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Skam 30 day challenge

Day 6- Best character development  

♥Isak Valtersen♥

I always talk about how proud I am, when someone mentions about him.
                                         (spoiler alert!!!) 

  • Isak Valtersen was literally a sneaky bitch in season 1. He told Iben that Eva and Chris hooked up just because he wanted to separate Eva and Jonas, even though Eva trusted him. He betrayed Eva. I don’t blame Isak for Eva and Jonas’ break up. It was their fault. But isak’s move was really shitty. That move literally killed their friendship.

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  • But in season 3 he apologized her. He was sorry and he was sincere. He felt bad about it and now he wants to fix everything. He wants to be friend with her again. (and also I’m so proud of Eva, too. I don’t know I could forget him easily.) 
  • Isak Valtersen could lie easily and he used to make people feel sorry about him. (he used to use his mother’s illness or family dinners(!) etc). He hid his feelings. He didn’t talk with his friends. 
  • But now he tells what he feels. If he needs help about something, he doesn’t hesitate for asking now and he can talk about his problems with his friends now and get advice from them… something like..“STRAIGHT UP!!!” (ironic :DD) and get supported by them ♥ no needs to lies anymore..

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  • He didn’t care about people’s feelings. He used Emma and Sara for hiding his sexual orientation. (I can understand why he did that but I wish he didn’t)

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  • but now he is open about his sexuality and actually he can joke about which friend he would bang first 😂😂

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  • He was ignorant about gay people. But now he is learning and he respects them.

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  • He didn’t want “sick” people around him. 

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  • But now he is in love with a mentally ill boy and only thing he wants now is make him happy. Now he knows that being mentally ill doesn’t make them any less human or any less alive. He now knows that they can love and be loved. 

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  • He didn’t want to see his parents. But now he is trying to communicate them. Trying to make things work. 

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  • And most importantly he is free and happy now. He doesn’t have to hide anything. He can be himself now. 

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I can’t believe how much he grows up. He changed and doesn’t change at the same time. This never cease to amaze me. He was a stupid, selfish teenager and now even when you look him in the eye, you can see the difference. My boy is matured so much and I’m so so proud of him.

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BTS catch you singing and dancing their songs in your underwear and oversized shirt

a bts reaction when they see you dancing and singing along to their songs in your underwear and an oversized shirt from them

Jin “What? Me?? No Jagi! I promise I wasn’t spying on you from the doorframe. I have been in the kitchen all this time, eating!” *tries so hard to pretend he wasn’t beeing a creep*

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Jimin: “Okay, clothes off, let’s move this dance to the bedroom”

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J-Hope: “You know Jagi… You can keep dancing all you want but I think I’ll be taking that shirt back now…”

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Jungkook: *innocent maknae cannot control his emotions*

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Rap Monster: “Well this was a pleasant surprise to arrive home to…” *dirty thoughts*  *sexy Namjoon is sexy*

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Suga: *dies of cuteness. Also he loves the way you imitate his rapping moves*

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V: “I saw the butt” *smirks to himself, while hiding behind the sofa*

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Fairy Tail artists - you may wanna go check if your art is on there.

nalu_fairy_tail_lover on Instagram

I know, Instagram is full of art thieves; but I really have a lot of words for this person.

First row -

Their entire account is filled with fan art, none of which was sourced AT ALL until I said something. Countless works by rboz, fairy-mage, blanania, and others.

Even worse, they not only edited art but put their own watermark over it. I swear, nothing is more infuriating to me than this.

Putting “I do not own any of these pictures, I just edit them” is not proper sourcing! It’s lazy and still art theft!

Second row -

I told them the pic was by rboz, and asked politely for them to credit. What did they do? Deleted my comment. I made a second comment about them deleting and all they had to do was give credit. Deleted comment and blocked me. These comments were by my account @nakama_levy. @Mandafancypants is my personal. Also blocked.

Since then they deleted my thank you to that person. Got credit on it finally though.

Third row - 

I again (semi) politely told them the art was by fairy-mage. You can see exactly what they tried to use as an excuse. I used @miss.script (my art account) because they blocked my fandom account. They just blocked that one (after they asked me that question? wtf?) and I answered on my personal. Blocked again. 

FINALLY got credit on this one too.

Fourth row - 

Told them with @nakama_levy that this was by blanania. Deleted my comment. I told them again with my personal.  Still nothing.

Cool. So you deleted my initial comments to hide that you do in fact know who drew these and are a blatant art thief. 

How fucking hard is it to give credit? Especially when I hand fed you the sources, are you kidding me? 

I’m now gonna make up a page linking to known art thieves. Hopefully it helps a little bit.

ironphoenixashe, it definitely got worse.

requested by @hans-ded

Type: Ship (canon)

People/ Characters: Han Solo & Leia Organa (Princess Leia Organa-Solo)

Children: Ben Solo (Kylo Ren), Rey (Solo?) [depends on your opinion on Rey’s parentage]

Inside Jokes: idk if you’d really call it an inside joke but ESB is basically Han & Leia: the movie. And it’s a running joke that Han is a bad father (look at how Ben turned out) but I don’t think he is, I guess it’s personal opinion. ‘OK hotshot’

First Appearance: Episode IV: A New Hope (although technically the ship doesn’t fully go canon unitil Episode V: Empire Strikes Back)

Last Appearance: Episode VII: The Force Awakens (as of yet anyway, who knows what’ll happen in Episode VIII)

Status: Separated/ one half deceased. Personally I don’t think they divorced, maybe they were just having a break following Ben’s turning- I believe they would have reunited and carried on as couple if Han had lived. Technically the ship is no longer a thing because Han died but as I said above, who knows what will happen in Episode VIII. If you’re currently still in denial and living in pre-2015, everything is perfect :)

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I tried really hard to find out but I keep seeing things about Ravi's birthmark and I don't know anything about it at all. Can you help inform me?

Oh of course! Well, Ravi has a birthmark that’s on his arm, right above his elbow as seen in this picture below.

(Credit to @03260408net which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore..)

He usually hides it with a band around his arm, like during Hyde for example, while wearing his sleeveless outfit. And currently, it seems as though he has a tattoo placed where his birthmark is, though no one is positive if it’s real or not.

I hope that helps!

-Admin Eyes