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1. Five kinks- bdsm is cool, anal, roleplay is hot sometimes, public sex would be rad, does using toys count as a kink?
2. Are you into bdsm- yes
3. Oddest kink I have- uhhhhhh, knives are kinda hot
4. A turn off- a girl who doesn’t know what she wants or likes
5. Does size matter- I don’t really have a say on that question, but big butts rule
6. How big is your penis- idk six?
7. Have I ever taken someone’s virginity- nope
8. Can I deepthroat a man- never tried, but I have a terrible gag reflex, so probably not
9. Sexual orientation- I like girls, all kinds of girls
10. Do I watch or read porn, or both- both yo
11. Oddest thing someone has wanted me to do in bed- nothing really
12. Ever fallen asleep during sex- nope
13. Even been fisted- nahhh, and I hope I never am
14. Ever had anal- I’ve been on the giving side, but never the receiving side
15. Ever been rimmed- see above
16. Ever been eaten out- impossible for me to be eaten out, but I’ve done it before
17. Ever had someone walk in on you having sex- nah, but I did have sex in a room full of sleeping friends once
18. Ever had an affair- nope
19. Ever had a threesome- nope, I’ve had a boring sex life
20. Ever had an orgy, if not, would you- never had one, would maybe be open, idk
21. Ever been choked during sex- not personally, but I love doing it to my partner
22. Ever been spanked- see 21
23. Worst thing that has happened in bed- nothing really worth mentioning
24. Ever had someone watch you have sex- not to my knowledge
25. Ever had a friend with benefits- nope
26. Biggest turn off- this is the same as number four
27. Ever had a one night stand- yep
28. Are you into roleplaying- yeah
29. Ever had something completely kill the mood during sex- nahhh, shit happens
30. Ever had a sex related injury- nope.

you cut open my stomach with nothing but your sharp teeth and a sharper grin,
and make a mess of my soft veins and
softer organs;
so tell me, o gods,
if i am to withstand the love
that has seeped into my marrows so,
why was my heart made so unguarded?
—  crack open my chest and tell me what you see (y.w)
How Scott & Stiles' scene should have gone
  • Scott:You killed him? You killed Donovan?
  • Stiles:He was gonna kill my dad. And he attacked me. Was I supposed to just let him ?
  • Scott:You weren't supposed to do this. None of use are. We don't kill people Stiles.
  • Stiles:You think I had a choice?! He was gonna kill me! I tried my best do defend myself!
  • Scott:Theo told me... He said you kept hitting him with the wrench. That you crushed his skull...
  • Stiles:WHAT?! And you believed him ?!! You believe I could do that?!! I TOLD YOU THEO WAS SUSPICIOUS. HE MANIPULATED YOU! HOW COULD YOU BELIEVE HIM?!
  • Stiles:...I couldn't... I was scared of how you would react. I'm not like you Scott. You always try to do the right thing right?
  • Scott:I try.
  • Stiles:Well some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes! It's not like I planned this. It's not like I murdered him. I... -
  • Scott:-What happened Stiles?!
  • Stiles:*tells him exactly what happened* It was self-defense Scott... I didn't have a choice. Theo lied to you. Do you believe me? Say you believe me.
  • Scott:... I believe you... But I think you should still tell your dad...
  • Stiles:I'm scared Scott... and I don't want this to ruin everything
  • Scott:It won't. I'm here for you.
  • Scott + Stiles:*hug + tears*
  • Stiles:Ok now let's kill Theo. That son of a b*tch has to die.
  • Scott:...
  • Stiles:Too soon? ... Too soon.

Probably a question with am anxious answer but I’ve been pretty much isolated for years and it’s been a recent topic here so…

How come rocking is seen as weird??? Rocking is super duper normal, front to back, side by side, when I am anxious, watching something,.zoning, whatever. Why does it shock people? I know my dad doesn’t like it and always asks me why I’m doing it, and other people take it as a sign of some sort, and I guess nobody else really does it? Like I guess it’s a neuroAtypical thing because people say it is but idk??

But why? Why is this a problem for other people? Have you tried rocking?

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You do realize going vegetarian or vegan literally has no contributing factor to deforestation, right? Like kudos to you on that decision from someone else who had tried going vegan, but don't just toss it into matters that have nothing to do with it.


I’m so sorry you feel that way. But I’m not going to hesitate telling you you’re dead wrong.

Farmed animals need two things: lots of space, and lots of food.

Growing food also needs lots. and lots, of space.

So idk how you think it doesn’t contribute to deforestation when there are plenty of studies and straight up facts that directly contradict you?


Most nights, she does not dream, but when she does, it is always of water.

She falls back into the bed, breathless. Warmth is not only in her heart, but in his arms, wrapped so tightly around her. Despite the promise of deployment soon, she allows herself to relax. With a smile on her face, she slips into sleep.

