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Football Jack and ballet Bitty

Filed under: WIP AUs buried in my docs, collecting dust and not doing anybody any good. Time to air some out. 4.4k (how??) and rated T

Bitty leans against the barre, relieved to watch the lumbering group of football players stomping out of his upstairs studio. The first of ten ballet lessons had gone about as he’d expected; listening to them complain. The rest was convincing them to get into first, second, and third positions. An easy start, but with the amount of people in the room it warmed up quick. One fan isn’t near enough to combat the body heat piled on top of the Georgian summer. He leans into the weak flow of air as they leave, some offering him a weak ‘thanks, Junior,’ before sprinting to their freedom.  

He wants to be positive about this. After all, how long has he wanted his father to validate his interest in something other than football? Bitty spent so long twisting ballet into something his father could relate to: flexibility, precision, strength. It took some time. It took a lot of time, until Bitty took a teaching job and Coach couldn’t pretend his son would snap out of it and lace up his cleats once more. Having Bitty teach his boys - it’s a peace offering, and Bitty’s not going to turn it away. He’ll just have to buy some air fresheners.

“Not so bad, eh?”

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anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed but can we have some like cute fluffy smutty niall blurb? Where you guys go on vacation for the first time as a couple?


A/N: What happens when Niall goes to Ibiza and my disgust with Goulet peaks???  This.  Shout out to my girls for helping me work out the kinks!

When Niall suggested a quick getaway to Ibiza you were ecstatic.  When he also told you a gaggle of Devines and Matt Goulet would be along for the ride, you immediately refused to go.

“Babe c’mon!  Goulet’s got this hook up for a private yacht and Deo’s really excited to see Dua Lipa.”  Niall was close to begging, his big blue eyes pleading while he made his most pathetically adorable puppy face at you.

You groaned and slumped back into the couch dramatically.  “Fine.  But I’m not speaking to Goulet the entire time we’re there.  And if I hear him name drop you one time I’m totally kicking him in the throat.” You crossed your arms defiantly and set your mouth in a deep pout.  A wide smile broke out across Niall’s face and his eyes lit up with excitement.  He draped himself over your body and peppered kisses across the soft skin of your jaw and neck until you were a giggling mess underneath him.  When you finally caught your breath he pulled back and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.  

“S’gonna be sick darlin’, no interviews, no schedule.  Just sun, drinks, swimming, and music.”

You quirked your head slightly, a question bubbling up before you could really think about it.  “Wait.  Why is Deo so excited to see Dua Lipa?  I didn’t know he was into her music.”  Niall rolled his eyes and sighed.

“He thinks they might be soulmates ‘cause her name is Dua and his name is Deo.”

“Niall.  Please tell me you’re fucking joking.”

“Hand t’God.  Told me that himself.”

You closed your eyes and tried to comprehend the adorable idiocy of Niall’s cousin.  Unfortunately there was no way around it, Deo had outdone himself on this one.  “Ok, but that’s not even his real name and - you know what?  I don’t even have a response for that.  Fucking Deo.”

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for @aarondingel and @dairxoxo

aaron finds it hard to tell robert how he feels, it took him months and months to finally say ‘i love you’ aloud - but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to say it, he just couldn’t find the right way so whenever he wanted to aaron would write it down, do a little tally and keep reminding himself of how much he does love robert. 

the older man finds it one day, once their married and things slow down, it’s buried under the bed and at first he has no clue what it’s about but then he reads the dates, they trace all the way back to 2015 and he sees the writing underneath, all the tally lines that clutter page after page and the countless ‘i love you’s that are messily written in aaron’s writing. he has to catch his breath and smile, hands a little shaky as he understands, is reminded of how much aaron’s always loved him. always.

It starts with a fight, well a row really, over absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.

They’d been in the pub, Robert had been a bit handsy after having too many  and Aaron hadn’t been in the mood for it. But they’d caught Leyla’s attention and it didn’t take long for the teasing to begin.

“Oh look at ya both.” Leyla had said, a smile on her face as she watched Robert smile even wider, genuinely just happy to be sitting in the pub with his husband, hand firmly on the younger man’s thigh. “You look so loved up.” She said, her eyes almost softening.

Robert attempted to kiss at Aaron’s jaw but the younger man pulled away, sprouted an excuse about Robert having too many as he pulled a hand through his sweaty hair and admired the way he had rolled up his blue shirt.

Robert frowned, it made him feel weird inside but Leyla hardly noticed the dismissive way Aaron had just behaved. Instead she just smiled again, maybe tipsy herself.

“I mean - that’s love isn’t it?” She said, watching Robert look up still almost adoringly at his husband.

“Well we are aren’t we?” Robert tilted his head up towards Aaron. “In love?” He said softly, watched Aaron look down towards his pint like he hasn’t even heard.

Robert gulped, felt himself start to sober up as the silence dragged on. “I love him.” He said, almost to himself before he was getting up and practically running out the pub.

Now he is in the kitchen, attempting to twist open a bottle of whiskey or gin or anything else brown he finds in the bottom cupboard. He doesn’t know where Aaron is, didn’t look back as he stormed out feeling like someone had just slapped him round the face, like his husband had just slapped him round the face.

The door slams and Robert wills himself not to look up, not to even pay attention to him at all.

“Why’d you run off like that?” It’s Aaron’s voice, he sounds worried, almost a little confused.

Then he steps forward and comes closer towards where Robert is standing, where he is finally slamming a glass down and necking back whatever it is he opened. It’s scotch he thinks. It burns his throat, makes him shake his head involuntarily.

“Robert?” Aaron gulps hard, doesn’t want to do this, doesn’t want to have an argument.

“I’m going to bed.” Robert snaps, steps forward and attempts to swiftly pick up the bottle before moving towards the stairs. He misses and the bottle shatters across the floor making him swear.

“Let me do that.” Aaron’s voice is too kind, to gentle and Robert backs away.

“Go away.” Robert says, “Go back to the pub or -”

Aaron blinks, suddenly holds Robert’s arm and sees just how upset he is. “Rob? What’s wrong with ya?”

Robert straightens his back, “Me?” His eyes widen. “It’s you with the issue, I mean - God it’s so clear you don’t even like me let alone love me eh?”

Aaron’s eyes widen then, his heart hammers in his chest and he has to shake his head. “Robert don’t be stupid.”

Robert scoffs. “Just admit it. I mean - it’s true isn’t it? You couldn’t bare saying you loved your own husband in the pub just then?” It’s scary, how quickly his eyes become wet. “Because you don’t.”

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Loving in the Dark- E.D. Imagine

He never liked to be told what to do. And he sure as hell didn’t like waiting. He was the kind of guy who takes what he wants when he wants it.

And I was no exception to that.

Everybody knew him. It would be hard not to; he’s the talk of the town, the kind of boy your parents warn you to stay away from. The boy who rode his motorcycle everywhere, even though he had multiple cars (his parents just loved to spoil him). He was never seen without his jacket- The dark washed jean jacket that most speculated he stole from one of his victims after they failed at giving him the drugs he wanted- and that damn cocky, smirk.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, may I introduce to you, The Dashing, Bad Boy debonair; Ethan Grant Dolan.

“Y/n, get ya head outta the gutter, and get ready to take their order.” Frank yelled from the kitchen. My hands shook as I smoothed down my black and white uniform- the one that matched the black and white leather seats to Franks Diner.

I tried to calm my breathing as I approached the booth. It was filled with teenagers adorned in black leather jackets, slicked dark hair, and drowsy eyes.

“E-excuse me, sir?” One of the guys looked up at me, the smile vanishing from his face, as he took a drag from the cig. “There’s no smoking in here.” The guy laughed, his half lidded eyes looking around the table, at the other three occupants, two girls and another guy. The two girls cackled, and gave me dirty looks.

The man took the cigarette out of his mouth, and blew the smoke in my face. I tried not to flinch, or cough in front of them. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of getting to me.

“C'mon, Leo. Leave the girl alone, and put the fucking cig out.” The other guy said. My eyes widened as I finally looked at him clearly, instantly recognizing the dark washed jean jacket, that didn’t match the other three leather jackets, but looked better, scarier in fact.

Leo shot me a glare, the bags under his eyes bloodshot eyes made his face look hallowed in, and older, when he was only around my age. I knew these guys from school, I just never really took the interest into finding out what their names where.

Except I already knew who he was. The boy in the jean jacket. Everybody did. He was Ethan Dolan.

Leo took his cigarette and placed it into an empty basket of fires that my one of coworkers was holding as they passed the table. My coworker Beatrice turned around with a glare, but didn’t complain.

