i tried something different with the sizes


my March for Science sign ideas

I am a designer IRL and I wanted to share some sign ideas with the world. Since different approaches work with different people, I tried to cover the gamut between directions that are alternately jokey, serious, philosophical, and pointed. You might hate some, you might like some.

If you see something you like: steal it — make your own version of it — improve on it. Or, if you think all these are crap, come up with an kickass idea of your own that make these look pathetic in comparison.

But if you want to use these as-is, be my guest. You can find PDF versions on Google Drive. These are all sized to 20” x 32”. (My thought was that 40” x 32” is a common foam core size so dividing it in half would be a good way to optimize material — 2 signs per sheet).

it seems i was not done,

(continuation of this)

Lance pointlessly tries to hide his tail but the bath is not big enough to hide it underwater and even if he could, his face is still covered in blue freckles, the gills in his long neck are visible and his ears are now pointed and have a blueish tone that melts into his skin.

Everyone is staring at him as he blinks at them, his blue eyes now a brighter hue, his pupils twice their normal size. They are staring as his tail, the thousands of iridescent scales in different shades of blue making a hard contrast against the grey dull walls of the ship’s bathroom.

He wants to swim away, just like he did when he was back home, in the ocean, but he’s stuck here, in his bath tub, in this ship, in space.

He might as well try to explain.


Hunk gasps, like hearing him talk surprises him, and Lance thinks about how his sister used to tell him his voice always sounded a little softer when he was himself rather than his human form. He wonders if its really that different, if it bothers them.

“I can explain?” He says smiling sheepishly but realises it was a mistake when Hunk gasps again, this time joined by Pidge and Keith and he knows it’s because of his teeth, now sharp and pointy, specially his fangs, that were always a little too big, even in his human form.

He moves a hand to cover his mouth mumbling an apology and looks at them again, he knows he looks scared, he’s scared.

He’s not afraid they’ll hurt him, they would never hurt him, he’s afraid they’ll think about him differently, he’s afraid of the hurt in Hunks eyes, the confusion in Allura’s and Coran’s ones, and specially the wary expression in Shiro’s eyes.

Like he can’t be trusted, like he’s dangerous.

Seeing Shiro look at him like that is heart breaking,

Pidge looks amazed, which honestly, he kind off expected. What he can’t believe is Keith looks amazed too, and not only that, he looks…. Dare he say? Happy? 

“Actually I can’t, explain I mean, I just, I’m” He has no idea what to say, he’s a merman? That much is obvious, he won’t hurt them? He’s okay? Maybe he should ask them if they have any questions…

But he never gets to ask, because suddenly everyone decides to start talking at the same time,

“Can someone explain to me what going on?” Allura asks.

“Why didn’t you tell me” Hunk hisses at him, he doesn’t look sad anymore, just annoyed, offended maybe.

He hears a soft “This is fucking awesome” from Pidge.

But the one that talks the loudest and makes everyone else stop and look at him its Keith, because he suddenly starts screaming,

“I knew it!” he yelps pointing at Lance “I fucking knew it! Didn’t I tell you?!”

Lance is now incredibly confused, and he’s not the only one, everyone is now looking at Keith like he lost his mind, everyone except Shiro, who is now looking at Keith with an amused expression and tender eyes.

“Keith-” he starts, but Keith is not having it, he’s now pointing at Shiro, completely ignoring his audience.

“I told you mermaids were real for years and you made fun of me! Well,” he says and takes a step forwards Lance and points at him, palms open and facing Shiro, “Suck on that!”

Pidge stars howling with laughter and soon Shiro joins her, only much more tamed, the rest of them look amused, including Keith and Lance is so grateful to him for making a scene to cut the tension he wants to cry, or kiss him.

But instead he says, “Excuse you, I’m an Aycayia, not a Mermaid.”

“Wait, so, you are not human Lance?” Coran asks him still utterly confused.

Lance clears his throat, the light atmosphere in the room turning serious again, “No, Coran, I’m not, I’m… something else”

“Yeah, a Liar, thats what you are!”

