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Meeting Tom

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Mini-flashback to when the reader met Tom. 

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“Look, I understand that this adjustment has been difficult for you, but you can’t continue to lock yourself up in this room! I know that failing your most recent exam really affected your mood, but you can’t continue to let this affect your health, Y/N.”

“You’re right… I know. It’s just – it’s just difficult because I studied so hard for this… and I don’t want to fail again…”

“Sweetheart… I get it – I do – but you can’t stay holed up in here! Let’s go dancing or shopping or whatever you want,” your roommate continued. She hated seeing you bummed out, but she knew that what you needed was to get out for a bit, even if it meant facing some cold weather.

“I don’t know…” you replied. “I’m not feeling it.”

“And that’s exactly why this is the best idea ever. We’ll just go out for an hour – tops – and come back and catch up on all the shitty tv you want.”

“…Alright… But one hour only! It’s too cold outside to do anything outside for too long,” you conceded. And you honestly weren’t that thrown off – your roommate had always managed to help you get out of your head and you definitely appreciated them for it.

“So where are going?,” you obviously also wanted some idea of what to prepare yourself for.

“We’ll figure it out as we go along, yeah?”

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Do you want to know one of the worst parts about the breakup, besides losing you?“ I asked, knowing he probably already knows.

“The dreams. The dreams where you and I are together again. It’s like no matter what I do, I can’t escape you. In dreams, you’re mine once more. I can talk to you, I can touch you, and I can even kiss you if I want. It’s basically as if I’m living in the same world I lived in seven months ago.” I see his eyes glaze over with an emotion I no longer can decipher.

“But then I wake up …” The tears I tried desperately hard to stop are now running flawlessly down my cheeks. “I wake up and for a good five seconds, I’m happy again. I forget about the fights, the breakup, the other new girls, and I’m genuinely happy. But then everything comes back in a flash. All of the painful memories come back full force. It’s then I realize … that life without you is a never-ending nightmare .

—  K.S // What we had was magical, something indescribable that only we felt. I know I’m assuming things, but do you think maybe you can tell me the secret of how you let me go so easily?
A journalist review: Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1

Hello there! 

I read Naruto Gaiden’s chapter 1 and, after watching this whole shipping war, I thought that there was needed an unbiased review. I’m a SasuSaku shipper but I’m also a journalist student, and my teachers have taught me to be ‘IMPARTIAL’. This means that I’m not writing as a SasuSaku, but as a JOURNALIST. -Excuse my english, it’s not my first language.

That being clear, I’ll start by the whole ‘Sakura is not Sarada’s mother’/’Karin is Sarada’s mother’. This is a ‘shonen’, a manga written for kids around 13 - 15 years old. I know that many fans are way older than that -like me-, but this is how Naruto Gaiden is written: for kids and teenagers. You are not reading a soap opera, you are not reading a Tarantino script. Do not try to make 5 dimensions out of a chapter. Naruto has always been about family, love, friendship, forgiveness and endurance. Do you actually believe those theories that are more aproppiate to Grey’s Anathomy than to this manga?

Kishimoto has already shown it to us. He may disguise it with pairing panels, but he is actually talking about something more serious. I’m totally sure that the last page is a simple introduction to ‘why Sarada wears glasses’, something about Uchiha’s kekkei genkai and everything will end up being related to Sasuke’s journey. Karin panels are only shown to add drama, as simple as that. I recommend you to watch more series and films. What plot is interesting when everything is fine and everybody is happy? NONE. You would probably read 2 or 3 chapters, but it ends up being boring. Kishimoto is not a great writer and after 15 years of manga, most of the plot devices are already obsolete, so he tried something new. And guess what? It worked. You’re all riled up, fighting and writing about something that will end up in a simple red herring. And I don’t say this because I don’t like Karin, I’m saying this because I studied about scripts and plots, and this is no exception.

