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Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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HEY FOLKS so recently i gave an awareness presentation on asexuality in my local LGBTQA+ group at my college! I wanted to share my comments and the experience I had.

ok so first off, I edited all these slides to include the speakers notes that I used, so almost everything I talked about is touched upon on these slides. However, I couldn’t go into detail on EVERYTHING on the slides, so if they aren’t complete, know that it’s bc I probably just spoke about the topic out loud instead of writing it down!

second off, the presentation went FABULOUSLY! I got a TON of great questions and everyone tried really hard to understand the concepts I talked about, which I really appreciated. It was a great experience!

so honestly, i’m just rly glad i got this experience.

[E///XCLUSIONISTS AND T///ERFS DO NOT INTERACT. I won’t respond to any e////xclusionist messages or comments. Please don’t reblog.]

Capricious- Doctor Strange x reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

So, I saw Doctor Strange (and it was amazing, I’m going back Saturday) anyway, the cloak made me laugh and I had this idea that I really hope you will like. 

Because I live in a small city that sucks, I was condemned to watch it in French so some vocabulary might be wrong. 

Also, I tried not to include spoilers even though this happens after the movie.

Please, note that I am French and so there might be some mistakes here and there. And, also, I know nothing about Doctor Strange outside of the movie I just saw.

Words: 785

Summary: How you meet Doctor Strange (A little, soulmate story ;) )

This is my first Marvel imagine.

Enjoy :)

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You were a young orphan when the Ancient One took you in. She taught you everything she knew, (well, almost everything), and you were now a very powerful sorceress. You preferred to be alone and you were somewhere in Iceland when you heard of the events of Hong-Kong. You immediately took your relic and packed your bags and used your sling ring that you never took off to open a portal and go straight to Nepal.

You arrived in the library and, immediately, the sound of your footsteps made Wong look up. He smiled as soon as he saw you.

“Y/N! Welcome back!”

“Hi, Wong,” you smiled back at him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

You lost your smile and looked down. “You know…”

“Oh…you’ve heard…” he guessed.

“I wish I had been there,” you told him and he gave you a sad look and nodded.

But suddenly, the relic you were wearing started to lift you off of your feet and made you levitate.

“Not now, Green!” you groaned. You looked up and saw Wong mocking you. “What’s so funny?” you asked him, annoyed, which made him laugh even more.

“Maybe I should tell you…” he started to say but he didn’t have the chance to finish as you were dragged outside of the library. You couldn’t see where you were going and you couldn’t stop it.

“Green, stop it! Now!” you ordered your relic but it didn’t stop. “Ouch!” you cried after you knocked into someone else. Your back was against someone else’s and you banged your head against his. “What the hell?” you groaned. You quickly turned around. “I’m so sorry, my…” you stopped as you saw the handsome stranger in which you had just banged into. “Oh!” you said as you realized what had just happened.

“Hello?” the stranger said, looking down at you. He was rubbing the back of his head.

“Hi,” you replied. You stared at him and he gave you a funny look. “Right,” you sighed. “I’m sorry, Green is capricious,” you told him and “Green” lifted you off of your feet again and you banged into the stranger once again. You were about to fall so you put your hand on the back of his neck and he caught you in his arms.

“Your cloak has the same sense of humor as mine,” he grinned at you and put you back on your feet. “Green?” he gave you a puzzled look.

“Well, yes,” you shrugged. “It obviously has a mind of its own and… it’s green, so…”

He chuckled. “I see,” he said. “Should I call mine Red, then?” he asked and you shrugged and smiled.

“Those cloaks were once wore by two great sorcerers,” you turned to see Wong standing in the entry of the room behind you. “They loved each other so much, some said they were soulmates,” he smiled and you immediately blushed and took one step from the stranger. You looked up at him and you saw him raised his eyebrows, like he didn’t believe a word Wong was saying. “Others even said that their love was so strong, its power passed to their cloaks and they would always reunite two people made for each other.”

You gave him a look to silently shut him up and he chuckled and then left. You sighed and turned to the stranger. You gave him an awkward smile.

“Stephen Strange,” he said and held out his hand.

“Excuse me?” you asked, confused.

“My name is Stephen Strange. Doctor Strange,” he repeated.

“Oh, right, of course, uh, I’m Y/N,” you said and you took his hand and shook it.

“I figured we should know our names if we’re soulmates,” he said and you laughed.

“So, you’re the one that saved the world?” you asked and he smiled and looked down.

“I am,” he nodded and looked up at you.

You stood there, in an awkward silence, just staring at each other.

“Maybe we should start with dinner,” he said after a few minutes. You gave him a puzzled look and he chuckled. “I’d like to know my soulmate better,” he said and you gave him a shy smile.

“Well, why not?” you said. “Just to see if Wong story is true.”


Also, I LOVED the movie, GO SEE IT !!!

Redefining Normal

I’ve always thought that the Gryffindor boys’ discussion at their first Welcoming Feast should have raised alarm bells, so here we go. I’ve kept things canon-compliant/plausible where possible.

“Enter.” At Severus’s drawled permission the owner of the timid knock slips into the room, his orange hair bright in the dim light.

“Mr Weasley. And what pray tell brings a Gryffindor to the dungeons?”

The boy comes closer to stand nervously before his desk. After a moment of fidgeting Severus sees him take a deep breath, obviously gathering what little Gryffindor courage he possesses.

“Well, you see, I was going to go to Professor McGonagall, after all she is our Head of House, but I never see her in the dorms or common room, none of us do, and then I heard that you were the one to come to in these sort of situations, and, well, I need to know…” His babbling trails off as his courage fails beneath his professor’s scowl.

“Mr Weasley. Get to the point, or get out and stop wasting my time.” The threat seems to work.

“What’s the definition of abuse?” The first year blurts out the words, his face turning red to match his hair.

“Why, in Merlin’s name…” He looks at him strangely; why is a Gryffindor, a Weasley, asking him this question? The one topic that will cause him to put aside his snarky attitude and respond in all seriousness. His blood chills as a thought crosses his mind. Surely the boy can not be asking for himself? Surely he is not being asked to intervene in the family of red-headed terrors? He shakes his head and turns his attention back to the nervous child before him, he is getting ahead of himself.

“Very well, Mr Weasley. I will answer your question, but then I do expect you to tell me why you find it necessary to know. There are four main categories of abuse; physical, psychological or emotional, neglect, and sexual. The non-accidental infliction of injury or pain. Verbal assault, threats, intimidation, or emotional manipulation. The withholding or lack of provision of necessities both physical and emotional. Any sexual contact with a minor or without consent.”

The boy nods to himself and Severus marvels at the expression on his face. Gone is the earlier nervousness, instead he is serious, thoughtful, taking in his words and comparing them to some previous concept. His manner is completely different to what he has seen so far, and he waits to discover what has prompted the change. Blue eyes meet his and he suddenly finds himself wanting to look away. He doesn’t want to hear what he will say next; it is a Gryffindor problem, not his. Yet the boy’s expression says otherwise.

“Professor, I’ve got some new definitions for you. Neville, Seamus, Harry. Neville, Dean, Harry. Possibly Dean, probably Neville, definitely Harry. And, bloody hell, I hope not Harry.”

The teacher in him notes his language, but the rest is reeling. When he saw the direction the conversation was taking he knew it would be bad, but all of them? And Potter. Perfect Prince Potter. He is supposed to be pampered and arrogant like his father, not… this. His mind shies away from the thought but runs into another equally uncomfortable. If he never saw it in any of them – and even this early in the year, he should have – what else has he missed?

“How…?” For once, his mind is too incoherent for words, but the Weasley boy understands.

“The thing you have to remember, Professor, is that I grew up with five older brothers, including the twins; I know how to read people. Besides, we talk, in the dormitory; most of them don’t really understand that what happens is wrong.” His voice is hard and Severus has trouble remembering that he is just an eleven year old.

“Dean, you know, is a muggleborn. They didn’t know what was happening when his accidental magic started, his parents thought he was possessed or something, tried nearly everything they could think of to fix it. He hasn’t gone into a lot of detail, but I know that discovering it was magic really didn’t help anything. I think he almost had to run away to come here.” This is not a story Severus has heard often, working with his mostly pureblood Slytherins, but it is more common among those from other Houses. He makes a mental note; this is a situation that will need to be resolved before the summer holidays.

“Seamus had it slightly better, at least his mum knew about magic and was able to help him, a bit. Didn’t help with his Da though. He’s muggle; she couldn’t tell him about magic until after the wedding, he didn’t take it too well. Things sound like they’re pretty much fine as long as his Da can forget about it. It seems that he’s learnt how to feel his accidental magic building, and to hold it in it until he can release it again out of his Da’s sight. Unfortunately, the results then tend to be slightly explosive…” Severus nods, that would account for the boy’s tendency towards pyrotechnics, then. He tries hard to avoid focusing on the rest of the explanation; the child’s situation far too familiar for comfort.

“Neville, on the other hand, has the opposite problem. For years his family thought he was a Squib, and kept half-killing him to try and draw his magic out. When they finally did, it was by dropping him out of a tower window; they were more excited about the magic than they were about him surviving! Now, he’s still not really convinced he’s a proper wizard and is terrified of disappointing people and not living up to his father’s example.” He winces. Blasted Gryffindors. That… explains a lot about the boy. As frustratingly inept as the child can be, even he knows that approach can only have made things worse.

“As for Harry, I don’t even know where to start with those bloody muggle relatives of his. I mean, his bedroom up until a month ago was a cupboard; literally! From what I can tell, if you think human house elf working for a Death Eater family you get the idea. And the worst is, he seems to think he deserves it.” No. That is not Potter’s son, Lily’s son. It can’t be…

“Professor, those are my dorm mates. Four out of five. Think about it; that is the boys, of one year, of one House. What is wrong with the world?”

Severus feels his preconceptions crumbling around him. Thinking of the list of students from his own House, and those who have been uncovered in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, for once he can only agree.

