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Something Special

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Request: (by @chigonaconchaHey! Can I request a Winn Schott one shot where Winn wants to ask out reader but doesn’t know how and finds out she’s never been asked out on a date?? Also if u could tag me in it that would be awesome thank uuuu

Pairing: Winn x Reader, feat. Alex, James, and Kara

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2155

A/N: This hits way too close to home…

Winn sat at his computer at the DEO, fidgeting with a toy that he kept on his desk. He stared off into space as he contemplated asking you out. It wasn’t so much whether to ask you out or not, but rather how to ask you out. He always got nervous talking to beautiful women, but with you, it was worse. You were really special to him and therefore needed to be asked out in a special way. He couldn’t just ask you.

“Earth to Winn!” Alex waved a hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh hey, Alex.” He shook his head. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you trace this for me?” She handed him a piece of paper with something written on it.

“Sure can!” He took it from her and started running a trace on his computer.

“So, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally zoning out a minute ago.”

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A Sticky Situation

Summary: Bucky needs your help after an unfortunate run-in with Peter Parker.

Bucky x Reader. FLUFF. Word count: 1.2k

TW: none

A/N: This one’s nothing too romantic or anything, just something fun! Hope you like it!

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“I swear I’m gonna break that kid in half!” yelled Bucky as he barged into your room unannounced. You had been laying on your bed reading and Bucky’s sudden appearance startled you, causing you to drop your book on your face.

“Ow! Ugh. Who are you breaking in half? And why?” Bucky didn’t need to answer your question once you removed the book from your face and saw him.

“Oh. Peter got you. That doesn’t look like the normal web goo he uses though,” Bucky was covered in synthetic webbing from the left side of his head all the way down to the star on his metal arm.

“It’s not. Parker tried making some new stuff with the tech in Tony’s lab and this shit is way stickier. He said he got me ‘by accident’ but that’s bullshit. As soon as I get this crap off I’m getting even. Speaking of getting this stuff off, I was hoping you could help? It’s mostly in my hair and I figured you might have something that would wash it out,”

“Okay, just have a seat and let me see what we’re dealing with,” you instructed as you motioned toward your desk chair. Bucky sat down, and once you saw how much of the webbing had gotten into his hair you had a horrible feeling that the only way to remove it would be to cut it out. That was going to be the last resort though.

“Did you try washing it out with shampoo?” you asked.

“Do you seriously think that wasn’t the first thing I tried? Of course I tried shampoo, and it didn’t even touch it. Please tell me you have something else,” he pleaded. At that, you ran to your bathroom and came back with an armful of various bottles.

“Okay, we’ll try rubbing alcohol first. Tilt your head back—I don’t want to accidentally get this in your eyes,” Bucky did as you asked, and with one hand you slowly poured the alcohol onto his hair while you used your other hand to hold a towel underneath so it wouldn’t drip onto the floor. Once his hair was soaked with the alcohol, you tried running a comb through it.

“Anything?” asked Bucky.

“Umm…no. I’m gonna try putting some coconut oil on it. Maybe if we grease it up it’ll just slip out,” You scooped some oil out of the jar and slathered it in Bucky’s hair to no avail.

“The oil isn’t working either, is it?” Bucky asked with a hint of dread in his voice.

“No, but I still have ideas. Don’t give up hope yet,” You started pouring liquid onto Bucky’s hair, and when the smell hit him he coughed.

“Geez, Y/N, what the hell is that stuff?” he asked.

“Nail polish remover. It’s not working though. I have another idea—I’ll be right back,” you said as you ran out of the room. You returned several minutes later with a bucket, some rubber gloves, and a paintbrush.

“Is that paint thinner?!” Bucky asked with worry.

“Yeah. Honestly it’s the last thing I can think of. I got the brush because I don’t want to pour it on your head—I’m not sure if this stuff can hurt your skin or not, so I’m gonna just brush some onto a little piece of hair and we’ll see if it works,” you explained.

“And if it doesn’t work?”

“I cut Steve’s hair all the time. Clint’s and Bruce’s too. Tony’s really the only one who insists on going to an actual barber,” Bucky cringed at the suggestion of cutting his hair.

“How did you learn to cut hair?” he asked.

“Well someone had to cut Steve’s hair while he was sleeping, so Fury had me do it. I’d never done it before then, so Steve looked a little goofy for the first year or so after I joined SHIELD, but I got better with practice. I think there are pictures somewhere…” you said with a giggle, remembering the hack job you did on Steve’s hair the first time you tried cutting it.

“Okay, well, let’s just try the paint thinner first,” said Bucky. You began brushing it on and it did absolutely nothing.

