i tried to do the gifset like you asked but it looked pretty weird to me

Dean wakes to the feeling of being watched, groggy and aching from a bump on the back of his head. He’s upright, carpet under his fingertips where they brush against the floor, but he’s still restrained- feels like rope around his wrists, chafing against his skin and keeping him more or less in one spot.

“You’re awake.”

It’s confusion that prompts Dean to force his eyes open, and though it takes a second to focus once he blinks away the sleepy uncertainty- yeah, it’s hard to deny that he recognizes the man that stares back at him.

“Find somebody else’s face to wear,” he mutters, shifting in place as he tries to get more comfortable and judge whether or not he’ll be able to wiggle out of these ropes. “It’s weird talking to a mirror.”

The shifter just smiles at him, and it’s softer than it should be. It’s strange seeing that expression on his own face, so Dean looks away, feeling uneasy. He hears the shifter coming closer and braces himself, but it’s a slow going and when the thing reaches him, it just crouches down, close enough to touch.

“You know, I went into this thinking I was going to kill you.” It sounds thoughtful, and Dean stares hard at the ground, trying to be subtle as he continues to work at the ropes. There must be something silver around here for him to use. “That’s how it usually goes. Better not to leave any witnesses, ‘cause that just makes things complicated.”

“Where’s my brother?” Dean demands, because he doesn’t want to hear the monologue and he can feel that life-long anxiety growing in the part of his chest where Sam lives. “What did you do to him?”

He gets a laugh out of that, and when he makes himself look up- yeah, the shifter’s still smiling at him, a touch of amusement in its expression. As unsettling as it is to be looking at himself like this, Dean doesn’t turn away this time.

“Sammy? He’s fine,” the shifter says with a little shrug. “Left him tied up in the sewer. He’s a smart kid, I’m sure he’ll think his way out.” He pauses for a moment, then, looking at Dean like there’s something fascinating about him. “I’m not sure I could’ve brought myself to kill him, either, and I think that’s your fault. Everything you’ve got up here, it’s…” He reaches up and taps Dean’s temple with one finger, smiling faintly. “You’re pretty messed up about him, aren’t you?”

“Shut up.” Dean has no desire to sit here and listen to a monster lecture him about his own mental state. The ropes are starting to give a little, and he keeps working with renewed determination.

“Right, sure. Let’s talk about something else, then.” All of Dean’s focus is ripped away from his efforts to escape when a calloused hand cups his jaw, tender enough to turn his stomach for reasons he doesn’t want to identify. “Let’s talk about you.”

Dean makes one half-hearted attempt to pull out of the shifter’s grip, but the way its fingers tighten in warning is enough to shut that down. Breathing out hard through his nose, Dean begrudgingly responds. “Let’s not.”

A soft laugh, and Dean feels the shifter’s thumb stroke over his skin, something that makes his heart beat a little faster. “That’s right. Nobody ever wants to talk about you, do they? It’s always about Sam, or Daddy, or your poor, poor mother. But it’s never about you. Why not?”

This is rapidly approaching territory that Dean wants nothing to do with, and he throws subtlety to the wind as he keeps fighting at his restraints, briefly wishing he didn’t have thumbs so it would be easier to slip free. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The shifter sighs, and somehow moves even closer, still cupping Dean’s face like he’s made of porcelain. “You can’t lie to me, Dean. I know everything that you know. I am you. Nobody else in the entire world is ever going to understand you like I do.”

And that tugs at something deep in Dean’s chest, something that leaves him breathless for a moment, that makes him want to press into the touch for a brief, overwhelming moment. He doesn’t know what to say, and the shifter seems to take that a cue to keep talking.

“I know every fear, Dean. Every insecurity. Every want, every need…” Its hand slides up to cradle Dean’s cheek in full, careful and soft, and Dean’s not even trying to get free anymore, a lump caught in his throat. “Every dream you’ve ever had that never came true. How hard you tried for Dad. How much it hurts every time somebody leaves you.”

“What do you want?” Dean croaks out, and the shifter smiles at him, too gentle. Too kind.

“I’ll never leave you,” it tells him softly, and it’s moving closer, and Dean feels the burn of tears trying to well up in his eyes. This shouldn’t be hitting him as hard as it is. “I won’t abandon you like they all did. We can make each other happy, Dean, because we’re the same. We don’t have to pretend for each other.”

And Dean opens his mouth like he’s going to respond- like he has even the first thought of what to say to an offer like that, or how to vocalize the twisted-up thing taking up the space in his chest- and that’s when somebody breaks the door down, and the shifter’s barely got time to whip its head around before Sam pulls the trigger.

It doesn’t make a sound as it slumps, dead, halfway in Dean’s lap. Its hand slips away and leaves him feeling cold.

Sam reaches him seconds after that, and asks if he’s okay. Unties him and checks him for injuries and makes sure that the shifter isn’t going to get up again. Dean doesn’t really hear any of it, his heart beating too loud in his ears and something heavy tangled up in his chest that makes it hard to breathe.

“We don’t have to pretend for each other.”

Sam asks if he’s okay, and Dean slaps on a smile and forces out a joke about missing his own funeral. His brother doesn’t pry, and Dean’s left aching for it, but he does what he always does and buries that feeling somewhere too deep to touch.

In this life, it’s naive of him to bother wishing for anything else.

The Eldritch Bunker

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…because we are going to continually expand these characters
                   -Jerry Wanek (thanks, @hazeldomain, for the production shorts!)

@chiisana-sukima (that’s me!) wrote, in a post that didn’t work for adding, because reasons:
I think the Bunker is a Good Puppy, and loves Dean, Cas, and Sam all. But because it is a Smart Puppy, it tries really hard for each of them, but sometimes the outcomes aren’t quite what a Human might expect.

Cas and the Bunker understand each other the best. Cas understands about the Bunker being a deeply, weirdly inhuman creature whose existence is too large for mortals to fill. And the Bunker knows Cas gets bored and lonely at night while his human friends are sleeping. So when Cas wanders through the Bunker at night, the Bunker lets him explore its maze-like recesses and dimensions full of wonders and magic that Dean and Sam will never see. When morning is approaching, Cas has to gently remind the Bunker that it’s time for him to go back up to the surface levels where Sam and Dean live, so that the Bunker can lead him out, because even Cas can’t find his way back on his own.

For Dean, there’s an alcove off the garage, full of tools and parts for all the classic cars. And sometimes when its in an especially helpful mood, the Bunker leaves parts for Baby around too, or a better brand of oil than Dean usually buys, and Dean feels suspicious, because how could the MoL have had any of those things, but maybe Sam picked them up, but Sam’s not really into cars…. sometimes it’s best not to question. 

And also for Dean, the way to the dungeon is a little straighter, the corridor a little wider, the locks a little stronger, the soundproofing perfect. The holy water is always well-stocked and the salt never runs out. In the shooting range, the targets are far enough back that they’re right on the edge of Dean’s ability, so he doesn’t just keep getting useless bullseyes over and over. The bunker makes no judgements; it was built for war.

For Sam, one might think the library would be perfectly organized, all the information Sam could want catalogued and easy to find. But the Bunker knows Sam better than that. Sam likes a challenge, and the Bunker likes to learn. It scatters things around for Sam. There are always cluttered new storerooms, another archive, more magical tools to sort. That way Sam will have things to occupy his mind. He’ll make new connections, figure out things the Bunker didn’t know itself. 

And Sam’s room- the Bunker is still angry that Lucifer managed to find it. It’s the best warded room the Bunker has, radiating a false nonexistence so strongly, that from the outside it’s barely there at all. But Cas had been to it too many times already before Lucifer occupied him, and Lucifer was determined.

