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Because you love Deere very much and also I blame you for pulling me down this ship
-After the second date, they hooked up, but planned to keep their relationship a secret until they were ready to come out to the group.

-That didn’t last long though. Next week during lunch, Jake greeted Jeremy with a kiss on the cheek before sitting down next to him. He was met by gaping jaws from the group - minus Rich who had grin on his face - and that’s when he realized what he just did.

-Jeremy noticed the dead silence immediately and quickly tried to fix it. “S -Surprise?”

-And then the table just explodes in a matter of seconds.

-Everyone is asking questions all at once, jumbling up all the words being shouted into the boys ears.

-Jake noticed Jeremy being overwhelmed by everything, so he held his hand under the table to calm him down.

- You guys are the definition of adorable.”

-”Hey, Chloe, how about you shut up and let them have their moment.”

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Insecurities - boyf riends

Title: Insecurities

Word count: 1527

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: Panic attack, kind of body dysmorphia, really just angsty, Jeremy is really anxious and Michael is really supportive and kind

A/N: So, I finally pushed through my writer’s block/lack of motivation/inspiration and finished this one shot! Yay! Now I just have to do that on all my other unfinished one shots… 

I think this is the most angsty one I’ve written (or at least published), so yeah. 



Jeremy knew from the moment he looked himself in the mirror that he wouldn’t go to Michael’s place that day. His face was covered in red, swollen spots, and his hair was a bird’s nest, and his under-eyes bags and circles were especially prominent. He looked like a mess. No way he was letting Michael see him like that.

Michael always had perfect skin. That he had been lucky with during puberty. He’d never had one spot, while Jeremy had suffered through periods where his face was more red than nude. He’d had much better skin lately, but he had a sneaking suspicion that was the SQUIP’s doing. He knew the supercomputer had changed subtle things in his body, like his hormone levels and his sweating.
Now Jeremy could barely look himself in the mirror, as the SQUIP’s voice was whispering harsh truths in the back of his head.

You’re ugly
Everything about you is so terrible
Everything about you makes me wanna die!
Michael would probably want you to die if he saw you like this too

With trembling hands Jeremy picked up his phone to tell his best friend he wouldn’t be over. He wanted so badly to come over, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t let Michael see him like this.

To: My Favowite Person
Hey, I won’t be over today, sorry. I’m feeling kind of under the weather and I don’t want to give anything to you

He staggered over to his bed as soon as the message was sent. Soon his phone was tossed in the corner of his room, the screen down, so he didn’t notice when the screen lit up with a message from Michael.

From: My Favowite Person
I’m coming over with some warm soup. Just rest and try to get better :*

As Jeremy had trouble breathing, and the SQUIP’s voice was loud and clear in his brain, he started to sob. And when his vision finally cleared, and the grip on his chest started to lose a little bit, he finally fell asleep. His hands were still trembling, and there where still tears running down his cheeks as his mind went blank.


“Like I said, I didn’t know he was sick, he never came down.”
Jeremy awoke to the sound of his father ’s voice outside his door, his mind foggy and his eyes puffy from the crying. When he opened his eyes, they stung and he groaned softly into his pillow.

“I just want to give him this soup, and make sure he rests. I know what he’s like when he’s sick, that boy can never sit still.” Michael chuckled outside. 

Jeremy could recognise his boyfriend’s voice immediately, and his breathing started to get erratic. Maybe he would look so bad from his crying session and from just waking up that Michael would actually believe he was sick?

Jeremy glanced up to the mirror that hung on the wall across his bed. Nope, Michael knew him too well. He would see right through it immediately.

In panic, not knowing what to do if Michael came in and realised that he wasn’t in fact sick, and that he lied to him, he went and hid in his bathroom. Maybe if he pretended to take a shower, Michael would leave?

It wasn’t after he had turned on the shower and sat awkwardly on the toilet for five minutes he realised he should probably shower. It would save him a trip, and if Michael was still there, he would probably be suspicious as to why Jeremy was just in the shower, but still dry and smelling like sleep and sweat and tears.

Jeremy made sure to use extra long time this time, slowly working the shampoo into his scalp, and using as long time as possible to cover his skin in soap and then rinse it off. It felt good, and his muscles started to relax, and he thought that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea anyway. When he couldn’t possibly be anymore longer in the shower (by now his fingers and toes looked more like raisins), he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. The towel was soft and warm, and he could smell the fabric softener used on it. A calming, familiar smell that reminded him of rainy days and his mom. He used another towel to try and dry his hair as much as possible, before he put that, together with his clothes in the laundry basket.

He was almost completely calm by the time he had dried himself up, but one look in the mirror, and it was ruined. Suddenly he was reminded of why he had been so panicked in the first place. 

His face was red and blotchy, and his hair was still a bird’s nest, except now it was a wet bird’s nest. He could feel the panic and anxiousness welling up in his body again and turned around, clenching his hands into fists. He would not start to cry now, right before he was about to see Michael.

