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It’s comfy, Grif! And it was probably on the floor!

For the ‘Mistaken Identity’ square for @rvbficwars

( sorry the preview images are blurry. I can’t fix it. \o/ )


Hi guys! 

So I wasn’t a huge fan of the collars in Cats & Dogs I like just plain stuff without too much action so I decided to make something simple. I present to you a simple gift. Simple Dog Collars. They are just plain collars with nothing on them. Both Large & Small collars are available in 12 swatches. I tried to pick a variety of colors nothing fancy just basic really. Hope you enjoy them! (Requires Cats & Dogs of course) 

**** Feel free to do recolors on my mesh, but please give credit, do not include the mesh & do not claim as your own! Tag me IG: nativemoonlight ****

Download Small Dog Collars ——> HERE

Download Large Dog Collars ——> HERE


Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

read terms before using

A concept

Brian wanting to paint something awesome for noah and asking jude for help because let’s be honest the boy can’t even draw a straight line. And Jude gets so excited !!!! She gathers pamphlets and art books and tries to teach him a billion techniques he can’t even begin to comprehend and he’s just! so! lost!
He spends a week working on 5 different sketches and “ohmygod jude they’re terrible, i’m terrible, i don’t know how you two do it, i should have sticked to sports. Do you think he’d like a signed ball??? Or maybe a telescope??”
Oscar just laughs because god damn of course picasso would fall in love with a guy who can’t tell the difference between the color yellow and the color mustard.
In the end, he ends up giving Noah a simple pencil drawing of him and noah star gazing with smudges all over bc he’s left handed and the struggle is real. he writes a tiny ‘i love you’ in the corner of the paper with a smiley face bc he’s a fucking dork like that and he’s so embarrased when he gives it to Noah like srsly he can’t even look at him. But even though it’s kinda terrible and it looks like it was done by a 9-year-old in sweetwine standards, Noah absolutely loves it.
And late at night he stares at it and tries to hold back tears because jesus he has spent so much of his time drawing and painting the world and the people around him and no one besides his sister had ever taken the time to draw something JUST FOR HIM. and of course he spends the rest of the week grinning ,feeling like he’s walking on clouds and god he’s honestly considering having it framed????? and he’s so so glad he isn’t a horse because he loves that rock-collecting baseball-playing boy so damn much and he doesn’t know where he would be without him.


Prompt/Summary: A little something for all of my knitters out there (and crocheters)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff in a knit hat

Word Count: 1347

Author’s Note:

Originally posted by 13roots

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anonymous asked:

Fran, do you have any tips on coloring shadows? I love how your colors always come out. It seems like you use more of a purple shade for shadowed areas (if I'm noticing correctly)? I've tried using purples/blues for shadows in my own stuff but it always ends up looking odd or if I blend it too much it's just muddy.

My shading process is actually incredibly simple so I can’t give you too many tips, sorry! This is how I do it, tho, hope it can help in any way!

anonymous asked:

could you do a tutorial on how you color eyes?

sure! i had a go~ I do alot of different eyes but showed how to do 2 different ones. 

I draw in Paint tool sai if if anyone’s wondering what the program is. Tried to make this as simple as I could but if there’s anything you don’t understand please feel free to message me about it! <3<3 

How to Read Another Person’s Memories

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this on tumblr yet! (Maybe it’s out there, who knows? I’m new.) But this is actually one of the easiest spells to do, and one of the first I learned as a budding witch. It can be used to help someone through traumatic events and shadow work, or just to get to know them better.

You Will Need:

1. Yourself

2. The person whose memories you intend to read

That’s it. If you want to drink a clairvoyance tea or carry a stone with you, you may, although I have done this plenty of times without preparation and it’s worked well for me.


1. Sit across from the person whose memories you’re reading. Get comfy; you’ll be there for a while

2. Take both of their hands, and hold them throughout the ritual. I like to hold my palms up and have them place their hands on top, so it’s comfortable for them.

3. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. You’ll want to eliminate all distractions, so if you’re in a loud room, ask people to quiet down or move to another room. Focus on the energy in the other person’s hands. Do you feel it? Embrace their energy.

