i tried to do something cute and nice but well

  • Remus Lupin is a history teacher with too many jumpers and probably unhealthy obsession over his cat. He lives in a little bubble of quietness and calmness and, most of the time, he loves it. Besides work and rare meetings with Lily and Alice he barely goes out, spending his evenings with books and Starfall (who is a big and puffy black cat). Remus’s 28th birthday is in a week, but he doesn’t expect much of it. Of course, he’s wrong. 
  • Three days before his birthday Remus sleeps in as usual, goes to work as usual, visits a bookstore as usual and helps a possibly crazy guy hide behind the shelves in that bookstore, which is rather unusual. 
  • He is just browsing through a few poetry books, trying to choose one, when he hears arguing voices downstairs. One of the voices sounds like Marlene’s, an owner of the store. After five minutes of a hushed, angry conversation Remus sees a body quickly climbing up the stairs. He witnessed a lot of weird things in that bookstore, mostly because Marlene herself is weird as hell, so he’s not really surprised. He is kinda surprised when the body throws itself onto him, whispering something. 
  • “Hide me! Oh, come on, hide me real quick!” it turns out to be. And the body turns out to be a man Remus distantly recognises, Marlene must have introduced them to each other. What was his name again? Something with stars. 
  • “What?” he finally manages to answer, watching as the man already tries to fit into the small gap between a row of shelves and a wall. “Okay, what are you doing?” 
  • The man just raises his eyebrows as if Remus is the one being ridiculous right now. 
  • “Hiding,” he says and puts a book over his head. Honestly, he looks like a crazy dwarf, yet Remus can’t help but think he’s cute. I-do-weird-shit-for-a-living-but-it’s-okay-because-I-have-a-nice-smile cute. 
  • “Well, I don’t think you’re doing great. I still can see you.” 
  • “Exactly!” the man smiles with somehow maniacal passion. “So, you’re going to stand right in front of me, like a body shield. Yes, perfect.” 
  • “Okaaay,” Remus hums, resigning himself to the madness. He doesn’t move though and the guy taps his foot against the floor impatiently. This is when Remus hears footsteps on the stairs again. He doesn’t get to choose what to do because the next moment he is literally being dragged in front of the crazy stranger. 
  • Marlene calmly appears upstairs with her arms crossed over her chest and gives the room a terrifying glare. Remus starts understanding why the man wanted to hide. He suddenly wants to hide somewhere himself. 
  • “Where is he?” she asks and Remus immediately moves to the side, revealing the hiding one. In his defence, Marlene looks murderous.
  • “Traitor!” the man whispers angrily. Remus shrugs. 
  • “Sirius,” Marlene rolls her eyes and goes back downstairs. Remus can feel that Sirius should follow her if he wants to live. But Sirius must be immortal because he stays where he is, moving only to put the book from his head on the shelf. 
  • He smiles and tries to playfully lean on the wall. It looks more awkward than attractive because he is indeed trapped between the wall and the bookshelves. Remus laughs softly. 
  • “I kinda remember you. Remus, is it?” Sirius says anyway. 
  • “Yes,” Remus answers, blushing now. He really didn’t think Sirius wouldn’t forget their short meeting. “And you must be Sirius?” 
  • That’s a stupid question and Remus regrets it as soon as the words leave his mouth, but Sirius just grins. 
  • “I am. So, what were you doing here today?” 
  • “It’s a bookstore,” Remus deadpans. 
  • “I see,” Sirius is still grinning and at this point Remus can’t decide if it’s a good sign or not. “What do you usually do in a bookstore?” 
  • “Buy books?” 
  • Remus hates that his words don’t sound half as confidently as they are supposed to. 
  • “Boring. What do you usually do when you’re not in a bookstore?” Sirius asks, tilting his head to the side and bumping into the wall. Remus snorts, both at his face and at the most ridiculous question in his life. 
  • “What do you mean?” 
  • “Never mind, I have a new question. It’s a good one. What do you usually do on Fridays?” 
  • “Work.” 
  • “And after work?” 
  • “Work some more.” 
  • “Yikes. But when you finally stop working?” 
  • “I don’t know, nothing,” Remus shrugs. 
  • “Great. I mean, not great, but great for me. Forget, that doesn’t sound right either. You’re free this Friday then?” he waits until Remus nods and continues. “Do you want to go out this Friday? I mean, with me.“ 
  • Remus stares. Blinks. Then stares some more. He can’t remember the last time someone asked him out (possibly because he can’t remember the last time he talked to someone who could be interested in him either). Finally, when Sirius starts looking nervous, Remus starts nodding frantically. 
  • “Yes! I mean… yeah. Yes.” 
  • Sirius opens his mouth, but before he can say anything there’s shouting again. 
  • “Black! If you don’t come here right now, I swear..” 
  • “I think you better go,” Remus chuckles. 
  • “Maybe,” Sirius grins cheekily and slowly starts making his way to the stairs. 
  • “By the way, what were you fighting about?” Remus answers before he can disappear. 
  • “Balloons,” Sirius says as if it explains everything and his smile is so radiant Remus believes that it does. 
  • Sirius gives him a small wave. “See you then. I think Marlene may have your number. Can I ask her to give it to me?” 
  • “Yes. Yes, you can. See you, Sirius.” 
  • Remus brings zero books home, but he’s still unapologetically excited. He remembers that Friday is his birthday and it might turn out to be the best one he’s had in years. 
  • It is. 
  • “I can’t believe you took me to an amusement park.” 
  • “Shhhh.”
“Well now, that’s too tragic isn’t?” - Verkwan humor/fluff

