind it, the relationship between parts involved, otherwise it just gross me out so much I legit feel uncomfortable. So stop saying we're here just for the porn. We're for the dinamics, for the characters that we love oh so much and we enjoy sfw, sappy, fluffy shit as well as nsfw, smutty one.

You watch porn for the storyline

Regarding Izuku’s father. If he is alive, he is definitely absent. And I doubt he is a hero. Izuku as a kid attached to All Might as a hero figure and wanted to be like All Might rather than be a hero “like his dad.” Fire breathing seems like something powerful enough to use though…

What if his dad is a villain? I doubt it but imagine the scenario. His dad is a two-bit villain just powerful enough to be threatening. He goes to villain jail. Mama Mido tries to play it off to Izuku. Oh dad is going away for a while. Why don’t we watch that hero video again? She gets him All Might merch because he is a better role model. She plays hero with him to encourage the good in her son. She tries her best as a now single mom to do everything she can for her son so he doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. He is so wrapped up in hero stuff he doesn’t really ask about his dad and she doesn’t bring Hisashi up. Only in passing.

Imagine Izuku’s dad getting out of prison and wanting to get back into Izuku’s life. Except he isn’t at home with his mother. He’s in a dorm at UA. Maybe Inko gets into a fight with him, to stay away because Izuku is doing so well. And Hisashi gets spitting (fire) mad. He storms to the school and demands to see his son. That he has a right to see his son. Maybe he is mad he never found out what quirk his son had. Maybe he was told he didn’t have a quirk only to later find out he got one and is training to be a hero. Was he lied to? He’s furious.

Imagine All Might being in the room with Izuku when Hisashi is finally allowed on school grounds. Imagine Izuku’s father and his father figure giving each other the stink eye. All Might surprised Izuku could come from a two bit villain. All the more reason he admires Inko.

I got too deep too fast with this and now this is my headcanon oh no

Edit: See further writing on this in my reblog.
Let Me Have a Taste!

Yuu-chan Week 2k16

Day 5: Strawberry Shortcakes and Teddy Bears

When Yuuichirou Hyakuya comes home to find his boyfriend baking his favorite cake, he tries to have a little taste of the batter himself but is thwarted every time.

Yuu decides on taking drastic measures to get Mika to let him have a taste!

Mika was in the kitchen when Yuu arrived home that evening.

“Mika, what are you doing?” Yuu called out, popping his head from the doorframe to watch his lover mixing something in a bowl. Mika turned to him with a welcoming smile on his face, looking quite endearing in a baby blue apron tied around his waist.

“Oh! Welcome home, Yuu-chan! I was just trying to bake some cake.”

Yuu’s peridot eyes went wide, tone clearly interested, “Cake? What kind of cake?” He skipped inside the room, looking at the ingredients Mika had ready on the countertop. His gaze immediately zeroed on the strawberries cut into pieces on the chopping board and he turned to his lover with barely concealed excitement. “Is this what I think it is?”

Mika chuckled as he nodded his head. “Yeah, your favorite. I thought of baking a cake today and if it failed, at least I have someone around to eat it for me.”

Yuu frowned, pouting his lips slightly, “So you’re making me your cake trash dump?”

His boyfriend rolled his eyes at him, “I wouldn’t feed you anything too bad.”

“That’s not reassuring, Mika.” Yuu glanced back down at the creamy, gooey batter being mixed on the bowl and he felt his mouth water. Mika was going to bake him a Strawberry Shortcake and he loved Strawberry Shortcakes to the point his friends called it an obsession and Yuu wouldn’t deny it. He wasn’t normally a sweet-tooth person but one taste of a slice of Strawberry Shortcake just got him melting.

Licking his lips, Yuu asked, “Can’t I have a taste now so I know you’re doing it right?”

Mika raised an eyebrow at him, “Are you some kind of Strawberry Shortcake expert now?” He snorted at the thought of Yuu being a baker– the kitchen wouldn’t last a day under his control– and the raven-haired male huffed in annoyance.

“Well, if you’re feeding me failed products, then I wanna know if it’s edible or not.”

The blond narrowed his eyes at him, “Just for that I’m not giving you a single taste of the batter until it’s baked.”

Yuu squawked, “What the hell, Mika?! I was just being honest. Come oooon.” He whined, draping himself on Mika’s side and effectively bringing himself closer to the sweet smelling mix.

But Mika just easily shrugged him off and pointed a stern finger at him.“No means no, Yuu-chan. You have to wait like a good boy.” Sometimes, Mika’s stubbornness could rival his own.