“Thank you.” I cleared my throat. “Can I start you all off with something to drink?” No one was paying attention to my words, all of them caught up their phones, or in one girls case, her fingernails. My eyes met Ethan’s, and he sighed at the pitiful emotions, I’m sure I was showing in my face.

“We’ll take four vanilla milkshakes, and a basket of fries.” Ethan said in a disinterested voice. I quickly wrote down their order, my ponytail bobbing as I nodded my head.

“Anything else?” I asked quietly.

One of the girls who was practically sitting in Ethan’s lap raised her hand. “I want a chocolate milkshake, instead of vanilla.” She turned her head towards Ethan, her thumb hovering over his bottom lip. “You know I love chocolate, baby.” She muttered, probably intending for only him to hear.

“Right. Just get her a chocolate one, then.” He brushed the girl off in disinterest, and I nodded my head once again, and left the table as quickly as I could.

“Here’s the order, Frank.” I handed him my slip of paper, and he noticed my shaking hand.

“You alright out there? Want me to take your place?” Frank was my aunts second husband, but was more like a father to me. I lived with him and my aunt, and worked here after school. He’s always been there for me, and the fact that he knew how frightened I was made me grin.

“No thanks, uncle Frankie, I’m fine.” He rolled his eyes at the nickname I gave him when I was just a child, and began making the order.

As I waited, I eyed the table of Leathers. That’s what the kids at my school call them, anyway. The two girls were typing away on their phones, not paying attention to the clearly heated discussion between Leo and Ethan. Their heads were leaned in close across the table, and it looked like Ethan was reprimanding Leo about something. They gestured wildly, hands flying around the air, and mid sentence, Ethan caught me staring.

I blushed as he narrowed his eyes at me, and before he had the chance to do anything, I disappeared into the kitchen.

“Let me help you with that order, Uncle Frankie.” I told him, and I grabbed the three vanilla milkshakes that were already done, and placed them onto a round tray, while I waited for the chocolate one and, the fries to be finished.

“You look flushed. Everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just-” I stopped short as he gave me knowing look. “I know those kids. They’re from my school.” I nodded my head in the general direction of their table.

Frank nodded his head, as he darted his hands off with a towel. “Oh, I see.” He smirked. “They’re all a bunch of trouble makers, eh?”

“Uncle Frankie,” I laughed, throwing the towel at him.

“I wen to school once, too. I know their type. The uh, the ‘I don’t care, I wear leather jackets, and do drugs to look cool’, type. Their all a bunch of greasers. Don’t let ‘em get to ya, kid.” He bumped his shoulder against mine, and I nodded taking his words to memory.

I shouldn’t let them get to me. I mean, after all, what could they do to me?

I carried their order out, making sure not to drop the round tray that I carried with both hands. I set their milkshakes down in front of them, with the basket of fires in the middle of the table, and placed the tray under my arm.

“Will that be all for you?” They all shook their heads as they devoured the basket of fires within seconds, and slurped noisily at their milkshakes.

I served a few more tables after that, the diner was mostly filled with older folks at this late hour, looking for coffee and something to fill their sweet tooth’s. When I approached the table of Leathers, and handed them their check, none of them acknowledged me. I gathered their dirty cups, and and the empty basket, and watched as they all got up to leave.

My shoulder bumped into Ethan’s as I tried to slip past them, and to their table to wipe it down. All four of them were standing in front of me, blocking my path.

“You know, with the right haircut, and some heels, you wouldn’t look too shabby.” One of the girls commented, as she punched a stand of my ponytail between her fingers.

“O-oh, thank you?” I wasn’t sure if it was a complement or not, but I didn’t want to be rude.

“C'mon, Lacey.” The girl who ordered the chocolate milkshake tugged the second girl, Lacey, towards the exit.

Leo chewed on a toothpick, his bright blue eyes lazily looking me up and down.
He made like he was going to walk past me, but stopped right beside me, so he could look down on me from the side.

“Not bad.” He muttered, and then he was joining the two girls outside, a cigarette already in his mouth .

I scoffed, and pushed my way past Ethan, who was still standing in front of me. I felt his eyes bore into my neck as I scrubbed at the messy table, my hair falling into my face.

“Don’t listen to them.” He said under his breath. I almost didn’t hear it, he spoke so softly. I looked at him over my shoulder, only to be met with a hard stare.

“You’re perfect.” And with that he turned on his heel, and left the diner.


After the day at the diner, it was hard not to notice him. He stuck out like a sore thumb at football games, as everyone else wore blue and white to represent our schools colors, but he wore his signature jean jacket.

He leaned against the brick wall of the concession stand, a Leather by his side exchanging hushed words, and side glances. I watched as Ethan handed the Leather something in a yellow packet, and was handed a roll of money that he quickly shoved into his jacket pocket. He looked around his surroundings, and said something to the man beside him. They parted ways, and Ethan turned to leave.

This whole thing was so suspicious. My mind couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion that he was selling drugs or something along those lines.

I couldn’t concentrate on the game, nor that I would know what was going on anyway. My mind was too focused in Ethan. He could be a nice guy. The other day was proof of that.

Right, you mean when he called you perfect? I thought.

The game ended soon after that, and I trudged towards my little Volkswagen Beetle that was waiting for me in the parking lot. My car was parked directly under the street light, and the golden hues of light rained down on the dark figure that leant against my car.

“Um…hey.” My heart raced as I greeted him. He smirked, and his hand disappeared into his jacket pocket before reappearing with a huge wad of money.

“I know you were watching.” He stated, as he watched me gape like a fish out of water. “You’re always watching.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know-”

“Save it.” He held up his hand to stop me.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I shuffled in my place, uncomfortable under his lazy gaze.

“Oh, I know.” He pushed off of my car, and watched as I reached out for the door handle of the drivers side. He held the door closed with one hand, and trapped me against the car with the other.

“You’re a good girl.” He winked. I felt my face hear up as a blush filled my cheeks. I didn’t even have the words to tell him to go screw himself.

He was already gone.


A.N.- Heyo! There’s a little taste of bad boy Ethan, let me know if you liked it. If I get enough comments, I might just do a part two.


Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: Finn’s been home for quite some time now and you’ve never been happier. Finn has a very important question to ask you and he’s written you a letter to help him out.

Notes: Wow you guys really embraced Handwritten, thank you so much for that and for saying all the lovely things you have. @wwefinnbalorimagines asked for a part 2 with such an adorable gif, that well i just had to oblige. I hope you aren’t disapponted. This is like triple chocolate cake sweet.

Even after all this time, coming home to Finn still fills you with a sense of wonder and joy. It’s been a year since he moved in longer still since the day he appeared again on your door step, like something from a dream. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to make sure it all really happened.

Thankfully you have Finn all to yourself for a whole week and you plan to spend it enjoying how very real he is. All through your stressful working day you’d been thinking about all the things you could do. You could finally start making headway through all those books you kept saying you were going to read with your feet propped in Finn’s lap. He’s got a new Lego set he’s been excited about and now he’s got time to construct it.  

It was going to be bliss. Just you and Finn with no interruption.

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It’s Her... It’s You... - Newt Scamander x Reader

Title: It’s Her… It’s You…

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: T

Word Count: 2100ish

Warnings: Drinking/Alcoholism (do not try to finish a whole bottle of firewhiskey on your own)


anon - Can I get a super angsty jealous imagine where the reader is jealous of Tina and Newts closeness because she loves him?

Anon - newt x reader were your sure he likes someone else like Tina or something then pulls the clique line of like, “you like her don’t you?” then he says something like “its you, was it not obvious

Anon - Idk if you are doing fics still but I have a request for ya! Newt x reader. Reader is depressed because newt seems so happy with Tina. Reader has had a crush on newt since hogwarts but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and his happiness so she says nothing. Though,queenie feels terrible for reader and drops hints to newt one night while reader I in the case crying with the beasts? Thanks sm!

Don’t know how angsty this is but I hope it suffices.


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iheartbethers  asked:

Could you do a continuation of Cheeky Bird or a kind of saucy imagine with Fionn? (Boy gets me goin 👅🔥) sorry if this was confusing!

Cheeky Bird pt. II: waiting games
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Word count: 2655
You could feel it, his gaze on you, You could feel it slowly trailing down your body, over your skin, leaving a trail of heat and goose bumps in its wake. You could feel his eyes slowly undressing you, but there was something about them, something dominate, cocky. He’d been doing it ever since Harry had arrived with the Brussel sprouts, just staring but with that look that you’d never seen on him before.

