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snapshot » kth ; m

» request: nope

» genre: fluff, smut

» word count: 2.8k+

» author’s note: i really wanted to write and also try something new with my scenario formatting so here we are ?? anyways, let’s have this photo journalist au and cry about it :’) i also tried to include a lot of details and make it more lengthy than usual, so i hope it sounds okay??? nonetheless, i hope you lovelies enjoy~

» warnings: oral (male & female receiving), praise kink (kind of), 

**also, sorry if some of my photography knowledge is inaccurate; i tried to research as much as possible to make it accurate. even if some of the info is wrong, it probably won’t take away from the fic. and i’m sorry that the ending is kind of sucky, i really didn’t know where to go with it :( i hope you all enjoy anyway.

[nsfw under the cut]

You heave a dry sigh as you stare at the out-of-focus, too-bright photos laying in front of you. You gather them all up from your desk and shove them into your bag, embarrassed that you’re the only one falling behind in the photography class. In the front of the class, your professor drones on and on about using your free time on the weekends to practice printing in the dark room. If only you could teach properly, the voice in your head complains, maybe I’d have some decent prints. You zone out into your thoughts as he begins to show off some of his own prints he created, ranting on and on about how easy the techniques are.

You are stirred from your thoughts when someone slides into the seat next to you, nudging your arm. “I saw your prints,” the deep voice contains a twinge of amusement, and you let out a low groan. Taehyung chuckles lowly from beside you, the air around you suddenly increasing in temperature from the warmth radiating from his body. 

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Request: Nerds

Request: can u write an imagine in which crow eaters make nasty comments on you just because juice seems to be interested in you so you two end up making out in his dorm?

Crows always make nasty comments about the reader’s curves in imagines, so I tried to write something different this time. I imagine the reader as a cute, boorkworm, nerd, geek girl and I hope it’s okay and you enjoy the imagine.

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He was back from a run with Chibs and when he hopped off his bike, Juice saw you laughing with Kip at the picnic table. It was a good surprise to see a new face around TM, but then he realized you should be there for Kip, since you two seemed to be very close. Later that day, he learnt you were just his brother’s sister and were there to help Gemma while you were in Charming, spending your vacation with your family. That meant you were off limits for him, but Juice couldn’t help; more time you spent at TM and close to him, more he fell for you. 

“I don’t know what you see in her”, one of the crow eaters said behind him. Juice was on his break, pretending to drink his protein shake while he was actually admiring you from afar.

He glared at the crow over his shoulder and decided to get back to work. What did he see in you? You were lovely, so nice to everybody and a geek like him. Yes, his brothers couldn’t believe such a beautiful girl like you would be a geek, but you were. Juice’s favorite moments were when he talked to you about games or Netflix series you were into. However, you were barely talking to him lately. You were always rushing to do your errands and disappearing after hand your brother his lunch. People noticed your change, but they thought you were just busy studying or something. Juice had a feeling that wasn’t true and he was just waiting for a moment alone to ask you what was really going on.

Weeks later, Juice had his chance. He was walking down the hall, going to grab his laptop at his bedroom when he bumped into you coming out of Kip’s bedroom. 

“Sorry”, Juice said as he held you, keeping you from falling.

“I-It’s okay”, you nervously smiled, putting a strand of hair behind your ear, “Hi Juice”

“Hi Y/N”, he smiled, “I haven’t seen you around lately”

“I-I have been busy you know. I just brought clean clothes to Kip, he’s such a child sometimes, I…”, you suddenly stopped rambling and bit you lip, “I gotta go”

You passed by him, practically running away. “Y/N! Wait!”, Juice grabbed you wrist to make you stop, “I want to talk to you”

“I have to go Juice, I got things to do”, you sighed. Something has been bothering you and he wouldn’t let you go without telling him.

“Please”, he begged, “I thought we were friends, you don’t talk to me anymore”

“Fine”, you whispered after a moment thinking and followed Juice to his bedroom. You let the door slightly open and crossed your arms when Juice turned to you, “What do you wanna talk about?”

“What is going on?”, he blurted, “We miss you around, we haven’t seen you in weeks and when we do, you’re always in a rush”

“I told you, I have been busy”, you shrugged. Juice wasn’t convinced, it was something else.

“That’s a lie”, Juice calmly said. You narrowed your eyes and opened your mouth, ready to snap at him, but after a second you just sighed. “Y/N”, he raised an eyebrow, waiting for your answer.

“Crows”, he barely heard when you spoke again.

“What?”, Juice asked.

