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Can we talk a little more about that one panel where Luffy talks to Zoro? Because I don't know if anyone else saw it, but "i bet you're worried, aren'tcha?" is what I used to say to my friends to tease them about crushes or someone I shipped them with. EXACT line. Seems to me there are in-story harcore shippers.... Also, "don't make me kick your ass" is a common response from my friends who have crushes when I say that. :3

In fact, in chapter 814, where many people going down because of Zoro cold reaction, I wanted to do something for the fandom, warm up comic or so. I tried to find detail in the chapter and much wondered of which way the swordman had chosen. I wanted to know that Zoro followed the group to meet Nekomushi or he followed the group to meet Pekoms! But in all chapter 814 I couldn’t find out. Then I just hoped that my guess would be right.

I mean, in chapter 814, I put much belief in Zoro, to believe that deep down in his heart, he worried for Sanji despite of the outside, he act cold (and a little bit bitter). I even wanted to make a mini comic in which, Zoro after all, he chose to followed the group to Pekoms room, to hear about Sanji, but I wasn’t enough confident (in that headcanon) You know… that headcanon would be sweet but then when the 815 comes, if the 815 was something even more bitter than 814 then the feeling would be crashed. For that reason, although I received some messages of you guys, talked about 814, wanted something to mend the canon, I didn’t do.

But for GoD!! ODA!! When I read 815, it was like my headcanon came true. YES my headcanon comes true! Oda did it even much much much better than what I imagined. I can not say anything more.

someone pointed out that, when gendering objects and animals, we tend to gravitate toward gendering it male, specifically on tumblr when we anthropomorphize objects and especially animals for purposes of making surrealistic jokes

and for a while i thought “well, it’s because calling a fish ‘he’ is funnier and more bizarre than calling it ‘she’“

but then i tried gendering a dog doing a funny thing as a girl and it really wasn’t any more or less funny. it’s still funny anthropomorphization no matter what pronouns you use. it’s just as absurd.

the automatic impulse to gender something as a boy is a result of male defaultism, which is a result of being in a society where men are seen as default and everyone else is abnormal.

if you’re talking about an animal, listen to your language: more likely than not you’ll call it a “he” unless its owner refers to it as a different gender or it has a gendered object associated with it. even “feminine” dog breeds are usually defaulted as male unless it has a bow or something.

this seems really silly but it’s just a fun thing i’ve noticed. male defaultism is also a thing we do to humans, and it’s most easily noticeable in products, but we do it to people too, and i think it’s an ultimately harmful phenomena. but that’s another post for another day.

HONESTLY, I’m really worried (bc i spend too much time thinking about this) about how spaleb will crash and burn. we see that toby punches him, but it’s not because he’s with spencer, so it has to be something else, and from people’s speculation it seems spoby gets back together in 6x20. it feels so rushed??? like something has to go bad and I don’t want it to go bad. put aside i really love spaleb and everything they are doing. I just really like spencer and caleb as individuals. i don’t want either of them to be any kind of villain in terms of spaleb.

but i don’t exactly think they’ll just wake up in 6x17 and be like ‘OKAY WE TRIED. IT DIDN’T WORK.’ because they seem so damn happy together. even if they did that, it all seems rushed. i don’t like it.

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I'm 23 and a virgin. I've never been in a relationship because I've simply never found anyone who I wanted to be with but my friends keep saying that there is something wrong with me and its starting to make me feel insecure. I tried dating and it just seemed like too much work for me. My friends say I should just have sex to "get it over with" but that is not what I want, I'd prefer a serious relationship. Do you think there is something wrong with me?

absolutely not. I’m the same honestly, even without being asexual I wouldn’t want to have sex with people without feelings and a trusting relationship.

If that’s not the time in your life to live that kind of experiences, it just isn’t! live everything else life has to offer (aka SO MANY THINGS) to the fullest and be happy!x

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What do you do when you feel like crap and want cars on the highway to run you over and put you out of everyone else's misery?

