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Even tho Bryke tried to alter The Southern Raiders episode to make Zutara look toxic they did a really bad job, even after their altercations it clearly shows that Katara trusts Zuko and opens up to Zuko and tells him stuff she never told Aang,Aang in this episode is the one that looks toxic by not understanding Katara and what she needs to fix her pain and saying that she's the same as Jet,Bryke can alter away all they want this episode was still a very powerful episode between Zuko and Katara

What do you think of Aang and Katara’s interaction in the southern raiders episode? Do you think Aang understood Katara or was he just trying to get her to do what he wanted?

Yeah, Aang wound up looking really bad in this episode. I think in their attempt to make Aang into the “moral” one, they made him seem like a jerk. He didn’t even try to emotionally engage her. He just ordered her to forgive and wanted to just change the subject. And he compared her to Jet. The guy who tried to wipe out a town of innocent villagers, including kids. But I think the worst part was how dismissive he seemed. He didn’t act at all sympathetic or interested in trying to understand her. It did sound judgmental.

Aang: So you were just gonna take Appa anyway?
Katara: Yes.
Aang: It’s okay, because I forgive you. That give you any ideas?

His happy go lucky attitude is really demeaning. He acts like he doesn’t even take her feelings seriously. Katara was more sympathetic when he lost Appa. I know it’s not a shipping episode; it is about Katara and how she chooses to deal with her dark side. But Bryke thought this was an episode that was flattering to Kataang. It shows how they view the romance. It is merely about Aang being “better” than Zuko. Even when it concerns her dead mother, it always is about Aang. His feelings, his morality, and of course, they see Katara sparing Yon Rha because of what Aang said.

He just looks like he is irritated with Katara and not the slightest bit interested in trying to understand why she is so upset. Like he is just above it all, and looks down on her for feeling the way she does. He never asked what actually happened to her mother. He probably doesn’t know that she was killed right in front of her eyes. I have heard Kataang fans say that Aang letting her go means that he is a good partner because he knows that she’ll do the right thing. It is condescending to Katara since he never really bothered to have a real intimate conversation about her mother at any point. He doesn’t know how she felt, clearly. He thought she was going to forgive him.

She really didn’t look to pleased with him at the end, either. He just assumed that she would forgive, but she didn’t. Of course, Zuko has to tell Aang (and the audience) that he was right about what Katara needed. Violence wasn’t the answer. Implying that Zuko was pushing for Katara to take revenge. Zuko is made out to be a violent jerk. And of course, Aang says it never is. He is portrayed as being oh so wise and moral. He never does have to deal with his dilemma about Ozai, either. This is why I disliked Aang by the end of the show. Didn’t even feel like the same character from Books 1 and 2.

I guess we can call this my Dirk Gently theory.

You guys know how Todd gets all pissed at Dirk cause like he knows its gonna happen and he ruined his life but like

Todd sort of ruined his own life.
Dirk was trying to prevent everything from happening again by keeping things from Todd.
Cause he knew if Todd knew these things, everything would happen the same way again.
Todd wouldn’t have seen himself in the elevator. He wouldn’t have almost died multiple times. Most of all, hr probably wouldn’t have ever met Dirk.
Dirk was willing to give up their friendship to fix everything.
So he tried his best to stop Todd from doing everything he did. Tried to stop him from realizing the things that were connected.
But in the end, he still couldn’t fix it.
Everything happened the same.
Todd ended up hating him.
Patrick ended up dead.
He ended up ruining everything.
So, when he saw he was about to get shot
When he saw them bout to kill him
He did nothing.
He stood there.
He didn’t even look scared.
He looked like someone who wanted to die.
Like someone who walked into the middle of the road and waited to get hit by a car.
He looked done. So he didn’t move when they shot.
He stood there, ready.
But he still ended up getting Todd hurt.
And I know he’s going to feel as if its his fault.
Like everything else.

it was the year you forgot my birthday.  if anyone asks, that’s what i’ll tell them. the year the rain turned away from me. it seems so small now, but back then, the world was a war i was fighting. the trees all had shadows trying to ruin me. i tried to fix it. i even spoke to the birds, but they scattered like dandelion seeds. you wrote me a letter to tell me how lonely love was. i tried to retrace my steps to before it all happened, but our lives went on and our hearts never looked the same.  i had a phantom poem in my head that i promised to give you if you stayed. you didn’t. the poem did. after two more years of silence, i was still sorry. i pictured your ghosts, and they looked nothing like me. i imagined a world where i was big enough to at least haunt you. it was the same world you burned down in all your dreams. 