“Crows”, you embraced yourself and looked down, “They say I don’t belong here. I don’t have the right looks, clothes, hair… I’m a nerd, I’m never gonna find a boyfriend and…”

“Y/N”, Juice cut off your rambling and got closer, raising your chin so you would look at him, “Hey, don’t listen to them. Crows can be mean sometimes and they’re wrong, you do belong here, everybody likes you and… I think you’re perfect, just the way you are”

“Y-You do?”, your eyes got big and you blushed. Juice thought you’re the most adorable girl he had ever seen.

“Yes”, he smiled, “And crows are jealous. You’re competition”

“Me?”, you frowned. Juice nodded and you shook your head, walking away from him, “No, I’m not. I mean, look at them and… Look at me”

“I am looking”, Juice grabbed your hand again and gently pulled you to him, “I can’t take my eyes off of you Y/N”, he whispered and kissed you. You tugged on his kutte, the kiss got deeper and then Juice lifted you just to fall on the couch with you straddling him. You pulled back, breathless, with your cheeks red and pupils wide. Juice thought you would run but you didn’t move, just stared at him as you breathed deeply. 

“Are you saying you like me?”, you blurted, “Are you saying you want me, the nerd?”

“Yes”, Juice said and to prove his point he pulled you to another kiss. You melted in his arms and couldn’t help but whimper when he moved his lips to your neck.

“I like you too Juice”, you whispered. Juice looked up at you and smiled, hugging you tighter. “I can’t believe you looked at me, from all girls, all the beautiful girls around you”

“I told you Y/N”, Juice grunted, “You’re beautiful”. He suddenly laid you on the couch and hovered over you, looking into your eyes, “Now could you please stop saying things like that? I’m trying to make out with my girl here”. You pressed your lips together and nodded, making Juice smile, “Good”, he grinning and kissed you again, proving you were his girl, the only one he wanted.

Something Special

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Request: (by @chigonaconchaHey! Can I request a Winn Schott one shot where Winn wants to ask out reader but doesn’t know how and finds out she’s never been asked out on a date?? Also if u could tag me in it that would be awesome thank uuuu

Pairing: Winn x Reader, feat. Alex, James, and Kara

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2155

A/N: This hits way too close to home…

Winn sat at his computer at the DEO, fidgeting with a toy that he kept on his desk. He stared off into space as he contemplated asking you out. It wasn’t so much whether to ask you out or not, but rather how to ask you out. He always got nervous talking to beautiful women, but with you, it was worse. You were really special to him and therefore needed to be asked out in a special way. He couldn’t just ask you.

“Earth to Winn!” Alex waved a hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh hey, Alex.” He shook his head. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you trace this for me?” She handed him a piece of paper with something written on it.

“Sure can!” He took it from her and started running a trace on his computer.

“So, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally zoning out a minute ago.”

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SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 11- CEO x Assistant
: Chemical Reaction
Summary: AU- Sasuke is left alone to solve a formula for a new medicine, and is surprised when he finds out that he’s got some company.
A/N: Okay, I think this will be the last fic I’ll write for the SS Fest. There are still 3 themes to go, but there’s also the SS Month coming up, and since you guys don’t seem to be enjoying this very much, then I think I’ll start the preparations so I don’t take too long to finish like last year. Anyway, I tried to make something more realistic and light, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please, tel me what you think, and have fun!
The numbers weren’t matching. He had tried every single math operation he knew, tried to balance the results and solve the equations, yet nothing seemed to work out. The light coming from that computer’s screen was starting to irritate his dark, tired eyes, and as he rested his hand over his mouth, the young businessman was starting to lose faith in himself.

It was already long past the time to go home, but Uchiha Sasuke decided not to leave his office until all the work was done. Necktie already forgotten, two buttons loosened and coat already hanging somewhere in his office, Sasuke struggled trying to finish his job before being allowed a good rest. As requested by his older brother, he needed to verify the formulas of a new medicine their company was developing, and even if he’d normally solve these kind of problems in a blink of an eye, that formula was just getting the best of him.

His head hurt like hell, the bags under his eyes were growing deeper and his breathing alternated from deep inhales to moments of pure relaxation. Sasuke had already lost count of the amount of coffee he had already drunk, and at that moment, as he stared at his empty mug, he knew he could not go on without that hot supply.

“ Screw this.” He scoffed, as he forcefully pushed himself up from his chair, ready to refill his mug. At that moment, he couldn’t care less if he had already had too much. He needed more coffee. He also needed to sleep, but work seemed to be more important than that.

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Ikinuite Ikou

Okay, so I tried that challenge where you have to write something based on the first song that comes on when you shuffle your playlist. I got…

“Sparkle” by RADWIMPS from ‘Kimi no na Wa’/’Your Name’.

The title is derived from the last line in the song, to “keep living".