Honestly? Do you want an honest answer?

Because what I tend to do is make positive Pete posts and look through nice and uplifting things he’s said and put them with pictures of him smiling. That’s honestly what I do. It forces me to look at happy things. Sometimes it even helps. Sometimes it’s seeing other people reblog it that helps.

But I have to force myself into a space of happy things. Even if it doesn’t work, I tried. And it usually helps make the next day better.

Try to find something with positive notes in it. Could be a playlist of “uppers” or writing fluff or looking up nice things Pete has said. But force yourself into that space and see how it helps you.

Some Questions to Ask When Things Go Wrong

Ask yourself:

1. Is this something I should take seriously and try to put right; is it something that is worth working on, and investing more energy on?

2. How much is my fault? Is it something I can change further down the road?

3. How much is outside my control; will anything I do really alter the situation or make a lasting difference?

5. Have I done everything I possibly can? Have I tried and exhausted all possible options?

6. Is it something I should put behind me, and decide to walk away from?

7. Who else has gone through a similar experience, or had this happen to them? Who can I talk to who will understand, and give me valuable help and advice?

8. What can I learn from this experience?

9. How can I build myself up again, so I have the needed strength to go forward in my life?

10. What small steps can I take to enhance my self-esteem?

Melanie Martinez Lyrics Sentence Meme
  • “All the makeup in the world, won’t make you less insecure.”
  • “And it’s all fun and games, ‘til somebody falls in love.”
  • “Blood still stains when the sheets are washed.”
  • “Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?”
  • “Do you like my cookies? They’re made just for you.”
  • “Do you want me now?”
  • “Does a new face come with a warranty?”
  • “Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me.”
  • “How did love become so violent?”
  • “I don’t give a fuck about you anyways.”
  • “I feel like I’m just missing something whenever you leave.”
  • “I look at you and I see myself and I know you better than anyone else.”
  • “I love it when I hear you breathing.”
  • “I never know what you need.”
  • “I see things that nobody else sees.”
  • “I want to give you what you need.”
  • “I wish I didn’t care all the time.”
  • “I’m sick of all the games I have to play.”
  • “I’m tired of being careful.”
  • “If you want a little more confidence, potatoes turn to french fries.”
  • “Is it true that pain is beauty?”
  • “Kids are still depressed when you dress them up.”
  • “Let me under your skin.”
  • “Someone told me 'stay away from things that aren’t yours.'”
  • “Stop lying with those words.”
  • “Tell me what to do to make it all feel better.”
  • “Where is my prescription?”
  • “You like me best when I’m off my rocker.”
  • “You take things so hard and then you fall apart.”
  • “You think you’re smarter than me.”

Summary: Imagine person A blowing raspberries on person B (drabble) 
Warnings: Bucky being a cutie, swearing and fluff
Admin Note: You and Bucky are sat watching television and he gets bored, discovering a funny noise he can make onto your skin passes a good amount of time.

“This show is boring” Bucky mumbled from beside you, you tried not to roll your eyes or glare at him, he will never understand your love for BBC’s Sherlock. You had your legs across his lap slightly on his chest, since he was slouched on the sofa, his face turned into a pout as you continued to watch the show. 
“Go do something with Steve, I need to catch up with everyone else” you had missed season three when it aired, due to your Avenger duties, so you have dedicated your only day off to catching up with the rest of the fandom but your idiot boyfriend decided to join you. Bucky hates modern TV, he dislikes all the crappy reality shows, the comedy shows of today and especially hates all the chat shows. 

“I wanna spend time with you” he whined, you grinned and nodded, telling him after the last episode you’ll spend time with him but he knows Sherlock; he knows the episodes are lengths of movies and he doesn’t know if he’ll survive another hour and half of watching two men running around London. He drummed his fingers onto your legs, looking around the living room to distract himself, he let out a long sigh and continued to tap patters onto your skin as you watched the show. 
He pulled your hand towards him, you looked as he started to play with your fingers, you smiled and went back to the TV as he put his hand against yours. Chuckling at the difference, you’ve always been smaller against… everyone. He pulled the back of your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss but he let out a sigh but his lips vibrated and created a very odd sound.

