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What are your favourite desserts?

i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilford is blindly lucky or his planning skills are as good as they are stubble.

During Markiplier T.V. Video the Ego’s get together and have a meeting about their plans to take back the channel. Taking a pinch of salt with me I’m venturing to say this plan was what “Markiplier T.V.” was originally supposed to be, a show meant to bring you “the very best of Markiplier 24 hours a day.” But Mark wasn’t in that tape, it was all skits, it was all characters.

When the video on the T.V. ends Wilford is the first to speak, and he’s holding the remote and is standing in front of the T.V.

“So what do ya think?” Wilford sound and looks genuinely excited and happy with his work.

But the other Ego’s didn’t appreciate the video.

??: “Well it is bull shit.”

The camera cuts to the Ego’s as they begin to complain and there words become entangled in one another’s and then back to Wilford who seems displeased and begin to point at the Ego’s and say “Shut up” over and over until they do just that. He then says,

“Warfstache has taken enough of this shit from you guys. Look, this is an opportunity that can’t be missed! It’s for everyone, not you (He says to The Silver Shepherd who flips him off in reply.) and it’s gonna sweep the nation so listen to old Warfy ‘cause, uh, Wilford knows what’s best.”

Wilford is arguably the most influential Ego, he has the Warfstache - a calling card of the channel, the most fully fleshed out videos (at this time), and is a inuniverse T.V. star and the idea itself isn’t bad, a show that features the Ego’s 24 hours a day would give them plenty of spotlight, if they could learn to share it, and Wilford’s background with T.V. as a reporter seems to help get things done.

But the Ego’s are still not happy.

Dark: “Look Wilford, I appreciate what you’ve done for us, but how is this supposed to help us take back control?”

Google: “I feel like it deviated from our primary objective, if were to get back on track we need to reassign our goals and unify into a singular strategy.”

Ed: “Well I think we’re missing the bigger picture here! I was promised a 30 second spot! An’ where was it! I barely got 5 there and I know how to count to 5, I know how to count to a good deal if you know what I’m talking about yeah. No? Alright fine, (Now muttering) fuck you.

Bim: “Look I think everyone is overlooking the most important detail here, I was supposed to be the host of that game show segment, I mean, I’m Bim Trimmer.

The Silver Shepard: “I know I took a break from fighting crime for a while to pursue a-a job in entertainment, but this isn’t what I had in mind, considering I wasn’t actually in that.

Wilford, looking very confused: “What are you talking about! This is revolutionary, it’s gonna change everything we know about television, trust you and me .”

Dr. Iplier: “Listen guys, I’m a doctor, I-I knows what’s best and it wasn’t actually that bad. It featured my ideas quite well and I came across as a very professional and handsome actor, so I say we keep it.”

The Host: “The camera shoots over to the Host who continues to talk about the situation and then it pans over to the next person.”

Ed tried to sell his son and The King of the Squirrels pops in while the Ego’s keep arguing in the background.

Dark: “Look Will, I respect you, I always have, but you’re missing the point of this endeavor.”

I think Wilford Understood perfectly what to do, the others just misinterpreted his actions and the effect they’ll have.

Wilford may not have given them the full immediate take over they wanted but he did get a new generation of Markiplier fans, some who has no idea Mark even did skits, to starting making art, rp blog, theories, a.u.’s, to start rewatching old videos and analyzing things and trying to put together the puzzle.

Wilford made the ego’s relevant again and he did this in a loud flashy “Hey look at me” video that’s leaving us with enough questions, few answers and plenty to analyze. It’s filled with nearly endless possibilities so that we can’t be pacified with a single video. We want more, we need more, we can’t wait for more.

Because that’s how Wilford operates, he’s loud, flashy, leaves you with more questions than answers and has more possibilities than certainties that leaves you craving more.

And just like Wilford, the video has just enough for us to bite down into, just enough for us to rip up and put back together, just enough pieces that we know what could be but we don’t know what will be.