As soon as Jeremy stepped out of the bathroom, Michael started to speak.“Hi Jer, I brought you soup since you aren’t feeling well.”

A warm feeling fluttered in his stomach by his boyfriend’s words. Why did he absolutely have to be perfect and nice? It was not fair!

“Oh, wow, thanks Michael. I really appreciate it.”

Michael gave him the doggy bag, his head cocked to the side and a curious look on his face. He looked like a confused puppy and Jeremy melted at the sight.

“You look good.” There was something shining in Michael’s eyes that told Jeremy he’d been busted, and gosh darn, why couldn’t his face stop blushing when he was lying or felt guilty?

“Yeah. I feel better too. Maybe it was just like, a morning thing?” His voice cracked, a sure sign of his lying, as he made his way towards his dresser where he kept his clothes.

“Jeremy,” Michael sighed, “what’s going on?”

Jeremy could feel tears gather in his eyes. This was just not his day.

“Nothing! I’m fine, I just, I’m fine, don’t feel so good.” He couldn’t look him in the eyes as he lied, so he looked down at his feet instead, rolling a small thread from his towel between his index and thumb.

“Jeremy, look at me.” Michael’s voice was so soft, so tentative, Jeremy was forced to look up.

“I woke up today, and my face was cove- is covered in acne, and my hair was just all wrong, and I looked so tired, I almost looked sick, and you always have perfect skin. And your hair is so fluffy and you smell so so good all the time, it’s not fair!” The words forced themselves out of Jeremy and he could do nothing to stop it, just like he could do nothing to stop the tears now making their way down his cheeks. Tears he had tried so hard to keep in.

“Jeremy…” Jeremy wasn’t sure how Michael’s voice was so soft and full of pity, and so reassuring at the same time, but it was, and he was so fixed on his voice, and the thread between his fingers to notice Michael walk over to him and embrace him in a hug. Jeremy buried his face in the soft fabric of Michael’s hoodie.

“Jeremy, I know it may feel like that, but it’s not true, trust me. I have acne, and my hair is bad, and I’m sweaty and gross, all the time. And you are beautiful and you should not be afraid or think you’re not, because you are, okay? Now please let me see the beautiful face of yours.”

Jeremy sniffled, but looked up into Michael’s eyes. His eyes were so brown and warm and full of love. Jeremy loved Michael’s eyes. While Jeremy’s eyes were probably puffy and bloodshot. And they were that colour were you could never decide whether they were green with a blue undertone, or blue with a green undertone. Gosh he hated his eyes. 

“Hey hey hey hey hey, shhh, you look beautiful, stop thinking that about yourself.”

Michael knew Jeremy so well, he understood what he was thinking.
“Thank you Michael. I guess things the SQUIP said kind of stuck.” Jeremy whispered.

Michael’s face was only inches away from Jeremy’s, and he desperately wanted to kiss him, but he was afraid he would start crying again and ruin it, so he stood in Michael’s arms instead. In his arms, what the SQUIP thought about him, and what everyone else thought, didn’t matter. In his arms, he felt safe.
Jeremy still felt bad about himself. There was still a part of him that thought he was ugly. But Michael helped numb that part a bit, so that Jeremy could function, so that he could look himself in the mirror, and so that he wouldn’t have to lie to Michael. 

The SQUIP took away something that Jeremy might never fully restore, but he had Michael there to help him, and he was eternally glad for that.

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Request: Jeremy asking advice for his first date and he asks his friends to help him out, but all of them tell him different ways to be on a date

fjhbdnsm this is so good i love it already thank you for the request!


Jeremy was absolutely screwed. He hadn’t gone on a first date in years, was clueless on how he should dress or act or do anything. He was a mess and he still had hours until he was supposed to meet his date.

So Jeremy did the only thing he could. He asked his friends for help.

Wandering around the penthouse, he stumbled into Geoff first. Geoff was tired, wearing one of his shirts and sweatpants, and holding a cup of coffee even though it was 1 in the afternoon. He barely glanced up from his phone when Jeremy ran into him, the only indication that he even noticed was the slight squint of his eyes as if Jeremy had offended him by getting in way of his path.

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#Can we just talk about this? It needs to be spoke on. #How long has Jeremy known that Bonnie is the anchor and feels every supernatural death? #How many times has he seen a dead supernatural pass through her? I’m guessing multiple times because they spend so much time together but LOOK at his face. #It is to the point of physically hurting him to watch the girl he’s tried so hard to protect going through the pain of more than a thousand deaths.# She’s suffering and he’s suffering with her. #Jeremy Gilbert never needed to verbally say that he’s in love with Bonnie Bennett it’s written all over his face. #They are so happy but their lives are still tainted with so much pain and for once neither one of them have any idea how to fix it. #So they suffer silently and together because when one of them are hurting they’re both hurting.

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