Good Girl

Chris Jericho/OC (smut): It seems that whenever he gets the chance, Chris is always teasing you about pretty much anything. Sometimes it’s flirty, other times it’s just plain annoying. You decide to give him a taste of his own medicine when you’re out at a party, and he doesn’t appreciate it one bit. (Includes some spanking, and a lil’ bit of sweetness at the end!).

Tagging: @1dluver13xx and @gamer705 !

Thank you all for being so patient with me! I hope you enjoy!

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Tumblr has been a right div recently and basically broke my masterpost page on my blog, saying it’s now not supported which makes me very angry as it means I almost lost a LOT of my fanfic. Thankfully they didn’t delete any posts, just the page stopped working, so here is a Masterpost POST so people can still find all my work! This includes all my work, literally everything! Including Akagami no Shirayukihime and Akatsuki no Yona.

PS Mystic Messenger is at the bottom!

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder:

A Soryu Proposal

Bidders Get a Lap Dance from the MC

MC Amost Dies on the Bidders Proposal Day

It’s Been A While:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Discontinued

Going Up - Ryosuke Smut

Soryu Tries to Make Breakfast

Hide and Seek - Soryu and Daughter Drabble

Confessions of Love (Giveaway Prize)

MC and Bidders Fight then Make up

MC says other bidders name in sexy dream

MC does photoshoot with male model

Black Stone Cherry Song request - Soryu Angst

MC pulls a kick butt move on an obsessive ex

The guys find love poems in MC’s diary

Mamo Fluff

MC asks Bidder to help with Bra

Eisuke Angst Cancels Wedding

Enchanted In The Moonlight:

Headcanon: Chikage Adopts Koten with MC

Guys find out MC is pregnant Gifset

Star Crossed Myth:

The Journey Of A Goddess;

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19  Hue Ending Ikky Ending

MC Turns Into A Goddess

MC Has A Split Personality As A Goddess

Snow White Ichthys

The Gift of Dancing - Ikky One Shot

Skating with Ichthys

Embarrassing Photos of MC Headcanon

An Encounter in the Garden - King Fluff

The Gods in the Woods

A Night in Handcuffs - Leon Smut

Daddy Scorpio

Let’s Ship Karno and Leon

The Gods reaction to the MC having a Doll version of them

Scorpio x Ichthys Yaoi Smut

Truth or Dare

Their kids ask where babies come from

Karno X Leon smut

MC has sexy dream about other Gods

A girl flirts with MC, the Gods reactions

MC adopts a child

Leon Fluff

Gods see their baby for the first time

Scandle In The Spotlight:

Iori Gift Fic for Yuki

Singing Lessons from Nagito

MC is Pregnant Headcanon

All You Had To Do Was Stay - Kyohei Angst

MC doesn’t feel pretty enough for the guys

MC is brought home from an accident

MC moans other guys name in sleep

MC asks guys for help with bra

My Forged Wedding:

An Evening With Ren

First Prenatal Appointment

Stressed Guys and Takes It Out On MC

Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Ren Fluff

The guys find MC’s sexy underwear

My Wedding and 7 Rings

MC is harrassed and guys reaction

Metro PD:

Crush Confession - Eiki x Tyg

Comforting Gif Headcanon

Sexy Calendar Stunt

How The MPD Men Make Love

Kirisaway X Nomura X MC - Smut

Kirisawa tries to come up with Goodbye Patrol Lyrics

Nomura wants to Transfer MC little drabble

Kirisawa Gets Jealous

Dr Himuro Fluff

Guys give MC Flowers Gifs

The Mouline Rouge’s Detectives:

1, 2, 3

Murder Mystery Writer

MC has sexy dream of other guys

Kirisawa Fluff

Kyobashi Smut

Nomura Angst

Guys have a sister that is dating one of 2nd Unit

Daddy Series:


Be My Princess

Butler Date Fluff

It’s A Princess’ Choice:

1 2 3 4 5 6

The Princes get Jealous of Prince Yakov

Food Fight

Alberto’s Old Mistress

Wilfred Fluff

Keith Cheats and MC Leaves him for Wilfred


1 2

MC Moans Butlers Name in Sleep

Butlers Find MC’s Sexy Underwear

Butlers reaction to having to buy a sex toy

Butlers Kinks

MC almost dies, BMP and BMP2

Roberto plays a prank on Alberto and MC

Princes and how they’d care for MC when she’s on her period

Alberto Fluff

Butlers Hobbies

Roberto Fluff

Butler Luke’s Granpda is Sick

Be My Princess 2

Butler Fluff

Prince Cheats on MC but Still Wants Her Back

MC falls for another prince

Love Letter From Thief X

The Power Goes Out At The Kujo Household Request

Cross Overs

Collision Course:


Eiki and Samejima Vy for MC’s attention

RFA Reaction to MC now with a Prince from BMP

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Nothing Special:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Zen, Shirayuki and Obi fluff

Obiyuki slight smut

Akatsuki no Yona

The Sumgyeojin Village:


Mystic Messenger

Anxiety Part 1 - A Saeyoung Fic

Anxiety Part 2 - A Saeyoung Fic

Dance With Me?:

1     2      3

MC Has Sexy Dream About A Different RFA Member

Saeyoung and MC Find Out She’s Pregnant

Don’t Reset:


