i tried to do it in keeping with the manga

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Wrath and tsurugi?¿

I found my old sketch and decided to color it~ but added some nonsense too.


i’m sry i tried 2 b serious.

This is another OLD ask, from when I asked for quick pair suggestions. But I got this one after I closed them the day before, yet I still wanted to do it. UGH. But then ALL THE EVENTS IN THE MANGA HAPPENED and I was(and still am) afraid to get my hopes uppppp AHHH. HELPPP. let them be wrath pair come onnnnnnnn.


i did not plan on doing so much on this ugh

manga spoilers//

sometimes i remember how the manga just keeps going on like normal, but what if sometimes…just sometimes shigeo is hit with a crushing feeling and all he can answer is, “I don’t know.” 

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Help!! I draw a lot and I really want to pick up a style and perfect it, but I can't figure out which one. I draw Anime but I also want to get into semi- cartoonistic/realistic drawings. Do you have any style master lists or advice? Thanks

Hi there, @theoverobserver, thank you for the excellent question!

I would say you should draw whatever you like, and in whatever style you like. However, I really think it’s essential to keep practicing all kinds of styles until you find your own niche. 

 Experimentation is truly key to developing your own, signature style. In fact, it may be fun to draw one character in multiple styles, trying to create multiple iterations with varying levels of realism. 

For instance, I started drawing manga style, but then slowly tried increasing my realism, and found out that while I like manga at times, I mostly love to draw realistic/semi realistic characters. 

You could go search through sites like deviantart/behance and try to find artists you like, and then see if that’s what you’d like your art to be influenced by. This can be a useful exercise, but I do think it’s important to try and create your own style, not copy someone else’s. 

I don’t think style is something you can perfect quickly, and I think being flexible and dynamic will help your art improve in the long run. 

Hopefully this helped you somewhat!

Handpicked Further Reading/Resources: 

  • Stunning artist on dA, FOERVRAENGD / @foervraengd [ follow them!! ] has the greatest series of tutorials ever, and seems to be what you’re looking for: 

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Hey-ho ive been so confused, maybe you can help since you love him so much, but, why is lawer kara so???? He just looks??? insane???? And crazy and nervous and???????????

i’ve never heard of lawyer karamatsu in my life! 

i’ve actually thought about this a lot hggk. i guess because this was one of the earliest examples of karamatsu’s character being wildly different and over the top? i mean you’ve got stuff like

and the fact he keeps getting carried away, rambling, talking excessively/quickly and zoning out (dreaming about holding hands with a girl for… i think it was 2 minutes).

and he tries to kill ichimatsu no less than 3 times. 

for fanart it kinda evolved the way things normally do: one person changed the canon design a little, and it was like “woah! that looks nice!” and other people incorporated it until it was widespread. it was fun to over-exaggerate things fr the sake of a #look.png! the eye thing came from early pixiv fanart since… it just looked nice, it’s a common manga trope, and it’s running with the complementary colour thing.

HE’S ACTUALLY PRETTY NORMAL.. … just uh, pushed to an extreme. 

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So I have never ever done this before cause I'm kind of shy, but I absolutely love your art. And I love MHA so when I saw you would like some MHA asks I decided to give it a try. So maybe Kaminari E3? I hope you have an awesome week! And good luck with your work!

Awww don’t be shy anon, I won’t bite! Here you go!

You asked so nicely, sorry it’s a bit messy ^^;;; I’m settling back into digital drawing after having to keep from doing it…more than a week? Thank you for the sweet words! My week is better now that I’m free from school =v= I hope you have a lovely week as well!

Sleepy ask meme (which is still open for MHA asks I guess)

Just night thoughts

Don’t mind me, I just wanted to write it.

You know that the real problem with SS (and so much other het ships) is not that it’s unhealthy (well it is a problem, but not the main one, that’s just not the point of my post tonight), but that there’s no development, or only a bad one.

I just want to compare SS with the het ships that I ship. Because YES, I ship unhealthy ships, as well as healthy ones and I fucking know it, but the main difference is that there is love in both parts, and that there is development through the series/show.