You didn’t think anything of the noise since you’ve heard it before, others doing it to babies, people blowing raspberries to make others laugh and Tony makes them because he says they sound like fart noises sometimes. Bucky frowned, he on purposely made another, a little chuckle arisen from him and he did one on your arm and full on laughed. You looked at him with raised eyebrows as he laughed hard at the noises; you forget he was ripped from his life, he probably never heard this noise in his life and for some reason it really tickled him. 

Five minutes later and he hasn’t stopped, he would stop for a few minutes but then continue, still chuckling at the noises and you would laugh with him. 
“Why does this make you laugh so?” you asked, Bucky shrugged your arm pushed against his mouth, ready to blow another one against your skin.
“Its funny” he smiled, his voice a slight octave higher than usual but that might be due to the fact all he has done for almost ten minutes is blow raspberries.
“If we have sex and you blow a raspberry on me, I will leave you” you tell him, by his face you could tell he had thought about it, he nodded with a sheepish smile and you knew that this was just the beginning of his raspberry blowing days.  

(Just something I’ve had floating on my laptop for some time, hopefully you like this.Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

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They've been trying to get fame for three generations now. Going all the way back to drunken grandma. I have some stuff on grandma that I'm not completely sure abt, I'm still doing research, but Tammi tried getting into the acting and modeling world during the 90's and appeared on Baywatch I believe? She could never quite get into it though and now they're trying all over again. Something abt a reality show? Louis's side are trying to make sure it never happens tho from what I've been told. - IA

Oh someone else told me she apparently appeared on Baywatch in 1997. Oh my god, if that’s true I hope that it never happens then. 

Mukami: kissing away the tears. Requested by amyohtheotaku.

Cradling you to their chest, slowly they rocked you back and forth.
You couldn’t help it, you suffered from depression and would have break downs at random. But no matter where they were or what they were doing their rushed to your side.

Pressing his forehead against yours,
“I have you darling.” He softly whispered, as he grabbed your chin tilting you head back.
Softly, like a butterfly’s wing grazing your cheek, he kissed away you tears with care.
“Let’s do something anything just the two of us. And no one else.”

Softly he sung to her as you trembled in his arms.
Kou could clearly see the torment in your heart and understood as he tried to distract you.
“Kitten-chan do you wish to see some kittens?” He asked, “I’m sure I can get you cuddled by 20 kittens.” He suggested as you numbly nodded,
“First we need to get rid of these tears.”
Smiling he left lingering soft kisses where your tears were.

Teleporting to an open field full of flowers.
Yuma sat with you in the shade of a beautiful tall tree. As he kissed your lips numb, your tears mingling with the sweet kiss.
“No more tears ok. Don’t think about it just focus on my lips.”

“Where…does it…hurt?” He asked as he nuzzled you,
“My heart.” You sobbed, as he began to softly lick away your tears and slowly moved your shirt down.
Pressing his lips to your skin just above your heart.

I bet Bellamy worries so much about Clarke in those three months. We can see it in the little things, his little mannerisms this episode. It’s in the way he shakes his head when Indra explains how everyone is after Clarke’s power, closes his eyes in brief pain and frustration at the thought. I bet he does that all the time: Whenever someone at camp mentions something related to Clarke, wonders aloud how she’s doing, it leaps out at him again and he closes his eyes for a second and his jaw sets as he tries to regain composure. Because the truth is although he’s angry he worries about her more than anything else. He’s been in this special brand of hell for three months. But she left; and sometimes he almost wishes he could’ve gone with her, if only to make sure she would be okay, but there’s too many more responsibilities that have to take priority back at camp. And so he can’t do one damn thing about it. At least, until “it’s about Clarke.”

