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I Was Wrong - Jughead Jones

Requests: Omg thank you so much for open book it is so so GOOD! I was wondering if maybe you could do one where jughead and the reader are dating and they get into a fight and the reader tells jughead “if you walk out that dint ever come back” and the next day jughead is in the hospital because he attempted suicide and they get back together and it’s just really fluffy

Hi there! So I really hope this was okay :/ I tried my best but obviously it’s a very sensitive topic <3

Warnings: angst, suicide attempt, swearing, sad cinnamon roll :C

Words: 3,812

This was too much for you. You knew that your boyfriend Jughead was getting in deep when he started his novel on the murder of Jason Blossom. You didn’t think much of it back then though. When he joined the Blue & Gold, you didn’t think much of it. When he started cancelling on you to go on sleuthing missions with Betty, is when you started to notice that it wasn’t all quite right.

It wasn’t that you were jealous, because you weren’t. Jughead and Betty had known each other for a long time, practically since childhood and you respected that. Nothing romantic had ever seemed to come from it though. You also trusted Betty not to hurt you like that, she was one of your best friends and was opting to stay out of relationships ever since her heartbreak with Archie, she wouldn’t risk it. 

No, you were worried that he was going to get himself in trouble with the law, or that the murderer who was running around town was going to catch onto the fact that he was on their trail and would off him before he had the chance to speak out. You were scared for Jughead in every living moment and he treated it so casually, was he not even concerned for his own safety?!

He’d also been spending less time with you. You didn’t want to be clingy but with the sleuthing for the writing and the writing for now both his novel and the newspaper, he just didn’t have enough hours in the day. The two of you had a special bridge, south of Sweetwater River where he’d asked you to be his girlfriend a year ago. It was your special bridge, and you would always meet there to just sit in comfortable silence, or talk and reflect about what was going on in your lives, think about the future and try and laugh through your existential crisis. You treasured those hours. They made you feel human, normal and alive in this crazy small town, which was being torn apart by this murder… piece by piece.

You hadn’t met there in weeks. You hadn’t kissed or embraced the boy you loved in weeks. Heck, you hadn’t had a proper, deep conversation with the boy you loved in weeks. That stung deep.

The car broke you. The car took it too far.

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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Here’s the thing about yoga

Originally posted by kundalini427

I’ve been doing yoga for a little under a month now, and my general fitness and flexibility has improved so much already

At the start I could barely hold downward dog for twenty seconds, now I’m practically begging to get into it as release after a thirty second plank

I’m still (BMI speaking) obese, yet yoga at home is helping me improve my fitness and tone my body in ways that going to the gym just can’t

I honestly recommend yoga to anyone

You don’t have to be into the spiritual side of it, the health benefits are so great regardless

I’d recommend this twenty minute beginners video if you’ve never tried it before. Keep coming back to that video until it’s easy - you don’t need blocks or resistance bands, you don’t even necessarily need a mat, just 20 minutes and enough space to comfortably move (a front room or bedroom is perfect)

Once that video is easy, you can comfortably hold all the poses without needing breaks, you can move onto the 30 day yoga challenge - linked to Day One

Granted, I’m still a newbie when it comes to yoga, and fitness in general, but this is a fun, relatively easy, and most of all free way to get in shape and feel healthy

I love it, and I hope y’all do to

okay guys, hear me out……… sportarobbie the parent trap au

sportacus and robbie got married young and had their small gaggle of children (how?? irrelevant) but then their wildly clashing personalities + polar opposite parenting styles + immaturity led them to divorce and split their children. sportacus took stephanie and ziggy while robbie got pixel, stingy, and trixie

of course the kids all meet at summer camp and inevitably come to the realization that our dads used to be married???? we’re all kinda siblings??? and they know that their dads are lonely and now that they’re older they could totally work things out!! so of course they switch places with the goal of getting to know their other dad plus subtly trying to find ways to make sportacus and robbie a) interact again and b) fall in looove again

obviously both sporty and robbie feel very conflicted in this situation. sportacus tries to be neutral, even positive, in telling the kids that “your dad and i loved each other very much, but sometimes things just don’t work out” in that Wise, Life Lesson way of his, meanwhile robbie doesn’t trashtalk sporty directly but he reacts much more grumpily to the kids (especially peristent stephanie) constantly bringing it up, and he may be heard muttering about ‘sportaloon’ under his breath. but both sets of kids spy on their dads when they think the kids have gone to bed looking at old photos wistfully, maybe even talking to themselves a bit (’it’s too late, it’s done now!) and robbie definitely comfort-eats a whole cake. 

annoying new partner for one of them is definitely not necessary, which smooths the way for the eventual reunion. obviously they first very awkwardly meet up to deal with the logistics of switching children, but are convinced by the kids to stay in the same place for a little while because they’ve just met their new (old) siblings and want to get to know them better!! which of course leads to lots of sportacus and robbie discussing (arguing) about parenting methods (a big part of what broke them up originally) and really everything under the sun - but there’s no venom behind it, they’ve both mellowed out a lot and they’re more willing to negotiate rather than fight (which doesn’t mean anything, stephanie, your dad and i are not getting back together). there’s a moment when sportacus watches robbie theatrically entertain all five kids with a story, with costumes and silly voices for all the characters, and his heart definitely flutters but it’s nothing - and robbie walks in on sportacus working out shirtless and, okay, sportacus is definitely still in as good shape as he was ten years ago, and robbie is not at all horrifically distracted by those arms and those pecs that he forgets what he even came to say. all of those small moments are meaningless, really, because they’re just focusing on being better co-parents, only for the kids’ sake. if sportacus inquires about whether robbie’s insomnia is still bothering him, it’s just out of politeness, and if robbie dutifully makes a disgusting healthy sugar-free cake alongside his regular ones it’s just because he still has that old recipe lying around and it would be rude to exclude sportacus. really. 

meanwhile the kids have a lot of fun scheming to get sporty and robbie back in a romantic scenario that takes them back to when they first fell in love. or i dunno, maybe they orchestrate some sort of emergency situation which forces sportacus and robbie to work together to save the day. they get so so close to admitting their feelings when one of them (lbh, robbie) decides that this has been an interesting experiment but it’s time to get back to their own regular separate lives. the kids (and sporty) are devastated but eventually the two families part ways - except robbie immediately regrets it, because he’s only running because back in the day it was sportacus who initiated the breakup, not him and he’s terrified of being left again. robbie’s gang sees this and can tell being apart isn’t what robbie really wants, so they contact stephanie and ziggy and the five of them convince sportacus to chase after robbie and admit his feelings. cue the romcom declaration of love, possibly in the rain, with yelling and a little crying and at least one “because i love you, you idiot” and finally the dramatic reunion kiss with kids cheering from the sidelines. so of course they get back together properly, and all move into a big house as one happy family. and then they sing the bing bang song. the end. 

