i tried something new hey

You can always tell from the eyes.

Hey Jude

Characters: Dean x Reader 

Words: 1,207

Request: Can you do an imagine base off of the song “hey jude” by the beatles? thanks love you :)

Warnings: slight angst.

A/N: Hey Jude - by The Beatles. So I tried something new and wrote this from Dean’s POV. Tell me if you guys like it, and if you do maybe I’ll do more like this in the future :) 

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Dean hunched over his coffee cup on the library’s enormous table. His brain kept replaying his failed hunt over and over again, as if it was on a loop that never ended. 

Y/n wasn’t supposed to tag along, he planned it so it would just be him and Sam. Dean should’ve know something was up when she just let them leave.They were hunting a ghoul, and Dean had wanted Y/n to stay behind just in case she got hurt. She always protested when he wouldn’t let her go on hunts, so it should have raised some flags when she didn’t complain. 

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Ok. So on this play through of DAI I romanced Blackwall. I got all the way to the ball and his confession. I did his trial and God he’s way to wordy and so over the top. That I actually restarted the game. My husband laughed hysterically and said “babe you have a type and it’s Not Blackwall.” But hey I tried something new now it’s back to Cullen.