i tried something new. =p

me: has no fewer than four essays to write

also me: spends entire day off drawing grumpy old man


“It’s important to you, isn’t it? If you don’t tell others that yourself, they won’t understand.”

Happy Birthday Spring! ❤

Modern Day Phantom: Final  Lair Meg

Seeing that post about what would have happened if Meg had gone down to the lair too reminded me that I still had the lineart for this thing lying around so I figured I might as well get around to coloring it.

At first it started out with me trying to practice drawing poses that were very different from my normal stuff to try and get better at it, but then it dawned on me that I could also kill two birds with one stone and try to inject some variety into my Modern Day Phantom illustrations rather than just taking this and coloring it. It’s pretty rough, but hey I tried something new. 

But most importantly, badass Meg is my favorite Meg. :P

For the mini-phic: The Post Don Juan Panic (and the thrilling prologue Pointe Shoes and Box Cutters)

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For Science! (Open)

After leaving his home and leaving Olivia with Seth Adrian walks out into the forest as he turns into one of his many dinosaur forms. This time he turns into one of his favorites the Microraptor Gui. A small four winged paravian dinosaur that once lived in China. Flying away from home to one of his favorite hunting spots. Landing on one of the tree branches he tilts his head at what he sees. Near his hunting grounds was a lot of strange type of tech and a lot of people surrounding a few jeeps and vans. Looks like they were searching for something.

“Are you sure you’ve seen something like that here Dr. Nuremberg? I mean really come on. Yeah this forest holds a lot of weird shit but really a dinosaur. You have to be stupid to think that.” One of the younger interns said to the head sentient. 

“Don’t be a fool child. I have seen it many times in this forest along with things you can only dream of. This place has many types of life that the world thinks are imaginary and I plan to find every last one of them and show the world them that I am not mad.” He laughed as he pushed up his glasses. He was an older man at the age of 50. He was one of the higher ranked scientists in one of the secret facilities that worked to discover the things in Hylo and possibly use them for their own game.

Adrian growled at the man in the trees. He knew this guy well. Multiple time when he was jumping from one branch to the other to try and figure out what he was doing this time one of the other humans spotted him and started shooting at him. Not suspecting it he cried out as one of the bullets almost hit him. “Are you stupid!” Dr. Nuremberg yelled as he took the gun away from him. “You might kill the creature!” AS Adrian flew away from them he could hear the man yelling back at the doctor.

“What the fuck?” He thought as he landed to the ground. “This time he’s packin heat. Gotta be careful this time.” He thought as he caught the sent of an animal close by. Letting his animistic instincts take over he didn’t notice what was going on behind him. As he was eating the animal he just killed, but behind him one of the Doctors minions had a tranquilizer gun aimed right at him. Aiming it just right he fired it and it hits its mark. Screeching out from the sharp pain he tried to fly off but he couldn’t.

Continuing to screech out for help his vision started to darken before finally passing out. Te man that shot him smirked and grabbed him by the neck and took him back to the where all the vans and doctors were. Finally coming back he shoves him in a cage and hands it to the Doctor. 

“Hey you looking for this ugly ass thing? Now where is my money?  You said that if I caught this thing you’d pay me big money.” The doctor just stared in awe at the creature in the cage.

“Y-Yes you will get your money but first we must get it in the lab. When we reach the lab you will get paid. How did you get it?”

The other man just laughed as he dropped the cage in the jeep. “I just shot it. Now I want to get paid so all of you assholes better load up and get going before I start shooting all you.”