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Reigen Headcanons

-Reigen has never followed a budget. Ever. He’s tried multiple times but always fails within .5 secs

-Impulse. Shopper.

-do I need this absolutely not I would like 5 please

-Used to be terrible at body language. Couldn’t read people for shit

-He ended up reading some books on body language and trying to mimic them in the appropriate situations

-He may have gone overboard but he stopped caring and now it’s just a Thing

-Was a little punk. But it was more of a ‘If I’m a tough fuck then nobody will mess with me’. Went overboard there too.

-When you gotta beat someone’s ass behind the dumpster at 2 but volunteer at the dog shelter at 3

-Still volunteers at the dog shelter

-Nobody talks to him because He’s Weird but he doesn’t notice because Dog

-Used to have a booze stash at the office but then Mob started working there. Gotta at least try to be a role model

-Has had multiple anxiety attacks over whether he’s actually done any good for Mob

-Can and will fall asleep anywhere in any position

-Mob keeps a list of places he’s found Reigen asleep

-Dimple and Ritsu get in on it and they make a game of it

-Ironically has bouts of insomnia. Usually after a particularly dangerous case

-Has never met Mob’s parents

-Kinda wants to but isn’t sure how to approach the ‘your son comes home from work a bloody pulp every other week and you have nEVER CALLED ME NOT ONCE’ subject

-Kinda worried that Mob will turn out like him but then thinks that Mob is already better than him so he’ll be fine

-Makes up cases just to let Mob and his friends have a fun outing

-Used to wish he had a little sibling

-No longer wishes and is perfectly content with it

-Has learned first aid since hiring Mob

-Has been scolded for not taking better care of himself by Mob (and Ritsu 'my brother looks up to you at least try look like you know how to be human god when was the last time you ate can you please try to act like an adult for once in your miserable life’)

-Has secret stashes of cash all about the office and his apartment but then forgets about them

-Frequently ’rediscovers’ stashes

-Biggest goal is to be important to someone

-Biggest fear is to let that person down

-Or to lose them

How NCT 127 + Ten Would Kiss You


now listen since y'all sleep on taeil  so much that you probably don’t know this but he has really pretty lips and really nice hands so ,, naturally ,, you want them on your waist asap. (the lips or the hands you can decide)(i’m literally five why did i say that) anYwayS kissing taeil is going to be soft at first bc yeah he’s awkward but he also takes his time doing things that need to be done. so slow touches here and there, his hands tracing your curves as he presses kisses up your jawline. he stops right in front of your lips to just stare and you. probably tucks a flyaway lock of hair behind your ear and tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the world. when he fINALLY kisses you, i imagine taeil is very slow and sensual with his kisses. doesn’t use tongue much unless he’s rlly in the mood bc he just likes the intimancy of your lips touching. his hands never stop traveling to places they shouldn’t be tho ngl.

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omg im in love with the parents headcanon one. i almost cried with the one for saeyoung. i dunno if you guys do these or not, but could you write like a small little ficlet sorta thing based on those hcs? like not a huge thing, maybe just with mc's mom??? pleaseeeee. sorry if im bothering you by asking. i just love all your posts

Aww, thanks so much! For those wondering, the anon is reference this post. This ficlet is set after the secret ends, so beware of spoilers. :) Hope you like it!

Saeyoung offered to help with the dishes because he always thought it the proper thing to do. But, now that he was alone in the kitchen with MC’s mother, he wasn’t so sure about his decision.

MC’s mother smiled at him before handing him another dish to dry. “I cannot thank you enough. You seriously don’t have to help me.”

“Oh, no,” he replied. “I’m glad I can be useful somehow. You’ve been so kind so far…it’s the least I can do.”

Saeyoung smiled awkwardly. He tried thinking of another small talk topic, but his brain failed him. Luckily, MC came into the kitchen with more dishes. “Sorry to bring more dishes, but I noticed a lot of side dishes were added.” She looked pointedly at her mother.

Her mother smirked. “I noticed that you ate a lot of those side dishes.”

Saeyoung snorted, but bit his lip when MC glared at him. He could see where she got some of her sharp wit.

“Thank you for all of the food. It was very delicious.” Saeyoung slightly bowed.

The older woman lit up, turning to face him. “Actually, I made extra because I was going to send you and MC home with some.”

Saeyoung eyes widened when he looked at some of the food. “Oh I couldn’t take all of this food. Please don’t worry about me.”

“Thanks,” MC pressed a kiss to her mother’s cheek. “And please don’t listen to him. He barely eats anything but chips when he’s alone.”

He blushed and continued to dry the dishes. “Not all the time…” He muttered under his breath.

A few moments after MC left, her mother let out a soft sigh. “I don’t think your mother would like it if you accidentally starved.”

Saeyoung chuckled distastefully. “She actually did it on purpose.” He continued to wipe the dishes as if he said nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until he looked up to see the woman gaping at him did he realize his slip up. “Oh–ah–” he stammered, trying to amend his mistake. But, how could he? He awkwardly put the dish to the side and grabbed another. “I…didn’t have a good relationship with my mother.”

MC’s mother was silent for a moment before she smiled. She dried off her hands then pulled him into a hug. “If you ever need some motherly nagging, just call me. My trash always needs to be taken out.”

Saeyoung tensed before hesitantly returning the embrace. As a kid, he remembered seeing boys being held by their mothers at church. He remembered the twinge in his chest as he watched, only to return home to find his brother tied up with another bruise. He grew up thinking he would never receive any sort of parental affection. Even V and Rika, who he thought might treat him like that…they failed him. Yet now, this woman unknowingly gave him everything he dreamed of. 

Still, he was shocked at the tears that stung his eyes. She pulled him back and lovingly patted his cheek. “So, you make sure you eat. Three meals a day, okay? And visit often.”

He nodded. “Yes, for you, of course.”

MC slid back into the kitchen. “Saeyoung, have you seen the time? We have to go–wait, were you cry–”

“Shh,” he pressed a finger to his lips.

Thankfully, MC didn’t ask any more questions then. Her mom sent them off with containers of food, her dad even gave Saeyoung and approving pat on the back, and now the couple was driving back to Rika’s apartment in his car.

“So,” MC said, casting him a glance. “What happened in the kitchen?”

A smile tugged on his lips and he shrugged. “I love your mom.”

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Bts gif reaction of when you die in his arms.

Credits to gif owners.

Request: Im such a sucker for angst and you write them so good😭 can i have a bts reaction please where you die in his arms and sorta write how it led up to that moment. Thank you so much

Warning: this scenario contains a lot of sensitive topics such as cancer, and I took a lot of time researching about all these topics please don’t think I’m trying to disrespecting anyone, thanks.

(Before I started namjoon’s I would like to explain what lung cancer is, lung cancer is the uncontrollable growth of an abnormal cells that start in one or both your lungs, they do not develop into healthy lung tissue, it rapidly divides and forms tumours.)

Ever since you were young, you suffered from lung cancer, so when you started dating namjoon, that’s the first thing you told him, you had tried all types of treatments from drugs to chemotherapy and radio therapy however nothing seemed to work.
Every breath that you took was even more painful, soon your cancer started to develop even more, not wanting namjoon to worry you didn’t tell him that your cancer had now developed to stage 4, because you were so ill you spent most of your time in the hospital, so when namjoon wanted to take you to the park right outside your hospital, it made you smile.
“Is my princess ready for our little date”
Namjoon always smiled no matter how tired he was, you smiled and nodded.
Being wheeled In the wheelchair to the park was not how you wanted to picture dating namjoon, you wanted to be able to freely go to a cafe, go to the amusement park without worrying, but you didn’t want to make namjoon feel bad so you kept smiling.
Since the morning of that day, your breathing was heavier, much worse, and you knew you had to be ready for something, it had been years of just so much pain.
“Baby, your breathing so heavily are you sure your fine”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m really happy, that your here”
“Aww how sweet”
He pinched your nose and told you to wait there for him, he had to use the bathroom, that’s when the unbearable pain started, you knew very well, that this time you wouldn’t be able to survive, that this time, was the last time.
It had been almost a full 2 minuets of the pain, you were by now clenching onto your chest for dear life, you didn’t want to leave namjoon without saying goodbye, you didn’t want him to feel guilty for your death, you didn’t want to burden him even after your death.
He screamed your name, almost half scared, you tried to look up, you tried but failed and fell onto the ground.
“Namjoon… I love you.. I really do…”
“No don’t do it, don’t say anything, let’s take you back to the hospital, you’ll be okay, you’ll be be….”
“No… I don’t want to… not anymore… I can’t do it anymore… I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry… promise me something.”
He shook his head and teared up.
“No I can’t let you go, not yet, not now, why, why, let’s go, let’s go back to the hospital, let’s go, you’ll be fine, you can get better, the doct…”
“No…. promise me you won’t blame yourself…. promise me… that you’ll find happiness in someone else…. I don’t want to see you…. alone…. because of me”
“No I don’t get it, let’s go,”
“I won’t get better… it won’t get better…. please….. promise me”
He slowly nodded his head, tears streaming down so fast that it was now dripping on you, you closed your eyes, you felt at peace, at peace, it was nearly impossible because of your cancer.
It took namjoon years, years to get used to your death, he walked past your old hospital room, he smelt the light scent of roses and the thought of you likeing roses, and how many roses he got you for your birthday and Christmas and even Easter.
He walked out, wanting to keep your promise.
“You’ll always be in my heart, and I don’t want to break your promise”

