i tried to find the source i swear

there was something in the tag about wanting to know why logan and rory people think they are endgame. now, this is a giant ramble and it’s sourceless. i tried my hardest to find all the sources, but honestly, a girl can only read so much anti logan, pro jess stuff before she goes completely insane so just forgive me. 

logan is in all four episodes. (i swear this was confirmed somewhere, and i did see a little like schedule chart on twitter confirming this, but i am honestly not sure how legit, but i think it’s pretty accurate. if nothing else matt was the one who read all four episodes. milo did not.). because logan is in all four episodes i think it’s fairly easy to assume that most of his time will be about rory. it usually connects to her. because it’s logan. he doesn’t have a connection to a main character, like how jess has luke, logan has rory. 

we know there is a LBD event and that it happens in fall. also been described as ‘sexy and fun’ & they learned the tango for it. it involved both day and night shooting, so i’m assuming that it will factor pretty heavily into the episode. you jump, i jump jack is iconic for logan and rory. if you weren’t setting up for logan x rory it kind of seems like you’d just skip this?? especially since it’s in the last episode. to me, you just wouldn’t waste the time. 

we also know that mitchum shows up in the revival. now, i’ve seen some comments about how mitchum could just be work related things, but i just don’t think so. it feels like it’d be a waste. i mean, you’re not even seeing liz or tj?? who have a stronger connection to both luke and jess, by extension lorelai. so like, why would mitchum show up out of like literal nowhere. also, i guess he’s either in spring or summer. take that as you will. 

logan storyline is like the most heavily guarded shit ever? it’s borderline annoying, and leads me to assume they are trying to keep as much under wraps as they possibly can. even in trailer, you see one shot of him (more on that later). it’s not like with jess where you know it’s normal for him to be in stars hollow, or dean who we know is only around for like 5 seconds. in fact, when it comes to logan what do we know?? only really stuff from behind the scenes speculation. versus we know jess is there to shake things up or whatever. 

the trailer. he’s not in it much, and while people worry i will send you to the paragraph above because it’s like they are hoarding logan information as if their lives depended on it. also, i am going to assume from that shot logan is in his house, and well, who is going to visit logan in his house? probably rory. his stuff always ends up swinging back to rory. 

logan & rory have both been living in london. big enough city they didn’t have to cross paths, but i think that’s very deliberate. i also assume logan does show up in stars hollow, rather than matt just hanging out in front of sets, but hey, you never know. 

i’m pretty sure i left out things?? but my brain kind of died. feel free to add. 

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Here’s one of the sources if you’re interested. Even the article is fucked up.

yeah thanks i saw that on the google search i’m like… appalled?? how the fuck is this even real

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I have such words of RAGE for Marvel in their decision to hire Nick Spencer. I swear he’s a fucking troll.

i know, like the cap situation was horrifying enough and u would think he’d learn from this shit but instead he somehow one-ups himself like what thefuck kind of garbage is that piece of shit oh my god