His Words

pairing: philip hamilton x reader angst

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, arguing, implications of self harm/suicide attempt

prompt/request: “I was wondering if you could do a Phillip Hamilton imagine? Like him and the reader fight and she stops coming to school so he gets worried and then her mom says she tried to do something bad to herself and fluff end? 💚💛💜💙” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: i love this request so much oh gosh. (also i only indirectly mention self harm because i didn’t want it to be too heavy of a topic within the story and i didn’t want to make it triggering for anyone to read). as always, enjoy! <3

“Philip, you need to study!”

“I’m writing, Y/N,” Philip told you.

His father, Alexander (or, as you called him, Mr. Hamilton), was a writer himself. Philip had inherited a love for the art form – or, perhaps it had been thrust upon him at a young age, thus sticking with him for the next sixteen years. Either way, writing was one of the most important things in the world to Philip. Now, it didn’t seem like it; he was a sports guy; he was popular and good-looking and partied every week. But, as Eliza had told you one day when Philip was late getting ready and you were baking with her instead, he was just like his father. Liked to be in the thick of things and be able to write an account about it later. Although his writing wasn’t quite up to his father’s level, it was still… amazing. You were constantly blown away with his words – they continued to blow you away every day. However, there was a downside to his passion. Sometimes he would focus too much on his writing and forget to do chores or forget to eat or even to talk to his family. Or, in this case, study for his exams.

“Philip,” you said sternly, “these are your exams. They’re important. I-“

“Y/N!” Philip exclaimed, turning around. “I will study tomorrow!”

“Philip, the exam is tomorrow!”

You could see the gears in his mind begin to turn as realization dawned on him, and you almost scoffed out loud. How could he forget about something so important? You had been thinking about it for weeks. You weren’t even sure he had touched his textbook in that time – he was too busy writing a blog post or a story or… something. To be honest, you weren’t even sure what he had been writing. He was keeping it suspiciously quiet.

“Oh.” He stood up from his desk chair, ran his fingers through his curly dark hair. “Right.”

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Okay, so I wanted to talk more about the context of this piece I did but I didn’t want to do it in that post because I didn’t want it to get too long and I swear to god it’s gonna be like me rambling about Shou’s tattoo for half of it because apparently I’ve decided it’s a thing. I guess I really like this train of thought because it’s interesting to see where they are going, where they will end up. This is just where I think their trajectory could end up in another 3 years or so.

First up I would like to thank everyone who actually did give me suggestions for Shou’s tattoo, they were great and I tried to work them in as best as I could. And I promised I would actually show what the actual drawing looked like. There are 3 hamsters in balls, a skeleton dragon, 3 twisted spoons, rubble, flowers and everything is on fire.

It ended up being very Shou I think. Which made me think about the context of it a lot as well. It made me want to draw me more actually. I might have to do that.

Anyway, the most random headcanons for 3 years in the future under the cut starting with that bloody tattoo.

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I’m A Mess

Anonymous Asked: you should do an angst filled fic where bucky and the reader break up but realize that they love each other and get back together. it can end in fluff or smut idc either way c;

A/N: Oooo. Okay ;) thanks for the suggestion!!:) xx

Warnings: angst, mentions of depression, swearing

Originally posted by little--batman

“I just get to stand by and watch her.” Bucky muttered, sipping on his bottle of beer while he was clad in sweats and a white t-shirt. Steve sat beside him in similar attire, watching his best friend drown his sorrows in alcohol much to his dismay. 

“Sometimes things just don’t work out, Bucky. That’s the part of life that sucks but just know that you’re going to feel better one day. It’ll all make sense in the end.” Steve tried his best to comfort his friend, even going as far as to give a subtle pat to the center of his shoulders. 

Bucky could only glare at Steve, “This isn’t the right time for your shitty wisdom. My heart is broken.” 

Steve put his hands up in surrender as Bucky swigged more of his beer, “Sorry, just trying to help.”

“Nothing can help me. I’m a mess.” Bucky muttered, staring at the ground as images of you flashed through his mind. Your hair was always wild, your smile was always bright, and you were always on his mind. 

Bucky let out a jarring chuckle of disbelief, “I love her, man.” 

“I know you do.” 

“The worst part of all this is that she’s happier without me.” 

“How do you figure?” Steve asked, his eyebrows furrowing though both he and Bucky knew the answer to that question. 

Bucky threw his head back and covered his face, groaning as he felt intoxication slip in and his brain begin to fuzz up. He ignored Steve’s question, only standing from the couch and scratching at his stubble. 

You still lived in the tower, you still slept soundly a few rooms down from his. The only difference was that his arms weren’t wrapped around your body, and you didn’t fall asleep to his steady heartbeat anymore. 

It was a mutual decision at first. 

Sometimes things just don’t work out, and both you and Bucky had come to the conclusion that it was best to break it off. Now, Bucky regretted it more than anything as he had finally come to terms with his feelings for you. 

The relationship was a roller coaster. You had your fights, but you had your make-ups as well and they always seemed to overrule the fights with Bucky. 

Bucky grabbed another beer from the fridge and plopped onto the couch, getting ready for yet another sleepless night. 

Little did he know, you were having problems of your own. 

Your blankets felt suffocating and your pillows just weren’t comfortable anymore. It had been three weeks and you still had a feeling in your gut that just wasn’t right. 

A cloud of depression hung over you constantly and you managed to put on a smile in front of others, but on your own it was the worst. Your thoughts almost provoked you, and you couldn’t sleep. You could only lay still in your bed, staring at the dark ceiling. 

You’d question why you had decided to go with the break up. You couldn’t find a particular reason. You wanted to stay with him but sometimes in the heat of the moment you say things that you don’t mean. Unfortunately, he agreed. 

“I just think that we should break up.” You whispered after a long silence, crossing your arms over your chest as you watched Bucky’s eyebrows furrow. The yelling was getting to be too much.

Bucky swallowed, “Okay.” 

You threw your blankets off of your legs and swung yourself up from the bed. “Water.” You thought aloud, your voice hoarse. 

Your feet carried you out of your room and onto the cool tile of the hallway. The kitchen wasn’t far away and you were quick to reach for a glass and pour some water out of the tap. 

Your mind raced with various thoughts and you couldn’t focus on one, but you tried your hardest to, only to be met with defeat. 

Clanking noises aspired from the living room, your attention being drawn in that direction immediately. Curious, you allowed yourself to walk out of the kitchen and stood in the doorway of the living room. 

Three empty bottles sat on the coffee table, a fourth being held in the hand of none other than Bucky Barnes, who was now alone and nursing the bottle between his lips. 