The Bunker is determined too though. It won’t happen again. When Sam walks through the library, sometimes books fall off the shelves and land open to pages on complex warding patterns. If he’s not paying attention as he walks to his room, there will occasionally be an ancient clay jar of holy oil in the hall that he’ll somehow fail to notice until he’s already kicked it over and broken it. By now there’s a solid wall of holy fire soaked into the floorboards outside Sam’s door, just waiting to be set alight, and a fire spell has etched itself into the wood of the door frame.

@trisscar368  wrote: Sam’s room - yes PLEASE, because your idea of it being warded like that works perfectly with the fact that it keeps changing location.

The Bunker decided not long after the boys moved in that Sam would be safe when he slept; there were too many nights when Sam would still wake up breathless, the names of lovers and lost friends and tormentors alike all dying unspoken on his lips.  Too many nights where he refused to sleep until it was almost dawn, choosing to distract himself because the memories are just a little too close at hand.  So the Bunker cocoons his room away every night in the depths of the maze; it makes sure to have him back before morning, though it doesn’t always quite put him back in the same place, not after Dean snuck in that one morning to play music on full blast.

It hasn’t quite forgiven Dean for what happened under the Mark.  Oh, it doesn’t blame him particularly for destroying doors when he was a demon; he was a demon, he was barely the same creature.  The Bunker treated him as such - it has no eyes after all - trying to protect Sam by weaving extra passages between the two of them, only letting Dean find Sam when Castiel was close enough to help.  But since that last day with the Steins, with what happened in the library, Dean’s room has a habit of being slightly… misplaced in the morning.  Dean hasn’t said anything.  He still hasn’t forgiven himself, so why would the Bunker?

It wishes Cas would stay more.  It quite agreed with Kevin (oh, the Bunker tried to commune with Kevin’s ghost, but he just couldn’t hear the Eldritch being the way Cas can) that Winchester pity sessions are annoying.  Dean tends to be happier when Cas is around, and, well, the Bunker grew rather attached itself when Cas stayed those few weeks when he was ill.  It tries to feel more like home, this weird amalgamation of ideas and memories of all the people who’ve stayed inside its walls, but it doesn’t quite know what Cas wants; austere hallways of light?  Or dimly lit rooms smelling faintly of whiskey and leather and gunpowder.  Cas doesn’t know what he wants either.

The six weeks when the boys were gone were hard on both Cas and the Bunker.  He had a habit of forgetting the lights, wandering the halls in pitch black, losing himself in the grief and the guilt, trying to hide from the shadow of Lucifer.

Lucifer, now it hates Lucifer.  It hates the scent of rust that trails in his wings.  It hates how Sam stopped sleeping again when the boys knew Lucifer was free.  It hates how Cas sometimes wanders into the kitchen expecting to see a television on the counter, and stands there staring while he remembers where he is.

@floralmotif  wrote: Follow me below if you want to engage with headcanon speak dabbling in the idea that the bunker is an eldritch abomination. It’s just fun:

I’m actually not sure if it would like people in the same sense as a dog would. It would probably allow Cas a bit more reign just cause he can perceive it a little better and may be able to handle the concepts it presents without his brain shorting out. He may also be unaware of its nature on a conscious level. If this thing were actually a being, it would be pretty powerful even as presented. Amara needed Cas to find Dean in the bunker. This would mean that the bunker theoretically is more powerful than Chuck or Amara or is at least capable of hiding from them. It is no creature of creation. It just kind of settled there, perhaps drawn by the MoL or maybe it manifested on its own and they found it. They may be the only perception of human things its ever experienced. The Winchester’s found it after and it still had the same appearance. It’s possible it looks that way because the MoL were the first to meet it and the Winchesters don’t do anything to tell it any different. It may just be a void in reality with no perception that there is an outside at all. It’s like a computer display. It can display coffee as much as it wants but it doesn’t know what coffee is.

That being said, it’s a lot more fun to imagine it has a personality that can enjoy things and can create easy passage for sleepy Winchesters when it’s 3am and they have work to do. So Dean can find the kitchen easily even when it took him 3x as long when he was a demon. He doesn’t question it, neither of them do. It’s weird sometimes but they wave it on and the Bunker doesn’t mind that its unknown. It’s rather glad of it. No one has ever known it. The closest is maybe Cas but if Chuck didn’t notice the massive being of the cosmos, he probably wouldn’t either. Sometimes though, the bunker opens places for him. It wants to see how far it can go and Cas is a calm and curious being himself.

Perhaps it can sense intent or longing, or fear. It carefully arranges itself for whatever situation feels comfortable for it. The emotions of humans are perplexing but it isn’t a violent creature, it tries to avoid it.

                       (some shorter headcanons below the cut)

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anon:answer part 2

EYO IM BACK this is part 2 of this 

Anyway since im calm rn, I’ll spare y’all from my rants (sorry for pouring my heart out in prev part), so this is gonna be only “theory”. No rants. No me nagging like a bitter ahjumma. Hope you enjoy (especially you, the anon who had asked me about this, once again sorry for keeping you wait, shit has been hectic ;__; don’t worry tho I will finish the quest you have given to me)

Note#1: this part will contain jelly!kaisoo (even tho this is supposed to be from “jongin’s perspective” only, as the asking anon has requested, but since there are other anons who have asked me about jelly!kaisoo, I’m gonna add jelly!soo here too)  

Note#2: as always, this is gonna be long, prepare ur eyes dear ship-mates, and sorry in advance for profanities, grammar mistake, typos (sorry if my English is weird sometimes, especially when I try to explain things) and ofc lots of delushit.

I will begin this ‘so-called-theory’ with the moment that had managed to intrigue me into this life path of a [kaisoo] shipper. anyway, prepare your

lets zoom in a little

of course, it had crossed my mind that jongin looked at luhan’s hand bc it was moving (bc usually someone’s eyes instinctively would move to the nearest moving object) and perhaps that was it, perhaps there was no jealousy intention at all, perhaps we all reading too much things in this

BUT, why his eyes instinctively looked down at the hand? Why he blinked and looked down while before he was staring at other direction (where other members were talking)? Why he didn’t just blink but still keep his eyes remaining in the same position as before? Why he casted his eyes down at that hand? If the true cause of this was indeed “the nearest moving object” like I have said, why his eyes looked down there tho? I mean he was staring at other direction, his eyes were looking straight at the left side (his head tilted to that way), I mean, the hand was far from his focus stare, why he just blinked down automatically there?

And I know there were some of you who think “he didn’t look at the exact direction of luhan’s hand, his eyes were slightly directed to the empty space beside ksoo ”, bc I thought like that too at first (I had to zoom this mothafucking gif and stared at it for few minutes), but ksoo wasn’t sitting exactly next to him; ksoo did sit beside him but ksoo’s body was leaned forward while he was leaned back (jongin rested his back on the sofa); from this camera angle we can see ksoo’s body covered/shielded his left shoulder from the camera and jongin’s head was tilted to the left side. Meaning he had some distance from ksoo’s back/luhan’s hand, imo that was why if u zoom this gif his eyes pupils looked like they were staring at the empty space beside soo (due to the distance and tilting head direction issues), while he was actually staring at luhan’s hand on ksoo’s shoulder.

Since this is a pict, and like someone had said, a pict only needs a right angle and moment to give us the magic /roll eyes/, I wouldn’t say much shit about this. ok maybe I would. Let me elaborate, the right angle of this pict: as you can see, the main subject of this pict is jongin (pretty obvious since chansoo was blurred), and the pict was taken from the front angle –the most honest angle of them all, it’s pretty hard to play trick and cast magic with this angle since you can see everything cuz there is no blind spot– so it’s pretty safe to declare that this angle doesn’t play its filthy trick on our eyes, dearest ladies and gentlemen. 