This was a little difficult to accomplish, let me be honest with you all. But I hope you enjoy this little drabble I have to offer today.

I tried two new tings today as well: Explaining a Story with GIFs and “I Open With The Close”. Simply put, the first line I write is the last line I write.

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Ikinuite Ikou

You opened your eyes to the bright world around you, the sunlight dancing across your face as you let out a soft sigh.

Your dreams never changed since that day.

You felt a familiar pang in your heart at the thought. You knew it was all too good to be true.

Your eyes fluttered shut as a slow and deep breath escaped your lips. You fought to clamp down the sudden wave of emotion that threatened to consume you.

None of it had been real. He’s gone for good. You reminded yourself bitterly. There are things in life you can’t control, no matter how hard you try to. He taught you that, in the most painful way imaginable.

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Holding on would not change the past at all.

It’s all a lie…None of this is real. You thought sadly. It felt so much like home…so safe and familiar. But it’s just an illusion. Perfect. Beautiful.

You took a final glance at the stunning view before you, savoring the feel of the soft green blanket beneath your feet.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Time for me to leave. You knew exactly what you had to do.

You felt like you were in a trance - one which you longed to be in forever. Time seemed to come to a halt - or maybe it had sped up…It was difficult to say. Did the world around you shift and change, or did you?

For a sweet and fleeting moment, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Astrals, how I’ve missed this.

Your lips curled into a small smile as the familiar taste danced around on your tongue, your fingers relishing in the feeling of smooth and perfect porcelain against your skin.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

It was all a blur then.

Something familiar, yet strange washed over you…Something from a memory from long ago, maybe even a dream. You thought it had been lost to you forever.

But there he was, right before your very eyes.

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You thought it had been lost to you forever. Something from a memory from long ago…Something familiar, yet strange washed over you.

It was all a blur then.

Your fingers relished in the feeling of smooth and perfect porcelain against your skin. Your lips curled into a small smile as the familiar taste danced around your tongue.

Astrals, how I’ve missed this.

Originally posted by baci-interrotti-per-sorridersi

For a sweet and fleeting moment, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Did the world around you shift and change, or did you? It was difficult to say. Time seemed to come to a halt - or maybe it had sped up. You felt like you were in a trance - one which you longed to be in forever.

Originally posted by travelposts

You knew exactly what you had to do. Time for me to leave.

You took a final glance at the stunning view before you, savoring the feel of the soft green blanket beneath your feet.

Perfect. Beautiful.

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But it’s just an illusion.

So safe and familiar…It had felt so much like home. You thought sadly. None of this is real. It’s all a lie.

Holding on would not change the past at all. He taught you that, in the most painful way imaginable.

There are things in life you can’t control, no matter how hard you try to. You reminded yourself bitterly. He’s gone for good. None of it had been real.

You fought to clamp down the sudden wave of emotion that threatened to consume you. Your eyes fluttered shut as a slow and deep breath escaped your lips.

You knew it was all too good to be true. You felt a familiar pang in your heart at the thought.

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Your dreams never changed since that day.

You let out a soft sigh as the sunlight danced across your face.

You opened your eyes to the bright world around you.

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I’m here - Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, (Y/N), Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Character’s death (mentioned), sadness, fluff (?), tell me if there’s more

Reader gender: Neutral

Summary: (Y/N) lost her grandfather and is really sad about it. One night, Dean helps the reader and tries to comfort them.

A/N: This is based on recent activities in my family. My grandfather died last weekend and I am broken about it so I wrote this to lift the heavy weight off a my chest a bit. Also, this is my very first published fanfiction, so I hope it’s okay. As you noticed, I gave up on request though I do hope this is okay too, maybe I’ll do requests later.

GIF isn’t mine

Originally posted by spn-spam

It had happened before. It wasn’t something new and yet it hurt the same. Your grandfather had died today while you were on a hunt. Not that he was a hunter, he didn’t even die because of something supernatural. No, he had an accident which led to various things and his death. It hurt. When it was day, you wouldn’t show it you wanted to stay strong for your family. But whenever it was time to go to bed? You broke down. You has so many things you hadn’t done with your grandfather. So many things you wanted to say. Wanted to hear him say. But it was too late and you knew that.

Tonight was that night. A night where everything you should’ve done was being screamed at you by… well… yourself. Tears were streaming down your face as you looked up at the ceiling and whispered, “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, grandfather.” Silent sobs escaped your throat while you spoke. There were various cracks in your voice, “Please… If only you could give me one more day… Grandfather, please…. I want to hear your jokes, your stories… Please…” And no matter how ridiculous it may have looked, you kept going. You needed your grandfather to hear you, to understand from wherever he was,that you love him and that you’ll miss him.

