i tried to delete the background

“Hey, Carl, I think I found something you’ll like.”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Ted the Animator: “Open up Photoshop, and load any random frame.”

Carl the Animator: “Gotcha.”

Ted the Animator: “…nice choice. Now, use the ‘quick selection’ tool to automatically grab most of the purple background.”

Carl the Animator: “Done.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, hit ‘delete’.”

Carl the Animator: “…it wants to use ‘Content-Aware’ fill. What’s that?”

Ted the Animator: “The funniest thing ever. Hit ‘ok’.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, I was just–”

Carl the Animator: “…oh my gosh.”

Ted the Animator: “Told’ja.”

Carl the Animator: “That is… a masterpiece. The heck did it do?”

Ted the Animator: “Photoshop looked at the rest of the image, and tried to clone in a nice, natural background.”

Carl the Animator: “…which, I take it, doesn’t always work.”

Ted the Animator: “Yes indeedy. Try another.”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s see how it handles all the shapes in this one.”

Carl the Animator: “…freeeaaaky.’

Ted the Animator: “It looks like something you’d see in an ancient manuscript prophesying the end times.”

Carl the Animator: “What if we reverse it, and select a character instead?”

Ted the Animator: “Hm, smart.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the creepiest invisibility cloak ever.”

Carl the Animator: “The selection tool likes to grab things weirdly, too… it just got Velma’s glasses while I dragged around her head.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, let’s see what happens.”

Carl the Animator: “…wow.”

Ted the Animator: “My favorite part is the elongated double face between Daphne and Fred.”

Carl the Animator: “Here, lemme grab one more from Aloha.”

Ted the Animator: “Should be a–… wait, Carl, you missed selecting one of the background guys’ fa–”


Ted the Animator: “Magnificent.”

Carl the Animator: “He looks so confused!”

Ted the Animator: “ ‘Um… hello? Anyone? How did I get inside this hair?’ “

Carl the Animator: “…can’t… breathe….”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll go put on another pot of coffee… it’s gonna be a looooong night of ‘shopping, I can feel it.”

Here’s all the things that I’ve been working on. (Have fun scroling.)

1st: The people that I follows A.K.A my senpais:

@nekophy - First and for most, you’re amazing. Your art is beautiful in every piece. Your OCs are cute and adorable. You YOURSELF is amazing a hyperactive. Keep on being a cute little stick cat! Also I want to draw you as a cat and not a stick cat so sorry for that

@angexci - I can’t say how wonderful you are in any way possible. Your traditional are perfect, but your digital art is so awesome! You are amazing, everytime you post something, either a shitpost or an art piece, I love it all. So continue being a cool bird!

@jakei95 - One question, HOW. THE HELL. ARE YOU. SO FREAKING CALM?? Okay, you’re really, AWESOMELY cool. Your characters are cool, cute, awesome at the same time. Your art is TOO COOL, OKAY?? Also, you’re funny, like EXTREMELY FUNNY. Please continue on being a funny and cool potato! :3 I dunno I drew the background galaxy

@gabi4chan-akatsuki - I know your blog is not art related but I like Vocaloid and your Vocatale AU. I ADORE your Vocaloid covers, it sounds amazing. So just keep on tuning!

@wilyart - I know you don’t post much, but you are still amazing. I don’t have much to say aside from that your art are fabulous.

@kyashee-art - I. LOVE. EVERY. PIECE. OF ART. YOU MAKE. THAT’S ALL I COULD SAY. I can’t say anymore than compliment your art. I made this before you changed your mascot so oops.

@trashy-artzy-me - You’re one of the best traditional artist I’ve ever know. Personaly I feel that you’re cool :). Keep on being amazing!

@blogthegreatrouge - I can’t say you’re cool and amazing enough. You’re the first person i followed, the person that I made my blog for, the first person that I actually motivates me to post on Tumblr. Your art are all from the heavens. Except those sin art. So I hope you never give up and continue on!

