i tried so hard to use caps other than just ruby

“Hey beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?”

She tries really hard not to roll her eyes – really, she does – but can’t help it, because she’s barely been sitting for ten seconds and already some frat boy comes to annoy her. Can’t a girl have a break for a minute there, seriously? But she knows those guys, knows them all too well, so she forces a humourless smile on her lips as she turns to look at him. Yep, definitely some drunk frat boy, with the stupid cap and stupid hoodie and stupid grin – just her luck.

“No, thank you.”

“Oh come on, darling. Just one drink.”

The stubbornness doesn’t surprise her all that much – she’s seen worse, sadly – but it still annoys her and she mentally curses her friends for being too busy dancing to help her out on that one. She curses Mary Margaret for thinking going out and celebrating the end of term would be a good idea, because it isn’t, and here she is, flirted at by a joke of a human being who can’t take a hint.

“I said no, thank you.”

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