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(they are so cute i can’t. my heart)

It wasn’t everyday when Seungkwan felt like cooking or baking something, but on this particular day he felt like doing something nice to his members. When they weren’t pracitcing or recording he tried to find something easy yet delicious to bake, something that was enough for all of them. He didn’t want to order it, but make it with his two hands. He even asked some of the members’ opinions on what he should do.

But as he stood in the kitchen with all the ingredients out, he noticed that something was missing - he got everything out though? He sighed, maybe there’s more baking soda in one of the many cabinets of the kitchen, or he’ll just ask one of them to hurry and get more. But there were none. He sighed when Vernon stepped into the kitchen, curiously looking at the other male but not saying a word. He sat down beside the counter where everything was placed on. Since he know the others had expectations, so did Vernon, he didn’t want to disappoint anyone and get teased by Vernon for forgetting something as important as baking soda. Maybe the muffins would work out without it?

Vernon knew very well where were the baking soda packs. It was him who stole them not long ago, when he came for water. He appreciated Seungkwan’s idea, but it was a chance to prank him and he won’t give it up. They were in his jeans’ backpocket, but he didn’t notice that as he sat down the packaging peeked out from it - so Seungkwan could easily notice it.

A pout was playing on Seungkwan’s lips, he was thinking about what could replace the baking soda - maybe salt? It looks a bit like baking soda… He left the batter to search in the fridge, maybe he put it there when he got the milk and chocolate out. Nothing. He shut the door of the fridge, and he noticed something familiar in Vernon’s pocket.

- Don’t you want to tell me something, Hansol? - he looked at him suspiciously.

- Me? Not really. - a nonchalant smile was playing on his lips.

- Haven’t you seen a couple packs of baking soda? They should be around here.

- Wait, so you forgot the baking soda? What did you think - the muffins would grow without it? - Hansol giggled.

Seungkwan was already worried and stressed enough without the younger’s teasing, he took two long strides before he was behind Vernon, reaching for his backpocket. But the boy knew well what Seungkwan wanted, so he got up quickly, walking backwards. His back hit the cabinet behind him. Seungkwan followed him fast enough to slide his hand behind Vernon, but the force Vernon pressed himself against the cabinet was painful enough for him to cry out.

And maybe it wasn’t the best time for Dino to get a bottle of water with some snacks.

- Give them back now, I need it! - whined Seungkwan, still trying to pull out his hand.

Dino just stood there for a while, shaking his head while jiggling at his hyungs’ antics before grabbing what he wanted and leaving. 

- This way I’ll never finish the muffins!