@renrink - *inhales* YOU ARE SO COOL. Especially your AU, Reapertale is so cool and I’m waiting for your stuff. Your art are so goddamn wonderful, like DAYUM. I once tried to color like you but I failed so bad, I deleted it. :P. Just continue on being a cool dude gal!

@walkingmelonsaaa - I can’t say your art is amazing enough. Your lines, your coloring, your porotions! It’s beatiful! You are an art goddess to me, to everyone who knows you. So keep on making amazing art! I didn’t know what to draw for the background so I tried and it sucks >:(

@zarla-s - To be honest, I know you from Quotev XD, I read your fanfictions and I’m still waiting and I read the comics and I compared it and I’m surprised. Anyways, your art are so cute, espescially the skelebros! I want to say you’re great! Continue on!

@golzy - I know you’re on hiatus but I wanna say that I want feels too :3.I love your art, you’re talented at a young age. I’m cheering for you! I drew you in your Gay Daddy outfit with some fixing—

@camilaart - Through all the things that happened, you pushed through and fly up above! I wish you would never give up! Ever!

Sapphire by @sapphirescarletta123

Rey by @reyindee

@yugogeer12 - You’re from a cool gal to cute bean. AN ADORABLE BEAN!!! Your art are so goddamn cute!! So cute man! Your Epictale AU is great and EPIC! Keep on being a mixure of a cute and EPIC!!


2nd: People that I follows A.K.A my senpais in CHIBI FOOOOOOORM!!! XD:

Sharky by @myebi

@ania-da-peasant - Though those idiotic people send hate, send you ask that lacks inteligence. You still pushed through. You was pushed down before but you stood up and face them. So never lose hope! Stay DETERMINED!




@rosannapansino RosannaPansino

Perf by @perfectshadow06

3rd: For some of my followers:

@notch0607 @mkitkat @broken-tale-comic @nekokurisu @locis-didi @lazyartz @xxlisagamerxx @undertalefan1111 @anda-blr @cyberbullybro @saskiakawaiistudio @4jen

4th: My awesome friends!:

@mercury-draws-shitz - You’re great, even though it may not feel like it, it is. You’re the first one that actually made fanart for me :’DD So keep being cool!

@thekawaiichibigirl - You are a great friend, though you’re depression is bad, you’re pushing through!! I was– I mean EVERYONE was very worried, so don’t do that ever again. Those people are still hating but you’re answering them in a bad a$$ way!! Sorry Arty Just keep being who you are!!

@anndreemurr - We talk for like once and some how became friends X’DD So just wanna say that your art are everything! It’s so beautiful! So continue being cute and cool :D

@ithinkiamanartist - You’re the one that I talk to the most XDDD omg okay umm.. *inhales* YOUR COOL. You’re just like a cool big sister to me. Da coolest were cat big sister I’ve ever nyew. Your art is coot and cool just like you! Continue on being coot and cool kay sis? :) 

@armitie - Yay time for my first friend I ever made here :’D You are a little roll of memes and shitpost oh ye– You’re the meme sister and super SUPER weird. Your art is super duper cute!! ((I like slim bodies)) Though we don’t talk much, I still love you with every inch of— So keep on doin’ it!

@elamania - Time for my second friend that I made here! Where you’ve been? Nah just kiddin’ I’m not gonna joke like that. I must say that your coloring are wonderFUR!! Get it ‘cause you’re a cat? Yeah? Okay ._. 

@unlikelykingdomsuit - I know we rarely talk, but I still love your art. You’re real FURtastic! Yeah. Puns. I suck at it. But I still want you to know that care about you. Holy that sounds cheesy

@burntsalmonfishy132005 - HI LITTLE CHICKEN!! The second Vietnamese friend I made. You’re a cute little spammer. Yup - u - b Your art is adorable as heack! So keeo on being a cute little chick! ;D

@mikaru-blackspade - I know you’re banned from any social media but you’re still my first Vietnamese friend. You’re a great artist even if you don’t think you are. I wanna say keep on doin’ it!