Now, the right moment of this pict: no matter in what angle, the right moment can do wonder to our eyes. maybe jongin didn’t stare with burning holes and piercing eyes when this moment happened, but he still did look at them soo – we didn’t know if he did stare or if he just glanced. yes I said he looked at soo, bc frankly I see his eyes were focusing at soo, but since im deluded, my eyesight cant be trusted

yes this gif is slowed, but what if I told you that the gifs often slowed so we could see dem goddamn moments easily (bc our red, tired and strained eyes couldn’t capture such things in normal speed yo) not bc we want to add sparkles and unicorns shit there – anyway, you could see his smile falter a little bit, it looks like he was annoyed/irritated seeing suho pulled that stunt (and looked at soo ducked his head and moved his head away from suho). Jongin was smiling, but then his smile stopped even tho perhaps only for a millisecond when suho ducked his head to be closer to soo, after that jongin smiled again at the crowds (idk what suho tried to do here, at first i tho he wanted soo to sing along w/ him but then i notice he pointed on soo’s tie? or did he point on his own wrist?), and let me remind you that jongin was behind them and if we were in his position we could have mistaken the sudo couple wanted to do a fake kiss

its pretty obvious that he looked at chen’s and soo’s fingers (he stared at their fingers then at chen)

soo looked at chen and then their interlaced fingers briefly, then it seems his stare was empty – like he didn’t really look at their fingers again, meanwhile jongin still darted his eyes back and forth at the fingers and chen

his eyes were moving down (to the fingers) and up (to chen)

it seems he inhaled a quite deep breath from his mouth then exhaled through his nose – usually when a person does this, it’s bc they are upset/angry and trying to calm themselves. And the way he fixed his jacket too, feelin a lil bit hot there jongin?

I don’t understand whats up with chen’s thirst for soo that day, anyway soo removed chen’s hand

then jongin did it and soo didn’t do shit (look at soo’s right shoulder just stilled)

actually, I feel there is another part before this part (just look at suho grabbed the water bottle, the loop doesnt fit with the prev gif, yeah? Or is it just me? the gifset aint completed ;___; ), it looked like jongin had slightly removed his palm off soo’s thigh? In prev gif it seems jongin just put his palm like he was softly slapping [like dropping his palm on soo’s thigh] the middle part of the thigh ((?) this is just assumption tho since we cant see shit from this angle) but in this gif his hand seemed had moved away slightly, but his hand was still rubbing at soo’s outer thigh? And is it just me but I see him looking at chen when he did this to soo?

Also happened on the same day (not jelly!kaisoo)

I don’t think this gifs were slowed, look at the camera flash (so he did stare on soo - the rainbow-ness that we feel right now isnt created by some mere magic of slowmotion effect then)

Soo smiled at the end

jongin’s foot was under soo’s 

that smirk… now lets see non slowed gif

why soo put his hand in that position tho? as if it was a barrier between him and chen, it was a quite awkward position to be made right? and it seems the position was deliberately made, I remember I made this hand position at school bc I didn’t want my friends to see my doodles/or copy my answer (yes i was such a cheap bastard back then), and there was no wall/things for soo’s hand to lean on, so wasn’t this hand position was uncomfortable? why soo had his hand prop up like that? (btw jongin still had that smirk on his face)

it seems jongin was feeling their shaved hair part? Bc he patted/rubbed his palm on soo’s shaved part and then he did the same to his own

just one whisper from soo and look what happened to him

sure perhaps jongin’s forefinger was hurting and soo only wanted to relieve the pain, but judging from his face… idk man, idk… like yeah he scrunched his nose perhaps bc it was painful but then it seems he mouthed an ‘ah’, is this what guy friends do to each other? Bc quiet frankly ive never seen one do this to their friend, like ive never seen my male friends asked their other male friends to message the ‘boo boo’ away… or perhaps jongin’s finger wasn’t hurting? But then why he lifted (and then wiggled) his forefinger? Then why soo grabbed it? also in recent moment jongin showed soo’s his front tooth (it seems he did this cuz it hurt)…

so would soo make the ‘boo boo’ away then? cuz when jongin showed his forefinger, soo grabbed (messaged) it, so why not, right? lol

Idk if this is counted as jelly moment (since we cant see his expression here), but the way kaisoo clasped their hands together just intrigue me. perhaps this means nothing to some of you (warning this will sound like I read into things too much a.k.a overanalyzing a.k.a just another delushit in stronger dose)

ksoo was holding suho’s hand, and jongin did look at their direction, but his head was indicating that he looked at “the head” area, not “below head/shoulder” area, when ksoo’s hand was near his, he offered (opened) his palm for soo to grab – yet his head still didn’t move (look down), sure perhaps his eyes/peripheral vision made him acknowledged soo’s outstretching arm (perhaps his eyes were aware of the movement of ksoo’s shoulder, thus made him realize that soo was trying to reach him), but still, the way he offered his palm for soo to take was just adorable for me.

bc usually ‘the hand grabber’ would just grab the hand and the owner of the hand wouldn’t offer their hand to the hand grabber, like they would just let their hand limps to be taken (not doing offering whatsoever), especially if this thing is done between a pair who aren’t close to each other at all. Jongin didn’t look down at soo’s hand, yet he flipped open his palm so then his palm would fit with soo’s, I mean how did he know that soo’s hand was in “top” position while he kept his vision range above shoulder to head. also even tho ksoo was the one who stretched the arm first, it seems it was jongin who clasped their hands together. have I drown you in my leaking delulu-ness yet? HAVE I?? oh, I have? Good.

So idk perhaps bc my vision is flogged with so much deluluness, but in near the end of the gid I saw ksoo didn’t hold suho’s hand anymore… so when he held jongin’s hand, he let go of suho’s? hmmmmmmmm

jongin looked at soo (and manager’s hands on soo’s forehead)

why he did this? why? if he wanted to go through why he didn’t go through the noona that fixing the costume (look at prev gif), he could just say excuse me, then slipped through between the manager and the noona, then went through behind the manager… but he didn’t. another option was, why he didn’t wait for the manager to finish grooming ksoo? He didn’t even say anything when he did this (not ‘sorry’ nor ‘excuse me’, I mean look at his mouth, his lips were tight-sealed), was he mad? Also is it just me but I see the manager shook his head lightly after that, and the manager didn’t continue his work of grooming ksoo, I mean it looks like his grooming wasn’t actually finished, but as soon as jongin cut in, the manager was like “you know what? fuck this” /shake head and go away/

“I couldn’t look at jongin [when we were talking] bc I have astigmatism” this guy didn’t even blink when the host talking. jongin stared at soo

yeol looked at baek and jongin looked at the camera then at soo

yeol still looked at baek. jongin still looked at soo too

ksoo finally nodded and blinked. sehun bit his lower lip. jongin looked pissed off. Believe me, I was giggling while staring at this gif set, idk why but I find this hilarious

Then this happened

jongin looked at soo ft yeol


I cant believe this guy is 22 y.o, I mean just look at him so squishy

yeol seemed to want to attack ksoo back? (as a revenge of shocking him from behind) but jongin grabbed soo’s bicep as soon as yeol wanted to do that and manhandled soo to move forward and it seemed yeol looked at jongin for a sec and then yeol stopped to bother soo, Why he retreated ? wouldn’t he usually bother soo a lot on stage?  it was such a perfect opportunity to do so, bc soo attacked him first, but he just let it be after that… was it bc there was jongin? – speaking of this i once have watched a fancam – it was happened on the day when jongin had a towel on top of his head and whispered to soo [this happened in their concert in china, thanks to the awesome and informative anon for telling me that] – where soo chasing yeol but then jongin grabbed soo to stop him, also there was this gifs where baek annoyed soo, soo wanted to chase him but jongin stopped him, sadly I don’t have the gif, but I have the pict (I think)