“Hey love, ya wanna go ahead and start getting ready, between me and Harry we can finish in here”.
He was acting completely innocent in front of Harry, like he wasn’t no more than 5 seconds ago staring you down with a hunger in his eyes.

“Between you and Harry you’ll have eaten all the food and burned down the kitchen”.

Harry had a look of hurt on his face as Fionn laughed.

“Y/N darling I would never ruin all your hard work, you can trust me”. Harry playfully winked at you while Fionn laughed.

You headed to your room to take a shower, get dressed, and do your makeup. You had already picked out a dress for the dinner tonight, a lovely, classy little red piece. But when reaching into your closet for the dress another catches your eye, it’s a navy blue, short little thing that hugged you in all the right places. What made it even better was that it was Fionns favorite, it drove him insane and it usually ended up on the floor by the end of the night, or at least until Fionn couldnt contain himself any longer. After pondering for a bit you decide to wear the navy dress, you didn’t want the game to be over yet, you wanted to continue to tease him until there was a winner, seeing as how Fionn must think he won after telling you you were to be punished. You walked into the kitchen, Harry and Fionn both doing a wonderful job at cleaning up and getting everything ready.

“Y/N!! W-what are you wearing love? I-I mean that’s not the dress that you said you were wearing”.

Fionn was flustered and you could tell your plan was working.

“Mmmm I know but I thought I would wear your favorite for you big night”.
You dipped your finger in a bowl of left over icing that you had for the cake, sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking it off while making perfect eye contact with Fionn, removing your finger from your mouth with an evil little grin on your lips.

“Eh mate I can see why it’s your favorite”.
Fionn lightly elbowed Harry for his comment.

“Ok well I suppose I’ll go ahead and start getting ready. Harry, make yourself at home, Y/N, I need your opinion on something so meet me in the bedroom”.

You said a small excuse me to Harry and headed to the bedroom. As soon as you walked into the bedroom Fionn immediately closed the door behind you and pushed you against the wall. With one hand rested by your head and the other lightly wrapped around your throat, he gives you an intense kiss, his tongue lightly running over your bottom lip and entering your mouth. Fionn breaks the kiss leaving you both breathless.

“Did you think that was cute back there? Wearing this dress that you know drives me crazy and teasing me? Huh?”

“Fionn, I don’t know what your talking about”.

“Really? With the sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking the icing off, just like you did to me earlier with the dough”.
You can tell you got to Fionn by the look on his face and his heavy breathing.

“So listen here, your gonna be a good girl and help me with this problem you caused and Harry’s in the next room so we have to be quiet”.

“Problem? What problem?”
Fionn pointed down with the hand that was by your head seconds ago, looking down you could see a huge bulge in his pants. Laughing uncontrollably you look at the pained boy in front of you,

“Wow Fionn we have guests arriving, Harry’s in the house try to control yourself”.
“Look I really need your help please Y/N”.

Fionns lips start inching closer to your neck, he’s now leaving hot wet kisses down it while mumbling out a “please it hurts”.

Breathlessly getting lost in the attention that Fionn is giving your neck you ask, “ why don’t you just take care of it yourself?”

“No, I tried already I need you, has to be you, you’re the only one who can make it better” Fionn whined as he moved his lips down to your exposed collar bone.

“Fine, Fionn but you hav'ta tell me what you want, do you want my mouth, my hand, just for me to grind you, what do you want?”

“I don’t bloody care just something”.
You drop to your knees, unbuttoning the boys tight pants and pulling them down, looking up at Fionn with innocent eyes you tease his hard length through his boxers with your hot mouth".

“Eh no teasin love please, I don’t think I can take it”.

You do as Fionn asks and pull his length from his boxers, spitting on the head and spreading it down his shaft stroking it a few times before you put just the head in your mouth. You continued to stroke him at a slow teasing pace while you lightly sucked on his tip while flicking your tongue over the slit. Fionns head was thrown back, eyes closed, and brows furrowed.

“Please baby girl, don’t tease me, please just put all of me in your mouth, please”.

You slide your mouth all the way down his length, slowly bobbing your head up and down while holding him at his base. You slide your mouth all the way down him, burying your nose in his dark pubes and choking. You know it seemed weird but you loved his pubes, dark they are but with Little specks of gold in them, you always told him and he always got shy about it.
“Shit baby girl, that feels so good, you make me feel so good”. Fionn was breathless and on the edge of cumming, little whimpers, grunts, and moans leaving his lips, teeth biting down on his bottom lip.

“Ay, Fionn mate Cillian, Tom, Tom, Barry, and Nolan just arrived hurry up”.

The two of you could hear Harry through the door, Fionn let out a disappointed whimper.
“Fuck! Baby you’ve got to hurry, I can’t go out there this hard, this sensitive”.
You worked you mouth at a quick pace, sucking him, flicking your tongue over his tip. You took your free hand and started playing with his balls lightly squeezing and pulling.
“Your mouth, it’s so warm, so wet, you’re gonna make me cum baby girl, s-shit you’re gonna make me cum”.

You could feel his cock twitch as he spurt his hot ropes of cum in your mouth. You loved the way he tasted and you Always let him know, you loved how sweet he was but also tangy with the bit of salty that was always left on your tongue. You pop your mouth off of him showing him that you swallowed every bit of cum he left in your mouth. You stand up “You wanna taste yourself baby?” Fionns breathless and still sensitive, still whimpering. “Uh huh”. You place your lips on Fionns letting his tongue explore the flavor of him in your mouth. Breaking the kiss there is a string of spit connecting you two, “You’re so good you always make me feel so good baby girl”. You smile at Fionn “Go get ready pretty boy”. Fionn runs off to get dressed while you clean the smudged lipstick off of your face and reapplying it.

“Ready baby girl?”
“Yes Mr. Whitehead I believe I am”. You both head out to the party to meet your guests.
“Y/N darling don’t you look exquisite”.

“Yes she does…”

You give Cillian a hug and can feel Tom GC eyeing you.
“Thank you dear you look quite handsome yourself”.

“Ay mate quit eyeing my girl”.
Fionn lightly elbows Tom while they both laugh.

After everyone’s arrived you all head into the dining room for dinner.
“Now Fionn, Y/N I know this is your home but would the two of my mind if I did a toast?”
Fionn gave Mr. Nolan the go ahead, but you couldn’t pay attention because his hand was slowly moving up your thigh and under your dress. His hand immediately makes its way to your center, moving to your clit making circles on it with his skilled fingers. Your instantly hit with the amazing pleasure he’s giving you while also trying to keep composed and not moan out during Nolans toast. You grab Fionns hand making him stop,
“Fionn, what. Are. You. Doing?”
“You’ve been teasing me all day love, just thought I’d return the favor, and mmmm you’re not wearing any panties”.

“Fionn j-just stop not here not now, just stop and I’ll let you do anything you want once everyone’s gone”.
“Anything? Promise?”
Fionn pulls hand from your now wet center, makes like he slipped his hand in his food, and sticks his finger in his mouth, sucking your juices from them, savoring the taste, he lets out a small moan around his fingers removing them from his mouth.

After saying your last good byes to everyone and thanking them for coming Fionn shuts the door to your apartment.

“Bed. Now”.
You do as you’re told and immediately head to your room, Fionn right behind you.
Fionn grabs you by your head, kissing you passionately, teeth smashing together, and his tongue winning dominance over yours. Fionn unzips your dress letting it fall to the ground while you work on undoing his pants. Fionn pulls his shirt over his head leaving him in only his boxers and you in nothing. Placing his lips on yours again, Fionn crawls on top of your body, hovering over you on the bed, making his way down your body with his wet kisses leaving a trail, his tongue flicking over your nipples while suckling on each of them.
“Spread you legs love, I want a real taste of what I had earlier”.
You spread you legs for him as he kisses and nips at your inner thighs. You can feel his breath on your already wet center as he inhales your scent.
“Mmm baby girl you smell so good, bet you taste even better”.