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(So this one was inspired by the her highlight reel)
Jin always knew how clumsy you could be, how everything you did ended up with you having at least one scratch, he seriously loved you and your clumsy ness.
He was on tour for so long, that going on an ice cream date with him seemed like a dream.
You dressed up, in your skirt that he loved, and you waited on a bench near the park, you saw jin walking towards you with a Bouquet of flower in his hands, it looked so beautiful, without thinking, you sprang up and waved towards him while shouting his name.
He turned and smiled and waved back, you ran across to give him a hug, but before you knew it, you were hit by a car, you fell to the ground and the colourful flower fell too and jin came running towards you.
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, please say something, please tell me something.”
He held you in his arms, you were looking so fragile and your skirt and blouse was all bloody.
“Ji…Jin I’m cold……I’m so sorry………I’m so…”
You stopped mid sentence, Jin sat there, blank not saying anything, but screaming and crying, his words were incoherent.
The ambulance soon arrived, and took you to the hospital where you were shortly pronounced dead.
Jin sat there for hours, grabbing any doctor that got in his view.
“Please save my Y/N, please, please tell me she’s okay”
“I’m sorry mr kim, we cant do anything”
He sat there, until he had to go, his members and manager came to get him.
Years later, he still couldn’t get the image of your smile out of his mind, and he always got the same flowers for the day and placed them on the side walk, and left it there.
“If I could turn back time, I would protect you with everything I have”

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Suga knew how much he meant to you, he knew that you would die for him, and he would do the same, you meant the world to him, and you were always there, so he decided to go public with you, the last thing he expected was for his fans to absolutely hate you, he couldn’t Understand why they would hate someone that made him so happy.
“Hey baby, my manager just called, said something about needing to practice more, do you want to come or do you want to just wait here?”
“Mmm, I’m really tired so I’ll wait here, hurry back I’ll miss you”
He smiled at you, pecked you on your lips and left, not even an hour later he left, someone was banging on the front door, thinking it was suga, you ran to it, and looked through the peep hole, it wasn’t, it definitely was not suga, and it wasn’t one person, it was multiple of them, you ran for your phone and dialled suga.
“Baby? What’s the matter? Why are you still up?”
“Oppa there’s someone at the door, their screaming and banging and I’m scared”
“Baby, are you safe? Tell me your safe can you hide in the bathroom and lock it?”
“I’m gonna call the police, I’m scared”
“Just hide and don’t come out, I’ll be there”
You ended the call and called the police, the police saying they’ll be there in no time, but that no time was more than 10 minuets enough time for them to break down the door,
you hid in the toilets trying to not make a single sound, Just then everything went quiet thinking they left, you opened the door and walked out.
Until you felt a sharp pain in your chest, it was a knife, they pulled it out and ran away, you fell to the ground, in pain, suga ran in not long after, holding onto you for dear life.
You were coughing up blood trying to keep it out of your throat so you could breath,
“Suga oppa… I’m tired… I’m cold….. oppa…..I’m sorry”
You closed your eyes for the last time and suga cried, he cried all his tears and he screamed, the police came in and brought an ambulance, they wheeled you into the hospital, but you were pronounced dead on the spot, suga felt dazed he didn’t know what to do.
A year had passed, he had just gotten out of the court after a long trial trying to get justice for your death.
“I’ll always remember you, I’ll always be here for you, even if your no longer here”

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Hobi was a bright sunshine and he lit up anything he came in contact with, his laugh was contagious and so was his smile, you loved him with all your heart.
It was only 10pm when the fire started to blaze, he loved you, but his fans didn’t, they found where you and hope lived, and they set fire to it all.
Jhope was at the front door when he saw a fire blazing from his home, he instantly went in without thinking twice and got you out.
You constantly coughed, finding it hard to breath,
“Oppa……. my lungs…… they hurt….they hurt so much”
“No no no don’t say anything, I’ll get you safe, you’ll be fine”
You stopped, the uneven heartbeat no longer existent, jhopes heart seem to stop as well, it felt like, he had stopped.
The ambulance arrived and tried to resuscitate you but it failed, and you were pronounced dead on the spot.
Jhope was not active with bts for a while, before he had to have a comeback, but each time, he wouldn’t smile.
Years passed and the people who burnt you and the memories away from him, turned themselves in, because of how Jhope was hurt, still even after years.
“Does you coming out, make her comeback because then I would’ve looked for you even till my death, now tell me why you would do such a thing to my only world.”

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Jimin was like a small Hamster, he was always cute and wanted your affection and your love and all your attention.
You were never ill, so when you were sick for a week to the point where you hardly called him, he was worried, he visited your house and rang the doorbell atleast 10 times before the door finally opened.
You walked out of the door, and fell into jimin arms,
“OMG y/n your temperature is so high, what’s going on?!”
“I’m just ill, I’ll b…”
You fainted, he picked you up and ran back to his car, he opened the door and put you in, he couldn’t see you breathing, so he stood you up and tried to wake you up.
“Hey y/n, please wake up, please say something, anything please”
You didn’t respond, he didn’t care, he laid you down and drove as fast as he could to the hospital.
He ran in with you on his back
“Please, someone help my girlfriend”
“What’s the matter sir?”
“I,.. my… SHES…. not breathing… she was ill and now she’s here”
He was chocking up words, in between his little sobs.
He was made to wait for at least 30 minuets without anyone tending to him, his members came to comfort him and tell him you’ll be fine.
That was until the doctors came back,
“I’m sorry mr Park, Miss Y/L/N was pronounced dead 10 minuets ago”
Jimin dropped to the ground, he started to throw a fit, screaming at the doctors for not trying hard enough, he burst into where your body laid, and tried to get you to wake up, he wished and begged for it to just be a dream, for him to wake up to you rubbing his back and let him cry into your neck.
That didn’t happen, days, months and years passed and he still couldn’t get over you, the image of you kept playing in his head, wherever he saw a couple on the streets he turned away crying.
“I can’t bear to stay here, without you, without your shield without your protection, why didn’t you take me too”

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Tae was always dorky, everything he did would make you burst into tears laughing, he loved seeing you healthy and took you to monthly checkups with the doctors Just so he could be sure, every time you went, you were fine.
So when you got back and was out of breath and was extremely pale, he got worried, worried wouldn’t be the word.
“Y/n are you okay? You look really pale, come here let me feel your head”
He placed his fragile hands onto your head and it was hot, you had a temperature.
“Come on I think you have a cold, let’s get you to bed”
You got up to get to bed, but fell into v, if you thought v wasn’t strong, think again, he managed to hold you up still, and he tried to shake you.
“Hey, y/n wake up, let’s get you back to the hospital”
“I can’t… breath…….”
Your heart felt like it was being ripped out , you dug your nails into tae’s shoulders, you tried everything to breath, but it stopped.
“Y/n” he asked cautiously.
He panicked and called the ambulance not knowing what else to do.
“Y/n please say something to me, please”
He pleaded your lifeless body, and it seemed so painful for even strangers to watch.
It took hours of struggling, until you were finally put to rest and pronounced dead.
“You were meant to check her, I kept bringing her here because she kept complaining about her chest pains, you brushed it off and you killed her”
It took him years to stop crying whenever he went through your phone, he saw all the selfies you guys shared, and it broke him.
“Your smile lightened my world, your laugh was like music in my ears, now what do I do without the light, I’m scared in the dark all alone, with no music, why?”