Wilford breathed a new life into these old Ego’s in a way that wasn’t to forced or over complicated, and that’s something no one but he could do. It’s safe to say that this is going to be a long lasting event that will permanently make the Ego’s a large unforgivable badge on Mark’s channel.


Feeling Betrayed

Word Count: 1373

Wanna One: Park Jihoon ft. Ong Seongwoo

Author: This is my first serie i’m startiing. I hope it’s good please let me know :3


(Your Insta): ParkJihoon99: Hello :)))     21:34PM

I could feel my phone vibrate on the table, stealing a quick glimpse over to my phone. I saw an Insta message from an unknown person. Quickly opening it and hitting the ‘accept’ button.

You: Hii, how are you?  21:37PM

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I was chatting with Quarium and he told me his favorite Pokémon are Mawile and Bayleef so I tried to figure out how to put both of them into a drawing. For some reason, the first thing that popped into mind was that painting of Napoleon riding a horse but instead it was his sona riding a Bayleef and it cracked me up, I just had to draw that! :D



@chase-brody-protection-squad I’m just gonna pop this here

Trying out a new style and thought this would be a good way to start it off. And this is why I can’t have nice things. I posted an anon on the account tagged above that literally just said “Look What You Made Me Do but instead of Taylor Swift it’s Anti” and this kinda just. Happened. Yeah.
I tried to give him the green skin overlay like in my last art piece, the one of Anti and Jack falling, but that apparently doesn’t work so well in the more cartoonish style so I’ll give you both the green and the original.

I probably don’t have to tell you all that the Last Hero is my favorite Discworld book. It has so many elements that come together to make just exactly my ideal story. 

It was also the first one I ever read, which I really don’t recommend. Because when I picked it up for the first time I read the first few pages and then almost put it down because I didn’t really understand what was going on – it felt like I was missing some important context, but at that point I didn’t even know it was a series. (My mom had just brought it home from the library one day because her co-worker’s son had liked it and she thought I would too).

The reason I didn’t put it down was actually the pictures. I gave up on the story pretty quickly but just started flipping through the pages looking at the art. And it was great art, but that was really all I intended to do.

But then. I turned the page and there was a picture of a black-clad skeleton petting a cat.

It was weird, because all the other pictures had been brightly colored, and it was such a sudden transition from the other characters which I had seen popping up here and there, and again the kitten thing, so I figured I’d better at least read the adjoining page just to see what all that was about.

And there’s something about Death, you know? He’s so charming, and he tries so hard to understand, and at that point that page, which made me laugh for a solid minute and then I went back and read it again and laughed again, that page was exactly what I needed to go back and read the rest of the book.

I didn’t get a lot of it. So much of it is wrapped up in the existing mythology of the Disc, and I was still too young to have heard of the Roundworld references, and I hadn’t had enough time to build up the rock-solid layer of cynicism that I carry today. But that didn’t really matter because the world was so big and rich and colorful and when I had finished I felt more like myself than I had when I began.

That’s so much of the series, to me. It’s so easy to slip in and out of Discworld, and whenever I finish a book, be it for the first or five hundredth time, I feel like I understand something that I didn’t before; I’m a little more real than I was before. I don’t know how better to explain it. And the Last Hero makes me feel that most of all. It’s about old stories and new frontiers and the end of the world, all in so small a space on my bookshelf. And when I need some place to be completely myself but I forget how that’s done, it’s one of the places I know I can always go.