@pandurrpink - Though we just became friends like a few weeks ago, you still counts as my dear friend. AND HOLY YOUR COLORING IS EVERYTHING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Continue to be an amazing artist Pandurr!

5th: The youtubers that I subscribe:









Ha! I can do something better with my birthday than writing and doing this. Only llike 3 or 4 people wish me “Happy Birthday”. This joke is so lame.

So, somebody asked if I did tutorials, so I thought I’d put a couple notes about my process down here in case they’re helpful to anyone.

I decided to paint this sucker on a whim (as is the case with most of my paintings), after one of @asktheboywholived‘s amazing rps of post-Azkaban Sirius showed up on my dash.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Start with a neutral background (I usually go for grey or white if I’m painting in greyscale, or some form of beige if I’m working with colour)

2. Create a new layer, and use a giant fluffy brush to map out the broader areas of light and shade, then use a progressively smaller brush to refine the features. 

Pro tip: try not to zoom in too much at this stage, because when that happens you might lose track of the painting as a whole and end up working on the left nostril for like an hour. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

3. Start another layer underneath the head/hair, and paint the neck (and body if you’re not me and actually paint bodies) with the same brush techniques as the face.

4. Create a new layer every time you begin a new feature that you’re nervous about, so that you don’t fuck up the current layer. For this one, that was the hands, because I’ve actually never painted hands before.

5. Begin adding details that really sell whoever it is you’re painting; for Sirius, that was the tattoos and wand (and much later, the under-eye bags/eyeliner/gaunt cheeks)

6. Fuck with the background, go back and forth for like 5 hours, second-guess yourself at least 12 times, and eventually delete everything in favour of plain white.

Total time: 2hr40ish

A few things about working with a reference image: unless I’m painting someone from a movie or someone I know, I generally don’t worry too much about getting it to look exactly like the image. Instead, I focus on light and shade, pose, proportions, and features which I have trouble with (e.g. noses, hands, mouths). For this one, I tried to make it look less like the model and a bit more like TT’s Sirius by thickening the eyebrows, emphasizing the cheekbones, and giving him some bomb-ass clavicles. It was also helpful to imagine him doing a wiggle dance/grinning slowly at the camera.

Hope that was useful! Let me know if you want more detailed tutorials like this or if you just want me to throw up the process videos and shut up.

Music: Mooncatch


The lounge was supposed to be a place for the skaters to rest and watch skating competitions or review their own routines from the TV in the room. At some point someone brought their old video game console then other skaters started hanging around more and more in the lounge and bring more of their personal stuff like their favorite books, movies, video games and board games, filling it with posters and decorations. In the end it became this colorful place for skaters to hang out together, play and relax.

Just a little something from me and @watchmist1412 fanfic “Break the Ice”.Welp i tried with background hope that’s passable enough @-@

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The other survey is at surveyremade. I tried taking it but just... The options were just so... reg-focused that I couldn't answer with my own opinion because it just wasn't an option?

Ok let’s do a comparison!


  • Time consuming and difficult to understand at some points
  • Survey post clearly details the purpose of the survey and gives potential participants proper background knowledge on the purpose of the survey.
  • Tagged with multiple variations of the lgbt+ acronym. No mention of ace discourse anywhere on the post. 
  • Spread on tumblr, facebook, reddit, etc
  • Creator is neutral on ace discourse (keep in mind you can delete responses in google forms)
  • Very few questions involve ace discourse and all of them can be skipped
  • Creator is trained in data collection and has an editorial group involved with the survey


  • Still somewhat long but much easier to understand. It also explains terms that the reader might be unfamiliar with.
  • Survey post assumes reader knows what “That one survey” refers to and doesn’t even mention what the survey is supposed to be about. People who are unaware of genderandsexualityexperience’s survey or people who do not see the need for a remake of it would not be likely to take this survey
  • Tagged with lgbt (a very high traffic tag) and ace discourse (a tag rarely frequented by anyone other than exclusionists and is blacklisted by many inclusionists). Their update post was only tagged with ace discourse.
  • Spread only on tumblr
  • Creator is an exclusionist (once again, the owner of a google forms survey can delete responses)
  • Entire survey is centered around ace discourse to the point the very first question is about it. And it can’t be skipped.
  • Creator does not give any information about their credentials

Anyways you can make your own conclusions about this lmao

Of Course Pt. 2 (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by jinmini

“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

Word Count: 1,039
Genre: Angst

A/N: I decided on a way to format this story, I’ll be going back in time through memories (I hope that makes sense) I do hope that none of you are too saddened by this, although it was rather painful to write this myself, the next part will be put up sometime before Sunday for sure, Enjoy <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

You walked straight to the nearest hotel, silently praying they had a room left. Thankfully there were a few available. After you paid the woman at the front desk kindly escorted you to a small room on the corner of the third floor.

Keep reading

watching the emoji movie

(don’t worry i didn’t pay for it)

  • “as the pace of life gets faster and faster and faster, and attention spans get shorter and shorter and you’re probably not even listening to me right now. WHO has the time to write out ACTUAL WORDS”- like the second quote in the movie.
  • in the most white voice ever to some sushi emoji “Cone-ech-e-waa”
  • emoticons are bunch of dudes in a senior citizens home
  • “should we wash our hands” *pause for humor* “intense laughter from the two poo emoji
  • “there’s nothing like getting scanned for the first time” says smiler wistfully, like remembering a long ago lover
  • if emoji come into work everyday what happens when the kid texts at night? There are obviously multiples of the same emoji so does that mean they have a night shift? is there an emoji union?
  • smiler says she was the first emoji but in fact the first emoji was actually a heart
  • i feel bad for every word in this movie Patrick Stewart had to utter in this film
  • every emoji has one name except for the main character and his parents
  • The teacher is trying so hard to get the class interested in his class by equating hieroglyphics to emojis, and he is trying so hard, and failing so bad.
  • “what should i write?” “nothing.” “nothing!?” “words aren’t cool.”
  • they are trying so hard to establish smiler as the villain and it goes over the extent of comical all the way to sad.
  • “I’m always happy.” “Hashtag truth”-said out loud
  • high-5 can make an L shape but he cannot make a fist
  • “sweep so you won’t cry. sweep so you won’t cry”- the broom emoji
  • the eggplant emoji is in this loser lounge and let me tell you this kid is like 14-15 in my experience he would already be using that emoji a fuck ton 
  • “hashtag blessed”-said out lou
  • “bye felicia.” said bye a white hand with a white voice
  • this high school freshman still has the default wallpaper no high school freshman has the default wallpaper
  • “I think i would just want real friends” “real friends will get you no where”
  • “what would a teenage boy possibly want to hide from his parents?” *pause for audience laughter*
  • the kid’s phone freaks out twice and he is ready to trash it. he has not tried turning it off and then back on
  • he set an appointment to delete everything off of his phone for the next day, i cant get an appointment for another 2 weeks
  • “women are always coming up with the stuff that men take credit for!” no response
  • gene’s parents are having an argument in the youtube app and in the background the pineapple pen video is playing
  • to distract the antivirus bots following them gene’s parents play that video of the kitten getting it’s tummy rubbed on loop
  • “I thought i knew the meh that i married”- gene’s mom, as she walks away from gene’s father
  • high-5 just threw up some candy and ate it again, after saying he would never eat candy again
  • why is there a just dance app on this phone? how would you play it?
  • gene is teaching jailbreak how to dance in a collection of establishing shots that are to initiate a romance between gene and jailbreak
  • “you’re killing it gene. Slay!”-jailbreak
  • gene just made up a dance and called it the emoji pop
  • oh no… jailbreak was the princess emoji… who could have guessed…..
  • high-5 just died was just thrown in the trash
  • gene says some really stupid shit and all the other characters act like it is the most profound thing they have ever heard
  • apparently the devil emoji’s name is steven
  • the just dance girl is in the trash doing the macarena saying “i just wanna dance” over and over
  • a pirate program just called her a g*psy
  • so either the entire movie takes place over 2 days or they forgot their own continuity
  • so in this movie i have seen 2 parody scenes of good movies. wall-e the bit with the whale. and wreck it ralph where it is revealed that jailbreak is actually a princess(but that might be a bit of a stretch)
  • they really tried to make the parents reunion real romantic with duch angles and intense water effects
  • the deleted email with the song to a girl was just a rihanna song repurposed
  • now that gene’s source code is being rewritten he confesses his feelings for jailbreak
  • jailbreak whistles and summons the twitter bird to fly through the phone
  • they just killed smiler with a robot
  • the kid’s phone freaks out for one day and he is now deleting everything
  • jailbreak comes back and fixes gene with “love”
  • the gets the girl, not by talking to her no the would be too unrelateable, by sending what is basically a gif of cycling emoji faces
  • DANCE PARTY!!!!!