So, we’ll make it with examples. (It’s gonna be a pretty long post, so I excuse myself right now…)

Zero/Yûki (Vampire Knight)

So, by the end of the manga, they end up with each other, have children, and all… but not so long before, Yûki tried to erase Zero”s memories of her, against his will. And I was SO mad at her, don’t get me wrong, I hate the IDEA of erasing anyone’s memories.

But they do love each other, and I KNOW it. How do I know ?

Because she tries to help him while he was starving blood by giving him hers. Because he entlisted her the task to kill him if he gone mad, because he protected her from harm, because he was so hurt when he thought she had betrayed him, because …. BECAUSE THE WHOLE MANGA.

They’re not always good for each other, but they love each other.

Ren/Nana (… Nana)

Easy to find the unhealthy part right there…

Yeah, Nana asked him to die with her, yeah, Ren did say he almost wanted to really kill her to keep her with him, yeah, they always end up doing sex while they should have been dicussing their issues.

But the first one to say to me they don’t love each other… I kill him.

They love each other WAY too much. That’s kinda the problem.

Shin/Layla (Nana)

Hm… SO we begin with an underaged prostitute and a woman who is seven years older than him. (So healthy)

But in the end, he knows her secrets and almost chuckles during her interviews, he doesn’t want money anymore, he learns a song for her, they have matching rings, and IF someone hadn’t say “Stop” to them, because if they were discovered, it would have been dangerous for her carrier, they would be still together.

But they had so much good development, fuck.

And, yeah, while I’m at it, I also ship het pairings that I find healthy, like… Kirito/Asuna (SAO)(Ya may find this anime shitty, but their couple is fucking well handled), Lucie/Rephaïm (The house of the night), Bellamy/Clarke (The 100, I only read the books though)

But in SS, there is NO positive development, we start at “I’m a shitty block-head girl, who fantasize on you because you’re hot, even if I don’t know you, that talk to you about how being orphan is such a bad thing, without knowing you’re an orphan too” to “I’m still a shitty block-head girl that don’t know you and want you back as the mysterious bad boy as still you hadn’t evolved as well.”

I don’t even CARE about the fact that this isn’t really healthy, Sasuke never loved her, he cared about her as a comrade for a while, but that’s all. He said so SEVEN chapters before the end, that she was daydreaming. He hasn’t change his mind because of a FIGHT. (Or he hits his head or something)

And Sakura loved him for the wrong reasons, she loved him because he was HOT. AND THAT’S ALL. And no, I won’t ship something like that, who is one-sided and only based on physical appearances.

I don’t mind angst. What I mind is fake love. 

You want me to talk to you about angsty love ? Ren/Nana is just what you searched for. So much love that they hurt each other in the process. And I really know how it can be entertaining and pleasing to watch. (SNS and IS are that as well, tbh)(Especially IS)

But SasuSaku isn’t that. SasuSaku is a one-sided relationship which happened to be unhealthy. And sometimes, out of the blue, there will be a fanservice scene, which is not included in any kind of loving relationship.

Don’t tell me SNS is unhealthy, because I fucking know, but it’s at least reciprocal, and they love each other for what they are, not for what the other looks like.

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do you know about "two Ciels" theory? do you believe in it? (excuse me if this question was asked before ^^)

Hi! :D

Uhm, yeah, I know about it but not too much ???? 

I mean, once I tried to keep up with other user’s views about it and it got too confusing and overwhelmingly complicated xD… So, as I always say, I believe in it but in my own kind of way, with the things I discovered myself while re-reading the manga you know?

But yeah, in short I basically believe that one of the 4 Lords, the one that is Sirius, could be Ciel’s twin, aka the one that Elizabeth is protecting and the one to whom UT gave that weird liquid or whatever it was… (I really don’t know if my assumption makes sense tho lol)

That’s the way I’ve been interpreting the events in this new arc at least x)


I made a Leeten / Team Gai version of the first pages in the Boruto one shot manga. Yes, I do ship Leeten, and yes I love Neji as well.

I tried to make this look as close to Kishi’s style as possible, so I used A LOT of time and A LOT of references to get it done. 

