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Lust Spell

pairing: Loki x OFC

fandom: marvel

warnings: smut

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @mads—world

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. A good advice and one that Loki never considered. His…tendency to cause trouble had gotten him in a lot of problematic situations over the years, though this time it was a close call. He wasn’t sure what kind of spell the witch had hit him with but time would surely tell. 
Loki had managed to get through to Midgard before the witches’ entire wrath could descend on him. Humans. Irrelevant little creatures that had brought him nothing but problems. Now he had to hide here on this dreadful planet, hoping that his brother wasn’t around and the avengers wouldn’t mind his quick stop in their city until it was safe to leave. 

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Play Me (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 9/9

Pairing : Chris x OC (name’s Elin)

Synopsis : Player 1 meets Player 2. The score is tight.

Word count : 3.9k

A/N: LAST CHAPTER! Epilogue will be up soon, it’ll be short though, far from being 3k long like the chapters. I’m sorry for the little delay, the past two days passed so quickly! I finished my exams (which I nailed, for those who care) and then I was kidnapped by my friends and forcibly taken on a shopping spree (haha I’m kidding, I came willingly and now I’m broke af)
I tried to keep the dialogue as interesting and dynamic as possible in this last part, and hopefully it won’t be as anti-climactic as I first feared. Don’t hesitate to comment to tell me how much I failed on a scale of 1 to 10!


Part 8 <<< >>> Epilogue

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“We need to talk,” she said calmly, taking off her coat and hanging it over his desk chair like she owned the place.

“Oh no we don’t, get out of my room,” Chris immediately replied showing her the door. “Who even let you in at this hour?”

“I let myself in.” Elin shrugged, a shy smile lifting up the corner of her lips.

“You- you broke into my house?” He choked on his spit, this girl was going to be the end of him.

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Your Name Will Live Forever pt. 2

Finally seconda parte to my Cassian centric fic ft. my oc Elin. Thank you so much to @raconteurwitch for helping me edit this second part. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Part 1

After Elin and Cassian got out of the shower (which was nearly two hours long due to neither of them being able to keep their hands off each other) Elin decided that they should eat food.

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Play Me (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 5

Pairing : Chris x OC (name’s Elin)

Synopsis : Player 1 meets Player 2. The score is tight.

Word count : 3.3k

A/N: turns out this is not the last part haha why do i do this to myself?


Part 4 <<<<  >>> Part 6

PS: I made a Chris playlist HERE

Whether or not this was supposed to be date or something else was the least of Elin’s concerns. She was just glad she had chosen to wear jeans, because what Chris had in mind definitely require pants. He had brought her to a frozen lake. A bunch of people were there, mostly families, and they tried to make the small children cross the lake without slipping. To be perfectly honest she was quite impressed, because she hadn’t given enough credit to Chris. He was capable of being imaginative when needed, and his idea of a date (or not?) wasn’t limited to going to the movies and having ice cream or pizza afterward.

“So this is your very special place?”

Elin turned around, looking away from the lake and toward Chris. He was sitting on the edge of the car’s trunk, which contained the ice skates he brought and a few blankets.

“Are you gonna tell me why it’s so special?” She asked, plopping down next to him and grabbing the skates. “How do you even know my shoe size?” Elin frowned.

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