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Oh my goodness your writing is beautiful! <3 If you're open to it, now that we have a fic of Zelda realizing she's in love with Link, can we have one of Link realizing he's in love with Zelda?

Thank you so much!! This has actually been requested a couple times, so without further ado;

The first time he saw her, she had been nothing more than a flash of golden hair. He was at the training grounds, sparring with the other aspiring knights. It wasn’t much sparring on his side rather than easily defeating anyone who approached him for a challenge. Link had grinned at one of his friends, mopping sweat away from his forehead when he saw it – a flash of golden and royal blue out of the corner of his eye. It disappeared almost immediately, but he was left feeling awe.

“Hey, Link, you okay?” One of the others threw their arm around him, and Link’s smile returned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thought I saw someone for a moment. Nevermind.”

They went back to sparring, but not before Link could look back once more at the spot where the gold disappeared.

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two of a kind


I know i am so late with this , i mean, when i saw the ,,meet the artist ,, on my dash i wasnt really interested in doing it, but some days ago i kinda regreted not doing it so i did it now, rip(better late than never :^). Well, i suppose it isnt a mistake since i did change a lot these past few weeks. Anyway, i hope this helps everyone get an idea of what kind of person or you know, just how i am in general. Love to all of you ^^ <3