I’d add Gai too, but we all know he’s superb as well, so I decided to just keep it this way. I like to believe that they have Neji’s picture close by at all times.

This took forever and I probably won’t make things like this very often, but I really had fun with it, so you never know!!

Please do not repost this anywhere without my permission.

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every single time i think i'm over bleach and am happily shipping IR, a new novel trying to fix the ending pops up and f***s up my mood. ugh why won't bleach die already.

Aww anon *hugs you* cheer up, sorry for the late reply but I didn’t (still don’t) have much time today. I know it’s upsetting but we should already know that everything about Ble/ach now is not going to please us because it’s not the Bl/each we knew and loved anymore, everything that comes up that adress the ending or tries to fix it, doesn’t change the fact that is tied with that shit ending so it’s just like seeing how everything fell down and the characters we loved ended up being something they weren’t in the manga for 15 years. I know it’s hard to keep seeing how everyone keeps faking like the 15 years of the manga didn’t happen and everything they are doing now don’t sound like a big fat lie but really we already survived the ending a few shitty things from some novel done just to try and fix the shit ending is not going to do much aside from being a passing nusiance.

Just try to stay away from it all, if it makes you feel like old wounds are reopening and just enjoy all the rest we have. I always say Bl/each is dead to me and it is, i don’t go around searching for new info because there is no desire to see how they keep say lies, or see how the characters I love are doing as a failure but of course some things ends up on my dash  but I try to not be affected by it all, otherwise it’s only going to make me hate the things I loved even more and I don’t want that. I’ll keep loving what we got for 15 years, one chapter and the excuses they try to write for it, is not going to change the draws and the words that were already written, that show how different things were going.

8059 Ship Manifesto Part I || The KHR Manga Breakdown Through 8059 Perspective

cherry-blossom-wish replied to your post Please. There is not enough 8059 in my life. I need more.”


I’m still looking forward to your compilation of everything 8059 that’s happened in the manga! I just started rewatching the anime and trying to finish the manga and omg this ship is just too much for me!

Ah man, I know what you mean! This entire ship has destroyed my life! The compilation of everything 8059 is going to take a long time! There are, believe it or not, a lot of 8059 moments. And not just aw, look, they shared the same panel. No. It took some deep analysing, and a lot of time looking over it all with tastewithouttalent but we’ve broken down a lot of it, and have come to the conclusion that aside from KHR being a Shonen manga with lessons in friendship, that it really is meant to be read as an 8059 love story.

Let’s begin with the general introduction first. I’ll do a few chapters maybe now, and some more later. Prepare yourself folks, it’s gonna be a long post.

External image

The Daily Life Arc (Pt. 1)

Here is the very first chapter Gokudera and Yamamoto are introduced to each other. They’re both friends of Tsuna’s separately and apparently all in the same class, but there had been no sights of Yamamoto during Gokudera’s introduction (re. chapter “Gokudera Hayato”) or sightings of Gokudera during Yamamoto’s chapter (re. “Yamamoto Takeshi”).

Can we all pause to take a moment to look at the way Yamamoto’s looking at Gokudera? Tsuna’s in between them, and Gokudera isn’t looking in his direction but Yamamoto is looking at Gokudera only. His body is turned in his direction. His expression is soft and fond, perhaps a little worrisome. Like the usual Yamamoto-esque apologetic look. Almost like he’s saying, “I’m sorry I fell for you, so uh, please just love me back.” He wants Gokudera to notice him, to acknowledge him.

Let’s move on.

External image

Now, Kat and I were talking about this — and it makes perfectly logical sense. Fist you have to understand Gokudera and Tsuna’s relationship. He only sees Tsuna as his boss in the beginning. Not a friend or anything else. Perhaps, though, we can look at it this way.

