i tried to include the part

Seriously, do not think you are not making a difference if the only presence in protest was an online one. When Wendy Davis filibustered to protect women’s reproductive rights in Texas, over 100,000 people (my roomie and I included) tuned in via livestream and watched. We saw when the clock struck, the day was officially done, and a vote hadn’t been cast in time. We then saw when the GOP tried to revise the legal record to say that one had been, and we were there to speak up, take screencaps, and hold them accountable. We watched a crooked political party break the law that night, and because we were at our computers, because we were speaking and we didn’t let it go, the legislation did not move forward that day. Speak out. Take part. Be loud. Be smart.

Well, it was something I’d spoken to a lot of people about, including my boyfriend at the time - we’ve broken up now - but at the time when I just got [a role in the musical] Taboo, I knew that even though my part was a straight character everybody knew me as a gay man, and in my life in London I never tried to hide…. I knew I was going to have to do interviews with gay magazines; I knew this was going to happen. So I thought, Well, I’m going to have to be open. It’s who I am. And if people don’t like it, then I don’t want their jobs. I’ve never been a very good liar, which is another thing…

[DIGIMON TRI PART 4] New Summary with Translation!

Hello everyone! 

The official site’s latest update now includes the synopsis for Part 4 (a very, very, interesting one to say the least). I’ve tried my hand at translating it below:

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4: Loss - Synopsis Translation

Meicoomon’s rampage and the reboot which followed–

Leaving behind Meiko, anguishing, Taichi and the others set off for the Digital World.
There they reunited with their partner Digimon who lost their memories of everything up until now.

And yet their bonds must begin anew and the Chosen Children hold out a hand to their affected Digimon.

Nevertheless, even though Piyomon is the only one to evolve to their Child level, she reveals how wary she still is…

“It’s like I said before, I don’t know about this past you’re speaking of!!”

As someone whom she once held in high regard and sympathized with before, now a stranger, Piyomon instead harbors suspicion for Sora’s gestures of kindness.

Finding her feelings hurt, Taichi and Yamato can’t find the words to help Sora.
What will they do in the Digital World going forward?–

Before they can discuss this with each other, Meicoomon appears…and then disappears. Somehow, it has retained it’s old memories as it wanders in tears while searching for Meiko–

Seeing the creature, the children’s decision to travel to the Digital World in order to save Meicoomon becomes clearer. But then, the figure of a man once subdued by the Dark Masters appears before them.

Around the same time in the Real World, Nishijima receives notice that Himekawa has disappeared.

Investigating, he gets to the bottom of Himekawa’s actions up until now and finds out about a certain goal that was hidden from him.

A connection to a past incident which decided the fate of two people…

And now, the adventure evolves once more– 

Please do not repost my translations anywhere. Thank you! (´・ω・`)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: do people really think that Steve is only being nice to impress Nancy? do they remember when Barb cut her hand and he was the only one who actually tried to help and gave her space but watched her while he was outside still? he tried so hard to include her and he actually was really nice to Nancy for the most part and he tried really hard to fix his behavior. he even dropped his friends before he knew that Nancy would take him back and went to apologise to Jonathan. Just let the kid battle his internalized hyper-masculinity and aggressive tendencies before getting so mad at him. please. he's doing his best.

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Hi:) Can you write a scenario where you use a vibrator on DK??

I really hope this is at least close to what you wanted omg + rip this was my first smut in a while I hope it’s okay (this is a great way to start a new year)

I tried to keep this a bit more gender neutral - hopefully that’s welcome and I succeeded at least to some extent! and because I wasn’t sure which way to go, this includes >>both external and internal use of the vibrator<<, so if you’re not into the latter one, you might want to stop reading when the external use comes to an end!

The sight in front of you was absolutely marvellous, and all you could do was part your lips in appreciation as your fingertips dragged down your boyfriend’s toned torso. He writhed a little under your touch, his breath heavy and his eyes glassy and desperate, and your lips stretched into a smirk.

