i tried to be calm ok

Excerpt from Genesis, a story I wrote after the season 1 finale that played around with Fitz having amnesia (I know, okay just bear with me):

Jemma tried to calm herself down, but it was too late. Her eyes had already filled with tears. She couldn’t help it. She needed him to listen to her. “Look, Fitz,” she snapped. “Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten.”

He fell silent at her words, apparently picking up on her shift in tone. Or maybe he’d noticed that she’d started crying. His face turned red, and there was something in his expression that she couldn’t quite read. “I-I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t mean-”

“No,” she interrupted firmly, her vision blurring. “Okay? I had to watch you almost die out in the field, Fitz. So yes,” she scoffed bitterly. “I do know. And do you want to know why?”

“Simmons,” he tried to stop her, but she wasn’t having it.

“It’s because every minute of every day, I have been right there with you,” she said, her tears finally escaping down her cheeks. “At the Academy, at SciOps, the Playground, this bloody airplane. Even in that godforsaken box at the bottom of the sea. I was there.”

He was speechless now, staring at her in silence, and all of a sudden she knew she had to get out of there. Because the next words out of his mouth wouldn’t be the ones that were seared into her memory, the words he’d spoken when they’d had almost the exact same argument before. She didn’t look in his eyes, not wanting to see the emptiness again, and instead quickly walked out of the lab doors.

It was only when the doors had closed behind her that she heard him. It was quiet, and his voice sounded strained. But his words were as clear as day.

“You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.”

He knew he shouldn’t have said it. He knew once the words had slipped out that it was a mistake. But there was something she’d said, some little micro-expression in her face when she’d yelled at him, that had thrown him off-balance. And he could feel bits and pieces coming through the cracks of his mind, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t all there.

That phrase, that last phrase she’d said. That’s what had done it. It was like she’d taken a sledgehammer to a wall in his brain, leaving a hole for the images to seep through. But he still didn’t understand them. Why couldn’t he understand them?

He was so close, so close he could almost taste it. And he saw her face, her face from another time, another time when she’d been behind the glass. They joined the other images he had of her now, images of her beside him in a lab, images of studying on a wide lawn, images that had first come fleetingly but which now he understood was a part of his past. Of their past. And somehow he knew right then that she was the only one who could connect the images, who could help him understand.

But she’d walked away, and he’d felt the images start to fade away again. So he’d said the first thing that had popped into his head to get her to stay, even though he hadn’t understood.

She froze outside of the closed lab doors, and he knew she’d heard him despite the fact that she didn’t turn around. She was probably bracing herself for the disappointment again, knowing that the chances of him spontaneously recovering were zilch at this point. Or maybe she’d just decided not to care anymore.

But he willed her to turn around. He needed her to turn around. Because something told him this was it. If she walked away now, the wall she’d cracked would close up again. And Fitz wasn’t sure he could handle going back to forgetting.

It was a painfully long time before she moved. The glare from the lights reflected off of the glass, so he couldn’t quite see her face when she slowly spun around. But as she stepped forward, the doors whooshing open to admit her, he could’ve sworn his heart stopped.

Because when she met his eyes, the wall in his mind completely disintegrated.

And he remembered.

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Do you have any hcs on Ace, Zoro, Law, Sanji, and Kid on how life would be with their newborn baby? Thank you!



  • a fucking natural at this
  • knows what his baby needs whenever it needs it
  • his baby would just…calm down right after being placed in his arms, what the hell Ace, tell us your secret
  • makes grimaces at his baby and tries to get them to giggle or smile
  • he’s just on cloud nine with this kid, marvels at everything they do and shows them around everywhere
  • Ace it’s ok Newgate, Dadan, Garp, Luffy, Sabo, Marco and Makino all fucking love your baby, but now keep it cool


  • where the fuck is the turn off button?
  • yells after his crewmates when he has no idea what to do which is all the time in different tones, octaves and emotions, mostly he yells after Robin, Brook, Sanji, Jinbe and Chopper so they can help him figure shit out
  • he probably set their crib right next to him and watches his baby like a guard dog whenever they’re sleeping, his hands right by his katanas when he hears as much as ‘suspicious’ footsteps
  • it surprised him that he enjoys feeding them with the bottle 


  • *footage of Law banging his head against his desk as his baby starts screaming*
  • “Now Cora-san’s fruit would really come in handy…”
  • he knows how to wash a baby, or feed it or change it or hold it, that’s all no problem but he has hard time figuring out what the baby wants 
  • reads bedtime stories about gross diseases for his ecstatic baby and loves cuddling with them
  • he’d be secretly really proud because his kid would be a really handsome little boy or pretty little girl


  • *luckiest swirly browed fool on planet fucking earth*
  • HE TOTALLY would get one of those babyslings or backpacks so he can keep his nugget close to him at all times while he can still focus on cooking and everything
  • has already spend too much money on cute prince or princess costumes before it was born
  • *Nami’s voice* “Sanji you’re spoiling your kid too much..already”
  • he just loves them so much, he spends every minute kissing their feet, hands, nose, ears, mouth


  • shit, shit, shit
  • he has no fucking idea what he does 24/7 and his crewmates ain’t helpful because they don’t really know shit about babies either
  • he does kind of like the bath times tho, because he’s not afraid to get messy and all
  • would probably brutally beat up anybody that looks at his kid the wrong way
  • calls his baby “lil’ asskicker”
  • he loves it when the baby balls up their tiny hands to fists, like they’re ready to fight
Juggernaut : Jughead Jones

request: Ok hear me out. Jughead x reader where they’re hanging out and he’s getting worked up over something and reader just laughs and tells him “woah calm down juggernaut ” and tries to get him to take a step back and he’s just like caught up in reader calling him juggernaut. Cause honestly you’re writing is great and I feel like you’d write this well???

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I am so in love with this imagine. “Juggernaut” is just too cute and I am obsessed. I kind of cut out the step back part, but I still think you’ll like it. It’s also very short, and for that I am sorry. Also, I love you and you are too kind. I hope this is everything you wanted. xx aubree

warnings: none

word count: 411 

(gif not mine)

Originally posted by juptern

Y/N and Jughead had just come home from a football game, that Y/N had forced him into going. Jughead hated it to say the least.

“Football is just a dumb sport. I didn’t like it when Archie made me go, and I still don’t like it.” Jughead complained as Y/N unlocked her front door.

“Honestly, Jug. It was not that bad.” Y/N laughed, “Plus, our team won.”

“Doesn’t mean it didn’t suck.” He pointed out.

Y/N just shook her head and headed toward the kitchen. Y/N and Jughead had leftovers from Pop’s that were in her fridge. 

Y/N grabbed her milkshake and jumped up to sit on the counter.

“Where the hell is my burger?” Jughead spat.

“It should be there. I didn’t touch it.” Y/N thought back to last night, making sure she actually didn’t eat Jug’s burger. 

“So, not only did I have to sit through a wretched football game, now my burger is gone.” Jughead was flailing his arms around as he spoke.

Y/N laughed, “My dad probably ate it when he got home last night from work, thinking I left it for him.”

Jughead glared at Y/N, “I don’t care why he ate it. I only care that he did eat it. Why would you just eat someone’s food without asking?” 

“Woah, calm down, Juggernaut. We can just go to Pop’s and get a fresh burger.” Y/N jumped off the counter and headed towards the door. 

Jughead stopped his rant to look at Y/N, taken back by her new nickname, “What did you just call me?” 

“Juggernaut. Now, are we going to Pop’s or not?” Y/N laughed.

They had been at Pop’s for about an hour now and Jughead had yet to even speak. 

“Earth to Jug.” Y/N waved her hand in front of his face.


Y/N burst into a fit of giggles, “That is what you have been thinking about this whole time?”

“Where did that even come from?” Jughead looked at her.

“I don’t know. It just felt like the right thing to call you at the time. Why, do you hate it?” Y/N cheeks burned with embarrassment. 

It was now Jughead who burst into laughter, “No! No, I don’t hate it, but it was just new. I was taken back.” 

The duo laughed about Jug’s new nickname and sipped their milkshakes, waiting for the next funny thing that would spill out of one of their mouths. Both oblivious to the events happening around them. 

There was a particular travesty found within the hours spurring dusk, weathered stone centuries old capturing dozens & hundreds of voices, melodies of conversation and hymns of human insolence, drumming into the skeleton of the castle and enveloping all within it to the strum of noise, consistent and steady like a beating heart. If he could, Nathaniel would choke it into silence, an enfeebled sliver of his mind desperate for it.

The celerity in his steps, heels a light clack atop the stone beneath, was consistent in sparingly short doses, the maintained and sculpted drawl of his pace stabile just so, a mimicry of his floundering irritation. His wand sat within the space of his forearm, a familiar weight & anchor against the current of his thoughts and moving body, the fabric of his uniform settling like a facile breeze upon it. There was just a mere two corridors left to trek before the towering entrance of the Great Hall loomed before him, and a skin of bitterness clung to him as his footfall persisted, daring to burn into unrelenting fire if he were to be halted in his way.

The path was a foreign one, approached out of want for privacy astray from the routine route far too many others partook in, and an itch of blazing regret, blooming uncomfortably hot in his chest, dug root in his mind as what he consciously chose to avoid became an obstacle now he couldn’t, frustration prickling like a vengeful thorn at the sight of a silhouette of another.

It was an age-old arrogance that taunted the words from his mouth, a devastating sense of superiority coating his tongue in words far from saccharine, but rather sickly rotten. Move. An entitled brat making a command, to a face still veiled by the shadows of a thin corridor, perhaps a sure dozen feet of empty space between the two, and an even fewer to their sides. A simple step to either the right or left would have saved his breath, saved him from engaging with the other, saved him from losing a few precious moments of time, but misstepping for the sake of another was not a habit Nathaniel humored, and the lack of change in his pace was tell-tale ⏤⏤

Scour out of my way or crash and break.

I Can Help || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Do you think you could do a Newt x Obscurial!Reader where they are panicking and freaking out and he manages to calm them down and help them control it? (I love you writing btw! ❤️)


You were sitting in the park after just getting through a large crowd. Your anxiety has skyrocketed and now you were panicking in an area by yourself. You rocked back and forth, trying to calm yourself down but to no avail. The dark wind, as you called it, started appearing. You noticed that it happened whenever you panicked, and it just made you panic even more, knowing how destructive it has gotten before. That is why you had tried to find an area with no people.
“Hello? Are you ok miss?” A voice called out, and you just hid your face away from them, trying to ignore everything.
“Oh no.. please try to calm down, it’ll be ok, I promise it will, nothing is going to hurt you.” You noticed it was a male voice, and looked up slightly. His voice somehow made you relax a bit more, and you wanted to listen to it.
“That’s right, just relax miss, it’s all going to be ok, nothing can get you.” He held a hand out, which surprised you, no on had ever tried to help when your dark wind appeared, they all ran away screaming and calling you names. Then as suddenly as it started the wind stopped, somehow letting the man inside your bubble.
“May I ask your name miss?” The man asked as he started helping you onto your feet. You studied him, wondering how he was able to calm you so quickly.
“M-my name is Y/N L/N… w-what is your name?” You answered and then questioned quietly, your voice sounding as though you were whispering.
“Mine is Newt Scamander, now do you know what that wind was?” He studied you as you shook your head.
“All I know is that it appears whenever I panic and stuff.. I try to stay away from people when it happens.” You told to him.
“Well I think I have a bit of explaining to do, would you mind coming with me? I promise nothing bad will happen.” Newt held a hand out, waiting for you to make the decision and not forcing you.
“O-ok..” you took his hand hesitantly, to which he started leading you past the crowds and up into a small apartment.
“Now.. you say you don’t know what the wind is?” He questioned, pulling out a chair for you to sit in.
“T-that’s right.. I don’t know what it is.. it just appeared after a while..” you glanced up at him before looking away again.
“Well, that is called an obscurus, you are called an obscurial. It is a dark force created by suppressing your natural magical abilities. Did you ever know you were a witch?” Newt looked at you as you nodded slightly.
“When I was younger.. I had to live in an orphanage.. weird things would happen around me.. so they would always call me witch and other names… but once I got a bit older that magic disappeared..” you told him, tears welling up in your eyes.
“Well with my help, I can teach you to control it, you can learn your magic again, I’m going to do my best to help with it Y/N.” his eyes flashed with determination and you gave him a small smile.
“I-I’d like that..”

She's not your kid. Back the f*ck off

It’s almost as if you could sense this would be a bad trip. Especially traveling with your daughter, Cleo. Shawn and you had always tried to be as subtle as possible while traveling with her, but at some point it was bound to become intense. You both knew- from personal experience- people would lose all respect in a matter of seconds for a picture.

“Cleo, hold on to mommy, ok?” Cleo nods, smiling.

“Good girl.” Shawn expresses before kissing her on the cheek and standing back up.

You feel terrible as a parent, for putting Cleo in this position. You could control yourself a lot more than Shawn. Cleo, being his little girl.

“Shawn..you have to stay calm. If you get upset Cleo will get upset.” He just gives you a sharp nod, barely looking up. He’s talking to one of your security guards. You try to block out their conversation, focused on keeping our child safe.

You play a simple game of peeky boo with Cleo, wanting to distract her as much as possibly. You cover her eyes and she giggles uncontrollably.

“Ok guys, let’s head down.” Your time is interrupted and Shawn steps onto the escalator first and then you. Security guards behind us and a couple already waiting for us at the ground level. It was far past midnight and you would rather have Cleo awake then being woken up by scary flashes from people she doesn’t know.

“Babe, just put you’re face into my jacket if it’s too bright, ok?” You give her a reassuring smile and kiss her small forehead. You have an old baseball cap on, adding a pair of sunglasses. Cleo’s baby bag is over your opposite shoulder and you’re afraid you’ll drop everything. Sadly, Shawn can’t carry all of the bags and you assured him it’ll be fine.

“Shawn! Y/N!” “How was your time in New York?!” “Are you guys excited to be home to Los Angeles?!” “Y/N can you look this way please?”

Shawn glances back at Cleo and you every few seconds, but you keep your eyes on his shoes, following him into the crowd. Cleo snuggles her head into your shoulder and your heart begins racing. The crowd around the all of you becomes more and more restrictive.

“Mommy, I’m scared.”

“Shhh, baby it’s ok.” You take off your sunglasses and quickly give them to her.

“Cleo, can you give us a big smile?!” Your put your hand on her head, not allowing her to look up.

“Don’t fucking talk to my kid, got it? Ever.” You hear Shawn snap, a few feet in front of you.

“Bro! Calm down!” The screaming as escalated and you’re hurrying now, beginning to lose sight of Shawn.

“Shawn, not now.” You plead with him. Security has grown closer and you’re ready to be out of the limbo.

“Are you kidding me, where’s the car?” You can hear his voice, but Cleo and yourself are still stuck within the mob.

“It’s looping around now, sir. I’m sorry. The driver went to the wrong terminal.” There’s a sting in Shawn’s voice that typically is never there. Honestly, it can get quite terrifying.

As soon as Cleo and you make it out of the crowd, Shawn grabs my hand leading us further away from the photographers. If you could even call them that.

“Are you ok, babe? That was insane. I don’t think it’s ever gotten that bad.” You take a deep breath, realizing Cleo is shaking and crying.

“Shawn… Cleo, babe. Shhh, it’s ok.” Her face is entirely red and Shawn takes her from my hold.

“Cleo, can you talk to daddy, please? Cleo. Y/N, oh my god. Cleo? Babe, talk to daddy. What’s wrong?” You take the sunglasses from her eyes, finger combing her dark hair.

“Here I have some water.” You quickly reach into your bag, unscrewing the cap. Shawn quickly takes it, instructing Cleo to drink.

She takes small sips, beginning to calm down.

“I think she just had a panic attack, or something..” being a parent, it was completely horrifying. You never wanted to see your kid in any sort of distress. It doesn’t give you any future hope for traveling with our daughter.

You rub her back as the black SUV pulls up to the front. The driver comes out, loading our bags as he apologizes profusely.

“It’s ok.” You know Shawn would rather scream at him, but that won’t get us anywhere besides a headline on TMZ.

As soon as you’re all in the car, Cleo crashes. There’s no car seat and you end up holding her in your lap. Not the safest way of travel, but we don’t live far from the airport.

“Are you calm now?” You ask Shawn.

“You know how much those guys piss me off. They have no respect. They can treat me like that, but not my kid. What kind of shit was that?” You rub his arm before gripping loosely onto his hand.

“Sadly, it’s their job.” You glance over at him, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

“It’s a shitty job. God, I hate when that happens. It reminds me of when we first started dating. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but when you have a kid it’s terrifying. I’m always afraid Cleo will end up getting hurt. Look at tonight? She had a fucking panic attack.” He reaches out, stroking Cleo’s hair. Her breathing has centered and all you want is to be home and get her in bed. Where you know she’ll be safe.

BLUSH - Part 4

Bucky Barnes x reader

There was only one thing in Bucky’s mind. That kiss he couldnt complete.
“Its so UNFAIR !” He said. “Its killing me !”

“Buck, you can try again !” Steve said, trying to calm his bestfriend. “Im almost too sure that she has the same feelings for you”

“I dont know, Steve” Bucky whined. “If we had kissed that day - GOD ! Im gonna kill Romanoff !”

Steve tried his best to supress his laughter.

But it was just so awkward all the time. Y/N would turn bright red at the sight of Bucky, and would be completely on autopilot by then. Bucky would go all sweaty and stammer at his words.

“I feel so guilty” Natasha said, shaking her head.“I didnt expect this”

“They’ll be ok, Nat” Steve said, shrugging. “There is nothing that we can do about this”

An grin spread on Natasha’s face.

“Oh yes there is” She said, trying an evil-witch-laugh.

“That sounds really wierd” Steve said, giving her a look.

“It didnt come off as I expected” Natasha said, clearing her throat. “Come on. We have work to do!”

Natasha (along with a forced Steve), tried in their own way, to actually bring the Bucky and Y/N together.

Natasha made Y/N train when the boys were at the gym. Bucky and Y/N mysteriously ended up seated next to eachother during dinner and movie nights. She would even trip Y/N when shes in a hurry so that she would fall on Bucky.

She tried everything she could, but they just remained silent and awkward around eachother.

“This is hopeless” Natasha said, glumly. “I was just teasing them ! I didnt mean it to be like this !”

“Let them do it their way, Nat” Steve said, squeezing her hand reassuringly.

* * *

Y/N was in her room, flipping through the pages of a magazine, when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened it to find Tony standing there with a smile on his face.

“Hey! Come in” Y/N said, closing the door as Tony stepped in.

“You’ve been busy” Tony said, sitting on the edge of her bed. “No time for me, huh ?”

“Sorry, Tony” Y/N said, sitting next to him. “Had lots to do”

“Well, I cant let Banner torture you in there” Tony said. “Lets go on trip. Just the two of us - like we used to when you were little”

Y/N smiled at the memory.

“That would be great !” She said, hugging her uncle. “Thanks Tony”

He kissed her temple gently and said, “Anything for you”

“I will arrange something and let you know” Tony said, as he walked out. “Be ready !”

“You know I will be”

* * *

Tony’s visit had made her pretty happy. She stepped out of her room, and towards the kitchen, to find something to eat. She almost turned away seeing Bucky there, making coffee.

“Coffee, Y/N ?” he asked, wanting her to stay.

“No thanks, Bucky” Y/N said, giving him a small smile.

She opened the fridge to find something to eat. Her heart raced, having Bucky so close to her. She wanted to reach out to him. Hug him. Tell him she loved him. But this stress made her more hungry.

She found some of Wanda’s big cupcakes, and carried them to the table, sitting as far away from Bucky as possible. Bucky, sighed in defeat, and sat at the other end.

Steve and Natasha sat at the living room, from where they could see the couple. Natasha sighed.

“This is so frustrating” she said, placing her head of Steve’s shoulder.

Bucky sat staring at Y/N, who was stuffing her fifth cupcake into her mouth.He shook his head, knowing that Y/N always ate too much when she was under stress. She took another bite, glumly.

Bucky exhaled loudly as he stood up, and walked towards Y/N.

Steve nudged Natasha a bit too forcefully in excitment that she almost fell out of the couch.

“Y/N, thats enough” Bucky said, taking the cupcake from her hand.

“Give it back !” Y/N said, reaching up for it.

“No, you’ve had enough” Bucky said. “You’re gonna be sick”

“I dont care, give it back !”

She stood up now, wrestling Bucky for her cupcake.

“Oh God, PLEASE just let them kiss” Natasha said, watching them carefully.

“BUCKY !” Y/N whined.

Bucky put the cake in his mouth, and showed his empty hands to her.

“What the hell, Bucky ! That was the last one !” Y/N said, sulking.

“I thought you didnt like strawberry icing” Bucky said, licking the icing off his fingers.

“I dont” Y/N, pouring herself a glass of water. “Wanda made these so that I dont eat them”

Bucky laughed.

“You ate them anyway” He said.

“Yeah I did” Y/N said, shrugging. “I have to go”

She began walking towards the elevator. Bucky clentched his jaws, as he followed her.

“Ok, please tell me they will kiss in the elevator” Natasha said, slapping her forehead.

“You have a way of complicating things, Nat” Steve said. “This could’ve been avoided”

“When am I gonna see the end of it ?!” Natasha whined.

* * *

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has added Steve, Nat, Wanda and Clint to chatroom.

Sam : Ok, now whats up with Robo cop and Lil Stark ?

Steve : Whats wrong with them?

Sam : Cap, stop pretending that you dont know

Clint : There is something going on. They were inseparable. Now they barely talk.

Nat : Ok, as guilty as I am, you guys are gonna push me into suicide.

Steve : Natasha Romanoff.

Clint : Keeping secrets from me, Nat ?

Nat : Everyones gonna hate me.

Wanda : Y/N ate all my cupcakes. Again. And shes really upset.

Sam : I think shes upset with Barnes.

Clint : Sam’s right. Wanna talk, Cap ?

Nat : I hate you all.

Nat : Alright ! I walked in on them when they were about to kiss, and I have created this awkward tension between them. And yeah. Thats it.

Sam : Oh.

Wanda : Nat, why did you skip the part where you yelled that you HOPE they would complete the kiss ?

Nat : Thank you, Wanda. And stop reading my mind !

Steve : You know how they are. Both tend to brood on things unneccesarily.

Sam : Well done, Black widow !

Clint : Come on ! They’ll be fine. In fact, I just saw them getting off the elevator.

Nat : Oh please just kiss already !

Steve : Natasha, Im going to kill you if you say that again.

Clint : Is Tony aware of this situation ?

Steve : I dont think so. And we better not talk about it in front of him. Y/N’s gotta figure out how to do it.

Sam : If at all things get better with Barnes, that is. Thanks to B.W.

Nat : You suck.


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Remember Me

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes 



Request from Anon- Hellooo, I want to ask for a Bucky/reader in which Bucky has his mind under the control of HYDRA and reader tries to calm him down and have sex with him to making him recognize her, and Bucky hurt her and then he came to reality and regret what he did.. Thanks really! kisses

This took me so long to write, ugh i don’t know why but this was a tough one. I may have changed things slightly from the prompt! But hopefully it’s ok! Enjoy x 


Originally posted by sebastianstahp

You watched him; your eye’s trained on him like a hawk. You should have seen the warning signs; you had experienced them enough to know when the triggers had started. It was a side effect of the treatment, trying to pull out century’s worth of code inside a persons brain could leave them scrambled and disoriented. You stood at the entrance of Bucky’s room Steve blocked your body away from his, trying to protect you from his friend.

“Bucky” Steve voice was hard; you glanced at the back of his head for a second before your eyes snapped back to your boyfriends. His stance was neutral but hard; his chest was squared up to Steve’s. If you didn’t to anything now they would tear the whole placed down.

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the most painful unexpected death in front of clancy ok go

( this isn’t really unexpected so I’m sorry if ur aren’t satisifed with this )

- Lucas starts getting nose bleeds
- but instead of a red it’s black
- and Clancy knows what’s going on
- he starts vomiting and Clancy gets even more worried
- oh god it’s getting worse
- but he tries to stay calm and help him the best he can
- Clancy literally has to hold lucas
- when he throws up the black goo
- “its ok, it’s ok. i got u.”
- he has to hold him after that too
- “f-fuck it hurts so much”
“i know, ull be ok, zoe is finding a cure”
“w-what if she doesn’t??”
“she will, i promise”
- Clancy can feel his arms getting red marks from how hard Lucas is gripping on him
- he doesn’t mind
- he gives Lucas small head kisses for reassurance
- it kinda helps
- they hold each other for dear life for a couple of hours
- “clancy what if u get infected…”
“im not going to get infected”
- he probably is infected
- he’s been having nosebleeds a lot lately
- he doesn’t want lucas to worry tho
- clancy attempts to distract him from the pain with stories
- “remember when we scared my bosses from the old house? the faces they made looked like those cheesy 1970’s horror films”
“hehe, it was funny actually. i want to do that again”
- the symptoms start getting worse
- he’s groaning and gripping his stomach now
- he’s throwing up more
- and his nosebleeds are happening more and last longer
- and Lucas’s face is getting paler and his eyes are a pale blue
- clancy tries to help him
- but lucas pushes him away
- “c-clancy stay away from me, i might hurt u”
“hey who said ur going to hurt me”
“please Clancy don’t”
- the room is always dark
- because lucas hates the lights before the infection happened
- and Clancy let him closed off the lights
- so really the only light is coming from the laptop
- clancy could clearly see how he’s blocking his ears
- and smushing his face in his knees
- Clancy gasps when he hears him throw up again
- and gripping his side
- after throwing up 10 times,
- lucas stops and gasping for air
- and shaking a littllot
- there’s black webs forming on his skin now
- “this is new”
“lucas holy shit”
- clancy soons walking to him,
- not caring if the black vomit stains his pants and hands
- black webs are growing even faster
- clancy is panicking and lucas looks unusually calm
- “lucas don’t tell me”
“ur smart Clancy, i think u know what’s going on”
- clancy has panic looking eyes
- and he is holding Lucas cheeks
- “lucas, lucas look at me don’t u dare leave i stg if u leave i will make myself get infected and join u in the after life and slap u”
“clancy that’s too over the top”
- this is the first time Clancy sees lucas so calm
- he can see he’s smiling
- white is going over him
- no no no no
- “ill see u soon clancy”
“lucas no”
- white soon takes over his body and crumples in his hand
- clancy stares for a secound before crying
- there’s black shit all over his face and his clothes and hands and arms
- “fuck, fuck fuck fuck”
- he just stays there for a while
- crying and begging for him to come back
- it’s a sad attempt really :,)


I have no idea about American High schools or how prom works over there so i’m sorry for errors <3 Also Sorry For The Stilinski Family Feels And Making This Super Duper Long

Prom Outfit

“Hey… (Y/N) What’s up?” Your brother had jogged past your room in a hurry, skidding to a jerky stop when he saw you curled up in your bed crying.


“The kids at school are making fun of me cause no one wants to take me to prom.” You stuttered as you tried to calm yourself enough to talk.

“Well I can go with you.” He offered cheerfully.

“Ew Stiles no that’s super weird.” You giggled as he clutched his chest and pretended to cry.


“Want me to see if Scott can take you?” Stiles was serious no, knowing his best friend loved you just as much as he did.


“It’s ok… I’ll just hang out with you.” you smiled up at him and Stiles swore his heart broke a little.


“Don’t sweat it (Y/N) you’re a cutie someone will ask you.” He ruffled your hair and headed back to his room.


“You know what your doing is stalking right?” Ethan asked as he strolled up to his brother. “And its actually illegal in some places.”


“I’m not stalking… They’re picking on her again, should I stop them?” Aiden asked as he watched a group of girls corner you.

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today a young man sat next to me on the bus and like ok but he started to make a gun sign with his hand and pretended he was shooting people throught the bus window and saying “everybody has to die” i didnt change my seat and tried my best to stay calm and friendly with him cuz you never know what people are thinking but jesus christ

Twice Reaction to Skinship from their GF

GUYS, Cheer Up has ruined my life! My girls are back! XD


*doesn’t make a huge deal* *grinning from ear to ear*


*has a mini heart attack when you give her a back hug* “(Y/N)! You scared me!”


*is super excited*


*aegyo mode activated* “I love you!”


*is too mature to freak out* *calm, cool and collected*


*tries to hide her smile* “Can we always hold hands?”


Once you opened that door, it never shut again. She’d take every opportunity to show you skinship.


“What are you doing? Holding my hand? Oh, that’s ok.”


*stares at her lap while your arm is around her* *blushes* “(Y/N), there are people here.”

Distractions (Vmin x Reader)

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting consistently but I’ll try and make a more structured way to update, okay? I promise :) Anyway here’s some bts smut to celebrate their comeback in a couple days hehe ;D

Request: from anony~  V is your tutor and you are studying but Jimin is your big brother’s friend and shows up making some sexy times happen ;) rough and dirty talk (I tried my best I’m not the best at these kinds of things ok xD)


Word Count:1493(I coulda done more probably)


You threw your pencil down and groaned in frustration. You just couldn’t seem to understand those tricky math equations. Who let letters be apart of math anyways?! Letters were for English, not math!

“Calm down, ____, you can do it, you were so close” your tutor Taehyung encourages you.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, let’s do something else, take a break, you know?” You groaned in response. Taehyung giggles and agrees with you.

“Want something to eat?” You ask him as you get up and slip into the kitchen.

“Do you have strawberries?” He asks. You prepare to wash a bowl of strawberries when you hear the door bell ringing. You run to the door hoping it was your brother.

“Oppa!” You says opening the door, but sadly it is not your brother. It was your brother’s reckless friend, Park Jimin.

“Oppa? I’m so glad you can finally call me that, _____-ah” Jimin grins. You give him a glare and turn on your heel, returning to the strawberries.

“Where’s your brother, I have something to give him” Jimin says as he enters your home.

“He’s out getting stuff for dinner and running other errands” you spit at Jimin.

“Can I hang out until he comes home?” Jimin asks a bit too sweetly.