That is why I want to say: ‘Calm down’. It is official that Karin is a ‘side character’. It’s not my opinion, it is not anyone’s opinion, it’s what Kishimoto wrote. And now I want you to look at every other manga. When does the main character end with a side character -commonly used for comic relief, no offence-? Never. And you will say: “Naruto ended up with Hinata and she was not the main heroine.” Yes, but she was there since the beginning of the series. I mean, NaruHina was hinted, SasuSaku was hinted. The love-triangle ended up being solved in the most comfy way for Kishimoto. Both main characters, Naruto and Sasuke, have a loving and caring girl by their side. As I said before, this is another cliché, and nobody can change that. The main love story was Hinata x Naruto x Sakura x Sasuke. It was the MAIN STORY. Of course there has to be side stories, if there weren’t any it wouldn’t be interesting. I want to repeat that this is not an original work from a great cinema director, this is a manga by Kishimoto. Clichés and traditions will be followed. If I were a SasuKarin shipper, I’d be actually mad at Kishimoto for using Karin as a tool to set up an entire plot about the Uchiha family. He will do the same he has always done with side characters -don’t you remember the purpose of Neji’s death?-: he will use her to spice up things and she will not appear again. That is the way plots work in every series. A side character creates confusion that is solved later by the main character. Again, it’s not my opinion, it’s the way this works.

Instead of fighting and ranting and bashing each other, why aren’t you thinking about the mysteries that Kishimoto has just suggested? Why did Sasuke leave the village for such a long time? Why does Sarada actually wear glasses? Why does Sakura faint so frequently? Why did they have a loan on their house? And more importantly, Sarada knows NOTHING about Sasuke’s past. I see that the most of you were mad a Sakura for not remembering if Sasuke’s had glasses. Of course Sakura knows that Sasuke does not use glasses. Those panels only wanted to show you that Sakura doesn’t want Sarada to know about her father’s past so she tries to dismiss the conversation. The ‘Who-is-the-mother’ topic is not even serious. It was actually stated on the ‘Boruto: The Movie’ stuff, the databook and in the Naruto storyline. Kishimoto is logical, he follows a storyline created 15 years ago. Once again, this is not a mexican telenovela, this is not a reality show. This is a manga for kids and teenagers about love, friendship, forgiveness, family and endurance. I’m pretty sure the glasses are covering something about the Sharingan or the Rinnegan, a problem related to Sarada’s eyesight and Sasuke’s journey.

I know that it’s hard to dimiss our feelings when reading this manga, but sometimes we have to be more analyticial when reading. Sometimes we need to forget that we hate certain character and rather focus on the plot. Stop asking who the mother is and start asking what happened to Sarada’s eyesight. Stop bashing each other and start thinking about where is Team Taka (and Orochimaru) and what happened to them after chapter 699. Don’t be so selfish. You should appreciate that, for the first time since Madara was created -I just can’t be impartial when it comes to Madara!-, Kishimoto has introduced an absolutely great character: a female character is the rival of the main character for the first time in the NarutoVerse. This girl like here has everything to end up being a legendary woman. She will have the Sharingan, she is the first Uchiha born since the massacre, she will use the secret Uchiha jutsus, she might even develope the Byakugou. And instead of appreciating this, you are all fighting about her mother. 

