i tried to do something else

I tried to do some training with my eel today. I tried to teach that she would only get fed if she touched her nose to a circular piece of plastic I’d put in. Doing this in an effort to possibly make tank maintenance safer, and to give her something else to do. Right now food just comes “from above,” but I’m interested in teaching her that food can come as a direct result of her actions (hitting a specific target for now).

Now this started pretty easily since Sasha will attack anything that goes in the tank.

Tries 1 & 2: Put plastic circle in, Sasha bites it. Reward (small piece of fish).

Try 3: Sasha realizes the plastic isn’t edible and ignores it. She went back into a cave. Needed to lure her back with the food piece, then touched her nose with the plastic myself. Reward.

Try 4: Very similar to try 3, ignored the plastic at first. However, Sasha came back faster and hit the plastic with her nose herself. Reward.

Tries 5-9: Readily touched her nose to the piece of plastic (note: not biting anymore, realizes it is not edible) whenever it was presented. Reward.

So she sure picked that up fast. I’m excited to see what else I can teach her, and to see if this has an effect on our other non-feeding relations or not.

I used to play back seat therapist so fucking often, and one of the results of that, is that the second my advice isn’t needed, I’ll be ditched and thrown to the ocean. And it’s happened, several times before. Or I’ve attempted to vent and unload my own load of shit on friends, and from their response, it’s clear they don’t care to help, they just want the conversation to go back to happiness. 

And I get that. I do. Hell, I’ve done it- There’s been times where I’m so used to having to give advice and work someone through something, that they’ll start to unload and I’ll have to go ‘Hey, please, not tonight, let’s do something else’, or just try to shut down the conversation immediately. 

But me, who rarely vents. Me, who is always ‘If you need to talk, I’m here.’ Me, who puts on a face and tries to work through my anxiety and stress alone, to finally break and try to work through something maybe once a month and be immediately shut down? It’s horrible. 

It hurts. Because at that point, it’s clear that my problems don’t matter. Yours do, but mine don’t. And it’s not like I’m equipped to handle the emotional load that I’m given- Hell, half the time, this is from friends who are older- By up to ten years.

Most of my friends, we are friends by way of creative interests. And then slowly, I want to help them blossom. I invest myself in my friends, because they’re important. I invest so many of my thoughts and actions on my friends, and when I have found out, in the past, that they aren’t as invested in my well being, that they don’t love me as much, that I’m just a fucking personal free therapist, it’s crushing. It’s horrible. 

And the second my help wasn’t needed was the second I wasn’t PMed so often, or skyped so often. And it’s horrible. I hate it. 

I don’t remember the point I had for this post.

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My boyfriend and I just sort of mutually ended things. He didn't want a girlfriend and said he lost feelings for me last week so I tried to fix things but I couldn't so we just called it off bc I don't want to burden him. Idk how to get over him. I'm a Gemini sun, Aries moon, cancer rising and he's a Gemini sun, sag moon and Virgo rising?

wow you guys are really similar astrologically; im sorry things had to end between you two

the best thing to do is put your mind else where and focus on something else

you cant move on if your always thinking about him so i would suggest hanging out with friends, reading a book, writing, drawing, sports, anything that helps keep your mind off of the breakup


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okay so I promise this is not a troll question or whatever, I just know if I look it up I'll get judged or get stupid answers and I'm 100% serious like idk what else to do my vag has a strong odor all of a sudden and I know douching is bad so what should I do?? I've tried washing with a damp rag but that's not seeming to work... idk if you answer questions like this but if you decide to can you delete it like an hour later so it's not on your blog

This is actually a good question considering so many people don’t get proper sex/health education.

The thing about vaginas is, it could literally be nothing, or it could be something devastating.

First off, vaginas are supposed to smell like vaginas. There’s a silly post going around tumblr that says something like, “vaginas aren’t supposed to smell like mangoes” and it’s totally true. Vaginas have a distinct scent.

The odor you’re having could be something typical like a change in your pH balance, something you ate recently, or even just the heat. You could also have a yeast infection. People with vaginas often think that all yeast infections include itching, discharge, and burning, but that isn’t true. A simple yeast infection might not have any other symptoms. If it lasts more than a few days, or you do see new symptoms, try an OTC vaginal cream, or make a quick doctor’s appointment.

It could also be caused by sexual activity. If you recently had sex after no sexual contact for a while, it could cause changes. If you’ve used dirty fingers or toys, it could do the same. Or it could be a simple reaction to friction.