“Umm, Bucky?”

“I’m getting a haircut today, aren’t I?” he asked, knowing the answer. You both stood up and Bucky followed you into the bathroom. First, you rinsed his hair in the sink to wash out the chemicals. You dragged the chair into the bathroom and had Bucky sit down once again, facing away from the mirror.

You started with scissors so you could get the webbing cut out and then even out the length, then you moved on to clippers to clean it up a little bit. You were able to peel the dried webbing off of his skin and the metal of his arm, and you ran a comb through Bucky’s hair one last time before having him stand up and turn to face the mirror. Bucky’s jaw dropped when he saw his reflection. Not only had you cut out all of the webbing, you had styled it just like he used to back in the forties.

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“Y/N! You’re amazing! Damn, I haven’t looked like this in decades. It’s great! Thanks, doll!” he said as he wrapped his arms around you, trapping you in a big bear hug.

“You’re welcome, Buck. I’m just glad you like it! I tried my best to do it like it was in that picture of you and Steve that he keeps on his fridge. The one of you guys at Coney Island right before you left for the war,”

“Well I love it, but I have a spider to kill now, so I’ll be seeing you later,” said Bucky before planting a quick kiss on your cheek and running out of the room.

“Don’t hurt the little bugger too badly! Remember he’s just a kid!” you hollered as you started sweeping up the hair on the floor.

An hour later, after you had finished cleaning up and had returned to your book, there was a quiet knock on your door.

“Come in!” you yelled as you sat up and closed your book. When the door opened, Peter walked in, followed by a grinning Bucky. Peter’s head was covered in webbing.

“I figured that I probably wasn’t the only one who could use a haircut today, isn’t that right, Peter?” asked Bucky.

“Yes, Sergeant Barnes. Y/N, could you please cut this stuff out of my hair? It’s way too sticky—it actually clogged up the new web shooters Mr. Stark made for me. Needless to say, I’m just gonna go back to the old stuff,” said Peter. You nodded and motioned toward the bathroom as Bucky carried in the chair.

Once you cut out all of the webbing, there wasn’t a lot of hair left for you to work with. You ended up giving Peter a look that was barely longer than a buzz cut. He sighed when he saw himself in the mirror.

“Sorry kid, there really wasn’t much I could do. It’ll grow back though, and I assume you learned your lesson about shooting webs at people’s heads,” you explained.

“Yeah—I learned not to play pranks on cranky old men! Thanks for the help, Y/N!” yelled Peter as he ran out of the room.

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Finished some more pride wand/item requests! I tried something new this time by making and overlaying the striped pride flags over certain parts of the object, sooo anyway! From left to right;

Genderfluid pride transformation pen (the request was for a wand but I hope the transformation pen is okay).
Demigirl pride re-colour of the Madoka soul gem.
Aromantic pride re-colour of Sailor Venus’ wand. I used the third proposed aromantic pride flag.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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Words: 1041
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: fluuuuuuffffff and lilly tried something new so were gonna hope no cringe
Requested by anon
I’m really into the beach boys right now and the song ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ really reminds of Pietro/Peter or Scott idk I really want to see a fic or whatever love you’re fics soooooooooooooooooooooooo much byeee xxx
Authors Note: so this is a fic based on the song above^^ and you can listen to it here! Also, I kinda tried something new that I haven’t written much, so let’s hope it goes okay. The italics is kinda memories/back in time so :) it’s majorly fluffy.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older…and wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong.

I wish that every kiss was neverending.

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true, baby then there wouldn’t be a single thing we couldn’t do, we could be married, and then we’d be happy.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Good night my baby, sleep tight my baby.

You couldn’t sleep. Your mind was running everywhere and nothing could calm you down. You were trying to stay quiet, making sure not to wake anyone up, but it was getting hard. You were afraid that you were going to start crying, or freaking out more…so you tried to fill your mind with other thoughts.

“Hey…” You were snapped away from your thoughts when you heard Pietro speak. “Are you okay?”

You shook your head. “I’m freaking out.”

Your boyfriend got out of his small bed and walked over to sit on yours. There wasn’t much room on the bed- and you were still trying not to wake Wanda. Or any of the evil agents.

“Why are you freaking out? What happened? You can talk to me, draga.”

HYDRA treated you three horribly. Why had you ever even thought it was a good idea to be a Strucker experiment? The only good thing that came out of it was meeting the Maximoff’s- you were even lucky to survive the experiments. You three had to share a cold, dirty room on a horrible excuse for a bed, and they were slowly changing your mind to convince you that everything at HYDRA is good.