Basically baek annoyed soo, soo wanted to chase him (baek was already circling the group to avoid soo and soo wanted to follow baek) but nini stopped soo. idk if this pict is the right one/match with the gifset I’ve seen ( `~`)

this is more like protective jongin than jealous one tbh… luhan was attacking ksoo with his coca cola bottle, ksoo didn’t like it when luhan was shoving the bottle to his face

nini to the rescue! He didn’t even smile when he was “playfully” shoving/punching luhan… and ksoo smiled at the end of the gif lmao

while the girl was mesmerized by yixing, jongin just casually passed by at the sight chen opened his arm for soo, jongin saw this first and decided to walk away, but then when ksoo nodded his head and went to chen’s embrace, jongin turned away and walked to them…

…and then he wanted to hit chen’s head but chen blocked the hit, chen retaliated by attacking jongin without any pillow (with his bare hands), yeol tried to help jongin by trying to hit chen’s back with the pillow (but I think his aid fail bc even tho the pillow did hit chen, it didn’t do much since chen was already moved a lil bit far to feel the impact), then yeol got distracted with ksoo’s swaying butt, and baek hit that butt with his pillow

Yeah, prob cuz of right angle and right moment and all that jazz, but it still means that jongin did look pissed off even tho for a few micro second when he saw chen back-hugged soo, right?

It seems suho told them to stop hugging “okay stop now before your husband gets jealous”

Jongin looked at soo for a sec

This was how jongin looked like when the hugging happened

And this how soo looked like after the hugging happened, this boy was so asking for it.

he looked at suho then soo then suho again

suho patted soo’s shoulder, then when jongin looked at him, he nodded and the patting stopped, jongin still looked at him, and when jongin gave him a small nod and a small smile suho nodded and looked down for a very brief moment… (staring is one of ways to assert dominance and it is not only applied for animals but human too – basically the one that looks away loses the dominance, and I didn’t make this shit out since this was in some sciene show, I don’t remember in what channel I watched it… yes in case u don’t know already im a sucker for shows like that – anyway, do you get my point by stating this fun fact? /wiggle eyebrow/),

…then jongin smiled widely and turned away from him. suho kept smiling, but how he smiled was… off for me, bc his smile was a tight-lipped one, (while before, when he did the thumb up, he had a broad smile on his face - with teeth showing), 

usually this tight-lipped smile would be given for a brief second and used for small greeting (like when you meet your neighbor/acquaintance, u don’t wanna stay for chat but u want to stay polite so u just give them this kind of smile), also this type of smile is often to be interpreted as secretive/dishonest smile, and some people say that this is also can be interpreted as nervousness?

also notice the way soo’s smile started to change when jongin gave suho small nod/smile, and then soo’s lips were sucked in (I read this thing indicates nervousness… Like something bad has happened? I do notice some of my friends – even me myself – would do this if ‘oh shit’ moment happens), also i do notice sehun did this too, but it seems he did this bc he wanted to moist his lips? like a habit (habit out of boredom since he seemed to be out of his mind in this gif), while soo’s sucked in lips movement was deliberate/slow, bc soo ‘let go’ his lips in slower movement, while sehun just ‘sucked in’ and then ‘popped out’ his lips back… IDK MAN MAYBE IM JUST DELUDED AF oh btw baek’s expression describes so many shippers when they see this gif so well

Idk this is so blurred I cant see much in this… soo and sehun were kinda hugging each other but then jongin hit soo’s arm so he could have soo’s attention? Idk perhaps he wanted to say something to soo, but I don’t have the rest of the gif so idk man idk

it seems he was looking at soo when he opened the bottle, yeol looked at him, idk what suho looked at (prob the host?), while soo smiled and looked at the host then looked at the bottle that in jongin’s hands

suho and soo looked at the host while smiling, yeol just looked, nini flicked his eyes at soo (when soo pointed the host) then at the floor(?) or maybe the table(?), imo he couldn’t see what the host was doing in that standing position (bc the host had his back facing him), why he didn’t step forward so he could look at what the host was doing? Why he looked at soo for a sec then flicked his eyes down?

when this happened (suho had his hand on soo’s neck/shoulder, from this angle, it seems he was kinda leaning on soo, even tho his nose tip wasn’t touching soo’s neck, but it seems their distance was quite close?)

this was how he looked like. he blinked twice, and he looked surprise when he saw suho did this to soo, and it looks like he said “mwo-ya” (뭐야) which is equivalent to “what the hell?” - idk maybe this just me - when he smiled (also his smile was a lil bit off for me, maybe this is me just being delulu trash like always, but his smile wasn’t wide [cheerful] when he said this, it was then when he was starting to face the crowd (why he looked away anyway? it was just a fanservice, some of their members had done this a lot on stage, this shouldnt be uncommon to see, right?), his smile grew to a grin, 

anyway my delushit state of mind interpret this as a ‘pissed off smile’, you know sometimes shit happens to you and all you do is smiling (and prob saying “what?” or “oh great” for the irony effect) bc you’re so fucking pissed off but there is nothing you can do to prevent/undo it), oh btw it seems when jongin said ‘mwoya’ that was when soo opened his eyes (look at prev gif)

Again prob bc of the right timing/angle but still im gonna put this here

Idk what happened here, since the gif’s loop is too short, but in this gif jongin did look pissed off when soo giggled at xiumin

I cant say he is jelly since the gif’s loop is too short, also while soo was singing he looked pretty happy/excited to be jelly, but hey like I’ve said even tho the moment was short-lived doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Come to think about it again, he looked excited but then as soon as soo leaned to yeol he got quiet for a moment (like in this gif) ? But then he got excited again after that… idk maybe I got it wrong, just check/watch the show again on YT if you want to

[that chinese group thingy6, 1-2]

he looked excited and he pointed soo while turning to see other member (xiumin or prob someone next to xiumin); to tell them that soo was singing? But it doesn’t make sense then, like ofc the other members know it was soo (by soo’s voice), so doesnt that mean he pointed at soo while turning to the other member to tell them to pay attention to soo?

look at him clapping, yes other member clapped too (luhan and xiumin) but jongin lifted his arms high while he did the clapping

Also in this show [@37:19], when soo and yeol needed to compete in office chair race (on their last round), jongin (as the referee) out of nowhere came in and blew the whistle to told chanyeol to fix his stance/start position bc yeol had his feet placed over the yellow line, then he pointed his finger to yeol (and yeol looked offended at this) and then he walked to soo, then he fixed soo’s stance bc soo had his feet placed before the yellow line (the distance between soo’s feet and the line was prob 2-3 cm/ an inch), 

and let me remind you when he told yeol, he bent down and tapped yeol’s feet (to move back behind the line) but when he did it with soo, he grabbed soo’s right foot (to place it exactly behind the yellow line – no distance like before) and then soo’s left foot followed the movement  and then the ahjuma host (idk this lady’s name) and zhoumi were ‘YAH!’-ing him. and luhan was like lol, and chen had this ‘of course he would do that’ smile IDK IM SO BIASED MAYBE IT AINT MEANING ANYTHING BUT DAMN THIS MADE ME GIDDY YO

look at jongin in all these pictures… he stared at soo when soo whispered to yeol. Yes I said he stared, not just a mere glance/look bc he had different poses/position but his eyes still glued at soo, so this was staring.