That’s how Dean found you. Alone and broken on your bed with closed eyes up to the ceiling, whispering in yourself towards your dead grandfather. It broke his heart to see you like that. The tears that ran down your face made it worse. The sobs you tried to hold back, so that nobody else would hear them, made him almost shed a tear himself. Dean recovered from his state of pity and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your shaking body. He didn’t say anything, he simply held you and pressed his lips to the top of your head softly. You didn’t care anymore. You let yourself break down and cry into his shoulder. At one point he began to hum something. A familiar tune to both you and him: Hey Jude.

You didn’t know when, you didn’t know how but you had fallen asleep in Dean’s arms around your waist, holding you close. Dean also had fallen asleep after he whispered soft words in your ear:

I’m here, I love you.”

And that’s how Sam found both of you. Sound asleep in one another’s arms in your bed.

Stressed Out - Jack Maynard Imagine

Request (by @monavanderwaxl ) : not sure if you do personals but could you potentially do an imagine with Jack or Joe where I’m a mental health nurse (or student nurse as I currently am) and stressed with shifts and additional work etc. my names Becki if you wanna do personal but if not i don’t mind just something fluffy or whatever you think is best !! thank you ❤❤

A/N: Since it has been a while I’ve written a Jack imagine, I’ve decided to make this about him. I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!


“Becki, there’s a new patient coming in next week and you’ll be looking after him. I want you to read through his history and stuff over the weekend, so that you know what to expect, okay?”

“Yeah, of course.” You tried your best to crack a soft smile as your boss handed you a file the size of a university syllabus. You let out a deep sigh as you walked out the door. Thankfully you had the weekend off.

The ride to your apartment seemed to last forever, with traffic jams making you even more stressed as you already where. People behind you were beeping their horn, making you clench your hands around the steering wheel. It was making you angry and the thought of having to read that enormous file over the weekend wasn’t exactly helping. After working three night shifts in a row, you were exhausted and all you wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep.

Two hours later than expected you closed the door of your apartment behind you and dropped the file on your kitchen counter. You grabbed yourself a cup of coffee and sat down sighing.

“Hey, you’re late. What took you so long?” Your boyfriend Jack greeted you with a smile.

“Traffic.” You replied whispering, barely audible.

“You alright? You seem a bit sad.” For weeks you had managed to hide the stress work gave you, as you had promised yourself you would never take work home. Your boyfriend noticing that you weren’t feeling well was the last drop that made the cup run over.

“No, I’m not.” You said with the tears floating over your cheeks. “All these shifts and extra patients coming in are giving me so much stress that I don’t know what to do anymore. I have to read this huge file over the weekend and I don’t even know if I’ll manage to do it or not, and I feel so stupid for crying over it.” You buried your face in your hands as you tried to swallow more tears.

“Awh, baby, come here.” Jack whispered as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped you, or at least tried to. You know that I have huge respect for what you do and I love to hear all about it. Even when it’s not all roses. I don’t like seeing you upset.”

“I just didn’t want to bother you, you also have your own stuff to take care off.”

“Becks, there is not a moment in time that you cannot bother me. You’re the most important person in my life and all I want is for you to be happy. Even if that means you wake me up at three in the morning, because you need me. I’ll always be there for you.” He kissed you softly on your forehead. You looked him in the eye and saw nothing but love.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“Don’t be. Here’s the deal: you are going to get changed right now, while I make you a nice cup of tea. Then, you’re going to let me pamper you for the rest of the day.”

“But the file…”

“No ‘but’. You still have tomorrow and Sunday to read it. You need to relax and I’m going to make sure you do.”

You smiled and pecked your boyfriend on the lips. You quickly changed into a comfy playsuit before going back to the living room, where Jack was welcoming you with a cup of tea. In the meantime he had closed the curtains and lit some candles, making your otherwise pretty basic apartment look like a romantic paradise.

“Welcome Miss, to Maynard Massages. Today we have for you a massage by our star masseur, Jack, followed by a home cooked meal, accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Afterwards we take you to our home cinema to watch one of those movies boyfriends usually don’t watch, but luckily for you, masseur Jack is all up for it. Take a seat.” You chuckled listening to his little speech.

As he started massaging your shoulders, you felt your whole body relax. For the first time in weeks you were feeling better again. You were finally able to take your mind of work and everything to do with it.

“How’s that feeling?”

“So much better. Thank you, Jack. You’re the best.” You said with a smile.

“Everything for my girl.” He whispered before kissing you on the lips and picking up right where he left off.