To end this review, I wanted to talk about Sasuke’s journey. Yes, he’s been out there for more than 10 years. You hear that and you instantly bash him. Why? The first thing that my teachers taught me is that I can’t judge something if I don’t know the cause. And here we don’t know why. We also thought that Itachi was heartless, that Madara was only an evil character without a proper backstory. A lot of characters surprised us, and most of them were Uchihas. We don’t even know if Sasuke ever returned to see his family without them noticing him. And remember, UCHIHAS = LOVE. It was stated by Tobirama. Uchihas TREASURE love. Sasuke was a kid STARVED OF LOVE. Do you actually think -please, think logically- that he would go on a journey without a solid reason? If you do, you know nothing about this whole manga. Most of the outraged fans say that it is unforgivable, leaving for 12 years is too much. But what is ‘too much’ in Narutoverse? Sasuke tried to kill his teammates and his sensei, and his whole village too, but they still tried to bring him back and  forgave him in the end. Itachi had to kill HIS WHOLE FAMILY to protect the village, and he still did it, and he is now loved and praised by the Naruto fandom. Obito commited his entire life to an evil plan while being tricked by Madara, who killed the love of his life. Naruto spent his whole childhood ALONE, being bullied and engulfed by his own loneliness, with a monster inside of him, and he had no idea who his parents were. There are a lot of characters who have suffered in Naruto, and this is one of Kishimoto’s teachings, as we read in Sasuke’s 699 speech: THAT’S WHAT MAKES THEM NINJAS. 

Please, fellow Naruto fans, don’t try to make this manga entirely logical for our society. Narutoverse is based in love, forgiveness, family, endurance, friendship, bonds… Everything can’t be perfect, chaos is needed for a plot. If the main characters were happy, there would be no interest in a long term series. And now I ask you, do you truly believe those telenovela theories? Japanese are very traditional when it comes to families, and so is Narutoverse. Uchihas are a clan that treasures love, it even activates their kekkei genkai. Bashing Sasuke without knowing the reasons he left and without taking in account how this manga works, is pretty useless, and so is questioning Sarada’s mother identity.

Thank you for reading this! I hope the gifs made it more relaxed to read!

One Direction Preference

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You Like Him but He Likes Someone Else

Notes: ok so the request asked for a happy ending, but they’re not all with happy endings because i just felt i would do it more justice if it wasn’t. 

Liam: You had tried to move on, tried to forget how much Liam meant—still means to you. But every time you saw him, you realized something new to love about him. Whether it was his kindness, his ability to light up the room with his words, or the way his lips twitched up into a smile. Liam always amazed you, never failing to put a smile on your face. “That is literally the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.” Today’s revelation, was finding out how much you loved to see him laugh, and hear him laugh at that. “I’m glad I could put a smile on your face.” You told him, nudging your shoulder against his own. “Oh, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.” The room suddenly became serious, and when Liam is serious, you always knew that it was a matter that needed to be dealt with right away. You furrowed your eyebrows at him, your laughter calming down, “What is it?” You asked, pulling away from the brush of your shoulders. Now, there were a few inches between you. “I met someone.” Liam stated. There was a proud tone about his voice that made you want to be happy, but you couldn’t find the happiness inside of you. Now, that space between you two was an abyss, with you falling into the blackness, reaching out for his hand and realizing he wasn’t going to grab it. You became silent, lips parted slightly in shock. “She’s great Y/N.” Liam began to tell you all about her, about how great she was: her looks, her style, her personality. She was “everything he ever wanted,” to put it in his words. If she was everything he wanted, then what were you to him?

Zayn: Zayn had wanted you to double date with him and Perrie, and you with whomever it was he decided to bring. Although you weren’t very happy about it, you decided to go for Zayn, because if you didn’t he would get upset with you, and that’s the last thing you wanted. “He’s really great Y/N.” You’ve heard him say that too many times. “I promise you’ll like him.” Another line that was embedded in your head from hearing him say it too often. Zayn’s actions were nice, him trying to make sure you were happy and going the extra mile to set you up with people, but they never worked. His good intentions always ended up only wanting to bang you and call it quits. What you really wanted, instead of Zayn setting you up, was to be with Zayn. You already knew from friendship that he was everything that mattered to you. To you, Zayn was the sun rising in the morning and not having him was like the darkness of the night. As he sat across the table from you with Perrie, you thought about this. In fact, you thought about it much too often. Your “date” was rambling about a night at a bar he recently had: “Bro, these girls were like all over me.” The exact kind of this you wanted to here on a first date. There were so many emotions bubbling through you in this moment. There was the hurt from seeing Zayn so happy with Perrie, but then so was the pure bitterness that you felt from the guy sitting next to you who was only worried about girls at the bar and the waitress coming over to your table. “I can’t do this.” You mumbled at first. Zayn noticed and cleared his throat, “What’s that Y/N?” “I said I can’t do this.” At first you were looking at the table, but then switched to stare daggers at Zayn. He knew in that moment what was happening. You shot up out of your seat, everyone’s attention at the table being drawn towards you. “Enjoy your night.” You spat at your date, but directed it toward Zayn. “Y/N where are you going?” He asked curiously as you stomped away, leaving everyone but Zayn baffled at the table.