Lets compared it with yeol’s reaction when soo whispered to jongin

look at jongin blinked fast and he looked at laysoo for a micro second

in the video, it was soo and jongin who played crotch grabbing war at first, but then lay came and barged in between them, soo wanted to stand next to jongin but lay told him no, and told soo that soo need to stand there [between him and sehun], then lay played crotch grabbing war with soo (while jongin continued playing with suho), when it was chanyeol’s turn to speak, soo added something [he commented] (Idk what he said but I think that was the cause of) lay [kissing] pecked soo’s cheek

tbh Idk if jongin was jelly when lay did this since after that he acted indifferent (?), like ‘nah its not a big deal’, but he blinked fast when this happened, but when I show the clip to my mom, she said “this one [point at jongin] looked pissed off [when the kissing happened]” lol (yes my mom knows that im a kaisoo trash)

also when this happened (@4:15), suho ducked his head bc of embarrassment, sehun was shocked (I think he wanted to smile/grin but he held himself back and tried to distract himself by speaking to yeol), chen xiumin baek snickered, yeol didn’t realize shit (bc he was talking), while tao looked so distracted from the beginning till the end of this interview, this interview is really hilarious for me Ive watched this more than 3 times even tho I don’t understand what were they saying

[Jelly nini ft insungi hyung full and 1-2]

this actually a revelation moment for me, since before I was in doubting state (“they’re prob just friends, prob this all just bromance, why am I wasting my time doing this? what am I doing with my life? /sobbing/”) then this thing happened. I would like to thank suho for this revelation of mine, bc his reaction was… very legit for me tbh. He was laughing/gasping “aahhhh” while covering the side of his mouth, then he looked back.

I assume he was originally looking at jongin even tho for a brief second, but then yeol started to laugh and say “insungie-hyung”  and that was when his head tilted slightly to the left (where yeol was), then his head went back to face xiusoo direction and then he held back his smile/giggle, just look at his mouth. Look at it. why he did that? Why he didn’t continue his snicker? Why he decided to clamp his mouth and hold back his smile?

And look at jongin. 

why the other members were all lols and giggles yet he only offered a very small smile? I mean the others were all OMGOMGINSUNGIEHYUNGLMAOLOLOL (they were so excited, just look at the feet of the person who sat beside yeol), but jongin was just quiet… I mean in other occasions where ksoo says/does something usually he would be the one who does the overhype, like that time when ksoo with the green doll (when yeol was told to re-enact exo next door scene), or when soo does aegyo ‘bbuing bbuing motherfucker’, or when soo sings, or when soo asked something about DNA in some show (I don’t remember what the show’s name), or when soo read that oranghae poem, heck even saying ksoo’s name repeatedly (in showtime, when they were inside the car) made him giggle, then why when soo was talking about his ‘new hyung’ he didn’t look so thrilled, hm? Also, perhaps this is just me and my delushit way of thinking but I see ksoo took a glance at jongin(‘s reflection on the monitor) when he was talking about his ‘insungie-hyung’

I think that’s it for jongin’s part, I don’t have any more stash of him being jelly, so let’s move on to soo

lets see another version

Honestly, soo did look pissed off, he looked so… restless? Idk as if something was bugging him, usually in radio interview he is pretty calm, I notice he would just stay still/quiet, he wouldn’t try to fix the mic (except when it’s his turn to speak/sing) but when he’s idle, he would just stay quiet prob reading the script, but he never does something like this (as far as I know), also he didn’t say goodbye to the caller noona…hmmmmmmmm also this was one of the revelation moment for me (since why would someone got jelly – to the point he acted rude [not saying goodbye] – if his veryplatonic-hommie-bro got a call from some chick? Shouldn’t that person be happy if they were just a pair of very close friend? but hey what do I know anyway… a trash’ mind is deluded after all

As soon as the noona wanted to hold jongin’s arm, soo’s smile fell. I don’t have long explanation about this bc this shit is pretty obvious

soo looked at jongin, who was looking (while biting lips) at taemin giving speech

after being hit for a few times, jongin finally tilted his head back to look at soo

tae let go of jongin

soo got his bae back

this pict was taken after taemin let go of jongin, look at taemin’s face. Look at his eyes, and it seems he held back a smile? Like he tried to contain his smile to break out, and look at jongin’s smile. and the smile Im talking about is not a cheerful kind of smile but smug smile/grin (for both of them, not only jongin), bc tbh that was what im seeing here (“pffftt, bro, it looks like ur man got jelly” “lol ikr, but that means he likes me, right?”—that’s how I imagine the situation here but since im deluded, sooooo yeah, don’t listen to me folks!)

I know this is not requested buttttttt… allow me this time

where was jongin? didn’t he see his hubby flirted with his bro

look at him immediately place his hand on soo’s waist then it did a small caress (up), honestly where was jongin? tbh whenever I see taesoo it reminds me of some ridiculous slogan I once saw on some ad, basically it says something like this “where would your ex be right now? in your bestfriend’s embrace” im sorryyyy 

… Ermm, anyway lets move on

The caption says it all, why soo looked at them? why jongin moved away when soo looked at them? why soo looked away when jongin finally moved away from the manager’s touch?

Again, what else need to be pointed out?

In this gif we can see that soo said “hajima” (means don’t, right?) while he pulled sehun’s arm, then jongin quickly undid/untied the gold ribbon by himself

Aww he looked like a kicked puppy

I think that’s it for jelly!soo, I don’t have anything left about dem being jelly in mah stash, so yeaaaahh, and originally I wanted to talk more stuff (not just about their jellyness) on this post, but this thing has gotten too long and im afraid it would crash again (like before) if I force all dem gifs + my delulu words in a single post, so yeah, ill continue on later part (prob the last part)

btw sorry for those who have asked me things but I haven’t replied since time is such a bitch to me right now

as always, this is not a fact, I do not know these boys personally, this is just how I perceive things, I could be wrong, they could be just friends /cackle sardonically/ …the point is this is just some post that is written by some faceless stranger on internet, there is no credibility on my words, I am not a an expert nor trained in human behavior/body language field and im a very biased trash shipper so shit I’ve said might have been influenced by my feels, so don’t take this seriously folks

and also gifs/picts aint mine, credit to the owners! 

Was talking with Stacey razorsharpquill about this gifset of Matt Bomer on Ellen, which then turned to Sam giving Cooper stripping lessons with Kurt, Blaine, and Elliott watching.  Seriously, that is the entire jist of this and it’s all Stacey’s fault.  ~1000 words of ridiculous.

He’d only been gone thirty minutes.

Apparently thirty minutes was all that was needed for everything to go straight to weird.

Blaine stood, wide eyed and slack jawed, in the doorway to the apartment he shared with Kurt.  He’d gone out to get dinner, leaving Kurt and Elliott chatting about ideas for a new band, and Cooper regaling Sam with stories about acting gigs he’d gotten in LA and suggestions for Sam’s burgeoning modeling career.  Everything was normal

Thirty minutes later, and Sam and Cooper were in nothing but boxer briefs, dry humping the air, with Kurt and Elliott on the couch watching them intently.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw that you were one of the few that weren't hating on TW, but likes Sterek. I'm kinda new to the fandom, only been here a year or so, and I'm a bit confused. I know a lot of the people from the Sterek fandom don't like Jeff, but could you please tell me what exactly did he do, except not make Sterek canon? As far as I saw, Posey was the one to make the douchy comments, was Jeff actually an asshole or is just that his view of (his) show didn't match the one of the fandom? Thanks!

Nonny, I’m not gonna lie - this has been a pretty challenging ask to answer. I’ve reorganized and rewritten this a few times as it involves summing up a lot of interwoven things that have happened since the Teen Wolf fandom exploded in size between season 2 and season 3A. Because of that, I may be off on some of the details and definitely haven’t managed to include everything, but this should be the important bits, more or less.

Jeff has said plenty of kind things about Sterek and Sterek fans as well as encouraging shipping and other fannish activities but there is no denying that the man is a troll. He twists the truth and misleads people like Peter Hale in order to avoid giving away real spoilers. People do get a bit pissed about that but it isn’t the main reason why people hate on him so much.