“Are you getting sensitive?” you asked, voice just that teasing, and got a rapid nod from Seokmin, accompanied by a needy whine when your finger stopped right below his belly button. Clearly, he’d rather had it go further down. Your smirk only got more prominent at that. “Good.”

Now, back to the beautiful sight in front of you, which was was your boyfriend. But not just that: his wrists were bound together and held up with a rope that was tied to the top of the headboard, his ankles held down by scarves that were fastened to the bed posts at the foot of the bed, and his cock was hard and leaking against his abdomen as the result of all the time you had spent teasing him while whispering dirty things right into his ear.

His mind had been and still was full of the mental images of how hard you’d make him cum, how you were desperate to have him deep inside of you and how you’d let him do almost anything to you. But not that night, except for the part where you’d make him cum hard.

Seokmin’s hips were starting to buck up restlessly, so you leaned down to kiss his chest slowly and finally allowed your fingertips travel low enough to wrap them around his cock. He hissed and screwed his eyes shut, your name slipping through his lips when he finally got the touch he so much needed. You almost chuckled while sucking a light hickey to his chest, a bit above his right nipple.

With him succumbing to pleasure under your ministrations and a series of soft yeses slipping through his lips, you moved your eyes to the silver-colored bullet vibrator that you had by your side. The memory of Seokmin finding your toy stash replayed in your mind, and it had you biting your lower lip a little.

His eyes had glinted in excitement when he had rummaged through them all, some of the toys making him raise his eyebrows and some making him gasp. He had accidentally turned on the particular bullet vibrator that was now next to you on the bed, and you’d never forget his voice when he had spoken, his eyes sparkling when he had turned to look at you. His voice had been so shaky yet determined, like he was already imagining more than a few things.

“Can we use this on me sometime?”

And so the sometime had come, and you were both embracing the moment. Seokmin had been rather impatient all day, and had quite likely never hardened as fast as he did when you stroked him while making out, and told him just what you’d do with the vibrator. It fed your own imagination just as much as it did Seokmin’s, and the way he had grunted at some parts of your description had only made the knot in the pit of your stomach tighter.

You ran your palm over the very tip of Seokmin’s length, which made his hips buck up and a strangled groan rip from his throat. A grin spread to your lips. “Are you ready?”

His smirk was painfully hot, like it always was, and he gave you a meaningful raise of his eyebrow. “Never been readier.”

Even when tied up, you felt like he had a sense of authority to him. With a quick nibble on your lower lip, you decided that you’d have to do something about that, and let go of his cock. The pre-cum soon disappeared from your hand when you ran your tongue across your palm, your eyes locked with Seokmin’s as you withdrew your tongue back into your mouth, the string of pre-cum connecting it to your hand breaking in the process.

His gasp at your action made you feel triumphant - at least you knew his weaknesses.

Seokmin eyed you in interest when you took your underwear off before taking the vibrator into your hand. You stroked it slowly, as if inspecting it, and let out a content sound when you turned it on. Seokmin swallowed hard, his cock twitching at the mere thought of how the vibrator would feel against himself.

Moving your playful eyes from the toy to your boyfriend’s pair of glassy eyes, you smirked. “It’s time for some fun.”

While you might have set the vibrator on its lowest, even those gentle vibrations felt almost painfully strong to Seokmin.

“Oh, fuck,” he gasped when the toy met his cock at the base, vibrating lightly against his shaft and balls. The knot in your stomach tightened at his reaction, and you brought the toy higher on him in curiosity: you wanted to see every last reaction of his.

“Do you like it?” you said, although it was almost obvious, your voice teasing yet easily giving away your own, gradually increasing lust. Not that you hadn’t been annoyingly turned on for a good while already, of course. Seokmin was shaking all over, his eyebrows furrowing and lips opening into one gasp after another as he moved his gaze between you and his length.

“Is that even a–” He groaned before he was able to finish his sentence when you pressed the vibrator to the sensitive head of his cock lightly. With his hips bucking up and you pressing them back down into the bed with a small grin tugging at your lips, Seokmin panted heavily. His voice was as shaky as his body when he finally managed to answer you. “Is that even a question, holy shit.”