And to think, the three of you were only nineteen- going and vulnerable- HYDRA could do whatever they wanted to you.

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Not Quite Normal

Summary: In which Phil is aromantic and he’s desperate for someone to understand.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: A lot of ignorance towards aromantic people, swearing, platonic phan (kind of??), mentions of sex, etc.

Word Count: 2544

A/N: I really wanted to try something different so I hope you guys like this?? I tried really hard so hopefully it doesn’t suck too bad. And if any of this seems inaccurate please tell me. Okay, thanks so much! Enjoy!! x

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@sinbad-one-o-one‘s gift to @moonyhime

“Do you trust me?

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, moonyhime!

I was a bit unsure for a time what I wanted to do and what I could do in time, i definitely wanted to do something that contained a bit more than just one of the things you like? And since I had no idea how to do something sappy (although I feel you) I settled on this, since Magi and Disneys Aladdin also fit so well. I took the infamous balcony scene as reference but changed it a bit, I hope you like it <3

Also, I hope, you have a marvelous Christmas, spend with your dears and loved ones and a good start into the new year soon! <3

xx Al

1st Bonus: Valefor Djinn Equip

I at first wanted to draw a bigger Valefor Illustration so I tried to get a sense of how to draw this Djinn Equip. Didn’t went with that idea but I thought I’d still line and colored it since I planned to add it as a bonus from the start actually :’D

2nd Bonus: Santa Ja'far

Okay, I just wanted to do something cute and Christmas themed. And smol Ja'far is just too adorable.

Promise (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: So here’s a Rafe imagine, the ending regarding Rafe at the end of the game is different here (he doesn’t die). Hope you like it!

You were presently seated in a chair at the hospital waiting to be called in. Tapping your fingers lightly against your knee, you were feeling rather nervous about what was going to happen next. This was not just some ordinary visit to the hospital, you were here to see someone, this someone being Rafe. 

A long time had passed since you last saw Rafe, and recalling the day you parted ways wasn’t exactly a pleasant memory, more so to him than you. You didn’t like to dwell over the past, but being here right now left you no choice but to remember what had happened. You had betrayed him.  It was a deal gone wrong, you were meant to be partners in crime always having each other’s back, but that’s not how it played out. Betraying him meant breaking all the promises that were made, and the love you shared slowly turning into hate. Over time you came to regret your actions, but it was too late, and the past could no longer be changed. You knew that Rafe would never want to see you again, so you had kept your distance for so long. However, this time it was different. After hearing about what went down on Avery’s ship you had to see him. Which led up to this moment with you sitting outside his room at the hospital. 

Only minutes had passed which felt more like hours, the door finally creaked open and the doctor came outside. You shot up to your feet, facing the doctor in hopes to hear some good news. “You may go inside to see him.” The doctor nodded in approval moving to the side and away from the door, leaving the doorway free for you to enter. Thanking the doctor, you slowly moved your way over to the doorway, your hands slightly shaking from the nerves. You didn’t know what to expect.

Finally entering the room, you stop yourself from moving any further and stand near the entrance. Your eyes wandering to the corner of the room where Rafe was laying. You move your shaking hands, placing them over your mouth to cover from the shock of what you were seeing. You didn’t realise how hurt he really was, it almost seemed like a miracle that he was able to survive all that, but you were glad to see that was the case. 

With your hands by your side now, you moved closer to the bed where he was resting. His eyes still closed, you didn’t think he’d notice that you were even here. Pulling up a chair next to the bed, you finally took a seat right next to him not really knowing what to do or say.

“You know they said I had a visitor. When they told me who it was I didn’t want to believe it, and yet here you are.” Rafe spoke, his voice low and raspy. This took you by complete surprise, he must have known that you were here all along. It was difficult to judge by the tone of his voice whether those were welcoming words or those of despise, you were willing to bet that the latter was true. 

“Rafe…” You trail off, trying to think of something to say but no matter how hard you tried the words just wouldn’t come out of your mouth. With silence surrounding the both of you, Rafe opened his eyes, you could see how tired they were. He must have been through a lot. 

“Did you come here to mock me?” His words were like a needle piercing through your heart with a slight hint of anger attached to them. You were hurt, but you couldn’t blame him for feeling the way he was. After all, you were the one who did him wrong, and not the other way around.

Taking this as your queue to say something, your mind was juggling ideas trying to find the right words to say, “I’m so sorry Rafe, for everything.” His eyes flicker for a moment, but no words come out of his mouth. You decide to continue, “Ever since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I did to you, if only I could take it all back I would.” You really did mean it. 

