i tried something new and wow

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 

I finally made a new recipe!! Wow it has been forever but this was tried by many people and all said it was delicious! So here are my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies! PS no oven needed! This recipe made 8 small cookies.

🔺1/3 cup oats
🔺1 scoop protein powder (vanilla is best)
🔺2/3 cup pumpkin
🔺1 tsp cinnamon
🔺1 tsp maple syrup or agave
🔺some mini chocolate chips!

Mix all ingredients together and roll into balls or just drop them onto a paper plate or something microwaveable. Microwave for 45 seconds, open the door, close it again and give it another ~45 seconds! ENJOYYY

What’s not shown, my valentine’s favorite dessert (oatmeal raisin cookies) with another pun. The full ‘poem’ is:

I hope your Valentine’s day isn’t too SOUR. There wouldn’t be a RAISIN for it. I would’ve gotten you a rose, but I thought that it wasn’t SWEET enough. But enjoy my hand written note, and let me make you happy

(Btdubs, my phone has a terrible camera which explains the bad quality)


That’s the kind of fella I am. I make my mind up about something and then I do it.


I had an important test one week, and I was really stressed. I needed to watch something to relax and everything I tried failed to catch my attention. Then, I remembered of a poster of a new YGO series that looked cool I had seen last year, and I thought, why not try it? Arc V hooked me from ep one, because it was everything I needed then, funny, had an interesting protag that I loved from first ep, and even if it was focused on a game I understood nothing of, I kinda learned bits of it alongside these eps. I liked basically all eps then, even the Eita ones, because it even helped me to answer a question at class(the one bit with if what happens when ice in a cup melts, I was one of the few to get it right on my physics class, and during the ep I answered it wrong like Yuya xD). I didn’t study a day that week, and, weirdly, my test grades that week were the best I had that year, I even got to top 10 students of school by grade. Sadly I caught up on it the day after the test. It was during the beginning of Synchro arc, and waiting every week is really special, even if I prefer to binge-watch it. I even started collecting the cards, since I really liked collecting pokémon ones. When arc v ends, I’ll watch the other YGO series, since I watched only DM and GX when I was really young and remember nothing from them. But I feel arc v will be my fave YGO series by the memories I have of it, how I learned of the game, started to get interested on it’s characters, and all.

Get to know me tag!

Get to know me tag!

Tagged by @sho-ho-hownu (thank you so much, and you have a really great taste in music omg!!!)

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Kris

Gender: Female, technically??? But, I mean. It changes with the days. I identify as gender fluid and I use they/them pronouns. 

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 4′11 (i’m SO short)

Time right now: 11:13 PM

Last thing I googled: “how to remove water from ear” yo so i’ve been deaf for about a week now, and i’ve tried literally EVERYTHING in the book to get this water out of my ears. pray for me or something

Favorite Bands: Wow, um sooooo SHINee, obviously. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Dance Gavin Dance, UP10TION, Inner Wave, WINNER, BIGBANG, Manchester Orchestra, A Lot Like Birds, NCT,  Arctic Monkeys, 2NE1, The Drums, Cage the Elephant, Daughter, HONNE, dvsn

Favorite Solo Artists: Jonghyun, Frank Ocean, RY X, Childish Gambino, Devendra Banhart, Giriboy, Marten Kuningas, Kurt Travis, Keaton Henson, Kjartan Lauritzen, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Crush, Zion.T

Song stuck in your head: Problem by Verdensrommet. I’ve been playing this song a lot lately. Gotta love Norwegian music lolol

Last movie I watched: Akira ? I think…or Your Name ? I don’t remember. 

Last TV Show I watched: The Path. Season 2 got me fucked the fuck up.

When did you create your blog: A while back…this WAS my main blog for a while, but um, now it’s mostly K-pop.

What kind of stuff do you post: Mainly reblogs of cute Korean boys, hipster-esque aesthetic pics, and depressing quotes. It’s kind of all over the place. 

When did your blog reach it’s peak: LOL, it hasn’t. I have like 2 followers.

Do you have any other blogs: I do! I have a poetry blog (that I just restarted) and a personal “diary” type blog.

Do you get asks regularly: I never get asks lol.

Why you chose your URL: I bought a shirt that says “Pretty and Witty” and like that was half true, because I’m mostly shitty. It was very Oscar Wilde-esque inspired spur of the moment decision, but I don’t regret it. 

Following: 666…oh dear god I didn’t even know. D:

Posts: Oh man, I wouldn’t even know where to look.

Hogwarts House: Um, I’ve never read or seen Harry Potter and I have no desire. But, I’ve been told multiple times that I would be a Ravenclaw.