A/N: Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa finally a new imagine online! I really hope you liked it. Please do tell me if you don’t, I’ll write you a new one then. I’m sorry it took me so long to write this one, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. Luckily I’m doing better now and I’m back to writing again. I do hope you liked it.

That being said: my requests are still open, so anyone feel free to send in one and I’ll write you an imagine as well :)

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anonymous asked:

Omg new blog! Best of luck, you beautiful you! <3 can i request an aizawa scenario? Him and his s/o (female, if it's okay, otherwise you can leave neutral, i couldn't find your rules on mobile) where she pops as a surprise in the ua dorms (which is not okay, i think) and when she tries to delay her leave he finds she's only there bc she learned there's a storm coming and she's phobic/afraid of thunders, so wanted his company to keep her calm? Something like that xD hope it makes sense

You can request whatever gender you want! Just if you don’t mention it, I’ll make it as gender neutral as possible. I also don’t know if visits are allowed or not myself if that’s not ok but… we can pretend right? (o v o)/

Word Count: 957

“What are you doing here?!” Aizawa hissed at his girlfriend, but now it just seemed logical it had been her. The knock at his door was too soft to be a teacher’s—they were all excessively loud and confident to his liking; it was also a bad call for a student to snitch on someone else after curfew. Still, she knew civilians were not allowed onto the campus unless they were given special permission or accompanied by someone else. “Better yet, how did you even get in?!”

“I brought you some food, that’s all!” She lifted the paper bag she was carrying, “I thought you’d be proud I was smart enough to figure out from your texts that you didn’t have enough time to prepare food for yourself when you don’t even have time to sleep.”

His lips grew into a thin line as he took the bag off her. “… Good assumption, alright? You’ve delivered your food, now, so you should go.” He was about to close the door on her face when she shoved her foot into the crack at the last minute.

“I packed two dinners!” Her voice burst out of her, a little more loudly than Aizawa would have enjoyed at that moment.

He sighed and opened the door to her relief. “Get in.” His eyes darted down both ends of the hall as his girlfriend slipped in before he changed his mind. It wasn’t often that he was that flexible; it must’ve been the fact that he hadn’t been able to spend time with her for the entire week. She understood that of course, but it hadn’t been for the weather forecast she heard today in the morning, she wouldn’t have been there bothering him.

The small room she stepped into appeared more as a prison than a home; there was only a bed, a desk, a bedside table, a couple of appliances lying on a counter near a sink, nothing completely eye catching except the massive stack of papers lying on the table in neat piles. The disheveled man lost no time in unpacking the food from the paper bag: two sandwiches wrapped in craft paper and two bottles of water. He smirked and walked handed her her half of the meal, and settled down beside her on the bed. How she had been scolded by her supervisor for drinking too much coffee, how she had found some money on the street and treated herself, how she had made friends with the neighborhood cat—just simple things—were a much needed welcome for the raven-haired man. Honestly, her presence that night had been a blessing since he was about to rip his hair out from reading twenty essays all written on the same prompt. He also shared a bit of his life with her: how his students were fairing and growing, how they had either passed or failed their test, how he was now doomed to grade papers. Both of them skirted talking about the incidents concerning the Villain Alliance, though. Soon, though, both their sandwiches were finished and the man stood up from the bed. “I’ll see you out, now.”

“W-wait!” She burst out as her eyes darted around the room. “I have to… I also came to make sure your place was clean. If you live… in a pigsty, then you.. will get sick and not do your job properly—yes, that’s right! A clean room, a clean mind they also say!”

“Who’s they?” Aizawa frowned as he opened the door.

“Doesn’t matter, but umm…” She walked over to an already organized desk and just awkwardly straightened out the papers into neater stacks.

“[Name] you really have to go now. You know you can’t be here without clearance.”

“I know but nobody else has to know I’m here.”

“You’re breaking the rules.” Give it to a pro hero to always be thinking of the rules. She turned and took in his tired face—dark, knit eyebrows and dark under eye circles. Maybe she should really leave him alone; it wasn’t the first storm she had faced alone, and it wouldn’t be the last. All resolution broke down when she heard the first rain drops pelt onto the window.

“… Can’t now! I didn’t bring an umbrella!” She lifted her hands in defeat and laughed nervously.


“C’mon, that’s just cruel. Sending your girlfriend into the rain….” Her words trailed off as he shoved an umbrella into her face. The flash of light illuminated the room and she gripped the umbrella tightly and lowered her head, bracing for the sound. She wasn’t ready, though. When the thunder hit, she felt her knees buckle under her and cried out as she fell to the ground.

“[Name]!” He slammed the door shut and rushed to her. The two hands on her shoulders served little to comfort her as she kept her face covered with her arms. “Don’t tell me… You should’ve texted me there was a storm coming.” His words were gentle, but still stern.

