i tried to delete the background

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, @keezybugaboo! I’m your secret santa! 

Marinette and Adrien finally went on a winter date and had their first shy kiss! I tried to mock the bokeh/out of focus light photography look in the background. Poor Marinette. I wanted to make her look a bit chilly so Adrien would warm her up >:3 Mission: Great Success.

There’s a bonus doodle SEEN HERE that I deleted off of the final product, too.

I hope you like this, keezy, and I hope you have a great holiday (or days depending!!)


Hello  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I finally got the chance to draw again *hallelujah playing in the background* So I decided to warm up with some magi sketches.. which means drawing my two queens. (I was going to draw Yamuraiha too, but I suddenly got busy… yeah). 

And btw, if anyone remembers my art tumblr… just forget about it already, I decided to delete it because I’m too lazy to leave my tumblr and post my drawings somewhere else. Besides… I tried to use my adorable nickname Tali, but it seems like everyone already knows me as Sheba.


Black MIDI in the background, RCT on the computer, beer on the table. Good evening.

 - It’s getting to that point where I really, really don’t know what to do in some places. I first wanted to plop a building on top of that block brake there but had no idea what i wanted. Started with a cottage, deleted that, tried a shantytown shack, deleted that, tried a small boardwalk thing, deleted that. Finally just figured that I’d go the Left 4 Dead 2 way and swampify everything. So there’s that. Still probably gonna put like a little hut or something on that block brake island but everything else looks decent so far. going to stretch the swamp trees along the shoreline, and that should be good.

 - the naughty guests have now spent close to an entire real-life day in the Isolation Shame-ber. Weary, hungry, thirsty, desperate to use the toilet, but alas, their sentence is not up. I am merciful though, gave them some balloons for comfort in these trying times.


Legendary bird duo! Now featuring less clouds and more waves! Waves are kind of annoying to tile if I am going to be honest. It usually takes me a few tries to get waves to look decent. At least the birds are cute!

Free to use for non-profit. Credit not needed but appreciated. Please do not edit or repost (reblog instead!). c:

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*Here’s some dummy data. Or should I call these dummy drawings? First stuff is reused as background in my tumblr, but the others are not used at all.

I drew these few months ago. It was kinda story that Spikey tried to found his selfhood, but it was stopped due to some reasons, like a lack of idea and drawing skills.

I found these while I remove needless files. I thought these are almost too good to delete, so I upload these now :D

graphic makers (from amateurs to experts) are so underrated, like yeah bby i know how hard you work to make those gif look quality, i know how you had a hard time trying to find or make a good PSD, how hard you tried to delete that goddamn background of every each 6 or 9 gifset and how much you struggle when Tumblr didnt want to upload it because it was too heavy. Graphics ARE a way of art!!! GRAPHIC MAKERS YOU GUYS ROCK AND ILY ALL