Behind the Scenes:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

MC and Saeyoung Share a Bath

Saeran angst

Wedding Gif Headcanon - RFA

RFA and Saeran Reaction to MC Wearing Sexy Underwear

MC covers Jaehee’s Job and Jumin falls for her - MC POV

MC covers Jaehee’s Job and Jumin falls for her - Jumin POV

A Daughters Lesson - Saeran fanfic

Why now? - A Saeyoung Angst Fic


Merry Christmas My Golden Girls


TITLE Corina

AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Another day began with Loki back to his Princely duties and Corina back with Frigga. To help ease Corinas stress, he decided to surprise her and have some cleaners head over to her old house to deal with the mess she was so worried about. They returned shortly after informing him they weren’t permitted entrance.

“How is that so? There should be no one there.”

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All I Ever Wanted

Fifth time was a charm.

That’s what I kept telling myself anyway. When I saw that little positive sign on the pee stick, my heart soared and then broke and then the pieces came together again for another lopsided and deliriously happy and terrifying flight. I sank to the floor and clutched that stick, telling myself and the unborn child that this time would be different; this time, I’d really be a mother.

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”Hello, how are you? Can i ask you a scenario between jennie from blackpink and a female reader? I dont have anything in my i just need fluffy things :(” -@shinyjimin-face

~by Admin Mari

A/N: Hello, thank you for sending this in! This is our first bullet point scenario and it was really fun to make. If you’d like to see more of them, feel free to send us a request.

  • Ok but let’s imagine this for a moment
  • Like she just all regal in her purple gowns with a crown on top of her head and the sunlight coming through the windows and she’s just bathed in this angelic glow
  • So Queen Jennie is an amazing ruler can I just say like she’s really kind and fair and she listens to the problems of the people very seriously
  • But at the same time she can be such a squish when she plays with the children in the palace??? And it’s so endearing but like??? How is she so adorable???
  • She also has maybe a million dogs. Like they’re not even hunting dogs just straight big fluffy lap dogs
  • And she always has treats hidden in her robes and she can’t not give them to every dog she passes

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Some Wounds Don’t Heal

Characters- Jared, Reader, Genevieve, Jensen, Misha, Mark S, Ruth

Words- 4679

Request by Anonymous- Can I request a cast x reader, like the reader is 15 or 16 and her parents are abusive towards her and she’s afraid to go home so she tries to do everything in her power to not go home. One night she doesn’t come home and the following day her parents bust into her trailer and start scream at her and hurt her. And the guys go running in and sees her on the floor. Could you include, Jared, Jensen, Misha and anyone else you like to add. If it to much that’s okay. It’s really dark and sad.

Warnings- Abuse by parents, abuse in general, physically and mentally. Yeah triggering. Like really triggering. And a couple uses of the f word.

A/n- I really will write almost anything. Please guys if you go through anything please talk to someone. I love you guys never forget that, i’ll be here if you need a hand.

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You loved the guys. You truly did. They were your family. Since season four you were on the show. You’ve been on the show since you were 8 years old. You grew up on the show. And besides your parents were happy to get rid of you for long hours. The boys even home schooled you until high school started and you went on your own. Being on set always made you happy and you never wanted to leave it. You were afraid to go home most nights. Where the drinking already? Not that it mattered but it always made things worse.

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Karamel Fanfic #43

Title: A Loving Family

Prompt: Kara doesn’t know how to react when she sees what Mon-El brought home. 

Word Count: 1843

Also posted on AO3

Hey y'all!

So… I guess this is what literally having nothing to do looks like lol. Because even though I was just planning to write one one-shot yesterday, I got too bored at around midnight and OF COURSE had to start a new one. But I did promise I’d be posting more frequently, right?

For this fanfic I wanna thank by beautiful beta @somos-poeiraestelar​ for giving me the idea, because not only it was really fun to write, I really needed a fluff fix after that exam week. So thank you sweetie, I know I’m not always the best writer to work with (with the angst and al), but I love youuuuuu :)

Hope you enjoy this!

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For me, it’s not about being “better” or “higher” than someone by being kind and patient with them, it’s about realizing that I would want that same treatment if I were ignorant about something. About knowing how I would feel to be yelled at if I had a “problematic” misconception about something. The world is very big and we are very small and very limited. There is a lot all of us don’t know, even you who think you are so well-informed and perfectly #unproblematic. 

Today, and many many times in my life now, someone said in response to learning that I’m narcoleptic, “you have NARCOLEPSY?! SO YOU’LL JUST *MOTION LIKE FALLING OVER* FALL ASLEEP???” 

Internally, I was pulling my hair out. It’s frustrating. I’m sick of it. It makes me want to rant. 

But my feelings are not a permission slip to take out that frustration on someone who literally does not know better, whether or not they were trying to be an asshole. Doesn’t mean I get to be an asshole. 