4. Let the images flow through you. This technique is much like scrying, except you’re receiving their memories through their energy. Describe briefly what you see to them and ask them or confirm with “Yes” or “No.” Example: “I see a white couch in front of an empty fireplace.” If the person recognizes what you’re referring to, or if it rings a bell, they’ll respond “Yes.” The memory will come in fragments at first, yet slowly build to form the complete picture.

5. If they respond “No,” keep going anyway; they may subconsciously change the images they’re sending to you. If they continue to respond “No,” they may be blocking something or lying, and it’ll be hard to get a read on them then. You may want to work through why they’re blocking images with them; it could be possible that they’re very private, or you need more practice in feeling others’ energies.

6. Don’t try to control the images or where you stand in them. If you jump from memory to memory, let yourself jump. You are a receiver, not a controller of these energies.

7. If someone wants you to see a specific memory, have them project that memory toward you, or bring it up clearly in their own minds. Your energy will gravitate towards theirs.

And that’s it. Some things I’ve seen through this method: Peoples’ childhood homes (I can’t tell you how many times), dreams, traumas, visions they’ve received, stories they’ve invented in their heads.

Some Final Notes:

1. This should go without saying, but the person whose memories you’re reading should be a willing participant. They’re allowed to be skeptical, but if they hold their memories back or block you, you’ll receive some conflicting images.

2. Obviously, this technique may come easier to an empath or someone experienced in reading energies. Although I was taught by an empath, I am not an empath an had little to no experience when I first tried this technique, and it still worked for me.

3. Try it first on a friend or relative, since you’ve already created a spiritual bond with them. If you’re experience, you may use this technique on strangers or acquaintances as well.

4. Don’t try to read two peoples’ memories at once, even if they share the same memory. Consider the fallibility of memory: It changes based on peoples’ perspectives or emotions towards that event. I can’t image how overwhelming it would be to try to read two peoples’ memories.

5. Every person I know who’s tried this (including me) has had a tendency to mix up the colors red and blue. I don’t know why, but it’s lead to some funny conversations!

It’s that simple! You’re all so talented, witches, so if you ever want to help a friend in need, here’s a possible solution. Have a beautiful day and help yourself as well! Blessed be!


everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen

It’s a Thanks for 1k Followers Art Raffle!

As mentioned in the main thank-you post, I wanted to do one of those art-raffle things as thanks to all my followers!  I think this drill is probably familiar to most folks, but:

Reblog this between now and Monday, November 27th.  If you’re a follower of either my main blog or my art blog (and you’re not an empty blog), you’ll be entered into the art raffle.  Each reblog is an entry.  (I doubt this will be an issue, but: don’t spam your dash; and I’d prefer folks didn’t sign on only for the duration of this contest, but there’s not much I can do about that.)


First will be a full, colored piece, with full background; or a very short comic. Examples: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.  (Short comic examples: here, here, here.)

Two runner-up prizes will be simpler sketches (flat color, no background or simple background).

Will do: Gravity Falls is obvious; crossovers are cool; some other fandoms /  subjects (talk to me, but my preference is for things I’m familiar with).  Talk to me about ships.  OCs are cool. Am willing to work in a variety of styles (I do most stuff in my own style, but I’ve occasionally tried others). 

Won’t do: NSFW (sex or major gore).  It’s gotta be able to go on this blog, which is fairly “rated E for everybody”.

I think that’s about it? But feel free to send me an Ask with questions.  


💚🐱🌻 three things i love most in life: nice boys, cats, and flowers

i can’t understate my excitement over the idea of getting more Free! this year! Tachibana Makoto is one of those earnest, thoughtful, good-boy types that just melt my heart like butter! *SWOON*

despite not doing anything new with composition, like i had been hoping to do this week, i did spend a long time on this and tried some new things with adjusted line weights and more subtle color gradients. hope you all enjoy it!

(maybe i’ll do the other boys too some time! (O  wO) <3)

DIY: the Poppet Edition

Since people apparently really liked Ada, my joy poppet, I thought that maybe some of you would like a tutorial… So here goes!

Disclaimer: Since I’m in the broom closet and that I’m a real life dollmaker, I tend to make my poppets as complex and “clean looking” as possible so that people assume it’s just yet another of my dolls. You definitely don’t have to do it the way I do it, or even to follow a remotely similar aesthetic.