-Well now, that’s too tragic isn’t it? - a heartfelt laugh left his lips, but he wasn’t ready for Seungkwan to pull his hand away all of a sudden and his body slipped down. He fell to his butt, the baking soda falling out of his pocket. Seungkwan grabbed them and went straight to the bowl, not even giving a glance to Vernon, who now was pouting on the floor.

- You won’t even help me up, hyung?

Vernon knew that Seungkwan was sulking, but he found it cute - as his lips pouted, eyebrows knitting together and a serious expression took over his features. He got up, slowly walked to Seungkwan who was trying hard to ignore the other male, but failed when he backhugged him, resting his chin on top of his shoulder. He blushed and almost dropped the spoon he was holding, but let him do it as he tried to finish what he started.


  • *at a weapons shop*
  • Neji: How about this one?
  • Tenten: Have it.
  • Neji: This one?
  • Tenten: Have it. You know, you normally don't bring the person your shopping for with you.
  • Neji: I don't want to get you a weapon you already have, plus who can even keep track of all the weapons you have?!
  • Tenten: I can.
  • Neji: Shut up. This one?
  • Tenten: *gasp* Oh my God!
  • Neji: *perks up* You don't have this one?!
  • Tenten: No I do I just wanted to screw with you.
  • Neji: ....
  • *later that night*
  • Tenten: Well that was a nice dinner! I guess we should call it a night!
  • Neji: Wait, I got you something.
  • Tenten: Did you find a weapon that I don't have?
  • Neji: *hands Tenten a scroll* Why don't you find out.
  • Tenten: *opens the scroll revealing a small box* A ring...Neji what are you...?
  • Neji: *down on one knee* Do you have this one yet?
The diary of a man who tried on a long skirt first time.

Ok, I’m alone. What could I do? I’m in a kitchen, and I must eat something. Ok…Boring. But…wait a minute..what’s this on a chair? Oh, I see. My girlfriend’s long skirt, she wore it yesterday, when we went to dinner. She was amazing…Oh how cute she was in this skirt…This skirt looked great on her, it’s nice and flowy, it spins so well, when she turned to me…Oh wait a minute…Nooo, no way. I don’t try it on. I’m a man. It’s not necessary. But…she doesn’t go home until evening. Nobody is at home, so who doesn’t even care. Just a joke…Ok, let’s start.

1. hour: Ohhh…well. So I’m wearing my girlfriend’s skirt. I hoped that I don’t rip it, but it fits me, because of the rhinestone waist. Oh…strange feeling. This skirt for my girlfriend ends to her toe, so it ends for me to my ankle. Strange…but even cool. So cool. I shake my hips a little…and it flows…so cool!

2. hour: Okay. So I’m in a skirt…let’s start a twirl! One…two…three…Whohoooooooooo….Ooooh, so nice! How flies that skirt, so cool! Spin again…Whohooooohoooo…what a crazy kind of game…Whohoooo….

3. hour: So hot in here…I don’t need that shirt…and underpants…Just only this skirt, nothing else…Oh, great! What can i do? Everything! I make a lunch. Just me and my skirt on. Oh…Did i really say “my” skirt? Exactly. So start making a meal for me and for my amazing girlfriend.

4. hour: The meal is ready. I almost went mad, my skirt spins so nicely while i working in the kitchen…Ahhh, what a freedom I’ve never had! I go crazy. I never ever want to wear pants again. 

5. hour: Does she have any skirts like this? Oh God…so many. Long dresses and long skirts she doesn’t show for me? Why? She was afraid to tell she like them, and the men loves women only in miniskirts? Oh shit…I want to tell her, that she’s beautiful in long skirts too…But I want to try them on first…Oh God…beautiful…

6. hour: My girlfriend arrived home, and suddenly she saw that her boyfriend tried on her skirts, and checked him in her maxi dress too. I think she was not mad…but laughed at me so loud. Ehm. “It’s not fair” - I said. “You can wear anything you want” “Why, did i say anytime that you never could wear my skirts? That’s only what you think” said to me, a gave a kiss to me. I love her.