“Hunk, please, I couldn’t tell you, you know that, you cant keep a secret even if your life depended on it” Lance pleads but Hunk is not looking at him, he lifts his hand a throws a few drops of water on him, to get his attention.

“C’mon buddy, you read other peoples diaries for god’s sake! I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I couldnt tell anyone, It wouldn’t just put me in danger; it would put my whole family in danger! And you saw what they did to Shiro at the Garrison when they found him, and he’s human!”

At that, Shiro looks at him with wide eyes, and every ounce of wariness and precaution leaves him, and he sees acceptance and understating in his dark eyes and suddenly Lance really wants a hug, so he cowers into himself and puts his arms his own body.

“Please Hunk” he croaks “I-”

Whatever he was going to say gets lost in Hunks shoulders and he’s suddenly hugged tightly by his best friend.

After a moment, he hugs back and he laughs relieved when Hunk complains about getting wet, they hug for a long time, with his hands entangled in Hunks hair and Hunks on his shoulders while they listen to Keith excitedly explain what a mermaid is to Allura and Coran.

He lets go of him with a yelp when he feels someone touching his tail, he pushes Hunk away by the shoulders to look and sees Pidge poking at the scales, Shiro leaning being her trying to get a closer look.

He blushes furiously and slaps her hand away, “No! Bad touch!”

Pidge laughs a little embarrassed and apologizes, telling him his tail is really beautiful and Lance smiles proudly at her and thanks her.

The commotion as died down and Lance is starting to feel a little exposed, wanting to spend some time alone in the water so he clears his throat again,

“So, I know you probably have a lot of questions and I promise I’ll answer all of them, but would guys mind…”

Everyone nods and leaves one by one, he exchanges a look and a smile with all of them, some more meaningful than others, he’s confused and intrigued by the look Keith gives him because if he didn’t know any better he’d say the kid looks enamored but they leave him alone in the end and he can finally relax in his little bath, he sinks his head under the water and breathes,

Everything was going to be fine now.


Omg!! There’s more coming, including Coran, Hunk and Pidge building a big pool for their fish friend! And a bit of klance, because i cant help it. And bonding with Shiro ,because who doesnt love bonding with Shiro. But for now i humbly present you with this.

Thanks so much for the anon to encouraged me to write this, i cant tell you how happy you made me.

Since Lance is Cuban and i fucking love that about him i searched for Cuban Mermaids and found this and i think its fucking perfect for him so yeah…

Aycayia:: was a mermaid in which its name means “she with a lovely voice” among the Neo-Taino nations of the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico and Cuba. She was known to be seductive and sexually generous, being the incarnation of beauty and of sin who gave men pleasure but robbed them of free will. She would often times be “visited” by the men seduced by her beauty.

if you are interested, here’s other shit i wrote

Skyward Sword Shield Tutorial

So I made my shield for my Skyward Sword cosplay this weekend! I’m very happy with it and I wanted to show you the process!

What we’re making:

Reference pics are very important, make sure to find lots of them!


-Poster board
-Puzzle piece foam (Five Below, $3)
-Craft foam, different thicknesses
-Acrylic paint
-something shaped like half spheres
-x-acto knife/box cutter

Step 1: Template

I always start with a paper template, no mayter what I make. I grabbed my poster board, folded it in half and drew half of my shield shape. It took me a few tries to get the size/shape right…but don’t give up! Eventually you’ll get something you like!

Step 2: The Base

Once I was happy with my template, I traced it on my piece of foam!

Step 3: The Frame

Using a second piece of the same foam and my template, I drew the shape of the frame and cut it out.

Then I glued the frame to the base and covered it in plastidip.

Once it was dry, I sprayed the whole thing in blue spray paint.

At this point, I wanted to add a curve to it before I got too far, so I used my heat gun to give it a little bit of a curve.

Next I covered the blue part and sprayed the frame with silver

Step 4: The Pretty Things

For the Triforce and the rest of the details I used craft foam in different thicknesses, painted with acrylic paints.