You’ll need:

• some paper
• a pen
• scissors
• fabric (stretchy is best for beginners)
• a sewing needle and some thread
• herbs
• crystals
• small items
• a taglock (since I only do these poppets for my own use, I use a small lock of my hair)
• stuffing
• something blunt and long, like a screwdriver.

First, draw the body’s silhouette on paper. I try to make mine fairly symmetrical because it makes creating the clothes easier but it’s not necessary. Also, you should think about what you’re planning to use your poppet for. For example, Ada’s job is to bring more happiness in my life and help me fight off anxiety, so she’s shaped like a cat because cats make me happy. Lucia, which I’ll be building in this tutorial, is a mourning poppet: her job is to help me mourn my father, dull the pain and help me accept that everything must end, so she’ll be shaped like a skeleton. Think about what your poppet is for, choose its body accordingly.

Then do an arm and a leg the same way. As you can see, I tried giving her a little hand and curved the foott, but a simple rectangle will do the job just as well. Her leg here is super short because I’m going to make her boots out of polymer clay. I don’t need it to be as long as it should since I’ll glue the boots on later.

Now pick a fabric and draw each part twice. Chose the color accordingly to your poppet’s purpose and your personal taste. Also, if your poppet is going to be small like Ada and/or you’re a beginner… Pick some stretchy fabric, like an old t-shirt! Afterward you’ll have to turn it inside out and the stiffer the fabric, the more you’ll cry. Trust me.

Using an old t-shirt you don’t wear anymore makes your poppet even more personal! Yet another side benefit of loving yourself instead of keeping on using linen because you love the feel of it, but your poppets are pretty much drenched by tears of frustration by the time you’re done. Why do I keep doing that.

Now cut the silhouettes off, leaving some wiggle room. If you use a fabric that doesn’t fray, like an old t-shirt hint hint, you don’t have to leave a huge amount of fabric on the side. If you picked something that was probably weaved in hell, like satin, get your pinking shears out. if you don’t have pinking shears, use some fabric glue to stop the fraying. If you don’t have fabric glue, well. Good luck.

I sorta forgot to take pictures of the in-between stage, sorry. So uh. Just sew the two body silhouettes together, and each limbs, folding them on themselves. Remember to leave a hole big enough so that you can turn everything inside out.

Don’t worry too much about it being perfect: as long as it’s tight enough to not spill the stuffing, it’s good enough. While I try to make my seam lines as discreet as possible (to be more discreet about my practice), I find contrasting seams super appealing visually. So if you want to experiment with that, knock yourself out.

Start stuffing the limbs. For Lucia, I’m using the stuffing I stole from an old pillow. For Ada, I used leftover wool because that’s what I had handy. For others I used rice. Whatever works for you. As you can see, I’m using a screwdriver to push each little cotton ball all the way down. Don’t stuff the arms too much, or your poppet won’t be able to lower it arms. Unless that’s what you want.

For the body, I usually just stuff the head and the bottom of the body with cotton balls and then keep the belly and chest empty so I can fill it up with herbs and items. You could fully stuff the poppet with herbs if you’d like, or just mix a pinch with the cotton balls. See what works best for you.

Here Lucia already has one arm sewed on because I got impatient.

Here, I got my herbs ready in my mortar and put them in a small cup for easy access. Start filling up the poppet’s chest and belly (but not too much, you want some space left). Just so you know, that step tends to be pretty messy so… Do that somewhere where getting herbs everywhere isn’t much of a problem.

Pick herbs related to your poppet’s mission. For Lucia, I used linden (grief-relief after death), thyme (provides strength and courage, wards off grief), lavender (eases heartbreaks, soothing) and sage (self purification, deals with grief and loss, removes negative energy).

I didn’t take the previous step in pictures, because the items I picked where pretty personal and I don’t feel like showing them. But I can list them.

Here’s what I put inside of her:
• pink quartz (for love)
• a skull bead (for death)
• a taglock (I always use a lock of my hair tied with a red thread)
• something that belonged to my dad (it was hard to let go of it)

Again, pick everything according to the poppet’s mission. If you give yours the job to ward off curses or to help you cast spells, your list will be probably very different from mine. Take time to research what you want to use, think of how it symbolizes her mission.

I sewed on the limbs because I felt like it. You can do this later if you want, it doesn’t really matter.