Pokémon Team: I don’t play /:

Favorite colors: Green and Grey 

Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep. On weekends it’s about 10.

Lucky Numbers: 9.

Favorite Characters: Nine and Twelve from Terror in Resonance, Mello, Near and L from Death Note, Walter and Mike from Breaking Bad, Punpun from Oyasumi Punpun, Nakamura from Flowers of Evil, Frank from The Wasp Factory, Griffith from Berserk. (I’ve included anime, manga, TV Show and book characters.)

What are you wearing right now: A short sleeved black shirt with a grey Nautical printed pocket on the left breast. (I love shirts with pockets and collars.) and ripped jean capris. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two? I sleep with my comforter and fleece throw blanket. 

Dream job: I want to be a playwright, or an English // Theatre teacher. 

Dream trip: Brazil. I want to go to the rain forest! :)

I won’t tag anybody, because I just don’t feel like it at the moment. 

Thin Walls *Part 7* (Luke Hemmings)

lmao i realized that this is going on way longer than i intended to, like they shoulve just banged an it wouldve been over but now i have all of this background info and shit its getting deep man

anyway, hope you enjoy!

p.s this is super long but okay anyway hope you like it!

p.p.p.s i used the word “hella” in this please dont send me hate (word tried to send me hate but i just added the word “hella” to the dictionary so ha fuck you word) 

p.p.p.s does anyone actually read this part

p.p.p.p.s. the next part might be coming really soon because im really excited about it

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

part 8

“What?” You just stared at him. Honestly, you were still half asleep and you were trying to remember if you had placed the curling iron your bathroom countertop or not, because if you hadn’t that would be very bad.

“The wedding,” Luke grinned, even though he seemed unsure of himself now. “It’s today right?” You nodded, still not knowing why he showed up at your doorstep all dressed up. “Remember, I said that I would go with you. You even called your brother telling him that you were coming with a guest.”

You still gave him a blank look. “When we were drunk.” He added, after clearly noticing the expression on your face. “Oh!” You exclaimed, realization hitting you. “Right, I-”

“I mean I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to. It’s just that you seemed pretty pissed about having to attend so I thought I’d keep you company.” He added, probably still aware of the unsure look on your face.

“No,” You shook head, take a step to the side and opened up the door so that Luke could walk in. “You should come, plus its free food and an open bar. I just need to finish getting ready.”

He nodded, following you into your apartment and making himself comfortable on the couch. You don’t think that you needed to tell him that you weren’t ready yet; you had half of your hair curled, yet to do your makeup and you were in a hoodie and pyjama shorts.

Luke himself had dressed for the occasion, a black button up with a black jacket over top, still in his black skinny jeans (but no rips) and had changed his converse to a pair of black ankle boots. He looked good, to say the least. Good enough to have a blush form on our cheeks at the simple thought of it.

You walked back to the bathroom, leaving the door open so it wasn’t as awkward and you guys would still be able to make small talk. Once you were satisfied with your hair (or as satisfied as you could be) and sprayed an obvious amount of hairspray on it, you got started with your makeup.

You wanted to look really good. Really really good. Since you had cut off your family (and they had cut you off as well actually) you knew very well that they assumed that you lived in the street, hadn’t showered in weeks and had lice. You wanted to do the best “Ha I’m a boss ass bitch, kiss the ground I walk on” look.

You covered your skin with the creamy mixture of your foundation, covering and hiding the redness and discolouration, just knowing that your mom was going to point them out and once again telling you that it was bad that you picked at your acne when you were younger. You swiped some bronzer underneath your cheeks and around your forehead and nose, hoping to at least make your face look more symmetrical than it was. Taking out you liquid eyeliner, you held your breath as you tried not to mess up on your winged eyeliner.

“How do you do that so perfectly?” Luke’s voice came from the entrance of the bathroom, as he watched you recreate the same look on the other eye. “Practice,” You muttered once you were done with both eyes, checking to see if they were somewhat the same. “Seriously, I can’t draw a straight line but I can do anyone’s eyeliner.” You laughed, pleased with how it turned out. You brushed some dark eye shadow onto your eyelids, hoping that you wouldn’t look like you had just gotten punched.

Luke didn’t say anything else, only a soft chuckle emitting his lips at your words. He stood at the doorframe as you completed your eye makeup with some mascara. You could see him watching you from the mirror, watching you trying to brush your eyebrows to get the perfect arch and as you applied a light shade of lipstick.

You admired your appearance once you were done, leaving your entire makeup laid out on the counter. You could clean that up later. “Does it look okay?” You asked Luke, walking to where he was at the door.

