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I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only truth.”


nct dream 👑✨ #boy video


                                             EXO ACADEMY​​ COMEBACK EVENT ; TEAM LUCKY ONE

                What if you live your life as a puppet, because you are different than others
                     and you find out the people you put trust in made you to who you are 
                               but when freedom returns, things will never be the same

Who Cares? (M)

Genre: Smut, fwb!Jimin, university!Jimin, fluff
Word count: 2773
Description: You wouldn’t change what you have with Jimin for anything, the only problem is putting it in words.
Author’s note: It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I read some really nice comments and messages yesterday and finally got inspired to finish something. Like always, I’m not sure if I managed to convey the feelings I had while writing, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

!Edited, because I wasn’t content with the original version. ><

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(Part 1) Okay, I'm the body language anon. I just found an observation in this video: www (.) youtube (.) com/watch?v=UGE4PhGLQco to be interesting and cute so I wanted to share it. In the beginning of the video, Harry appears to be cool, calm, and collected. He's got calm posture and a good command over what he's saying and is speaking very clearly. Then, at :08, we see Louis emerge from the background. Harry doesn't notice him right away but at :14 seconds, he turns around and spots Louis.

(part 2)We can see a clear shift in his body language. He switches his microphone from his left hand to his right hand and tucks his hair behind his ear- a sign that he’s feeling flustered, possibly by being in the presence of someone he’s attracted to/thinks highly of their opinion. He also begins to to fidget with the them of his shirt, which is very similar to his feeling self-conscious. And if you notice at :14-:18, he tries to regain control of what he’s saying by extending his arm out

(part 3) Perhaps he feels this will help him better focus on what he’s saying and not be distracted by Louis’ presence - but he has a Freudian slip (when someone accidentally says what they’re thinking subconsciously) and he says, “Help,” instead of “Happy Birthday.” This shows that once again that subconsciously he’s feeling flustered/distressed by being so close to Louis. He tries to make a joke out of it by acting goofy, something I’ve seen him do often when he’s by Louis.

(edit to add two more parts - OOPS!)

(Part 4) There’s more stuff that goes on later on in the video but I don’t want this to become too long and overanalyzed. Anyway, if you’ve managed to read through this whole thing without thinking I’m a complete nut, my conclusion is that Harry acts like a schoolboy with a crush around Louis. This is how you can tell he genuinely wants him as opposed to how calm he is with others, including his supposed other love interests. It’s all about paying attention to his body language.

(Part 5)He tends to become shyer and goofier and more aware of his movements and words. I also have some more observations from Harry + Louis’ body language from OTRA, some of it’s similar to this, other stuff is sexual, etc. If you’re interested, let me know. I hope I didn’t annoy you with how long this was! Also, all of this is my own personal observations, I’m not claiming to be a body language expert but I have studied it quite a bit- so if anyone else wants to add something, they can :)

That is the MOST adorable observation!  And you’re right, he does suddenly get flustered when Louis shows up. I would have passed it off as him not being prepared for his arch-enemy to suddenly be so close, but the hair thing totally gives it away :)

(i can’t remember if i sent this to already but fuck it i’m just gonna send it again lmao) but it’s been a while since i made you a frankz edit so here’s another one! ft lynz with her eye candy/trophy boyfriend frank or something lmao hope you like it!

i tried to post this before but my internet went out lmao! but yes you did send this before but guess what i love it and im grateful!!!!!!! thank you i love them so much!!!!!!!!!!

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Sometimes I think it's a bit unfair to judge Prometheus and maybe even Covenant in context of Alien films, ya know? Like, I feel they're... more a stand-alone, spin-offy type of set rather than actual sort of prequels. This just came to mind when I read you felt more interested in Walter/David interaction and the creation bit than the actual ... well, human things. :D Because I honestly thought the same. "Yea yea ok, they die, come on, on to the more interesting stuff."


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Honestly I don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly compare these movies because they’re fundamentally not the same even though everything happens in the same universe. Alien and Aliens were made years ago and people still love them, which is absolutely fine obviously, but I think it’s time to explore something entirely new and fresh. You can’t just exploit the same things again and again because it’ll get very boring and predictable in the end.