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Jungkook was funnily enough the only source of happiness, his laughs made you so happy his smile, his eye smile it mesmerised you.
You lived to see him, to make him smile, to help him through life.
Until the fans found out, nearly 2 million women hated you, threatening you, to leave him, to kill yourself and saying how you don’t deserve jungkook.
To make jungkook feel less burdened you kept smiling, you told him “I’m fine”.
He constantly asked you how your days were, and the more days passed the more you said “I’m fine/ it was fine”
Everything felt so heavy, so long and painful, your childhood wasn’t the best, and fighting with jungkook made it all the more worse, you fought about something dumb, he left the house, and didn’t contact you for days.
Each day that passed, it made your ill mind manifest itself and you ruled that he didn’t love you, that he never meant anything he said, and how you’re just a burden to everyone.
Jungkook was worried, worried sick and wanted to check up on you but he didn’t know how, so he checked your Twitter, maybe you’ll be out with your friends drinking coffee, what he didn’t expect was a message that read
‘I don’t want to continue this anymore, I can’t do it, I want to breath again’
He was scared, scared and angry, he ran as fast as he could to your house, where he found you lying on the front door.
“Baby, I’m sorry, please I’m sooo sorry, look at me”
“Why? Why? It’s all over now, I can breath again”
You started bubbling from the mouth and you fell into his arms, he lifted you and ran to the hospital.
He sat on the bench alone, his hyungs got there to support him,
“Mr Jeon, please would you come through”
“Is she okay? She’s okay right?”
“I’m afraid not, she has overdosed and unfortunately passed away, I’m sorry”
His heart sunk, he ran out, to your home, anything that could indicate why and what caused this.
When he arrived, your home was a mess, the state that he left it when he was angry and fighting with you, he started crying, he couldn’t control his feelings anymore, DING.
his phone dinged to suggest that he should look at it.
It was from your Twitter, a long note.
This is Y/N and if your reading this now, it means that I succeeded, I’m sorry to those who loved me, I’m sorry to those who supported me, I’m sorry, but I can’t anymore, when someone tells another to die enough times, that persons heart starts to turn black, I guess that’s what happened to me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, and i love you jungkook oppa”
He fell to the floor, now balling his eyes out.
Many months later, he had a comeback with his group, he really did not want to, you weren’t there to listen to his singing and call him beautiful, you weren’t there to say how amazing he was, his fans went crazy, the fans that once told you to die, said “I’m sorry for what happened” and moved on.
Jungkook wanted to kill everyone that killed you, he felt nothing, he felt sick having to laugh and smile to him everything was all fake.
“Your all fake, your the exact ones that told my only hope and light to die, your the exact ones that told my girlfriend who’ll never come back to go and die, she is gone and now your sorry”

“Why would you leave me, I’m cold, your side of the bed is still there, I don’t want anyone but you, I’m so sorry…”

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Oh lord, writing this took me forever, especially because I cried while trying to reread them, Anyways hope you enjoyed anon who requested this, or maybe not enjoyed but this is what you wanted.
Keep requesting and byeeeeee.

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The one you’ve been waiting for

I’m going kind of slow with my season 12 rewatch. Actually, I just finished watching 12x05 and some things caught my attention despite the episode being a filler. The plot wasn’t so interesting to me when I first watched it. I remember quite painfully how it happened after the U.S. presidential election last November and how the whole Hitler thing became a little tasteless. However, the episode did have three things worth talking about.

1)      Sublimation is kind of Dean’s thing.

Sam gave a name to what Dean was doing. In 12x04, Dean was obviously cranky and very much affected by Mary’s decision to leave (in 12x03). Through the case in 12x04, Dean learned that sometimes families need space, which was what Mary was asking for herself, so he decided to roll with it even if he didn’t like it.

In 12x05, we didn’t see cranky!Dean anymore. However, every time Dean says ‘no’ to food he’s being offered, it’s an immediate sign that something is wrong. Sam offered him scrambled or fried eggs, and Dean said he wasn’t hungry. Sam was suspicious about it, so he offered pie and Dean declined. That was the alarm Sam needed. Pie is Dean’s comfort food and he was denying himself that.

The problem was that when Sam tried to talk to Dean about their mom, Dean didn’t allow it. Dean started talking about the case and easily diverted a complicated conversation that he definitely wasn’t ready to have. When Sam tried a last time and Dean stopped him, Sammy called him out on what he was doing and said that was called sublimation. Dean didn’t deny it, though. He easily admitted that it was his thing.

What I find interesting about this is that sublimation is a defense mechanism, but it’s considered a mature one. The psychiatrist George Eman Vaillant introduced a four-level classification of defense mechanisms:

Level I – pathological defenses (denial, delusional projection)

Level II – immature defenses (fantasy, projection, passive aggression, acting out)

Level III – neurotic defenses (intellectualization, reaction formation, dissociation, displacement, repression, compensation)

Level IV – mature defenses (humor, sublimation, suppression, altruism, anticipation)

The Level IV defense mechanisms are commonly found among emotionally healthy adults and are considered mature, even though many have their origins in an immature stage of development. The use of these defenses enhances feelings of control. These defenses help to integrate conflicting emotions and thoughts, whilst still remaining effective.

If we ever doubted that season 12 would focus a lot on Dean’s growth, I think this is proof that the writers knew what they wanted to do with our Dean since the beginning of the season. Dean has used denial, projection, passive aggression, displacement, repression, and compensation a lot in previous seasons. He’s used humor, suppression, and maybe other defense mechanisms as well, but why did Sam mention “sublimation” specifically this time?

Sublimation allows a person to channel stress toward something productive. It takes the energy of something potentially harmful and turns it into something good and useful. In other words, Dean was hurting because of what Mary decided. He felt abandoned again, and he felt like a disappointment; he wasn’t the son Mary wanted him to be. Probably somewhere inside his head the words “not enough” were making an appearance. However, instead of being sorry for himself or hiding in a bottle, Dean decided to move on and keep saving people.

Dean desperately needed a win, and he got one by killing none other than Hitler. It’s obvious to me now why Dean easily understood and defended Cas in 12x19. Cas needed a win just as much as Dean needed one in this episode. He felt such satisfaction after a job well done that he was willing to give himself some pie at the end. He even said that he DESERVED some pie.

That was Dean starting to voice the things that he deserved and the things that he didn’t. All of that led to Dean saying out loud in 12x22 that his childhood wasn’t FAIR. We’ve always said that Dean deserved to be a child, but he never was because he had to be more than a brother for Sam; he had to be a father and a mother, and it wasn’t fair. It was glorious to see Dean finally saying it and finally forgiving the one person that unknowingly caused all that.

It’s no coincidence that this was the first episode where Dean wanted to use the grenade launcher and Sam didn’t let him. (The second episode where Dean got a negative was in 12x11, penned by the same writer of 12x05). Sam promised Dean that he would get the chance to use it. It’s like Dean wasn’t ready to tear down his internal walls. He got to use the grenade launcher in 12x22, the same episode where Dean finally faced his mother and told her how he really felt.

So if Dean needed to kill Hitler to realize that he really deserved a pat on the back and some pie, then all I have to say is thank you Meredith Glynn for this episode!

2)      Dean’s visual association to ships.

Once Dean and Sam went to the antique store, what was something that caught Dean’s attention? A ship.

Seriously, they could have chosen any object, any object. Why would they choose a ship? A ship that Dean accidentally knocked down, tried to pick up, and dramatically failed? A ship that wasn’t even related to anything relevant to the episode plot-wise?

Then Dean kept walking around in the store and what caught his eye again? Another ship! 

It’s just that this time Dean refrained himself from touching it because he remembered the damage he’d caused some seconds before.

You might say that it was just the “haha” moment of the episode. Look at Dean making a fool of himself because he’s careless. But why not use a vase or any other thing like that? Why a ship? I’m ready to bet that wasn’t a coincidence.

 3)      I’ll never be good enough.

There’s a reason Sam connected with Ellie and Dean kind of connected with Christoph (the Nazi necromancer’s son). Sam was the one who could relate to Ellie for being Hitler’s descendant. Dean was the one who could relate to Christoph’s words: “All I do is try to make [my father] proud, I’ll never be good enough.” 

Dean who always tried to make John proud and failed. Dean who now wanted to make his mother proud and was failing (in Dean’s eyes the fact that Mary left was because Dean wasn’t good enough; he wasn’t the son Mary wanted him to be).

As his father said about Christoph, the boy had spine after all. He didn’t quietly accept everything his father said. Before the Winchesters caught him, he was saying these things to his father over the phone:

“That is not fair. You know, I try with you, I really do. But you expect me to be a mind reader, and it’s exhausting.”

He voiced what he thought was an unfair treatment. When he was scolded for telling the Winchesters about Hitler, he didn’t remain quiet. He told his father he should be thanking him. He even told him he “used to look up to” him, meaning that he didn’t look up to him anymore. His father called him an unconceivable disappointment and that was when he realized he would never be enough, but he wasn’t willing to simply accept death for that reason.

Christoph was a mirror for everything Dean would have to experience for the rest of season 12. He voiced what Dean didn’t say, but we know he was definitely feeling in this particular episode: all Dean did was try to make his parents (now his mother) proud, but he’ll never be good enough.

The rest of season 12 would prove Dean wrong in that regard. He didn’t have to do anything in particular. HE WAS ENOUGH JUST BY BEING DEAN WINCHESTER. I’m so proud of my boy! :’)


(GOT7) Jaebum drabble scenario

6: “Who hit you?!”

Warning: abuse and violence


You were all by yourself, on the floor. Tears were coming from your eyes and your eyes was swollen. It hurt so much that you couldn’t even touch it. Your whole body was hurt. The tears cooled it down and it acually felt nice crying. You had a good reason to cry too. They had done it again, no he had done again.