Fionn inches closer to your wet folds, you can feel his nose nudge your clit and you slightly jump from the sensation. The teasing boy places his wet warm mouth on you clit lightly suckling and flicking his tongue over it. You grab Fionn by his hair and start to moan from the pleasure he’s giving you, you can already feel yourself about to cum.
“Fionn, you gonna make me cum”.
Your breathing is now starting to get heavy and you’re whimpering from the pleasure of his warm tongue on you. He looks up at you with his beautiful eyes and releases your clit from his lips.
“W-what why’d you stop? I was so close”.
“Well you teased me so much earlier so I thought I’d repay the favor”.
Fionn immediately attacks your folds again, this time you being more sensitive from the almost orgasm that he denied you. Sucking harder, faster this time.
“Mmmm baby girl you taste so good so sweet, I could eat you out all night long”.
Fionn mumbles as he inserts one finger into your entrance, pumping in and out of you at a quick pace.
“F-fuck Fionn please don’t stop I wanna cum ,you’re gonna make me cum so hard”.
Your head is now thrown back, eyes closed, and legs shaking around Fionns head. Your vision is filled with white spots as Fionn licks you to the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Your body is overcome with the intense pleasure as your orgasm courses through you. You’re now moaning out Fionns name with a string of curse word as you come down from your high. Fionn looks up at you with his beautiful eyes, you’re now a whimpering mess from how sensitive you are. You can see that Fionns chin is glistening in your juices as he crawls up to you, lips almost touching yours.
“Wanna taste yourself baby girl?”

You whimper out a yes and shake your head as Fionn captures your lips with his and you can taste yourself on his tongue, similar to his taste but sweeter.
“Love, please I need to be in you”.
You can see the pained look on Fionns face and you look down, the poor boy is hard as rock as you try to pull his boxers down, the hard length making it difficult. Once his cock is free from its restraint Fionn reaches over to the bedside table to get a condom from the drawer. You reach over and stop him,
“No baby, I want you bare tonight, please?”
Fionn looks at you for a good long second.
“Are you sure love?”
Fionn doesn’t waste anytime, he starts to disappear in between your legs, slowly pushing himself inside you, hissing at the new sensation of being bare mixed with how much warmer and wetter you feel this way. He gives you both a moment to adjust before he starts moving his hips at a slow pace.
“Shit Fionn you feel so good like this, it’s like I can feel every inch of you, every ridge”. Fionn starts pushing deeper, harder into you,

“F-fuck baby girl you’re so tight, god I can feel how wet you are, you feel warmer”.

He’s now grunting in your ear, you moaning uncontrollably as he moves at a faster harder pace.

Fionns now a mumbling mess, whimpering, moaning, grunting, the occasional growl leaving his throat as he thrusts into you.
“You feel so good, too good, nothing should feel this good, it’s like you’re a drug, like your heroin but better, there’s no way that feels better than this, nothing can.

You’re now on the edge of your orgasm and you can tell Fionn is too by the way he’s mumbling.
“Cum for me baby girl please, I’m so close but I need you to cum, I can feel you hugging me so tight”.

Your orgasm hits you as your vision is filled with white spots again, legs shaking around Fionn and moaning out curse words. You can feel Fionn Cumming as he growls your name in your ear, hot, thick, ropes of his cum shooting inside of you. Your now both whimpering messes as you come down from your highs. Fionn places a gentle kiss to your lips.
“God baby girl that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had , you make me feel so good”.
Fionn pulls himself from your entrance.
“Fuck baby that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen”.
You both watch as your mixed cum spills out of you. Fionn bends down and swipes his tongue over your entrance as you jerk away.

Fionn runs his fingers through your cum, holding his hand up to your mouth.
“Wanna see how amazing we taste?”
You take his fingers into your mouth and suck the sweet but tangy juices from them. You close your eyes and let out a little moan.
“Mmm Fionn we taste so good”. Fionn smiled at you as he laid down, you resting your head on his bare chest.
“You’re beautiful and I love you, you know that?”
“You’re beautiful too Fionn,and I love you as well”.
Fionn places a kiss on the top of your head as you both fall asleep, exhausted from the best, most intimate sex you’ve ever had.

Science Vs Reality (Part 6)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Pairing: Mad Sweeney X Reader

Word Count: 3600

Warnings: (Explicit 18+) Under the table and under the belt 

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6- -Part 7-

Blankets tossed on the floor, clothes tugged and bunched every which way, you growled loud as the morning sun started breaching the horizon. You hadn’t slept in the least, even after attempting to soothe what Sweeney started your body was smoldering, heart beating so hard into every vein you barely closed your eyes. What you saw behind them only licked the flames higher. 

Your door suddenly swung open, freaking you out into quickly fixing your attire as your mother charged straight for your closet, not so much as glancing to you, thankfully. “If he hasn’t hit too many stops your father should be here in four hours. Which should be plenty of time to convince you to wear something nice and put on a smile.” 

Crawling to sit politely on the edge of your bed, you rolled your eyes. “Mother, seriously?” 

A dress was flung in your face, heavy enough to tip you. “Yes, seriously. You promised to wear dresses on special occasions!” 

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This is a late birthday present for @selenba / @f-r-f-t! I hope Gray taking care of a drunk Natsu counts as domestic in your books, Fran :)


Gray peeks an eye open to check the message on his phone. You should have come! Lucy texts for the second time. Gray almost agrees. The house is too quiet without Natsu in it. He pulls Natsu’s muffler over his mouth and shrugs. He was just too tired to do anything other than send Natsu off with a have fun, be safe. Hell, he’s still too tired to do anything but lay here.

Gray’s phone beeps again and he opens the snap Lucy’s sent him. His eyes go wide at the sight of Natsu on a table, shaking his ass and sensually pulling his vest off while Cana and Loke cheer in the background. He barely gets a glimpse at the black bar before the video is gone. He’s imitating you.

Gray snorts. He strips to music once and Natsu never lets it go. Tossing his phone aside, he decides to nap before Natsu calls him to be picked up.

His phone rings an hour later, and after a minute of blindly fumbling he manages to answer. “Stripper Boy,” Gajeel greets before Gray gets a word in. “Salamander’s pretty drunk, you better come get him.”

“Fuck’d you say, Gaj?!” Natsu barks somewhere on the other end.

“Mind yer own business, Pinkie!” Gajeel says. Gray can practically hear him rolling his eyes. “And hurry up, would ya? He hasn’t shut up about you for the last two hours.”

“You know what, Gajeel-” Natsu roars.

Gray chuckles. “Yeah, I’ll be there soon. Don’t strangle him before I get there.”

Gajeel barely gets in a, “No promises,” before Gray hangs up and rolls out of bed.

Gray parks the magic-mobile outside Cana’s house and unhooks the SE plug. Natsu is easy to hear, even as he walks up the driveway.

That bright pink hair is the first thing he sees when he walks in the door. It’s heartwarming, even sends a giddy swoop through his stomach. Gray has missed the sight of this ridiculous dragon the last several hours. The moment is short lived as Natsu jabs an accusing finger in Gajeel’s face. “And it’s not as if you haven’t been foaming at the mouth talking about Levy’s legs all night!”

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photo found here

“God I hate this place,” Tommy muttered barely audible amongst the boisterous noise the band called ‘music’ and the gaudy display privy to The Eden. His peaky cap hung low over his eyes, which were glued to the end of the cigarette that dangled from his lips as he lit it. He pulled out a chair from the table with a grunt.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” John beamed as his eyes roamed from one girl to the next with admiration and desire. He winked at one that walked by, reaching forward to grab her butt, to which she just turned and smirked at him. “Oh yeah, you can’t possibly hate this place.” John said, looking back at his brothers.

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You Won't Leave, Right?

I can’t believe that I’m too addicted to this ship.

Warning : neck-kissing(?), hinted nsfw, +16, surprises and uhm…. This fanfic??

Just to be clear, this isn’t the NaJ AU. But they have the same age as the NaJ AU I guess?

Try and figure out who these characters are without skipping to the end notes.

Good luck!


A girl ran to the top of the hill she and her companion visited.

Her pink dress and ribbons flew with the wind as she turned around to see her partner leaning his back against the tree, watching her.

“Let’s watch the sunset now, sweetheart.” He told her. She slowly went to him, a sweet smile on her face. No wonder he calls her sweetheart.

He took her hands in his, pulling her to sit down next him.

They leaned back at the cherry blossom tree as they watch the scenery which was beautiful and calming.

You could clearly see the sun as it goes down, the wide, open view of the sea reflecting it’s golden rays.

There are also cherry blossoms falling down around the two if them, which adds to the beauty of the enchanted golden flowers growing around the tree.

Watching this view definitely brings them serenity and calmness.

The sun had finally finished setting.

The full moon along with the thousand stars rise, each group of stars forming a unique constellation.

If he can, he would consider the eyes of his partner stars. They seemingly make the rest of the sky look dimmer.

To be honest, she looks like a star herself. Like he would just be a shadow compared to her bright beauty.