The sea was beneath her, but there were no stars in the night sky. No cool breeze brushed the hair from her face. It was searing fire all around. Green and terrifying, the flames licked at her and slowly, the water began to recede. Only once there was nothing beneath her feet but the wood of a deck did she hear him.

She wakes with a gasp. Panic lets itself become relief only once she realizes that the heat against her is from Faervell. There is no fire. Not really. Not yet.

Most nights, she does not dream. She wishes it was a night like most.

holy sHET

Rly, this ATR got me thinking so much omg

AAAAAAAAAAaaah I’m pretty sure that girl beside Luna is the dragoon lady/lady with green eyes. So I kinda tried to do her outfit (although the image is in really bad quality) but yeah I know its NOT EVEN CLOSE to the real awesome thing.



Noct can use a gun so he can be with his bf and act like cops from hot fuzz AND THAT IS SOOO COOL. I thought they had given up on the idea of using shooting (when we could use prompto) so DAMN

FUKCIN gas. It’s going to be hilarious omg

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Louis changing his bio to 1/4 now when he could have done it right after Zayn left and the loads of fan service he's doing is making me suspicious. Idk what do u think about this?

bippityboppityboobello said: What is your thought on him changing it? I knew he was suppose to but it still messes with me


Y’all know I’m cynical and side-eye almost everything. It seems pretty stunty. A very random thing to do 5 months after Zayn “quit”. He didn’t think to do that after “Zayn” tweeted about him having no life? Seems like that would have been the ideal time to clap back by updating his bio. This is how the average, reasonable, semi-adult human being thinks, right? LOL

“Louis” changed it in the midst of some corny fan service and XFactor promo. So I’m thinking this is just another cheap way of bringing attention back to Zayn (and Zouis?), who’s been pretty quiet for more than a week straight.

Is Zayn about to do a thing? Is that what Baby Bear’s sad red (= Liam) sticker was about? Is it just more please-keep-paying-attention-to-us social media stuntin’?

In general, I think there’s very little coming from their social media that’s genuine. There’s always a hidden agenda and it’ll probably be that way until 1DHQ no longer has control over it. So meh, I’m not impressed.

      CATIA PACED BACK and forth as she talked to herself. she was trying to do it quietly,  but it was still loud enough for people to hear her rambling to herself.  — se eu apenas à  esquerda …. um monte de coisas ruins, na verdade mas —-  she was talking about what  would happen if she left before she heard footsteps come towards her, catia quickly looked  towards them.  oh … hi.

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cockstello asked:

I'm not trying to come off as ignorant or rude I'm just genuinely asking why "no more crop top/high waist skirt in nude or pale pink" ?

I don’t think there is anything thing wrong with it but it’s become rather conservative and formulaic at this point no one even tries to do anything different with that look/silhouette like nudes are so fun to work with as a base. Brown is my favorite color to wear honestly but I usually build upon it in some way. IDK experiment step out of that “hot girl” box and be kinda weird even if it doesn’t work it’s still a moment and you don’t look like everyone is the club.


Comic Book Meme | 5/5 Favourite Male Characters

“I tried the hero thing in Houston, and nearly got everyone I cared about killed. So no more. I’m sticking with the plan. Feet in the sand, drink in hand.”

           - Kaine Parker

What Feels Right (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Bellamy/reader imagine where he’s new to the whole relationship thing and although he adores the girl he’s with he doesn’t hold her hand or snuggle with her and she tries to not make any comments about it but she’ll run her fingers through his hair and kiss his bare shoulder and it’s a foreign feeling to him and idk I just need this in my life haha

Requested By: Anon

Reader POV: Female

Word Count: 1105

Warning(s): None, I think (?)

You knew that Bellamy Blake was not a relationship person. It was obvious. So you were shocked when the acclaimed “leader” of the 100, showed his affections for you.

Now you had been crushing on the man ever since he saved you from getting impaled by a bunch of pointy spears that were planted in the ground in a hole that Grounders had set when you all went searching for Jasper.

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anonymous asked:

how do you feel about shane dawson?

i kinda… idk like i’ve watched him for a long ass time and i thought all the problematic things were funny at one point in time bc that was the culture i was brought up in/that was my sense of humour, u know? he’s tried to better himself (i have too) and i respect that, he can still be problematic at times but we all can and i don’t like tumblrs cut throat way of dealing with problematic people/issues, i still find him hilarious even if he is an asshole 

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What things have Kylie done that's "not okay" or makes you not like her as much anymore? I've seen a lot of pages say the same thing but I don't see her doing anything to warrant as much judgment as she gets. Regular teens do worse at younger ages.

She is acting like a lot of teens do, and as i tried to defend her earlier: its not unusual or wrong at all. My friends act the same ways as she does (some of Them) but its just not the type of girl i am. I just dont like her attitude lately, idk. A lot have just changed and i idolize more people like zendaya or Emma watson