First and foremost is fan expectations of what the show should be vs. what it actually is. These expectations came both from the PR for Teen Wolf and from fandom (fanfic, headcanons, gifsets and image sets in isolation, etc) and portrayed Teen Wolf to be a lighter, simpler show instead of accurately showing it to be horror with some pretty complex stuff going on under the surface for anyone willing to investigate. This covers complaints about things like favorite characters being tortured, not being happy, seeming out of character, plot holes, and things not making sense. Athena recently covered this in more detail in this post.

The PR for Teen Wolf deserves the lion’s share of the blame. It is a completely separate entity from the show and has nothing to do with what the show is actually about. However, the vast majority of the fandom treat them as one and the same with Jeff being ultimately responsible even though he has nothing to do with their fuck ups. As covered in Athena’s post above, they sold the show as something that it wasn’t (Buffy vs cosmic horror) but it went further than that.

Ships are popular and create a lot of fan excitement so the PR team has been baiting all sorts of different ships over the years to get more people to watch the show. There were Sterek related PR promotions leading up to and during season 3 that promised the show would give them more Sterek and might make the relationship canon if they won this poll or contest or raised their voices to spread Teen Wolf. It was a shitty move that had nothing to do with what the show was about or willing to do.

The Sterek Campaign was created pretty early on by some fans as a positive thing to support Teen Wolf and show that a LOT of fans would love it if Sterek were to happen. They sent in cookies for the cast, raised money for charities, encouraging people to create fanworks and promoting them, etc but didn’t cross the line of demanding the show change for them - although other Sterek fans who weren’t officially part of the Sterek Campaign certainly did (as often happens in any fandom).

With the Sterek phenomena becoming too big for them to handle, fewer Sterek moments due to plot reasons, and the show including other relationships for Derek and Stiles (see my meta on TW and the temporary nature of relationships), the PR team started to go silent on Sterek and tried to get more viewers by promoting the other ships instead. Obviously none of that went over very well with fans. Keep in mind this went on for a few years with multiple incidents, the worst probably being Posey’s weird and twisted comment.

Unrelated to any of that, conventions started banning fans from asking actors about slash ships or getting slash fanart signed by them because of an incident in the Supernatural fandom. The vast majority of Sterek fans were blindsided and thought MTV’s or Teen Wolf’s people had banned Sterek specifically as none of the officials were willing to admit to the reasons behind the ban or who had put the ban in place. It did eventually lift but the damage was already done.

As far as the meta was concerned, romantic Sterek still looked completely solid. Although it has become more and more subtle as time went on, which could either be what Jeff wanted or it could be corporate meddling. Eaddy Mays hinted that Jeff’s corporate bosses might have told him he wasn’t allowed to do romantic Sterek, possibly in reaction to all the drama above. It’s also possible that corporate talent representation for Dylan or Hoechlin put the brakes on it, but we don’t know for sure. It is still possible we might get a hint of romantic Sterek towards the end of the last episode, but Hoechlin’s and Dylan’s availability for this season certainly will have complicated getting there. But I’m straying into a tangent.

In summation, it’s been a cluster fuck of stuff that has festered over the years. Most of the problems happened around the show instead of on the show but people didn’t see a need to make that distinction as it all affected their perception and experience of the show as fans. With Jeff being the creator, he’s the figurehead and scapegoat for that negative experience.

I keep seeing "blogs Homestuck characters would have” and I'm going to set the record straight

 John: 2010 memes and tutorials on practical jokes. He posted a screamer once but a follower told him that was fucked up and he deleted it and never did again. Sends kind anon messages. Basically the leader of a whole friend group, seems to know everyone personally? He and Jane have running arguments about cake. 

Dave: aesthetic pictures of swords that he’s glitched beyond recognition, his own “art”, basically a tumblr funnyman along the lines of like, slimetony, but with more SBAHJ. Lots of weird niche memes, makes his own music and it’s actually really good. 

Rose: “Welcome to my twisted mind” is her header, no one can tell if she’s serious or not. “Here’s how to summon a demon” kind of tumblr witch. Probably the reason people in that world worry about the literal Stealing of Human Bones.

Jade: “I will take care of you with crystal energy” kind of tumblr witch. Lots of pictures of dogs and other cute animals! Didn’t really figure out that you don’t have to add comments to every post you see but it’s okay because she’s super sweet. Someone once sent mean messages to her and her friends and she took them down so brutally and effectively that they deleted. Everyone’s a little scared of her but they love her so much.

Roxy: Used to post a lot of positivity for others along with a lot of self-hate, later revamped and is all about positivity all around. Also sends kind messages. When she deletes things They Stay Gone. Despite Dave’s popularity her posts circulate the most and it’s not uncommon for them to go around 4 or 5 times on everyone’s dash per week. She’s just nice. Once someone yelled at her for her posts about booze and alcoholism way back and she did the internet version of sitting them down and talking earnestly about addiction. They apologized. She said it was okay but never do that again because no one owes you their life story. Running series of “jokes” with Jane about being married, eventually they start dating.

Jane: tumblr version of those surreal food bloggers. She posts tons of recipes but they’ve got kinda weird shit in the background like “obey” in tiny font on the pictures and the descriptions are vague. Basically food gothic. Also posts terrible jokes and puns, on occasion starts discourse in the utensil and cake mix fandoms. Also posts A TON of comedians, Parks & Rec gifs of Ron Swanson, and makes gifsets of her favorite black-and-white noir detective films. Posts selfies of herself in a mustache. Replies to anon hate with stuff like “Listen, buster, I have literally dealt with attempts on my life. I have received letter bombs from people angry with my family’s cake mix. You don’t scare me.” Once had a huge breakdown though. Everyone ships her and Roxy.

Dirk: Made a tumblr bot called, like, “halbotover9000″ or something, but it became sentient and started making callout posts for him and ruining his friendships. It went inactive for a while and everyone assumed he deleted the bot, but really he just passed it on to Equius. When it resurfaces there are just tons of posts about milk and horses.

Jake: He has no idea what he’s doing, how do you use tumblr, can everyone see these posts? Here’s a cool rock he found in the forest. Starts a whole Gigantic Tumblr Anger Thing, is totally oblivious until it all crashes down. Deletes his blog for a while and then makes a new one in which he barely interacts with anyone ever but he seems somewhat happier. Puts tags in the description like Jade, but more unintentional.

Aradia: Similar to Rose, but posts WAY more depression memes. Also her blog has a lot of archaeology stuff? Talks about time travel a lot, too. Really enthusiastic or totally apathetic there is no in-between. Has an elaborate ongoing roleplaying scenario with Vriska, Tavros, and Terezi. When Vriska hurt Tavros, she set a bunch of her followers (she calls them “ghosties”) on Vriska, which ended with Vriska doxxing her. She came back though, in a quasi-relationship with Equius, who she broke up with after discovering lesbianism. Now gay as hell.

Tavros: POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! He posts a lot of stuff about the Peter Pan movies, books, musicals, etc. Reblogs posts about being disabled and also posts about self-esteem and how to build it. Is constantly being torn down by Vriska, eventually tells her to fuck off but not until WAY after the incident. He posts stuff about keeping animals, especially cows.

Sollux: Who are we kidding, he’s on reddit. He says it’s because it’s cooler but he’s really just sort of scared. 

Karkat: His blog is Emo™. He posts sad song lyrics, rom-com gifs, and FUCKTONS OF ANGRY POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT HE LIKES. All his writing is in all caps, people ask why. He says it’s because the world has earned his rage. Really the caps button got stuck a long time ago and he got used to it and now lower case looks weird.