They both look down at the field of flowers surrounding them.

The enchanted flowers around the tree slowly changed color from gold to blue, one of the many things why this is their favorite place.

The flowers change color depending on what time it is.

At night it is blue, going dark violet through midnight.

Glows as red as blood at the first sight of sunrise.

It soon becomes orange during lunch and slowly turns golden at sunset, retuning to it’s brilliant blue.

It’s just like her. With her colorful personality.

The girl is still mesmerized by this even though she’s seen it probably a thousand times already. She took a flower in her hands and picked it off the ground.

One by one, she pulled of the petals out of boredom.

“He loves me…. He loves me not…. He loves me…. He loves me not….” She kept saying as another petal was pulled off.

She continued this up to the very last petal of the magical flower.

Seeing this, she smiled.

She pulled off the last petal, and breathed happily. “He loves me….”

She looked at her partner who was just watching her with a smile but his eyes tell a different story.

“See, Snazzy?” She started, letting go of the petalless flower. “Even the flower knows you love me.”

She hugged the boy next to her, leaning her head on his chest.

“Of course they do, Xahji.” Snazzy nodded and wrapped his arms around her.

“Then….” Her smile faltered, her hug on him got a little tighter. And somehow…. Possessive? “You won’t leave me, right?”

Snazzy looked at her piercing eyes. It would scare a total stranger or anyone else. He knew that feeling before. But now…. He’s used to it.

He wasted no time for words and kissed her.

He knew her for so long now to know that she just need a passionate kiss as an answer.

He also know that she must be the one to pull away so he just enjoyed the kiss longer than usual.

After a few moments, she pulled away, panting for air.

.“I will never leave you.” He said in between pants.

“Good.” She smiled.

She gripped his jacket and pulled him into another kiss.

He pushed her back to the tree, pressing against her to deepen the kiss.

He licked her lips(?) asking for entrance and she gladly accept it. No need to fight for dominance because he wins anyway without trying.

Muffled moans escaped her as she push his head towards her to make the kiss deeper than it already is.

It felt like an enternity. Xahji just wants to kiss her boyfriend forever. But the stupid air is needed so she pulled away.

Breathing heavily, Snazzy leaned onto her shoulder.

She closed her eye and looked to the left, exposing the right side of her neck.

He immediately pampered it with kisses, occasionally nipping it.

“Zee~ You’ll stay forever… Right~?” Xahji asked, opening her eye.

“Mhmm~” Snazzy hummed, removing the part of the dress that covers her shoulder to reach better.

Xahji’s face was in a total blush. Her sight is beginning to blur as she focuses on Snazzy more.

Her mind is clouded with lust and a possessive feeling.

“P-promise you won’t ha-ahh~ lay eyes on another~?” Xahji asked.

Snazzy stopped kissing her to answer, making Xahji whine. “I would never~” he cooed and returned to abusing her neck.

Her breath hitched when he passed a certain spot. He immediately attacked it, torturing that part with licks and bites.

“Hmm~ Ah~ Snazzy~” Xahji shifts uncomfortably at the feeling of wood behind her. He noticed this of course and teleported them somewhere.

She felt the warp thay made her dizier than she already is.

The feeling if the cherry blossom tree on her back disappeared, replaced by nothing.

Hey eye shot open as she fell back, pulling Snazzy along with her.

The warmth of the sheets behind her was noticed.

She looked around to see the scenery of the sea gone, replaced by the sight of a familiar room.

“T-this room is-” she was cut off by Snazzy kissing the other side of her neck.

“Ngh~ Zee~” she moaned.

“Hmm~?” Snazzy answered as he also slowly removes the other part of the dress covering her other shoulder leaving both shoulders exposed to the cool air in the room.

“W-who do you belong to~?” She asked.

Snazzy paused for a bit. He lifted his head and looked down at Xahji’s flushed face. He can’t help but bite his lower lip, his own face in a deep blush as well.

He removed his jacket and shirt, exposing his ribs in full view to the flustered girl below him. He leaned down to where her ears would be.

“I belong to you, and you only~ You said it yourself.” He whispered seductively.

Xahji purred when she heard that.

“I’m glad you know…” She said.

Snazzy resumed kissing her neck, biting it hard enough to leave another mark on her.

“And if anyone ever tries to steal you away~” she pushed him away a bit, his face oh so close to hers. She put a finger on his mouth, looking at him with lust. “I will personally make sure that their death will be slow and painful~”

He gulped. He knew very well that his girlfriend is sweet and definitely lovely. She is what any guy could have wished for. That’s why her siblings are so overprotective of her.

He felt lucky to even have her. To claim her as his. To know they belong to each other.

But she still have…. Questionable tendencies when it comes to him. He loved every inch of her but her yandere side is too dangerous.

That’s probably gonna be the reason why he should be careful of her.

He’s too scared of loosing her but he is also scared that she would love him too much that she might kill someone.

He dismissed those thoughts and just kissed her deeply, the sudden kiss made her moan as he slowly undressed her.

It’s not like he won’t do the same if anyone takes her away from him.


And done! Did you figure out the twist?

Xahji’s a yandere, yo! Anf so is Snazzy, I guess.

I think everyone figured that out. Someone once said that a good story has a yandere in it.

I hope this is one of ‘em.

Like I said, this isn’t NaJ but they are the same age as NaJ.

That’s why Snazzy can teleport.

And why Xahji has probably 7 sibs.

Cil, Cray, Goth, Lilith, Muffin, Glitch Color…. Is Fatal counted?

Eh, whatever.

I just wanted to write this.

And I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

I should probably stop before this goes longer.

Like, I usually ramble alot of things.

Like this one.

I should stop.

Ok, bye. See ya next time.

Snazzy- @anrez-op-skele
Xahji- @azzyloraaandkanto

And the plot is mine.

i wish someone can draw this

A Crack In Her Armor (Pt.1)

This is part one of a three-parter Negan/oc fic that I had initially intended to be a one shot, but it took on a complete mind of its own! I’m bringing back my oc, Fiona, that I had introduced back in my Simon one shot, “Maneater”. So this should be interesting. Hope y’all get a kick outta Fiona and enjoy this fic as much as I did writing it!

“Shit.” Fiona muttered, cigarette dangling from her lips. Her somewhat jolly mood of acquiring a fresh pack of Marlboro Menthol 100’s, was tainted upon realizing that to get back to her cozy lil duplex, she had to pass by Negans house. Only his side of the street had a sidewalk, the other side was just grass and she was in wedged heels. She cursed herself for choosing aesthetic over practical.

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Demon Deal.

Pairing : Bobby x Crowley
Word count : 1,839
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings : Smuttish, Non/Dub-con
Square filled : Crobby
Written for @spnkinkbingo


Bobby lay bloody and dying on the ground, hand clutching at his chest, trying to stop some of the bleeding as he hoped beyond hope his boys were okay. He had promised not to go off on his own, and he had broken it in a heartbeat when he heard someone in trouble.

But no one had been in trouble. It had been a trap. So here he was, gasping for breath and hoping they had at least been smart enough not to get fooled like he had.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?”

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Touch Starved Keith

So recently I’ve been working on a collection of fanfics/ficlets. As this title says, it’s about Keith being touch starved (and actually about how Lance reacts and how they kind of grow closer; yes, there will be a lot of Klance).

I got this “idea” from seeing a lot of comments calling Keith touch-starved and I got curious about what being touch starved actually meant, thus this first fic happened! But then I thought about Lance and Keith deling with it in a more long-term-way, and suddenly I had a lot of ficlets just laying around, and so I thought I could share them with you and maybe you could enjoy them or maybe help me improve them!

I’m not sure what is going to happen to this AU as of now, but I just wanted to see what you people thought of it.

I’m in no way an expert in this subject, so I might have gotten some things wrong – in which case I’m terribly sorry and I’m fully prepared to edit or otherwise make the mistake right as fast as anyone points it out to me. I tried to read up on the subject as best as possible, but I take full responsibility for any mistakes and apologize in advance.

Anyway this is the short summary of the first fic in this AU collection. The rest of the story is under the cut.

In advance I want to point out that I’m not trying to make light of the subject in any way, but when seeing this from the point of view that cannot relate to this in any way, I imagine it would be quite difficult to understand right away. Thank you.

Summary: Shiro explains Keith’s behavior. Lance doesn’t fully understand, so he goes to Keith directly.

Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron: Legendary Defender or anything related to it.

Read on AO3.