So now the step shown in this picture is “the letter”. It’s an important step because that’s where you state the poppet’s purpose. And it’s also where you name your poppet (names have power, take time to think about it)! It’s not a very complicated step, though, you just need a pen and some paper.

My letters usually go this way:

“Dear (name),

You are my (purpose) poppet. You will always do (thing). You will always help me with (thing) by doing (thing). I give you this (crystal) to symbolize (thing), this (item) to symbolize (thing), this (precious thing) to symbolize (thing). I also give you my (taglock) to symbolize our bound together.

With Love,

(my name)”

Personalize it whichever way you see fit. Fold the letter tightly, put it inside the poppet, finish filling it with the herbs.

Now that the poppet’s all filled up and ready, sew close the hole and sew on the limbs if you haven’t done it already. You can now give your poppet a face. You can embroider it, paint it with fabric paint or acrylic, or use beads, or markers, or buttons, or anything you want. Be as creative as you want.

Once you’re done, you can add a sigil on it (I like to do it some place others can’t see, like under the clothes), and give some hair and some clothes to your little one. Or don’t! It all comes down on your instincts now, what feels appropriate and what doesn’t. Even if your poppet isn’t perfect, take some time to appreciate its existence. At first there wasn’t anything but a bunch of supplies and you made SOMETHING. And if that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

As you can see on that picture, Lucia isn’t finished yet, but I’m working on her clothes and accessories right now. Once she’s fully clothed and ready, the only thing she’ll need will be to be activated, so I’ll leave her to charge on my altar for one night. And in the morning, I’ll wake her up by kissing her forehead so she can start doing her job.

anonymous asked:

Any tips on how to do backgrounds ? Im really bad at them :<

ok so im bad at explaining but here goes

I always start simple, start with a flat color and draw in the most distant parts of the picture in the background. Just scribbles are good enough, since they’re the farthest they don’t need to have crazy detail

in the midground, I drew some darker canyon looking blocks with a little bit more structure, trying to frame it around that little dip in the background to make a focal point in this bad boy

now for some foreground blocks, I tried to make it more jagged then the flat canyon stuff so there’s a little distinction between it from the rest of the image, it’s also a really contrasting color to make it pop

then to bring the whole image together I tossed in an orange that acts as a middle between the background and midground. With this it helps give a neat hit of depth

based on all I just said, I added in some more colors to help balance the background, some red on the canyons and some teal along that little crevice for some light. If this had a character, I’d place them in the foreground in that bright spot because the eyes are naturally drawn there, it’s like natures booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

im not a pro by any means!! I just doodle for fun, so some of my tips might not be super on point, and since im all about that lineless blocky weirdness with my style, it might not work well in others. But these are the steps id use for any of my digital backgrounds, so I hope this helped in some way <3 dont give up! just remember your art is beautiful at any level, because you made it from nothing! poof like a wizard!

happy draws <3

Office Quarrels (Pt. 1)

Assitant!Reader au

Pairing: Dark x Reader x Wilford

Gender neutral pronouns

Assistant doesn’t mind working with the egos a single bit! Everyone thinks of them as a wonderful friend and coworker, but some seem to want… something more…

(y/n) was new at the Ego building, but they quickly proved themselves useful. They were all skeptical at first, even (y/n) wasn’t sure if they’d be able to stay for long, but soon (y/n) felt at home with their crazy coworkers. Everyone eventually grew fond of them, at their own pace though. (y/n) certainly helped around a lot, they brought in snacks during long meetings, sorted the egos’ paperwork so they’d each have their fair share, proofread documents and generally helped with scheduling. After some time, (y/n) was eve included in group outings!! Everyone considered them to be a great friend, though some of them wanted…. more….

(y/n) was in their own office space, it was located at the front of the building on the second floor, with one-sided windows allowing them to see outside. They sat at their sleek black desk, their computer on top of it, with some boxes for sorting paperwork beside it. They moved back and stretched in the comfortable, black office chair they had been provided. They had been going through some of Wilford’s documents when, coincidentally, the man came by, seemingly out of nowhere. (y/n) was a bit startled, though not as much as they might’ve been, this was quite a common occurrence after all.

Their voice came out in a bit of a stutter as they tried to compose themselves. “Oh! Um, hi Wilford, you need anything?”