“Pleaseeee?” Yuu rubbed his face against the older male’s shoulder, trying to persuade him by acting cute. After two years of living with the blond, Yuu knew Mika could never deny him when he’d do something his lover found “adorable”. Yuu didn’t normally resort to such tactics because he had his pride for god’s sakes, but when he wanted something desperately, Yuu would do anything to convince the blond.

When Mika just gave another resolute shake of his head, an idea popped into Yuu’s mind.

Continue in Ao3

#3 Preference||You’re on your period and says something that hurt him

“Anonymous said:

Can you do a 5sos preference where you’re on your period and he annoys you or something so you get mad and say something mean to him?”

“Ashton please turn the volume down, my head is killing me,” you said and sighed while trying to focus on the book you were currently reading.
“Oh sorry babe,” Ashton said and turned down the volume a little. You let put an annoyed sigh and tried to focus on the book and block out the sound from the tv and Ashtons laugh when something fun happened in the tv show he was watching.
“God Ashton can you just be quiet I’m trying to read my book!” You said.
“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know it bothered you…” Ashton said quietly.
“Well it did,” you muttered.
“Uhm are you like, uhm, on your period? You’ve been a bit moody today,” Ashton carefully asked and you angrily closed your book.
“God damn it  Ashton can’t a girl be moody without being on her period huh?” You yelled and he nervously fiddled with his fingers.
“Y-yes of course but I just thought…I-I’m sorry,” he said with a hurt expression on his face and you instantly regretted what you’ve said.
“Ugh no I’m sorry Ashton, yes I’m on my period, I’m  really moody today. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I’m really sorry,” you said and sighed. His face softened and he scooted closer to you to wrap his arms around you.
“It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it baby.” He said and kissed the top of your head.

After being with your boyfriend Calum and the rest of 5sos in the studio for almost 7 hours you and Calum were finally home.
“Ugh finally, I’m so hungry,” you grunted and kicked off your shoes as you entered the house.
“Yeah sorry it took so long today, I just couldn’t hit that last note right,” Calum said and bit his lip.
“Yeah, I saw that…” you mumbled and rolled your eyes. You were on your period and had horrible cramps, which as usual made you very moody. “I mean you could’ve just asked Luke to help you, he hit that note on the first try, he’s such a good singer.”
Calum stared at you with a hurt look on his face. Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned around and walked upstairs. You regretted what you’d done and felt really bad.
“Wait Calum , I didn’t mean it!” You yelled and ran upstairs after him. You grabbed his arm and he spun around.
“Didn’t mean what? That I’m not a good singer? Well guess what you didn’t have to tell me, I already know I’m not. I’ve got tons of haters telling me that daily,” he muttered and you saw tears in his eyes. Your heart was aching, knowing you hurt him.
“No Calum baby listen, I didn’t mean to hurt you. It just slipped out, you know I love your voice more than anyone else’s! Please don’t be mad at me Calum, I hate that myself for hurting you,” you pleaded and he sighed.
“But why did you say it?”
“I’m on my period and I’m just really moody and I’ve got horrible cramps. I know it’s not an excuse for how I acted and I’m so sorry.” You said and his face softened and he hugged you.
“Oh I didn’t know, don’t worry baby I forgive you. I know you didn’t mean it.” Calum said and you smiled at him, knowing you had the best boyfriend in the world.

“Hey babe have you seen my Nirvana t-shirt?” Luke asked as he was last minute packing to leave for his tour tomorrow.
“You already packed it,” you said a little annoyed. He had been asking you 1000 times to help him find different things he was missing.
“Oh okay, what about my spare charger?” He asked and you rolled your eyes.
“In the drawer,” you answered coldly. He must have heard the annoyance in your voice because he stopped packing and looked at you.
“Are you mad at me?” He asked and you let out a little laugh.
“Well I just find it a little annoying that an adult can’t even pack his own damn suitcase. I always have to help you with everything gosh it’s gonna be nice to have some time alone when your gone.” You muttered but quickly regretted it when you saw his hurt face.
“Oh I’m sorry,” Luke mumbled and started to re-fold a shirt he had already packed.
“No Luke, I-I didn’t mean it like that,” you said and your lip started to tremble at the thought of him leaving tomorrow. He sighed and got up and sat down on the bed next to you.
“Do you think I’m annoying?” He asked and looked at you with tear filled eyes.
“No no no not at all, I know you are stressed and I should help you. It’s just I-I’m on my period and I’m really moody and tired.” You said and blushed. Luke started blushing too and fiddled with his fingers.
“Oh, I, uhm, didn’t know…"He scratched the back of his neck. “Do you need anything?” He asked but you shook your head.
“No you’ve got a lot to do, don’t worry about me. Let me help you and then maybe we can watch a movie?” You asked and he smiled.
“I’m almost done, you don’t have to help, just stay here and relax and I’ll finish packing and we can watch a movie, okay?” He asked and you started smiling like an idiot.
“You’re the best boyfriend ever.” You said and kissed him.