Louis: The two of you played a game every time you went out together. You would become each other’s wingmen, him helping you find a guy and you helping him find a girl. “How about her?” You asked, casually sipping your martini. Louis twisted around in his chair, following where your finger was pointing. He turned back to you almost instantly, giving a wrinkle in his nose and shaking his head. “Nah. Not my type.” You huffed, “You’re being very difficult.” Louis snorted and lead his finger to point at a guy walking past. He raised his eyebrows in a playful notion. “No.” You quickly demised, “Not my type.” You finished with another sip of your drink and Louis huffed at you, mocking what you had just done to him. “What was that for?” You exaggerated. “Now you’re being difficult.” He joked, making you blush. “I’m just not in the mood to look tonight.” You finally told him once you finished your drink. “Why?” Louis was always one known for poking at the subject, needing to know every inch of detail involved, so of course he would urge you to answer him. You shrugged in response. “Oh come on Y/N. There’s bound to be some guy here you find worthy of.” Just as he said this, a girl walked past wearing a very short purple dress. It was skin tight and showed off every angle of her perfectly curved body. Louis’ eyes followed her intensely; he was pretty much eye-fucking her as she joined a few others at the bar. In that moment, you suddenly felt embarrassed. You had almost confessed that the only guy you felt worthy enough was Louis. And there he was, ranging off topic and imagining a night with someone else. There was no hope, you felt, that would give you the edge to be what he wanted.

Niall: You were finally going to tell him today. After months of this burning emotion for him, you had finally built up enough courage and created the perfect speech that would allow you to spew your feelings onto him. He would do with them as he wished, but you needed to get it off of your chest. You had texted him and asked for him to meet you for coffee. There was something about the public eye that you knew would give you the strength to just come out and say it. Being out would also prevent a negative reaction from him, but you deeply hoped it would succumb to that. Recently Niall had told you about someone he was interested in seeing romantically. He told you how great he thought she was and how he thought she was the greatest person he had ever met. That’s why you felt it was crucial for him to know just how you felt about him so you could stop anything before it started. Maybe that was selfish of you, or maybe it wasn’t. All you knew was that it needed to be said. “So what’s up?” Niall asked, sitting casually across from you. “I need to tell you something.” You blurted, waiting no time in getting to the point. You were afraid if you waited any longer than it would be too late. “And I want you to at least take it into some sort of consideration.” You began, watching his eyebrow raise in some sort of confusion. “I have feelings for you-like real feelings, and not the kind that I can hide from you any more.” Niall opened his mouth to chime in but you continued, “And I know that you’re thinking about dating that girl. I just think you should think about because I think that we’re really great together and I just want you to know that.” When you were finally done, Niall chuckled lightly. “Y/N…” “I know it’s crazy. I’m sorry for sprawling this onto you. I just…I needed to tell you. It was killing me.” Niall leaned back in his chair, looking at you deeply for a moment, and the raised forward, grabbing your hand in the process. “That girl I was thinking about, who I thought-not think-is the greatest I’ve ever known?” He asked as if you didn’t remember him saying it, “That girl is you.”