He didn’t seem to notice you, only staring onto the blank T.V. with no expression on his face. His face was flushed from the alcohol and his lips slightly swollen. 

You cleared your throat, allowing your presence to be known. 

“Oh, hi.” Bucky whispered, watching you close as you walked into the room and sat beside him. 

You weren’t quite sure what had come over you, but you pulled the bottle of beer out of Bucky’s hand and took a swig of it yourself. 

The two of you sat in silence for a moment before Bucky spoke up, “Can’t sleep?” 

“Haven’t been able to for about three weeks.” You muttered, giving a tight smile to Bucky. 

Bucky only chuckled, “Same.” 

Silence washed over you again and you only drank more. Before you started hyperventilating, you opened your mouth to speak. “I love you.” 

You didn’t know why you said it, but it was one of those times that you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut. 

Bucky smiled, “I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”  

“Why do you say that?” 

“Because I’ve been miserable for weeks. I’ve been watching you laugh and smile with Natasha and Wanda and I’ve been missing you like hell.” Bucky explained, laughing even harder and throwing his head back. 

You watched him clutch his stomach as he continued to laugh and you leaned backward slightly, “You’re scaring me.” 

“God damn it, you infuriate me sometimes. But I love you more than anything.” Bucky muttered, calming down and looking at you long enough to gauge your reaction before you grabbed his jaw and pulled his lips onto yours. 

It was a welcoming feeling, his plump lips on yours yet again. His hands stayed on your hips while you straddled his thighs and breathed in his heavily scent once again. 

“I love you.”  You whispered, biting your lip and kissing him again. A grin stretched across his lips as he held you close and rested his forehead on yours, just staring into your eyes. 

“I’m glad you two pulled your heads out of your asses and made up.” Tony spoke from the doorway, rubbing sleepiness out of his eyes. 

You jumped away from Bucky and sat beside him. 

Tony walked into the room and picked up the empty beer bottles before turning away. “Don’t fuck on my couch!” He called back, causing your face to go red and to bury it in Bucky’s shoulder. 

At least life was going to be better from now on.

you point out the window,
“look! it’s snowing!”
and your whole face brightens up,
like someone lit a match behind
your eyes and you’re glowing,
a thousand tiny moons.
you’re fascinated, tracing
the freezing windshield with your
fingers like you can actually touch them,
giggles tumbling past your rose lips.
you’re so beautiful when you think i’m not looking,
and, i’m sorry, i know i stare,
but i swear your smile could
make flowers grow,
even in the dead of winter.
we dance in it, snow caking the bottom
of our shoes, getting in my eyelashes,
in your dark curls, perching on the tip
of your nose delicately.
you hold my hand inside my coat pocket,
and it’s so goddamn cold outside but
i’m on fire, burning inside out with
so much love, anyone could see it.
there’s so much warmth in your eyes
and your mouth and your hands,
i don’t think i could freeze if i tried.
—  “the first snow”, gbp
Elves in the Witcher world

I gathered some info about the elves from the Witcher book series. I tried to collect as much as possible - can be used for writing refferences.

Contains spoilers for the Witcher series!

  • Both Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle seem to have same appearance - big cat-shaped eyes, attractive features, narrow lips,tall figure, small teeth lacking canine teeth
  • Elves never built castles but they built châteaux
  • Aelirenn lead the young elves into the war with humans. The old elves were againts the war because they knew they don’t stand a chance and they could never bring the glory of their people back. They wanted to survive so they decided to destroy their cities and hide in the mountains and wait till the humans die out. They hoped humans would die out. Aelirenn got the support of young elves and lead them into the war. They all got massacred.
  • Only young elves are fertile and can have children but most of the young elves died in the war with humans or join Scoia’tael.
  • They’re known for their attractive appearance but still are heavily discriminated by humans.
  • Humans with elven blood and half-elves aren’t uncommon but they face discrimination and hate same as true elves.
  • It’s possible to recognize elves just by the way they walk.
  • Elves look down on humans and feel superior towards them.
  • Scoia’tael are mostly young elves, it’s typical for them to wear squirrel tails - thats where they got their name from. They enjoy killing humans but sometimes spare innocent ones.
  • Elves weren’t first who arrived to the Continent. Gnomes were the first to live there.
  • They’re long lived same as Tolkien’s elves
  • During the war with Nilfgaard Scoia’tael sided with Nilfgaard because they were promised to have their own land. Francesca Findabair - the ruler of Dol Blathanna “an elven state” let Scoia’tael be massacred even though they could have stopped fighting and return to Dol Blathanna to protect it. Francesca said she is forbidden to help Scoia'tael in order to have peace with Temeria and Kaedwen. It was Emhyr’s order. Filavandrel protested because elven children - Scoia'tael - the last hope for the future for Aen Seidhe died in vain and were massively massacred every day by humans even though it could be all avoided. After the war Scoia’tael were forbidden to enter Dol Blathanna and were labeled as war criminals. Remaining leaders of Scoia’tael units were killed. Only Isengrim Faoiltiarna managed to run. The rest of Scoia’tael became exiles and were hunted.
  •  If Scoia’tael captured humans they used pretty cruel torturing tactics on them
  • Their architecture is so beautiful no human could ever build anything as breath-taking as elven buildings
  • Avallac’h mentioned sex being boring for elves after they become over 100 years old. Humans on the other hand were never tired of it so bored elf females and males decided to have sex with humans. Elven females ovulate once in 10-20 years but they ovulate every time when they reach orgasm with male humans. There isn’t any explanation for that.
  • Half-elves usually share lot of elf features
  • It seems Aen Elle find humans more disgusting than Aen Seidhe do. Aen Elle can hardly imagine having sex with humans. They took over different world inhabitated by humans and killed them, they only keep female humans as slaves.
  •  Its impossible to tell their age. 30 years old elf looks the same as 130 years old one.
  • True Aen Seidhe rarely find humans attractive.
  •  Make up was invented by them and humans started using it too.
  • In some lands marriages between humans and non-humans are forbidden Humans are disgusted by these marriages but they still happen and its practically impossible to find humans without Seidhe Ichaer - elder blood in them.
  • Elves dont make differences between girls and boys when raising them (for example they both learn to ride on horses, shoot from a bow etc.)
  • Elves arrived to Continent 1000 years before humans did
  • Elven cities were rebuilt by humans to human cities for example Novigrad, Oxenfurt, Vizima, Tretogor, Maribor, Cidaris, Cintra
  • Geoffrey Monck went to Loc Muinne to convince elves to accept human kids who were to be taught by elven mages. After few years marshal Raupenneck from Tretogor went to Loc Muinne and killed all the elves living there. That’s how the war between elves and humans started and it ended at Shaerrawedd where all the elves were massacred
  • Elves move faster than humans
  • Their clothes usually have their favourite leaf pattern
  • Scoia'tael dont wear armor
  • They believe if you visit place where something important happened it may happen again
  • Elves are bound by their land - territory while dwarves live in clans - thats why its easier for dwarves to live among humans than for elves
  • Elven callendar is divided into Solar holidays - Solstices (Midwinter, Midsummer) Equionoxes (Birke, Velen) and Lunar holidays - Imbaelk, Belleteyn, Lammas, Saovine.   
  • Elves are usually in good body shape/condition
  • Very low percentage of elven blood in humans wont influence human features and no one can tell if the human had some elf ancestor
  • Aen Saevherne are small group of elves who are known for their big knowledge on various subjects, they have prophetic powers and knowledge of magic though not every elven mage is Aen Saevherne. Known Aen Saevherne are Auberon Muircetach, Lara Dorren, Avallac'h and Ida Emean aep Sivney.
  •  Lara Dorren was destined to have an unordinary child. She felt in love with a human - Cregennan of Lod and got pregnant with him. Their relationship wasnt accepted well by some humans and elves and humans were the reason why both lovers died. Before Lara died she gave a birth to her child who got saved and could pass Lara’s gen on.
  •  Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle dont share the same language - Aen Seidhe talk in Hen Llinge while Aen Elle talk in Ellylon.
  • Torc is a symbol of a ruler. Auberon wears one.
  • Elves hardly show any emotions in front of humans and dont talk much to them
  • Aen Seidhe eventually left the world of humans through the Gate - according to Nimue they took all their art and statues or destroyed them
It’s Complicated (Jason Blossom Imagine Jason x Reader- Part 1)