Nier: Automata distracted me way too much, but it was about time I tried to finish this up…

Anyway, shading for a broad daylight setting has always been a difficult thing for me to grasp. On one hand, I like using hard shadows to make shapes “pop out” more. On the other hand, you have to be very conservative with your hard shadows or the shading will conflict with the environment’s lighting. The artistic struggle is real…

Darkness is a harsh term, don’t you think ? 
And yet it dominates the things I see. (x)

I post drawings at 5 am because I’m smart. Also that FUCKING SWORD took me like 3 hours I never want to look at that damn reference picture ever again. The crown looks kinda weird but eh whatever I tried (I’m thinking about making another piece with Merlin, so maybe you’ll see that pop around in the next month who know maybe I’m becoming productive)
(you can click for better quality and all that jazz)


I feel like its [pop music] intention is very, very beautiful. Some people see it as cynical, as pandering, as trying to appeal to everyone, as if it isn’t art. Pop music is a pure study of us as human beings. It tries to examine what it is that brings human beings together on a very essential level. It works out what we all relate to is the human experience. It’s beautiful. A hit record that works for millions of people is a beautiful thing; it’s inclusive.


at first I wasn’t going to do this, and I’m assuming this is from the outfit promt, but as soon as I thought of Freezy Pop in a sunhat I tried to draw these

Transformers r.i.d.2015 headcanons

(Hi so first thing I had the mighty need to do some robots in disguise headcanons. I apologize if you don’t liken them.)


~I feel like bee has trouble recharging during his breaks because he is either thinking of what new decepticon might pop up, or the fact that he has “nightmares” about the past

~ Also feel like bee has ptsd from his voice box being ripped out and what not.

~ sometimes he might feel embarrassed about how his voice sounds and the best way to cheer him up is to compliment it. Say how it makes him sound like a leader and such.


~okay weird I know but I think strongarm watches female volleyball.

~like one day the t.v was on and it was showing the female volleyball tournament. Making her watch in pure awe at the power of the serves and team work showed.

~Also think she admires wildlife on earth.

~like silently watching the birds flutter is sort of peaceful even though the animals are alien to her.


~this boi listens to radio too much. Like not just music but talkshows too.

~he likes to listen to them because he hears all the juicy gossip and comments. Like who cares if he has no clue who they are talking about HE WANTS IN ON IT!

~whistles in his free time to the tune of his favorite songs. Maybe when jazz comes back they can jam out!!


~Omg this softie loves bubbles. Look at him he has too!!

~like if bubbles were blown he would chase after them and smile the biggest smile!

~when they pop he gets kinda sad. No bubble friend whyyyyy

~Also he tries to make things from the scrap yard- like sculptures to impress everyone

~they kinda just clap to make him feel good. I mean- yeah sure two smashed and twisted pieces of metal are art! Good job grim!


~he gets into word searches and sudoku I bet

~feeling smart when he gets it done and doing a tiny victory shuffle

~if there is a maze on a cereal box fixit calls dibs. Puzzles are his thing.

~and them being from earth it takes him a while to solve. Then bam! Solved any puzzle from crosswords to rubix cubes.

(Now for steeljaws pack)


~this furry likes to go on walks/ runs through the woods during night and early morning.

~like early early morning he will just be in the woods not really knowing what he’s doing. Maybe just comforting himself with alone time.

~interested in the earth wolves he does some research on them. Looking for similar traits and such.

~then he finds the stories of wolves-like the three little pigs, and little red riding hood.

~he must keep these away from the pack if he wants no remarks to him about these stories.


~I think he sneaks up on someone (mainly clampdown) and like screams AAAAYYYOOOOO!

~because he knows it scares the scrap out of them

~I feel like he won’t let anyone touch the tip of the last edge of the horns he has (does that make sense? Like the last nook on the end) because it’s sensitive. He’s used to the ones closest to his helm being held from like others defending themselves.

~it’s hard for this baby to scratch his back (if he ever has to) and when no one is looking he might rub his back against like a tree or pole to help.


~shark bait uh-ha-ha!

~anyways- he has a fear of lighting.

~he won’t let the others see it, but if there is a lightening storm he kinda goes to his room and comforts himself

~the minicons help as best as they can to comfort him too.

~he likes his helm to be rubbed I bet, like between his spikes.


~he trips all the time. Like all the time.

~Also likes to talk to himself. Like a-HERMIT (GET IT?)