“Busy…” was what she muttered as she felt her chest tighten and her heart trying to burst out of her chest. Flash. Boom. Tears started streaming down her face. Aizawa gently pulled her into his lap as he settled down against a wall.

“I’m never too busy for you.” He mentioned as he stroked her hair. “I love you, [Name], and you know that.” She blubbered something out, probably an ‘I love you too’ or an apology but it was just unintelligible. He held her even tighter in his arms, “shush now. I want you to spend the night with me, dear.”

You were the only reason such a strict pro hero would ever break the rules.


You take your pleasures where you can, when life is good. To expect anything more would be reckless.

Something kind of different for my favorite elf husband! As a side note, if you’ve never read Zevran’s wiki, please do so only if you’re okay with crying about a fictional elf 

marriedtoyoongi  asked:

A headcanon I've always had in my head is one where jikook is at this cafe (they don't know each other) and jimin goes up to Jungkook with this pick up line. Like hey something is wrong with my phone it doesn't have your number in it and jungkook is unimpressed and then thays the story. Jimin saying pick up lines to and unimpressed Jungkook and then u do u lol

“Just like with the last ask, this has been in my inbox forever and i’m so sorry. i tried to write a fic on this but i’ve had such major writers block. so i hope headcanons is okay?

~jungkook was minding his own business, he had just entered this new coffee shop he had never been too and was planning on using it for the free wifi, since his wifi had been down for three days straight and he had a project due in like two days. 

~he had ordered his normal coffee and a pastry and sat at an open table by a window in the corner of the shop. he pulled out his laptop and got to work. 

~it was a few hours later, maybe 2 when a guy randomly sat in front of him. jungkook raised his eyebrows, and took his headphones out of his ears. “yes?”

~ “hey. i just noticed something is wrong with my phone.” the guys said and jungkook is confused because, like what? 

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asdfhlsdafhaskjfads. *incoherent noises

Someone teach me the way of clothing. Lmao. I’m going to practice drawing clothing. I think that will help for understanding 3d clothing too. Does this even look realistic. I doubt so, but you know, I still feel proud :3 BUT THE FRONT LOOKS SO FLAT AND THE BACK IS CHAOTIC TRY OF TRASH .. I can’t orz. I can’t get used to it lols. It seems two completely different pieces lmao.. Oh well ;P

I was looking at the polycount and guess how much it is :DDDD? No peekings, first guess lolol.

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Consequences - Jaal/FemPathfinder

So I’m a firm believer that after Voeld, dear Pathfinder would get sick. That bitter cold, going in and out of a warm vehicle, and the sweating in the suit…just a recipe for illness. Jaal who is excited to see someone finally take action for his people, even despite the decision Ryder made with the Kett base, would like to chat more about the future, but upon arrival to Ryder’s room…

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“Ryder, it’s Jaal. May I come in?” The Angaran tried to wipe the excitement off his face. He envied his new companions on their ability to hide their emotions so easily.

“Ryder?” He frowned when he didn’t hear anything after a moment.

“Sorry…I was…” He heard the intercom on the door, “Never mind…is there something you need, Jaal?”

He squinted at the intercom. It wasn’t like you to speak through the door, “I…was hoping we could talk.”

“Now…isn’t…” The intercom cut out when a bout of coughing started. It came back on your voice sounding tired and heavy, “It isn’t a good…time maybe later?”

“Is everything okay, Ryder?” Jaal asked putting a hand on the door.

“Fine…I’m fine. I just need some sleep. I’ll talk to you later Jaal.” The intercom clicked off leaving Jaal staring at the door with concern. Such a strange change in behavior.

He turned walking toward the cargo bay before turning sharply into the infirmary. Lexi would know, she was the people person after, “Lexi?”

“Jaal?” She looked up surprised from her datapad, “Is something the matter?”

“No…well…no not with me. I have concerns about our Pathfinder.” He started to explain, “I’m hoping for your incite.”

“I will try my best.” She stood up crossing her arms looking up at him.

“I was just going to speak with her and she turned me away.” Jaal shifted toward the door, “Which is unlike her…she’s never turned anyone away from her door.”

“No…” Lexi shook her head, “She is one for the open door policy. Did something happen between the two of you?”

“I…” Jaal trailed off a little, “I did express…some displeasure with her decision about the base…”

“Ah…” Lexi nodded, “She’s been having trouble dealing with that.”

“Has she?” Jaal looked at her his eyes lighting up surprised.

“Well of course.” Lexi smiled sadly before sighing, “I shouldn’t be telling you this…but…I’ve noticed the closeness you two have shared so I will be wording this the best way I can. She…has lost a lot. Her mother before she left…her father when she arrived…and her only family is in a coma.”