You sit down next to Taehyung with the strawberries and glare up at Jimin. You didn’t want him to hang around when you were with Taehyung. You were starting to fall for him but you also had a major crush on Jimin. Jimin was completely reckless and tactless, and Taehyung was sweet and silly. You didn’t want to have a crush on Jimin but you couldn’t help but fall for his gorgeous features. His eyes were like literally perfect and his lips were the perfect amount of plump and pink, how would it feel if you…Wait! You like Taehyung, not Jimin.

“____-ah?” Taehyung grabs your attention “I don’t mind if he hangs with us, we were just taking a break right?”

“Ok…he can stay, but when Oppa comes home you go bother him” You cross your arms.

“Thanks~” Jimin sits himself on one side of you on the couch, while Taehyung was on the other. You felt the sexual frustration start to bubble up inside of you. Two of the hottest boys were sitting next to you and no one was around. What a situation to be in.

“_____-ah? You’ve gotten so quiet, what’s the matter?” Taehyung lays a hand on your shoulder and you almost jump out of your skin.

“I’m fine” you reply to Taehyung. Jimin gives you a side glance and smirks at you.

“I don’t know, Tae, she seems to be thinking about something” Jimin instigates “Tell me what’s on your mind”

“Nothing!” You say blushing immensely. How could you confess your dirty fantasy to them? How embarrassing would that be?

“It’s something, come on, _____-ah” Taehyung lets his hand slide down to your hand.

“I-I’m too embarrassed to say it…” You start to admit.

“Is it dirty?” Jimin says moving too close to your face making your heart pick up.

“What is it you want?” Taehyung tags on.

“I-I want you…” You look up and the two boys seem confused.

“Me?” The two say in unison. You nod and they look even more confused.

“I want you both, right now. I want you both to take me…” You admit trying to make your voice sound steady.

“That’s all you had to say, baby” Jimin smiles.

“I’m up for anything new” Taehyung says reluctantly. Jimin looks you up and down and you literally feel his eyes on you. In that moment you looked down and Jimin caught your chin with his hand. 

“Let’s go somewhere more private?” Taehyung suggests and the three of you move to your bedroom.

“Let’s get started” he smiles and kisses your lips with hunger. You can’t help but gasp and moan softly in between each kiss. You can feel Taehyung behind you now, feeling up your back and nuzzling in the back of your neck. The stimulation already making you feel dizzy. Jimin’s plush lips never stop their attack on yours. You move your hand to Jimin’s cheek but he catches your hand in his.

“No touching, or else me and Tae are gonna have to punish you” he snickers. Taehyung is kissing down the back of your neck and you feel his bulge brush against your ass. Jimin continues his kisses down to your jawline and down your throat.

Jimin lifts your arms up and Taehyung takes your shirt off, the two of them feeling your soft skin and their hot hands burning with each touch. You feel yourself about to burst with excitement and pleasure. Jimin’s shirt comes off and his abs are right within your reach but you refuse to touch them remembering what Jimin had said.

Taehyung loses his shirt too and your pressed into a Jimin and Taehyung sandwich, both of they toned and tight bodies pressing up against your own. Your bra is lost somewhere in the heat of the moment and it’s all skin against skin. Even the gentlest touch felt a million times more intense.  

Taehyung turns you towards him and takes your lips in his own finally getting his turn, while Jimin holds on to your waist and grinds slowly into your behind pushing your front on to Taehyungs. The three of you moved together creating the most delicious kind of friction. Your legs felt weak but Jimin was holding on to your waist and keeping you up. Meanwhile Taehyungs tongue was dancing with yours and you couldn’t even process all the pleasure you were feeling.

You break the kiss and moan out when Taehyung’s bulge rubs against your sensitive clit. Pants were being dropped now and Jimin’s strong hands were slipped in between your legs to rub your aching sex. Your panties were soaked and Jimin laughed to himself.

“You’re so wet baby, how long have you waited for us to take you?” He teases and you can’t even answer due to his hands holding you soaked core.  

“I knew you wanted this, I could see the way you looked at me when we were alone” Taehyung whispers in your ear.

“Tae…Uh….Jimin!” You can barely speak with the two pairs of hands working your body. Taehyung let his hands hold your chest while Jimin was rubbing cirlces on your clit and massaged your ass with the other.

“Jimin..I’m so close…” You pant desperately.  

“You can’t come until I say you can” Jimin commands you sternly starting to slow his pace, making the feeling that much more deliciously painful.

“Tae, help me out” you moan and Jimin removes has hand to spank you quickly. You cry out and Jimin laughs. Taehyung slides your panties down and starts to lick the slickened surface. You buck your hips gently but Taehyung holds your hips in place. You become a moaning mess and you feel you’re about to burst. Taehyung pulls back and licks his lips slowly and groans.

“____-ah, you taste so good” Taehyung moans.

“I can’t take it anymore” Jimin growls and pushes you on to your bed and spreads your legs, he gives your slit a couple licks using his wet muscle to tease you as much as possible.  

“Jimin, just take me already!” You cry in frustration.

“I didn’t hear a please” he teases and gives your sex a teasing swat making a wave of pressure surge through your body.

“Jimin please I need you now!” You cry.

“Please what?”

“Please oppa!”