The smirk wouldn’t leave your face, but you didn’t mind. The sight was getting a bit too much, though, so rather than just being on your knees next to Seokmin, you sat on his left thigh and leaned down to kiss his chest. Being so close to his head, you could hear just how heavy yet shallow his breath was, although the quivering and heaving of his chest was quite a good indicator, too.

Allowing your tongue to glide on Seokmin’s toned chest, you took the vibrator off his cock and turned the power a bit higher. It wasn’t much stronger - you weren’t sure how much he could handle, so you didn’t dare to put it too high - but you could immediately hear and see the difference.

First you just dragged the toy up his inner thigh, which had both of his legs shaking. Considering that you were snugly sitting on one, it was quite an experience for you, too, with his leg stimulating your most sensitive parts in a way that almost got you distracted from the task at hand. Once you had collected yourself again, you pressed the vibrator back against Seokmin’s cock, ripping a strangled moan from him.

“Please, pleasepleaseplease,” he whimpered, his legs still shaking and his arms writhing as he struggled to keep his hips pressed to the mattress. It did impress you how well he was able to do that either way. You sat back up and licked your lips, adoring the sight in front of you. It had been quite a while since the last time you had seen him as such a desperate mess. If you weren’t mistaken, the last time had been when you had played around with his hands tied and a cock ring at the base of his length, and you had taken your sweet time bringing him to what you knew to be the most intense orgasm of his life, at least up til then.

“Please what?” you asked, the faux innocence of your voice in conflict with how you were starting to move your hips on his thigh, or how you teased the head of his cock with the merest tip of the vibrator. It was starting to get a bit sticky with his pre-cum, which only turned you on more.

“I don’t even know,” Seokmin admitted with another hiss as his hips bucked up, which alone almost made you moan, too.

You didn’t say anything back to him, and instead just continued moving the toy around his cock. You went up and down slowly, each and every reaction and noise coming from Seokmin registering in your senses. The shaking of his legs, the quietly uttered profanities, the thin layer of sweat that was starting to gather on his neck, the gradually increasing restlessness of his hips…

It was perfect.

With your fingers moving on Seokmin’s toned upper body again, you brought your fingers that were on the vibrator to the bottom, where you could adjust the settings. Seokmin was grunting quietly almost at a regular pace now, and you cleared your throat. “Do you still want to try stronger?”

He lifted his head from the soft pillow he had buried it into, panting, and nodded.

“Remember not to come until I give you the permission,” you mumbled with a smile and leaned down to kiss your boyfriend at the same time as you turned the power even higher. His loud moan was caught by your lips, and the contracting of his abs didn’t go unnoticed by your fingers.

Oh, how you were enjoying the situation, and definitely not only because his thigh proved out to be almost better than a vibrator, still continuously shaking underneath you and rubbing against you. “I’m not sure if I say this enough, but god do I love your thighs.”

Seokmin chuckled at your mumbled words against his lips, and you pulled back from the kiss. Before you were able to retreat too much, Seokmin called your name. Raising your eyebrows in question, you brought the vibrator to the base of his cock.

“I’m… could we…” It was obvious he was trying to find the strength to both form a full sentence without his voice giving in too much and to say something. You kissed his neck lightly, and in an attempt to help him out a little, moved the toy away from him altogether. At that, Seokmin let out an almost relieved sigh. “Do you think we could try that inside, too?”

To say you were a bit blown away by the question would be an understatement, but judging by the pleading look on Seokmin’s face, he was not kidding.


“I’ve heard it feels good, especially if you find the right spot,” he explained quickly, still appearing as determined and serious as ever. You nodded slowly and played with the thought a little, and as soon as the image of Seokmin riding out an orgasm like that, you were sold - not that you would’ve rejected the idea otherwise, either.

“Yeah, sure,” you said hurriedly and turned the toy off before putting it aside for a while. You leaned down to kiss him again, one of your hands cupping his cheek and your tongue tickling his lips. “I’ll untie your ankles.”

He kissed you back hungrily, visibly frustrated that he couldn’t have his hands on you while doing so, but nodded either way. The kiss didn’t end too soon, though, as you took your time calming him down a little while enjoying the passionate kisses, where you got to be the more dominant party with your tongue dancing with his and your hands moving on his body.

“Alright,” you said dazedly when you had broken away from the kiss, and although you were hesitant to leave his thigh, you stood up and untied Seokmin’s ankles and got lube from the very same box where you kept your toys. You knew Seokmin had some somewhere, too, but you thought it was easier to just get your own than look for his.

Within the short time you had spent getting the lube, Seokmin had gotten his feet pressed on the mattress and his knees bent, legs open. While the sight was on the rarer side, it was definitely inviting, and you felt blood rushing to your lower body as you returned to the bed.

“Do you think two fingers is enough?” you asked while opening the cap of the tube of lube and eyeing the vibrator on the bed, trying to figure out how much prepping was necessary; the toy was by no means big, but then again you also knew that there was no such thing as too much prepping. Seokmin looked thoughtful, and you smiled at how thrilled he seemed about the prospect of having something tickling his prostate.

“Ah, uh,” he muttered, and laughed a bit nervously. You stroked his knee gently in an attempt to reassure him. “Let’s go with two, but if it looks like it, add a third?”

You nodded and took a comfortable position on the bed between his legs and squeezed some lube onto your fingers. Seokmin shuddered when you smeared some of it around his hole and began teasing his tight rim with the merest tip of your forefinger, which wasn’t all that difficult to slide inside. As soon as you heard his breath hitch, you brought your free hand to his cock and stroked him to distract him from the intrusion.

Little by little, you slid your finger in and wiggled it a little before just keeping it in place while your other hand was on Seokmin’s length. He was tense around the digit, but eventually his contorted features began relaxing, much like his hole relaxed around your finger. The first slow thrusts had him hissing, but you took your time making him relaxed and focusing more on the pleasure by kissing his inner thighs and moving your fingers on his cock.

With the hisses turning into quiet moans, you got some more lube on your fingers and began easing a second finger in slowly once you had stretched him enough. He hissed again, which you only took as a sign to continue stroking him steadily. It took a while, but eventually you had three fingers moving slowly in and out of him, and he was moaning and his toes were curling when your fingertips massaged his prostate.

While dragging your lips on his shaft, you slowly pulled your fingers out of him and wiped them on a tissue you grabbed from your nightstand. Seokmin panted and relaxed on the bed, but got attentive again when he could see you reaching for the vibrator.

“So you’re gonna like, put it in now?” Seokmin asked, his head raised a little so that he could see at least something of what was going on. You smiled and stroked his thigh while nodding.

“Kinda, yeah,” you replied with a soft chuckle, and began teasing his slick hole with the tip of the vibrator, which you had gotten a nice amount of lube on. With the earlier prepping, the conveniently sized vibrator slid in without too much of a problem, although you did see and feel Seokmin tense up. Your hand moved soothingly up and down his thigh, and soon you wrapped your fingers around his cock again, stroking it steadily.

“That feels kinda good,” he grunted, his eyes still shut, and bucked his hips up on instinct. A grin spread to your lips as you ran your thumb over the head of his dick while languidly moving the vibrator, still off, inside of him. The noises that left his pretty, parted lips went straight between your legs.

“Oh, yeah?” you chuckled and turned your head so that you could press a kiss to Seokmin’s right thigh and nibble on the sensitive skin lightly. “Well, baby, it’ll only get better from here.”

The smirk on his face was absolutely beautiful, and you loved the way it quickly transformed into an ‘o’ when you turned the vibrator on and slid it out of him before pushing it back in slowly, searching for his prostate.

“Shit,” Seokmin breathed heavily, his toes curling and legs starting to quiver; when his back arched and he let out a loud groan, you could deduce you had found what you were looking for.

It was fascinating, really, to see the effect it had on him to have a vibrator pressed against his prostate. He was unable to be silent and his body could hardly stay still - even if he was able to keep his hips somewhat down, his chest was heaving and abs contracting, and his cock was occasionally twitching with the stimulation you were giving him.

All in all, you could hardly keep your hands off yourself.

You took your time like that, stroking Seokmin in different places. If your hand wasn’t on his length, it was on his stomach, thigh or ass, while you kept the vibrator mostly still. Seokmin’s cheeks were even more flushed than they had been before, and he could barely be silent for more than a second as his lips continued letting out moans, grunts and hisses.

“You look beautiful like this,” you said, voice almost shaky with lust, and took Seokmin’s cock into your hand to swirl your forefinger on his slit. He had a small pool of pre-cum on his stomach by now, and his hips bucked up immediately when you touched him.

“I-I bet you would, too,” he managed, his lower body tensing with the build-up of his orgasm while he pictured you in his position. He groaned desperately as he held it back, which was gradually getting more difficult with how swollen his prostate was and how damn needy he was for his climax. If nothing else told it, it had to be the way you could start hearing “Please” through his noises.

You bent down and kissed him at the base of his length, your eyes staring at his face intently. “You can cum now, baby.”

With a long groan and his hips bucking up high, Seokmin began releasing onto his stomach and your fingers while you stroked him through it, the toy still vibrating against his spot. He was squirming as pleasure washed all over him, and a blissful smile spread to his lips. You took in the way the cum covered his skin, the way his facial muscles began relaxing little by little but his abs continued to tense, and the way his eyes began fluttering open, only to shut again when he began whimpering with how sensitive he was. Smiling to yourself, you sat up and let the vibrator slide out of him with ease, your hand leaving his sensitive length alone, too.

“Thank you,” Seokmin said breathlessly, his legs falling straight again. You put the toy down on the tissue you had wiped your fingers on earlier and moved up on the bed, freeing Seokmin’s wrists and kissing them before lying down next to him.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed it,” you purred and leaned down to kiss him while your hand slid between his legs and you circled his clenching hole with your finger lightly. “I assume this won’t be a one-time thing?”

He thought for a while and pecked your lips, an almost sheepish smile climbing to his lips. “Probably not, if that’s fine.”

You nodded with a smile and were about to say something when Seokmin had already flipped you over and was sitting lightly on top of your thighs, looking down at you with intense eyes. His fingers began sliding underneath your shirt. “Would you be in for some experimenting, too?”

Running your hands up and down on Seokmin’s thighs before wrapping them around his neck and pulling him down, you smirked. “Some other time, sure. Right now I just need you to make me cum.”

And he did. Twice.

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A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 4/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1000 (another short part)

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, more day-dreaming of Bucky cuddles, Christmas fluff

A/N: Part 3 got a reeaaalllyyyy low amount of notes (it hasn’t even broken 50 yet, which even when I posted my first stories with under 50 followers it got more than that) so I hope this part is more enjoyable for everyone. I’ll try going back and editing/adding I guess, but since this is a shorter series (including word count) I don’t want to make it too complex. :/ Anyway, complaining over, I hope you enjoy this part :)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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But a part of me lies buried in lace and roses on a riverbank in France-a part of me is broken off forever. A part of me will be unflyable, stuck in the climb. “ - (Elizabeth Wein, Code Name Verity

Being Sirius' Daughter Would Include...


* * *

  • Growing up with the sassiest mouth and when Sirius tries to tell you off for it you just scream “WELL I LEARNED FROM THE BEST”
  • Being best friends with Harry as Sirius took Harry in after Lily and James died
  • Teaming up with Remus to try prank Sirius 
  • Him being extremely proud and supportive of the house you got into
  • Him constantly teasing you of liking Harry just to get you embarrassed
  • You doing your part to keep the house clean and to cook whenever he was too tired to
  • 3 am adventures
  • Visiting Lily and James’ grave every month with Harry 
  • You being sooooo protective over Harry at Hogwarts when people always objectify him as The Boy Who Lives 
  • Harry coming to you when he likes Cho and you giving him advise
  • Writing to Sirius every week while away and feeling sad that he is left at home on his own
  • Sirius coming to Hogwarts all the time when Remus becomes DADA teacher
  • Other girls in your year telling you how hot your dad is and you’re like “I know isn’t be fabulous’ 
  • The amazing hair genes getting passed onto you
  • Forgetting that Harry isn’t actually your real brother and getting grossed out when people ask if you’re dating as you shout “HE’S MY BROTHER YOU TWAT”
  • Being constantly told off for your bad mouth and talking back and you groaning because you know who’s fault that it
  • Writing to Sirius telling him off for giving you sassy genes
  • Dear Dad,
    I got detention AGAIN. I sweeear to God I am going to kill you if I get another detention because of the bad-mouth genes you gave to me.
    Sincerely, your daughter 
    p.s - I love you but seriously dad did you have to bring me up with a sailor mouth??????
  • Having inside jokes with Sirius and people getting confused at dinner parties as you both sit in the corner snorting because something reminded you of one
  • People always telling you how much you look like your dad and you getting frustrated because YOU KNOW
  • Telling him straight away when you start to get involved with someone 
  • Him being protective but also giving you the space to be your own person and make your own decisions

*sees leaked video for new episode*

Soooo……Connie is just totally fine with Lapis? Even though the last time that we saw them, Lapis tried (and practically succeeded) to drown her?


You know, for the most part I’m fine with things progressing in the background. This show is told from Steven POV and he can’t be present for everything. And other characters shouldn’t just be put on hold until the mains see fit to include them. I dislike that type of storytelling, so I don’t mind that SU does this.

But this? Forget whining about your damn ships, this is something that we should have been shown. Lapis tried to DROWN her and Connie was a 10-11 year old girl at the time. That’s not something she should just shrug off and be fine with. So if they have resolved stuff, why haven’t we seen it? Why is Lapis constantly getting away with the shit she does?

I mean, it was a brief clip, so I could be wrong. But I doubt it. So what the actual fuck, Crewniverse?

Dating Tyler would include (Part 1):

Originally posted by crankityler

• him always leaning is arm on you because he’s a fucking giant.
• stealing his beanies to wear
• and you literally being the only one who can do it, like he’ll snap at anyone else who tries, but he’ll always let you wear them.
• also his favorite ninja turtle shirt. mostly because he likes seeing you in it and nothing else.
• “always smile. i love your smile.”
• obvs being part of teamiplier because duh .
• tyler always being protective of you , no matter what it is .
• like ALWAYS
• imagine one of the other boys playfully flirting with you , and tyler just
• * wraps long arms around you , picks you up , and carries you away while he glares at the other man.*
• since tyler’s so quiet , he’s a really good listener , so you talk to him about everything .
• literally
• you trying to be the big spoon but him pulling you over him to be the little spoon .

Being best friends with Luna Lovegood would include...

Anonymous said:Hello! I really love your blog, I was wanting to request a headcanon (if that’s what you would call it) :D Being best friends with Luna Lovegood would include…

  • you being in ANY house because she really wouldn’t care, as long as you were nice to her
  • you being part of the DA
  • you knew neville liked luna, and so you tried to set them up
  • but literally all luna was interested in were nargles
  • “so luna, there’s this boy…”
  • “oh! do i know him? are the nargles bothering him? does he need some help?”
  • you facepalming
  • her giving you the cutest, most personal gifts
  • “happy birthday! you said you liked that nail polish a few months back. so i got it for you and put a long-lasting spell on it. oh, and i made you a matching flowercrown too!”
  • flowercrowns. tons of them.
  • luna and you painting together
  • being the SASSIEST whenever someone was mean to either of you
  • “lovegood, i told you to pay attention. ten points from ravenclaw.”
  • “but professor snape, sir, i was just thinking about the flowercrown Y/N and me are making for you!”
  • “yea, it would cover up some of that greasy hair of yours.”
  • luna giggling SO HARD whenever you made sassy comments like that 
  • lots of giggling in general
  • the two of you spending every sunny day by the black lake, braiding each other’s hair
  • and whenever she couldn’t figure out the riddle to the ravenclaw common room, she’d just ask you - the two of you were inseparable 
  • being everyone’s super aesthetic friendship goals

When the short trailer from the SCEJA Press Conference 2015 showed us a short preview for the new DANGANRONPA game “NDRV3″, we saw this image of a girl for a very short moment.