And suddenly his heart is racing at the urgency in Indra’s tone, his eyes widen, his face is still a mask as always; but suddenly there’s only one priority in his mind.

“What about her?”


Hey guys. I’ve used bullet journal system for a few years. At the very beginning of this attempt of mine, I didn’t really get what is a bullet journal and how can I use this system in the best way to work for me. Then now, I think I really am good at this journal. Also, I really like my bullet journal this year. So I wanted to prepare my first masterpost for bullet journalling. So I am going to explain how I use my bullet journal.

First of all, I use the very first page for introduction the bullet journal and I keep my stickers here. And I’d like to say I tried to use “keys” for a few time but it didn’t work for me. So I say, if something doesn’t work on you, don’t feel like you have to do it because everyone else does. I just can’t remember the “key” symbols so I don’t use them.

Yearly view 

I use 3 pages for this part. The left page is for the events which are going to take a long period of time. For example, I’ve started 100 days of productivity. And I add this event onto that page. And I explained what is this event and what are my goals for this event. The right page is a simple yearly view. The other page is my goals for that year. I really like plan that kind of goals but this time I wanted to be simple and maybe abstract for my goals. Because you don’t know how can you change in a year and you goals so. 

Monthly view

In this part of the bullet journal, I wanted to minimalize my things. So I add my goals, the days and weeks of that month (and also expenses) in a page. I just basicly marked days and weeks then added my daily events or dues. So it is simple to see everything together.

Weekly view

In this part, I have to say I actually don’t have a weekly view. I don’t really like to seperate things, it makes me confused. So I add that week’s number and my goals for that week on every Monday’s beginning.

Daily view

This part is a normal daily view as you know. I add weekly view from the beginning of the monday and keep writing the days as a daily view. I sometimes use pomodoro, so when I use this I add an P letter and circles after it at the end of my daily to do lists. And I can see how many sets I’ve done each day.

Holidays / Vacations

I really love this part because it gives me more time to do my stuff. I set general goals and then I detailed my goals so I can see how I can reach my goals in that time.

Check list

I use this part for my fitness routine and habit tracker. I use both of them montly. So I can change them If I don’t like them anymore. I write each habit that I am doing or I want to do more often. And I write my fitness routine as weekly and repeat them every week. Also there is a check list for my fitness routine.

I hope you guys like my very first master post. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope that it could be useful for you.


Last night a friend of mine from France came over for dinner. I made some nice food to serve them.
He told my boyfriend that he came to help me wash the dishes. But I knew he is coming to help out Something else !! He start touching my ass when he hug me, kissing my neck and ears.. He is tasting me all over like his dessert.. I was fucked hard from behind while my bf was at the living room.. I am sure he did it on purpose !! I tried so hard to hold my voice but he was banging me so loud!! He asked"you guys need some help?“ I said"oh😵 ummm… Ah.. It’s ok, do you wanna shower ahh.. first honey, I think we … Neeeed more time! there are quite some dishes here"during the time he went to shower and he carry me out and fuck at the wall next to bathroom… It was crazy excited!! Like he is just one wall behind and he is coming out at any moment! I ride him in our bedroom and change few more positions, and he still don’t shoot yet!! I did my best blow job for him and he left some "cream” on my face👅💦
We also took a video while he banged me in kitchen and I took some selfie of cream on face to show my boyfriend later, I’m sure he will enjoy it 💋

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How much do you think Fushimi hates fire? Like, the S4 Boys are near a fireplace and try inviting him over politely, but ofc he's like "hell no." How shoken would he be if he just stared at the intensity. Maybe Reisi is there to see his reaction 🔥

I imagine he’s not like ‘screaming and shaking’ terrified of it or else he wouldn’t have lasted in Homra half as long as he did but he probably finds it unpleasant, especially something like a fireplace – like he’s okay with the sort of flames that Homra toss around regularly but a more concentrated flame in a single spot is what tends to give him flashbacks. So maybe there’s like a major snowstorm and the power goes out in Scepter 4 so everyone has to cluster around candles and such all around the building. The alphabet squad finds a room with a fireplace and Fushimi gets dragged in there, someone starts a nice fire and everyone’s crowding around it. Fushimi is invited over but he refuses and sulks in the corner instead. His eyes keep getting drawn to the fire though and he starts feeling just clammy and uncomfortable. Everyone else is so busy trying to keep warm that no one really notices how pale Fushimi looks and how he’s clutching his blankets really tightly.