“Tell me (Y/N) why are you really here?” His voice remains neutral, but something about his face says that he was intrigued in what you had to say next. It was always difficult to tell what Rafe was really feeling, he was always so good at hiding his true emotions, even now it was no different. 

“I came here to see you. I was worried about you Rafe…I promise you that.” You reply truthfully. Rafe examines you with his eyes for a moment, almost as if he was making sure you were telling the truth. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” His words stung, you felt so sad which was evident on your face. Looking up at him, you noticed for just a short moment his eyes changed the way they looked at you. Was it sadness? It looked as if he almost wanted to take those last words back, but just like that the moment was gone and he’s eyes changed back to the way they were. 

“Please Rafe, let me help you.” You try your best to get through to him. You move your hand from your lap and place it on his arm. This time catching him off guard, taking in a deep breath you notice that his body began to relax to your touch. Feeling more like the old Rafe you knew, you felt slightly relieved. 

A moment of silence passed until Rafe spoke again, “You know (Y/N) I missed having you around, I never did understand why you left like that.” His voice was calm, but the words were tainted with feelings of hurt. Your absence truly did have an impact on him, and it was only now you were starting to see how much you meant to him. 

“I’m so sorry Rafe, I never meant it to end like that.” You look at him apologetically, wishing you could change the past right at this moment. All the memories came flooding back of the time you two spent together, it was such a happy moment in your life. “We were pretty great treasure hunters” you recall and smile to yourself. You notice that Rafe has a slight smirk on his face, which made you glad in return. 

“We still…” He trailed off unfinished, it seemed like he wanted to say more but stopped himself from doing so. You knew it was going to take time before all these bad feelings are finally left behind, and to be able to mend the relationship you both once hand. You were willing to do whatever it takes for this to happen, and hope that Rafe won’t push you away. 

“How about you get some rest now.” You move your other hand slowly, and place it on top of his head, brushing your fingers gently against his skin. You could see how tired he was, amazed that he even had the energy to talk to you. 

“What about you, will you still be here?” His eyes roaming over your face, looking for an answer. You move your hand down his arm, taking his hand in yours and hold it gently. 

“I’m not going anywhere Rafe, I won’t ever leave you again. I promise.” You did mean it. Satisfied like he found the answer he was looking for, Rafe eventually closes his eyes and slowly drifts off to sleep. 

That night you sat there by his bedside, with his hand in yours hoping to one day look back at this as the start of something new. 

anonymous asked:

hi! i hope it's okay to ask you something. I started a new relationship around 4 months ago. going into it, my bf knew i am an age regressor and a sub (i keep the 2 separate though). He seemed to like the cgl stuff and said he was interested in dom stuff too! but now come to find out he's a switch. and he tries to be a CG for me but it just doesn't happen right bc of the switch stuff i think. I really need my partner to have that caregiver aspect for me though. do you have any advice?

If he’s a switch, he’s alternating between both roles. He’s therefore capable of being the caregiver you desires and you just has to be willing to accept that he’ll have his submissive side.
Hope this helped 😊

anonymous asked:

this scenario popped in my head while looking for blogs that write ffxv fics, and i found yours! and i hope this doesn't sound weird¿ but i thought of a scenario where ignis accidentally gives his girlfriend food poisoning and she gets really sick for a few days and how he deals with it and how he would take care of her?


Okay, okay okay, oh noes. This is magnificent and terrible thank you for this. It went another direction than I think you were after, but I hope it amuses.

- So this is a whole new meal, cooked in a dinky motel kitchen. The meat is something you’ve never tried before but Ignis seems pretty confident. He’s had dishes using this beast meat before and you trust his capabilities.

- But something goes wrong. The oven fails, or he doesn’t cook it as well as he thought or one of the ingredients is just the wrong side of iffy and he doesn’t realise…

- So after eating the meal and going to sleep, the trouble starts. It starts in the stomach and it feels wrong. Oh no, you think as you sit up. Ignis stirs beside you as you get up and pad to the bathroom. He quietly calls after to you.

- You open your mouth to reply and you feel the bile rising. You manage a squeak and dart into the bedroom. The slamming door wakes Gladio up and he rubs at his eyes as Ignis sits up.

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roseinthewoods  asked:

hi there I was wondering if you recommend a reverse gravity falls fanfic? Something with multiple chapters and preferably finished also i love your blog im really new to reverse gravity falls so i dont understand much of the art im hoping that reading a fic might help

Thanks! That means a lot. Okay, this is gonna be hard because even though there’s a lot of fanart, there’s not a lot of fanfiction, even more so that’s complete. But, I tried my hardest to find some with chapters that were complete. Most of these will either be not complete or one-shots. I’ll update when I find more stories to add.