Jaal listened as she went on, “As soon as she got here she has been taking life, when she was supposed to help establish it. She wasn’t meant for any of this…she wasn’t prepared for the decisions she’d have to make for a galaxy that doesn’t even accept us yet.”

“I didn’t do this easily, Jaal! I had to make a choice not just for my people, but for everyone…every life in Heleus! Leaving the base up would just fill it again. I won’t let that happen to your people anymore…Exaltation ends here.”

Your words rang in his ears. He knew you were thinking about everyone…just the loss of thousands stung his heart deeply, “I forget that…She always seems so strong, so sure of everything.”

“She’s not sure of anything.” Lexi told him, “I’d give her some space. It might do you both some good for the moment. Let you both heal.”

“I will take your advice.” Jaal nodded and stood there still.

“Is there something else?” Lexi tilted her head a little.

Jaal shifted uneasily, “I’m not sure…what the protocol is about…illness…Angaran deal with it personally…”

“You think Ryder is sick?” Lexi perked up with concern.

“I believe so.” Jaal frowned, “She was coughing, and her voice was heavy…full…”

“Gravel like?” Lexi walked over for her scanner and omni-gel.

“That would accurate.” Jaal nodded again following her out.

“Sam!” Lexi bee lined it for the Pathfinder’s quarters Jaal close on her heels as the doors opened. Lexi let out a huff of frustration when she saw you laying in bed hugging your pillow tightly, cheeks rosey red with fever, “Ryder…”

Jaal took a few steps in looking at you. You were covered in sweat, yet you were shivering. It explained how you had your blanket draped over one side of you while your other half stuck trying to regulate your body temperature. You looked absolutely miserable.

“Hey…doc…” You said before your body rocked with a coughing fit.

“You should have called me.” Lexi reprimanded you.

“I was just…about to…” You sniffed as Lexi took your temperature. You glanced over at Jaal, “You shouldn’t…be here…”

“I was concerned…” He said quietly.

“100…” Lexi frowned, “We need to cool you down. Jaal…will help me or get someone to help get her into a cold shower.”

Jaal hadn’t taken his eyes off of you as he nodded. He stepped over reaching down scooping you up as Lexi gathered up a change of clothes.

“You’ll get sick…” You frowned looking up at him as he walked out.

He looked down to you before taking in a deep breath, “Sometimes we have to make a choice…and we have to live with what comes after. Small or big…I’m not going to let you do this alone.”

You teared up and started coughing again as he set you down on the shower bench. He stepped out when Lexi came up behind him. He stood out in the hall as she got you settled.

She came out hand him some disinfectant spray. He sprayed himself down, “She’ll be fine…she will need some rest. I suppose it’s a good thing we’re returning to Aya. Maybe the warm air will help.”

“I suppose it will.” He nodded a little.

“Maybe some company there will too.” Lexi took the spray from him turning for the bathroom, “Please let me know if you experience anything out of the ordinary. I’ll do my best to keep you and the Moshea healthy.”

“Lexi…” She paused looking back at him, “Thank you, for trusting me with your Pathfinder.”

She smiled at him, “Just promise me that you’ll take care of her…just like you did now.”

He nodded as the door shut. The past couple months had be extremely educational. Not just about another species, but himself. He’d found feelings he thought he’d lost. Nothing had prepared him for this…nothing had prepared him for you.

But if there was one thing he did learn right away from humanity…life was too short to worry about ifs, ands, and buts. He would have to jump…he’d hoped you’d jump with him…no matter what the consequence. 

roseinthewoods  asked:

hi there I was wondering if you recommend a reverse gravity falls fanfic? Something with multiple chapters and preferably finished also i love your blog im really new to reverse gravity falls so i dont understand much of the art im hoping that reading a fic might help

Thanks! That means a lot. Okay, this is gonna be hard because even though there’s a lot of fanart, there’s not a lot of fanfiction, even more so that’s complete. But, I tried my hardest to find some with chapters that were complete. Most of these will either be not complete or one-shots. I’ll update when I find more stories to add.

Batteries and Holy Ghosts by justawanderingghost

– When Gideon Pines’ parents accidentally abandon him in the strange town of Gravity Falls, he falls into the hospitality of an even stranger girl named Pacifica Southeast who sees a summer of opportunity with her new friend. But Gideon really doesn’t want to stay longer than necessary in a town run by a couple of occult-obsessed fourteen-year-old twins. 