That’s when Munakata puts a hand on Fushimi’s shoulder and Fushimi just jumps. He recovers immediately, super annoyed that Munakata surprised him like that and when Munakata notes that he looked unwell Fushimi just clicks his tongue and says he’s cold. Munakata notes that it would be warmer by the fireplace and Fushimi kinda sulkily pulls his blankets closer and says he’s fine where he is. Munakata observes him for a moment and then promptly sits down and wraps his own blanket around Fushimi’s shoulders. Fushimi’s like the fuck do you think you’re doing and Munakata happily notes that this way they can share body heat and Fushimi will feel better. Fushimi mumbles something about how annoying Munakata is but he doesn’t pull away and every time he finds his eyes drawn to the fire Munakata kinda steers his gaze away from it and it makes Fushimi feel more relaxed somehow.

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That's almost canon, but Hannibal shamelessly flirting with Will in front of Jack? :>

(I tried my best, but human flirting rituals are a complete mystery to me.) 

Jack would be absolutely sure that Hannibal was doing it on purpose, only this was Hannibal Lecter. He would never do such a thing.

“Will, I have to say, you look well today. That tie goes very well with your eyes.” Hannibal was staring intently as Will, as though no one else was in the room.

Including Jack. Who was very much in the room.

“Oh, uh, thanks, Hannibal.” Will was blushing. Blushing. Jack hadn’t even known Will was capable of something like blushing. 

“It is the truth, dear Will.” Hannibal smiled and took a step closer (too damn close) to Will, not so subtly scenting the air. “Is that a new aftershave?”

“Oh, yeah.” Will didn’t seem to really mind the distance, which was unusual. 

Hannibal nodded, still standing way too close to Will to be professional. “It is much better than the last, it doesn’t overwhelm your natural scent, it rather enhances it. I couldn’t have chosen a better one myself.”

Will laughed a bit, rubbing the back of his neck. “So, I take it I smell much better now?”

“You smell divine, Will.” 

Will stuttered, his blush reaching beneath the collar of his shirt. Hannibal sent a small smile over to Jack.

Are you fucking kidding? 

Jack clearly had to reevaluate his mental picture of Hannibal Lecter.