Harry: “How’s your love life going?” He asked you. Usually, when someone asks the question, it’s because they are up to no good. You gave him a wary look. “Why are you asking?” You hoped he wasn’t going to try and set you up with one of his friends, because the last few times he did, it didn’t turn out so good for you. “Just ‘cause.” He was smirking, and doing a terrible job at hiding it. You raised your hand and hit him square in the chest. He cowered with an “oomph”, bringing his hand to caress the spot you had just hit. “Ouch.” He pouted, “What on earth was that for?” “Just ‘cause.” You mimicked with a playful grin and gleam in your eyes. Harry shook his head at you, “That doesn’t justify you hitting me.” “I just wanted to.” You told him, hoping that would be enough to drop the subject. And after a few minutes, thankfully, it did. “Are you interested in anyone?” Harry asked, reverting back to that previous topic that you knew now he wasn’t going to forget about. “Why do you care?” You asked, kind-of harshly for talking with your friend. Because of our tone of voice, Harry grew silent, his voice just above a whisper. “I was just asking, sheesh.” It wasn’t a mystery that he was annoyed. “Sorry.” You muttered. “I’m sick of being asked that. It seems like that’s all anyone cares about.” “Let’s say hypothetically…” Here we go, “That I had a friend who was interested in per say dating you.” You rolled your eyes as he finished. “No.” “Hm?” “Tell your friend I give my sincerest condolences.” That topic may be cold as ice, but the hypothetical friend would have to wait, even if  you had no clue Harry was asking not for a friend, but for himself.  

Jude has always been my favourite character, but after this episode when he said the “my whole life I’ve always been labeled as something, the new kid, the foster kid or the kid with the dead mom”, I now feel even more connected to him. It makes me so happy that a tv show is finally talking about labels. When you label someone, even if it not on purpose, you can ruin their lives. When I was younger, people were always labeling me. I tried so hard to change that I ended up destroying myself. I really wish I’d had a character like him when I was growing up. That’s why I think Jude is so important. I believe that he can make a difference. I’m so thankful for The Fosters writers.

Bucky x Reader (Part 3/?)

And here is part 3!

Part 1

Part 2


Part 4

Final Part

Warnings: None that I’m aware of.

———————————————————————————————————Part 3

After dinner, everyone just sat at the table and talked. You were sitting in between Steve and Bucky, with Wanda on Steve’s right, Natasha directly in front of you and Pietro to her left. After a while, Pietro left to go for a run… again. You were left out of the conversation quite a bit but you didn’t mind it. You enjoy letting other people have the attention.

“So, how did you three meet?” Wanda asks, motioning to Steve, Bucky and I.

“I think we ran into each other at lunch. I’m pretty sure it was 4th grade,” You answer. “We sort of stayed best friends from then on. Whenever I was with one of them we were always mistaken as a couple, though.” You think you see Bucky’s cheeks turn slightly red but you brush it off. Wanda leans closer to Steve and whispers something in his ear. He smiles a little and nods. “Um, I’m pretty tired so I might go and get some rest,” You say, getting up and kissing both Steve and Bucky on the cheek. “Goodnight,” you hear everyone say, in sync.

*Bucky’s POV*

As soon as Y/N leaves, everyone looks at me and smirks. “What?!” I say, a little too loudly.

“Bucky, I don’t need to read your mind to know how you feel,” Wanda says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bucky, ever since you met her, you’ve liked her. The first time I’ve seen you smile properly, since your Winter Soldier days, was when she woke up,” Steve smirks.

“Maybe I like her a little, but it won’t work. What happens if I relapse? What happens if Hydra takes her again? I don’t want her to get hurt…. I’m going to bed,” I say as I walk off. ‘Surely it could never work. She could never love someone like me. I have such a horrible past and no one seems to be able to see past that. Maybe I should stay my distance from Y/N for a while. It’s the best way to let go of these feelings and keep her safe,’ I think

   —————————————-3 Weeks Later—————————————-

For 2 and a half weeks, Bucky had been distant. As usual, you automatically assumed it was something you did. You had always had trouble with accepting yourself but Steve and Bucky had always helped you through it.