Your parents had been visiting your house like they did every month. It felt bad, but you had to let them in. You had cooked dinner and you were sitting on the table, eating when it happened. Your dad started yelling at you, because he didn’t like the food.


“I’m sorry dad, I tried my best and I didn’t have time to cook anything else…”

“Don’t you dare to call me dad ever again! You’re a mistake!”

Your mother just sat there, only looking at her food. She knew he would beat him up if she said anything, so she just stayed quiet.

Poor mom. He had always been like this and she didn’t deserve it. He was short tempered and angry all the time about the smallest things. She couldn’t brake up with him either. She didn’t love him, she was just a slave that he could do anything to.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is never enough. You never get better. I heard you were late from work one day. What was that about?”

“I just missed the bus…”

“MISSED THE BUS? HOW? YOU’RE GONNA GET FIRED!” He was so angry at that point that he threw the glass that he was holding on the floor and stood up.

“I don’t know.”

“WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW! Are you crying? God, you’re way too emotional! You’ve met a guy maybe that has gotten you soft? Answer! Is it that friend of yours or do you even have friends?!”

“No dad.”

“I told you to not CALL ME THAT!”

He ran to you and you knew what was coming. He had really big steps. You knew he was going to hit you. You took a fork and ran to the kitchen and he followed.



“STOP IT!” You screamed at his face and mom came in too.

“Honey calm down..” she tried to calm dad but he hit her, right in the face, so hard that she fell down and stayed there. His focus got back to you.

“MOM!” You screamed and looked at her. Every month. It always happened. He was so fast, he took your wrist and held it so tight that you had to drop the fork. Then it started. He hit you in the face. Again and again. You tried to kick him and he just got angrier and kicked you to your knee. You screamed in pain.


Hours later you woke up on the kitchen floor. Your eyes were swollen and you knee was probably broken. It hurt so much. Why did this happen to you? There was blood on the floor, it was probably yours. Mom wasn’t on the floor anymore. They had left. How long did you sleep? You had work today. There was no possible way that you could get to work.

Then your doorbell rang. Who could it be? Maybe your mom?

You tried to stand up and then fell back to the floor. He had kicked you really hard.

“Y/n? Are you in there?”

You knew whos voice that was. It was your long time friend, your only friend Jaebum. He couldn’t see you like this, so you didn’t answer to him anything.

“You know I got the key right?” He knocked again. “Y/n? Answer me or I’ll just assume that you’re dead or something. Or just really drunk, but it’s like 9 pm so come on! You only get drunk like four times a year or something!”

“I’m alright Jaebum! You don’t have to come in!” You lied. He didn’t know about your dad. You had always hid it, but he kinda knew. The black eye sometimes alarmed him.

“Why didn’t you answer me earlier? I came to check on you. You didn’t come to work today.”

“I’m sick. If you come in you will get sick too.”

“I’ll take the risk. Alright, I’m coming in”, he had a key that you had given to him and now you really regret that you gave that key.

“Hey where are you? Y/n?” He looked around and then saw the dining room. There was a fork on the floor and some food. He got really worried and ran through the house. Then he saw you, on the kitchen floor, crying and in pain. He didn’t have words. He came to you as fast as he could.

“Why did you come in?” You asked him trying to see his face through your swollen and wet eyes.

Who hit you?! What the hell happened in here?”

“I had a fight…”

“Can you move? You need to tell me. I’m taking you to the hospital.”

“No don’t!”

“You need to tell me what happened? A fight with who? Y/n, talk to me!”

You were shaking. “Jaebum..”

“Okay just say yes or no? Is that alright? Was it your dad?”


“Can you stand up?”

“I-I can’t…it hurts too much.”

“I’ll be here, but we need to call the police. You almost died.”

“No, please don’t. I’ll handle this.”

“You’ve been handling it too long alone. We need to get you to a hospital now. Let me carry you.”

You nodded and he picked you up. He carried you to the car and drove to the hospital. You fell asleep on the front seat.

Next day you woke up and you saw a familiar person sitting next to you. It was your mom. When she saw you opening your eyes she hugged you.

“Everything will be good now, my dear. He got arrested”, she got emotional and started to cry happy tears.


“Your friend saved us. He saved us y/n.”

She nodded to the door’s direction and he was standing there, his arms crossed, smiling at you.

“I’m glad you’re awake.”


“Alright then”, he walked to you and you almost jumped on his neck and hugged him.

“Thank you for saving us. I love you.”

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kim-jonginism: OmG OKAY SO I WAS READING YOUR VAMPIRE AU’S WITH EXO AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM (i cant help it im a fantic of any vamp au) so I’d totally love a vampire!kai au maybe?? If you dont mind 😄❤❤❤

★looks like he could kill you 

★but is v soft 

★he likes playing with your fingers 

★and kissing your fingers 

★and locking your fingers with his

★so whipped for you 

★his mind is on you 99% of the time 

★has to be shouted at to snap him out of his daydreams about you

★he texts you alot

★’drink lots of water’

★’don’t forget to eat’

★’i love you’

★’please take care of yourself’

★when you get back together at the end of the day

★he’ll wrap you in his arms 

★and keep you there for as long as possible


★his favourite thing to do with you

★feeling you relax against him

★and smelling the scents of the outside world wash away from you

★is the highlight of his day 

★he adopts dogs

★so you have 3 fluff balls with you at all times

★seeing you interact with them fills him with joy

★bc the four things he loves most love eachother

★matching pyjamas 

★sleeping on his chest

★tries cooking for you

★but always fails

★so he sits and watches you in amazement 

★’i wish i could eat with you. you make such good looking stuff’

★awes over you when you wear his clothes

★often tries to persuade you to wear them

★’i have a jacket like that’


★’you should wear that instead of yours’

★’why would i do that?’

★’it’s better than that one’

★’you said it was like this’

★’please wear it’

★drinks from your wrist

★he’ll only take small amounts at a time

★then baby you after

★he’ll hold you as close as possible

and kiss all over your face

★’i love you so much’

★‘you’re amazing’

nsfw from here

★fucking hell

★where do i start

★he’s got probably the highest sex drive ever 

★you two have sex everywhere 

★on every surface 

★the thought of being seen is a turn on for him

★thrives off the noises you make 

★’let me hear how good you feel’ 

★if you keep quiet he’ll force it out of you

★but fucking you as hard as possible

★he loves aftercare

★he’ll clean you up

★put you in your pyjamas

★make you tea

★then cuddle up to you

★’you look so beautiful like this’ 

★’sweaty and red faced?’

★’no… you’re glowing’

★’shut up’


★so many kisses

★’sleep, babe. tomorrow we’ll go out for breakfast’

[Voltron]: a little solace and peace

sooooooo……first voltron fic?

for @longhairpidge bc she’s recently been enchanted with plance and she cheered me up yesterday when i was feeling crummy. so here’s hoping that the rest of your day starts looking up :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: a little solace and peace
Pairings: Place (Pidge x Lance)
Summary: Pidge knows what it’s like to lose most of what you call yours and find yourself flung into space to fight a war she might not win. It’s not the time to want things that are silly and wish for things that won’t happen. But Lance knows that she deserves it.

a little solace and peace

Pidge cut her hair for Matt.

Sweeping her hair into the trash can, stealing Matt’s old frames, and becoming Pidge Gunderson was a manifesto to herself — a single-minded promise to bring her family back to her no matter the distraction, no matter the cost to her, no matter how long it took. If she ever lost sight of that promise, all she ever needed to do was look in the mirror, squint her eyes, let the edges of her reflection blur and soften, and wait until she saw Matt staring back at her, telling her not to give up.

So perhaps, on the outside looking in, it does seem rather ridiculous for her to be tearing her room apart, looking for a knife or some scissors to take to her hair after looking in the mirror that morning and seeing Katie — Katie who was letting her hair grow out too long, Katie who needed to remember Matt, Katie who made a promise — but this is all she has of him anymore. A worn photograph and his blurred face staring back at her in the reflection of her paladin helmet.

When she finds nothing, Pidge heads to Lance’s room because if there’s anyone who cares more about what stares back at them in the mirror every morning, it’s him.

He’s wiping off the last bits of his facemask with a towel when she opens the door, and he barely has time to ruffle her hair and spit out a dorky greeting before the words are flying out of her mouth, “I need to borrow a pair of scissors.”

Lance blinks at the volume and speed of her words, but looks back into his room — covered in facial products, old Altean lounge clothes he’s repurposed into robes and pajamas, gifts inhabitants from other planets have given him over the past year — and says, “I’m pretty sure I have some around here somewhere. Why, what do you need them for?”

Pidge swallows. “I just need them. Just for five minutes.”

Lance merely shrugs — it’s not the first time Pidge has asked her teammates for weird things to aid in whatever pet project is keeping her distracted that day — and invites her in, letting her sit on his unmade bed while he rummages around his drawers and produces a small pair of scissors that don’t look very sharp but will probably do the job just fine.