For the Hylian crest, I found an image on goggle and brought it into illustrator to resize it to my liking, then printed it.

Next I cut it out with an x-Acto knife to make a stencil.

Then all I had to do was fill it in with red paint and voila!

For the half-spheres I found these glasses with creepy eyes…they had the perfect shape spheres though so I sprayed them with plastidip and silver paint.

Step 5: The Back

For the back, I had 2 layers, first was thin craft foam to cover the rough look of the back, second was thicker foam cut using my template in a window-like manner

The strap is a piece of craft foam painted with brown acrylic and the handle is made with the puzzle piece foam

The Result


And there you have it! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

So, @naggingfishwife talked me into taking a knitting class and a crocheting class with her. I finished both projects, which given how busy I am is something of a miracle. I know there are lots of mistakes, but I learned so much.
Knitting was something I’d done as a kid, forty years ago, and it came back quickly. I switched my stitch direction a couple times, but remembered how to tell when I’m purling or knitting.
Crochet was so much harder. It took me eight tries to get something I could actually continue. I got different hooks, I changed how I hold the yarn instead of doing the way I was told (it didn’t work for me at all), and I moved up a hook size. I lost stitches, as you can see at the edges, but I also figured out how to add them back.
On the whole, these were terrific learning experiences and while I made lots of mistakes, I finished them!

I may have spent $300 on Fantasias but man I’d drop $100 more if we got an Au Ra overhaul to their concept art. I mean:

I saw these first and fell in love immediately but what we got was


My biggest issue I’ve been complaining about for years with the Au Ra that I’ll never let go is how they designed the female Au Ra. They can keep the size differences, that’s fine, sure, but structurally they look so different from the males they might as well be different races entirely. I mean hell what would have been cool is they could have done something similar to the Hyur and have had the Xaela Au Ra women look more like the concept design to fit more in line with their warring tribal nature idunnoman. And changed the males of the Raen to look more “tame” just to balance it out. So you’d have Raen more “human”, and go for Xaela for a more voidsent/draconic appearance. I just want the concept Au Ra. I want the big ol horns and hand claws. I want more than 5 patches of scales because right now they don’t look like scales it looks like I have a skin condition. (Ialsowantthoseforeheadhornswhywouldyouwasteanopporunitylikethat)


Now let me preface this first by saying I am 1000% here for body positivity and loving yourself. I think it’s really tops that there are people on here that support and encourage people to further accept and love themselves.  Unfortunately for all those really awesome people, there are some really shitty ones and this is where I begin.

I used to rail thin growing up (psych meds since you were 6 will do that), then after I got out of high school and stopped taking my medicine, I gained 60+ pounds almost instantly. I mean, I knew something was different, but it didn’t hit me until I caught two girls laughing at me in a store next to the small sizes. Yeah, pretty damaging. Anyway, over the years, I’ve tried a smorgasbord of different things to try and get my weight back down (diabetes, hypertension, etc in my family) to little or no success. One day, I say to myself, “You know what? FUCK IT! I’m a glorious chubby goddess just like everyone says on my Dash!” and posted some pictures I took at work. Not even 20 minutes later, I get a message saying that since I wasn’t “morbidly obese or actually fat/chubby” that I “wasn’t allowed” to be proud of my body. No onto my point…

I am so disappointed with the body acceptance movement. It’s called “BODY ACCEPTANCE” for a reason! That means EVERY and ALL BODIES, PERIOD. You can’t beg for your body to be praised and with the same hand tell a girl she isn’t worthy because she isn’t “x” enough. (Sound familiar???) You know, not just fat people have body issues? I know beautiful women that hate their bodies because it’s just “not right”, and they’re skinny, fat, bony, chubby, pasty, dark, pimply, everything. And you know what, every single one of them deserves praise for taking that step to love themselves, whether you look like Kate Moss or Mama June. If you aren’t going to accept EVERY body, then you aren’t “body positive” or “body accepting”, point blank.