He nodded, gaze meeting yours. “Yeah, you look amazing. I mean,” He quickly added afterwards. “Not that you don’t usually look good without all the makeup and stuff. But you look good.” He nodded again, and you felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You smiled, thanking him and quickly moving past him muttering something about having to change and hoped that he didn’t notice your blush.

You walked into your room, shutting the door behind you and pulling off your hoodie and pyjama shorts. You pulled on the dress, not before making sure there wasn’t any lose threads or rips because you knew your mom would give you absolute shit for that.

The dress was deep navy blue, almost black. The bodice had undertones of a slightly lighter and almost sparkling blue, while the rest it flowed out in its dark colour. It came down to a bit lower than your ankles, not quite hitting the ground. It had a slit all the way up mid-thigh and an over one shoulder thick strap. It was revealing, but you still felt classy as fuck. And plus, you felt like a princess when you walked because the fabric would flow behind you.

You held the bodice to your body, not wanting it to fall as you slowly walked out of your room. “Can you zip me up?” You quietly asked, walking over to where Luke was. You turned around so that he faced your back, and felt his fingertips brush against your skin as he tugged the zipper up, moving my hair out of the way. “Valentino?” He asked, confusing you into you realized he must’ve seen the tag on the dress.

“What? Oh, yeah,” You let out a little laugh as you turned around once he had zipped up your dress. “I actually got it at a department store. On sale. I just sewed on the Valentino tag because my family is an asshole.”

You walked back to my room, grabbing your bag which contained some things that you might need for the night. “What’d you get as a wedding present?” Luke asked when you walked back into the living room area where he was. “A plant.” You grinned. Luke’s eyebrows quirked up in surprise. “Really? A plant? Why” Don’t usually people give like bowls and dishes and shit. Plus plants die.”

You smirked at him. “Yeah, like my brothers and mines relationship.” Even though it sounded stupid, it was a nice plant. You had even gotten it a little pot and everything. “What happened with you and your family anyway.” Luke questioned as you told him that you guys should leave right now and maybe drive a bit faster than legal if you wanted to make it on time. Almost walking out of the door but then realizing that you weren’t wearing any shoes, you ran back to grab your black heals and went back to the door. “I’ll tell you on the way, c’mon.”

So you guys made it on time, just barely but whatever. At least you showed up. You drove a little too fast, but it’s okay. You mad it in one piece even though you were sure that your shitty car might not be able to take it.

You realized halfway there that this would be so awkward with Luke, because well it’s not like you guys knew each other that well. Luke on the way here assured you that it was fine, but you still felt a little but weird about it. Seriously, what were you going to say. “This is my hot neighbour who I like but doesn’t know that I like him, we’re just friends. But not even close friends.”

Still you decided to just say “fuck it” along with Luke, because this was your chance to make fun of everyone in your family that you hated.

“Wait,” You said, stopping Luke from walking out of the car, in this parking lot a bit further away from the (typical, straight out of a movie) church was. “I just want to apologize in advance for dragging you into this. You really didn’t have to come.”

He grinned, shaking his head. “It’s fine really, plus Y/N. One does not deny when invited to a fancy wedding with an open bar.” You laughed slightly, but still you don’t think that he understood what you were saying. “Yeah, but I was drunk. People do and say stupid things when they’re drunk.”

Your mind immediately went to when you told him you heard him in the shower and your almost kiss. Once again, just at the thought of it you felt your entire body heat up and you prayed to any God out there that it didn’t show on your face. Still, you were fairly certain that Luke had thought the same thing. Since your attention was completely and solely focused on him, you didn’t miss the quick look he gave your lips, licking his own and going to play with the black metal lip ring.

“Yeah,” He breathed out. Part of you wanted to get of this car because the tension was getting too strong. But another part of you wanted to jump his bones. “But still. I’m not made that I’m here.”

He was changing the subject. Maybe you had just imagined it all. Maybe he wasn’t thinking the same thing as you. “Now let’s go make this wedding our bitch, yeah?” He grinned at you, open the passenger side door and walking out. You took a deep breath, following him out.

You realized the two of you would probably stick out a lot. For starters, Luke was wearing black skinny jeans. To a wedding. Personally, you had no problem with it. He looked good. Also he had a lip ring as an acessorie. Most of these people had Swarovski diamonds hanging from their necks, not holes in their lips. Once again, you sure as hell weren’t complaining.

And you, with your bold eye makeup. Sure, these people put on fake faces most of the time but their makeup was pretty boring honestly, and you had a very winged eyeliner. That looked amazing, thank you very much. And plus, everyone was basically wearing pastels. No joke. Yes, pastels were nice. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that seeing so many people wear pastel at once was well, it was kind of sickening. Even the men seemed to have odd coloured suits.

And there was you with you almost midnight black navy dress and Luke with his all black attire. But still, you guys looked hella.