Nepeta: Cat gifs cat gifs cat gifs!!!!! Volunteers at an animal shelter, posts about kitties looking to get adopted. Super sweet. Lowkey a furry and interacts on those “open rp” posts only to get made fun of, doesn’t really understand it. Gets a ton of anon hate for no reason? But she’s friends with Equius and Equius is………. uh…….. so eventually people leave her alone. She’s listed as a “cringey” blog sometimes but everyone who actually follows her thinks she’s adorable and is a little happier when they see her on their dash. 

Kanaya: Lesbian Blog. Inserts herself into tumblr drama all the time to mediate, mostly ends up making things worse. Got so mad at Eridan that he deleted his blog, is very proud of this. Posts pictures of herself with her chainsaw and elaborate topiaries. Fashion aesthetic. People reblog her selfies with “holy shit step on me” and “I’m too gay” and she loves it.

Terezi: get ready for that shitty leetspeak, it’s ya gal Terezi Pyrope here with so many gotdamn bright colors that your eyes will spin. You thought Dave had a bad theme? She’s got the worst one. Posts memes about everything. Roleplays with Nepeta sometimes and no one can tell if it’s sincere. Used to roleplay with Vriska but they had a horrible fight which ended in a way people don’t really know but afterwards she got someone to post a picture of her with bandages all around her eyes and the caption “1M BL1ND NOW YOU DUMB FUCKS”. People tried to call her out but damn she is. She is the law. Don’t try that shit on her she’ll destroy you.

Vriska: The literal worst. holy shit. Has done most of the terrible shit in the book. Scams people, doxxes them, sends SHITTONS of anon hate. Spams the block button on anyone who calls her out and then posts infinite shit about them. Pulls receipts. But she’s holy shit pretty and has a legion of loyal followers who are just as willing to attack people because she Can Do No Wrong. A few people know about her awful home life but she warned them not to spread it on pain of death. Ran a fortune-telling blog but it was Bad Shit. Spiders, so many spiders.

Equius: Fetish blog he doesn’t know is a fetish blog.

Gamzee: ………….part of the clown uprising???

Eridan: “Eridan Ampora. 13. Male. Bisexual but don’t let it fuckin fool you I don’t take shit. White. My family has money. Basically everything tumblr hates. Women are bitches haha amiright?” Constantly posts about how he can’t get a date, also posts… wow some terrible shit. Also history, for some reason? And selfies with his rifle collection. 

Feferi: ENDLESS CUTTLEFISH PICTURES. ENDLESS. SO MANY FISH PUNS! SHE TAKES PICTURES OF HER FISH AND GIVES THEM CUTE CAPTIONS. Was friends with Eridan for a while, eventually realized how terrible he was and left.

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Okay so *cracks knuckles* all of them are gifs sorry if they’re all in links because I want to credit the people who posted all this stuff so. 

10 Reasons to love YoonJin lets go.

Reasons to love YoonJin #1 : Because small and grumpy x tall and pretty is my kind of aesthetic.

Reasons to love YoonJin #2 : The fanart OTL

I didn’t want to repost any of the artwork of talented artists so here are a bunch of amazing fanarts like can we just.

Reasons to love YoonJin #3 : The way Jin looks at Yoongi.

Reasons to love YoonJin #4 : The way Yoongi looks at Jin.

Reasons to love YoonJin #5 : This almost kiss gifset that happened and ARMY shipped it and it makes me want to cry. Also these gifs can they please not.

Reasons to love YoonJin #6 : Because Yoongi admitted he likes Jin the best to room with even abroad and it just shows how much he likes having Jin around and how they are super compatible because they both seem to find the maknae line too loud and they really get each other and find each other comforting and I think that’s beautiful.

Reasons to love YoonJin #7 : IDK if yall have noticed but there are a bunch of places Jin basically talks up Yoongi like he’s the only one he sees working in Bangtan and whoops I found the gifset for that too.

Reason to love YoonJin #8 : That Bangtan Bomb in which YoonJin went to the sea together.

Reasons to love YoonJin #9 : The way Yoongi reacts to Jin rapping is my life.

Reasons to love YoonJin #10 : Like I said,  tons of amazing as hell fics about YoonJin that make your heart burst and break and you don’t know what to do with your life, I’m just saying.

Bonus : This. Don’t kill me for linking that. Just don’t. This fandom is weird.

tailkinker-to-ennien said: No. Two rec-posts in a day would not be too much. Definitely not.
monstrousreg said: let me speak completely out of selfish self interest and ask you to pOST THE HIDDLESWORTH ONE NOW

You’re both terrible. I couldn’t reasonably put all the HIDDLESWORTH RECS into this post, because I’ve done enough that breaking it up into two or three parts is far more advisable, but I definitely chose ones that I think are some of my favorites or else really good introductions to the pairing. Basically, though, if you want to get into Hiddlesworth and you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it, just try the top ones by rangerdanger because they’re what finally made me cave when velociraptor-hands said HERE READ THESE and it’s just pretty much snowballed onwards from there for me. (And I’m not complaining at all.)

I know some of them might seem like odd choices (there are a lot of AUs or things like catboys), but I swear this is a really good list of ones that I think just work as fic and are tailored to luring you in/serving as good introduction pieces! :D (But seriously. Read everything of rangerdanger’s. She’ll hook you like that.)

sugar blue by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 25k

tom flees west. or goes on another weird vacation. ranch au.

again and again by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 18k

au fics written for and prompted by various people across tumblr.

ergonomics by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, office au, 22k

office au. work is hell but chris tries to cope.

drop it doe eyes by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 8.8k

tom, who is nineteen, spends an interesting summer at his host family’s farm in australia.

The End is the Crown by Velociraptor_Hands, chris/tom, NSFW eventually, mafia au, dub con, 6.9k

Tomorrow night he had a date with a sociopath; a criminal, Russian sociopath who was known for clawing out the eyes of his enemies. It was easy to dismiss those reports as rubbish when sat in front of the man in question. Chris didn’t seem unbalanced, just arrogant and too handsome for his own good. Back on familiar territory with Ben, the harsh light of reality told Tom otherwise. He needed all his wits about him if he was to come out of this unscathed and still employed.

hiddlesworth office au by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, 4k

Chris started looking into getting a personal assistant upon his dad’s urging. He’d just gotten the promotion of a lifetime after years of hard work, slowly making his way up the corporate ladder, from lowly intern working absurd hours and making copies to having his own office with view that made him get why some of these guys got on weird power trips.

Otp challenge - 24. Roleplaying by takemetothedungeons [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, role playing, references to thor/loki, 3.2k

Chris was giddy, there was no other way to put it. No amount of pinching costume, caked make-up and itchy hair extensions could put his good mood out. There were good parts of playing Thor, there were bad parts of playing Thor and then there was Tom. We are back.

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge! - Oral by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, catboy!tom, 2.9k

Chris has almost, almost finished job three of the sixteen on his to-do list when he hears a dull thud from the living room and a distinctive, displeased yowl. This is swiftly followed by another thud. And another yowl. And again: thud and now a louder yowl. Thud. Longer, louder, the-world-will-end-if-no-one-pays-attention-to-me-yowl and ok, Chris has had enough.

One very special cat by amberfox17, chris/tom, nsfw, catboy!chris, 17.3k

Catboy Chris AU: Tom wasn’t even sure he wanted a Hybrid, yet somehow he’s ended up taking home a six-foot Feline/Human cross named Chris who likes bacon, ear scratches and sleeping naked. This is going to be a problem.

All At Sea by curds_and_wheyface, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 9.2k

Tom spends a month after University graduation in Cambodia. There he finds a lot of rain, a dubious-looking tourist boat and a man named Chris.

Company Policy by homesweethomicide13, chris/tom, NSFW, office au, fluff, 60k

Tom’s just a temp PA working in a single department for one of the biggest companies in the city. He doesn’t expect much to come from it - just a bit of money and some experience to help him along the way whilst he writes his novel. When he finds himself rather unexpectedly trapped in an elevator with the head of the company - Chris - his life unknowingly takes a rather bizarre turn. Chris is a billionaire, a man with the world at his fingertips and anything he could ever want is probably already his - so what does he want with an ordinary temp whose only claim to riches was a savings account left by his grandparents five years ago?