Request: I swear You are the best writer ever. I loved your Jason Blossom imagine, do you think you could write more? It was absolutely beautiful, maybe one where Jason and the reader were the longest lasting couple and this new girl tries to break them up, so they get into a fight but Cheryl fixes them. Thank you so much, I loved your imagine so so much ❤️❤️

Words Count: 1990 (shiiiiiiiiit)

Warnings: None

A/N: Whoever wrote this request, you are adorable and your compliment made me happy, thank you thank you thank you!!!! <3

Your eyes flutter open to a sunbeam dancing across your face. You groan and turn your ahead away from the light. You feel your body slowly sink back into sleep but your phone dings a happy tune, alerting you of a new message. You roll your body and fumble for your phone on your bedside table. Squinting from the brightness coming off your phone, you open the message. You smile at your phone when you realise it’s from your boyfriend, Jason Blossom. You sit up and read the message.
JJ: Time to wake up, I’ll pick you up today!” You click your phone off and slowly rise from your bed.

You had showered, gotten dress and were currently eating breakfast with your parents. You heard the front door open and saw Jason walk in.  “Good morning Mr and Mrs (Y/L/N), how has your morning been so far?” Jason asks politely. You parents smile at Jason
“Very well Jason and yours?” Your Dad asks.
“As good as a Monday morning can be Sir.” Jason say, he walks up to you and kisses your cheek.
“You ready to go?” He asks, slinging your bag around his shoulder. You nod, kissing your parents on the cheek before heading out the front door with Jason. He chucks your bag in the back seat. “Why hello there beautiful, how are you today?” Cheryl asks from the front seat. You laugh and hug her hello.
“I’m fine, how are you Cheryl?” You ask, pulling away from the red-haired girl. She grimaces and you nod your head, understanding that it was something she didn’t want to talk about. You reach over to open your door but Jason’s hand gets there first, opening it for you. You smile up at him and he smiles back down at you. “Hi you.” He says, cupping your jaw and planting a quick kiss on your lips.
“Hi, how was football practice?” You ask, climbing into the backseat of his red car.
“It was okay, think I might have bent something that is not supposed to bend.” He says, making his way to the front seat. He starts up the car and pulls out into the street. Concern fills your body, showing on your face. Jason notices your face and reaches back to hold your hand.
“Babe, it’s fine. It was kidding.” He says. You raise your eyebrows at him and he laughs. “Mostly.” He corrects. Cheryl looks at her twin and then back to you.
“You two are so cute, I still can’t believe you guys have been dating since you were 13.” She states before turning her attention back to Jason. They talk about homework and what they were doing after school. You close your eyes and lean your head back on the head rest behind you. You feel your body drift off into a light sleep.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that before Flynn stole the mothership he tracked Lucy down at all? I'm sure he would have been curious about the mysterious professor who wrote his journal-from-the-future. So I can picture him finding her at her university and attending one of her lectures or something. What are your thoughts?

Oh, my god, Anon. My thoughts are I have had these EXACT THOUGHTS!

He DEFINITELY looked her up before the series starts! No doubt. None. Erase all doubt from your mind. We don’t know the degree of it. Maybe Flynn searched online for information about her. Maybe he read one of her books (a history book– not the sad, handwritten one). Maybe, yes, he even sat in the back of at least one lecture. We don’t know how far he went researching her (he’s an intelligence gathering special agent and this could actually be quite in depth– he has her tax returns), but we do know that Flynn looked Lucy up in the present day before setting his plan in motion.

And it all sounds like an interesting little possibility and fan theory, one more connection Flynn and Lucy have before even meeting face to face, but the logical part of our brain is still like, “Proof?”

How about the fact that, in the Pilot, he knew what she looked like? Yeah. Once you realize Flynn picked her out of a frantic crowd at night in front of an explosion, it hits you: “How did he know her face?” Lucy can write her entire life story in that journal. Flynn can know her mind as well as she knows herself. But unless Lucy included a photograph, he would not know her to see her. He’d pass her on the street. Conclusion: either through research or because he staked her out (attended one of her classes), Flynn was familiar with what Lucy looked like prior to meeting her in 1937.

Now, you can argue the above. You could say that one brief, mid-episode snippet is the real first time Flynn sees her. The part when he’s watching the three be arrested after he called in that tip on them.

BUT! he is very, very far away. And he’s not even the one looking through the binoculars when it happens. 

He certainly can’t make out her face. And would he really approach her later with his biggest identifier being that she had on a brown coat? Why would he WANT to leave it up to chance? Why would he risk not knowing what Lucy looks like before going into the past where he knows he’s going to run into her? I really don’t think he would.

Also (just mentioning) Flynn’s guy that Wyatt kills in the hangar knew who Lucy was, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Flynn did brief his men about her though. We know that. Because after realizing who she was (whether because Flynn passed around a picture of her or because he said she’d be the woman following them), the man said, “Flynn wants to talk to you.” So Flynn made certain his men knew who Lucy was and that, if found, she should be brought to him, presumably unharmed.