There was arranged seating in the church, so some lady with a headset told you where to go and you listened to her. Once you guys took your seats (not even in the first row, thanks bro) you saw your parents. There were smiling (fake smiles) and people, shaking their hands and laughing. It had been almost a year since you had seen them, and honestly now that you saw them you just wanted to leave.

“Fuck,” You muttered under your breath, earning a dirty look from some old guy in front of you. Your mother had seen you, meeting your gaze and not even breaking a smile. You returned the same look at her, not a glare but it wasn’t exactly a happy look either. You refused to be the first to look away.

A smirk formed on your lips, feeling a bit better of yourself when she was the first to look away, turning to go whisper something to your dad. Probably talking shit about you. “Are those your parents?” Luke whispered, looking to where you were staring. You looked away, and turning to meet Luke’s blue eyes. “Yeah.”

He clearly noticed how tense you were, whether by the sound in your voice or the way you were sitting but he reached down and tentatively interlocked your fingers, giving you hand a small squeeze. “Fuck ‘em. Just forget about them. You’re going to show everyone how amazing you’re doing without them, and then they’re going to cry. Then we’ll take all of their expensive booze and run away.”

You laughed slightly at his words, but shook your head. “No, no we should just leave now before they come to talk to me. My mom can probably already tell that this dress cost me less than a hundred dollars.”

You was ready to stand up, but Luke’s grip on your hand tightened as he stopped you from going anywhere. “No, c’mon like I said. You have to show them how amazing you’re doing.” He kept saying this, but it wasn’t like I was actually doing amazing. You remembered how when you first talked to Luke how unsure he was to talk to you, and now he was helping you with your life choice. You smiled to yourself slightly, realizing that he had simply gotten comfortable around you. “Plus,” He added, breaking you out of your thoughts. “Who cares if that dress was five dollars or five thousand? You’d look priceless in it either way.”

This time you really couldn’t help the blush from making its way onto your cheeks. You felt like this was all you’ve been doing today. “Are you blushing?” Luke asked, grinning down at you. You laughed slightly, shooting him a look. “Shut up.”

There was a comfortable silence between the two of you for a few minutes, as you sat there, hand still intertwined. “Listen, Y/N.” Luke said, sounding more nervous than he did before and speaking at more of a hushed tone. “You know that night we got drunk together? I kind of had been wanting to talk to you ab-“ He got cut off when the sound of an orchestra started playing. Luke looked down, letting go of you hand. “I’ll tell you later.”

frozen fever plot
  • Elsa: *leers over Anna's sleeping body like Edward Cullen, equally sparkly in her ice gown*
  • Anna: *sees Elsa in her new green spring dress*
  • Anna: Wow, you're....beautiful
  • Kristoff: *exists to ensure no one sees the incest subtext*
  • Olaf: *detaches head and says something meaningful*
  • Everyone: Happy Birthday Anna *sings catchy tune*
  • Elsa: *catches a cold and tries to suppress it for Anna*
  • Elsa: I don't want to ruin my little sister's birthday! Don't come near me Anna. I don't want to hurt you!
  • Anna: *does it anyways*
  • Anna: you'll never hurt me
  • Elsa and Anna: *makes meaningful eye contact, hugs, holds hands, doe eyed smile*
  • Kristoff: *literally exists to ensure no one sees the incest subtext*

Ok but imagine a climbing class punk/nerd au 

Like punk!josh is that broody silent guy who’s kind of an asshole and one day he’s just chillin in the back of the classroom with a couple of friends and then new student nerd!chris comes walking in and Josh is just like

Originally posted by gifsbyjleigh

So from that day forward he always tries to become with friends with Chris (and maybe something more ) but Chris absolutely despises him. Josh doesn’t stop though and keeps pestering him until they basically form this weird friendship where they just tease each other and make snarky comments.

“ Wow Chris, I see you’re just as full of yourself as always. Maybe if you pulled that stick out your ass you’d be less full. ”

“Just for your information Josh, I know how to have fun. Look I’ll tell you a joke. Your birth. Now go away I have to study.”

fun fact about me and ranch dressing: i once saw on mtv’s true life: i’m fat (something like that) they showed a girl and her “unhealthy eating habits” and she was eating pizza w ranch dipping sauce and i tried it and it was delicious. they prob put that b roll in there 2 make me be like wow look how she eats wow i hope they help her. nope she just introduced a wild new world of flavor experiences

We went to the communal indoor swimming pool, and had lots of fun. I don’t know if you can see it on the picture, but I got a bruise on my nose after I tried to catch Fia with my face when she fell off a giant swimming ring. I didn’t even know you could get bruises on your nose wow. Just proves that you learn something new every day!