I liked what Ridley Scott tried to accomplish with Prometheus. I had some issues with the editing and the decisions made by a few dumb characters, but overall I really enjoyed it. I frankly don’t care to watch Alien 2.0, but apparently many fans hated the fact that Prometheus tried not to be that. Alien was made in 1979, and you can’t remake it; what was new then cannot be so now. Anyway, why would you want to watch exactly the same thing? To feel the same fear that took over your body whilst you watched Alien for the first time? You already know the creatures. Therefore, the mystery cannot have the same effect on you. To see how humans will escape the beast that lurks in the shadows? I can’t find the thrill in that, but maybe that’s because the creatures shown in the Alien movies never scared me.

Also, it didn’t bother me that they weren’t hidden in Alien: Covenant, but I thought that their scenes with the humans were pretty pointless. It was ugly and very brutal, but ultimately it added nothing to the story. I found them remotely relevant only during the two scenes in which David tried to connect with them. It was morbidly fascinating and very disturbing to see him interact with his abominations.

I probably liked Alien: Covenant for the wrong reasons. When the focus was on David, I felt the movie had some purpose and something to say, but as soon as they switched back to the humans getting slaughtered, the movie strangely felt like a gory and mindless interlude.

I have quite a few more things to say on the matter, but I’ll stop here because I wouldn’t want to bore you with all my thoughts – and oh god I have many when it comes to David. 


Lips that need no introduction
And now waiting for your call

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Sorry but what about your 3k edit competition? I've missed something? Sorry, I'm just curious

Hi there! I got another ask about this a few minutes after so I’m assuming it’s the same person? If not, I’m sorry! The 3k competition was judged but everything was kept private, the results were never published on my blog.

Throughout the competition, particularly during the judging phase, I was recieving a lot of hateful asks from people claiming to have entered the competition; death threats if they didn’t win, berating other people who had entered, and calling me pretty much every vile name in the book, it was part of the reason that I had anon turned off for so long. I realize that the people who were sending these asks most likely weren’t actually entrants and were actually just people (or even a single person) who were just trying to upset me. But it was very hard and it took all the fun out of it for me.

So when it came time to announce the winners I just kept it private between me and those who had won, I didn’t want the people who had won to get punished by horrible anons like I had. I’ve tried not to bring up the competition on my blog incase those anons return.

Every single edit that was entered into the competition was incredible and I still to this day adore every single one. But it wasn’t a very nice experience for me and unfortunately it isn’t something I’ll be doing again. I’m really sorry and I hope you all understand! 


character aesthetics: simon lewis- the mortal instruments by cassandra clare

“Is this the part where you tell me you’re secretly in love with me? Vampire mojo strikes again

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I agree with your post. I'm starting to dislike meiko, first 2 movies she was ok but come 3rd and I knew it was going to be all about her. Hikari/kari was missing from the first part of digimon adventure and she's a special character but she hardly talks or gets to do anything it's like mei was supposed to be the child of light or something because it's all about her.

You know, I was thinking about that. There are actually some similarities between the two that are either intentional and will end up meaning something important (which I hope), or just further cement her status as the Queen of all Digimon Mary Sues ^^;

Meicoomon’s line looks like this: 

And of course Tailmon: 

The first two literally are cheap recolours of Tailmon of the quality of something the author of a bad self-insert fanfic would make in Paint lol. So they basically have the same baby and child forms and their champion form is a cat and from then on out there is some odd beast to angel or angel to beast stuff going on for both of them ^^;  

And then they got a movie together… well, that’s what we were told anyways… I guess after seeing it, we can forget about that, this was a Meiko movie, with Hikari as a very distant background character. But anyways, Evil Gennai seems to have had a plan involving Hikari and obviously Meiko, so maybe there’s something weird going on here that we don’t know yet. I guess I’m just hoping they don’t have these obvious parallels for no reason and I’m hoping the reason is a good one, and not just “Everyone likes Hikari right… so they’re gonna love our cheap, annoying, wannabe-Hikari self insert who takes up most of the screen time”. 

Furthermore, Adventure had a case of similar, twin Digimon before, with Terriermon and Lopmon in Hurricane Touchdown, with one being corrupted, so maybe (hopefully) they are setting up the parallel between the two for some reason.  

There are obvious parallels between Hurricane Touchdown, Lopmon was Willis’ partner, it was infected/corrupted, it was out of control and it had to be killed. But it’s noteworthy that there was no 20-something episodes long drama about Lopmon and what to do with it, it was a threat, so they killed it, end of story. It was obviously really sad, and that came across, but they didn’t hang around and watch it mess things up forever, as they are doing with Meicoomon. They knew better and they still should know better. Even though it was Willis’ partner. Nobody was bending over backwards to spare Willis’ feelings or listen to him whine incessantly for several movies. Willis wasn’t being emo for the whole thing, whining to every chosen child he could get a hold of, getting every Digimon to hang off him in pure adoration, making the whole movie about himself. Because tbh Willis is a cool guy and he would never. Ugh. He was a new character too, but he was likeable, he didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, he didn’t hog all the screen time with his repetitive and boring crying and whining. So idk, I’m hoping there’s a reason for Meiko’s existence, and a good one. But as of movie 5, by comparison, Willis is an example of a good new character in Adventure. Meiko is an example of an awful new character. 

edit: to be clear, I don’t think Meiko is there to usurp Hikari’s role as child of light or anything like that.  That would be the ultimate fanfic ending and I can’t believe any professional could be this bad at storytelling… although then again, Tri is basically a bad fanfic, so who knows I think/hope that their similarities have some sort of different purpose, maybe Meiko is supposed to be darkness or something, I don’t know. But then again, her Digimon evolves into a beast-angel thing. I don’t know. Her crest could be miracles for all we know. 

Playing with more edits.  I tried something different with this one on the top and bottom.  I like the top, but not so much the bottom.  Oh well!

Both images belong to Voltage Inc.  I just like to play!

This is to all my fellow Saizo-halics out there in the universe!

Next?  Probably something with Joshua and Saizo again, only perhaps Joshua will be a ninja… we shall see!

Colored Manga Tutorial

Since some of you asked me to do a tutorial how I edit my colored manga posts, I didn’t mind doing one :)
Very important to read before going ahead:

I use photoshop CS4 and since my native language isn’t English… my program is in Italian but don’t worry, I’m gonna write in English the tools I use, so I’m sorry in advance if I use the wrong words or in general if this tutorial it’s confusing (I’m not very good at explaning).

(By the way, It’s not a tutorial for beginner, in my opinion, if you already have “a fluid hand” using Photoshop, you’re at an advantage :) )

This is my tutorial, so I’m going to show how I edit a picture, you’re free to not follow my instructions and find your own style of editing ;)

Okay let’s begin!

The image I’m going to use for this tutorial is the following:

Usually, I also edit the background as it is, but this time to make it simpler, I’m going to edit Kou and Futuba only. And this is the result:

So you can see I cleaned the picture, removed the writings and changed some parts (I know it’s not perfect). So…yeah, somehow it’s like I cheated :p

First of all, I cleaned the background with the Brush Tool :

Then let’s start to edit it!

In less words, I use the Brush tool, the Clone Stamp Tool, the Healing brush tool, the Line tool and the Convert Point Tool for editing all of my posts (colored and monochrome). (For the tools, look the colored arrows in the picture below)

To edit the colored part (here for example the Kou’s shoulder), I use the Brush, the Clone stamp tool and the Healing brush tool. I don’t know how to explain it but… you have to play with them until you find the result you like and looks good. Furthermore, when I use the Healing brush tool I play with the blending modes (look at the red arrow). (I hope you can understand what I mean with “play”).

For creating new lines (for example for the arm) I use the line tool and I change/use the color as it should be. When I have to bend the lines, I use the Convert Point Tool. Then for deleting the excessive parts I use the Erase. (this is one way to use the line tool and the convert point tool).