~primus help him he gets lonely.

~hugs himself.


~he has heard of humans tattoos and wants a cybertronian version of one. With the names of his fists on his shoulders

~what a dork.

~he has to like wrestling and is always trying to get someone to wrestle with him.

(Thats all I’m going to do- hope you liked them and if there is any misspelling I am so sorry! I will try to fix it!)

How to get into Japanese shoegaze

Start with Paint in Watercolour’s “Velocity” and just move on to any of these other albums. Seriously, just throw a dart at the board. I’ll list my favorite track from the albums in parentheses

  • Clams - Clams (P-NUT BUTTER IRONY). Probably one of the coolest songs recorded within the last 20 or so years
  • Sugar Plant - Trance Mellow (Impure). I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys before
  • Cruyff in the Bedroom - Ukiyogunjou (Ukiyogunjou). The best
  • Cosmicdust - Snow Noise Assemblage (Sunday)
  • Coaltar of the Deepers - Robot EP (My Speedy Salah)
  • Kinoko Teikoku - either Eureka (National Highway Slope) or Long Goodbye EP (Paranoid Parade)
  • Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai (Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai). One of my all time favorite opening tracks
  • My Dead Girlfriend - Ixtab (12gatsu, Poolside, Ukabu Shita). Tbh this entire album is a 10
  • Dive - Freeze Frame EP (listen to the whole fucking thing)
  • Nanocycle - Something Burning (Elliott Carnival). This is another one of my favorites. Don’t let the lame album art turn you off
  • Hartfield - True Color, True Lie (Girl Like You). If you just got out of a relationship, you’re welcome. Great dream pop that transcends the language barrier. I think this one’ll speak to any materialization of melancholy
  • Plastic Girl in Closet - Cocoro (Collage Flowers). Good god damn. I’d honestly tell you to save this one for last. This album is so refined. It’s pretty much perfect
  • Plastic Tree - Ammonite (either Thirteenth Friday or Duet). I think this album is pretty polarizing and tries a lot of different things. I really like it but I could understand the B-side being pretty uncomfortable
  • The Pillows - Fool on the Planet (the whole damn thing. If I had to pick two for this list, it’d be either Swanky Street or Carnival). I have a hard time calling this shoegaze even though they toy with a shit ton of fuzz and reverb. Regardless, this is one of Japan’s most important records IMO and you should probably listen to it if you haven’t already. PSA: you might recognize some of the tracks from Fooly Cooly. Shoutout to Kazuya Tsurumaki
  • Burrrn - Blaze Down His Way Like the Space Show (Coming Place)
  • Serial TV Drama - Ginger (Happy Packing and Ginger are great closers). Not shoegaze but I love to recommend this band. Check out this one and The Band Apart if the other albums are annoying you
  • Supercar - Highvision (Otogi Nation). Supercar and Hartfield are the best Japanese dream pop bands
  • Pasteboard - Glitter (Flipper)

I know I left out some staples like Luminous Orange, Tokyo Shoegazer and Pastel Blue but whatever. I doubt anyone’s gonna read this anyway

In progress, Done the line art for Bendy and Jack, tried drawing in a different style. Got to admit I started drawing this after watching the Rick and Morty  ‘WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB’ VR lets play, which had a heavy influence on my change in style for this one.
Bendy and the Ink Machine pt.2 though. Can’t wait for the next parts of both lets plays to come out. I bloody jumped out my skin when the blob ink things popped up. 

You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri]

Summary: AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol

Part: one of ?? [find part two here] [find part three here]

i follow back (unless you’re a porn blog)

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Newt Tattoo Sleeve Cosplay Tutorial for People Who Think They Can't Do the Thing

I really wanted to contribute to Newtvember so here’s a tutorial for tattoo sleeves for people who cannot draw to save their lives. This tutorial also has the bonus of being really easy and inexpensive! (Ps sorry about my face >_<;)

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