I really think it makes sense that Flynn looked her up beforehand. It makes more sense than him not doing it. Checking up on Lucy just fits Flynn’s character. Not only for curiosity’s sake, but because Flynn won’t be caught unaware again. After Rittenhouse and his family, Flynn researches, he double-checks. The man has become obsessively prepared. It’s like a compulsion he now has. He needs that sense of control so much he doesn’t even delegate unless he has to. He trusts no one. He does everything himself. He’s paranoid something will go wrong. So many episodes, he has to check the journal before allowing himself to act. Even in 1.12, he pulled it out and studied the drawing before approaching Emma’s cabin. He looks before he leaps, and you can’t tell me that doesn’t include investigating Lucy before thrusting them into the situation where they meet. He would want to know her first, familiarize himself a little better.

So yes, he looked her up before stealing the Mothership. Fight me.

Today in jrotc we had to have a discussion about sexual harassment and hazing and such and chief called on me (out of nowhere i did not raise my hand) and he asked me if I thought sexual harassment was an issue and I said yes obviously and i swear to GOD
This one boy i have to deal with for two classes screams “TRIGGERED OOOOO”
Nobody laughed. Nobody ever laughs. He does it all the time. It always gets so quiet and we just stare at him. He keeps doing it. He thinks it’s so funny. I have to deal with him in my next class too. im gonna die

Doing What's Best

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Ask/Request: Hello! Could I please request a Steve x reader where Steve and her and getting very close but he lies to break her heart because he is afraid for her safety? A few days later he catches her crying and realizes how much he loves her and how big his mistake is and tries to make it up to her? Thank you!

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Sad (ish???)

A/N: I’m going to try and write all the request in my ask box today!! I do have one smut request that might take me a little longer but I’ll try! It’s only 8am… I can do this right? I just won’t eat food.

Word Count: 751

Steve’s POV:

“You’re staring again…”

I looked over at my best friend who was smirking and huffed, “Am not.”

Bucky chuckled, “Are too. C’mon Steve just go talk to her? I think she likes you too.”

I rolled my eyes at Bucky and gazed over at the girl again, “Nah. It wouldn’t ever work out. She’s normal and I… I couldn’t ruin that for her.”

Bucky groaned getting up, “I have to do everything don’t I?”

He walked over to her table and started talking to her. I swore under my breath, as I watched her smiling and laughing with him. I should have gone over to talk to her first. I should have-

“Steve. This is Y/N, the normal one. Y/N this is Steve, the not normal one.”

She chuckled and extended a hand, “It’s nice to meet you.”

I smiled shyly back at her and shook her hand, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

We stood there awkwardly silent for a while before Bucky sighed, obviously annoyed, “So Y/N how about you join Steve here for some coffee? Okay great!”

Bucky ushered Y/N into the booth and then ran off leaving us alone. I sighed running my hand through my hair, “Sorry about him. He can be… outgoing sometimes.”

Y/N laughed, “Nah it’s nothing. Besides now I finally get to know you.”

I chuckled awkwardly staring down at my coffee, “You want to know more about me?”

She grinned resting her face on the back of her hands, “Yep. Give me all you got.”

Ever since that day I’d been going to the coffee shop everyday to go talk to Y/N. But this past week was different. I didn’t go to the coffee shop, I’d been on a mission. When I walked into the coffee shop I saw Y/N sitting in the corner picking boredly at a muffin, with a coffee in hand.

I went over to the her table and sat across from her, “Hey.”

She looked up at me surprised and gasped, “Steve! I’ve been worried sick. I thought something bad happened-”

“You’ve been worried?”

She scoffed, “Obviously Steve. Why shouldn’t I be?”

I pushed away from the table and stood up, “I gotta go. I’m sorry.”

I turned and left the coffee shop. This was what I never wanted to happened. I never wanted to burden her with my troubles. I had to stay away from that coffee shop. I had to stay away from her.

It had been months since I’d last been to that coffee shop.  Since then I’d had been on a lot more dangerous missions, that almost killed me on more than one occasion. I missed that little coffee shop. It had crossed my mind countless times. More specifically she had crossed my mind countless times.   It was driving me insane wondering what she was doing. How she was doing. I missed drinking my coffee with her and listening to her laugh. All of this contributed to why I was at the coffee shop, right now, at night, with an hour left till closing. I tapped mindlessly on the table, sipping my coffee and staring out the window.

I heard the coffee shop door open and someone come in but I payed no mind to it. I got up and went over to the counter and placing a tip in the tip jar before turning to leave.


I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her sitting at the corner table crying, and couldn’t help the fact that her name fell off my lips. She looked up at me and I noticed her eyes were all red and puffy and her bottom lip was pouted out.


I moved quickly to her table and sat besides her taking her hand in mine, “Y/N? What’s wrong why are you crying?”

She sighed looking down at the table, “It’s just ever since we stopped talking everything’s been so hard. You know with work and with seeing you on the news and I just can’t take it anymore…”

In that moment I felt a surge of love for her so strong that I couldn’t stop the fact that I placed my hand on the back of her neck and pressed my lips to hers.

“I love you, I was stupid to stop coming here. I should’ve realized it before but I didn’t and I know I’m-”

She pressed her lips to mine wrapping her arms around my neck, chuckling softly, “I love you too stupid.“

anonymous asked:

Please could you write a smut scenario of Jeon Wonwoo I don't really mind what happens but just with him tying you to the bed, and over stimulation? Thank you so much, I love you and dyour blog x

Sorry this took a while but I tried polishing this to the best of my abilities! I enjoyed writing this fuck u jeon wonwoo and I hope you enjoy reading this ah ;;

“Wonwoo” you whined, picking up his dirty tshirts, underwear and socks from the floor. “What is it, babe?” he replied from the living room. “Will you ever learn to put your dirty clothes in the laundry, I swear I do it every day and it isn’t that hard” you told him, chuckling with his underwear in your hands. You didn’t want to start a fight but you were getting quite fed up when this happened regularly  - or at least when he was home.

“Oh yeah sorry” he answered, he got up from the couch and placed his book on the coffee table. He quickly joined you in the bedroom and placed a soft kiss on your lips as an apology. “I’ll help you clean up the room” he said, looking around and starting to pick up items from the floor.

Once you were done with the bedroom you went to the bathroom, your eyes immediately falling on his wet towel on the floor. He was home two hours before you and honestly, you were amazed by how fast he could turn this place upside down.

“Wonwoo, come here” you called, he was by your side in a second and you pointed to the piece of clothing on the floor and turned to him. “If you let your towel on the floor like that, it can never dry and then it starts to smell horrid, and then if your towel smells like that, you’ll end up smelling like that too. And just so you know, I can’t cuddle you then and besides - ” you were cut off by his lips crashing on yours, his smile evident in the kiss.