During my editing, I always use lots of layers, so once you finish to clean one part, I suggest you to merge the layers.

Now let’s edit the tie and Futaba’s arm!

When you edit a picture, you actually can do as you like :) so for example I created by myself the lines for the tie. By the way each edit will never be the same. So I mean my edit will always be different from your.

Now the difficult part, the hair.

Depending on the edit I have to do, I mostly use the the Clone Stamp Tool to remove (in this case) the pink part and to create the hair’s lines. What I usually do is also to copy other hair parts and paste them on the part I have to edit, playing with the blending modes in the layer as well (look the pink arrow).

This time to do it simpler, I cleaned the blue part of the hair and as I wrote above, I copied and pasted other parts of the hair there (as it shows in the picture below). Then I fixed it using the Clone stamp toll and the Healing brush tool.

Mostly done!

There were some small parts on the hair that were still colored from the background, so I selected the parts I wanted creating a new layer ( ! important ! ) and, using the color balance (image>adjustments>color balance) I changed the color until it looked good.

It’s Done! :D

Now… I made also one my personal background

So I don’t know, if you want me to share a tutorial how to create a background (as I edited my other colored manga posts), just let me know ^w^

I hope the tutorial was quite clear, I tried to explain it in a simple way, so just send me a message/an ask if you didn’t understand something ! or if you want more details about a step :)

It took me..about an hour and a half hour to edit it (background not included), so yeah, it’s quite a long work, but I like doing it :)

I’m sorry again for my English (it’s not perfect) and sorry if the post is long

Byee ~  stay awesome ~♫

Check my second colored manga tutorial !

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Bc feel like suga explicitly doesn't study ever in his life, I bet when oikawa (who is a major nerd who are we kidding) and yamaguchi study, they have to send suga out of the house so he's not a distraction. And by distraction I mean he either pranks them (like editing the Wikipedia pages to something blatantly wrong) or tries (and succeeds) to seduce them. They're usually fine with the latter but sometimes math is just easier to deal with than Suga is tbh (raccoon)

Omfg I love this??? Bless you
Imagine Oikawa and Yamaguchi trying to figure out if parrots can really carry up to 5 times their weight or if Suga is just messing with them again.
Suga getting better and better at subtle bullshitting, Oiks and Yama getting better and better at hiding their school related stuff from him so he won’t know what they’re studying in the first place.


                                                   Big and little at the same time,
                                                               brand-new and ancient, 
                                                                          and the bluest blue ever.

graphic for blueboxacademy

Another Change

Top: UNIQLO | Pants: UNIQLO | Bag: KATE SPADE | Shoes: VANS

Hey, hey! I’ve been gone for a while again and I’m sorry about that. Your girl’s been busy the past few weeks but hopefully I can find ways to balance things out next time. Anyway, I was browsing my blog just this morning and realized I needed to change it more–other than just the title and site url–so I started browsing layouts and found myself changing the whole thing completely! I’ve been talking about getting a new theme for quite some time now and believe me, I’ve tried poking around the html to find something new to add or change. Somehow, all my ‘experiments’ inevitably leads to fucking up the entire layout completely and starting again. Thank God I finally found a theme which was easy to edit without actually editing too much because of how good it looks already. I was planning on making a big reveal on the new look (because who doesn’t like a bit of drama lol) but I just couldn’t wait to show you guys. This is only the start, though, I’m still going to try poking around, edit a few stuff, and add new things to it but initially the layout feels well enough for me. Hope you love the new look as I do! 

Side note: I told you I’d get another color of this polo (previous post) so voila! Here’s another casual Sunday brunch look that’s simple and easy on the eyes. Uniqlo’s completely winning me over with all these smart-casual (and unbelievably presko) polo and trousers, btw!

The Bird and the Bees (RWBY)

This is for @megaexguilmon, I was your @rwbysecretsanta. You said you liked the Bees and the Branwens. Couldn’t put both birds in there, but you got one bird and some bees. Hope you like it, had to write fast to get it out today. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Words: 2871
Relationship: Bumbleby
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Blake Belladonna

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