Echo (2/2)

Title: Echo
Rating: T (For mental illness, mentions of abuse)
Characters: Huamn!Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Summary:Human AU— John Smith is a hurt man with a bad past and very little hope for the future. But Rose Tyler isn’t about to be scared away by his demons.
Notes: As mentioned in the rating, this story does get into mental illness — specifically depression, anxiety, and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). The mentions of abuse will come later. But if any of that makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the story for you.
I also recommend you listen to Echo by Jason Walker (which I obviously borrowed the title from) because A) it’s an excellent song and B) I think it fits John.
*****WARNINGS: Mental disorders, anxiety, depression, mentions of child abuse, cancer*****


John bolted up with a sharp gasp, chest heaving as he tried to gather his breath. His face and sheets were soaked with sweat, twisted around his body.

Not a good way to start the morning he was starting his new job.

He picked up his phone to check the time, and smiled a bit when he saw a text waiting for him from Rose. Good luck today. Text if you need anything.

She had been so understanding about all of this. He hadn’t switched again since they’d talked, something he was extremely grateful for, but it had been a stressful few weeks and even without switching it was still obvious he wasn’t in the best place.

He dragged himself out of bed, running a hand through his hair as he stumbled to the shower to get ready.

He needed to look good today.

* * * * *

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Snow Angel *Nash Grier Imagine*

You rolled over in your bed to the sound of your boyfriends alarm going off “Nash either get up or shut that off”  You told him because you didn’t have to be up so early and you just wanted to sleep


“Shhh babe” He said pulling the blanket over your face, you pushed it off you then said “Make your alarm shhh”


You figured since you were up already you might as well stay up so you threw the blankets off you and got out of bed


“Where’re you going?” He asked you while finally shutting his alarm off “Nowhere, I figured there is no point in going back to sleep” “If you say so”


You walked over to your window and pulled open the blinds “Oh wow, um hey Nash?” “What?” “What exactly were you planning on doing today?” “Just filming some stuff with Hayes why?” “I don’t think you’ll be doing that today” You told him looking out the window at the street as well as the sidewalk that was covered in snow.


“What are you…oh zayum” he said walking up behind you and you laughed “Yeah” “Well I’m gunna go shower then make a few phone calls” he told you before kissing your cheek “Don’t miss me too much” You playfully rolled your eyes “I’ll try”


You went downstairs and decided to attempt to make breakfast.


20 minutes later Nash had come downstairs “Y/N what are you doing?” You sighed “Well I was trying to make breakfast but as you can see it didn’t work out” “It never does babe but it was cute that you tried” “Thanks Nash that means so much to me” you said turning around to face him.


“Y/N I’ll stick to cereal” he told you while opening the cabinet that you kept the cereal in “Excuse me for trying to do something nice for my boyfriend” “And I appreciate it all I’m saying is that I wouldn’t appreciate it so much if you burned the house down”


You sighed and went and sat at the table


“So I’m guessing you’re staying home today?”  “Yup just me and you baby” Nash said while sitting in the chair across from you “It’s been awhile” “Y/N” “What?” “Don’t start this” “I’m not starting anything I was just saying”


You two often fought over him never being home and you never getting to see him that much even though you live together.

An hour later you were now showered and dressed and sitting on the couch going thru your twitter timeline.


@Y/T/N:Finally getting a day where it’s just me and the bae @Nashgrier


“So what do you wanna do today?” You looked up at your boyfriend and shrugged


Nash came and laid on the couch next to you with his head on your lap looked up at you and said “That’s a lie Y/N, you always say you wanna do stuff with me and now you have the chance and you can’t think of anything?” “We can’t go out so I’ve got nothing”


Everything and everyone was pretty much snowed in so it’s not like you could have gone out just to the mall or something.


“I’ve got an idea” he said while sitting up and then standing up and pulling you up with him “And that would be?” “We are gunna go play in the snow” “You’re kidding?” “Nope” “No ew I hate getting wet” you whined “I can make you wet without even getting outside” “Nash!” he laughed “You know it’s true”


Before you could say anything to that you were being dragged outside.


“Nash its freezing” “Don’t be so boring Y/N” “I’m not” “Then shut up and join me” “No” You hated snow or getting your clothes wet


Before you could decide what you were gunna do snow was thrown in your face


“I hate you” You said wiping it off your face “C’mon Y/N lets make snow angels no wait Do you wanna build a snow man?”