Since you woke up, you had been recovering from the bullet wound and getting settled in. Now that you feel you are finally ready, you have decided to start training and today is the first day. Going with Bucky probably wasn’t the best idea at the moment, so you went with Steve.

“Ok, Y/N, just try and use the ice powers and we’ll see where to go from there,” Steve says as you walk in.

“Steve, I don’t know how to control it. What if I hurt you?” You groan. You were hesitant about this from the beginning.

“Y/N, I’ll be fine. Just shoot towards me, I have a shield,” Steve says in a reassuring tone. You concentrate on the powers. For a start it doesn’t seem to work, but all of a sudden, a blue glowing piece of ice comes shooting out of your hands and hits Steve in the shoulder. You run over to him but make sure you stay a bit away.

“Steve?! Are you okay?! I’m so, so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you!” You say, not being able to get the words out properly.

“Y/N, hey, calm down. It’s okay,” Steve affirms. Natasha comes running into the room with a worried look on her face. “What happened? Y/N has a distressed look on her face.”

“It’s okay. We were trying to work out her powers and she hit me, but I’m fine, really,” Steve says. Before anyone can stop you, you run out of the room, knocking into Bucky on the way.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong,” He asks, stepping closer.

“Don’t come any closer! I don’t want to hurt you,” You quickly say before running off to your room. You knew it would end badly. You were becoming the same monster that Hydra wanted you to become. You sit on your bed crying until the tears won’t come out anymore. During that time, you heard multiple knocks on your door. Once, you heard Bucky trying to get you to come out. You didn’t want to hurt anyone and the best way to do that was to stay locked away.

“Y/N?” You heard Pietro say through the door. Maybe you could let him in. He’d probably be fast enough to dodge anything and you trusted each other. With Steve being busy being Captain America and Bucky avoiding you for whatever reason, you and Pietro had hung out a lot lately. You get up and open the door to Pietro, holding a few movies.

“Prinţesă, what’s wrong?” He asks. You let him in and both of you sit on the bed.

“I hurt him, Pietro. It’s all my fault. I can’t control it and I’m hurting people. I’m becoming just like the monster Hydra wanted me to become,” You wept.

“No, no, no. You are not. You cannot control it, yet. We will help you,” Pietro reassures. “Why are you so worried?”

“My father was part of Hydra, before he died. I never want to be the awful person he was.” You had never told this to anyone.

“You are nothing like your father and you never will be. I will help you.”

“Thanks, Pietro,” you give him a small smile.

“I have brought some Disney films to help you feel better,” Pietro said.

“Disney is still going? The last time I watched a Disney movie was in the 40’s,” you say, surprised.

“Ah, yes, they are very popular.” Pietro puts in the movie. You both sit on the bed together with his arm around you. Near the end of the first movie, you fall asleep on Pietro’s shoulder. Little did you know, Bucky had heard everything about your father and seen the way you acted around Pietro. He was jealous. From what little times he had seen you and Pietro together, he came to the conclusion that you were together. He wanted to run in there and tell you it was going to be okay, but he knew the only way to keep you safe was to stay away. He had told Steve all about this, but of course, the only response he got was Steve saying how wrong he was.

“She thinks she’s done something wrong. Y/N feels so bad because her best friend is ignoring her!” Steve said, loudly.

“It’s the only way to keep her safe, plus, it seems like she’s perfectly happy with her new best friend,” Bucky said. He was a little hurt that you hadn’t tried to fix it but you had always been the shy one, never wanting to interrupt or bother anyone. Usually everything ended up sorting itself out between you three, this time, you weren’t so sure.

Prinţesă= Princess
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N: There is part 3. I was gonna add a whole thing about gloves and that but 
maybe in part 4. 
Hope you are all enjoying it so far!
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