He stretched out his suspenders, letting them snap back before bringing out a small, light blue box from behind his back with a pink poof. (y/n) could see the remnants of the pink cloud, just the faintest outline, not uncommon, simply Wilf’s shortcuts which he used quite often, reality bending.

“Oh nothing hun, just wanted to leave ya this, a lil’ ol’ gift for all the hard work ya do~” He winked and grinned sweetly as (y/n) opened the box. It was chocolates, some with intricate designs, some in pink or white, many varieties. (y/n) smiled as a bit of heat rose to their cheeks, barely noticeable, though Wilf still saw as he beamed with pride.
“Gosh, thank you! I certainly appreciate it!”

Wilford felt victorious at that moment, keenly aware of a certain someone staring him down from a nearby corner. “No need to thank me sweetheart~ I’ll be off now!”

The man seemed to disappear in front of them, leaving only a faint pink smoke smelling of candy behind.

“That was quite… random…” (y/n) mumbled to themselves as they set aside the box of sweets for later, though they gladly ate one of the chocolates first, a pink heart shaped one, it was absolutely delicious. Before they could do much else, (y/n) was interrupted yet again. This time, it was the complete opposite counterpart to Wilford. He walked in calmly, wolf-like, predatory smile on his features and a troublesome glint to his eyes.

“(y/n)? Mind if I interrupt you for a quick moment?” Dark spoke quite sweetly, gently even.

“Oh no I don’t mind, what is it?” They tried not to let any nervousness bleed through their voice, Dark wasn’t the easiest to remain calm around after all.

“I simply wanted to gift you this- He pulled out a small black box from his pocket, setting it down on (y/n)’s desk before continuing – you do a lot of excellent work around here, I just wanted to show my gratitude, love~”

He paused to allow them to open the box. (y/n) gasped lightly as they saw its contents, a simple necklace, yet very elegant; it had an obsidian pendant held by a silver fixture on a sophisticated, black, braided sort of cord. This time, they could not hide the color that dusted their features as they hastily tried to reply, finding it quite difficult to produce much of a coherent thought.

“You really didn’t have to bring me this gosh! It’s beautiful, thank you very much!”

Dark became even more smug than usual, if that was even possible, as he spoke. “No worries dear, I’ll leave you to continue your work then.”

He wore a proud grin as he began to leave and saw them slip on the necklace from the corner of his eye.

(y/n) certainly had no clue what was going on today, yet the one thing they did know was that something felt off, the whole building gave off a different vibe, a rather drastic shift in atmosphere.

And so, war had begun~

I currently live for this guy.

terrorfreak  asked:

Hey, long time reader, first-time caller. I write a lot of horror flash fiction (usually less than seven pages), and what I find difficult is making my characters fully three dimensional. I use realistic goal/wants for the characters, and usually add a dash of backstory for a little depth, but the characters often still seem somewhat flat. Any advice/tips/tricks on creating 3D characters in a low word count? Thank in advance and keep up the great work!

Woof. That’s a tough challenge for any writer, but you’ve come to the right place, Friend.

When you’re dealing with a limited space—like in a short story or a screenplay—you’re going to have to give it more thought. A lot more thought and time, to be precise, but here’s what I do.

Develop them like you would any other character. Right now, you’re going to pretend space is not an issue, so go beyond the character sheet and think in terms of personality. What makes them laugh? What upsets them? Maybe they like Rice Chex cereal because of the crunch? Can they curl their tongue? Have fun. Go bonkers. Remember, not everything has to be some deep, earth shattering revelation. Sometimes things boil down to simple preference.

Once you have this amazing character all fleshed out, start looking for themes and patterns and try to describe those themes and patterns in as few words as possible. What you’re doing is attempting to distill this character to their absolute essence. Since I’m a masochist, I tried to do it in two words. It took me a few weeks on-and-off for my three main characters, but I arrived at “tortured potential”, “malevolent whimsy”, and “exquisite tension”.

Now that you have this hyper-concentrated “Essence of Character”, what’s a signature action, article of clothing, favorite color—anything—that speaks to that? For example, my “exquisite tension” gal is always playing both sides, moving between them. For her, I chose balancing in a chair. If she’s sitting and it’s a chair she can tilt in, she does it. That’s her thing. No one else does it. In the novel it’s one of maybe a six or seven things she does (because I have the space for them all), but it’s one of two things that made the cut into the screenplay.