You laughed “You did not just sing that”  “Yes I did now come on”


You sighed finally giving in and walking down the stairs toward him but as you got closer to Nash you slipped on ice and landed on top of him for whatever reason being this close to him made you nervous and you didn’t know why you’d be dating for almost three years


You laughed “S-Sorry” you said while going to get off him but he stopped you “Stay” “But-” He silenced you with a kiss “I love you” that made You smile and say  “Love you too” “We should stay like this forever” you kissed him “I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t like 3 degrees out” “But when I’m with you nothing else matters” “You’re so corny but I love it”

Then unexpectedly he pushed you off him and into the snow


“Oh my god that’s so cold!”


Nash laughed at you so you whined and said “Don’t laugh!” “Hey you pushed me and I fell that hurt and it was cold so if I wanna laugh at you I will” “So mean” “Only because I love you babe”


You stood up “That’s weird love”


As you were walking away you were grabbed by the waist “No Nash don’t” but you were already back on the ground “Ugh I hate you so much” “It’s not good to lie Y/N” “Whatever”


He kissed you “I love you my little snow angel” “Wow wonder where you got that one from?” “It just came to me” You giggled then kissed him again


You were so happy that he had to stay home today because you really had missed spending time just the two of you usually now because his schedule was so crazy if you hung out it was always with someone not that you minded so much but you wanted alone time like anyone would.


You spend a few hours outside playing in the snow like two little kids and just enjoying each other for the first time in a really long time


You sighed and thought to yourself

Thank you Mother Nature

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May I request a cap imagine where he and the reader are close friends but he loves her and he always tells her in French but she doesn't understand until one day he finally does thank you

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The gif isn’t relevant, or mine, it’s just hot you’re welcome.


HI ANON YES YOU CAN! It’s going to be short but I hope you like it! Translations will be in brackets because it’s much easier! My french is actually French-Canadian french so I hope that doesn’t throw anyone off but I’m too lazy to type everything into Google translate so you’re getting my french weird french instead. Hopefully my grammar is ok? 

French Steve is like, my dream Steve because we would talk shit about the other Avengers/Their drama together and no one would understand (Except maybe Nat because she probably speaks it tbh)

“Tu es plue belle de les étolies dans le ciel. (You are more beautiful than the stars in the sky.)

You giggled like a small child, “It’s just so mesmerizing when you talk like that! Can Bucky do it too?”

Steve smiled up at you, his head lay in your lap and the two of you were sprawled on the couch. The movie you’d started watching was playing on the TV, but the two of you ignored it completely now. The main character had made a joke in French and since you knew Steve spoke it, you started pestering him to say things over and over because you liked his accent.

“Yeah, Bucky’s not too bad.” He shrugged, “He can’t do the accent very well, but he tries.”

You laughed. His attempt at being nice about his best friend was cute. “So basically his French is shit.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“But you didn’t disagree!” You argued with a grin, “Come on, say something else!”

His bit his lip in thought, trying to figure out what to say next. “Um…Quand tu n’es pas avec moi, mon coeur souffre pour tu. (When you’re not with me my heart aches/suffers for you.)”

“Wow Rogers, you could pick up some serious chicks with that kind of talk!” You teased ruffling his hair and the cheekily poking his forehead.

He blushed, a shy smile reaching his lips. “Unfortunately she’d have to understand it or she’d be completely clueless as to what I’m trying to tell her.”

“Eh,” You made a face. “That part is important too but I just think that maybe the accent is enough to get them to swoon.”

“It sure seems to make you swoon.” He pointed out with another shy smile. 

You’re face got slightly hot because you couldn’t really disagree. “Yeah, well…French is a very romantic language…”

Steve sat up, and pulled you closer until you were practically on his lap. “Je adore vos yeux, elles sont très belles.”

You legs fell to either side of his lap and your arms slowly made their way around his neck. You bit your lip, “What does that mean?”

I love your beautiful eyes.”