“Michael, you need to pick up (y/d/n) from her friends house, she just texted,” you said as you sat on the couch next to Michael.
“Can’t you pick her up? I’m about to beat my high score,” Michael said. He was playing videogames again.
“No I’m tired, and my stomach hurts,” you said and gritted your teeth. You were on your period and the cramps made you moody.
“Oh come on, please? This is important,” Michael pleaded and paused the game.
“Oh so it’s more important than our daughter?”
“No that’s not wha-” he begun to speak but you angrily cut him off.
“No I get it Michael, me and her are not your top priority, you’re always away on tours, you’re missing out so much on her life! What kind of father are you really?” You half yelled at him, but the hurt look on his face made you regret everything you said.
“No you know what, you’re right. I’m a bad father, I know okay? You don’t have to remind me,” he mumbled with tears in his eyes.
“No Michael I’m sorry, you’re not a bad father, you’re the best father ever. And the best husband ever. Please Michael don’t be mad at me. I’m on my period and I’m super moody, please forgive me Michael I didn’t mean it, I know it’s not your fault that you’re away  lot.”
“So you don’t think I’m a bad father?”
“No not at all, you’re the best in the world, please forgive me,” you pleaded and he started smiling.
“I couldn’t ever stay mad at you, you’re too cute. I know you didn’t mean it,” he said and you smiled. “Come on let’s pick her up together.”

  • someone: what are you thankful for?
  • me: i'll tell you what i'm not thankful for: bobby fucking flay. he's on every goddamn show this season and all i want to watch is all these goddamn adorable chefs making thanksgiving dinner together but they have to throw this asshole in the mix and he's like that asshole uncle that everyone tries to ignore and can't help but get pissed off whenever he opens his mouth but you have to stay quiet because he'll throw a fit if you say something and i'm just trying to enjoy my thanksgiving oh my god why does every family have to have a devil even cute food show families
Idea: Samurai Jack Seasons 1-4 BUT with Live Commentary from Aku:

For maximum enjoyment, read in a bored Aku voice:
Jack & the Haunted House:
“Oh, yeah. I remember this one. This- This is the one where that
Encounters that really freaky demon thing. Yeah, I tried to recruit it into my army of everlasting darkness as, I don’t know, a general or something, but it just growled at me! And so, I let it go out of respect, and NOT because it gave me nightmares for weeks on end.”
During scene where Kuni is introduced:
“You know, I was watching this whole thing as it played out the first time, and my first thought was not ‘Wow, that despicable demon is using that innocent girl to lure unsuspecting travelers into its clutches. That is a level of evil I hope to one day achieve.’ no, my first thought was 'Isn’t Kuni a guy’s name?’ 0_0
I mean, didn’t it originate from that Land Master guy whose temple I destroyed long ago? Kuni… Nushi or something? HE was a guy, so would that not at least set some sort of precedent? You would think that I would know this, since my name is Japanese and all, and I have this
*slumps down in chair*
“But no.” =_=
*takes a sip of soda*
*smacks lips*
“I do not.”


INT: I’ve kinda fallen into this black hole of examining your instagram, just watching you do black flips all day. Is that something you are just able to do before Spider-Man came out or it’s because of training?
TOM: Oh, yes! Oh, well, yeah. It was a long time before Spider-Man. I used to be in a show in London called Billy Elliot so I was one of the young kids in that. And that’s just one of the skills I learned from there really. And I’ve just sort of continued on with it on tried excel and it’s gonna help me a lot I think when we ome to shooting Spider-Man.

screaming-ugly  asked:

Whens the next part of the main story coming out,Im so excited for it!( not to mention the fact that I just finished most of the anime I've been watching)

….next weekend….

I tried to finish it this week but my shoulder and wrist still feels messed up from overworking last weekend. So I’m taking things slow so I won’t permanently damage myself. XD

Not to mention the next comic will be my longest. OH YEAH!!!