Touch starved

Lance had to ask Hunk about it, who then asked Shiro to best explain it, and suddenly it became a Talk. Shiro sat them down – black paladin to blue, green and yellow – and explained what it meant to be touch deprived.

“It’s something that usually starts when you’re already an infant. If you never get the stimulation of touch, it can get quite serious actually…”

“So Keith just needs a lot of hugs?” Lance concluded, because to him it was so foreign. He couldn’t quite imagine being touch starved, at least not in the way Shiro was trying to explain.

Shiro shook his head. “No. Because of how long this has been going on, too sudden simulation can… be overwhelming.”

“But can’t touch deprivation cause… problems?” Pidge asked, whom had been frowning this entire time.

Shiro nodded. “Lack of tactile stimulation, especially in early infancy and if continued for a sufficient length of time, may lead to serious developmental and emotional disturbances, such as stunted growth, personality disorders, and social regression.” He seemed to be reciting a definition of sort, as if he’d been prepping for this talk, memorizing a script.

“Wait,” Lance said, “so Keith is the way he is… because he’s touch starved?”

Shiro mulled this over before he finally gave a tentative nod. “In a way, yes, I guess you could put it that way.”

That was unbelievable. Lance couldn’t quite wrap his mind around it. How could you just not be touched? While he grew up, Lance had never really thought about the whole touching thing, it just happened. Then again, he and Keith had grown up quite differently…

“I know it’s not always easy to deal with him,” Shiro continued, “but I just wanted to tell you that how he reacts isn’t always something he can control. I know, he has to take some responsibility and I’m not saying that you should give him any slack, but… maybe keep it in mind?”

It was Hunk who answered Shiro, with a soft, reassuring smile. “We understand what you’re trying to say, Shiro. You’re looking out for him, and so will we. Thanks for telling us.”

Shiro visibly relaxed. He gave a long sigh and smiled. “Thank you, all of you. And if there’s anything you want to ask, please don’t hesitate.”

On the way out, Shiro patted them all on the back. It made Lance realize that Shiro was always making sure to cheer them up and look after them. Even though none of them were touch starved the way Keith was, they didn’t really have to worry about suddenly becoming it with Shiro around either. He was always looking out for them.

“Oh my God, Keith could have died?” Lance screeched, jumping from his chair and staring horrified at the screen in front of him. Pidge shrugged behind him.

“Seems like it.”

“Oh my God, can he still die from this? Oh my God, Pidge, we need to do something! Keith could die because we’re not hugging him enough!”

Pidge sighed. “Relax, Lance. It says that infants can die from it, so I highly doubt Keith will suddenly die now.”

“You doubt it, but you’re not sure!” Lance exclaimed, still standing with his eyes glued to the screen as if he was willing the words away. Pidge switched to another site.

“You heard Shiro, Lance,” Pidge said calmly, “too sudden simulation could do way more harm than any good. You can’t just suddenly hug him with all your might and make it go away, it doesn’t work that way. And even if it did work that way you have to remember that this is Keith; he can barely handle a high-five.”

“But we have to do something!” Lance cried and slumped into his chair.

It was just so hard for him to imagine. How had Keith dealt with small wounds or nightmares as a kid? Had no one ever hugged him and told him everything would be okay when he cried? Had Keith ever cried?

“If you want to do something,” Pidge thought aloud, “you should probably talk to him. I mean, he has made a lot of progress. Remember when he freaked out when we tried giving him high-fives? I think he’ll be up for almost-hugs in a few months, so it’s not like he’s in any immediate danger. But if you want to make sure, you’ll have to ask Keith himself or maybe Shiro…”

Lance could do that, it wasn’t like he was shy or anything. But what would he say? This was so foreign to him that he didn’t even know where to start! Did it hurt? Was it like an itch in his skin? Did he want to change it?

“Keith probably won’t talk about it…” Lance muttered.

Pidge shrugged. “I’m not sure anymore, he’s been opening up a lot more lately. Of course, if you act as your obnoxious-self…”

“Hey!” Lance protested, but it wasn’t any real anger behind it. He knew he couldn’t just burst into Keith’s room and act silly around such a serious subject. He knew that much. But acting silly was always so much easier, it always made the situations so more lighter. “I’ll think about it,” he said instead before saying goodbye and walking out.

It took Lance an entire week to build up the courage to ask Keith directly. That entire week he made up conversations, questions and even a few light-hearted jokes if the situation turned sour. Lance felt as prepared as he could ever be, given that the subject was so far over his head as it was.

Yet when he found himself outside Keith'a room that night, he hesitated. Maybe Keith didn’t want to talk about it, maybe it was better to just act as if he didn’t know – but then he thought about a scared little Keith, sitting all alone and crying without anyone to comfort him, and that made the decision for him.

He knocked. “Keith?”

Lance heard a muffled “what”, and before he could really think about it, he opened the door and walked in.

Keith’s room was dark except for the little light that seeped in through the gap in the bathroom door. His room was unusually bare, not that he had that much in his own room, but something about Keith’s just made it seem… impersonal.

Keith sat on his bed, knife in one hand and a cloth in the other. Lance wasn’t much surprised to find Keith sitting in the dark and cleaning his knives. Something about that just seemed very Keith.

“What do ya’ want?” Keith asked, barely looking up.

Lance puffed his chest out and took a deep breath. He’d planned out an entire speech, but as he looked at Keith – with his unruly hair, pale skin, tank-top ruffled and bare feet – everything he’d rehearsed flied out the window.

“Eh– Keith, buddy, pal,” he babbled. “I just– I, uh, I wanted to ask, eh, I mean…” As he scrambled around his words, Keith looked up at him with furrowed brows and waited. Lance could feel sweat trickling down his neck. For a moment he panicked and he blurted out, “Are you touch starved?”

Keith froze and his gaze flickered. A strained, tense silence fell over them for what felt like millions of lightyears. Lance was sweating like crazy and Keith’s room felt too hot, so damn hot. He should have kept his big mouth shut. He should never have come here. He should have left it alone and he was stupid, so stupid, so, so–

“Yeah,” Keith whispered, voice so quiet Lance almost missed it. “I think so.”

“You’re not sure?” Lance squeaked, and he didn’t know if Keith not being sure was better or worse.

Keith shrugged. He was fingering his knife, turning it over and over in his hands. “Shiro told me I might be, but there hasn’t been, like, a professional who said it or anything.”

Keith looked smaller, younger somehow, while he sat there, playing with his knife and talking about being touch deprived in such a small voice, as if it confused him.

Lance throat squeezed so hard together it was hard to breath. “Does it hurt?”

That made Keith look up, his face startled. Lance wanted so bad to just go over and hug him, to tell him it would be okay. He would make sure it was okay.

“Does what hurt?” Keith asked, brows furrowing.

Without thinking about it, Lance had walked towards the bed. He watched Keith’s reaction closely, and when he didn’t look opposed, he sat down at the edge of his bed. Close, but not so close that they were touching. There was a good amount of space between them.

“Being, you know, touch starved. How does it feel? Does it itch? Is it something you can constantly feel?” He might have leaned in a little closer as he asked.

To Lance’s surprise, his questions made Keith smile. It was a quick show of his teeth, his lips lifting upwards as he shook his head and raised those twinkling eyes to Lance. He looked happy. So stupidly happy, and it was simply because Lance had asked such a simple question. Lance’s heart stopped momentarily.

“It doesn’t hurt,” he said, then he frowned again as he started to think. He started to opened his mouth, “Sometimes…”

“Sometimes what?” Lance prompted, and somehow Keith seemed to need those little pushes, the little bit of prodding to show that Lance really wanted to hear what Keith had to say.

“Sometimes it… it kinda stings?” Lance hated how unsure Keith sounded, how afraid and uncertain he was, as if he was saying something wrong. “But it doesn’t feel bad… does that make sense?”

“You’re over-sensitive,” Lance nodded. He had tried to read up as much as possible, but mostly it had been scientist explaining. “Your skin isn’t used to being touched, so of course it would feel… weird.”

Keith nodded, looking down at his knife. He had stopped cleaning it long ago. He still looked small and young, huggable and in desperate need of comfort though. Keith muttered, “How… why…”

Lance scooched closer again, but still kept a little distance. He was testing the waters, seeing where the lines were. So far things seemed better than he’d expected. “I was worried,” Lance said, “and I didn’t understand why you were acting the way you were acting so I asked Hunk, who asked Shiro and then he explained, but I couldn’t really understand it, except I knew you were hurting, and then Pidge and I read that you could die and I really just needed to ask you, like, personally, because… I can’t imagine it, Keith. I’m sorry, but I can’t even picture it, and I wish I could, I really do, so please, just tell me if I can help with anything? I know that a hug won’t help, Shiro and Pidge already told me that smothering you in hugs might do more damage than good, so… I don’t know,” Lance ended quietly, a little out of breath and his hands a little shaky. “I don’t know how to help, Keith. I want to, but I don’t know how, and I’m sorry.”