I know im preaching to the choir but i love ragging on stuff i hate

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, @keezybugaboo! I’m your secret santa! 

Marinette and Adrien finally went on a winter date and had their first shy kiss! I tried to mock the bokeh/out of focus light photography look in the background. Poor Marinette. I wanted to make her look a bit chilly so Adrien would warm her up >:3 Mission: Great Success.

There’s a bonus doodle SEEN HERE that I deleted off of the final product, too.

I hope you like this, keezy, and I hope you have a great holiday (or days depending!!)


some Transguy!Holsom icons for @doubletroubletumbling  and his friend!! hope you like them!! if you have any specific Holsom Moments™ + background that you wanted please feel free to send them to me!!

please rb & credit if using :)

icon requests (especially Pride icons) are open!

i tried to make a cuphead-styled junko… but i was so lazy i did it on mouse instead of doing an independent lineart traditionally and then scanning it lol…

i was planning on doing a screen battle thing but i remembered i barely have skills to do good, detailed backgrounds so. a game over screen it is.

don’t delete caption.

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"Who..." with Kaminari?

It’s time for Pikachu.

Kaminari Denki x Reader !


  • Who said “I love you” first: You. Due to the fact that he in general such a (failing) flirty boy he wasnt sure if you’d take his words for real so he refrained to do so. But you were able to see him gape at you, some kind of sparkle could be read in those brown eyes. That guy hugged the hell out of you afterwards and thanking you many times, burying his nose into your neck with an even to relatively loud voice: “I love you too!”
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Kaminari does and it was a random snap above that, it’s also not really the most beautiful picture and would most likely embarrass you, begging him to delete it and take another but he’d simply refuse. 
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Kaminari, he tries to go with cheesy and flirty stuff or hit out his newest pun which will cause you to groan. Also things like: “Yesterday your fly was open kekk”, sometimes you have a wish to just slap your boyfriend for once.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts : Kaminari does rarely. He rather likes to gift you with prank presents which will either make you laugh or roll your eyes. But when he does make a cheesy one, it’s really lovely.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Kaminari. It wasnt the best first kiss that you could wish for but no need to be picky because the male tried really hard though it ended up being more like an experiment kind of thing. Wasnt the best in picking time and mood though… 
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning : You. But you know he’s not easy to wake up so another action must be performed, especially on his super lazy days. You yank off the blanket which will make him scream.
    Sounds like the best plan, he’d be mad at you ofc but not for too long.
  • Who starts tickle fights : Both of you and it always ends up in laying on the ground completely out of breath and exhausted - almost dead. 
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower : Kaminari does but often you find yourself refusing because if he accidently sends a spark through the water it wouldnt end up well for the two of you. But your trust grows in his abilities and soon you’d find yourself enjoying it with your lover, sometimes even asking him. It will make him feel ultra lucky.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: You but it’s not as often as he wished it’d be more due to his schedule. If it happens both of you turn really giddy for the rest of the day after lunch. But you’d most likely remind him to eat something and drink properly for this day - which also causes a grin to spread on his lips.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date : You, definitely. At first you felt really insecure and didnt even know what to talk about and how was a date supposed to go? Worries if he’d dislike it clouded your mind and all in all in the beginning of the relationship you werent the most confident. But he took initiative, showed you some of his fav spots of the city, inviting you for something to eat and offered his arm for you to link with it. Kaminari was a great help to make you feel more comfy so in the end when you pecked him on the cheeks you voiced a small “Thank you”. Good shit. 
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Kaminari screeches and you smack him on his shoulder for being such a puss (you’ve grown in the relationship, can you see). You can decide to kill or to spare. 
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Kaminari. You will have a good laugh from it bc he’s such a jerk, denying the fact a bit that your heart feels so light and full with love. Both of you had lost it for each other even if he can sometimes annoy the hell out of you.