Panic // Nate Maloley

Hey guys! Here’s my second imagine if the day, hope you like it❤️ I’ve been very unlucky today cuz I was updating my masterlist and I accidentally closed it so nothing saved I need to re do it in the morning😭😭 in the mean time, enjoy this even though it’s a little short 💜💜

Nate and I sat on the couch, just cuddling and watching tv as we do a lot of nights after long days. He had his arm wrapped around me and I was leaning on his shoulder, my eyes glued to the screen. I randomly began to have shortness of breath, something I usually got when I had panic attacks, but I haven’t had one of those in a really long time.
“Babe you okay? You’re breathing funny,” Nate said from beside me.
“Yeah I’m fine,” I said as I tried to ignore it and focus on the screen. What if I was dying? Oh my god I could die right now, here. I felt my heartbeat increase and I felt dizzy, feeling a tingling sensation in my body.
“I’m gonna go get water,” I said as I stood up and made my way tot eh kitchen, once I got there I felt like the room was closing in on me, and I ha don idea why. I suddenly just got this huge wave of fear.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” I heard Nate’s voice ask. I heard his footsteps approached as he walked through the door.
“Oh my god, baby what’s wrong,” he said.
“I can’t breathe,” I said as I struggled for air, choking on my words.
“Come here,” he said as he picked me up and placed me on the couch, running his hands through his hair.
“Nate, help,” I said as I tried to speak, but everything was becoming more and more difficult. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, I couldn’t breathe, I felt dizzy and everything was just awful to say the least. Nate sat down in front of me and placed his hands on either side of my face.
“Okay, you’re okay, breathe with me,” he said.
“I can’t,” I said as tears began streaming down my face.
“Yes you can, 10 seconds in, 10 seconds out,” he said as he began breathing, I tried to do it with him but I kept choking on air and crying, Nate becoming blurry.
“It’s okay, you can do it, keep trying,” Nate persisted as he continued to breathe with me. After about 10 minutes, everything went back to normal, and I took in deep breaths and cried.
“I’m so sorry,” I cried.
“Why are you sorry?” he asked.
“That hasn’t happened in a really long time I don’t know why that happened,” I said as I played with my hair.
“It’s okay, calm down,” he said as he sat down properly and pulled me closer to him.
“Thank you so much,” I said.
“Don’t thank me, that was scary, I hate seeing you like that,” he said.
“It’s weird I haven’t had one in a long time,” I sighed.
“Do you know why it might have happened?” he asked.
“Maybe because of moving to LA, a lot of stress and change,” I said.
“If it ever happens again, I’ll be here for you,” he said.
“Thank you, it’s just really embarrassing,” I said.
“No, don’t be embarrassed, it’s part of who you are,” he said.
“I know, it just sucks,” I said.
“I know, baby, I know it does,” he said as his fingers danced up and down my arm.
“You’re the best, I love you,” I smiled.
“I love you too,” he grinned, I leaned up and quickly pecked his lips before turning back to the tv.
“Can I take a nap?” I asked.
“Whatever you need babe,” he said.
“Okay, I just feel weak and tired,” I said.
“No problem, rest, princess,” he said.
“I love you,” I mumbled again.
“I love you too,” he said as he pressed his lips to my forehead.
I smiled lightly and before I knew it, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

How Affection Goes Down

AKA Marianne Tries to be Romantic Part 1

Dawn: Oh Sunny, I love you!

Sunny: [Nuzzling her face] I love you my little flower.

Dawn: I’m your little flower!

Sunny: Yup. You’re my flowers, my sunshine, my air.

Dawn: [Swooning] Oh Sunny! 

Sunny: Oh Dawn.

[Watching and gagging]

Marianne: We’re not like that, right?

Bog: Gods no.

Marianne: Good. And if I ever try something like that, stop me by any means necessary. Royal decree.

Bog: Noted. [Chuckle] Besides, I doubt you could ever come close to saying something so nauseatingly sweet.

Marianne: … What’s that supposed to mean?

Bog: Uh…

Marianne: You think I can’t be romantic!

Bog: Well… Uh… I mean, I never said-

Marianne: I’ll have you know, I can be plenty romantic.

Bog: Oh spare me, Tough Girl.

Marianne: [Growling] I can!

Bog: Oh really?

Marianne: Yeah! I could be so romantic, it would knock the stupid grin off your stupid Goblin face!

Bog: So do it!

Marianne: Maybe I will!

Bog: Fine!

Marianne: Fine!

Bog: …..

Marianne: …..

Bog: …..

Marianne: You’re like a sexy tree-

Bog: Please don’t.

We all know they’ll probably watch the footage of what happened to Simmons

but…. i just realized something else.

that means they’ll also see the footage right before Simmons gets taken.

the part where… you know… fitz has no chill and the bit where he tries to ask her out. and the bit where she’s walking around with a goofy li’l smile.

and oh my gosh what if there is audio?