i tried so hard to art lol


aries: “i have a lot of talent today" 

 taurus: "inspiration hit me like a truck" 

gemini: "i wanna draw something gay but i am limited by my artistic capability" 

cancer: *aggressively tries to get better at art*

leo: "i’d kill three and a half sluts to be able to draw backgrounds like this”

Virgo: “i really want to draw but i’m afraid i won’t be able to" 

libra: "where can i buy inspiration" 

scorpio: "i have .00036% talent today" 

sagittarius: "art is hard when your art style won’t cooperate" 

capricorn: "my inspiration is dead somewhere" 

aquarius: "art is hard" 

pisces: "my art is having an existential crisis and so am i”


My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)


akaashi in this chapter was the best because he literally… did not have to do any of that like he tried so so hard (look at his face in those panels. he is so stressed) to get bokuto back in the game – but they didnt need him to win at all (e.g. washio says this SUPER OUTRIGHT)! and then when konoha at the end tells akaashi “you ignore him if u want” he basically ignores him completely O|-<

i bet after the match akaashi’s regretting everything

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

so i was rewatching old gta 5 vids of Vanoss and his friends which made me draw hoodini!Vanoss.

 Also i made a comic because of it rip me

Ok the plot of this sketchy comic I made:

Delirious and Vanoss wants to brings their friendship to the next level (The entire comic symbolizes it) but Delirious feels unsure since most of the time the two of them play games to fill the silence between them but now that he’s gonna interact with Vanoss outside gaming, he feels uncertain.

However, to ease his fears Hoodini!Vanoss comes to the rescue.

Just to make it clear: Hoodini!Vanoss isnt real in the comic. He’s a figment of Delirious imagination for a source of comfort. Vanoss goes through the same thing on his side of the story with H2O Delirious (which its not shown here since the comic is halfway done and it gonna be sketchy like this if i ever continue )

Its so hard to explain lol i was just going about wanting to draw BBS gta5 au but this came up in my head instead

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More on the thick thighed Yahaba, just him being hella flexible while still remaining chunky. Also, the first time Kyoutani saw this, he nearly choked in shock

some good shit you’re coming up with anon-san, I love it 👌👌 totally on board with this

also, gomen for getting lazy lol

Day 1: Kiri already knew he was in trouble with this one.

AHH I’ve never drawn these two! Their hair was so hard, dear lord. I hope I did them justice.
And yes, demon!Kirishima wears sweaters with crosses on them. It ticks exorcists off. XD

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Consider: Charlie as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror (he's definitely extra enough) and Nick as ... ROCKY MIGHT BE TOO NSFW SO I HAVE TO SAY BRAD that would still be cute though (he'd be so flustered if/when Charlie gets into it omg)

it should be prefaced that i have literally never seen rocky horror

nick did not realise how attracted he would be to charlie in makeup

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i just saw that zayn has a rodger tattoo!!!! who's rodger and who's running that twitter i mean to get that name tattooed on his body it means it's so fucking important but what is it what is this band why're they so shady i hate them

Not to be all conspiratorial, but this is looking pretty stunty. LOL

Initially, I did wonder why he was in a wheelchair as opposed to being on crutches. But I thought, all the better to avoid Gigi and the Met gala probably. However, it’s definitely easier to photograph the tats if the leg is relatively stationary. And why not even a soft cast or a brace? Those things might have obstructed the view or distracted the fandom, maybe?? Not to mention, he looks a little awk, probs because he’s trying not to let his other leg block the view of the tatted leg.

Is he confirming Rodger Malik as his alter-ego? Notice it’s next to The Hulk, alter-ego of Bruce Banner. Do we need to watch that twitter account? What is happening??

I also appreciate that he’s using an official narrative stunt to be shady. Those of us that pay attention know that Zayn has a long history of doing his best to swerve on fakelationship stuntin’. The frequently changing hair (making old saved up stunt photos useless), the addition of tatts (same logic), the mysterious MIA moments (like Jay’s wedding, which per the placecards was supposed to be a Zerrie stunt opportunity like it was for Elounor and Sophiam). He tries so hard, God love him.

The more I think about this latest incident, the more I think he’s rebelling again. I guess in time we’ll get some kind of confirmation as to whether or not that was staged as @rodgermalik promo…and a means to shift focus from Zigi stuntin’. Stay tuned.

Did I said I will commish noranb-artstuffs again soon in the last post? yeah :)

 I’m on the point of no return ahahah 

Anyway, here’s Masato posing based on my HC (so maybe you could get a glimpse on his personality) 

 Left to right: 

1. Smirking like no other than his dad (seme genes are strong) p.s He’s only smirking like this when he got excited (unconciously) otherwise, he is a serious and stoic captain 

 2. When you got through pass his wall, he’s surprisingly easy to blush (or that is just because I’m biased to blushing , who knows) 

 3. We need him to smile happily more often, isn’t he cute ;__; 

 4. There’s him, tries very hard EVERY MORNING to make his hair less wild, but he fails every time anyway. And the pyjamas oho, who else he got the fashion sense from XD 

This has become quite long, self-indulgent text post but I LOVE him so much! I have no regrets lol. I’ll be glad if many ppls like him too <3 

 And also many thanks for noranb-artstuffs for drawing this so accurately and so fast too ;__;

Yeah well… I can’t help myself. I’m in too deep with this ship.

I think I finally figured out Luna’s face. lol. (‘coz I was having trouble getting the likeness right)

The quote was from a fanfic I tried to write (but failed miserably). It’s the only thing that turned out nice so I kept it. (I deleted the fanfic out of embarrassment)

Edit: Ah crap, I saw some mistakes and I didn’t have internet connection earlier to upload an edited version quickly. No worries, I just erased a few errors - nothing major changed.

characters © Square Enix
art © annaoi

@kimiokana , here’s Erwin with his coffee! He’s tired of the cadets asking him if he “needs a hand” with his work lol, I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve had a busy day. Thank you so much for the request, I haven’t drawn Erwin much (but I need to get used to drawing him with my style I tried so hard not to make him a kawaii school girl or something..) feel free to request any more if you would like to!

Remember to stay safe! Try not to overwhelm yourselves! -Layla

(And yes, the comic sans on the mug is very necessary)

I’ve always been scared to do one of these because I thought I might not show much, or even any improvement. I am glad I did this. I also had to because The Prince of Tennis turned 10 this year or last year and I HAD to do something for one of my all time favorite anime!

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When you started drawing, did you ever sketch different designs for the sih characters and change your style? I seem to do that a lot if I'm ever trying to find a right look.

I still do that! My style kinda depends on how I feel that day. :) If I’m happy, it’s simple and usually cute. If I’m not happy, it’s detailed! But, look – here’s like a super old drawing I made of SIH.

My style was like ultra simple, I tried so hard to make it more cutesy. I wasn’t sure how to color yet, either.

These are some sketches I made recently!

As you can see, my style still changes a lot, lol. Thank you for this, by the way! Brought back memories! :D