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Seven Steps to Hell: The Seventh Step.

Series: Prologue | BamBam | Mark | Jackson | Youngjae | Yugyeom | Jaebum Conclusion

Genre: Smut, honestly; 7 Cardinal Sins! AU

Word Count: 3.3K

Notes: Kinky shit happening. Slight D/S undertones, kind of dubious consent, erotic asphyxiation, among others. Don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with anything I’ve just listed. Otherwise, please enjoy^^

Edit: Moodboard below submitted by @saf0607

“It was Pride that changed angels into devils…” 

- St. Augustine 

It’s finally time to face the last one, the darkest and most cynical of the Sins. You aren’t sure how well this will go, since you know that he’s the one who holds the most grievances—that his power stems through the rest of the Seven.

You dare to enter regardless, taking a deep breath as you approach a door that’s carved with runes. The ancient language is littered all over the entrance, incidentally drawn into concentric circles, as a protective measure. The rest of the Sins don’t have protection like this, which is what makes him so much more difficult to absolve.

You lay your palm against the center of the circle, breathing slowly as the symbols glow bright red for mere seconds, before the door swings open.

It’s time.

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So the lovely @raesof-sunshine requested a drabble with Daveed! 792 words.

#2 - None of this is your fault. #6 - No one’s going to hurt you. #10 - I’m here now, okay?

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Nobody loves you… they only pretend…

The monster loomed over you, a grotesque representation of your worst fears. Its razor-sharp teeth flashed a gleaming white as you cowered in its massive shadow. Its disfigured features weren’t well-defined, but it was bad enough to terrify you. It taunted you with all of your worst fears, from being alone to failing at everything you tried to do. You begged and pleaded with it, desperate to get away to some solace, but it was relentless. You tried to run, but it followed you, and just when it opened its mouth to attack…

You sat up with a loud shriek, panting hard and trembling. Sweat matted your hair to your face, and tears streamed down your face. You turned and looked beside you and felt a pang of guilt jolt your heart. Daveed had heard you. With how busy he was, he didn’t get a lot of rest, so the fact that you’d woken him up with some nightmare made you feel awful.

“Kitten?” Daveed asked as he rubbed his hands over his face and blinked a few times to clear the sleep from his eyes. “What… what’s wrong?”

“It’s my fault,” you sobbed. You refused to look at him. You couldn’t. He wasn’t going to get enough rest, and it was all because you were pathetic.


“You waking up! It’s all my fault. I. I had a stupid nightmare, and I should be able to control them and… I’m sorry!” you cried, nearly in hysterics as your shoulders shook with each sob.

Daveed shifted closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, waiting to see how you reacted. When you unconsciously relaxed into his embrace, he peppered your cheek with tiny kisses for a few moments before you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Baby, no. None of this is your fault. You know you can’t control what you dream,” Daveed said soothingly. He placed kisses on your hair and rubbed your back as you tried to calm yourself down from your nightmare.

“I – I know,” you sniffed. “I just feel bad… you don’t get a lot of rest now…”

Daveed laughed. “Babe, we both know I run on caffeine now. I’m used to it. And besides, I’d rather make sure you’re okay, however long that takes.”

You sniffed again and nodded your head against his neck. Daveed was so good to you. When you were upset, he did whatever he could to ease your mind, be it cuddles or a movie marathon or just letting you talk about it. You felt so loved, and you always wondered how you could ever show him your deep gratitude. That could wait until later. Right now, you just wanted to relax in his arms and try to put your nightmare behind you.

“Do you wanna tell me what it was about, Kitten?” Daveed asked. You pulled back and nodded tearfully at him. Talking about it would put it into perspective, show you just how unrealistic it was.

“It. It was awful… there was this huge monster, and it kept… it kept telling me things. Things I’ve said to myself. Like… like I’m always gonna be alone and that I’m not loved and I’m always gonna fail… I tried to run from it, but it chased me and it was gonna attack me when I woke up…”

As you closed your eyes shut and your shoulders rose as your muscles tensed, Daveed hugged you close and pressed soft kisses over your cheek, jaw, and lips. Each kiss and touch relaxed you and put you more and more at ease. Daveed murmured softly to you, his gentle voice acting like a balm to your anxious, frightened mind.

No one’s going to hurt you. I’m here now, okay? Just breathe.”

He kept up these soft murmurs and kisses until he felt you relax completely, the tension from before eased. You looked up at him with a small yet tired smile, hugging him gratefully. He gave you a small smile and kissed your forehead as you cuddled against him, both for warmth and comfort.

“Better?” he asked softly.

“Mmhm,” you yawned. You curled up on your side and rested your head on Daveed’s strong chest with your ear right over his heart. Its strong, steady beat lulled you into a sense of tranquility. You felt much better, but you still had one thing to say. You sat up slightly and placed a gentle kiss on Daveed’s cheek.

“I love you,” you said softly.

“I love you too, Kitten.”

You kissed him one last time before curling up against his side. With his strong arms around you, you knew that you were safe. Nothing could get you as long as you had Daveed.

Warning To Watery Eyes


Alex comes back from war, and has to tell y/n, that he cheated on her while away.


It had been about a month since Alex had arrived back from war, and just as I had expected, things were different. He was standoffish and quiet. I feel horrible, having him here, hurting and I can’t do anything about it. He’s always going to have those nightmares from battle and the images of dead bodies in his head. I can’t imagine what it’s like knowing my hands have killed and held the killed.

Last night Alex didn’t come home until around one o'clock in the morning. He wasn’t drunk but he was tired looking. When he laid in bed, I tried to comfort him by embracing his shaking figure, but he brushed off my attempt at affection.

Awhile after my failed attempt at calming him, his hushed sobs halted and were replaced by slow breaths. I didn’t sleep that whole night, I didn’t want him to wake up and leave without me knowing or him have a nightmare again without me knowing.

As of now I am scrambling eggs, frying bacon, and toasting some bread in our small yellow kitchen filled with everything that had a rooster printed on it. My grandmother decorated our kitchen, and she always said having roosters in the kitchen were good luck, I’m not sure how I believed that but “Who am I not to carry on a tradition?” My granny would ask me.

I had gotten out of bed around six o'clock am, the sun had leaked through our curtains into the quaint bedroom, and I knew that with the light shinning on my face, I most likely wasn’t going back to sleep. I also had the intellect to know Alex would be up around seven, and I wanted him to wake to smell of fresh breakfast, instead of dirt, salt and oil, like he had been the past dangerous months.

I hummed quietly to myself, going over some conversation starters I could use on Alex when he comes down. Grease popped on my arm and I jumped slightly, I turned to get a wet towel to soothe the sting when I saw a messy haired Alex.

His hand was grasping a cup and he was searching the fridge for some milk. Something he always use to drink in the morning, this would be the first time he had come back to his habit since his return. I never understood why he liked it so much, I’ve always hated drinking plain milk. The closest I get to it is drinking a cup a chocolate milk every night before bed.

“Good morning,” I said to him. I figured I would try to get some conversation out of him this morning, but when he didn’t reply I turned around and began to flip the eggs again.


I turned to look over my shoulder and I watched as he walked over to me. His was head down, and his eyes fixated on mine. His arms barely reached out to me, he bent down to bury his face in my neck and tighten his arms around my torso. He held me for a long time. The eggs had burnt and so had everything else. I didn’t have time to focus on anything but the fact that he was showing the most affection he had since the night he came home and we had celebration sex. Even then it was different.

“I’m sorry.” His broken voice spoke and then he broke into a dry heaving cry. I quickly I turned around, placed my hands on the back of his neck and the top of his head and pulled him against me. His fingers tensed on my waist like he couldn’t imagine letting go.

About 5 minutes went by, of just us both crying and holding onto to other. I kissed his neck and said
“Alex, honey, you have nothing to be sorry for. Please don’t ever feel like you need to apologize, especially for the way you feel.”

He only cried harder.

I ran my fingers down his neck to his back feeling his soft cotton shirt that had wrinkles in it from his previous sleep state. With my other hand I started playing with his short, brown, greasy hair, untangling knots with my fingers. My face was wedged into his neck. His smell was of sweat and lemon. I could feel his tears on my shoulder, while his cries were amplified from being directly beside my ear.

So there we were in the smoke filled kitchen, with crispy burnt toast, crunchy, hard bacon, and overcooked, brown eggs. And it stayed that way for awhile, neither of us wanting to move or even breath.

When Alex had finished his cries and small utters of “I love you.” He pulled away, looked at my face and cupped my cheeks with his hands. My arms fell from his sides but soon made their way up to hold his wrist, making sure he didn’t go anywhere.

I looked in his eyes, they were red, red like the color of love, but glossy like the finish of a wooden table. His cheeks were wet and puffy, wet like a leaf after its rained and puffy like the cloud that dropped the storm.

He looked to his left, dropped his head and spoke, “I love so much, y/n. Please just always know I love you.”