Keith was staring at him, mouth slightly agape. “Why are you sorry?”

“Because!” Lance said, too loudly, “I can’t stop picturing you, all alone, without anyone, and– and I don’t want that! I don’t want you to ever feel alone again, okay? You don’t deserve that. You don’t deserve not being hugged, and not having anyone to kiss your wounds better or kiss you goodnight or hug you when you cry – and I feel so awful because I can’t even…” Lance shook his head and took a deep breath, turning his gaze to Keith and holding it steady. “I don’t want you to ever feel like you don’t have anyone again. Okay?”

Keith nodded, still looking dazed and shocked. And then, shocking Lance, Keith reached out and held Lance’s hand.

“Thank you,” he whispered, and they sat there like that, holding hands. It didn’t seem like much, but Lance knew. Lance knew this was a big step, for both of them.

He couldn’t stop smiling.

Okay, so there you have it. I couldn’t find much about how it actually felt having touch deprivation, so most of that is just what I personally imagine what it would feel like so sorry if that’s wrong.

I actually have more planned for this AU, and so far I can say that Keith will show signs of autism (that’s one of my favorite HC because he does show some tendencies in the show even and we need more representation on those kind of fronts).

But yeah, tell me what you think. I’ve been kind of nervous to share this in case I have somehow gotten things wrong or something, so please tell me if I have!

Thank you for reading and any likes or comments!

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Chapter 14

Read previous Chapters

WARNINGS:   mentions of violence, mature, sexual content, NSFW

so ya wanted a right proper desk banging eh? @banes-tshirt

Chapter 14 - Understanding Often Comes Too Late  

 Aylona awoke to a room bright with light causing her to squint red, swollen eyes tightly closed.  The previous night scenes playing back in her mind as she watched the dappled sunlight spread it’s warm glow about the room.  She felt no such warmth inside, but instead a hard knot in her stomach and with a groan rolled over in the bed.  And came face to face with a sprig of daisies upon the pillow; the sweet scent filling her senses.  Her heart squeezed and an image of Alfie standing over her while she slept swam before newly tearful eyes.   No note accompanied the gift this time, and it pained her to think she had rendered such a man as he mute. 

She tried to summon a flash of anger to protect her from the pain, but it was regret that stuck like a ruthless residue.   A stain on her character in how she had come to him in the night, and then cruelly pushed him away; and worst of all that he had seen through her.  Full knowing it was a punishment, he had welcomed her into his arms, willing to take whatever she offered.   Alyona held the daisies beneath her nose, willing their scent to be a soothing balm upon her troubled mind.  But remorse now pierced her heart like a dagger and the room had lost its sunny disposition; as though the anguish of her mind had hung the world in odorless, shrouds of gray.  She lingered within the downy comforters until the heartache had wrung her dry and there were no more tears to shed.   With their last conversation still an echo in her ears, the knot inside drawing tighter, she made her way to the bakery;  fearful and nervous regarding what the day might bring.  

After suffering through several hours at the bakery, the anticipation of their meeting a punishing thing in her mind, with some dismay faced the truth:  Alife had not come into work that day.  


The building Alfie exited was in a very, very secret location and it had taken him the better part of the day to travel to this meeting.  Had night not been falling, the three large men that accompanied him were of sufficient size to block out the light of the day.  This was not a task for the as yet untried Ollie, evidenced by the blood he now wiped from his brow and mouth.  Given the amount of time that had passed, Alfie new he’d have to prove the worth of his crowns before these men.   With no small amount of satisfaction at the outcome of more than a few polishing the floor with their prone forms still fresh in his mind, a slight smile also split his face.  More importantly he had learned what he needed, though it gave him no similar satisfaction.   The Russian gangs had not participated in any robbery of the Eden Club, and more worrisome – it had been quite some time since any new crowns had been earned.  The legend of Alfie Solomons was a tough one to best.   It also meant that someone was playing a very dangerous game with very dangerous men.   And Alyona was caught right in the middle.

“When you find these men, you know what must be done, ya?”

Alfie nodded his understanding.  The stakes now considerably raised, dread crept down his spine settling into an already pained hip, and his limp while walking towards the vehicle was more pronounced.  An itching had begun at the back of his neck and a deep sigh escaped him as he realized he could not halt that pain, any more than the approaching train that was coming.  The darkness engulfed the men as they drove away and once again it was with stony silence that Alfie watched the landscape blur past.   It was better to not think of such things as happiness, or the bliss of warm, soft skin when one must concentrate on the necessary violence about to erupt.   Those who had the misfortune to deal with Alfie Solomons soon learned the hard way it was not an excellent poker face he presented… he quite literally knew no fear.

At least not concerning the matters of violence and death.

Love and loss?  Now those were completely different matters.

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He Don’t Mean It- Chapter 3 (A Meihem/Zaryahog fanfiction)



“Well. It seems now we are both in dog house.”

Zarya was, to both of their surprises, the first one to speak. Junkrat was too busy staring dumbfounded after Mei’s retreating figure, until even his keen night vision could no longer make her out and she was truly gone. A distressed little gurgling noise was the only sound he could seem to wrest from his throat, while the larger woman next to him wiped at some of the crusted blood below her nose before she sighed and folded her massive arms.

“I hate it when she is mad at me,” she said, sounding surprisingly resigned. “She can hold massive grudge for weeks.”

The verbal dam holding back the junker’s words finally seemed to break, and they came out as a torrent. “Ya think I don’t know it, russki?! Oh, this is bad. This is real bad. It’s over, ain’t it? I’ve come a gutser.” He dragged both hands down his swollen and battered face, black nails digging into his bruised cheeks. “It’s like you said, she can hold a grudge. But this is more’na grudge. She ain’t gonna forgive me, is she? This isn’t like those other times, like when I leave the toilet seat up or forget when the mission dates are or when I put that confetti bomb in her undies drawer. She’s mad as a cut snake! This is gonna be Goodnight Irene!”

“Er,” Zarya frowned at him unsurely, unable to really keep track of his rapid train of thought or his Australian slang. “…Yes?”

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You’re into the older type?

(A/N): I love peter parker so much

Request: A Peter Parker x reader where you’re a vigilante with the power of elemental manipulation including light, darkness, and energy and you’re his partner who knows his secret identity and everything Peter has a huge crush on you despite the fact you’re like 4 years older than him and he tries to impress you when he becomes a avenger but it still doesn’t work so he goes to Natasha and Tony for help please

Warnings: some swearing

Originally posted by bubblyholland

    Peter watched in pure adoration as (Y/N) once again demonstrated their powers on the battlefield. A swarm of pure, dark energy flowed from their fingers, swarming around the men they were attacking. It was pure black in color, just like the night, and Peter was sure it was freezing to the touch, most likely the reason their victims froze within a second of it touching them.

     "Hey spideykid,“ (Y/N) jokes through gritted teeth. "Guess who could use a little help?” Peter snaps out of his trance, shaking his head to clear the momentary fog that had swarmed him. 

     "Oh my god, yeah, sorry,“ He quickly springs into action, using his new and improved webbing to tackle a few guys to the ground, leaving them immobile. With their combined powers, (Y/N)’s elemental and Peter’s spidey shit, they made a pretty great team. Within minutes the two had taken down the group of men, all of them either frozen or stuck within his webbing. 

     "Good job Pete,” (Y/N) gives him a smile, raising their hand for their usual celebratory high five. Peter smiles as he slaps his gloved hand against (Y/N)’s no doubt blushing madly as he did so. 

     Truth be told Peter had a huge crush on the vigilante (Y/N) despite the fact that they were 4 years older than him, putting them at an adult level. In all honesty it wasn’t a huge deal but 16 and 20 would raise some suspicions amongst some people, most likely aunt May. So instead Peter kept his feelings bottled up within himself, not allowing anyone to know of his little secret.