“You’re so adorable Y/N” he murmured against your lips, making you smile and forget about everything, you couldn’t give a damn about the wet towel on the floor or the messy bedroom, all that you cared was his lips on yours.

He placed his hands on your hips and started to drag you out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. You whined that you should clean first, but you both knew that wasn’t what you wanted to do. So, he didn’t listen to you and kept on walking backwards until his calf met the bed and he felt on his back, making you follow him, falling on top of him.

You were flustered by his sudden actions and as an instant reaction, you tried to push yourself away from him. “Baby” he warned you, grabbing both your wrist to stop you. You tried to fight him gently even though you both knew he was stronger than you. You didn’t want to give in so easily but when his lips met with yours again, you were ready to give him anything he wanted, almost.

In a moment, hd suddenly flipped you over, and grabbed both your wrist in one of his hands, placing them above your head as his other hand caressed your cheek. “I think we need to tie you up so you won’t escape from me, am I right?” he told you, leaning in to kiss you but you turned your head to the side, a smirk forming on your lips as his full lips kissed your cheek.

“You shouldn’t have done that baby girl” he said, his hands fiddling for the pair of cuffs you had in the bedside table. He grabbed your wrists again and put the cuffs on you so that you couldn’t even bring your arms down. He put the cuffs so that they were behind one of the bars of the head of the bed, smiling when you tried to see if you could free yourself from the restraints, with no luck.

He took your chin into his hand and forcefully crashed his lips on yours, kissing you roughly, pushing his tongue past your lips and invading your mouth, dominating you with just a kiss. As he let his tongue explore your mouth and his hands roam your body, you couldn’t keep your moans in.

“That’s more like it” he commented when you moaned into the kiss, detaching his lips from yours and  bringing them down on your neck, going right to your sweet spot where he started sucking and nibbling at your skin, leaving you gasping for air.

“P-please” you whimpered. You felt him smirk against your neck as he trailed his lips down again, landing on your collarbone. He loved leaving marks on your skin, he always called himself an artist and you were his canvas, and the bruises he left on you were the paint on your gorgeous skin.

“But what about the bathroom, babe?” he hummed, mocking you. You groaned and tried to free yourself but it was no use. You moaned when he slowly started to grind his hips against yours, your skirt raising more every time his hips ground on yours.

”Hmmm, I think I know what you need” he said, his voice hoarse, his breath heavy from the way your reactions to him made his heart beat faster.

You were a moaning mess, wriggling under him, arching your back. He moved his way lower until your shirt became a problem. He lifted it up, revealing that you indeed hadn’t worn any bra. He licked his lips and smirked, clearly amused by the fact that your nipples were hard and that you had made this so much easier for him.

He latched his hot mouth on your left breast, flicking the nipple with his tongue. You yanked your wrists, wanting to take hold of his hair and press his mouth harder onto your body but you couldn’t break free from the restraints, no matter how hard you tried. ”Be patient baby girl” Wonwoo almost moaned against your breast, visibly getting more and more turned on by you by the minute.

He sucked on your nipple, erupting loud moans from your mouth. ”Ah, please, I want you to touch me there Wonwoo, oh my gosh, ah

”Oh, here?” he asked, bringing his other hand from your other breast down your skirt, lifting it so that he had access to your panties. You closed your eyes and bit your lip, nodding furiously, your skin almost burning under his fingertips.

”Right here?” Wonwoo asked once again, hooking his fingers on the rim of your panties and pushing them aside, teasing your entrance so lightly with his slender and long fingers. You groaned, arching your back, trying everything to get him to push his finger inside of you.

”You’re so eager…I love it” he said and with that, he slowly inserted a single digit inside of you, eyes completely focused on your face as he watched you gasp out loud and your brows knit together and your lips form a perfect o.

He curled it right into your g-spot before pulling it out and inserting it again, repeating his action at a slow but intense pace. His other hand was rolling around your nipple, occasionally grabbing your breast quite forcefully as well.

After a while of listening you beg for more, he added another finger and you couldn’t help but to raise your hips, trying your best to ride his fingers. He hummed in appreciation, leaning his head down and putting his mouth on your breast, leaving open mouthed kisses all around the flesh before sucking on your nipple again.

”Calm down sweetheart” he said, pumping his fingers inside you, curling them and pressing them against your g-spot when he found it again. He was referring to your desperate grinding against his fingers that was starting to get a little too out of hand.

He had complete control over your mind and body and you just did as he said, forcing your body to keep as still as you could, giving him all the power of your sensations.

You were very close and you didn’t know how you’d handle climaxing when you’re body was using so much energy restraining your own movements. You clenched around his fingers a few times and you didn’t know if you were going to be able to keep your hips down as he led you toward your orgasm.

“Open your eyes baby girl, keep them on me as you come” he instructed, knowing your body better than you did. You forced your eyes open and looked him straight in the eyes, his mouth over yours but not kissing you. You were just on the edge when his lips moved slightly, letting out a barely audible: ”scream for me” and that pushed you over the edge.

You yelled his name, unable to control your body anymore as your hips rose and your head titled back. And that was not it, he didn’t stop there. His finger rolled on your swollen clit, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. ”Wonwoo” you whimpered, wanting him to stop because you couldn’t handle it anymore.

He slowed down after you said his name but he did not stop. ”Ride it out” he commanded you, eyes focused on your facial expressions. You bit your lip, almost crying because the pleasure was too much. You slowly moved your hips to the rhythm he flicked your clit with his index finger.

”Babe, please no more” you begged him, your voice close to breaking. And after he rolled his finger around your clit a few more times, he pulled his fingers away from your heat and brought his hand which was covered in your juices, up, close to his mouth.

As soon as you regained some composure, and your breath had calmed down, Wonwoo made sure you saw him lick your juices off of his fingers, keeping eye contact with you for the whole time his fingers went past his luscious lips. ”Fuck” you said, almost laughing because what else could’ve been a more appropriate reaction to this?

After licking his fingers clean, Wonwoo uncuffed your hands and threw the cuffs somewhere to the floor. ”So that’s how all of the stuff ends up on the floor hunh” you said jokingly, placing your hands behind his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

”You’re so amazing” he whispered, flashing you his smile that you thought was one of his best features.

You chuckled, brining yourself closer to his ear. ”I think it’s your turn to scream my name” you whispered to his ear, almost biting his earlobe but failing to do so when he got up and sat next to you, his head hitting the wall. You got up and straddled him, leaning in for another sweet kiss.

Admin Memesol

I just watched 407 for the first time and replayed the Bellarke scene at the end multiple times. Right after Clarke says the “special” line, she looks away immediately, and there are a multitude of emotions on her face. I think she’s remembering the last time she called someone special and how much [L/xa] meant to her and how much it hurt when she lost her. idk do you think one of the reasons Clarke may be hesitant to jump into a relationship with Bellamy is because she’s scared?