“That’s my girl” he smiles and grips your hips tightly. Jimin lines himself up and thrusts into you with no warning and his hits your sweet spot with each thrust. Taehyung watches and moans to himself while he tends to the built up bulge in his pants.  

The room fills with the moans of your own as well as Jimin’s and Taehyung’s. You all climax at the same time and the room is then filled with heavy panting. You laid there in a lust drunk state thinking about how amazing what just happened was.  

“Round 2?” You hear Taehyung giggle and you smile.

“Maybe after I catch my breath” you pant. Your phone vibrates from the bedside table, it was your brother he was going to be home in 5 minutes.

“Or maybe another day, my brother’s on his way home!” You all scatter to find your clothes.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Joking That She’ll Pass Out From Blowing Up Too Many Balloons But Then She Actually Passes Out


“Y/N, stop joking… Y/N… DID YOU REALLY PASS OUT?”
*He’d be so terrified he wouldn’t know what to do, but realizes that he should call 911*


*Tries to stay calm*
“What do I do. Should I call an ambulance? What’s the right thing to do? I should just call for help”


“Ah, you blew up too many balloons…”
*Makes sure you lie on your back and puts something under your feet so your legs are up restoring blood flow to the brain*


*Freaks out and starts fanning you, hoping it isn’t anything serious. If he has to wait longer than 2 minutes for you to wake up, he would call 911*

Rap Monster

*Has to do research before acting*
“Oh, ok, this is easy, you’re going to be ok, Y/N! I’ll take care of you”


“You should have stopped if you were starting to feel dizzy!”
*But he’ll basically know what to do to help*




The Present

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Mark Tuan (GOT7)/Reader

Word Count: 908

Summary: It’s all fun and games until you reveal to your boyfriend you got him a little present.

“Yah! Stop!” Mark had grabbed the hose from me while I was watering the plants outside our house. He began to spray me head to toe. “Mark!” I tried running from him but that wasn’t working. Trying to run inside I tried on the stairs to the front door. Mark quickly shut the hose off and run to me. I scrapped my knee up pretty bad. 

“(y/n)! You ok?” He said half laughing. 

“Yeah just my knee.” He noticed my knee.

“Oh I’m sorry (y/n). Does it hurt." 

"Just a little sore.” He scooped me up. “Yah! Put me down!” I grabbed his neck.

“I’ve got you calm down.” He said laughing. He brought me into our bathroom and set me on the counter. 

“You know you don’t have to do this.” I was cleaning my knee up for me. 

“I know but I’m your boyfriend.” He looked up at me. “I’m suppose to take care of you right?” He smiled. He kissed my knee and threw away the papers and tissues. “By the way, I like your new bra.”

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Summary: Y/N’s having her piano exam the next morning so the boys try to calm her down ((Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung edition)) 


A/N: OK EVERYONE THESE ARE SPECIAL TEXTS FOR THE ONE AND ONLY @trashytaetae Because as you could already figure out she’s having an exam tomorrow, which she should not worry about, bc she will ace it. I tried to make the texts from the boys she had higher fangirl level with bUT GIRL YOUR LANES AREN’T CLEAR FOR ME ANYMORE. And like I don’t even know why I made one for Jimin too. His name was already typed in so like… I was lazy??? But ok who can resist Jimin let’s just be clear. Btw if you happen to get to my lovely friend’s page, please leave a supporting message!! It would mean the world to me.
In the meantime, I hope everyone else enjoyed these, and feel free to request anytime!

anonymous asked:

Ok hear me out. Jughead x reader where they're hanging out and he's getting worked up over something and reader just laughs and tells him "woah calm down juggernaut " and tries to get him to take a step back and he's just like caught up in reader calling him juggernaut. Cause honestly you're writing is great and I feel like you'd write this well???

aw shucks! thanks doll!! also, I am absolutely in love with this idea!!!! I can’t get over “juggernaut” it’s adorable. I am very excited to write this. I will put it up as soon as I am able

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Monsta X Reaction To Their Horny Girlfriend Sitting On Their Lap And Teasing Them

[ BTS Version ]


*Tries to remain calm and not get excited, he can’t tell that you’re turned on and thinks you’re just very hyper*
“Sweetheart, you ok?”
Y/N: “Why do I not work on you!?”
“Wait, what do you mean?”


“Ah! What are you doing?”
Y/N: “Why? Does that feel good?    …    Seems like it does”
“My body is too straight forward…”
Y/N: “Let’s just go to the bed”
“OH, that sets a new light to the situation”


*Boner - check*
“I hate how you always know what to do to get what you want, but I also love it in a way”


“Seems like you’re in quite the mood”
*He’d allow himself to touch you here and there before taking you to the bedroom*


“Are you doing this on purpose? Because it works”


“You’re responsible for everything my body does at this point”


“I hope you’re doing that on purpose, because I can’t stop it any longer…”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

Found (Chato Santana x Reader)

Part I

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“So I am a-a criminal?” he asked as he looked at you like he waited for you to deny it, to tell him whatever you had found was a lie. That he wasn’t the same man like the one you had just found out about.

“You were one. Yes. But, you don’t have to be anymore. You can have a new start. Be a new man.” You placed your hand on his forearm but he pulled it away.

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