i tried to do like overlay with it but it didnt work

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Hi! I really love your art and style and literally everything about it omg. You are my idol! but I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind: How do you choose the colors you're going to use together because you use colors that are like the completely opposite but somehow they always look amazing after you've blended them. When I tried this, it looked like satan threw up a rainbow. Do you have any tips for me? ~ a very thankful anon :) (I'm sorry my english isn't the best)

LOL why thankyou!!!! tbh i used to rely a hell lot on overlay layers to harmonise my colours after i was done with them but warm colours always came naturally to me?? reading about colour theory didnt help me much either bc i’m someone who just relies on trial and error and going with your gut feeling.

you could try to get a sense of the range of hues that you natural find yourself gravitating towards and start small? just like how i used to just rely on and explore red:

and now pastel/peach!