i tried something new hey

He will never be satisfied, I will never be satisfied…

here’s mila ;3; ik she + the lighting looks horrid but hey i tried something new and i sorta like it.

anyways, sorry if that took longer than i expected. last friday our teachers dumped 3 long tests on us.

anyways hope u like this !!♡

edit: i just noticed that unerased part on her hair, srry abt that i was tired.

You can always tell from the eyes.

squishymeme  asked:

hello !! i don't know if this has been done before, but can i get some fluffy, baker aus? like one where the two work at a bakery together? ah, i'm sorry to be a bother !!

No they haven’t been done before! :) And you’re not a bother, promise!! :D

  • cue cliche throwing flour at each other and end up coating the entire kitchen and needing a LOT more flour afterwards (preferably getting busted by the boss)
  • “hey i tried something new, wanna taste it?” “oh god this is disgusting!” (or trying to hide how bad it tastes because they’re so happy you’re trying it)
  • “hey i tried something new wanna taste it?” “wow! this is amazing! you should see if we can sell this!”
  • that rude customer made you cry? hey don’t worry here have a cookie and we’ll take our break okay?
  • remind me again why you were hired? you burn EVERYTHING
  • i totally caught you sticking a spoon into the vat of frosting. well i won’t tell if i can have a taste
  • you are the most talented decorator i’ve ever seen, and sometimes i get distracted watching you get lost in your own little world while decorating
  • we got into an argument and bet we couldn’t do each other’s jobs and oh shit you’re really good at my job stop it/ surprise surprise i’m great at this what now
  • i hate sweets remind me again why i’m working here 

I hope these were what you’re thinking of! :)


Modern Day Phantom: Final  Lair Meg

Seeing that post about what would have happened if Meg had gone down to the lair too reminded me that I still had the lineart for this thing lying around so I figured I might as well get around to coloring it.

At first it started out with me trying to practice drawing poses that were very different from my normal stuff to try and get better at it, but then it dawned on me that I could also kill two birds with one stone and try to inject some variety into my Modern Day Phantom illustrations rather than just taking this and coloring it. It’s pretty rough, but hey I tried something new. 

But most importantly, badass Meg is my favorite Meg. :P

For the mini-phic: The Post Don Juan Panic (and the thrilling prologue Pointe Shoes and Box Cutters)

Also more Modern Day Phantom here.


Ok. So on this play through of DAI I romanced Blackwall. I got all the way to the ball and his confession. I did his trial and God he’s way to wordy and so over the top. That I actually restarted the game. My husband laughed hysterically and said “babe you have a type and it’s Not Blackwall.” But hey I tried something new now it’s back to Cullen.

Hey Jude

Characters: Dean x Reader聽

Words: 1,207

Request: Can you do an imagine base off of the song 鈥渉ey jude鈥 by the beatles? thanks love you :)

Warnings: slight angst.

A/N: Hey Jude - by The Beatles. So I tried something new and wrote this from Dean鈥檚 POV. Tell me if you guys like it, and if you do maybe I鈥檒l do more like this in the future :)聽

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Dean hunched over his coffee cup on the library鈥檚聽enormous聽table. His brain kept replaying his failed hunt over and over again, as if it was on a loop that never ended.聽

Y/n wasn鈥檛 supposed to tag along, he planned it so it would just be him and Sam. Dean should鈥檝e know something was up when she just let them leave.They were hunting a ghoul, and Dean had wanted Y/n to stay behind just in case she got hurt. She always protested when he wouldn鈥檛 let her go on hunts, so it should have raised some flags when she didn鈥檛 complain.聽

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