Gokudera’s obsessiveness and attitude towards Tsuna has always been pointed out as totally “gay for Tsuna” by most of the fandom. And perhaps that’s the truth. Gokudera, as we’ve seen, has an aversion to women — generally all people, with the exception of Tsuna and he has mild tolerance for Reborn and Tsuna’s mother, and somewhat less tolerance for Shamal and Dino. However, that being said, let’s assume Gokudera is gay canoniacally (we all do, anyways) — and I use the “canon” term lightly. Let’s also say that, in saving Gokudera’s life, Tsuna has become the object of Gokudera’s infatuation (which he does). Here he’s shown he already knows Yamamoto, or of him, and he’s exteemely irate, some would say jealous, that Yamamoto is close and clingy with Tsuna. Now, some would argue it is jealousy, but it isn’t.

Gokudera takes a long time to warm up to anyone. He’s been the subject of a lot of psychological trauma and the perfect example of how KHR’s ‘mafia world’ can damage a child. He’s got major trust issues, he’s socially awkward, violent and rash and stubborn. His edgy ‘punk’ exterior and bad attitude are a defense mechanism to scare people away, so he doesn’t have to worry about people getting close to him and resulting in him getting hurt. We know this because he’s the exact opposite around Tsuna. Some call it love, I call it devotion. Some may call that love too. I’m not.

Here’s the deal. Where Gokudera comes from, loyalty is everything. The Vongola is also the largest, renowned Mafia families in all of Italy, and he’s just proclaimed himself as the right hand man to the tenth candidate to take position at the top of the Vongola. For Gokudera, coming from living on the streets to doing the dirty side jobs of the Vongola — a free agent; disposable and not trustworthy enough to be initiated into the actual family — he’s at the bottom of the trash barrel. This is a dream job. This means he’ll finally amount to something. This means his life will have some purpose, and he says it many times. His life belongs to the Tenth; he’s devoted to protecting him at the cost of his own life, meaning he doesn’t hold very much value to it. Conclusion? Gokudera needs to impress Tsuna. He needs to show Reborn and Tsuna and the rest of the Vongola that he is a trustworthy and reliable man that’s willing to do anything for the sake of his boss. This is the mafia, that is how a consigliere should be. That is the reason for Gokudera’s eagerness, that is the reason for his jealousy. He can’t let someone else take his place, and he can’t let Tsuna think that there might be someone more capable for the job than himself.

Let’s move on.

External image

Just a few pages before this, Gokudera is given permission to kill Yamamoto on Reborn’s orders. Of course, being Gokudera he overdoes it and nearly kills Tsuna. Luckily, Yamamoto is agile and manages to save Tsuna from the blast. Here he is, actually paying Yamamoto a compliment. Now, we all know Gokudera. He doesn’t give out credit, he’s not the type to let — especially his competition — know they’ve done something worth appreciation. But please, notice the fact that Gokudera has to get in Yamamoto’s personal space, despite being such a huge preacher about people in his own personal space. And it’s not just that. He has to put his hands on Yamamoto too, while complimenting him for saving Tsuna’s life. Remember. Yamamoto is supposed to be his rival, there was absolutely no reason for Gokudera to say anything at all other than the fact that he’s a tsundere little shit.

Edit tastewithouttalent just pointed out — FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF YAMAMOTO’S EYES. This isn’t the only time where Gokudera gets up in Yamamoto’s face and Yamamoto is instead looking at Gokudera’s mouth, his own either soft or subconsciously open or parted in expectancy. I’ll have to do a separate post of all the times Yamamoto does this. See, I told you me and Kat are fucking ship wrecked trash.

External image

Here, Yamamoto just slings an arm around him like it’s no trouble at all, and Gokudera is shocked to shit that someone would even come close to him after he had just tried to kill them; on top of that Yamamoto is already complimenting him, without even knowing him. “I thought so from before, but you’re a pretty funny guy!” Gokudera isn’t funny, it’s not how he portrays himself to be, and he’s immediately shocked that Yamamoto is being nice to him. Yamamoto on the other hand, rather than thinking Gokudera is strange and keeping his distance, decides it’d be fun to rile Gokudera up by pretending to keep up this rivalry scheme just as an excuse to continue talking to him that he’s not really interested in, because he doesn’t mention it at all after, like Gokudera does, unless he’s trying to ruffle the other for fun.

External image

Please take note that Yamamoto’s leg is threaded through Gokudera’s legs to rest on his chair. This is offical manga art.

External image

Here there are plans being made to do homework together; Gokudera’s no where in sight.

External image

Just read the panel. Yamamoto announces their arrival as “we’re here!”, indicating they’ve arrived together on purpose. That it was premeditated. And as you can see, Yamamoto says he thought about Gokudera helping out, as they’d have the skills of 100 people with that guy around. And please note the way Gokudera is blushing like the little tsun tsun he is. But please, Tsuna knows above all else that Gokudera is brilliant, but it’s Yamamoto that thinks to call him. And there’s no point to it really, other than it being a flimsy excuse to spend time with Gokudera because after that Yamamoto does all the work without needing Gokudera’s help, because he isn’t stupid when it comes to academics. He just never studies because of his club activities.

External image

Here is Hibari Kyoya. Note the boyfriend Yamamoto telling Gokudera to stay back.

We have yet to see Yamamoto get visibly angry over anything, even when Gokudera tried to kill him and despite Gokudera insulting him every which way he can. Here is case # 1.

External image

Keep in mind that this isn’t the last time Yamamoto gets visibly angry that someone points it out, nor is it the last time he protects Gokudera. But we’ll get to that later. KHR is a long manga and I’m already hella tired. So, I’ll wrap this up for now… there isn’t much going on since it’s the beginning, but there’s already been some moments that make you think twice (I hope) and I’m doing this based off the manga only, since the anime has left out a lot of manga moments.

So, what have we learned thus far? Gokudera is a major tsundere with trust issues and Yamamoto is a ball of sunshine who has it bad for Gokudera. If you can’t look at all the panels they share and see the way Yamamoto is always standing next to or touching Gokudera, then you aren’t looking hard enough. We’ve learned that despite Gokudera having some sort of Tsuna-complex, he is not “gay” for Tsuna, though he just might be “gay” and eventually he will become “gay” for Yamamoto, who is entirely Gokudera-sexual.

Alright folks, seriously, I’m done. I’ve been at this for three hours now and I need a break. I might do more over the weekend, but no promises! Look forward to Part II, sometime in the future…

— Ru

Rune Factory 4 Manga: Jealousy

This is another Dylas/Frey manga by Shinobu. (This one also features Leon in a prominent role.) Translated and reposted with permission.

The original is [here].
You can also find this translated [here].
There is a second part to this manga, but it contains adult material and therefore I will not be translating it. 

A few things:

  • Dylas and Frey are dating.
  • Again, sorry for the poor quality. 
  • My Japanese is not perfect. I tend to have difficulty recognising Japanese idioms, so those usually get translated literally.
  • The images are actually larger than they appear on the blog. Save them or copy the URL to see a bigger version.
  • I did not mirror it, so remember to read the panels starting with the top right corner of the page.
  • I tried to keep it as close to the original Japanese as possible. Therefore, the characters’ speech styles might not be exactly the same as they would be in the English version of the game.
  • Once again I am very, very grateful to Shinobu for allowing me to share this manga with the English-speaking world!
  • I do accept translation requests, but I need the permission of the original artist to make and post a translation. Not all artists will grant permission (especially if the artist and I aren’t yet acquainted), and if they don’t want their work translated and/or reposted, I will respect their wishes. Also, I will not translate manga with adult material.

Without further ado, the rest of the comic!

Keep reading

TKWIK’s anime episodes in chronological order (and PSA for LGBT+ ppl)

so you may have heard Tanaka kun wa itsumo kedaruge’s anime adaptation doesnt follow the chronological order of it’s manga. i have no idea why they chose to do it like this (instead of just leaving out the least important chapters of the manga??) but in the process they managed to horribly damage and undermine a canon queer relationship.

if you havent started yet and If you are queer and you want to spare yourself from being given representation to only have it taken away from you in the next 2 episodes (or u wanna know what the d amn order actually is) do this:

  1. Watch Ep 1
  2. Watch Ep 2
  3. Watch Ep 3 UNTIL you get to minute 13:05 (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE)
  4. Watch Ep 4
  5. Watch Ep 6
  6. Watch Ep 7
  7. Watch Ep 5

Now you can go back to episode 3!!!! and watch the rest of it!