Nah man. That scene is about how much she loves Bellamy and feels afraid that she’ll let him know because she doesn’t think he returns it and she can’t have him even though all she wants is to be in his arms which is why she can’t stop looking at his chest. I swear, I think she wants to curl up there. Who could blame her!

But if it makes you feel better to think it’s about L and maybe it allows you to see a romantic process that let’s Clarke move on to this man who has always been her rock. Okay then, nonny. You do you. Give it the interpretation that works for you.

I’ve got mine, and it’s kind of the reverse of yours.

You’re mine | Scott McCall Imagine

request: Could I get Scott McCall rough smut where he gets jealous of Theo?

word count: 1208

warnings: rough smut, swearing

A/N: yay my first smut so it’s not that long because i didn’t have much time but i hope you like it anyway (i tried it, ok?)

After school you decided to wait for your boyfriend Scott to take you home. You thought about the test you just wrote in physics, you were sure it would be a really bad grade and you already imagined your mother getting angry again because you weren’t really interested in school. Of course she would say it’s because of your new friends and you would be lucky that she didn’t know about all of the supernatural stuff going on. “Hey Y/N”, you heard a familiar voice and you saw Theo waving at you. “Hi Theo”, you said trying to smile. You were curious about Theo since the first day you met him just like your friend Stiles but you couldn’t say that he wasn’t handsome and he was always nice when it came to you but you didn’t trust him anyway. “How are you?”, he asked smirking. “Fine, what about you?”, you tried to be nice. “Yeah, me too”, he answered. “So what is a beautiful girl like you up tonight?”, he wanted to know. Before you could answer, Scott arrived “That’s none of your business, Theo. But if you really want to know she’s at her boyfriend’s”, Scott said trying to hide the anger growing in his chest. “Whoa, okay. I’m sorry”, Theo said obviously offended. “What the hell was that?”, you asked your boyfriend while Theo was walking away. “That guy was obviously trying to flirt with you”, Scott explained and you could still hear the anger in his voice. “Are you kidding me? He just tried to be nice”, you uttered. “I don’t call that being nice, it’s called trying-to-get-a-girl-into-your-bed”, Scott simply said. You grinned. Scott pointed to his car and walked towards it wanting him to follow you. It was a silent ride and you really hated silence between you and Scott. It was like shouting but it felt even worse because you weren’t sure of what he was thinking right now. When he finally stopped the car you got out and realized he got up too wanting to follow you into your house. “Scott?”, you asked irritated. “I’m coming with you”, he uttered standing behind you as you were searching for your keys. When you got to your room Scott came closer and hugged you from behind just to spin you around and give you a passionate kiss. One of his hands got under your shirt rubbing your skin roughly while your lips were still moving in sync. Scott bit your lower lip and your tongues were roughly touching each other when he put his tongue in your mouth without even asking for permission. His hands were now touching your boobs, drawing circles around your nipples which made you moan. He pulled away fast just to look at you lustful while putting your shirt and your bra off. “Oh baby girl, you’re so beautiful”, he mumbled while kissing your neck. His brushed over your sensitive skin and he began to suck it. Moving down to your boobs he planted wet kisses on you while you were taking off his shirt. He took your right nipple in his mouth sucking it making you moan. “You like that?”, he mumbled against your skin causing a shiver to run down your body. You pulled his hair while softly touching his toned chest when he did the same to your left nipple as he had done before to your right nipple. You groaned scratching his back. You already felt his member hard between your legs and you decided to take both his pants and boxershorts off presenting his hard member to you. He stopped sucking your nipple just to press his lips against yours again. He took off your jeans and looked at your panties with surprise. “Oh my god, babe. You’re already so wet. Who’s the one that makes you this wet?”, he asked smirking while rubbing your clit through your slip. You groaned his hot breath against your ear. “Y-You are”, you moaned. “Who?”, he asked wanting you to scream his name. “S-Scott M-M-McCall, you are”, you whispered. “And I’m the only one making you feel like this”, he told you confidently finally taking off your slip leaving you completely naked. He rubbed your clit slowly drawing circles around your clit. He moved away and got up to push you down on your knees. “Take it in”, he told you harshly. You took his hard member in your hands pumping it. “I said take it in”, he screamed and you did it. He pulled your hair getting deeper into your mouth. You slowly licked his member and pulled it in and out. Scott made you go faster by pulling your head back and forth roughly. You let your tongue circle around his dick causing him to groan. “Ba-abe…I-I’m… cumming”, he said finally relieving himself into your mouth. You swallowed everything and he smiled while you were licking him clean. “You’re mine, got it?”, he asked pushing you to the bed again. “I’m only yours”, you responded while he was rubbing your clit again. “F-Fuck Scott, please enter me”, you moaned under his rough touch. He drawed circles around your entrance teasing you until he finally came closer. You pressed your lips against his while you felt the tip of his cock at your entrance. You tried to hold back the moan as his hips slammed against yours. He didn’t ask if you were okay he just started pulling himself in and out of you. You could feel his naked skin slamming against yours. “You feel so good around me, you’re so tight, baby girl”, he moaned. He knew how you hated him being that slow and that was why he enjoyed it even more. You moaned as he hit your spot and he did it over and over. „Faster“, you whispered, your lips touching his ear. He started thrusting harder and soon you felt your climax coming. “S-Scott”, you screamed his name. “I-I can’t hold back anymore”, you screamed while you felt yourself getting weak reaching your climax. Scott smiled and slowed down to tease you. „You want to cum, baby girl?“, he asked you while you just looked at him with pleasure. You nodded fast and Scott thrusted into you again. “Cum for me, babe”, he whispered sending another shiver down your legs. He pulled out as soon as you got weak. His head disappearing between your legs wanting to lick up your juice. After licking you clean he thrusted inside you again finding a new spot. When he finally finished inside of you he pulled out harshly causing you to feel an unknown emptiness. He fell down next to you while you were trying to find your breath again. “I love you so much, baby”, he mumbled under his breath. “I love you too, Scott”, you responded while he was coming closer again. He kissed you softly this time and you could taste yourself in his kisses. He pulled you into a hug and you smiled. “I’m sorry for being jealous”, he said. “If it means we’re having sex like this I’m totally fine with you being jealous”, you responded, earning a soft kiss on your forehead before you fell asleep in Scott’s arms.

Hayes Grier - Kept promise

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you and Hayes are best friends and you get sick and he tried to take care of you but he doesn’t know what to do so he asks the other guys to come over and help him?


I swear my head was about to blow up, my throat was aching so much I could barely swallow and my eyes were burning meaning my temperature didn’t lower in the last few hours. I texted Hayes about twenty minutes ago that I can’t make it to his little get together because I wasn’t feeling well and now I was just trying to sleep a bit.

