i tried so hard to get this thing to upload

Yeah well… I can’t help myself. I’m in too deep with this ship.

I think I finally figured out Luna’s face. lol. (‘coz I was having trouble getting the likeness right)

The quote was from a fanfic I tried to write (but failed miserably). It’s the only thing that turned out nice so I kept it. (I deleted the fanfic out of embarrassment)

Edit: Ah crap, I saw some mistakes and I didn’t have internet connection earlier to upload an edited version quickly. No worries, I just erased a few errors - nothing major changed.

characters © Square Enix
art © annaoi

Info about my stuff

Hey guys!

Many people have been asking me about my textures and meshes, and even though I have a TOU in my profile, I am making this post to clarify it.


It takes time to do 3D hair and I’ve spent years learning and making my own style or meshing, so I’m sure you all understand that it’s totally banned to modify, pick parts of my hairs, merging them with other hairs, and claiming them as your own, and even worse to earn money with my work

I’m okay if you convert hair to other ages, or among sims games, as long as you give the proper credit, or if you do what I said above, make it for personal use.

It’s not that I like to complain, but see it from my perspective. I work hard to create my stuff, and then some people steal it without worrying all the stuff/hours/effort behind each thing I upload. And best of it, getting money of someone’s work.


I painted my own textures and alphas through the years, even when I started I either used maxis ones or tried to make my own blended with maxis. I encourage people that are learning how to mesh to also learn how to paint hair textures, as both things are linked in this process.

I know when you start it’s hard to focus on meshing, so it’s even worse if you add a second task like painting the texture, so I am allowing people to use it as long as it’s for free use and only for sims. And if someone thinks “I’ll blend the texture with something else and modify the alpha so this way Anto won’t notice it”, you should know it’s not about me finding you used it, it’s about being humble and respect others’ work. I am sharing it with you for free, so as I said with meshes, not fair if you plan to earn money using it.

Sorry guys for this huge paragraph, but I think this had to be explained. I tried to do it honestly, hope you all understand me.

Have a good day :D

(And please dear internet, don’t make drama from this XD it was just to inform)

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And some more headshot sketchy things. :D

This time Beskha and Amaya, my perfect beat-up scumbag angels.


death of Mettaton part 1

I tried everything, boasting and getting hit, eating junk food, swearing in the essay, waiting for the ratings counter to count down till it stops, you cannot get the ratings under 1000, so getting it down to 0 seems impossible. the action and violence bonuses make it really hard to keep it down.
eventually when he was just a torso, he sort of gave up the performing act and started to get serious about if I was the hero and if I was doing the right thing. then he didn’t talk anymore,so I finished him off. you think this is heart wrenching? next I’m gonna upload  the reaction of the people at the hotel and Napstablook… I went back and checked Napstablooks house and Mettaton (Hapstablook) house, and Hapstablooks spirit didn’t show up. unlike other boss monsters, ghosts can be killed, and there was no heart breaking, so Mettaton isn’t dead. he is a ghost. technically this should still be pacifist. True pacifist is apparently ruined if you don’t give Undyne water, she gets heat stroke. Seems like these are the only two ways to permanently screw your true pacifist run without killing anyone.

anonymous asked:

right but what if we cant watch "tom's tour of allerdale hall" on torrilla's page? the video does not load at all for me, it's a black square with chinese all over it *google translate doesnt work on it, I tried*. I get so sick of 'Heres the candy, but you cant have none' kind of deal that reeks in this fandom. if someone is so kind to upload things where it is available for ALL fans - not a few who continuously bypass these obstacles - then i am grateful to them.

Download the hola extension for chrome.

Go to the page with the video.

Click on the little fire.

Select a country –> China

Grab some popcorn and watch.

And maybe realize that Torrilla posts them on places that are sometimes hard to view on the first try because if they were to be posted anywhere else by someone who doesn’t know better, THAT person will go down for copyright infringement JUST like she did on Tumblr. She is TRYING to give us all that she can without anyone else getting involved.

Find another fandom if this one really “reeks” so much for you.