Please keep in mind i tried to make the order as accurate as possible but its not perfect. some of the episodes bolded are made up of 2+ different manga chapters from very different time frames so i picked the most important event from each episode and ordered them according to that. 

also!! apparently there are a lot of chapters out that are not translated yet (there are 24 translated so far on mangafox) so if you would like me to i could keep updating this when those are translated! 

  • Me: I have so much stuff to do today! I have to be productive.
  • Me, five minutes later: oh look manga, reading one chapter won't hurt right?
  • 5 hours later. .
  • Me: well fuck. *keeps reading*

Here’s a gift for 2 of my favorite people in the world!
Mya (keiid who made this lineart) is my favorite when it comes to linearts like she’s the best and someday i wish i could draw well like that!
Sarah (unisonraidd who made the idea of the lineart) inspired me with her techniques and motivated me to make my own technique! Honestly i thought i wouldn’t be able to do it but i tried and tried until i keep progressing.
Thank you both so much! Also thank you for allowing me to color this lineart! You guys are really the otp❤️
IDEA BY @unisonraidd

I’ve had the reference material for afatblackfairy‘s super-heroine, Thunder Thighs, open in Manga Studio for a few days now, so finally did something as a warm up. I tried to keep the lines looser, just cuz it was SUPPOSED to be a quick but I have a hard time doing simple colouring jobs, plus the lighting effects  were too hard to resist (uh hello, lightening-based lady?)

Anyway, hope you dig my take on her, girlie! I incorporated a little of your features in to this too, but you’re still on my list of fashion portraits I want to do at some point ^.^

(Oh yeah, and here’s a link to the original Thunder Thighs drawing, for anyone who’s curious!)

Ahh, it’s that time of year again! Although it’s been a challenging year for me personally, I think it’s been relatively successful art-wise. Last year I tried my hand with different art programs (Manga Studio, SketchBook Pro), but this year I was pretty experimental with both my style and medium of work. I had a few “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL” attempts at lineless digital painting and got stuck in with Copic markers. I also really tried to push outside my comfort zone by doing more dynamic/interesting lighting and playing around with Photoshop’s tools (like the gradient map and adjustments > variations).

I want to keep up the trend of experiments and improvement next year, and perhaps try my hand at watercolours!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to ask you what do you think about Sebasciel? It's a very popular couple, but also very controversial. Do you think it's somehow canon, or could be in the manga? From what I know originally Yana wanted to do a yaoi manga, but changed it. Why some people defend it? Or reject it? If Ciel was a girl, it would be more accepted?

Hi Anon,

I don’t ship Sebaciel. But I’m not much of a shipper. I don’t really ship anyone. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the dynamics between Ciel and Sebastian. Quite the contrary, I love their relationship in a non-romantic way. Sebastian is Ciel’s butler, his tutor, his protector – and in a way even a fatherly figure sometimes since he is the only ‘person’ Ciel shows his weaknesses. And yet, there’s a high price Ciel will have to pay. He knows that his protector will turn against him one day. And even though Ciel is aware of the threat he’s still only a child who needs someone to rely on, to guide and comfort him.

I just don’t see them being able to love. We have Sebastian, a demon who may not even be capable of feeling emotions like love:

He only seems interested in humans when they are insatiable, selfish and greedy and seems to think disparagingly of them.

Then there is Ciel. He has experienced a terrible month in captivity. Also, his parents were murdered. I think he has a trauma and therefore has developed a fear or phobia of commitment. He tries to keep everyone at distance and doesn’t want to form too close relationships with anyone (Soma, McMillan in the Weston arc, maybe even Lizzie). It’s probably his way of protecting himself from another emotional loss. Sebastian seems to be the only one he puts his trust in (even if he doesn’t admit it). And I see the reason for that in the fact that Ciel thinks that as a demon Sebastian doesn’t feel like humans do. Therefore, he doesn’t have to fear that Sebastian would become emotionally attached too much.