Admin Shiro

“i swear to god, t, you better get that thing outta my face”

“but you’ve had the same facebook photo for eight years. i just trying to show the world your beautiful face.”

“first of all, you sayin’ that i was an ugly kid? secondly, nobody has the right to my face, got it? i’ll update my photo when i wanna update my photo.”

tara rolls her eyes at her girlfriend and tries to sneakily snap a picture. it comes out blurry, and she pouts.

faith grabs her wrist, glances at the screen, and laughs. “serves you right.”

“would you let me take a picture if i promised to use it exclusively for phone wallpaper purposes?”

“nuh-uh. you may have the rest of the world fooled, but i see right through that phony innocent act, t.”

“phony?” tara scoffs, gaping playfully. faith shrugs in response, not about to budge. “fine. but your hair looks great right now. you’re letting this perfectly good hair day go to waste.”

“your hair looks good every day. don’t see me tryin’ to snapchat you without your consent.”

tara smiles patiently. “snapchat is a different thing.”

“whatever,” faith says with exaggerated exasperation and pokes tara in the side with her toes.

“how about if we took a picture together?” tara offers.

faith makes a show of mulling it over, but tara knows when she’s won. she moves next to faith and holds the phone out in front of her. at the last second, she gives faith a kiss on the cheek.

faith is, miraculously, smiling in the resulting picture.

“what do you think?” tara passes her the phone, giving her the chance to delete the picture if she really wants to.

she doesn’t, just passes the phone back and tries to stifle a grin.

“i guess it’s cute or whatever.” after a beat, she adds. “send that to me, would ya?”

tara doesn’t tease her about it, just happily sends along the photo before setting it as her phone’s background.


I tried to recreate it, and here’s what I did…

  1. Keep the image as a background layer, don’t rename it!
  2. Select the (red) background of the image, all of it.
  3. Delete the selected background. It should turn grey.
  4. Set the Image Mode from “Indexed Color” to “RGB Color”.
  5. Delete the background again.
  6. A popup box asking to “fill” will appear, leave “Contents” set to “Content-Aware” (blending mode is normal, but that’s probably default) and click OK.

And that’s how it happened!  Looks like the results are different every time, too.  Still freaky!

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Gangs reaction to finding out their gf has seperated parents and the reason they've only been to one parents house is because the other parent is a soc?

Agh I was writing this and then it somehow got deleted so Ill just make this short 


Doesnt really bother him as long as you didnt change and that your parents liked him


Tried to understand how a greaser and a soc had gotten together in the first place, but when it came to you, he tried his best to treat you like he normally would


He really didn’t mind at all. Pony kind of admired that your parents were of two different backgrounds but once loved each other enough to start a family.


At first was nervous as to what this meant for your relationship because he didnt want your soc parent to find out he was a greaser. He loved you the same though no matter what happened.


 boy was he distant. He didnt really know how to react because all he’s ever known about socs were that they were trouble, so he tried to distance himself from the whole situation, but you wouldnt let him get away that easy


When you told him about having a soc as a parent he was super excited and wanted to meet them asap! He was still crazy about you and probably more than he was before.


When you told him about your parents situation, it made him nervous that he would have to re meet your folks all over again which made him want to just run away because he hates meeting parents, especially because it meant the relationship was getting serious