On the less simple side, it could be connected to STD/STI, so if this is a possibility, get tested immediately and be cautious while having sex. It could also mean something serious like cysts, tumors, scarring, etc. For example, I have endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome… I don’t ever get odor, but sometimes I will have a mild abnormal discharge because of it. Before I was diagnosed, I just thought it was typical.

Vaginas are totally scary, and anyone with a vagina needs to keep up on gyno appointments, at least once a year. If your problem persists or worsens, see a doctor as soon as possible, especially if you can’t get rid of it with a good cream.

Hope this helped.

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Never let your water in the sun!! It's really bad! (Last pic you posted)

Why would it be bad? Something with the glass?

I tried to google it but the main results are “why sun water is good for you” and “sun water/the best energy drink ever”.

I’ll do further research, but if you (or anyone else) could explain it to me, it would be awesome.

seventeen during a blackout

seungcheol: tries to reassure everyone that the electricity will come back soon

jeonghan: stays frozen on the floor while hugging a pillow

jisoo: starts playing his guitar and simultaneously singing about the blackout

hansol: begins to walk in the dark and says, “oh my god!” everytime he bumps into something

seungkwan: takes the opportunity to begin narrating his horror stories

chan: the one that instantly jumps onto someone’s back as soon as the lights go out

wonwoo: too busy listening to My Chemical Romance to even acknowledge what was happening

mingyu: constantly tries to press the lightswitch on and off to see if the electricity already came back

minghao: the one sitting down on the couch and patiently waits for the electricity to return

junhui: the one that says, “don’t worry guys; i’m here to protect you―wait, I think I heard a mouse!” and frantically locks himself up in the nearest room

jihoon: is actually sleeping on the couch and is completely oblivious to what’s happening

soonyoung: the one that grabs a blanket, puts it over his head, and pretends to be a ghost

seokmin: the one that hurries to get the candles but holds it too close to his face and freaks everyone out

Title: Puzzle
Part: 1
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 2841
Summary: AU. Naruto and Hinata have been working across from each other for quite some time but haven’t even talked once.

A/N: I wanted to write something but couldn’t. So I edited one of my old drafts. Here is a little fluff for you. (Actually I could do another chapter for this from Hinata’s point of view but I’m not sure. You guys tell me if you want one.)
[Next Part]

The bus was as full as always and Naruto’s head bobbed back and forth in the rhythm of the bumpy roads. The rays of the sun had heated the inside of the vehicle to a temperature, where Naruto tried his best to not get in direct contact with anyone else, since his own sweat was uncomfortable enough to bear. It was unusually quiet for a public transport, as it seemed like the summer weather sucked out peoples’ energy.

Four times a week he had to take the bus downtown, where he currently worked part-time at a ramen shop to payoff his tuition fees. His general love for the soupy delicacy had led him to this job, which he was, without any complains, all round happy with. No work appeared to be better than the place where he would be surrounded by the scent of his favorite dish all the time.

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Tony: Okay Y/N, now it’s your turn.

You: No. No. I’m not gonna be able to do it.

Clint: C'mon.

Sam: C'mon Y/N.

Bruce: Everyone else has tried.

Sam: C'mon babe.

Natasha: Yeah. Just try it.

Giving into peer pressure, you stood up and rubbed your hands together. You grasped your hands around the handle as tight as you could. You weren’t expecting that when you pulled it back with all your might for it to go flying past your shoulder and into something made of glass.

You stared around at the rest of them with wide eyes as well. Thor began to lift his arm before you went:
You: Wait.

You lifted up your own arm and held out your hand as the hammer came flying back into your palm again.

You: This is so cool.
You jumped up and down like a child on Christmas Day, wearing a massive grin on your face.

Tony: Okay, something weird is going on here. How come she gets to lift it and I don’t?

Thor: Well, isn’t it obvious? The only ones worthy enough here are me and
Thor winked at you as your threw it back to him. You went and slouched down on the sofa, snuggling into Steve’s side.

You: You’re doing that thing where you clench your jaw again.
You mumbled to him. He kissed the top of your head and sighed.

Steve: You better not run off to become Queen of Asgard with Goldilocks over there.
He muttered back as you giggled.

You: Sorry to disappoint but I only have eyes for one blonde, and that’s you.

  • *Gets to the angst of a fanfic*
  • Me:Holy Shit! Fuck! Hell No! I Am Done With This!
  • *Puts phone down for a good 5 minutes*
  • Me:Everything will eventually be fine. Might as well get it over with right?
  • *Picks up phone and continues to read*
  • Me:I can't even! Why?!
  • *Puts phone down and tries to entertain myself with something else. It's now 3 am in the morning and I can't sleep*
  • Me:Fuck, I'm like sleep deprived and I'm sure it won't hurt as much anyways.
  • *Continues to read and tries not to scream or throw my phone across the room and cries silently*
  • Me:Jesus Christ! Fuck! My heart! Lord help me!