In regard to all this, I don’t see Sebaciel ever becoming canon in the manga. I’ve heard the rumor that Black Butler was originally supposed to be a yaoi manga but I’ve never seen any sources, proofs or statements by Yana for that. So I’m not sure if that’s really true.

But I can understand that it’s a popular ship since Ciel and Sebastian do have a special connection. It’s just that I don’t see it in a romantic or sexual way.

I know there are people who are very passionate about whether to ship them or not and I’ve seen people getting hate for it which is really sad. Also, I don’t think it would be any different if Ciel was a girl. There are always people who support a ship and others who don’t and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem if someone doesn’t accept other opinions. Everyone should have the right to express what they love without the fear of getting rude responses. It’s alright if you defend your ship and it’s also alright if you reject a ship. Just do it without hurting others.

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I'm feeling a little down because of all the Erina hate lately, so I was glad I stumbled upon you! Can you tell me why erina is your favorite character and what you like about her?

I’m glad you stumbled upon me too, anon! ^^ I haven’t really checked any of the SnS tags so I guess I haven’t seen the hate, but from some of the forums I’ve lurked I’ve actually seen the opposite. The anime has really changed a lot of hater’s opinions about her, or at least helped them see her in a different light.

For me personally, I’m not even sure if I’d say she was my favorite character. She is certainly my favorite female character, but I think Souma might be my fav. ^__^

As for why I like her, I think this will be difficult to grasp if people are anime-only viewers, but I think she’s actually someone who’s kind of a pushover lol. It’s actually pretty hilarious considering her position, and how she tries to act most of the time. ^-^ And I’ve discerned this from her relationships with different people, which I’ll break down right now.

*warning* Spoilers ahead for those not keeping up with the manga, including the recent chapter which is still not translated just yet.

I like her relationship with Hisako, because she does truly see her (and TREATS her) as a real friend. She does things for and with Hisako that she doesn’t do with anyone else. She respects and genuinely likes her, and if Hisako says something, she is more likely to heed her words, which is ironic, because Hisako is supposed to be her “secretary” but Erina clearly never wanted that kind of relationship with her from the start, She just simply wanted a friend. ^__^ When Hisako lost in the Fall Election, she left without a word to Erina, because she thought she wasn’t worthy of being in her presence anymore, and Erina’s distress at her departure showed that Erina could care less about Hisako’s loss, and she just wanted her dear friend back. She was genuinely LONELY without her, and envied Souma who was surrounded by others. 

Erina’s relationship with her cousin Alice is HILARIOUS. Alice teases the crap out of her lol. And we see through their relationship how easy it is for her to get under Erina’s skin, and also exposes Erina’s naive side. Their relationship shows someone who doesn’t really find Erina intimidating, and instead just finds it fun to push her buttons haha. Not only that, but again, Erina envies her cousin. She wishes she could easily show her emotions, and cry openly the way Alice does. And yet, despite all the teasing from Alice, she still is up for hanging out with her. They really do get along and are friendly, despite not wanting to admit it to anyone lol!

And then there’s Megumi! I’m really happy about this one. Megumi suffers so often with confidence issues, and yet, Erina spoke up for her, gave her a gateway to getting through Stagiaire Week and said some truly nice things about her and her talent as a chef, while also telling her to have more confidence in herself. Erina seems to genuinely like and respect Megumi, and sees the talent that many of her Polar Star Dorm friends also see. This is so important, because it completely goes against the perception that many Erina haters have of her. Megumi was someone who so many others have looked down upon throughout the series, and yet when Erina was given the opportunity, she encouraged her, rather than try to knock her down. There’s only one person we’ve seen her truly turn her nose up at, and that brings me to my favorite of her relationships. ^^

Erina and Souma! Their dynamic shows more than all the others that her “ojou-sama” shell is actually quite easy to crack through haha. The thing about Souma that both annoys and intrigues her, is that he treats her JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. ^^ He doesn’t see her as the elite “God’s Tongue Nakiri Erina-sama” She’s just his peer Nakiri. And from all her other relationships, I think his treatment of her is something she’s always secretly wanted. To just be a normal girl, without that pressure of carrying on the Nakiri name, and living up to the expectations she assumes people have of her. 