My mom was away for a business trip and my dad was working until at least ten pm, so I was alone. I almost fell asleep when I heard the front door opening and I sat up listening to the noises coming from downstairs.

“Dad, is that you?” I shouted between two coughs. I got no answer, but a moment later the door of my room opened and Hayes walked in with a huge bag in his hands. “Hayes, what are you doing here?” I asked confused.

“You didn’t think I would leave you alone while you are sick, did you?” He sat the bag down to a chair and then kneeled down next to me. “How are you feeling?” he asked examining me with a concerned look.

“Like shit.”

“Did you take something?” he asked checking something on his phone.

“Yeah, but it didn’t work,” I sighed and watched as he put his phone down and dug into his bag.

“Alright, I got you some stuff, but since I’m no nurse and shit I told the guys to come here, so we can figure out how to put you back together,” he explained taking out his supplies of the bag. Some instant soup, teabags, tissues and candles. God knows why he thought candles would be useful.

“What? Hayes, none of you is a doctor but you also don’t have to be a doctor to know that I just need to rest,” I said with wide eyes. The boys were coming over and I looked like a fucking zombie. Great.

“Do I look like I care, Y/N? We are going to fix you, don’t worry,” he said totally ignoring what I just said.

Hayes made me some tea and brought some more blankets for me and about half an hour later Sam, Nash, Nate and Tez were all bustling in my room pretending to know what they were doing but they obviously didn’t.

“Guys,” I sighed trying to stop them from totally messing up the house. “It’s really not needed, you all can go home.”

“No way, little girl,” Nate said shaking his head and turned back to my computer looking for tips on the internet on how to cure my sickness.

“Yeah, you just rest and don’t worry, we’ll get you everything you need until your dad gets home,” Sam added giving me a lovely smile.

“And besides, I’m not leaving my best friend alone, anything can happen,” Hayes spoke up handing me some painkillers that I asked for earlier.

They didn’t listen to me and they all went full brotherly on me. At least I had some company, I enjoyed listening to the absurd cures Nate found online and Hayes kept asking if I had to puke because he could get me a bucket anytime even though I really didn’t need to puke.

“Alright, we gotta go, take care of her, Hayes,” Tez warned Hayes as they were about to leave.

“Got it!” he nodded and after they all hugged me they left leaving us alone.

“Hayes, you don’t have to stay, just go home, dad is going to be home soon,” I said as he sat down to the end of the bed. He shook his head with a small smile on his lips.

“Nope, you are not getting rid of me. Even though I have no idea what to do with a sick person,” he added making me laugh.

“Thank you for trying. You are the best,” I smiled feeling my eyelids getting heavier with each blinks.

“Tell me something new,” he proudly smirked. “Get some sleep, I’ll wait till your dad gets back.”

I sighed nodding my head and I stopped fighting against my sleepiness. I closed my eyes and then before I fell asleep I heard Hayes saying:

“I told you I would take care of you no matter what.”

He was referring to the time when we both were much younger and I broke my arm. I couldn’t do too many things and I was also afraid to go biking with him afterwards. Then he dragged me with him and made me a promise that he would take care of me no matter what and he would never let me get hurt.

Well, he really did keep his promise.

Do you...well...I mean... I could give you a massage.

#4  Do you…well…I mean… I could give you a massage.

So this is my first Cas x Reader one shot and I have to say that I really like writing about Cas because - let´s face it - he´s just awesome.
In fact I liked it so much, that I already wrote a second Cas x Reader story.
Say what? I know right. :P
I don´t know when it will be up but I hope you like it as much as I do.

Originally posted by natalieslusarek


You were packing out your stuff, while swearing under your breath.
How could Dean and Sam let you behind again?

The damn apocalypse was stupid enough, even without the two of them fussing over you all the time.
When you tried to get
your boots out of your duffle bag, you accidently ripped the zipper out of the fabric: “Damn it!”, you shouted pretty loud.

“What´s the matter?”, you heard a calm voice behind you.
A little bit surprised you turned around: “What the hell Cas, you startled me”, you hiss, not even meaning to sound so pissed.

“I sense you´re a little bit stressed out”, the angel stated and you laughed dryly:
“Well Cas, that about covers it.”
When you sat down on your bed, he took two steps towards you: “I wanna make you feel better.”
You almost smiled a bit: “Cas I don´t think there is something you could do for me.”

He looked at you with an slightly uncomfortable face: “Do you…well…I mean… I could give you a massage.”
Now you laughed for real: “A massage? Where the hell did you get that idea?”
Cas sat down on the other bed: “I recently watched a TV advertisement that stated that if humans are feeling stressed, they go to get massages.
I figured since you feel stressed, you would like one too.”#

For a moment you just looked at him, thinking about how absurd the situation was and then you just nodded: “Actually, I would like a massage very much.”
You layed down on your belly, and made room for him so that he could sit on the edge of the bed.
You closed your eyes but when he didn´t start you opened them again:
“What´s the matter?”
Cas looked you straight in the eyes:
“The woman in the advertisement was partly naked.”
You rolled you eyes: “Seriously Cas? Do you just want to see me naked?”
The humor was clearly audible in your voice but the angel still frowned: “I just want do do it right.”
You laughed: “Of course you are. You know what? Screw it!”
And then you took off your shirt while still lying down: “Now everything´s like it´s supposed to be, right?”
“I assume”, you heard him say and then he started to massage you.
And for someone who couldn´t possibly have any experiences with giving massages, he was pretty good.
“Thanks Cas”, you murmured while feeling the tension vanishing from your body.
“You´re welcome.”

Thawing the ice king

I’m a huge sucker for a defrosted ice king with a traumatic background (*cough*Rin*cough*) and Kageyama is the very embodiment of these.

His character development could basically be summed up as ‘try to be less of a jerk’. It… doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s quite beautiful.

To be honest, it’s really cute to see him try to better himself. And he tries so very hard. The thing with Kageyama, as opposed to someone like Tsukishima, for instance, is that he does care. Very much so.

This is most notable with Hinata. Like when Asahi refuses to join the team in episode 9. This happens:

The very next scene is the both of them going to convince him. Of course it is. Kageyama looks at sad Hinata, he goes “Hmph” and they trot off to fix it. Because deep down Kageyama is a softy.

A big, angry, self involved softy.

This whole episode has him genuinely care about people. You wouldn’t expect him to be on Asahi’s side, for instance (surely weakness isn’t conducive to winning). But he is.

I’m hoping to see a lot more of this, come season two. Cause caring Kageyama is best Kageyama.

Also, he’s really friggin cute when he smiles. I’d like some more of that, too.