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kaitlyn’s favorite scene(s) per episode: s1e2

You can take that bandage off your shoulder in the next two days.
Would it not be easier if you did that?
Yes, but I’ll be gone. I’m leaving with Mr. Petry tomorrow.
I see. Well, then, perhaps this is good-bye.

kaleidoscope hearts

at night, she dreams and a handsome fairy visits her. marichat. for @darkness-sucks


There is a world she creates, she knows, a world that is all her own the moment she falls asleep, her head rested comfortably on her big kitty pillow. At her neck, she lays her hands over a charm on a chain–a little black cat to be precise–and whispers for only ghosts to hear her. 

“I wish to see my fairy prince tonight.” 

The words are honest, sincere words laced with longing, and that fills her heart with affection because she knows it’s true. For what if he is but a dream when he feels so real to her?  

So, with her eyes closing shut, soft as a butterfly flutters, and her breath is even–in and out, out and in–slumber claims her. 

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  “ Ebony and Ivory” _McHanzo ( 3 hours PTS CS6 )
   Well I think this one is safe for upload to my main blog, I did draw some kinky shippy stuff but if NSFW I have to upload up here

  @jacks-mom well here it is ! I hope you stasfie with it teehee, I tried something more harder but some soft stuff would be fine I think hehe


A art Trade with @fried-kitten

they asked for vanoss so i tried ^^

teehee looks like delirious has his own angel to take care of hime ^^

© me 

I hope u like it!

{little tomato ; yoonmin drabble}

( teenager!yoonmin ; au ; fluff )

 based on: Imagine Person A using an affectionate nickname (“sweetheart”, “bae”, etc.) for Person B for the first time. Person B is trying to hide the fact that they’re blushing, but Person A knows. 

“sunshine, can you hand me the ketchup please?” youngi asked. but instead of a ketchup, it was a muffled squeak he received from jimin.

“sunshine?” yoongi called, looking up at jimin when he didn’t receive any ketchup from the younger boy.

“baby, you okay?” he asked in concern, eyebrows knitting together when he saw jimin’s face. the younger boy looked shocked. his eyes, now twice their size, we’re staring at him in disbelief.

jimin blinked, willing himself to snap out of it before clearing his throat. “i’m fine hyung.”

but yoongi didn’t look convinced, not when he noticed that jimin’s face was slowly getting red.

“you sure, babe?” yoongi asked again, only to get another cute squeak from jimin.

“yes, hyung. don’t worry.”

yoongi raised an eyebrow, eyes watching jimin. he couldn’t help but wonder why his boyfriend was acting weird suddenly. “your face is red though.”

and as if on cue, jimin lifted his right hand to cover and hide his blushing face.

“no, it’s not.” the younger boy denied, though the warmth on his cheek said otherwise.

the older boy snorted, amused at the younger. “it is! are you blushing?” he teased.

nooooo!” jimin denied quickly, voice a pitch higher than usual. “why would i blush? there’s no reason for me to blush.”

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replied to your post“To the other anon; both Misha and Carver said that Castiel was…”

masochism tango what?

The scene: an abandoned ballroom of some vague plot significance. (Maybe it’s on top of some old satanic place like the Crypt idk. They need it to do the spell anyway)

Dean has been told Sam’s gonna Do The Thing with the BotD. He comes bursting into the main ballroom area, but the only person there is Rowena, sitting daintily at the dusty bar with a cocktail.

ROWENA: [glancing at her watch] You’re a wee bit early. Your great galumphing brother is still off getting the spell ingredients.

DEAN: I’m not gonna let you do this, Rowena. I won’t let Sam cure me like this. I’d rather die.

ROWENA: Well I’d be happy to do it but I can’t kill you until that Mark is off your arm. Shall we dance?

DEAN: … What?

ROWENA: Well we’re both waiting for Sam to get back and we’re at an impasse with this whole grim killing each other thing. How about a dance to pass the time?

DEAN: How about no.

ROWENA: [hops down from her bar stool] But I wore my best dress for the occasion! [Does a spin to show off her most epic dress of the season.] It seems a crying shame to just sit here. [Does some sort of witchy fingers at Dean]

DEAN: [awkwardly lurches across the room to her and a moment later is waltzing with her]

ROWENA: [delighted sparkling eyes] Now isn’t this fun?

DEAN: [visibly struggling to stop even as he does some A+ dancing] Don’t your spells always kill people?

ROWENA: Not you, laddie. It’s that Mark again.

DEAN: [dramatically dips her]

[5 minutes gratuitous dancing]

SAM: [arriving at the scene] What the hell?