“I know that Alex. I’ve know that forever. Remember when I would joke that I knew you loved me before you knew?” I smiled, genuinely for the first time, since Alex had left.

Alex didn’t smile, however. Instead, he pushed my hair out of my face and told me something I didn’t think I would ever hear.

“You don’t understand, y/n, I did something bad, while I was away. I just want you to know that if I had been in my right mind, I wouldn’t’ve done it.” His voice was shaky.

“Alex, war involves killing people. I know that. But you did it for a good cause and for the safety of not just our country but all of Europe.”

“It’s not that, y/n.”

“What did you do, Alex?” I asked softly, not expecting anything but a guilt he’s made up in his own head from everything he’s saw while at battle.

“I slept with another woman,” he spoke this with pain. I watched his lip quiver. His eyes wanted to close but he fought it, waiting for my reaction.

I just stared, passed his head and at the door, wondering if I should leave and collect myself. Alex’s thumb wiped a tear from my cheek, that’s when I noticed I was crying.

I had never cried like that before, there was no warning to my watery eyes. I was filled with so much emotion that my body took on it’s own self-help mechanism without me having to think about anything.

“Y/n…” Alex pleaded to me, “Y/n, please, do something , say something, break something. I don’t care, just don’t stand there, please.”

My arms dangled limp by my side and breathing had slowed. Alex’s hands were still around my jaw and his eyes were still looking into mine.

I realized I had began crying harder when Alex shushed me and in a panicked but noiseless voice uttered, “Hey, don’t cry. No, no, no, no, please honey, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t ever want to hurt you. I love you so much, please, please don’t cry. Look at me, please look at me,” he effortlessly turned my head with his fingers under my chin, “I love you.”

I slowly moved away from his touch and walked onto the back porch where I tried to hold in my cries. Alex didn’t follow me, he knew the best thing was to leave me alone. I could still feel his stare from the sink window, I could hear his hand slip into the sink filled with dirty dishes, making a clattering sound. I was thankful for that sound, it was the loudest thing I’d heard in last few minutes, and the silence was eating me alive.

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pros and cons of dating sungwoon and jihoon?

sure thing! i’ll do sungwoon here and then jihoon on a separate post just for the sake of my blog and tagging, hope thats okay and i hope you like it :) 


  • he’s got such a loveable and fun personality 
  • always goofing around and telling you jokes
  • never fails to make you laugh with his witty remarks and comebacks 
  • also tries to be really cool and will probs trip over air 
  • loves teasing you over the smallest things which you lowkey like 
  • he’s like a big 6 year old boy in the body of a 24 year old sometimes haha
  • likes to go in for sneaky hugs in public
  • secretly a meme 
  • i can imagine on the first date he’d come and pick you up and have the biggest smile with cheeks blushing 
  • and he’d do his best to not be awkward 
  • loads of skinship
  • i think at first he’d pretend to be shy about skinship but boy he loves it 
  • his voice 
  • if u guys ever fight he’d sing a really emotional and meaningful song 
  • he’d do anything for you
  • even if it was something that wasn’t particularly his thing or his idea of a date as long as it made you happy 
  • you might get to meet his gaming squad aka jimin, kai and taemin 
  • if you’re into gaming pc cafe dates for sure
  • otherwise fun and unique dates such as karaoke, drive in cinemas or a concert
  • omg and when you guys watch stuff on tv, whether its a drama, music show or sports sungwoon would have the funniest commentary ever 
  • he’d love lying on your lap and playing around with your hair 


  • might be a bit sensitive about his height
  • so maybe no heels for you
  • he might not think too much about what he says so your feelings might be hurt sometimes
  • but once he realises he’d apologise right away and try to cheer you up
  • i imagine sungwoon to be really into gaming with his mates so when he’s really into a game he might unconsciously not pay as much attention to you

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Band member: Harry Styles, sentence: "Stop being cute or come be cute in my bed." (Love you & your blog by the way!!! xoxo)

A/N-Awww thank you so much babes!! I love you more! MUAH!! 🤗💖

You had thought of something special this morning, really special, something out of the ordinary actually. You knew that your british hunk Harry was comming home today for the first time in weeks and since you also knew damn well that the two of you are going to have some sweet “I missed you” sex, you thought that you should step up your game a little. So, you grabbed your purse and swiped your credit card in exchange for a little something that will make you look extra hot for him.
As soon as you had come home with the shopping bag in your hand though you felt somewhat unsure but you needed to do this. You and Harry have been doing the same dance in bed since day one and you were afraid that he might get bored soon. Even though he could never ever feel that way towards you, still, you wanted to be on the safe side.

From the moment Harry stepped into the front door, the entire day felt like the most beautiful dream ever.
The way he would be so affectionate, attacking you with kisses and “you’re so beautiful’s” and “I love you’s” mostly “I missed the hell of you’s” it all made you feel so loved, so treasured. But now came the heated moment the two of you have been waiting for…

“Mmmm..uuuhh..H-Harry…Harry wait…” You moaned as you laid on your back on the soft and huge mattress, receiving kisses from your handsome boyfriend’s pink heart shaped lips all over your face and soft spot on your neck….

“Baby…I’ve been waiting so long to snog you…please don’t make me stop now…”

“But I have a surprise for you…” You smiled, and immediately his green eyes would be wide, looking down into yours as he hovered…

“You’re pregnant?!”

“Hahaha no babe not that.”

“Oh…then what is it poppet?” He quizzed.

You switched places with him, you being the one hovering over him now. You pecked him once more with a look of excitement, “Be right back!”

It only took you minutes to change, but you stayed way longer just to stare at yourself in the mirror. You were so nervous to step back out dressed in black lace lingere, Harry has never seen you like that before, so you felt more excitement to see his reaction…

“(Y/N)…preciooous.” He’d coo outside, making you blush..

“Comming!…Are you ready?!”

“Let me look in my pants….yea I’m more than ready!”

You rolled your eyes in amusement and took a deep breath, “Kay here we go..” You say before leaping outside and presenting yourself. Harry’s eyes went wider than before, mouth dropping open into the perfect O shape, you even noticed his dick twitch. That sexy piece of outfit sure complimented your body shape, not to mention it defined your clevelage.


“You liiiike?”

“I love babe…now take it off.” He quickly said, making you laugh.

“Wait hold on love! I think I’m supposed to give you a sexy dance now…atleast that’s how I’ve seen it in movies…” You tell him.

“Uuuuum…m’kay.” He semi impatiently responds, signaling you to go ahead. Then that’s when things became awkward for you. Since this was all new to you, you didn’t exactly know how to dance all seductively like most women do, in fact you didn’t really know how to dance at all, but you gave it a shot anyway and just started swaying your body. You tried your best to look hot as fuck, but according to your boyfriend’s face of trying his hardest to hold in his laughter, you weren’t doing a very good job. Soon you felt so stupid, especially cause there was no music on, you snorted and cracked up, Harry cracking up with you.

“Oh dear God I can’t believe I just…ugh!” You giggled as you covered your tomato red face like the monkey emoji. Harry smiled so lovingly at you, you may have failed at acting “sexy”, but one thing is for sure, he would always find you sexy no matter what, and also, you are just so stinkin adorable to your man right now….


“What?” You muffled, your face heated.

Stop being cute! Or come be cute in my bed! NOW!” ❤️


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3 words prompt: you were wrong :D


(for @muppet47 and @aspenmusing and @dtrekker and @castleincalifornia and @kathrynchristie for the convo about angst)


He made it as far as the lobby of the Twelfth.

It’s pathetic, and he knows that, but his hands are empty and so is his heart.

He bows his head, elbows propped on his thighs, and he tries to stop thinking. Only goes in circles, terrible awful circles, her face hard and unforgiving in the interrogation room, her words as convicting as the obvious truth.

She remembers everything.

She remembers everything. It wasn’t even a confession in there. It wasn’t even a gritted-teeth, avoiding eye contact reluctant statement. It was just point blank and pointed. A tool she used to dig.

A tool she used.

He’s in love with her and it’s a tool she uses.

Rick scrapes his hand down his face and tries to swallow past the tightness in his throat.

He really needs to straighten his spine and stand up and walk out of here. He needs to bow out gracefully. He needs to stop hanging around like a whipped dog that doesn’t know any better. 

Take a hint, Rick.

He squeezes the bridge of his nose, realizing with brutal clarity that her performance piece inside interrogation was probably partially for him. Take a hint, Rick. How much nicer can she say she’s not into him? Her silence all summer spoke volumes, but he just didn’t want to hear it.

And the swings? He’s been seeing what he wants to see, hearing what he wants to hear. She was trying to repair a damaged friendship, at best, and at worst - and most likely now - she needed his leads, his notes on her shooting, the case she wouldn’t be allowed to touch.

He’s in love with her and it’s a tool she uses.