From there, begin linking the action or whatever with insight. You can either offer a little backstory about it or drop a hint with an observation. For example, my exquisite tension gal is tilting in her chair, and another character see this and thinks:

[She] was something else, wholly her own, between lines and beyond  labels.

I move on immediately after that statement. This works because your reinforcing the action/signature thing with the insight.

Hope this helps.


Apartment 5108 // 1

Apartment 5108 – ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language – in later chapters


Holding my cell phone high up in the air, I move left to right, hoping my GPS decides to wake up and tell me which direction to walk. The cold, blasting wind howling into my ears isn’t helping me find this one of a kind, hidden gem, city apartment. Soi, best friend of 10+ years, sent me the address but forgot to mention it was impossible to find. Though, I can’t really blame her. It wasn’t her fault my roommate of 18 months decided to have an elopement and have her new husband move in, allotting me literally no time to apartment search. Though, I can’t really blame the roommate either. I never put in much effort to establish a relationship with her. Kicking me out wasn’t a surprise. From what I can remember, we had nothing in common–again, not that I let her find out if we had any similarities. We barely even spent time together in the same room. She tried in the beginning to befriend me and find out what kind of woman I was but I wasn’t hard to figure out. 

I liked to be left alone and that was it. Simple, right? Well, she didn’t think so. I must have been unbearable to live with considering her personality was the complete opposite of mine. She wanted things I couldn’t be to her–a friend, a listener, a person who actually cared. I almost felt bad for not being a bright, colorful roommate who liked to do things that girls liked to do. With every lunch plan and movie invite I cancelled, my roommate eventually stopped asking and stopped trying. I closed her off as I do with many of my acquaintances (with the exception of Soi). It was easier for me. The less relationships, the better the safety. The roommate moved on, got a boyfriend who turned into husband and here I am–lost in the city streets not knowing which way to turn.

I ignore my sub-conscious voice correlating my directional lost to my wandering lifestyle.

After circling a block three times, the female drone voice on the GPS tells me to make a left and walk half a mile to finally reach the apartment. The voice in my head also mentioned I could have asked anyone for directions but I was never one for socialization even if it was for a mere second.

Soi, as a friend, is more than enough for the relationships I need in a lifetime. She wanted to let me stay with her but she’s currently crashing at her brother, Seunghyun’s home while her apartment is being renovated. He told Soi one of his friend’s place just opened up.

Apartment 5108.

Top floor. View of the skyline. My own personal room and bath. Hard to pass up? Too good to be true? It is. There’s always a catch to perfection and this time, it’s the other tenant. He squints at me. His hair, sitting atop his 6-foot lean frame, is just as unruly as mine. He reeks of alcohol and has an expression screaming massive hangover.

Not that I need to ask but to make sure, “Are you Oh Sehun?”

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anonymous asked:

How would the chocobros (especially Ignis and Gladio if you don't want to do all of them) react if their new s/o had a daughter (like 5-6 y/o) that she raised on her own and she only introduces them when she's 100% sure she can trust them. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, English isn't my first language

I left Noct out bc I have a scenario I’ve already written that’s similar (it is with a fem!s/o though so if you want a gender neutral one just lemme know)


  • Honestly when you tell him he’ll kinda be awestruck because raising a child is not easy, so he’ll admire you for that, especially because you were doing so on your own
  • He’ll ask you a lot about both raising your daughter and what she’s like
    • Asking about why you didn’t tell him earlier will probably be saved for a later discussion
  • He definitely won’t ask if he can meet her right off the bat – not because he doesn’t want to meet her but because he’d feel kind of awkward if he asked right away?  Largely because he believes it’d be intrusive of him as he’d not known about your daughter’s existence until a few minutes prior
  • Once he does meet your little girl he’ll be instantly taken with her as when he comes to visit for the first time she’s wearing a small apron that says “kiss the cook” and attempting to make a small pizza
    • she’s a fellow cook, how could Ignis not love her I mean c’mon
    • You actually fall in love with Ignis a little more because he immediately comes over to the kitchen and asks if there’s anything he can do to help the little chef
      • your daughter, ever the social butterfly, immediately gives him half of the dough to start rolling out
    • You all end the night covered in flower, stomach full with homemade mini pizzas

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