i tried some casting too a bit

Joel once joked that he wasn’t pretty enough to be cast in the popular Australian soap operas ‘Home and Away’ and 'Neighbours’ as it seems 95% of his acting peers were, but some commentators took his remarks a bit too literally. He recently tried to set the record straight…

“I want to qualify this. It wasn’t like I went into a room and someone said, ‘Hey, you ain’t pretty.’ It was more about being an awkward teenager. I wasn’t a swaggering, young, tanned thing. I hadn’t got it together like some kids are able to do, just like that. [snapping his fingers]. I took my time to stumble my way through a nice, slow-build career. That’s been important for me. And I’m happy about the way everything has happened.”

some assorted thoughts on marinette and adrien’s classmates:

- i can’t get over the fact that kim and max are bffs. i love it so much??? like max probably helps kim with studying and homework and stuff, and in return kim tries to help max get Buff

- how would that even go?? maybe kim bench presses max’s entire body, and, between reps, puffs out stuff like “YOU COULD DO THIS TOO” or “I BELIEVE IN YOU LITTLE BUDDY” while max just sorta…sighs. but they’re bffs and exchange friendship bracelets probably

- also bffs: rose and juleka…..my fairy vampire faves. rose is definitely the mother hen of the class, since she flits around feeding everyone and telling them to believe in the power of love and stuff??

- while on the other hand juleka is obviously FASCINATED with the occult and monsters and supernatural happenings

- she tells rose all the local scary myths and stuff and rose is just like “oh so the ghost of the man haunting this school died of grief because his true love moved away?? that’s so ROMANTIC, tell me more!”

- it’s the most unlikely friendship ever, i love it. but SPEAKING OF UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS
- alix and nathanaël’s hypothetical friendship would be….so good……like i know we haven’t actually seen them interact in canon but it would be SO GOOD

- nathanaël is an artist! he lives for the details!! his entire existence is basically stopping to smell the roses!

- meanwhile alix is the most high-speed person EVER, she whizzes through life on caffeine and professional rollerblades and a need for SPEED!!!!

- the two of them would contrast each other SO WELL, they would teach each other all kinds of new things and it would be…..amazing…….

- also i’ve read a couple fics where the classmates are low-key ladybug/chat noir supporters but tbh i could also see all of them rooting for ivan/mylène the whole way?? so when the two of them finally get together after the horror movie the entire class is like HALLELUJAH

- and they!! continue to support ivan and mylène after they get together!!!! like nino being like “hey ivan, i heard there’s a music festival going on this sunday! maybe you and mylène can go”

- or marinette inviting mylène over to the bakery to pick out a cake for ivan’s birthday or something??

- JUST!!!!! the class encouraging and supporting each other!! a group of kids who are so, so different from each other but still care about each other so much!!!!! MY FAVE RECURRING CAST EVER!!!!!!!!!