fixing my old japanese courses on memrise so everything has 100 entries per level instead of 20 (makes scrolliing much easier). the database stuff is fixed now compared to last time i tried this, so if you go into your course database, hit “create new levels, (100) words per level”, it’ll add in the words in the order you added them to your database (not alphabetical order)… meaning i can still keep the “ch1, ch2…” level ordering.

afterwards you have to glance over the levels to weed out “mistake entries” that were in the database, so at the same time i’m “ignoring” tons of entries so they never pop up for review again.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, it seems you can simply copy/paste words from memrise levels into a spreadsheet program and it’ll save the columns, so it looks like my mini japanese-esperanto dictionary project will go somewhat faster than i thought, once i get to that point

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bigbang reaction when they see you somewhere and fall in love with you but you can only speak english

So, tribute to a similar BtoB reaction I did, I like it!

T.O.P: *still tries to get your attention anyways*

Taeyang: *fixes himself up before walking up to you. Might as well impress wiht look over the language barrier*

G-Dragon: *tries to give you glances, hinting he wants to see you*

Daesung: *tries going up to you, but chickens out. You see him, ctching him off guard* Oh, hi, don’t mind me…

Seungri: *just stares at you as he walks by*

Was this one as good as BtoB’s reaction? Is this about to becomes it’s own series of gif reactions too? I can only tell that more groups might have the same concept for me to have reactions for! If you haven’t already, follow for more content. Getting close to Christmas, and I plan to have more spare time once I get on Winter break. So, please stay with me during my hard times before I get off of school. Until next time, I hope you liked this reaction and I hope you have a good day anon!

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“what do you think about kaichen (?) lately the have been together those, kai and chen, i want lisent your opinion of chenkai .. They whisper and look as it does kaisoo (x)” - anon

[okay I don’t understand why everytime I edit my post, the gifs/picts wouldn’t load after that? like why? I don’t move the picts/gifs at all, theyre still located in same folder? and when I tried to fix it, shit wouldn’t be posted like why? can somebody explain the sciene behind this? /cry/ ]

eyy there~ okay i want to remind you that even though im biased trash, when i watched this fancam, i tried to separate my feels and be objective, but if you feel my answer is… um, biased, or unfair (?), sorry in advance.

 for me, they did do the close-whispering (well it’s a whisper after all), but not as close as kaisoo, when kaisoo whisper to each other, their nose tip/lips would touch the other’s ear, but it is different from this (IMHO)

i tried so hard not being biased but here i see jongin’s upper body/head slightly bounced back bc of the impact of soo leaned forward to him (to listen his whisper), meaning that their body collided to create such (small) impact

in the video i saw a small distance between jongin’s nose and chen’s ear, and it’s quite different with how he had whispered to soo a while ago in china concert

and we all know how soo “whispers” to jongin

(yes i have a dozen of different picts of this event in my folder, sue me)

he leaned on soo’s mouth

honestly, the way he turned his head, he didnt leaned back, just turned his head, he wasnt afraid if his lips could touch his hyung’s lips/nose tip, would you do this if you’re whispering to some regular hommie?

i am so sorry i tried not being biased but i end up answering your answer about another ship with gifs/picts of kaisoo, it’s very rude of me, but i just want to say my point here, dont murder me please /hide/

I can't look at the moon anymore

I’m so tired of losing sleep over conversations I bowed out of, and all of the text messages I never sent. Every evening, I toss and turn, writhing in my own skin. Memories of broken bones and loose teeth haunt my dreams. You sleep peacefully in another city, under the same moon. After all these years, that’s all we still share. Every morning, my feet touch the floor, and I’m sick with the dreadful fear that I am what you say I am. It’s not my fault you were born so angry. I just wish I had never tried to fix you.

JAKE & RAVI || It was an accident... Don’t worry.

Jake sighed softly and ran his fingers through his hair as he looked the newly broken window. His father had now thrown something at the boy and missed, adding a new broken part to their home which meant – more money out of Jake’s pockets. He grabbed the house phone and dialed the number he would frequently call. He usually had the same person pick up, but that guy wasn’t in that day so someone named Ravi answered the phone. He tried his hardest not to sound sad, but his voice was still soft.

“H-Hi, erm… I need someone to come by and fix the window again. As soon as you can.. before it rains or snows.. Thank you..” He said softly. He told him the address and after a few minutes talking, he hung up and went to the restroom to apply some cover up over the bruises. He’s become a pro at hiding them, but he wasn’t very good at hiding the hand marks that bruised his neck – like tonight. They just couldn’t seem to cover up and it was obvious that he tried to cover it up with makeup, but when he heard the door bell, he sighed and went to pick up a few beer bottles and cigarettes and throw them away before opening the door.