Now, while I´m pretty sure that people already talked about this, I just still wanted to say something about it myself.

Okay, so… 

I assume that the girl we´re seeing here is Chiaki Nanami, because of the way her uniform looks.

Or well, rather because of what she´s wearing under the uniform.

Both have long sleeves covering large parts of their hands.

All the other girls, including young Chisa, don´t have that.

I have no idea what role she´s going to play in the game though, and why she was in the trailer…

Well, of course I tried to theorize a bit, but I don´t really have anything worth talking about yet….

But one more thing…

Dunno if that mean anything, just noticed that.

Not to be that bitch but lesfems tried enforcing androgyny as necessary for good feminists and all it did was push butches and femmes underground for the entire decade of the 70s and into the 80s some, and while it was one reprehensible part of a very reasonable push back against the 60s liberal “sexual revolution” which encouraged women to open themselves up to sex with even more men who barely saw them as people, it hurt a lot of lesbians and I’m not interested in a resurfacing of the same politics. All gender hurts women and this includes mandated androgyny.

Yiddish-speakers themselves, including some of the most prominent Yiddish writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, routinely referred to their language as Zhargon – Jargon. It was a bastard tongue, bad German, a linguistic mishmash, hardly a language at all. Jews intent on assimilation found it particularly odious. In Germany for example, Jews tried to reduce Jewishness to a Konfession, a religion divorced from culture, insisting they weren’t Jews at all, but rather “Germans of the Mosaic persuasion” Go make the case in Yiddish, where every word, every linguistic tic, is a reminder of peoplehood. Consider, for example, Max Weinreich’s example of a more or less random Yiddish sentence: Di bobe est tsholent af Shabes – The grandmother eats warmed-over bean stew on the Sabbath. Bobe, “grandmother” is a Slavic word that entered Yiddish in the thirteenth or fourteenth century. Est was adopted a thousand years ago, from Middle High German. Tsholent, bean stew, came from Old French more than a thousand years ago, probably from chaud, “hot”, and lent, “slow” – a fitting name for a dish that Jews keep warm on the Sabbath, when cooking is not allowed. And Shabes, “Sabbath,” is a Hebrew word that dates back several thousand years. Quite literally, Yiddish is a living chronicle of Jews’ historical experience, proof of their peoplehood, and therefore spills the beans on assimilationist aspirations. No wonder Bourgeois Jews hated it; no wonder scholars ignored it. In 1873, for example, the German Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz afforded Yiddish just two paragraphs in his magisterial six-volume History of the Jews. Never mind that Yiddish was then the first or only language of 80% of the world’s Jews; for Graetz, it was “eine halbtierische Sprache,” a half-bestial tongue.

- Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books by Aaron Lansky

i did not expect people to react the way they did to my post about my friend “disappointing” billie because she had her phone in her hands
billie wasn’t being a dick about it or rude at all and my friend wasn’t offended whatsoever
i understand if people want to take photos and videos when they go to concerts because i do that as well, but when people have their phones infront of their faces the entire time it gets a little annoying. 
this man tries so hard to include everyone in the crowd, to make people feel special and just communicate and get a message across and imagine trying to do that when people look at their screens? 
as i said, i understand if people want to record some parts of the concert but please just be a little understanding because this man is singing his heart out for us. just don’t shove your phones in his face when he sings more emotional songs. if you’re at the barrier just put it away and make eye contact with him and sing with him, because i promise you when he sits down infront of you and looks you straight in the eyes you’re gonna be glad you didn’t look at him through your screen. that memory feels 10x better than a video ever will

and as i said, this is more about the emotional songs because i recorded pretty much the entire medley and king for a day when they were just goofing around on stage and then he didn’t really mind that pretty much everyone had their phone out