Batteries and Holy Ghosts by justawanderingghost

– When Gideon Pines’ parents accidentally abandon him in the strange town of Gravity Falls, he falls into the hospitality of an even stranger girl named Pacifica Southeast who sees a summer of opportunity with her new friend. But Gideon really doesn’t want to stay longer than necessary in a town run by a couple of occult-obsessed fourteen-year-old twins. 

3 Chapters- 4,000+ words/In Progress

Ursa Geminids by George J. Valtom

– After the brutal deaths of their parents, the Pines twins cling to each other as they challenge the world. Between Dipper’s cunning and Mabel’s charisma, they’ve come to dominate their foster home and middle school - until one day, their great-uncle shows up and takes them under his wing. Now their world’s gotten a whole lot bigger… 

8 Chapters- 20,000+ words/In Progress (Ao3 version)

Collection of Reverse Dipifica One-Shots and Drabbles by LanxBorealis

– 41 Chapters- 43,000+ words/??

Reflections by AquaBurst07

– Gideon and Pacifica go to Gravity Falls for the summer, thinking it would be an ordinary summer. But when Pacifica finds a strange journal in the middle of the woods, she and Gideon discover many mysteries behind the town along with a whole lot more. 

Dipifica/4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/In Progress

The World We’re From by imuffinator

– The Gleeful Twins are known to be Gravity Fall’s renowned celebrities and occult experts, so when Gideon and Pacifica start unraveling secrets and attracting supernatural attention to themselves, they take notice. In Mabel’s case, in more ways than one. With the return of an old foe and a secret hidden deep within Gravity Falls, how will the four teens fare? 

Mabifica/Dipeon/6 Chapters- 34,000+ words/??

Shimmer by pyrrhical

– They’ve got it all, those pine twins. Except for each other. Aka, the one where evil isn’t hereditary, but dipper manages to find plenty of it anyway. 

Magidbeleon/Mabifica/6 Chapters-10,000+words/ Hiatus

Stranger, Darker by kali_asleep

– Dipifica One-Shots and Drabbles. 

8 Chapters- 12,000+ words/?? 

The Magicians’ Last Act by Quips_Toasters

– Dipper and Mabel Pines are the well known “Mystery Twins” of Gravity Falls, where they hold magic shows every summer at the Tent of Mystery. But when a particular dream demon shows up with the promise of teaching them real magic, their summer takes a turn for the better and worse. 

4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/??

Falling in Reverse by whoisthiswho

– Gideon and his stepsister Pacifica are sent to live with their Grauntie Carla at the Mystery Shack for their summer vacation. But something dark lies in wait for them within the sleepy town of Gravity Falls. 

Mabifica/16 chapters- 19,000+ words/ WARNING: things will get very dark

Meant to Be by kali_alseep

– Collection of Dipifica one-shots. 

4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/ Finished

Welcome to Mystery by mcsexy_biscuits

– “Welcome to the Tent of Telepathy! We are so glad you could make it on such a special night. Today we tell a story of four children, each far more out of their element than any of them had every imagined. We hope you aren’t easily frightened, this is not an easy tale to tell!” 

6 Chapters- 8,000+ words/Mabifica/Billdip/??

Experiment Subject: Will Cipher by fairandfoul

– The Gleeful Twins get a new toy demon who may be hiding something. 

BillDip/5 Chapters- 13,000+ words/??

Mere Parlor Tricks by Blissful_Rouzes

– Gideon Gleeful is sour as ever, rotting away in prison. But what happens when Bill Cipher of all people offer him a deal? What happens when said deal causes two insane people to arrive? Those two insane people are the last people he’d ever expect to see. 

9 Chapters- 18,000+ words/Pinecest/One-sided Magidbeleon/Mabifica/BillDip

Reverse Falls by Carol Molliniere

– Gideon Gleeful and Pacifica Northwest are spending summer with Pacifica’s magician uncle Bill Northwest. Of course, it would be a normal summer if they hadn’t found a journal describing the crazy mysteries of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

25 Chapters- 80,000+ words/In Progress

If anyone has any other stories to suggest, please let us know.


It’s still a little weird seeing Church back in a body again. Although that’s less weird than having the guy hang around in his storage unit, or his head… or talking to him while he’s in someone else’s head. That whole thing just seems like it’s asking for something to get awkward.

Still, Tucker had just finally gotten used to the hologram thing, so when he tries to get Church’s attention by waving a hand through his head, he ends up just smacking him on the forehead. “Uh, my bad, dude. You alright?”