     "How ‘bout I walk you to that dump you wanted to go to today, the one with that computer you wanted?“ Peter nods excitedly, probably a bit too excitedly it (Y/N) doesn’t seem to mind. With a wide smile they sling their arm over his shoulder, yanking him against them in a side hug of sorts. "You’re one weird kid Pete,” they chuckle, shaking their head as they begin to walk towards said dump. “Eccentric perhaps, I like it,”

     (Y/N) had a crush on Peter too, not that they would ever admit it. The kid was still in highschool whereas they had graduated 2 years before. This kid was a sophomore, junior at most. But every damn time they saw his smile or heard his laugh or if he even told one of his corny jokes (Y/N) swore they fell in love with that spider kid all over again. Even when he’s tried to impress them it made (Y/N)’s heart flutter and a huge smile to rise to their lips, thank god for the mask they had. And yet again (Y/N) couldn’t act upon these feelings given that he was still so much younger than him. So instead (Y/N) kept it all bottled up, just as Peter had, never to tell a soul of their little crush.

     “Avengers huh?” (Y/N) asks as they casually sip at their coffee, not even sparing Peter a look at the most. 

    “Yeah, and Germany, and there was this cool guy there with a metal arm and he had this bird friend. Oh! And Mr. Stark recruited me and so now I have a job and I can spend everyday after school at Avengers tower and-” 

    “That’s pretty cool kid,” (Y/N) completely dismissed the nickname, having figured it was just a fond nickname they’d given him over some time but low and behold Peter hated it. It made him feel small, inadequate, like perhaps he wasn’t fit to be their partner. 

    “Yeah,” Peter sighs, slumping back down into the seat of (Y/N)’s car, his entire excitement having been depleted. “Guess so,” (Y/N) cast him a strange look from their peripheral vision, his sudden change in attitude concerning them a bit. 

    “Have a good day at school Pete,” (Y/N) gives him a little smile as he opens their car door before closing it once again, not even acknowledging their comment. He walks off, completely ignoring (Y/N), as thought they weren’t even there. It did….it felt weird to say the least, (Y/N) was so used to having Peter be all sorts of bubbly and talkative and now suddenly he was completely ignoring them, blowing them off as though (Y/N) didn’t even matter in the slightest. Now, with slightly tampered spirits they start their car back up, driving away from Peter’s school.

    “You guys,” Peter whines to Nat and Tony, one of which was attempting to meditate while the other was happily tinkering away with his suit. “I’ve tried everything, it isn’t working,” 

    “Have you tried being yourself?” Nat asks as she oh so casually bends herself in half. 

    “Don’t be yourself kid,” Tony mutters as he grabs a wrench of sorts. “It never works, be something better than you- a bit bigger-” 

    “Tony means act like him which you don’t do, ever.” Nat closes her eyes, breathing in deeply. “Have you just tried telling them how you feel?” 

   “No,” Peter whispers, hanging his head a bit. “They’re four years older than me and-” 

   “Woah,” Tony smiles, perking his head up a bit. “My boy’s into the older type, eh?” Peter blushes a bit, raking a hand down his face. 

   “No, I don’t, no, Just- I guess when It’s (Y/N) sure,” Tony smirks knowingly before ducking his head back down into his work, casually shaking his head while he was at it. 

    “Peter,” Peter looks back to Nat just to find her in some other really obscure position. “Just tell them how you feel, if they like you back then they’ll tell you, if not then maybe you can move on, find yourself someone new,” Peter sighs, looking down to his biology homework. 

   “I hope,” He mutters before delving back into formulas and cell theory. 

    Peter stared at (Y/N) longingly, watching as they stared out of the window as they drove, once again taking Peter to school. 

    “You gonna keep staring at me like that?” (Y/N) asks a hint of a smile in their voice. Peter’s cheeks flush a crimson color before he directs his gaze down, trying to hide his own smile. (Y/N) casts him the all too familiar side glance, smiling a bit wider as they do. 

    “How’s school treatin’ ya?” (Y/N) asked as they took a bite from some bagel they were eating. 

    “It’s- it’s fine,”(Y/N) hums nodding their head as they do so. 

   “Anyone you’ve got your eye on?” (Y/N) asks jokingly, not really anticipating an answer. 

   “Uh- yeah,” Peter sighs, attempting to calm his ever rising nerves. “Yeah, there’s this one kid I really, really like,” (Y/N)’s heart drops just a bit, despite the fact that they were the one who hadn’t acted upon their feelings, despite the fact that they were the one who had asked the question in the first place. 

    “Oh yeah?” (Y/N) whispers, trying so hard not to give themselves away. Peter hums, biting his lip in thought. 

    “Yeah, I just kind of have this dilemma with them,” Even though Peter’s words did sting just a bit, (Y/N) had to further press the matter given how it seemed Peter wanted to talk about it just a bit. 

    “Well, what’s the problem?”

   “Well, they’re kinda older than me, only by a few years but I still think that it kind of annoys them and whenever I try to impress them It just doesn’t seem to work,” 

   “Peter,” (Y/N) gives him a smile, turning to place a gentle hand against his shoulder. “Just be yourself, I’m sure they’ll love you,” 

   “Well, it doesn’t seem to be working on you,” He finally mutters the truth finally out there. At his words (Y/N) slams on the brakes, causing their car to come to a screeching halt in the middle of the road. 

   “What do- What do you mean?” (Y/N) asks, turning to look at Peter with wide, imploring eyes. 

   “I’ve tried every damn thing to impress you and it doesn’t work. I get that if this age gap makes you uncomfortable but I just- I can’t help but like you, like…really like you,” (Y/N) was sure their heart was hammering in their chest and they probably looked like an idiot as they stared at Peter with an absolutely dumbstruck face. 

    “So you- you like me?” 

   “Yeah,” Peter nods, “I like you a lot-” (Y/N) can’t help themself when they throw their arms around Peter’s neck, most likely squeezing the life out of him in a bone crushing hug. 

   “I can’t believe you like me too,” They whisper, as though anything louder than that would interrupt this little moment. Peter stares at them dumbly, most likely his jaw dropped and eyes wide. 

    “You- You like me?”

   “Yes, god I thought you were never going to notice,” They chuckle a bit, completely ignoring the traffic around them. Peter smiles a bit as he hesitantly wraps his arms about (Y/N)’s form, relishing in the way their body almost fit perfectly in his arms. The two would have remained like that for sometime if the sudden blast of many car horns pulled them away from each other, making them realize that they were in the middle of New York, clogging up traffic. 

    “I think you should start driving,” Peter smiles a bit, unable to do much else at the moment. “Otherwise Tony is going to have to pay a hefty fee,” (Y/N) chuckles a bit as they put their car in reverse, backing up just a bit before changing once again and accelerating forward. 

    “I’ll be here to pick you up from school,” (Y/N) smiles as they drive past some buildings. “And then we can talk about this some more,” Peter smiles, nodding his head a bit. “I’m 50 percent sure that we may be illegal but we can work around that, right?” Peter smiles, his cheeks alight with a red hue. 


‘An offer they can’t refuse’ - Kitten and the Don

This story is the end of me. It is a humble tribute for the lovely Undertale AU within the Mob AU of @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff named ‘Kitten and the Don’ about the 30 year old Frisk, who became the right hand man of 'foxy grandpa’ Gaster!Sans, also called G or 'The Don’. (To prevent confusion I call Gaster!Papyrus simply Papyrus). The first post of this AU depicts how Frisk breaks out of a crate, attacks G and got beaten up by him. I wondered what their motivations might be and how they came to work for a Don afterwards. This is where this story comes in. I am certain this is not how @junkpilestuff imagined it, so please read it like an alternative to their official story.

If you have read the one bellow and you are interested in more then I would be more than happy if you check out my other ‘Kitten and the Don’ stories who are not direct follow ups but are loosely linked to each other: [Three types of smiles] and [Succession]

Dedicated to the two incredible @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff, whose responses to my last story was one of my greatest inspiration and motivation. The other source is each and every one of you who continue to read and like my stories. You are all incredbly awesome!

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or… photographer harry

category: fluff & angst

If there was a flat you were forced to stay in for the rest of your life– you would have to choose Harry’s. Y/N doesn’t know if it was the fresh plants hanging from different parts of the ceiling, on every flat surface (tops of his refrigerator included) or the welcoming aroma of ground coffee from his morning meal, she just felt at home. Being one of the first people Y/N’s met after moving out to Glasgow, he’d immediately had a significant presence in her life. It’s a bit deeper than that now, with him being her boyfriend, but significant presence nonetheless. 

“Day-O is definitely a favorite. We should do this again next time ‘round.” Harry says, peeling yet another orange. “Movie’s great too.” 

“That’s why you want to re-do this day again? Because we’re watching Over the Hedge? Not because of your mess of a fruit?” 

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