Stay (MPD) Kazusa Hanai x MC

First drabble goes out to @bluebenz2005. Hope it helps ^-^

You slightly winced when the pain shot through your whole body. Again.
“Ow, ow, ow,” you grumbled when Kazusa helped you sitting down.
“Don’t make such a fuss,” he sternly said and you rolled your eyes. He was still angry. Of course he was.
“Do you need anything? Food? Drinks? Your pain meds?” he asked, his voice anything but gentle. You shook your head. Bad mistake, the motion sent another jolt of pain through you.
“Honestly, I’ve never thought you would do something stupid like that,” he grumbled and you sighed.
“What else should I have done? The perp tried to escape, of course I had to block his way,” you explained for the umpteenth time.
“But did you really have to block the path at the stairs? You’re lucky that nothing’s broken! The way you both fell down the stairs – you could have broken your neck!” he yelled. You sighed again but he was right. You were lucky that you just had some scrapes and bruises, although one of your ribs was lightly cracked. Everything hurt.
As your partner Kazusa was really pissed, but at least you hadn’t ruined the case. The perp was safely locked away – in a hospital, but it wasn’t anything life threatening.
“Thank you for bringing me home,” you said earnestly. Kirisawa actually wanted you to stay in the hospital for a few days but you had refused. Hospitals weren’t exactly your favorite places. You were sure that you would recover better when you were at home.
“Don’t you think that you escaped a lecture. We will have a long and serious conversation when you are back at work,” he answered, his righteous anger almost palpable. You hung your head and closed your eyes. And here you thought it couldn’t get worse!
“But for now it’s enough. I’m not your senior right now, but your boyfriend. So tell me, is there anything I can do for you? To make you feel better?” You opened your eyes widely at his now gentle and sweet tone. Was he serious?
“Not really, I’m just tired,” you answered slowly.
“I’ve told Boss that I’d keep an eye on you. I can stay the whole night, just tell me whenever you need something,” he told you and leaned in to softly kiss your forehead. One of the few spots that didn’t hurt.
“Soooo,” you dragged the word and grinned at him. “When I want something to eat…?” You expectantly raised an eyebrow.
“Then I will get you something. Or something to drink. Whatever you need.” He nodded seriously.
“Will you wear a little white bonnet like a nurse?” You giggled at the sight of him rolling his eyes.
“Will you help me getting ready for bed?” you asked further and he narrowed his eyes at you suspiciously, but nodded.
“Then will you get in the shower with me?” you teased him.
“You are feeling much better already, huh? Maybe we should have the lecture right now,” he said, his face sour.
“Must be the pain meds,” you answered offhandedly and yawned.
“Maybe you should take a nap,” Kazusa suggested and you nodded tiredly.
“Will you stay with me?” you asked when he led you to your bed. Without another word he got into bed with you, waited until you found a comfortable position and then started to gently stroke your back.
“I will always stay with you,” he finally muttered when you dozed off into a dreamless sleep.


There was an awkward pause as both tried to work their way around the current situation. Then the man spoke again. 

“So, what big life decisions did I interrupt?”

Dawn: “So you did hear me then!? And, oy, nosey, I’d rather not talk about them with a maze stranger.”

           “Ok, sorry”

There was another pause while they both thought of something else to say.

           “Alright, fellow maze stranger, how do you know the happy couple?”

Dawn: “The groom’s my brother and the bride’s my best friend, so I know them well. And my name is Dawn, by the way.”

           “Hey, you don’t need to be hiding, you know them in a big way! I’m Tom Madden, your brother’s boss, that room is full of my employees.”

Dawn: “Ah, not so fun! Fine, I’ll let you hang in the maze with me, you have a good excuse!”

Tom: “Thank you.” 

Anytime Babe

Request:  28 “stop laughing and help me for God’s sake” - Minho

Pairing:Minho x Reader

Warnings:None might be a little short

I was waiting for Minho because I had nothing else to do since it wasn’t time for dinner so I did’t have to help Frypan right now. All the runners were back except Minho, he was late. He was never late. I tried to keep the bad thoughts away but there was always those “What ifs”.

I was trying to keep my mind occupied. Trying to not think of it. I was pacing all around the place, talking to people, doing something. I see something walk through the walls. Minho. “What are you doing shank” He called.

I ran across the glade. Which was a long long time but I was so excited to see Minho. He had me so worried.

As I was running I was ready to jump in his arms, until my clumsy self tripped over a root or a log, or something. It hurt, I think I did something to my ankle. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. 

Minho ran to me, concerned all over his face. “Klunk are you okay?”

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine, just can’t get up” He started laughing, clenching his stomach. I was shocked and tried to hide my laughter. His face was red of laughter and I was about to get up and playfully hit him but I forgot about my ankle and I winced in pain.

“Stop laughing and help me for Gods Sake!” I say with a pouty lip.

“Okay, I’m sorry”The next thing I knew I was being carried by Minho bridal style. I wrapped my hands around his neck. “Oh my gosh Minho” I say with a smile and blush on my cheeks.

He took me so Jeff could check it out. I only sprained it. Minho and I kinda just laughed it off. “Thanks for carrying” He just chuckled “Anytime babe” He said pecking my lips. “But if you ever have me that worried and this happens again, I will kill you” I say with a serious tone.