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So, I rewatched Hibike! Euphonium yesterday...

 Apparently season 2 is officially slated for fall and it just kind of felt like the right time for a rewatch. I kind of like that I can watch the whole thing in a day. I also kind of want more. And yet I’m also kind of afraid to get more given what I’ve heard about the novel version.

I like a lot of things about the anime. And it feels weird sometimes. Because I know that if you had tried to sell me on, “Oh, it’s a slice of life anime about a bunch of band kids…” I would have tilted my head and asked why in the hell you were recommending it to me. I wasn’t a band kid. Most of my favorite shows are about magic and mythos. I would reject it out of hand. And yet I’m absolutely enamored with this show. I watch it and I feel happy inside. It’s got a whole different kind of magic to it. It really gives me pause about maybe being too quick to reject things out of hand.

This time I was able to watch a version that had subs for the OP and ED songs and I found myself musing over the fact that I didn’t realize they were telling me at the end of each episode that they were going to steal my heart. They really did though. The characters, the musical score, the atmosphere, the art style, the drama…it’s all just so charming.

I love all four of the core girls. I like basically everybody on the show. It’s easy for me to understand Reina, Kumiko’s a precious dork, Midori’s passion is infectious, my heart goes out to Hazuki, Asuka’s fantastic and fun, I respect Kaori, watching Natsuki’s development is interesting, Gotou and Riko are sweet, Haruka’s struggles with the leadership role are relatable…hell, I even like Shuuichi. The show has a lot of interesting characters and interpersonal dynamics. And it’s such a character-driven story. By the end of it, I’m tearing up at their successes and failures, at the idea of how far they’ve come. There’s a lot to like about this show.

But I can’t deny that these two gaybies are my favorite part. It was gifsets of episode 8 that made me give this anime a shot in the first place. I watched it through a certain lens, but the romance between these two seems obvious. And like, I’ve shipped a lot of ships where I’ve said they seem obviously romantic, but these two are the most obviously romantic of all. I’m completely incapable of seeing them as anything other than romantic. I can’t look at them and see them as simply gal pals. I’ve got canon ships that I could sooner believe as just friends than these two. If the story of Kumiko and Reina isn’t supposed to be a romantic love story, then they’re telling it wrong.

Is that harsh? Maybe. Have I got my head up my ass? Probably. Will they be endgame? It looks doubtful.

But that’s how I see them and I can’t unsee it.

Apparently the novel pairs Kumiko with Shuuichi. I’m hoping against hope that the anime has a lot of creative wiggle-room in their adaptation, because that’s going to be incredibly disappointing if they go down that road. I like Shuuichi, but I just can’t see him and Kumiko together. And not only because it would be a waste of Reimiko’s* potential. There just hasn’t been enough substance between Kumiko and Shuuichi on-screen for me to buy into the idea of them together.

(*Apparently KumiRei has become the name in the time since I last checked the tags; that’s gonna take some getting to used to.)

I feel like there’s a flipside to heteronormativity. Obviously it leads to a certain blindness toward things that are not straight, but it also seems to lead to lazy writing of het couples. Because romance is so easily assumed between boys and girls, writers will cut corners in their straight ships. “Chemistry? Build-up? Substance? No, no, no. He was a boy and she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? That’s all we need.” And because audience’s just accept heterosexuality, you can just have another character say that these two have chemistry, without actually demonstrating that chemistry on-screen. You can just throw in a line about them being childhood friends instead of actually working on developing a relationship and showing how these characters get to know each other better over time.

I’ve seen the quote on a dozen gifsets, but I forget the source: “Friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories.” (Google says it’s by Emily Rapp.)

If writers would put the kind of time and effort into their het romances that they put into their F/F gal pals, maybe I’d like more straight ships. If Kumiko was, in every episode, trying to talk to Shuuichi, thinking about Shuuichi, worrying about what Shuuichi thinks of her, telling Shuuichi not to give up, standing up for Shuuichi, hiking with Shuuichi, sympathizing with Shuuichi, literally confessing her love to Shuuichi, letting Shuuichi touch her lips…then maybe I’d warm up to the idea of them as a couple.

But she doesn’t do those things with Shuuichi. There’s very little at all shown between them. There are a couple of minor moments I noticed on second viewing that I could conceivably squint at and see romantic subtext, but nothing substantial in any way. I see them as platonic bros at most. (On the other hand, I’d really be here for Shuuichi eventually realizing how great Hazuki is and falling for her, but that’s a whole other digression.)

I’m getting pretty hyped for H!E season 2. I hope North American and international audiences will be able to watch the recap movie sometime soon. I love this show for a lot of things and I want more of it.

Yet still, my optimism is heavily tempered by the novel spoilers. I really, really hope that the anime is willing and able to do something different. I can live with it if Reimiko KumiRei just keep doing what they’re doing and never “officially” go canon. But Kumiko x Shuuichi is just not something I can get behind. I’d respect the story more for ending with Kumiko single than ending with Kumiko and Shuuichi. I’d like to say I’d stop watching the show if they go there, but I probably won’t. However, I definitely would stop supporting the official release.

This show is one that really takes over my mind in a lot of ways. I love that in my entertainment. My number one hope for S2 is that it continues to engage and charm me, whatever form that may take. And KumiRei would be the best form of that for me.

I’ve been listening to the OST, but for some reason the bit that keeps getting stuck in my head is Asuka saying, “Come on, baby, Con-bass-chan!”

This show makes me smile and I hope it always does.

The Exception

Bit of Swarto is good for the soul sometimes. SFW, SFF, 2,345 words.

The three of them mention the Hangout a lot. It’s one of their many running in-jokes, the kind that she has learnt to just laugh along with because as close as they all are, she knows she’s never going to quite get what they’re talking about when it comes to stuff like this. It’s hard not to be jealous of them sometimes, the easy rapport they share making her feel just occasionally excluded. Once in a while they’ll be hanging out, the four of them, and one of them will mention something and all three will laugh and suddenly it’s high school all over again and she’s longing to be part of the clique. Hannah always notices though and she’ll lean over and kiss Sarah’s cheek, whisper something in her ear that is so cheesy it makes her blush even as she laughs and pushes her away.

But the Hangout is different. They don’t mention it too often, but whenever they do it involves a lot of side glances and blushing and she can’t help but wonder because she’s seen the GIFsets on tumblr and they all look suitably silly.

So a few days after Vidcon, during a rare day off sick, she drags her laptop close over the bed and scours through the internet until she finds the two hour video. It’s ridiculous and drunken and pretty damn hysterical, but there’s nothing too bad in it, although she would advise Hannah not to embark on something so reckless now, what with her rapidly growing popularity. She feels her stomach clench just a little when she hears Hannah call Grace “sweetheart” and “darling”, but she knows about her girlfriend’s long ago crush on her best friend and knows there’s nothing to it now.

What really sticks with her is Hannah’s comment, over an hour in.

“I don’t like white girls- no, I don’t like blondes either.

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Island Adventure Thoughts/Discussions about the Aftermath

Okay, I’m not sure how many of these types of thought things about the episode there are already (probably a lot, which may make mine seem repetitive in comparison), but I feel like I should have my input too. Just…this episode gave me way too many feels and I’ve mulled over them for days now. I just want to share them with whoever wants to read about it. Also, I don’t think I’ve contributed anything to this fandom, so this is my first thing I’m contributing, I guess.

Spoilers, biased opinions of the shipping variety, and really long thoughts under the cut, yo. Ye have been warned.

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