So as I try to do, I just sort of laughed and said, “no, actually that’s a huge misconception—narcolepsy is not just some random disorder where you fall asleep for no reason. Some narcoleptics have that symptom but not all, and we are so, so tired because our brains are missing what they need to allow us to get deep, restorative sleep. Most narcoleptics struggle with insomnia, and some like me have frequent waking hallucinations as well as episodes of sleep paralysis with very vivid and strong hallucinations. Depression also comes with it both from the brain itself and how difficult the illness is to live with. We feel as though we’ve been awake for 3 days straight all the time, no matter how much we actually sleep.” 

She was blown away! She had no idea! 

I taught someone instead of yelling and looking like an asshole and wasting an opportunity just for a moment of anger release. That’s why I got squishies for that shit lol. 

I don’t mean that you cannot be firm when you need to (believe you me, like when Latinas, especially older women, tell me that because I’m mixed, I’m not Latina at all! wtf??) but I just feel like… So much of this assholery is completely unnecessary and then they try to justify it with “but I was mad and I have feelings about xyz bad thing I experience due to abc”.

I get it, man. I don’t need to do my whole checklist here to tell you that I get it. Shit is so hard and it makes it easier to be mad at SOMEONE instead of recognizing things on a bigger scale like, “why the fuck does everyone think narcolepsy is just *falling asleep randomly* and not, you know, an actual illness that causes a lot of suffering and hardship just on its own??”

So then, I talk about it, I make videos about it, I take breaks when I’m too tired to talk about it. I’ve had a lot of anger about it, especially when I was first diagnosed. I’ve had people blow the fuck up at me for commenting on their baby animal sleeping pics or random stranger sleeping in public pics because they fucking tag it as #Lol #narcolepsy and I’m like… dude, it’s an illness. It’s not someone just sleeping in a funny or cute way. It’s not #lol at all. I’ve had people tell me I’m lucky and have a gift since I can get stimulants from doctors, which I don’t want or use anyway (they made me worse why the hell did they give a severe insomniac narcoleptic with anxiety who sleeps like 10 mins at a time STIMULANTS I NEED LESS STIMULI PLEASE). 

Point is, with my multiple illnesses/disabilities, I’ve had people say so much fucking dumb shit to me, including everyone’s favorite, “have you tried yoga?” 

Yes. Almost every day, if I can. I love it, actually. I’ve been doing it casually for 10 years. I went to an Ayurvedic healing center for 10 days when I was really sick a few years ago when this got bad. I meditate. I journal. I do just about everything possible except upping my pain medication dose because I’m scared of going down that road. 

And I’m still in so pain and I’m angry 90% of the day because the pain just immediately consumes my body. 

But. I still try my best to be patient with people. As I would want them to be with me. I’m not perfect and I mess up still. But I’ve found it’s so worth trying, instead of just using it as an excuse to make #neurotypicalkaren memes that don’t actually… help the situation? Honestly that’s why I can’t groove with so much of tumblr’s anti-recovery stuff, they prioritize being angry and making mean memes about an issue over actually, like, doing something about it. I’m not saying you can’t vent and must always choose activism (ACTIVE-ISM, actively doing something) but damn, like… All I see is disabled people yelling at other disabled people lmao. And even some white knight actually neurotypical people trying to “protect” me from myself by crusading against menhera fashion (oh, please!).

I’m so mad about no one understanding let alone ever hearing about the illnesses that are making me hold on through high tides. And I mean some high tides. I wanna change that. Even in little ways here and there, if I can. Because education doesn’t just help “neurotypicals” to understand, it helps people who thought they were NT get diagnosed and get help. I mean, I lived with sleep parlaysis and hallucinations from age 12 on but no on ever took me seriously and I also thought maybe I was being visited by demons and didn’t want people to think I was crazier than they already did. If I had known, or if my doctors had known that it sounded off…

If the signs and symptoms of narcolepsy and all my other things were more widely understood (ie, not just “that disease where you fall asleep randomly LOL!!!”) I could’ve been diagnosed at an earlier age. If we had known, there would’ve been plenty to do to make sure I don’t end up a pharmaceutical cash cow by adulthood. 

*x-files theme* medicine in the US is real fishy sometimes

The Seven (+ Nico, Reyna & Thalia) in Disneyland [Paris]

Percy: is amazed by everything, constantly buys blue cotton candy, purposely messes with water effects, his favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean, “Annabeth, will you hold my hand?”, “Are you going to say that every time??”, “But I’m scared!”, “No, you’re not I cAN SEE YOU SMIRKING!”

Annabeth: “Medieval castles were not pink”, “The resemblance with the actual architecture from this period are good, but why is almost everything made out of plastic??”, “I could make this go faster amd have a more interesting route while being perfectly safe”, yells at everyone to stay calm, yells at everyone not to get separated

Jason: “THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN FLYING!!”, his favorite rides include Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Star Tours and anything similar, causes real (although harmless) lightning instead of those fake ones which are actually camera flashes, tries to freak everyone out by pretending to be falling off a bridge and only Thalia flips and everyone else rolls their eyes and is like “Jason hover up here you’re scaring your sister”

Piper: “Why don’t we take a picture with the princess!”, makes sure no one gets lost, scolds Jason, Percy and Leo for getting sick after binge-riding every single roller coaster, reminds everyone that they need to eat, even if this is Disneyland and there’s a lot to see, her favorite rides include Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean

Hazel: “The lines are so long!”, “How is this even working?”, “THE 21ST CENTURY IS AMAZING!”, “But we didn’t see everything!”, runs around and leads the way, plans out where they will go and what they will do, “Fine, Piper, we’ll make room for a lunch break”, likes everything, from roller coasters to slow rides or simple exhibits

Frank: “Hazel, slow down!”, accidentally turns into a butterfly and flies away when a ride gets too scary, “I can’t go there it’s too fast”, “I am not going into the Phantom Manor with two children of Pluto!”, gets persuaded to go on the Big Thunder Mountain and ends up liking it, but won’t try anything else

Leo: messes with fire effects, likes everything hat makes him sick, buys a lot of candy, “Leo, you can’t go on the Space Mountain after eating all that!”, “You ain’t my mom Pipes”, screaming during rides, but just for fun since he’s not actually scared, “I regret nothing”, a ride breaks down, everyone panics while he gets into the ‘I’m in charge now’ mood and fixes everything, he keeps it up saying that he’s a professional, “Will you hold my hand?”, “Fuck off Valdez!”

Thalia:  “This bridge is shaking, are we sure this is safe?”, “JASON NO!”, enjoys walking around Adventure Isle the most, “THIS IS JUST LIKE FLYING”, “I KNOW, ISN’T IT COOL?”, “NO, IT’S NOT JASON!”, “This much pink is stabbing my eyes”, “I’m not taking a picture with the princess”, “Merida’s bow? Really? Wait……. There’s a dress… You do know I can’t fit in this, Valdez? IT’S FOR 9-YEAR-OLDS!”

Nico: “I’m tired”, “I want this. No, I want that! OhMyGods did you see this??”, when he really likes a ride he shadow travels back to the front of the line, “Nico, you’ve been there 15 times!”, “Hazel stOP DRAGGING ME I WANNA GO A G A I N!”, he won’t admit that he’s having fun but also is doing nothing to hide the fact that he’s having a blast, he thought he’d like Phantom Manor but ended up in a shaky group hug with Percy and Annabeth, “HolyMarsNicoStopRaisingTheDead”, “I AM NOT EVEN RAISING THE DEAD, FRANK? DO YOU WANT ME TO RAISE THE DEAD FOR REAL??”, “I’m not going to hold your hand Valdez, I know you’re not scared and neither am I!”, fierce argument with a random group of italians

Reyna: buys everyone souvenirs, helps Hazel with organization, helps Piper with keeping the group together, “Annabeth is right, this ride would have been much better if…”, “Leo! Percy! Stop eating cotton candy!”, “Jason that’s dangerous!”, “Nico you have to eat”, yells “Fight me!” at Jaffar, her favorite rides are the medium-crazy ones, enjoys the whole experience, whoever gets scared by anything is reassured by her, “What’s wrong with the Small World, huh? That’s an amazing ride!”, fierce argument with a random spanish family


Octavian: “DON’T!”, “I don’t wanna”, “STOP DRAGGING ME!”, “Oh, I see your future. You will be dead if you don’T LEAVE ME ALONE!”, “Why am I here?”, tries to strangle Winnie the Pooh

Some random things they do


- Read until 4 AM to finish a book and then staring at the ceiling for a while because he finished it and doesn’t know what to do anymore

- Sneak sweets like he’s committing a crime or something

- Denies that he’s sleep derived and then falls asleep in an inconvenient place (ex. His desk, in the hallway, on the floor, etc.)

- Hides under the covers in the morning when he doesn’t want to wake up

- Sings in random places and gets flustered when he’s been caught


- Color codes things because he finds it aesthetically pleasing

- Draws pictures of people and things he likes when no one is watching

- Makes little doodles on everything he gets his hands on, including people

- Tries to bring insane things he finds into the dorms, and almost always succeeds (ex. “You guys, check it out I found this huge sword behind the academy!”)

- Hangs upside down from things when he can’t think properly


- Drops something and then stares at it for a while, as if expecting it to pick itself up

- Walks around in a forest for a few hours and comes back with something he likes (ex, “This stone was really round…so I brought it back…”)

- Seemingly appears from nowhere and asks what you’re doing

- Makes food for himself and then forgets about it completely

- Brings wild or stray animals in and feeds them because they looked lonely


- Throws candy at Elias when he comes in, because that’s usually why he visits

- Thinks he lost his glasses even though he’s holding them in his hand

- Loses all concept of time when he closes the curtains and works (ex. “I finally finished my paperwork but I just looked outside and the sun was rising… Shit.”)

- Sucks on sugar cubes when he’s working so he’s not as distracted by some of his sugar cravings

- Forgets to do basic things (shower, brush his hair, change clothing, etc.) when he’s super stressed over work


- Gets up in the middle of the night just to go somewhere, no matter how late

- Makes elaborate VIP blanket forts with Taffy as the bouncer

- Has strange epiphanies and says them out loud at nearly any given moment without warning (ex. “Bathtubs are reverse boats…”)

- Asks really unexpected questions and doesn’t give any explanation after getting an answer

- Shows up with a significant change in appearance (like bright yellow skin and purple hair) that was caused by an experiment


- Speaks his native language when he doesn’t want to say something directly at first (or if he screws up he curses)

- Writes really cool stories, only for them to be shoved in a drawer and forgotten later

- Forgets about cultural differences and gets super confused as to why people always do weird things at certain times of the year

- Rearranges and reorganizes things that were fine before when he gets bored

- Sits anywhere but on a chair for no apparent reason (ex. “Yes there’s a chair there, but there was this huge stack of books as well so I made a book throne”)

So....I did a thing....

Things to Do List

(As per Mark’s request in the Live Stream of Oxygen Not Included)

[I tried to get everything, but here we go]

{This made me do way more research than I care to admit}

  • One Shot (Alternate Ending)
  • I am Bread Epilogue (I know you hate this game but you promised)
  • Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
  • Popgoes
  • Pole Dancing
  • *Try Not To Laugh
  • Dream Daddy
  • Prop Hunt???
  • Rust (Again, wtf happened with that?)
  • SCP Containment Breach
  • The Nightmare Continues (You didn’t necessarily promise this, but there is a couple alternate endings you might want to check out, but you do not have to)
  • Slender??? (Again, no promise but you never did finish it…)
  • Date (almost) Anything
  • Calm Down Stalin (?)
  • The Pedestrian (I believe it’s now fully released)
  • Ira (Not finished yet, but I figure I’d put it on here so you could keep your eye on it)
  • Google Feud
  • Sheltered??? (You said you might not do more, but I figure I’d put this on here for making-a-list’s sake)
  • *Would You Rather?/Will You Press? (?)
  • Netflix and Chill (Only two more Mark. YOU CAN DO IT!!)
  • The End Is Nigh
  • Slime Rancher
  • West of Loathing
  • Bad Dream: Coma (Just one more Mark!! That’s all you said!! YOU CAN DO IT!!)
  • The Escapists 2
  • Subnautica (But Release Date isn’t until October 31 so you’ve got some time)
  • *Reading Your Comments
  • Um….MORE GUITAR COVERS (Only when you feel ready of course)
  • Mario Kart w/ Ethan (?)
  • Golf w/ Friends (?)
  • Uno (?)
  • Charity Live Streams (But you should probably start those back up AFTER the tour. Please don’t wear yourself thin)
  • Cards Against Humanity w/ Friends (?)
  • Depth (?)
  • Resident Evil 7 New DLC (Again, you’ve got time. It’s not released until the Spring…I think)
  • Hello Neighbor (?)
  • Happy Wheels (?)

Anyway, that’s all the recent-ish videos I can find. I’m sure I missed a few, but a) I didn’t want to do any more research (You have, what, like over 3,000 videos) and b) I’m sure this list is overwhelming enough.

Don’t be overwhelmed!! I had to comb through videos to find a lot of these. There are a few that we really want to see, but we are all (or we all should be) very understanding; especially since you have a tour coming up. Please don’t be stressed/overwhelmed!!

Good luck on your tour and on completing this list!!

…..this was probably really creepy…..oh, well…..


Tobi x Reader #1

Warnings: none that I can think of :)


Today was the day; You were back in London after weeks of anticipation. Around this time 5 months ago, you headed to LA to pursue your dream job. You left behind everything including your friends, family, and him. Tobi Lerone, the one person that could single handedly make you question your wants and dreams. At first you tried but even within the first week you knew you couldn’t do it. You had been with him for almost a year when you left. Long distance was never going to work for either of you; him with his channel and growing fame, you with your focus on trying to make it. So you split, knowing that neither of you wanted to but rather needed to. You remember the Skype call word for word.

“We can’t do this,” You said.

“Of course we can love. Don’t say things like that.”

“No look at us Tobi. How is this supposed to work? We barely talk anymore with, me out all day and you making videos. But when we do its always 10 minute calls because one of us always has something to do.”

“We can work this out; you’re not going to be gone forever.”

“I’m not but I can’t ask you to pause your life and wait for me to come back. It’s not fair to you”

“So what’re you saying then, Y/N?” he asked me.

You sighed pushing away the memories as you headed off of the plane and out to the terminal.

“Y/N!!” You heard from behind. You turned around to see Freya and Lewis, with a huge sign waving towards you. You quickly ran towards them grabbing each into a huge hug.

“We didn’t want to miss you coming back home,” Lewis said when you asked them why they were here.

Together you drove back to your flat that hadn’t been touched in 5 months. Even entering the place filled you with nostalgia, but at the end of the day it still felt like home. After you quickly dropped off my bags, you headed to the Sidemen house where most of your friends were waiting.

“You know he’s going to be there right?” Freya said turning towards you from the front seat.

“Oh, it’s fine. It’ll be fine,” You replied. She gave you a sympathetic look but you just flashed her a smile in hopes to convince her (and yourself) that it will be okay.