3 Chapters- 4,000+ words/In Progress

Ursa Geminids by George J. Valtom

– After the brutal deaths of their parents, the Pines twins cling to each other as they challenge the world. Between Dipper’s cunning and Mabel’s charisma, they’ve come to dominate their foster home and middle school - until one day, their great-uncle shows up and takes them under his wing. Now their world’s gotten a whole lot bigger… 

8 Chapters- 20,000+ words/In Progress (Ao3 version)

Collection of Reverse Dipifica One-Shots and Drabbles by LanxBorealis

– 41 Chapters- 43,000+ words/??

Reflections by AquaBurst07

– Gideon and Pacifica go to Gravity Falls for the summer, thinking it would be an ordinary summer. But when Pacifica finds a strange journal in the middle of the woods, she and Gideon discover many mysteries behind the town along with a whole lot more. 

Dipifica/4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/In Progress

The World We’re From by imuffinator

– The Gleeful Twins are known to be Gravity Fall’s renowned celebrities and occult experts, so when Gideon and Pacifica start unraveling secrets and attracting supernatural attention to themselves, they take notice. In Mabel’s case, in more ways than one. With the return of an old foe and a secret hidden deep within Gravity Falls, how will the four teens fare? 

Mabifica/Dipeon/6 Chapters- 34,000+ words/??

Shimmer by pyrrhical

– They’ve got it all, those pine twins. Except for each other. Aka, the one where evil isn’t hereditary, but dipper manages to find plenty of it anyway. 

Magidbeleon/Mabifica/6 Chapters-10,000+words/ Hiatus

Stranger, Darker by kali_asleep

– Dipifica One-Shots and Drabbles. 

8 Chapters- 12,000+ words/?? 

The Magicians’ Last Act by Quips_Toasters

– Dipper and Mabel Pines are the well known “Mystery Twins” of Gravity Falls, where they hold magic shows every summer at the Tent of Mystery. But when a particular dream demon shows up with the promise of teaching them real magic, their summer takes a turn for the better and worse. 

4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/??

Falling in Reverse by whoisthiswho

– Gideon and his stepsister Pacifica are sent to live with their Grauntie Carla at the Mystery Shack for their summer vacation. But something dark lies in wait for them within the sleepy town of Gravity Falls. 

Mabifica/16 chapters- 19,000+ words/ WARNING: things will get very dark

Meant to Be by kali_alseep

– Collection of Dipifica one-shots. 

4 Chapters- 12,000+ words/ Finished

Welcome to Mystery by mcsexy_biscuits

– “Welcome to the Tent of Telepathy! We are so glad you could make it on such a special night. Today we tell a story of four children, each far more out of their element than any of them had every imagined. We hope you aren’t easily frightened, this is not an easy tale to tell!” 

6 Chapters- 8,000+ words/Mabifica/Billdip/??

Experiment Subject: Will Cipher by fairandfoul

– The Gleeful Twins get a new toy demon who may be hiding something. 

BillDip/5 Chapters- 13,000+ words/??

Mere Parlor Tricks by Blissful_Rouzes

– Gideon Gleeful is sour as ever, rotting away in prison. But what happens when Bill Cipher of all people offer him a deal? What happens when said deal causes two insane people to arrive? Those two insane people are the last people he’d ever expect to see. 

9 Chapters- 18,000+ words/Pinecest/One-sided Magidbeleon/Mabifica/BillDip

Reverse Falls by Carol Molliniere

– Gideon Gleeful and Pacifica Northwest are spending summer with Pacifica’s magician uncle Bill Northwest. Of course, it would be a normal summer if they hadn’t found a journal describing the crazy mysteries of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

25 Chapters- 80,000+ words/In Progress

If anyone has any other stories to suggest, please let us know.

anonymous asked:

Where did you hear that sjm didn't plan on Helion being luciens dad?

Okay so I listened to an interview with her on the podcast ‘88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang’. First off, I’d 100% recommend giving it a listen, it really made me like Sarah J Maas, which wasn’t something I expected. It was cute, made me giggle, and gave me a warm fuzzy kinda hopeful feeling. 

However, when she discussed ACOWAR, she mentioned that while writing she learned something new about an existing character she hadn’t expected, and when she’d later looked at their name, she suddenly realized it fit! I obviously tried to work out what that was BEFORE the book was released, and went into deep research mode extensively for everyone’s name. 

Post ACOWAR, the only character this fits for is Lucien. I also think it may have been mentioned in some of her book promotion stuff after ACOWAR was out but that was while I was watching youtube recordings of her at 3am so I MAY have been hallucinating. But anyway, yup. PODCASTS GUYS. They’re awesome, and FILLED WITH SECRETS.  

(p.s. I am very sad Morrigan’s name didn’t turn out to mean ‘lady banger’ or something)