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Alex Kamal Appreciation Week: Day 3 | Favorite Relationship: Alex & Holden

Late thanks to work and my computer ugh. I wanted to do something a little different since my first choice hasn’t met up with Alex in the show yet and while I love him and the Roci as much as the next gal, I wanted to focus on an actual interpersonal relationship. I’ve talked to a couple of friends about how much I love a few scenes between these two boyos in the books, over things I probably can’t discuss yet (though… can we bring the happy laughing hug forward a few seasons????). But I love their friendship, so I chose them.

Alex has almost always been friendly and respectful with Holden. He was his boss and he’s a smart, good guy who tries to do the right thing. Alex is the one character who has argued with Holden the least, but he also is willing to talk him down or tell him when he’s wrong like in one of the scenes above. 

I mostly chose those scenes because of their similarities. Holden, Guilt Machine 9000, tries and fails to connect with Alex and talk him out of his spiral after the losses at Thoth Station. His approach isn’t great, but it’s clear Holden cares enough to try, going up there and reminding him that he did save Amos. And during the blockade of Ganymede, Alex tries and succeeds in talking Holden from the ledge, reminding him that their “family” needs them. They both appealed to the GOOD they did/can do while acknowledging the pitfalls. 

Holden respects Alex enough to give him all the credit for saving the Somnambulist, because he did. Alex’s refusal to let anyone else die not only led to him stopping Holden from getting Naomi and Amos killed, it saved refugees. I mean even seeing it back to back, it feels like Alex is using his experience to keep Holden from making a decision that kills more people, as well as people he loves. Even in private with Naomi, Holden acknowledges that. The two of them saved their family together, with Holden’s dreaded open channel thrown into the mix. They care enough about each other and their family to try, even if Alex had been more successful than Holden. Respect, friendship, and family.

I love these bros, and I can’t wait to see more of their relationship unfold.

splashtail  asked:

Can u imagine like,,, how sad Rookie must get sometimes,, he makes dumb mistakes a LOT and it was expected for him to make a mistake in the golden puffle psa mission so hes just,, ":("


Yeah he does make those mistakes a lot and it’s even shown how he gets really upset about those things. 

Outside of the missions too he is shown to be upset over the countless mistakes he makes in the missions.

Wiki page here

“Why can’t I be on the right track?” It seems that he feels bad for failing a lot, knowing that he is likely to cause another failure and even calls himself out on it.

He knows he did something wrong and probably wants to stop messing up but by accident he still causes mistakes. Rookie always tries to do change, usually by suggesting to do better and even helping out more.

Rookie even does overtime (most likely to make up for his mistake) and goes so far that he falls asleep on the job.

Comic here

Like you said though, despite all his efforts to fix it he does make a lot of mistakes and is even expected to fail! That must really suck.

Awwwww! Thanks so much for all the kind words! I worked really hard on this one, but I’m snot sure how it turned out. I’m kind of worried it’s bad, tell me if you liked it! I hope you enjoy!

Tom dialed the phone and let his thumb hover above the ‘Call’ button. Same thing he’s been doing every hour for the past day. Tom closed his eyes and threw his phone down on the bed, flopping down next to it. “I can’t do it, I can’t do it.” He whispered. Tom sat up and covered his face with his hands. He was too scared to say anything! He couldn’t even force the words out. The fear of rejection was too nerve wracking. The demon curled in a ball and then perked up once he got an idea. Maybe he didn’t have to tell him. Tom ran over to the bookshelf and grabbed a big binder.

He smiled when he found the exact spell he needed. A truth spell, if he could curse Marco to tell him exactly how he felt, then he would know if Marco had any sort of feelings for Tom. So Tom would be sure, and he wouldn’t have to put his heart out, just for it to be crushed. Tom set the items needed on the table and looked at the page.

Tom closed his eyes and put his hands down over the page, casting his spell. It was odd though, normally he felt something taken out of him. And he felt a little wave of tiredness, even if it was tiny and wore off at once. But this spell was like some sort of energy was entering him, and giving him something new. Tom opened his eyes and looked confused. “Did I… do that right?” He asked himself.

Tom shook the odd feeling off and grabbed his phone to text Marco, just to ask if he wanted to get together. Tom felt that same bubbly, happy feeling well up when he saw Marco said yes. Tom grinned and grabbed his hoodie, running out to meet Marco.


“Hey Tom!” Marco smiled big and gave the demon a hug. Tom felt his face heat up and he pulled away from the human before burning him. “You okay?” Marco asked, smiling warmly. Tom felt his face heat up more.

“Just nervous.” He blurted out. As soon as he said that he covered his mouth. Tom didn’t mean for that to come out.

“Nervous? Why? Is everything okay?” Marco asked, leaning forward. Tom tried to keep his hands over his mouth but there seemed to be some sort of weird force, his hand got ripped away and he kept rambling.

“Yes, you make me nervous.” Tom tried to stop himself from speaking, but to no avail All he managed to do was delay it a few seconds. Marco took a step back and seemed confused and a little worried.

“Am I… doing something wrong?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and shook his head. He felt a familiar tingle and the words he wanted so desperately to keep in, came spilling out.

“No! You never do anything wrong! I think you’re perfect!” Tom cried. He clapped a hand over his mouth and felt his face flushed even redder that it was before. Fire was burning all around his feet and he had little flames sparking up on his hair. Tom tried to bite his lip hard to keep from blabbering.

Marco stared at his oddly for a long time. “Tom I… is everything okay with you?” He asked. Tom tried to stay quiet. But that proved unuseful.

“It’s the spell… I messed it up I always mess things up!” Tom gasped and tugged on his ears. “I wanted to curse you! I cursed me! Why did I do this I’m so stupid!” Tom yelled. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Tom! Don’t say that you aren’t- wait did you say you wanted to curse me? Again!?” Marco demanded, going from sympathetic to angry. Tom fell back, he wanted to keep his mouth shut as to not make it worse, but he failed.

“Yes! I’m sorry, I just had to know if you liked me.” Tom admitted. Marco’s anger melted away and he began to get more confused.

“If I… like you?” Marco asked. Tom’s ears dropped and he felt a heavy feeling of anxiety.

“Oh no I ruined it all!” Tom stressed. “I just had to know! I couldn’t get rejected! I can’t get broken like that! I love you too much!” Tom cried. As soon as those awful words came out of his mouth Tom gasped loudly and covered his mouth with both hands. He pulled his hood up over his head and tried to stay silent. But the curse made him say one last thing. “I’m in love with you Marco, please don’t be angry.” Tom begged.

“Tom I…” Marco was astounded. He had no clue Tom felt this way. And him blurting out confession after confession so suddenly and rapidly made it hard to wrap his head around. Marco sighed and sat down next to Tom. “Did you say you were in love with me?” Marco asked. Tom only nodded this time. “Oh Tom…” Marco trailed off. “I… What curse?” He asked. Tom bit his lip and kept blabbing.

“There was this spell, that forces people to tell the truth. Like Naysayer but… different. I meant to cast it on you but I messed it up, I cast it on myself. I wanted to curse you so… you would tell me exactly how you feel about me. So I wouldn’t give you my heart just to get it crushed.” Tom told Marco everything. He looked away and his ears dropped down. Tom had tears welling up in his eyes. The embarrassment of all of this was too much, And he couldn’t sense the rejection that was to follow.

But to Tom’s surprise he felt arms wrap around him. Tom’s head shot up and he saw Marco hugging him close. Tom looked at him with wide eyes and Marco just hugged the demon. “Stop doubting yourself, stop doubting everything.” Marco whispered. “You’re feelings matter, don’t ignore them.” Marco told him. Tom shook his head and tear began to fall.

“I… I… I don’t know. I don’t… I can’t keep ignoring this. I had to know but I couldn’t tell you.I tried to call a million times but I was too scared.” Tom blubbered. Marco held him tighter and Tom pulled away. “Marco, stop being silent, please just say something!” Tom begged. When Marco was still quiet more tears welled up in Tom’s eyes. ‘I never should have said anything, I never should have called you… I messed it all up! I messed everything up again! Of course you don’t love me I… I don’t even love me.” Tom sobbed.

“Tom, it’s okay.” Marco comforted. He held the demon close and just hushed him. “Don’t talk like that, you’re an amazing person and… I’d be really lucky to have somebody like you.” Marco added, with a dark blush spreading across his face. Tom looked up curiously.

“What are you saying?” Tom asked. Marco smiled a bit.

“Well… As shocked as I am about you admitting all of this… I think you’re nice.” Marco admitted. He then blushed deeper. “More than nice actually… you’re sweet and cute and funny, I’d love to have dinner with you.” Marco beamed. Tom was watching him in absolute shock.

“But…” Tom wiped away some stray tears and laughed a bit. “I’m a mess, you just saw me cry and freak out… I cursed myself, then showed up, cried and nearly had a panic attack.” Tom listed the embarrassing events. “How-how do you still like me?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and shrugged, reaching out to hold Tom’s hand.