As we approached the house you could feel your heart speed up as the realization sunk in that this would be the first time you’ve seen all your friends and him in 5 months. The door opened and you were immediately pulled into a hug by someone as you heard many “Y/N!”s in your ear. You looked up and quickly realized that it was Josh who was hugging you. Once the original commotion cleared away, there was only one person left for you to greet.

“Hey Tobes,” You said to him looking towards the floor to avoid looking right at him.

“Hey,” he said not daring to say more.

The tension was palpable in the room, but was quickly broken by JJ who dragged you into the living room as the others followed asking you questions. That entire night was spent catching up and with you telling stories of your time away, but not once did Tobi have a question for you. Everyone was chatting to themselves when Tobi came up to you.

“Can we talk?” he asked gesturing to the door.

You nodded and quickly walked to the door as you sat on the porch outside of the house.

“So how was it over there?” he asked trying to fill the silence. You looked over to him and said that it was a good experience before turning back to look at the empty road.

He sighed realizing that he would have to initiate the conversation that needed to happen between the two of you.

“Y/N, we have to talk about it”

“There’s nothing to talk about Tobes, we broke up because of the distance and we’re still friends. At least I hope we are.”

“But that’s the thing love,” he said turning towards me. “I don’t want to be friends. I don’t want to accept that we broke up. You said it yourself; we broke up because of the distance. I still love you. I love you today and I’ll love you tomorrow and everyday that comes after that.”

You looked up at him not knowing how to respond.

“Please say you love me still,” he whispered almost afraid of what your answer would be.

“Of course I still love you Tobi”

“Oh thank god,” he said pulling me for a hug. “So where does this put us?” he asked.

You looked up to him before connecting your lips, the only answer that he needed.

Okay, yes, Hiram did try to kill Dana. Yes, he shouldn’t have tried thate. Yes, it was a major dick move. But this is Night Vale we’re talking about. Literally everything and anything in the town - including the people - can and will try to kill you. Hell, Leanne Hart almost killed Maureen, and Cecil’s even indirectly killed few interns. If memory serves correct, I think Finknor even stated that one of the original main themes of the show was that in Night Vale you can die in all sorts of ways, but you still go about life as casually as you. And, also, the fact still remains that Hiram didn’t kill Dana. And he’s still being put to death. 

And want to know the worst part about Hiram’s death sentence? Cecil described his reaction to it. Sure, Cecil’s described plenty of deaths, but he’s never reported anyone’s reaction to the knowledge that they’re going to die. And, honestly, if Hiram does die, that just makes everything more tragic because we now know how he felt. Everyone remember how he reacted? 

“Hiram’s heads responded in ways as different as their personalities.

Green, of course, roared and spat out a stream of fire unlike any ever seen from him before – white in its pure heat.

Gold nodded gravely, a politician politically accepting bad news.

Blue didn’t react visibly at all.

Gray slumped and curled into his own long neck, a look of supreme dejection on his reptilian features.”

“Green continued to roar, and for the first time, there was a hard spine of anguish within the pulse of his anger.

Gray sobbed loudly and unashamed.

Gold, still nodding at the court with a politician’s poker face, surprised himself by throwing up – and, in doing so, gave up the pretense of geniality. He, too, began to sob.”

[thank you to @cecilspeaks for the transcripts]

Hiram was upset. He was angry. He was scared. A goddamn giant five-headed dragon was scared. 

Someone better save this five-headed giant lizard, or else I’ll break the fourth wall of the podcast and save him myself. 

Original Imagine: Imagine having sex with Elijah outside in the middle of summer.

Author: puellaigmotum

Word Count: 1,643

Warning: Smut.

              ‘Matt Donovan, I swear to God, if you so much as even let a drop of water go on me, I will make sure you precious CD collection never sees the light of day again,’ I threatened as I pushed my back further against the tree.

As it was the middle of summer, the gang and even the Originals and I decided to stay in Caroline’s fathers summer shack for a few weeks. This meant that all of us had put aside our differences to have some harmless summer fun. Which included playing hide and seek with water pistols. Or, in Matt’s case, a bucket of water.

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Google Search: Is this what a through and through feels like?
did you mean: why is there a hole in my heart the size of his trigger finger?
Results include
1. Because when he left, he used your chest for target practice.
2. Because you don’t know how to stitch up bullet wounds and he was too busy wiping your blood off his hands.

Google Search: How to expel a ghost.
did you mean: what do i do? i’ve tried everything and he still haunts my dreams.
Results include
1. Try cutting your whiskey with holy water.
2. There are several recommended exorcists in your area. Maybe one can finally remove every ounce of him left flowing through your veins.

Google Search: How to deal with Insomnia.
did you mean: his smile is tattooed on the backs of my eyelids and every time i close my eyes i almost believe he never left. sleeping is just not an option.
Results include
1. Try changing your sheets. They still smell like him.
2. Turn your phone off. Around 3 am, you’ll want to text him all the things you never said. But when the dark disguise of the moon your hiding behind fades away with the sunrise, and he still hasn’t answered, you’ll realize it only made the hurt worse.

Google Search: Why did he leave?
did you mean: how can someone drown a heart after spending so long teaching it to swim?
There are no results for
Maybe he never really loved me.

—  my recent browser history // m.m.c.