i tried to do one of those screencap redraws


Screencap redraw | Yami from S0 ep. 1 + 6

pic: “This here is eleven.” (Kocchi wa Juuichi.)
pic: “True strength… do you know where it comes from?” (Hontou no tsuyosa… Doko kara kuru monda kao?)

Here’s another set of redraws of Yami Yugi from season 0.
Jesus, when was the last time I did those.

I am somehow not very satisfied with this one, as it’s harder this time to listen with full attention to the audio, and make sure everything is according to the real dialogues of the anime. I tried my best, though. Also, I realized something with the Japanese dub of the first episode: There is a tiny mistake in the sentence for the screenshot I redrew.
We hear Yami say: “Kocchi wa juusan.”, which actually means ‘This here is thirteen.“, but he holds a Diamond Jack in his hand. 
I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I decided to change it to 11, just so that it would fit.