i tried the pop art thing

Imma tell yall how i simultaneously pissed off 50 art students and the most infamous art teacher in my school.

Basically we have one teacher named Herman. The entire school knows him because hes Big Bad Herman and hes tall af and scary and he has a habit of seeing through everyone and finding your weak spots. He talks loudly and will not hesitate to tell you your stuff fucking sucks if he thinks you didnt have fun or tried hard to make it. Hes the best fucking teacher ive ever had.

And he told us to create a physical experience for our classmates and him.

So i had three layers of bubblewrap. And some construction tape. You know the red tape with the white bars on it that tells you you cant enter somewhere.

And i know no human can resist bubblewrap. And i know my classmates and Herman cannot resist getting past some “do not pass” tape.

So i hammered the bubblewrap into the wall and put tape in front of it. As a challenge to get past it. As a big red sign of “POP THE FUCKING BUBBLEWRAP JUST DO IT”

So Herman asked me what my work was and i told him to try it out. Try and pop the wrap. And he looked at it and reached in his arm and said “the bubblewrap is literally in reach this isnt very hard”

And he grabbed a layer of bubblewrap and squeezed it. Then he grabbed another layer and squeezed it. Then, he just slowly turned around, looked at me and said “you dirty bitch”

Unpoppable bubblewrap, ladies and gentlemen.


I feel like its [pop music] intention is very, very beautiful. Some people see it as cynical, as pandering, as trying to appeal to everyone, as if it isn’t art. Pop music is a pure study of us as human beings. It tries to examine what it is that brings human beings together on a very essential level. It works out what we all relate to is the human experience. It’s beautiful. A hit record that works for millions of people is a beautiful thing; it’s inclusive.

Hoping on the train of @neikarasu‘s wing au!  Every time a wing au pops up I’m all for it. 

I definitely got a kind of owl-vibe from the fic, but my thoughts on the ‘gold speckled white wings’ is that the stripes are only really visible when light is shining behind them, and there’s a kind of iridescence going on with the rest of his feathers so the amount of gold and the shininess varies all the time.  Out in direct light they’re almost blindingly bright.

I will be drawing Jack when I get the chance, whenever that is.

everytime i listen to the cafe version of boku no hikouki i always imagine shigure singing it to kanna (´•ω•̥` they’re a cute sibling pair

boku no hikouki is my favourite song from pop n music!!


You guys are right, I overdid it with the corrosion and rust. It worked on the original because it was subtle and made things pop a little, but these last few iterations make the surface busy and unappealing.
I tried experimenting with some more, and I ended coming full circle back to the original, but with some subtle tarnish. Even without the trims, I think the shape language is strong enough on the character that they are not needed.

If there are no objections, I’m really sold on this last one. 


Mangle Bby!!!
I’m glad I’m getting the hang of drawing on a tablet again (even tho it’s a diff style of painting from what I usually do).

Initially thought it would be fun to draw smt for a phone wallpaper >D (of course feel free to use it if u like it)
Also tried a thing to make it pop out more ^q^ Does it work? Hahaha



Ok so uhh this is the strangest drawing I’ve ever made.. 

I’ve been watching Fullmetal Alchemist a lot and at some point this just popped into my head. For those of you who don’t know, this is Alex Louis Armstrong. Alex is a big muscly character that you wouldn’t expect to like cute things which is why he is holding fluttershy. In the show his face doesn’t show a lot of emotion so I tried really hard to make it look like he is smiling but I’m not sure I pulled it off quite right..

I got some nice art pens which are what I used to make this and its the first time I’ve used dot shading which I think turned out pretty cool, I’ll need to try it more in the future c: