i tried this and i love it



happy birthday to monsta x’s honey vocals, yoo kihyun! you’ve blown monbebes away with your incredible talent, and bring all of us happiness just by being you. you’re one of the most amazing vocalists i’ve ever had the chance to support, and monsta x wouldn’t be the same without you and your sharp but gentle personality.

happy birthday, kihyun!

personally, to me, finn/re/y has always been more sibling-like, i did not see/feel the romantic undertones some did.. that being said i still think we should respect peoples ships and not be gloating and throwing shade a fin/nre/y or the shippers imho.


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I literally panic in lectures everyday that I might’ve left my stove/straighteners/candles either on or burning, and that I’ll come back to the house burnt down?!?!

I don’t know who hasn’t done this because I’m so late T^T
But I’m tagging: @ongbins (21 yr old woop woop), and literally everyone I usually bother with tags/mutuals? (I love you all so much for putting up with me~~~), @danielsoftgf, @porkjeojang@jihooniepuff, @extraongdinary, @daisydaehwi, @rome-ong, @ongjins, @dearestguanlin


she’s trying her best