Your eyes slightly widened, surprised that he had said something so sweet to you. He was smiling brightly, his lips looking so soft and inviting. You leaned in slightly, not even thinking twice about what you were doing.

“Tu es magnifique. (You’re gorgeous.)” He breathed, his face a mere inches from yours.

“Ok,” You blurted cluelessly, pulling him forward and smashing your lips against his roughly. The two of you made out for almost an hour on the couch, neither of you able to stop. 

The truth is, Steve was hot but he was also one of your best friends and you’d never really thought - much - about kissing him. You didn’t want to ruin anything. But now that it happened there was no stopping it, you were falling hardcore for America’s Sweetheart.

“Je t’aime.” He whispered against your lips, you knew what that meant. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You pulled away breathlessly, a huge grin plastered on your face. “Oui.”

Je t’aime = I love you + Oui = yes, aha

That was fun! Hope you liked it!!

It’s Not A Date

I disappeared for a little bit due to storms, orientations, and a sickness on Friday and Saturday, but I’m back! I’m a little out of practice since I have spent the past few weeks not writing. I still hope this fic suffices, nonetheless.

Word Count: 1,634
Prompt Filled For: Unknown
Blog: Solangelo 
Prompt: “Sally Jackson is helping Nico get ready to go somewhere with Will but he keeps insisting it isn’t a date and she’s like ‘suuuure'”

I apologize for the lateness of this!

If this isn’t what you were hoping for, let me know.

The Stolls, some artillery fireworks laced with magic, and lighters.

A combination of those three things was how Nico ended up staying with Sally Jackson for a month.

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Samurai Flamenco Chara Talks - track 3

And track 3 is done. Hurray!! In this one they have to confess their love. It’s really cute until it becomes hilarious. Masayoshi pls don’t ever do that. Your naked confession worked better.

Don’t forget to listen to the actual thing (you can easily find downloads for them~)

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I noticed that like all of Suga's requests are NSFW, and well, can we just have something really cute and fluffy with Suga? IDK what, but it'd be nice to have something innocent and sweet with him. Head cannons are good. Your blog is bae lots of love kisses :D

I tried something a little different with this one since I sort of got free reign. I saw a few other blogs doing letters, especially with Valentine’s Day. And I thought I’d give it a shot. So, here goes! (Also, I did go with my signature pet name with him, which is female-oriented, I’m sorry if that wasn’t what you wanted!)

My beautiful girl,

Putting a pen to paper and attempting to describe exactly what it is you are to me is like trying to summarize the constellations. My love for you is as vast as the night sky, outstretched and endless, daunting and yet somehow so comforting. Such unknown depths aren’t so frightening when I know that it is all because of you.

Perhaps I cannot truly put to words how much I love you. But I will try. For you, I will try. Because with you by my side, I can do anything.

My beautiful girl, I have loved you from the moment I met you, from the second you stepped into my life. I cannot help but thank Daichi every day for introducing us that fateful winter evening. Your face was pink from the cold, your fingers trembling, hair matted down under your hat from a day spent frolicking in the snow.

You were absolutely perfect.

I also have to give a profound thanks to Tanaka for putting your life in danger on the ice rink, if only so that I could save the day by literally sweeping you off your feet.

Because, my beautiful girl, every day with you, I feel as though I’m being swept off my feet as well. The ebbing tide takes me away. I have lost control of myself. All I know is how much I love you. I am a man broken, a man in love.

You are like coming up for air after being trapped underwater for so long. The burning in my lungs, the sweet relief—you give me life. Every morning, when I wake up with you nestled beside me, I feel like I can take on the world. Like you have breathed the air back into me. Like I am invincible. All because of you.

But not only that, we are also invincible together. We have fought and conquered countless hardships—semesters spent apart at separate colleges, your job taking you overseas, my parents not consenting to our engagement. And yet here we are. Stronger together than we ever were apart. Invincible.

You have chosen to take me as your husband, with all my imperfections and shortcomings. I’ll never be able to fathom how I could get so lucky. And I can only hope—no, pray—that you will continue to love me and give me your strength.

Because with you by my side, beautiful girl, I can do anything.

Yours forever,
Sugawara Koushi