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Wait what's going on are all the furries on a mass exodus somewhere?

Let’s see, it all started yesterday when trolls posing as artist or commissioners started attacking popular furry blogs here on tumblr. shadow-the-kitsune-coffeeshop got flagged 4 times and got taken down for “copyright reasons” soon the replacement shadow-the-kitsune-cafe got hit and taken down for the same reason. soon wolfkinz got hit, then Fudge the otter got terminated. Now they are attacking Shadow’s main blog and will soon face a downfall. we tried to see if tumblr can doing anything about it but they have a “Shoot First Ask Questions Later” policy when it comes to copyright, so you cant do anything to defend yourself without going to court over it.

So like them and myself we are leaving this shitty blogging platform to something else. we have not decided on the new home just yet, but the temp location is at soup.io but we are thinking of going to somewhere else like twitter, facebook, or another platform. I will keep you guys updated.

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Exo and shinee reaction to their gf having really bad period cramps to where it hurts to move? Thanks!

I actually already did this one for shinee here!
Xiumin: “Come here babe, do this feel any better?”

Luhan: “Jesus christ how do you handle this every month?”

Kris: “Soo y/n, I’m going out, do you need me to pick you anything up?? Call me if you need me, okay?“

Suho: “Do cramps always hurt this much?” *kinda concerned* "Do you need anything??“

Lay: *at the store trying to find something to make you feel better* “Don’t hot bags work good?? Should I get some Tylenol??”

Baekhyun: *tries to make you feel better by telling a joke* *laughs at his own joke*

Chen: "Well I bought you some chocolates and ice cream, but idk how much that’ll help.” *laughs because he doesn’t know what else to say*

Chanyeol: “And you have to deal with this every month??”

D.O: *kinda awkwardly sits there* “Do you uh…need anything babe?”

Tao: “I saw somewhere the herbal tea helps, so I picked some up for you on the way home. I also bought some Tylenol just in case that didn’t help.”  *super caring and would love taking care of you*

Kai: *walks in the room* "Y/n~,I brought you a hot water bag, let me know if you need anything else!” *‘god how does she live with this???’*

Sehun: “I brought you a blanket and some food. Maybe we could watch a movie or something?” *also enjoys taking care of you*

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Let's say that Mamoru and the mc had been friends all their life. And at one point, the mc gets a partner and then they break up. And the only one really there for mc is Mamoru. Okay, well, let's say that when comforting her one night leads to something else. What was it like? And you don't have to do this :) I just thought it was an interesting idea. And also, you are amazing at writing and I love you. *hug*

At Last - Mamoru Kishi

“I’m such an idiot.” You muttered to yourself under your breath. Of course he wouldn’t be awake, it was past midnight. Or he is awake, a small voice thought in the back of your head, and he just doesn’t want to see you. Gritting your teeth against the negative thoughts, you tried to peek into the apartment through the window. There were no lights on and not a sound could be heard from within. You would’ve turned around and left as soon as you suspected nobody was home but… You had nowhere else to go.

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  • Me:*tries to write*
  • Me:*writes two paragraphs*
  • Me:fRICK
  • Me:*goes back to watching cartoons*

Editing your icons is hard. Well, maybe not hard, but extremely time consuming, and you could definitely be doing something else (like writing) with the time you spend fixing your icons to match. But that’s no more! In this simple Photoshop tutorial I’ll be explaining to you how to BATCH EDIT YOUR ICONS, using Photoshop’s amazing automatic tools!

What You Need:

  • Base icons, saved in an specific folder. (make sure to make a back-up if you want to keep the base icons!)
  • Photoshop (CS4 or up, but I haven’t tried it on lower than CS4, maybe it’ll work too).

Please like or reblog if you find this useful. Now, onto the read more!

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Can we stop with the "keep doing it, it makes X uncomfortable" ? Just on a social level, what kind of fucked up person enjoys making other people uncomfortable? If youre getting an ego trip off of forcing someone else into an uncomfortable position for your own amusement, there may be something more to it...


(Although there was a passive aggressive bully at work who tried to make me stop eating cream buns* because they were on a diet. I ate cream buns for a month after that. I felt bad for being passive aggressive back, but they never tried to stop me eating what I wanted again). 

-Roma One

*wasn’t actually cream buns, but it was something of that ilk.