Souma is probably the only person so far who has interactions with Erina that aren’t accompanied by expectations. Even Alice I think has certain assumptions about Erina, and views her as “above” her in many ways as she wants to ultimately be in her place within the family. Souma, however, just sees her as an exciting challenge, and when she does display her immense knowledge and talent, it’s something he’s surprised by, rather than in awe of. 

Because Souma doesn’t view her as someone to be put on a pedestal and admired. Instead he sees her as this girl who’s (supposedly, since he hasn’t tried her food) a great cook, knows her shit when it comes to cooking, and someone who’s palate he has faith in, and even ventures out to seek advice from. Yet, despite all her attempts at contempt, he remains quite impervious to it, and still treats her very good-naturedly, which again, just throws Erina off even more lol. 

And yet, Erina didn’t need to help him out by tasting Souma’s beef stew in the Fall Election finals. She is a professional taster, and normally gets an enormous fee for her tastings, but she did it for some shoujo manga. If she REALLY hated Souma, she would never have agreed under such a condition, regardless of how badly she wanted the manga. And in the newest raw chapter, Erina again ends up tasting Souma’s food to help him out against his challenge with Kuga, and this time for free. And not only does she do this, but she ends up agreeing because Hisako gave the go-ahead without even checking with her lol. But she doesn’t chastise Hisako, because Hisako is her friend, and again, she listens to her.

That’s what’s so delicious, because if Erina and Souma weren’t going to end up together, why spend the time developing a relationship between Souma and Hisako, and Megumi and Erina? Basically, the author is breaking down the walls between them, and instead opening up a gateway to something more. Without Hisako being antagonistic towards Souma, and actually genuinely liking him now, Erina, too, has to reconsider her position on him, because again, Erina really depends on, and respects Hisako as her friend, so she’s being forced to see Souma differently, since Souma is also the reason she now has her friend back at her side.

Likewise, Megumi is the person Souma is currently closest to, and both Souma and Erina share the opinion that Megumi is someone of value, and encourage her to have confidence in herself. So, there’s an amicable and mutual feeling there, because Erina also genuinely likes Megumi, and I’m sure Megumi also genuinely likes Erina. 

Plus, unlike the beef stew situation, in this newest chapter not only did Erina taste Souma’s dish, but she gave him a ton of info that could help him out (which she realized a bit too late, and to her distress lol). She also earlier warned Souma about the expulsion rule associated with losing money at the school festival, when in the past, she might have kept the info from him, in the hopes that he’d be kicked out. PLUS, she tried to initiate a conversation with him when he sat down next to her (and got upset when he wasn’t replying lol!). 

Basically, it’s as Souma said, whether intentionally or not, and whether grudgingly or not, Erina is ironically a big part of the reason he’s still in Totsuki. She’s helped him get through quite a few challenges at this point, and she’s beginning to be someone who’s opinion he values. And on the flip side to that, Erina, too, has seemingly stopped being intent on seeing Souma kicked out. She sees his value, because as she said to Megumi, making it so far in the Fall Election is something to have confidence in, but her pride still is too strong to admit to anything at this point haha. 

So, the manga keeps giving us bits of insight every time she has some spotlight and every time we learn more about who she is beyond the “ojou-sama” persona, we see that she’s not really the person who was originally introduced to us. Instead, that’s just the person she TRIES to be, because she feels like it’s expected of her.

And the more she interacts with Souma, the more that charade comes crumbling down. ^^

Also, she thinks Souma’s dad is her favorite chef, and his food is what she feels is the epitome of good cooking, and I too love Souma’s dad, so you can’t fault her taste. She is “God’s Tongue” after all lol. 

So, yeah, anon, don’t let the haters get you down. Erina is a fun character. She’s just a super tsundere, and I always have a big soft spot for tsuns. ^^ It’s just somehow so much more satisfying to see that slow thaw on their personalities like what’s currently happening with Erina. Not to mention the enjoyment I get from seeing those blocks of development being built towards Souma and Erina finally learning that “taste of love.” ^__~