“I don’t care any of that. I don’t blame you for showing emotion.” Marco explained. “It’s normal and… I’m really happy you shared that with me.” Marco added. Tom looked up at him confused and the human gave him a kiss on the cheek. Tom flared up with flustered flames and a deep blush. “So, are you going to take me to dinner?” Marco teased. Tom swallowed hard and nodded.

“Of course I will.” He promised. “I’d do anything for you. I think you’re so amazing.” Tom blabbered. “I picture how amazing a date with you would be everyday. I daydream about you, I’m so in love with you.” He continued, blushing deeper as he went on and on uncontrollably. He then bit his lip. “Maybe… after this curse wears off though.”

to all my mutuals/followers that are on college:
  1. you will eventually get that degree,so relax! breathe and clear your mind once in a while. if you think the pressure is too much, just take a break, the world won’t end if you skip one day of class
  2. keep trying! always keep trying and do your best; you’re failing a class? just talk to your teacher/conselour/friends/someone that has already taken that class so you can come up with a plan b (and c, d, e…) and pass like a pro! yeah, you can fail, and i agree that parents are (mainly) the #1 reason why we are so fucking stressed all the time about passing our classes but it’s better to have tried a lot of things instead of panicking and do nothing about it
  3. don’t be afraid of making mistakes! you’re not sure if this carreer is for you? then think about it carefully and make a decision about it; change majors, change that class; you’re going to learn more from your mistakes than from your success
  4. organize your time! the day has 24 hours, you can do all of your stuff if you’re organized enough; yeah it sounds impossible but, at least try! it’s nice to get 1 or 2 things done out of 23434324 things to do, instead of none
  5. get the hell out of tumblr, if you need to… seriously
  6. sometimes homework is too much, so you better get that shit done with time instead of keeping all of your homework for sunday nights
  7. enjoy being in college! go out with your friends on friday nights, skip that boring class, explore your campus, don’t be afraid to meet new people… and find a balance! going out doesn’t mean you’re going to forget about your responsabilities 
  8. you will learn more on the real world than in college, college just will give you certain amount of knowledge; practice makes a master! if you can find a part time job where you can improve your skills (yeah goodbye to sleep and social life for a while but believe me, it’s worth it) go and take it!!!!
  9. remember: you will get through this, believe in yourself, you can do it!!!!

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is there any way you can do a continuation of the kirishima and villain s/o scenario? like when they meet again what does she tell him? how do they end up?? if you cant its okay! thank u tho, love your blog sm


Eijirou Kirishima
About two months had passed since you and Kirishima had last seen one another. You weren’t able to go out in public anymore due to the fact that your face was plastered on every TV screen in the city. The group of heroes that you and your friends escaped from, weren’t giving up on capturing you guys. In fact, they were trying their damn hardest to find your hideout. Your group decided to keep your missions to a minimum as to evade any unnecessary fights or attention but tonight, things were different.

Tonight was the one mission that needed all hands on deck, the finale. The moment you’d finally be able to shine and get exactly what you’d wanted for the last two years. Nothing was going to stop you today, you couldn’t afford any distractions or you’d miss your chance to strike.

After everything was ready, everyone went to their designated areas, ready for the fight of their lives. Though, in reality, everything was riding on you and your ability to get your task done.

“You can do this Y/n, you can take out All Might,” one of your friends told you through your earpiece.

You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for what was to come. The only thing that would make you lose your confidence now, was if a certain red head showed up. You hoped he was sent to any of the other areas because you wouldn’t be able to take it. You had pushed him to the back of your mind and did your best not to think about him or the pain you inflicted on him. The only thing that mattered at the moment, was this mission.

As you were standing you heard a familiar booming voice and you smiled. Perfect, your target was here, just as your boss had predicted. You jumped out of your hiding area and landed in front of the number one hero, “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you for quite awhile.”

All Might looked at you, surprised by how young you looked. He couldn’t believe it, you were the same age as his precious students and you were sent to fight him? What was the person in charge thinking? He shook his head, “Now listen here young lady, there’s no way you can beat me. Why don’t you just surrender yourself now? I would really rather not cause you any harm.”

You glared at him, and every part of you was filled with nothing but pure hatred. How dare he! How dare he look down on you after what he’s done! After all the pain he made you go through! This time you shook your head before a grin made its way onto your face, “Now, now. I know you’re the number one hero and all, but should you really be underestimating your enemy?”

Just as you threw one of your attacks at him, an explosion stopped it. Your eyes widened and you looked up to see Bakugou, who you’d met a while back when you were with Kirishima, “Well, well, well. Look who we have here!”

As he landed on the ground you gritted your teeth, your friends had failed. You were about to make a snarky comment when you heard your name called from behind you, “Y/n?”

Your heart dropped. No, why did it have to be him of all people? Your friends were supposed to keep everyone else busy!

You couldn’t afford to turn around, seeing Kirishima would throw you off even more. You took a deep breath and ran at Bakugou, “I can’t afford to waste any time!”

You had heard of the boy’s explosions and moves from Kirishima so you were swiftly able to dodge him. Lucky for you, you had a water quirk and were able to blast him and soak him with ease. You grinned to yourself as you were met face to face with All Might himself. Just as your hands were coming up to make your best attack, a pair of hands grabbed them. Your eyes widened as the person spoke, “Please stop.”

You pulled your hands away and jumped to the side, where you were now being cornered. You sighed as you heard apologies fill your earpiece. All your friends had made a run for it after facing some of their opponents, “So much for having my back guys.”

“Y/n, please, just surrender,” his voice was broken. You looked down, it wasn’t just his voice that was broken, you knew that. The past months had been nothing but agonizing heartbreak for Kirishima. Everything had reminded him of you and your betrayal. He was worse than ever. There were bags under his eyes and he had even gone as far as to stop spiking his hair up. He was so bad that this was the first mission he’d been on since that faithful night two months ago.

“I can’t do that,” you shook your head, ignoring the tears that fell slowly down your cold cheeks, “Not until I destroy him!”

The three of them were taken back, why did you want to beat All Might so bad? What had he done? Yes he was the symbol of peace, but was that really why you felt that way? Kirishima couldn’t believe that because the person he fell in love with wasn’t like that. They were sweet and gentle with everyone, they wanted nothing but happiness for anyone that crossed their path. So why? Why did you hate All Might so much? He needed to know, and so he asked you.

You looked at him, the anger and hatred slowly evaporating. The emotions you felt were replaced by the unwavering sadness you felt underneath, the only emotion that never really disappeared. It was like your only true friend, there wasn’t a moment where you didn’t feel the pain and suffering caused by the hero you vowed to destroy. You looked at the ground and started telling your story.

The whole reason you became a villain was to get revenge for your father, who was wrongfully murdered. You see, he wasn’t a bad guy, no nowhere near that. He was amazing, always protecting you from anything he thought would harm you, no matter what it was. He was the only person you could always count on, the only person who truly cared about you. At the time, it was only you and him, your mother had left when you were just a few months old, but you didn’t care. Why? Because you had your father, and you thought you didn’t need anyone else. Then one day, you didn’t have him anymore. He was taken away from you, as if he were nothing but a piece of trash on the sidewalk.

The man you loved with all your heart, the man that was always there when you needed him, the man who protected you like no one else, was killed by the number one hero. For what? You didn’t know, all you knew at 13 years old was that now you had no one and your broken heart couldn’t take it. Who would protect you now? Who would care for you? Who would make you breakfast in the mornings and make sure you got to school on time? Who would go out of their way to make sure you had everything you needed? Who would love you enough to do all of that? The answer was no one. You were left to fend for yourself in a cruel world that left you with nothing, and that would make anyone want to be a villain.

When you were cast out by everyone else, the group of villains took you in. When you were starving and had gone days without food, the villains stole some for you. When the only clothes you had were torn and worn out, the villains got you some. When you thought you were alone in the world, the villains stood by your side. The villains everyone hated were your saviors and your only friends.

Your story was sad enough to break the heart of everyone that heard it but there was something you got wrong, and All Might was going to tell you what, “Your father, did he have…”

As All Might described the father you could barely remember, you stared at him and nodded. That’s when he sighed, “I’m sorry, but whoever told you I killed him lied. The truth is, I tried saving him from Depravance, but I failed. Your father died in my arms, the last thing he said was to tell his daughter, you, how much he loved her and to make sure she was always protected.
For weeks after that, I searched for you but you were nowhere to be found. Allowing your father to die and not being able to find you are things I’ve regretted for the past two years. I truly am sorry.”

All you could do was stare at him, tears streamed down your face like a waterfall falling over a cliff. You were lied to, the villain that killed your father was your boss. You fell to your knees and sobbed. The heartrending screams that left your mouth were enough to break anyone that saw or heard you.

During that dark night, the only comfort you felt were the arms of the boy who you too had broken, the boy who cried with you as all the lies finally came crashing down.